Updated: 2/9/2019
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Reverse Concordance of Example Sentences

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( 410 )

1.Eḷap iọkwe ḷōḷḷap in kōn an āñin ippān aolep iien ej jejerakrōk.“I really love this old man because he always took me with him when he went sailing. [P298]jerak
2.Eḷap wōt ad kar ḷe i rilik.”“That means we went way out west.” [P1199]rilik
3.Iba eḷap jọkpej eṇ amieañ?” irooj eo ekajjitōk.“Do you all have a lot of scrap?” the chief asked. [P243]ami
4.Ij ja itōn ānen bwe eḷap dān e i lowa,” iba.“I am going to start bailing water because there is a lot of it in the boat,” I said. [P596]ānen
5.Aia, eḷap wōt an bwil.Good grief! It's so hot.aia
6.Āinwōt ad kar ba ṃokta bwe ri-Ṃajeḷ rainin eḷap wōt aer ḷōmṇak kōn ṃōñā in pālle āinwōt raij, pilawā, jukwa im men ko jet.As we mentioned before, Marshallese today prefer imported foods like rice, flour, sugar, and so forth. [S25]pālle
7.Allōñ in eḷap an jejokḷāḷā (ejjokḷāḷā).This month the wind often comes from the north.jokḷā
8.Baañke in Wotje bwe eḷap.It's a pumpkin from Wotje because it's large.baañke
9.Baḷuun eṇ eḷap an ḷo ej.The plane is too high.ej
10.Bok in ia ṇe ke eḷap an mouj.Where is the sand from, because it's really white.bok
11.Bubu eḷap tokjān ñan wūno, ñan kapok ri-kọọt, im ñan kapok men ko rej jako.Divination was important for medicine, for discovering thieves, and for locating lost objects. [S21]bubu
12.E juon armej eo me eḷap an jouj.He is a person who is very kind.me
13.Eañtak in Ṃajōḷ eḷap ṃōrāThe northern side of the Marshalls is dry.eañtak
14.Ear itok ri-kaki jān Iuunibōjiti eṇ an Awai im raar katakin ri-pepe ro wāween kwelọk im bar men ko jet eḷap tokjāer ñan kōṃṃani kwelọk ko an kien.Professors came from the University of Hawai‘i and instructed the representatives on important points of how to meet and hold legislative sessions. [S16]pepe
15.Eban kanooj ḷap an ekkeini kōj bwe eḷap an iabuñ kōn ajri raṇ nājin.We don't see very much of him because he's so busy with his children.iabuñ
16.Ej jerbal ilo wōpij eṇ eḷap.He works in the administration building.wōpij
17.Ejeban kōrā eṇ bwe eḷap an bwidej.That woman has plenty of food because she own lots land tracts.jeban
18.Eḷap aer kaddeḷọñtok ṃweiuk im ṃōñā jān aer kaddiwōjḷọk waini.More goods and foods are imported than the copra that is exported. [S6]deḷọñ
19.Eḷap aer kaddeḷọñtok ṃweiuk im ṃōñā jān aer kaddiwōjḷọk waini.More goods and foods are imported than the copra that is exported. [S6]diwōj
20.Eḷap aereañ kar eñtaan im emmej ippān ke ej nañinmej.They (foursome) were under great pressure staying up to take care of him when he was ill.aa-
21.Eḷap aerro epaake doon.They (two) are immediate relatives.epaak
22.Eḷap aetok joor eṇ im ejjeḷọk emaroñ talliñe.The tree where the birds roost is too tall for anyone to climb.joor
23.Eḷap ainikien injin ṇeThat engine is noisy.injin
24.Eḷap airuwaro ilo kuḷab eṇ.There's a lot of fighting at the club.airuwaro
25.Eḷap aṃ ainiñ ñan joñan aitok ṇe aṃ.You are too thin for your height.ainiñ
26.Eḷap aṃ amṇakḷọk jān ñaYou're luckier than I am in terms of owning much more land.amṇak
27.Eḷap aṃ bōbabubu (ebbabubu).You're always lying down.babu
28.Eḷap aṃ bōbajbaj (ebbajbaj).You ride the bus frequently.baj
29.Eḷap aṃ bōkjab kōn men ko ejjab tōllọkuṃ.You are going ahead with things that are not your business.bōkjab
30.Eḷap aṃ bōkḷap bwe kiiō ejabwe.You took too much and now there isn't enough.bōkḷap
31.Eḷap aṃ bōḷaḷ ḷọk jān ke kwaar jino itok.You don't weigh as much as you did when you first came.bōḷaḷ
32.Eḷap aṃ bukwelepi piteto kaṇe.You cut those potatoes too thick.bukwelep
33.Eḷap aṃ etao.You are sly.Etao
34.Eḷap aṃ iien.You have plenty of time.ḷap
35.Eḷap aṃ jājek eok.You boast too much.jājjāj
36.Eḷap aṃ jāne.You have a bad case of psoriasis.jān
37.Eḷap aṃ jeklepe kane kaṇe.You cut that firewood large.jeklep
38.Eḷap aṃ kar kōbab jedọujij e .You made my trousers too tight.bab
39.Eḷap aṃ ṃuri ippa.You owe me quite a bit.ṃuri
40.Eḷap aṃ rūtto pata.You don't seem to have learned anything with the years.pata
41.Eḷap an aelellor iuṃwin wōjke eṇ.It's very shady under that tree.aelor
42.Eḷap an aemed iuṃwin eṇ.It is quite shady beneath that breadfruit tree.aemed
43.Eḷap an aeṃōḷoḷo mejatoto in jota.The air is very cool in the evening.aeṃōḷoḷo
44.Eḷap an aeñwāñwā ajri raṇ.Those children are awfully noisy.aeñwāñwā
45.Eḷap an aer jedọujij e .My trousers are too tight.aer
46.Eḷap an aeto wūleej eṇ.That graveyard is very spooky.aeto
