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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

Kaṃōḷo. - A traditional celebration. [SM10]

Elañe kwōj ruwamāejet ilo aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ armej ro rej koba im bōkwōj ṃōñā im men-in-leḷọk ko ñan eok. Etan men jab in: kaṃōḷo. Rej bōk waj bao im piik im mā im aolep kain ṃōñā, kab amiṃōṇo. Rej al im eb ñan eok im kwōj aikuj in jutak in jipiij im kaṃṃoolol er. Rej kaṃōḷo wōt ñan ruwamāejet kab irooj, ñe ej wōr keemem, kab ñe ewōr ri-lotok.
If you are a newcomer to the Marshalls, the people gather and bring you food and gifts. The name of this sort of festivity: Kaṃōḷo ‘making cool’. They bring chickens, pork, breadfruit, and all kinds of food and handicraft. They sing and dance for you, and you are expected to stand up and say a few words, and thank them. Only newcomers and chiefs are honored in this way, or if there is a first birthday, or if there are visitors.