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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

Apañ an iial im retio in kōnono ilo Ṃajeḷ. -
Barriers to travel and radio communication in the Marshalls. [SM28]

Kōn an jabwe wa im kein kōnono ilo aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ, jet iien ej wōr ñūta ilo aelōñ ko ilikin ak ejjeḷọk ejeḷā kake ṃae iien ej etal wa ko ñani. Āinwōt ad kar ba ṃokta bwe ri-Ṃajeḷ rainin eḷap wōt aer ḷōmṇak kōn ṃōñā in pālle āinwōt raij, pilawā, jukwa im men ko jet. Kōn men in eḷap an wa ḷap tokjān ñan ri-Ṃajeḷ. Eḷañe enaaj wōr retio in kōnono ilo aōlep aelōñ, enaaj kanooj in jipañ aolep aelōn ko ilikin. Men in ej juon iaan men ko jej tōmak bwe kien enaaj loloodjaake ilo allōñ kein rej itok. Eḷañe ewōr retio in kōnono ilo aolep aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ, ri-nañinmej rōban aikuj in mej kōñ an ejjeḷọk taktō ak wūno, im barāinwōt jipañ bōbrae jān an waḷọk ñūta.
Because there are not enough ships and communication gear in the Marshall Islands, sometimes there is famine on the outer islands but no one knows about it until ships go there. As we mentioned before, Marshallese today prefer imported foods like rice, flour, sugar, and so forth. Because of this, large ships are extermely important to the Marshallese. If there were radio communication on all islands, it would really help all the outer islands. This is something we believe that the government will give attention to in the months to come [as of 1965]. If there were radio communication on all islands in the Marshalls, sick people would not die for want of doctors or medicine, and it would also help prevent the occurrence of famine.