47.Eḷap an aetok jantōj ṇe kwaar je.That sentence you wrote is quite long.jāntōj
48.Eḷap an ainiñḷọk jān ṃoktaShe's much thinner than before.ainiñ
49.Eḷap an ajri ro kōkeroro (ekkeroro).The children make lots of noise.keroro
50.Eḷap an akā ñan delọñ.It's too inaccessible to try and enter.akā
51.Eḷap an āḷāḷe kaṇe.There's too much coconut milk in the breadfruit.eaḷ
52.Eḷap an aḷap eṇ amḷap.That old man has lots of land.amḷap
53.Eḷap an aḷap kōjerbal kadkad ñan nañinmej kaṇ aer.Older people often resort to bloodletting to cure their ailments.kadkad
54.Eḷap an āle raij ṇeThere's too much coconut milk in the rice.eaḷ
55.Eḷap an anitta.He has the power to cast spells.anitta
56.Eḷap an añōt wa in.This boat is drawing a lot of water (and being impeded thereby).añōt
57.Eḷap an arōk kōrā ḷeeṇHe is jealous and possessive of his wife.arōk kōrā
58.Eḷap an baatat injin eo ilo wa eo.The engine of that ship is smoking.baatat
59.Eḷap an baatat tok uṃ eṇ an lieṇ.Her oven is making a lot of smoke come this way.baatat
60.Eḷap an bab jedọujij e.My trousers are too tight.bab
61.Eḷap an bab nuknuk kaṇ ej kiiji.The clothes she sews are always tight.keke
62.Eḷap an bab-laḷū kōn jipiij eo an Kennedy.I am enthused about Kennedy's speech.bab-laḷin
63.Eḷap an baj bbukwōnkwōn piik in.This pork is too chunky.bukwōn
64.Eḷap an baj injin eo kajoor ñan dettan wa eo innem ewātin peḷḷọk jān ioon dān ñe ej tōtōr eake, eḷaptata ñe ej jej kobban.The engine was very strong for the size of the boat, so it nearly skipped from the water’s surface when it was motoring with it, especially when there was no cargo. [P10]ḷap
65.Eḷap an bakūk ajri ṇe nejiṃ.Your child is well built.bakūk
66.Eḷap an balle kōn ṃweiukHe has lots of possessions.balle
67.Eḷap an barbare arin Mājro.The lagoon shore of Majuro is very rocky.bar
68.Eḷap an batbate āninThis islet has lots of mounds.bat
69.Eḷap an bōbaantuunun (ebbaantunuun) aelōñ in.There are lots of pontoons on this atoll.baantuun
70.Eḷap an bōbaḷuunun (ebbaḷuunun) raininThere are lots of airplanes coming in today.baḷuun
71.Eḷap an bōbaruru (ebbaruru) āniinThere are lots of crabs on this island.baru
72.Eḷap an būbjetjet (ibbwijetjet) kōn an pāāt.The smell of the sea is all over the place because the low tide.būbjetjet
73.Eḷap an būñal(ñal) rainin.It's very dusty today.būñal
74.Eḷap an buñbuñ ilo jerbal eṇ an.He is very famous in his field of study.buñbuñ
75.Eḷap an buñ-būruō kōn kwe.I am very proud of you.buñ-būruon
76.Eḷap an buñṇo rainin jān inne.The surf is higher today than yesterday.buñṇo
77.Eḷap an bwiin ajjiḷapḷap.He smells like rotten wood.ajjiḷapḷap
78.Eḷap an bwiin ejjoñọñọ lowaan mwiin.The fish odor is all over the house.joñọ
79.Eḷap an bwil rainin im kaaddiṃakokoik .It is so hot today it gives me a lethargic feeling.addiṃakoko
80.Eḷap an bwilọkwōjkwōj aṃ kar limi pakij e.You wrapped this package sloppily.buḷọkwōjkwōj
81.Eḷap an dakōlkōl.He is very homely.dakōlkōl
82.Eḷap an det rainin.It's very sunny today.det
83.Eḷap an detñil rainin.It's calm and sunny today.detñil
84.Eḷap an dikāāḷāḷ kōn an bane ledik eo.He was frustrated over his vain attempts to impress the girl.dikāāḷāḷ
85.Eḷap an dim aṃ kar lukwōje.You tied it very tight.dim
86.Eḷap an eakeake āneṇThat islet has lots of ghosts.eakeak
87.Eḷap an ebbatintin jōōt ṇe aṃ.There are too many buttons on your shirt.batin
88.Eḷap an ebbaturtur.She always craves fish.batur
89.Eḷap an ebbiōb rikilbōt.Kiribatese dance a lot.eb
90.Eḷap an ebboojoje iaar rainin.There are lots of boats at the beach today.booj
91.Eḷap an eeọñwōdwōd ḷeeṇThat man is always going fishingeeọñōdñwōd
92.Eḷap an ejjoḷọk kar ṇe waaṃ jān ṃoktaYour car is rustier than before.jejo
93.Eḷap an ekkañ jāje eṇ an.His machete is very sharp.jāje
94.Eḷap an ekkañ jaḷtok eṇ an jiṃṃa.My grandfather's adze is very sharp.jaḷtok
95.Eḷap an ekmouji likin Wōjjā.There are lots of ekmouj on the ocean side of Wotje.ekmouj
96.Eḷap an eḷḷap elbōn in India.The elephants from India are huge.eḷbōn
97.Eḷap an elmaroñ Sandy Koufax.Sandy Koufax can really throw hard.elmaroñ
98.Eḷap an eo pen ṇeThat grated coconut is saturated.eo
99.Eḷap an iaraje aelōñ eṇ.There are lots of taro on that atoll.iaraj
100.Eḷap an idepdep iṃōn jokwe ko ilo Ebeye.The living quarters on Ebeye are too crowded.idepdep
101.Eḷap an idepdep niin wāto ṇeThe trees on that tract are crowded.idepdep
102.Eḷap an idid aolōkin likin āninThe Portuguese men-o'-war on the ocean side of this islet really sting.idid
