Updated: 2/9/2019
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Reverse Concordance of Example Sentences

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( 13 )

1.Ak kwe limen, kwōj et bajjek raan kein?” Jema ekajjitōk ippān leḷḷap eo“What about you, Honey, what are you up to these days?” Father asked the old woman. [P193]Limen
2.Ilukkuun ṃōk in añōtñōt bwe kōṃro en rọọl ak eñin kōṃro kab pād de ijin im kūrroḷọk wōt,” leḷḷap eo eba.“I’m really tired of begging that we go back, but here we are just staying and getting more gout,” the old woman said. [P197]kūrro
3.Armej rein rej juon ḷōḷḷap, juon leḷḷap im juon jọdikdik.They are an old man, an old woman, and a young boy. [P1260]jọdikdik
4.Ej kaajjimakekeik leḷḷap eo jinen.He lets his mother stay all by herself.ajjimakeke
5.Ej roñ wōt ke emej leḷḷap eo jibwin ak Jonitōn ejijet laḷ ḷọk im ḷobōlUpon hearing of the death of his grandmother Jonitōn sat down and became pensive.ḷobōl
6.Ejaad pen kile jete armej i lowaan ṃweo ak ealikkar ke juon eo leḷḷap ie kōnke iroñ ainikien an ḷōḷḷap eo ba, Limen e, kwōn itōn kōṃṃan ḷọk kijen Injinia e im ḷadik e nejin.”It was somewhat hard to tell how many people were in the house, but it was obvious that one was an old woman because I heard the old man say, “Honey, you should go make some food for the Engineer and his son.” [P182]Limen
7.Ekaajjiriri leḷḷap eo ippān kōrā eo nejin.The old lady helps her daugher with her children.kaajiriri
8.Epepen ta ṇe an leḷḷap ṇeWhat generation is that old woman? How many generations does that old woman go back?epepen
9.Ḷaddik eo ejuuri neen leḷḷap eoThe boy stepped on the old woman's foot.jijuur
10.Leḷḷap eo ear kaaleake ledik eo nejin im bōkḷọk ñan irooj eo.The old lady made her daughter wear her hair loose on her back and took her to the chief.aleak
11.Leḷḷap eo ej juon ri-eoeo.The old woman is the one who rubs people when they are in pain.eoeo
12.Leḷḷap eo eṃṃan eoeo.The old woman is good at rubbing back and forth.eoeo
13.Tūreep eo an ñan Amedka ear kabwilōñe leḷḷap eoHer trip to America amazed the old lady.kabwilōñlōñ

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