Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the English Example Sentences


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( 16 )

1.He's more light complexioned than his older sisterEaiṇokko ḷọk jān ledik eṇ jein.aiṇokko
2.Rounding up of animals by an older person is reliable.Ajālin rūtto etiljek.ajāl
3.When my uncle, who's also the lineage head, dies, my older brother will take his place.Ñe emej aḷap eṇ jeū enaaj pinej jenkwan.aḷap
4.Paint or chop up to the charcoal mark (older expression for atarḷain)Atar erran.atar
5.Fellas, because we are getting older we are starting to lose our vision,” the Captain said. P1245Ḷōṃare kōn ad bwijwōḷāḷọk jejino pilo,” eba.bwijwoḷā
6.The young man is more patient than his older brotherLikao eṇ edik ejaññiñi ḷọk jān likao eṇ jein.jaññiñi
7.Younger siblings know what to do to older siblingsEjeḷā jei.jei
8.Your older sister just came.Ledik eo jeiṃ eṇ ej kab itok.jei-
9.He is my older brotherḶadik eo jeiū eṇ.jei-
10.The boy is her older brotherJein ledik eṇ ḷadik eo.jei-
11.It's not proper to tell him what to do because he's older than you.Ejekkar aṃ kōnono ñane bwe erūtto jān eok.jekkar
12.He is becoming more short tempered as he grows older.Erūttoḷọk im jidimkijḷọk.jidimkij
13.Older people often resort to bloodletting to cure their ailments.Eḷap an aḷap kōjerbal kadkad ñan nañinmej kaṇ aer.kadkad
14.According to Marshallese etiquette, you have to listen to your older siblingsEkkar ñan kōṃanitin Ṃajeḷ, kwōj aikuj pokake jeiṃ.kōṃanōt
15.He grew older and became absent-minded.Erūttoḷọk em memālele (emmālele) ḷọkmemālele
16.That girl is almost exactly the likeness of her older sisterEnañin āin nemāmeen lieṇ wōt lio jein.nemāmei-

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