Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

there; that (distant but visible); demonstrative, abstract singular

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( 16 )

1.Āinwōt meram men uweo.”There’s some kind of light over there in the distance.” P1103uweo
2.Etke koṃeañ jab kōttar wiik uweo tok juon im jerak ke āinwōt epaak tok iien Likabwiro?” ḷōḷḷap eo ekar kajjitōk.Why don’t you guys wait for a while to sail, because it’s almost time for Likabwiro?” the old man asked. P87uweo
3.Ājinḷọk ṃōñā bao e jān bao uweo.This chicken is fitter to eat than that one over there.āj
4.Baḷuun eo uweo laḷḷọkThere's that plane going downward.laḷḷọk
5.Dedeinke wiik uweo tok juon naaj iien an niñniñ eo nejū kemem im iabwin jako jāne.And because the week after next will be my son’s first birthday and I really don’t want to miss it. P95dedeinke
6.Eabōḷe eoon tebōḷ uweo.There are lots of apples on that table over there.abōḷ
7.Jeirro uweo ej peḷọk i ar.Our brother is drifting and fishing on his canoe over yonder.peḷọk
8.Juon uweo iia irilik.There is a rainbow to the west.iia
9.Juon uweo jekad ejok ioon buwae ṇe iōñ, ak jet roro armej ioon parijet rej jeeaaḷ tok.I saw a black noddy land on the northern buoy and some people on the shore beckoning to us. P523jekad
10.Koṃeañ en kōttar ṃokta im lale ñan wiik uweo tok bwe en jab tabuuk koṃ ṇa i lọmeto.”You guys should wait and see until next week so it won’t strand you in the middle of the ocean.” P122tabu
11.Koṃwin kōpooḷi ḷọk ñan turun ṇa uweo im kuṇaiki.Chase them to that shoal over yonder and catch them with the surrounding net.kuṇa
12.Ṃōjab uweo.That house way over there.jab
13.Ta uweo ej kakijeekek?What's causing all that fire light way over there?kijeek
14.Ta uweo ej pepepe (eppepe) iarWhat is that way over there floating near the lagoon beach?pepepe
15.Tōū eo uweo ej aojọjọ niñaḷọk imejān ātātThe mackerel is over there swimming northward in a frenzy.aojọjọ
16.Wa eo uweo ej kankan ḷọkThere goes the canoe with a full sail.kankan

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