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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary

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*cabaŋ   PWMP *cabaŋ, bifurcation, forking. WMP

*cabut   PMP *cabut, pull out with force. WMP;  POC *saput, to pull out, uproot. OC

*caciŋ   PWMP *caciŋ, kind of worm. WMP

*cakaq   PWMP *cakaq, oppose, dispute with. WMP

*cakep   PWMP *cakep, close, shut. WMP

*ca(ŋ)ket   PMP *ca(ŋ)ket, sticky, stick to. WMP;  PCEMP *saket, sticky, stick to. CMP

*calapaʔ   PWMP *calapaʔ, betel nut case. WMP

*candur   PWMP *candur, rice variety (?). WMP

*ca(m)pak   PWMP *ca(m)pak, to smack. WMP

*ca(R)pit   PWMP *ca(R)pit, pincers, tongs. WMP

*cawi   PWMP *cawi, small bird with shiny black plumage: drongo. WMP


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*ceguk   PWMP *ceguk, hiccough. WMP

*cekas   PMP *cekas, quick, swift. WMP;  POC *sokas, nimble, agile, quick. OC

*cekcek   PWMP *cekcek, gecko, house lizard. WMP

*cekel   PMP *cekel, choke, strangle. WMP;  POC *sokol, choke, strangle. OC

*cekep   PMP *cekep, seize, grasp. WMP;  POC *sokop, seize, grasp. OC

*cekig   PWMP *cekig, constriction around neck. WMP

*cekuk   PWMP *cekuk, choke, gag. WMP

*celeb   PMP *celeb, sink, submerge. WMP;  PCEMP *seleb, sink, submerge. CMP

*celep   PWMP *celep, soak, steep in water. WMP

*celuk   PWMP *celuk, curve. WMP

*ceñeb   PWMP *ceñeb, immerse, submerge. WMP

*ceŋap   PMP *ceŋap, seize in the mouth or beak. WMP;  PCEMP *seŋap, seize in the mouth or beak. CMP

*ceŋis   PWMP *ceŋis, stench. WMP

*cep(e)qak   PMP *cep(e)qak, crack, split, break; sound of cracking, splitting, breaking. WMP;  PCEMP *sepak₂, crack, split. CMP

*cepuk   PMP *cepuk, dull sound. WMP;  PCEMP *sepuk, sound of breaking or crunching. CMP

*ceray   PWMP *ceray, part, separate, divide. WMP

*cerik   PMP *cerik, shrill, of the voice. WMP;  PCEMP *serik, shrill sound. CMP

*ce(R)neb   PWMP *ce(R)neb, dive, immerse. WMP


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*ciak   PWMP *ciak, twitter, call out ( bird). WMP

*ciap   PWMP *ciap, chirp, peep. WMP

*cibit   PWMP *cibit, hook on, catch with hook. WMP

*ciderit   PWMP *ciderit, diarrhoea. WMP

*ci(n)duŋ   PWMP *ci(n)duŋ, shelter. WMP

*cik   PWMP *cik, sound used to shoo away domestic animals. WMP

*cikcek   PWMP *cikcek, gecko, house lizard. WMP

*cikep   PMP *cikep, catch with the hands. WMP;  POC *sikop, to catch, snatch, as a ball in the air. OC

*ci(ŋ)kuk   PMP *ci(ŋ)kuk, curve. WMP;  PCEMP *si(ŋ)kuk₂, curve. CMP

*cilak   PMP *cilak, to shine, of heavenly bodies. WMP;  POC *silak, to shine. OC

*ciŋaŋ   PMP *ciŋaŋ, gape, open the mouth. WMP;  PCEMP *siŋaŋ, to gape. CMP

*ciŋap   PWMP *ciŋap, catch one's breath. WMP

*cirit   PWMP *cirit, to squirt, of liquids; diarrhoea. WMP

*citcit   PWMP *citcit, to attract someone’s attention by hissing. WMP;  POC *sisit, to attract someone’s attention by hissing. OC


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*cubit   PWMP *cubit, take with the fingers. WMP

*cukcuk   PMP *cukcuk, skewer. WMP;  POC *susuk, to prick, pierce. OC

*cu(ŋ)kup   PWMP *cu(ŋ)kup, close, cover. WMP

*cu(l)cul   PMP *cu(l)cul, insert. WMP;  POC *susul₂, insert. OC

*culcul   PWMP *culcul, set alight, apply fire to. WMP

*cuŋ(e)qab   PWMP *cuŋ(e)qab, gasp, pant. WMP

*cuŋkub   PWMP *cuŋkub, cover with a hollow container; shelter over a grave. WMP

*cupcup   PMP *cupcup, sip, suck. WMP OC

*cupit   PWMP *cupit, narrow. WMP

*curik   PWMP *curik, spotted, speckled. WMP

*curit   PWMP *curit, mark, line, dash. WMP

*cutcut   PWMP *cutcut, suck noisily. WMP

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