103.Eḷap an iepe (iepiepe) kiiō ñan joñan ṃōñā ṇe kiiō.There are more than enough baskets now for the amount of food we have.iep
104.Eḷap an iiet nuknuk.I have only a few clothes.iiet
105.Eḷap an iiṃ wa eo.That canoe is very swift.iiṃ
106.Eḷap an ikaarar ikōn āninThe fish around this islet are very poisonous.ikaarar
107.Eḷap an ikaarare ḷọk iken āniinThe fish around this islet are a lot more poisonous than before.ikaarar
108.Eḷap an ilar jōōt eṇ an.His shirt is certainly fancy.ilar
109.Eḷap an ilar unokan ṃweeṇThe house's paint is certainly bright and fancy.ilar
110.Eḷap an ilartok unokan mweeṇ.The color of the house's paint is distinctly bright.ilar
111.Eḷap an iloñ kinej eo.The wound is quite deep.iḷoñ
112.Eḷap an iṃiṃi iaar rainin.There are lots of iṃiṃ at the lagoon side today.iṃiṃ
113.Eḷap an ineemṃan im ejjeḷọk an inepata.He's very patient and has nothing to worry about.ineeṃṃan
114.Eḷap an inepata ḷōḷḷap eo kōn ḷadik eo nejin ejjañin roltok jān ke ear ilām eoñwōd.The old man is worried about his son who has never come back from fishing.inepata
115.Eḷap an iñiñtōk aḷaḷ .These pieces of lumber are all twisted.iñtōk
116.Eḷap an injejje kiiō iṃōn wia eṇ.Right now there are lots of hasps in that store.injej
117.Eḷap an inōknōk ṃōn jar eṇ.That church is decorated.inōknōk
118.Eḷap an inpele ni eṇ.That coconut tree has lots of coconut cloth.inpel
119.Eḷap an itok-limoū ilo jerbal in.I am very interested in this job.itok-limoin
120.Eḷap an iui āneṇThere are lots of sprouted coconuts on this islet.iu
121.Eḷap an iupeje wāto eṇ.There are too many overgrown sprouted coconuts in that land tract.iupej
122.Eḷap an jāike iaar jān lik.There are fewer fish on the lagoon side than on the ocean side.jāike
123.Eḷap an jaike likin āne jidikdik eṇ.Fish are really scarce on the ocean side of that small islet.jaike
124.Eḷap an jaiurjet ilo jerbal.He's not a speedy worker. He's a very slow worker.jāiurjet
125.Eḷap an jājjookok bwe emaroñ al make iaan ñan bwijin armej.He’s not shy because he can sing alone in front of a crowd.jājjookok
126.Eḷap an jakimej niin wāto in.The coconut trees on this tract are not productive.jakimuur
127.Eḷap an jakimuur niin wāto in.The coconut trees on this tract are not productive.jakimuur
128.Eḷap an jakkūk iarin āninThe fish are not biting in the lagoon off this islet.jakkūk
129.Eḷap an jappiọeo, bwe jekdoon ñe ewōt ak ejjab piọ.He doesn't chill easily, even when it rains.jāppiọeo
130.Eḷap an jejaajmimi (ejjaajmimi) raan tebōḷ eṇ.Pieces of sashimi are all over the table.jaajmi
131.Eḷap an jejāānwūjwūj (ejjāānwūjwūj) raan tebōḷ en.The pieces of sandwich are all over the table.jāānwūj
132.Eḷap an jejājeje (ejjājeje) wa in kiiō.This canoe has lots of machetes in it right now.jāje
133.Eḷap an jejakiki (ejjakiki) keemem eo.There were lots of mats at the birthday celebration.jaki
134.Eḷap an jejalōblōb (ejjalōblōb) likin āninThere are lots of pools on the ocean side of this islet.jalōb
135.Eḷap an jejañijñij (ejjañijñij) iar kiiō.There are lots of jellyfish at the lagoon side right now.jañij
136.Eḷap an jejarjar (ejjarjar) rōplen eo.The reverend is always praying.jar
137.Eḷap an jejaromrom (ejjaromrom) buñūninThere's lots of lightning this evening.jarom
138.Eḷap an jejatōltōl (ejjatōltōl) juuj kaṇe aṃ.Your shoes are very shiny.jatōltōl
139.Eḷap an jejeeded (ejjeeded) ri-pālle meḷan āne in.The Americans are all over this islet.jeeded
140.Eḷap an jejekakkak (ejjekakkak) bōraI have lots of dandruff.jekak
141.Eḷap an jejenḷapḷap (ejjenḷapḷap) bao in āniinThere are lots of old hens on this island.jenḷap
142.Eḷap an jejenọnọ (ejjenọnọ) iarin āniinThere are lots of jenọ on the lagoon side of this islet.jenọ
143.Eḷap an jejepepe (ejjepepe) kemem eo.There were lots of baskets at the birthday party.jepe
144.Eḷap an jejeplejlej (ejjeplejlej) armej in āneṇLots of people on that islet have contracted an STD.jeplej
145.Eḷap an jejepliklik (ejjepliklik) wa eṇ.That ship is really rolling.jepliklik
146.Eḷap an jejodikdik (ejjodikdik) rūttariṇae ro an Ri-Amedka.American soldiers frequently invade the enemy.jodik
147.Eḷap an jejọjọ (ejjọjọ) likao eo ilo jipij eo an.The young man was very bold in his speech.jejọjọ
148.Eḷap an jejookok (ejjookok) likao eṇ.That young man is always bashful.jejookok
149.Eḷap an jekake bōra.I have lots of dandruff.jekak
150.Eḷap an jeḷā ejjor ek.He's very good at searching for fish in the distance.jejor
151.Eḷap an jeḷā kūta.He plays guitar well.kūta
152.Eḷap an jeraaṃṃan ḷeeṇHe is very fortunate.jeraaṃṃan
