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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

[The people and their history] [SM9]

Eor tarrin joñoul rualitōk taujin armej ilo Ṃajeḷ rainin. Elōñ abkaaj in Nippoñ, Jāmne, Jeina, Bodeke, im bar elōñ laḷ. Aelōñ kein raar pād iuṃwin pein Jipein, Jāmne, Jepaan, im ālikin pata eo ḷọk ñan rainin, rej pād iuṃwin pein Amedka. Kien eo an Amedka ej jipañ armej rein bwe ren wōnṃaanḷọk im bōk jikier ippān laḷ ko jet.
There are [in 1965] about eighteen thousand people in the Marshalls today. Many are part Japanese, German, Chinese, Portuguese, and also from other countries of origin. These islands were under the wing of Spain, Germany, Japan, and after the war up until today [as of 1965] under the wing of America. The American government is helping these people move forward and take their place among other countries.