Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the English Example Sentences


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( 13 )

1.He'll find out the result of disobedience.Enāj lo ajāllikin jab pokake.ajāllik
2.There's timber strewn all over the island as a result of the big storm.Eaḷaḷe meḷan ānin jān kōto ḷapḷap eo.aḷaḷ
3.He has a lot of land as a result of his grandfather's bravery in battles.Eamṇak kōn an kar peran jiṃṃaan ilo pata.amṇak
4.You shouldn't fight each other or a great misfortune will result.Koṃro en jab an armeje doon bwe enaaj or bwijerro.an armeje doon
5.Your eyes are looking at too many choices which will result in the achievement of none.Your eyes are looking at too many choices which will result in the achievement of none. (Lit. Having too many eyes to take in your choice will cause you to loose your grip and to drift aft between the outrigger and the hull and away from the canoe.Elōñ mejān aṃ ātet innem kwomaroñ in peeto kōtaan apit to!ātet
6.My fine is a result of my having gotten into a fight.Bakkiiñ e bakkiiñin ke iar ire.bakkiiñ
7.Is the result of the divination good?Eṃṃan ke bwe in bubu eo.bubu
8.Although what the Captain said sounded good, I was more inclined to believe Father because the Captain had already made so many mistakes on this trip and so many bad things were happening as a result. P875Meñe eṃṃanḷọk roñ peḷḷọkin naan ko an Kapen eo, āinwōt eitok wōt bwe in kar tōmak naan ko an Jema kōnke elōñ de alen an kar Kapen eo jirillọk.jirilọk
9.He tried to find out where they were in the midst of the ocean but without result.Ḷeo ear kajikmeto ḷọk ooṃ eboñ ak ejjeḷọk tōprak.kajikmeto
10.As a result of their defeat in battle and loss of royal status, they lost all their land.Kōn aer kar jipọkwe, raar kaliaik er.kalia
11.You'll get put in jail as a result of your actions.Kwōnaaj kalbuuj kōn wōt kōṃṃan kaṇe aṃ.kōṃṃan
12.As a result, soon there will no longer be any living practicioners of Marshallese medicine. S8Kōn men in, ṃōttan jidik ejjeḷọk ri-wūno ej mour wōt kiiō.ṃōttan jidik
13.These copra nuts have lots of spongy growths inside (as a result of beginning to sprout).Eperpere waini .per

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