153.Eḷap an jerata peejnej eo an.His business venture was a flop.jerata
154.Eḷap an jerwọte lik rainin.There are lots of jerwōt on the ocean side today.jerwōt
155.Eḷap an jijiipip (ijjiipip) Mājro ilo pata eo.There were lots of jeeps on Majuro during the war.jiip
156.Eḷap an jijuju (ijjuju) ḷadik eṇ.That boy is always walking on his hands.ju
157.Eḷap an joñe āniinThere are lots of mangrove on this islet.joñ
158.Eḷap an jọọḷọḷe ek ṇeThat fish is very salty.jọọḷ
159.Eḷap an kaaḷape.He's feigning age when he's really young.aḷap
160.Eḷap an kaammijak pija eo.The movie was very scary.kaammijak
161.Eḷap an kabwilọklọk māj kōn an ire kōrā.He caused great public embarrassment by beating his wife.kabwilọklọk māj
162.Eḷap an kabwilōñlōñ tiṃa eṇ ear potok.Everyone is amazed by that ship that arrived.kabwilōñlōñ
163.Eḷap an kaijoḷjoḷ tok ṃōñā eṇ.The sight of that food makes me want to eat.ijoḷ
164.Eḷap an kāitoktok-limo an jipij.He makes interesting speeches.itok-limoin
165.Eḷap an kajiṃaate e.He's putting on airs.jiṃaat
166.Eḷap an kajjōjō oror in piik eṇ.The pig fence is ugly.kajjōjō
167.Eḷap an kajoor aeto in.This easterly current is quite strong.aeto
168.Eḷap an kajoor atlo in ḷeeṇHe can enchant people with his words.atlo
169.Eḷap an kajoor jatiraito eo ilo wa eo.The searchlight on the ship is very powerful.jatiraito
170.Eḷap an kajoor wōjke ñan ñaWhiskey is too strong for me.wōjke
171.Eḷap an kallimjekjek lieṇ.She's always staring at people.kallimjek
172.Eḷap an kappiọeo kōto in.This wind makes one chilly.piọ
173.Eḷap an kar ejjaromrom im joururi boñ.It kept lightning and thundering all night (last night).jourur
174.Eḷap an kar iñimmaḷ kōn lọjien.He writhed in pain from his stomach ache.iñimmaḷ
175.Eḷap an kar jañ ledik eo im batoñtoñ ke ej roñ ke emej jemān.That girl really cried and sobbed when she heard that her father had died.batoñtoñ
176.Eḷap an kar jourur boñ.There was lots of thunder last night.jourur
177.Eḷap an kar joururi boñ.It kept thundering all (last) night.jourur
178.Eḷap an kar kāitok-limoū jipij eo an.His speech really interested me.itok-limoin
179.Eḷap an kar kiki im ñakḷọkjeṇHe really slept soundly.ñakḷọkjeṇ
180.Eḷap an kar kōbab-laḷū jipiij eo an.His speech aroused my enthusiasm.bab-laḷin
181.Eḷap an kar kumi in iakiu ko aitwerōk.The baseball teams had a highly disputed game.aitwerōk
182.Eḷap an kar liṃō ke ej roñ ke emej jemān.He wept loudly when he heard his father had died.liṃō
183.Eḷap an kar lōñ mej ilo pata eo kein karuo.Very many died in World War II.pata
184.Eḷap an kar patpat ḷeo juon ṇai laḷ.The other one was thrown down hard.patpat
185.Eḷap an kate katak.He's trying hard to learn.kakkōt
186.Eḷap an keiie wa eṇ.That boat is very useful.keiie
187.Eḷap an kije ḷeeṇ ilo jerbal.He works hard.kije
188.Eḷap an kijejeto ilo jerbal in.He is very zealous in this work.kijejeto
189.Eḷap an kōbabbab an keke nuknuk.She always sews things too tight.bab
190.Eḷap an kōbab-laḷ an jipiij.His speeches are rousing.bab-laḷin
191.Eḷap an kōbbọọjọje.He's always very pushy.bọọj
192.Eḷap an kōjalōblōb lowaan iaḷ en.There are lots puddles on the street.jalōb
193.Eḷap an kōkabroro likin ḶooraThere are lots of groupers on the oceanside of Laura.kabro
194.Eḷap an kōkanniōkeōk (ekkanniōkeōk) piik eṇ raar ṃaneThe pig they killed had much lean meat.kanniōk
195.Eḷap an kōkōb (ekkōb) bakbōk e.This knife is quite dull.kōkōb
196.Eḷap an kōkōt (ekkōt) ḷeeṇThat fellow is really strong.kōkōt
197.Eḷap an kōkōt (ekkōt) wa eṇ.That canoe has a large capacity.kōkōt
198.Eḷap an kōkrukruk (ekkarukruk) iarin āninThere are lots of sand crabs on the lagoon beach of this islet.karuk
199.Eḷap an kōmmatōr an jerbal.His work invites criticism.kōmmatōr
200.Eḷap an koṇ būrokraaṃ eo.The program was well planned.koṇ
201.Eḷap an koṇ kōtaan kaṇ.Those boards are fit together well.koṇ
202.Eḷap an koṇ lowaan ṃweeṇEverything is neatly arranged in that house.koṇ
203.Eḷap an kōṇkōṃṃan ak epuwaḷ.He's quite boastful but actually he's a coward.kōṇkōṃṃan
204.Eḷap an koṇkoṇ ḷeeṇ ñe ej eọñōd.He catches a lot of fish when he goes fishing.koṇkoṇ
205.Eḷap an koṇkoṇ ḷeeṇ ñe ej eọñōd.He catches lots of fish when he goes fishing.ñe
206.Eḷap an kōppaḷpaḷ kōl ko nājin.His tricks were fantastic.pepaḷ
207.Eḷap an kọuwaroñroñ ainikien injin eo.The noise of the engine is very disturbing.uwaroñ
208.Eḷap an kūknejnej (ikkinejnej) ānbwinninHis body has many wounds.kinejnej
209.Eḷap an kukurbalōklōk (ikkurbalōklōk) raan jaki eṇ.The surface of that mat is rough all over.kurbalōklōk
