Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the English Example Sentences


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( 13 )

1.Your relatives from America are here.Ri-aelōñin pālle ro nukuṃ remoottok.aelōñin pālle
2.She'll know, being someone who influences others to live as relatives toward one another.Enaaj jeḷā bwe e ri-kaaerṃwe.aerṃwe
3.Preserve the Marshallese custom of taking care of your relatives by practicing it.Kōjparok ṃantin Ṃajeḷ im jeḷā aerṃwe.aerṃwe
4.Because I showed him how a person should behave toward relatives, he finally learned.Kōn kaaerṃweiki ejujen wōt im jeḷā.aerṃwe
5.People are attracted to them because they're always looking out for others as relatives.Rej kañaltok armej kōn aer aerṃweṃwe.aerṃwe
6.She's got a big family and lots of relatives.Ebwijlepe.bwijlep
7.They (two) are immediate relatives.Eḷap aerro epaake doon.epaak
8.They are relatives.Rej ermweik doon.erṃwe
9.He takes care of his responsibilities toward his relatives.Ejeḷā kuṇaan ñan raṇ nukun.jeḷā kuṇaa-
10.She and that boy are taboo relatives.Lieṇ im ḷadik eṇ rej jeṃnāji (doon).jeṃnāji
11.We have a taboo relationship. We are taboo relatives.Kemro ej joreik doon.jore
12.That man is always falling in love with relatives.Ekkōpapa ḷeeṇkōpa
13.I don't have any relatives on this islet.Ejjeḷọk nukū eoon āninnukwi

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