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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

Ni. - The coconut. [SM15]

Eḷap an ri-Ṃajeḷ jeraaṃṃan kōn an dedek ni ilo aelōñ ko aer. Ni ej leḷọk ñan er limeer, kijeer, iṃweer, kinieer, kab waan aer itoitok iloṃaḷo im ilọmeto—bareinwōt aer kein jerbal im kein tariṇae ilo raan ko etto. Rej kōṃṃan enañin aolep men ko rej aikuji ñan mour jān ni im men ko leen. Ñe en kar jab ni, ri-Ṃajeḷ rōban kar maroñ mour.
The Marshallese people are extremely fortunate that coconut trees grow in their islands. Coconuts provide them with beverages, food, dwellings, bedding, and canoes for their traveling in lagoons and in the ocean — and also their tools and weapons in olden days. They make almost everything they need to live from the conconut and its fruit. If it weren’t for the coconut, the Marshallese people would not have been able to survive.