210.Eḷap an kūriiji ek .The fish here are too greasy.kūriij
211.Eḷap an kūtōtō ḷeoHe is very angry.kūtōtō
212.Eḷap an ḷadik eṇ addimejmej.That boy is sickly.addimej
213.Eḷap an ḷadik eṇ bōdañe jemān.The boy resembles his father.bōdañ
214.Eḷap an ḷadik eo būte jinen.The boy is constantly disobeying his mother.bōt
215.Eḷap an ledik eṇ kakijdikdik.She's very alluring.kakijdikdik
216.Eḷap an ḷeeṇ ṃōṃaanan (eṃṃaanan)e.He is very manly.ṃōṃaanan
217.Eḷap an lelāle (ellāle) Mieko Kwiin.The MIECO QUEEN always rolls.lelāle
218.Eḷap an leṃōṇōṇō mour eṇ an.He leads a cheerful existence.leṃōṇōṇō
219.Eḷap an liaajlọḷ kōn aer kọkkure.She was greatly distressed by their jeers.liaajlọḷ
220.Eḷap an liāp Bob Hope.Bob Hope is very funny.liāp
221.Eḷap an likaakrake bwiro ṇeThat preserved breadfruit is full of maggots.likaakrak
222.Eḷap an lio būroṃōj kōn ḷeo ippān emej.She is mourning her dead husband.būroṃōj
223.Eḷap an lio pālo kōn ajri ro nājin.She is worn out from taking care of her children.pālo
224.Eḷap an ḷōḷaaj (eḷḷaaj) ainikien aṃ al.Your singing really carries.ḷōḷaaj
225.Eḷap an ḷōḷaaj (eḷḷaaj) ainikien an al.The sound of his singing is very melodious.ḷōḷaaj
226.Eḷap an lọḷe ḷeeṇHe is very level-headed.lọḷe
227.Eḷap an ḷōṃaraṇ paḷe doon.They are both eager for revenge.paḷ
228.Eḷap an lōñ eañ ilo aelōñin Wōjjā.There are lots of eañ shells at Wotje Atoll.eañ
229.Eḷap an lōñ ek, ak ej jab bwe im men ko jet.There are lots of fish, but not enough breadfruit and other foods. [S6]bwe
230.Eḷap an lōñ jabloed ān ṇeThat islet is full of Jabloed.Jabloed
231.Eḷap an lōñ nejin emān-awa.She has lots of four o'clock flowers.emān-awa
232.Eḷap an lur allōñ kein.These months are quite calm.lur
233.Eḷap an lur im memetaltōl (emmetaltōl) eoon lọjet.The surface of the ocean is very calm and smooth.metal
234.Eḷap an mar kaṇe liktok kōjablur ṃōkein iar.The bushes along the windward side of this islet greatly shelter these houses on the lagoon side.jablur
235.Eḷap an mare āninThis islet has much bush.mar
236.Eḷap an meanwōd ḷeeṇHe is very patient.meanwōd
237.Eḷap an meḷak lowaan ṃwiinEverything is uncluttered in this house.meḷak
238.Eḷap an meḷeḷe lowaan bok eṇ.The book is well written.meḷeḷe
239.Eḷap an memed (emmed) e.This breadfruit is very ripe.memed
240.Eḷap an memeḷo (emmeḷo) kōtaan ni .These coconut trees are widely spaced.memeḷo
241.Eḷap an memourur (emmourur) ḷadik en.That boy is very active.memourur
242.Eḷap an MIECO QUEEN buñto-buñtak ilo iien an ḷap ṇoThe MIECO Queen really rolls when there are big waves.buñto-buñtak
243.Eḷap an miminene (imminene) ilo jerbal in injin.He's an experienced mechanic.miminene
244.Eḷap an ṃọkulkul ajri eṇ.That baby is healthy and fat.ṃọkulkul
245.Eḷap an ṃōṃaane (eṃṃaane) āninThere are lots of men on this islet.ṃōṃaan
246.Eḷap an ṃōṃjeḷjeḷ (eṃṃajeḷjeḷ) ḷeeṇHe is very muscular.ṃajeḷ
247.Eḷap an ṃōrṃōr lik kōn an ḷap ṇoThere is lots of foam at the ocean side due to the big waves.ṃōrṃōr
248.Eḷap an ṃōtato lio.She is sobbing because of her grief.ṃōtato
249.Eḷap an ṃuriejHe wears his pants high on his hips.ṃuriej
250.Eḷap an nenān (ennān) pilawā ṇeThat bread is moldy.nenān
251.Eḷap an niknik ḷeoHe is quite industrious.niknik
252.Eḷap an ninjek buñniin.It's very dark tonight.ninjek
253.Eḷap an ṇojọ wa eṇ.That boat makes a lot of bow spray.ṇojọ
254.Eḷap an ñūta āneo ṃōjin an taibuun.There is much famine on the island since the typhoon.ñūta
255.Eḷap an oḷeọ jikin kweilọk eṇ.That city is beautiful.oḷeọ
256.Eḷap an pañijñij ainikien pakke eṇ.The noise of the cannon shook everything.pañijñij
257.Eḷap an pata ṃọle eṇ.Rabbitfish are very common there.pata
258.Eḷap an pedañōtñōt būḷāwut ṇeThat plywood is flexible.pedañōtñōt
259.Eḷap an pejpej iarin āninThe lagoon beach of this island is very shallow.pejpej
260.Eḷap an pen jepar in ni ṇeThe stems of the coconut bunches of that tree are strongly attached.jepar
261.Eḷap an pen teej eo.The test was very hard.pen
262.Eḷap an peñpeñ rūbait eṇ.That fighter is muscular.peñpeñ
263.Eḷap an pepedkate (eppedkate) lowaan iaḷ eo.The road is muddy.pedkat
264.Eḷap an peran ainikien bu eo.The noise of the gun is loud.peran
265.Eḷap an pipiikik (ippiikik) āninThere are lots of pigs on this islet.piik
266.Eḷap an po ḷōmān būrookraaṃ eo.The program was perfect.po ḷōma-
267.Eḷap an rabōlbōl juuj kaṇe aṃ.Your shoes are very shiny.rabōlbōl
268.Eḷap an ri-Ṃajeḷ jeraaṃṃan kōn an dedek ni ilo aelōñ ko aer.The Marshallese people are extremely fortunate that coconut trees grow in their islands. [S10]jeraaṃṃan
