Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the English Example Sentences


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( 11 )

1.Her oven is making a lot of smoke come this way.Eḷap an baatat tok uṃ eṇ an lieṇ.baatat
2.Has the earth oven been covered?Enañin bal ke uṃ eo?bal
3.Cover that oven.Koṃwin bale uṃ eṇ.bal
4.Mary will be the one to cover the earth oven.Mary enaaj e eo enaaj ri-kōbale uṃ eṇ.bal
5.The man went into a room and when he came back out he was holding loaves of bread, already wrapped in brown paper, still warm from the oven. P264Ḷeo edeḷọñ ḷọk ilowaan ruuṃ eo im ḷak diwōj tok ej jibwe ruo ḷoobwin pilawā, eṃōj an limi kōn peba būrawūn, ej ja āindeeo aer māāṇāṇ ke rej kab mat tok.būrawūn
6.Don't take it out of the oven now or it'll be sticky.Jab kaatuwe kiiō bwe enaaj depñat.depñat
7.That fellow is uncovering the oven.Leo eṇ ej juk (jukoke) uṃ eṇ.jukok
8.Has the earth oven been uncovered yet?Enañin jukok ke uṃ eo?jukok
9.Has the oven been uncovered?Eṃōj ke an jukok uṃ eo?jukok
10.The bwiro won't be cooked as the heat in the earth oven has abated and isn't hot enough.Eban mat bwiro ṇe kōnke eko mọọlin uṃ ṇe. mọọl
11.Let her share your oven.Kwōn kọuṃuṃi ippaṃ.uṃuṃ

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