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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

Aje. - Drums. [SM16]

Aje ej juon kein kōjañjañ im eiten āinḷọk wōt tūraṃ. Ej kar kein kōjañjañ eo dein ilo aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ ṃokta jān an deḷọñ tok laḷ ko jet. Aje ej kōṃṃan jān kilin pako. Kilin ek in ej ellok ṇa imejān juon ṃōttan wōjke rot ṇe me ewōr lowaan. Men in aje ekōn jerbal ilo iien rot ṇe an eb, tariṇae, im kwelōk an irooj eḷḷap ro im aḷap ro etto. Ilo raan kein i Ṃajel ekanooj in jeja ellolo aer kōjerbal aje. Im barāinwōt eiiet ro me rej kōṃṃane men in aje.
The aje is a musical instrument similar to a drum. It was the only kind of musical instrument in the Marshalls before Western contact. The aje is made from shark skin. The skin of this fish is tied over the opening of a hollow log. This drum used to be used at such times as dances, battles, and as an alarm for calling together family leaders in olden times. Today in the Marshalls one rarely sees aje being used. And there are few who make aje anymore.