269.Eḷap an ri-Ṃajeḷ jeraaṃṃan kōn an dedek ni ilo aelōñ ko aer.The Marshallese people are extremely fortunate that coconut trees grow in their islands. [S10]dedek
270.Eḷap an rōrara (errara) eṇ.That breadfruit tree has a lot of branches.ra
271.Eḷap an rōrbōlbōl (errabōlbōl) juuj kaṇe aṃ.Your shoes are awfully shiny.rabōlbōl
272.Eḷap an rōreo (erreo) meḷan in.This area is clean.rōreo
273.Eḷap an rruuṃuṃ ṃweeṇThat house has many rooms.ruuṃ
274.Eḷap an taṃtaṃ im ijjab lo ṃaanThere is a lot of glare and I can't see ahead.taṃtaṃ
275.Eḷap an tooj nuknuk ṇe aṃ.Your clothes are quite loud.tooj
276.Eḷap an tōtā (ettā) baḷuun eo.The plane is very low.tōtā
277.Eḷap an tōtā (ettā) jerbal eṇ an.He has a menial job.tōtā
278.Eḷap an tōtoḷtoḷ (ettoḷtoḷ) āninThis island has lots of mountains.toḷ
279.Eḷap an tūtino (ittino) ijo ej kūttiliek ie.The place he is hiding is secret.tūtino
280.Eḷap an tūtlọklọk (ittulọklọk) ḷeeṇHe does a lot of diving. He's always taking baths.tulọk
281.Eḷap an ukoktak kūtwōn allōñ kein.These are the months when the wind fluctuates.ukoktak
282.Eḷap an utiej baḷuun eo.That plane is very high.utiej
283.Eḷap an uwi jerobbwā in Wōjjā.Jerobbwā from Wotje are tasty.jorobbwā
284.Eḷap an wa eo ṃōkajThat boat is speedy.ṃōkaj
285.Eḷap an wa eo ṃōṃōt (eṃṃōt).The boat pitched very badly.ṃōṃōt
286.Eḷap an wājāpdik ilo kōṃṃan kaṇ an kien.He is an expert in the affairs of the government.wājepdik
287.Eḷap an weeppān ṃweeṇ raar kaḷōke.The house they built is well made.weeppān
288.Eḷap an wetak wa eṇ.That canoe can really sail close to the wind.wetak
289.Eḷap an wōda likao eṇ.That young man can catch a lot of fish.wōda
290.Eḷap an wōt im kaibwijleplepe nebjān ṃweoThe outside around the house is full of water because of the heavy rain.ibwijleplep
291.Eḷap an wūnniñ ajri eṇ ear ḷotakThat baby that was born is very small.wūnniñ
292.Eḷap aninikien ñōñōrñōrin (eññōrñōrin) diin ḷeo ke ej kotak pāākin wainin dedodo eo bwe en baun.The groaning sound of the man's bones was quite audible as he was lifting the heavy sack of dried copra to be weighed.ñōñōrñōr
293.Eḷap añūr in kōn an jañin itok wa.People here are craving cigarettes since the ship hasn't come yet.añūr
294.Eḷap addiṃakoko rainin im iabwin jerbal.I'm sluggish today and don't feel like working.addiṃakoko
295.Eḷap atebar kōn an luujḷọk wōt tiim e .I am impatient because my team keeps losing.atebar
296.Eḷap bab.I am full.bab
297.Eḷap batur bwe eto jañin ṃōñā ek.I'm hungry for fish because I haven't eaten any for a long time.batur
298.Eḷap bōbōroro (ebbōroro) in etal in tariṇae.I am very indecisive about going to war.bōbōroro
299.Eḷap bōro-kūrkūr kōn ek kaṇe.I would really like to taste some of your fish.bōro-kōrkōr
300.Eḷap bwilōñ kōn baḷuun eo.The airplane amazes me.bwilōñ
301.Eḷap dedodo (eddodo) raininI feel sluggish today.dedo
302.Eḷap eañden.I am really hungryeañden
303.Eḷap ebeb kōn piọ.I'm so chilly I'm shivering.ebeb
304.Eḷap eñtaan kōn katak.I have a hard time with my studies.eñtaan
305.Eḷap ijoḷ aijkūriim.I really want to eat ice cream.ijoḷ
306.Eḷap ilbōk kōn bokkoḷọk in bu eo.The sound of the gun startled me.bokkoḷọk
307.Eḷap jālke kōn an kijoñ kadek.I don't trust him because he's a drunkard.jālōke
308.Eḷap jerọ jān kwe.I am a better marksman than you.jerọ
309.Eḷap jimaroñ jān kwe.I can throw farther than you.jimaroñ
310.Eḷap kaṃṃoolol eok.I'm grateful to you.ṃōṃool
311.Eḷap kar aruñijñij ke ej jibboñ.I didn't feel like waking up this morning.aruñijñij
312.Eḷap kar tōtoñ (ettoñ).I really slept soundly.tōtoñ
313.Eḷap kōjdate eok.I hate you very much.kōjdat
314.Eḷap kōkōl (ekkōl) in uwe ilo baḷuun.I am afraid of riding in planes.kōkōl
315.Eḷap kōraate eok kōn an ḷap aṃ kadek.I'm very disappointed in your heavy drinking.kōrraat
316.Eḷap kūkijeje (ikkijeje) ḷọk raan kein.I get tired quickly these days.kūkijeje
317.Eḷap memejraalal (emmejraalal) kōn kar eọñōd boñ.I'm awfully sleepy because I went fishing last night.memejraalal
318.Eḷap memourur (emmourur) in jibboñ.I am very lively in the morning.memourur
319.Eḷap ṃōṃ ke ij lo ek ko.When I saw the fish I felt that I had to catch them.ṃōṃ
320.Eḷap ṃōṃōkṃōk (eṃṃōkṃōk).I get tired easily.ṃōk
321.Eḷap ṃōṇōṇōI'm very happy.ṃōṇōṇō
322.Eḷap ṃōrā-bōjbōjMy throat is very dry.ṃōrā-bōjbōj
323.Eḷap ōḷōḷ kōn piọ.I'm so cold my teeth are chattering.ōḷōḷ
324.Eḷap pakij jān kwe.I can stay under longer than you.pakij
325.Eḷap piọ kōn kōto in.I am chilly because of this wind.piọ
326.Eḷap pipiọeo (ippiọeo).I chill easily.piọ
