Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the English Example Sentences


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( 16 )

1.The field in Africa had more index fingers scattered aroundEaadikọọtotḷọk meḷaaj eo ilo bukwōn eo iAbūdka.addi-kọọtot
2.Who scattered giant clam shells around the house?Wōn ṇe ear kadede turin ṃwiinaded
3.The poison killed and scattered piles of corpses all over the village.Baijin eo ekaajeḷḷāiki bukwōn eo.ajeḷḷā
4.The corpses were scattered all over the place after the U.S. Air Force bombed it.Eajeḷḷā ḷọk āneo kōn ri-mej ṃōjin an eerbooj in Amedka boktañe.ajeḷḷā
5.Many huts are scattered around this island.Eajjuuri meḷan āninajjuur
6.There food scattered on the beach of that island.Eaunwōḷāḷā arin ān eṇ.aunwōḷā
7.Who scattered those clothes?Wōn ṇe ear keojaḷjaḷi nuknuk kaṇe?eojaḷ
8.The copra was scattered outside the house.Eojaḷḷọk waini inabojin mweeṇ.eojaḷ
9.Trash is scattered around outside the house.Eojaḷḷọk menọknọk i nōbjān ṃwiineojaḷ
10.Who scattered the papers in the house?Wōn ṇe ear kajeeded peba ilowaan mwiin?jeeded
11.There are Marshallese scattered throughout Hawaii.Eor jejjojo ri-Ṃajeḷ Awai.jejjo
12.Why is your talk so scattered?En baj jejekadkad (ejjekadkad) wōt aṃ kōnono?jekadkad
13.All of the chickens are scattered.Aolep bao im jeplōklōk.jeplōklōk
14.There are lots of playing cards scattered inside the house.Ekkaajaj lowaan ṃweokaaj
15.Ashes are scattered all over the place inside that house.Emmelkwaarar lowaan ṃweeṇmelkwaarar
16.Who plucked this frond and scattered leaves all over the place?Wōn e ear tōtemakilkil (ettemakilkil) kimej ṇa ije?tōtemakil

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