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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

Menin mour. - Animals. [SM27]

Ilo Ṃajeḷ, kōn an iddik āne ko ie im jabwe jikin men in mour, ejjeḷọk men in mour eḷḷap. Ewōr piik im bao, ak men kein ebbōktok in ri-pālle im ejjab men in mour in Ṃajeḷ. Kar kijen ri-Ṃajeḷ wōt ek ñan jalele im ñan ōn ko rōaikuji jān kanniek. Ekanooj in lōñ wāween kōmat im kōpooj ek ñan ṃōñā im jekdọọn ewi ikutkut in aer ṃōñā ak rōban in ṃōk kake.
In the Marshalls, because the islets are so tiny and there isn’t space for animals, there are no large animals. There are pigs and chickens, but these have been imported by Westerners and aren’t original Marshallese animals. Fish were the only part of the Marshallese diet that provided the nutrients one gets from meat. There are many ways to cook and prepare fish for eating, and even though it is constantly in the diet, people don’t get tired of it.