327.Eḷap poub ilo raan jab kein.I am very busy these days.poub
328.Eḷap tōtṇakṇak (ettōṇakṇak) ṇai ṃwiinI always dream (when I sleep) in this house.tōtōṇak
329.Eḷap wālel jān kwe.I can spear better than you.wālel
330.Eḷap aōjakile eo kōn nuknuk kaṇe aṃ.I don't recognize you in those clothes.jakile
331.Eḷap bwe in ṃōñā rainin.There is lots of food left over today.bwe
332.Eḷap dān ipeḷaakid ak ejej jidik ñan idaak!Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink!peḷaak
333.Eḷap eakḷe eṇ ilikin aneeṇ.The pile of stones at the ocean side of that islet is big.eakḷe
334.Eḷap jān joñan.More than enough.joña
335.Eḷap jipañ an ri-Jepaan ñan ri-Ṃajōḷ.The Japanese really helped the Marshallese in developing the islands.Jepaan
336.Eḷap jirōṃrōṃ ilo eb in etto.There was a lot jigging in old dances.jirōṃrōṃ
337.Eḷap jorrāān eo.The accident was fatal.ḷap
338.Eḷap kar jejeurur (ejjeurur) ke ej bwil ṃweoThere was a great commotion when the house burned.jejeurur
339.Eḷap kareelel ilo tōlpijen.There are a lot of commercials on TV.reel
340.Eḷap kinej eṇ pein.There is a big wound on his hand.kinej
341.Eḷap kōṃajoñjoñ ilo ebin etto.There is a lot of back and forth hopping in ancient dances.kōṃajoñjoñ
342.Eḷap ḷọk an armej ro aer aebōj laḷ kein karreoiki bwe ren erreo im jab kōṃṃan nañinmej ñan er ñe rej tutu, idaak, ak kōṃṃan ṃōñā ilo aebōj laḷ kein.More people clean their cisterns so that they are pure and don’t make them sick if they bathe, drink, or make food at these cisterns. [S22]rōreo
343.Eḷap ṃaḷoon Kuwajleen.Kwajalein has a large lagoon.ṃaḷo
344.Eḷap nenōōr (ennōōr) ilo jurbak.There's a lot of pulling in dancing the jitterbug.nenōōr
345.Eḷap ṇo bōran baal.The waves are big at the edge of the reef.bōran baal
346.Eḷap ñūta ilo bwiltōñtōñin pata eo.There was much hunger during the heaviest part of the war.tōñtōñ
347.Eḷap peḷaakin kāāṃbōj eṇ an U.H..The U.H. has a big campus.kāāṃbōj
348.Eḷap potak ṇe ilo nuknuk ṇe aṃ.There is a big rip in your clothes.potak
349.Eḷap tata ilo Ṃajeḷ nañinmej in uwur, pokpok, kab jiemetak.The most common sicknesses are head colds, coughs, and abdominal pain. [S7]uwur
350.Eḷap tata ilo Ṃajeḷ nañinmej in uwur, pokpok, kab jiemetak.The most common sicknesses are head colds, coughs, and abdominal pain. [S7]pokpok
351.Eḷap tata ilo Ṃajeḷ nañinmej in uwur, pokpok, kab jiemetak.The most common sicknesses are head colds, coughs, and abdominal pain. [S7]jiemetak
352.Eḷap tata ilo Ṃajeḷ nañinmej in uwur, pokpok, kab jiemetak.The most common sicknesses are head colds, coughs, and abdominal pain. [S7]nañinmej
353.Eḷap tokjān aḷ.The sun is essential.aḷ
354.Eḷap tūb eo an rainin.Today is a happy occasion.tūb
355.Eḷap wōt al eo koṇan raan eo ḷọkHe caught such a big kingfish the other day.al
356.Eḷap wōt aṃ jādipen.You are not very strong.jādipen
357.Eḷap wōt an adede arin āninThere are lots of giant clam shells on the beach of this island.aded
358.Eḷap wōt an ebbaakkitoto ri-ānin.The people on this island are always stricken with yaws.bakkito
359.Eḷap wōt an keeñki.He's so energetic.keeñki
360.Eḷap wōt eṇ jiṃjọ.That's really a huge jiṃjo'.jiṃjọ
361.Eḷap wōt ṇe ṃwijṃwijHow big that incision scar is.ṃwijṃwij
362.Elōñ rūḷḷao bwe eḷap ṇoThere are a lot of seasick people because it's rough.ḷōḷao
363.Elōñ ruuno eḷap aer mọṇmọṇ.Many medicine men have supernatural powers.mọṇmọṇ
364.Erkaṇe kain ṃōñā ko eḷap aikujiThose (there by you) are the kinds of food I need.erkaṇe
365.Etke kwaar jab kōkapit (ekkapit) ke eḷap aṃ kuraañañ?Why didn't you put oil on your hair, because it's very dry?kuraañañ
366.Iaikuj kaddikdik bwe eḷap tebu.I have to reduce because I'm overweight.kaddikdik
367.Iban ellolo jikka kiiō bwe eḷap an akā ñan kombani.I can't get any cigarettes because the companies can't get any.akā
368.Idike bwe eḷap an utiej būruon.I hate her because she has too high an opinion of herself.utiej būruo-
369.Iḷōḷḷap kiiō im eḷap jāppakij.I am old now and I cannot stay underwater for a long time.jāpakij
370.Jeen in tiṃa bwe eḷap.It's a ship chain because it's big.jeen
371.Jek jepar kaṇe ilo ni ṇe bwe eḷap an jeparpare.Cut some stems of coconut bunches off that coconut tree because there are too many of them.jepar
372.Jema ear kile ippān make ke ḷeo ej itōn kajjitōk wa eo waan ej kain armej rot eṇ epen ṃweien kōnke eḷap an tiljek im kōjparok.Father realized that the man who owned the boat [who he was going to ask for his boat] was a frugal kind of guy, because he was very careful and protective of the boat. [P22]itōn
373.Jen ḷak jerake wūjḷā ṇe, ekwe eḷap jidik kōto in.”We can put up the sail since there’s so much wind.” [P637]jerak
374.Jen rujruj bwe eḷap ḷọk kōto in.Let's reef the sail because the wind is picking up.rujruj
375.Jet armej eḷap aer ineeṃṃan.Some people don't have anything to worry about.ineeṃṃan
376.Jikin kwelọk eo eḷap an Ṃajōḷ ej Mājro.The capitol city of the Marshalls is Majuro.jikin kwelọk
377.Juurōn bao eṇ eḷap an aetok im ejjeḷọk emaroñ talliñe.The tree where the birds roost is too tall for anyone to climb.joor
378.Kajinniprañe ni ṇe bwe eḷap an jinniprañrañ.Remove the coconut bunch stems from that tree because it has too many.jinniprañ
379.Kijak eṇ ḷe eḷap an kadek.Say, that guy seems to be extremely intoxicated.kijak
380.Kōjota eo ear jab jejjet an jinoe bwe eḷap an raelepe aer kōmatti mōñā ko.Supper was late because they hadn't started cooking until noon. Supper wasn’t served on time because they had started cooking late.raelep
381.Kōn men in eḷap an wa ḷap tokjān ñan ri-Ṃajeḷ.Because of this, large ships are extermely important to the Marshallese. [S25]ḷap
382.Kọñkōrej in ej jab lukkuun ḷap an maroñ ijoke eḷap an jipañ ri-jikuuḷ ro im ro routaṃwe ñan kōkōṃanṃanḷọk wāween mour an ri-Ṃajeḷ.The legislature [as of 1965] does not have great powers, so it works to help students and the infirmed in order to improve the life of the Marshallese people. [S15]utaṃwe
383.Kōrā eḷap aer arōk naan.Women like to gossip.arōk naan
384.Kwomat ḷọk jān ña kōnke eḷap kijōṃYou are better satisfied because your share was bigger than mine.mat
385.Kwōn deñōt ḷadik ṇe bwe eḷap an bōt.Spank that boy because he's naughty.bōt
386.Kwōn jab jojoone bwe eḷap aṃ eddo.Don't keep on putting your weight on it because you're too heavy.joon
387.Kwōn jab joone bwe eḷap aṃ eddo.Don't put your weight on it because you are too heavy.joon
388.Kwōn kapilōke ḷadik eṇ nājiṃ bwe eḷap an kadek.Give your boy some advice—he drinks too much.kapilōk
389.Kwōn kipeddikdik im jab memakijkij (emmakijkij) aṃ jiipip bwe eḷap oṇāān kiaaj raan kein.You'd better cut back and not use the jeep all the time because gas is expensive these days.jiipip
390.Kwōn ṇajikin ippaṃ bwe eḷap ṃweeṇ iṃōṃ.Let him stay with you; you have a big enough house.ṇajikin
391.Kwōn tilieje wa ṇe bwe eḷap kōto in.Reef the sail of your canoe because the wind is strong.tiliej
392.Lale eḷap an jejekaroro (ejjekaroro) raij ṇeBe careful not to put too much toddy all over that rice.jekaro
393.Ḷeo eḷap an jejatata (ejjatata) ṇeThat man is always borrowing.jata
394.Ḷeo eḷap an kar tiljek im kōjparoke wa in ilo an kar kōṃadṃōde.The man was very careful and protected the boat while he was working on it. [P12]ṃadṃōd
395.Lieṇ eḷap an kōmājmāj ippa.She catches my fancy.kōmājmāj
396.Likao jiddik in Ṃajeḷ eḷap aer iọkwe kakkiāmem.Kakkiāmem is a favorite pastime among Marshallese youngsters.kakkiāmem
397.Ḷṃaro raṇ rej kajuwapene lowaan ruuṃ eṇ bwe eḷap an jijuwapenpen (ijjuwapenpen).The men are trying to get rid of the cockroaches infesting the room.juwapin
398.Ṃweo eḷap an jejaññōrñōr (ejjaññōrñōr) eṇThat house always has its canvas-drop up.jaññōr
399.Ña iba inaaj buwae bajjek im ānen ilo iien rot eṇ eḷap dān i lowa.I said I would just be the cabin boy and bail at times when there was a lot of water in the boat. [P30]buwae
400.Nañinmej eṇ an eḷap an kaeñtaane.His sickness makes him suffer.eñtaan
401.Pija eo eḷap an kaammijak.The movie was terrifying.kaammijak
402.Rar jaññōre ijo eḷap an itok kōto ie.They made a canvas-drop at the windward side of the house.jaññōr
403.Rej itene ḷadik eṇ ke eḷap an jañ?What are they doing to that boy that he's crying so loudly?itene
404.Retio ej juon jipañ eḷap.Radio is a big help. [S26]retio
405.Retio ej juon jipañ eḷap.Radio is a big help. [S26]jipañ
406.Ri-jokkop eo ṇe im eḷap an jeḷā jokkop .That's the one who really knows how to make breadfruit soup.jokkwōp
407.Taktō ro rej jab bar kōtḷọk an ri-Ṃajeḷ make wūno bwe ej jab erreo aer kōṃṃan wūno im bar juon eḷap aer bōk maroñ jān armej.The doctors also do not allow Marshallese to treat (patients) by themselves, for the way they prepare medications is unsanitary and also they usurp the people's right to do so. [S8]kōtḷọk
408.Tony eḷap an jejeṃarṃar (ejjeṃarṃar).Tony is taking vacations all the time.jeṃar
409.Tōran ikōtaan Mājro im Jālwōj eḷap.The distance between Majuro and Jaluit is great.tōran
410.Tūkōkin jota eḷap jān jibboñ.Evening tide is higher than morning.tūkōk

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