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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary

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ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    

*-i₁   PAN *-i₁, imperative suffix. Formosan WMP

*-i₂   PMP *-i₂, local transitive suffix. WMP OC

*i₁   PAN *i₁, exclamation of wonder, disgust, etc.. Formosan WMP CMP OC

*i₂   PAN *i₂, in. Formosan WMP OC

*i₃   PAN *i₃, personal article. Formosan WMP CMP OC

*i₄   PCEMP *i₄, numeral prefix. CMP OC

*-ia   POC *-ia, transitive and imperative suffix. OC

*ia₁   PAN *ia₁, 3sg. personal pronoun: he, she; him, her, it. WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PAN *si ia₁, 3sg. personal pronoun: he, she, it. Formosan WMP CMP;  PAN *ni-ia, he. genitive, his, it. Formosan WMP CMP OC

*ia₂   PMP *ia₂, demonstrative pronoun and adverb: this, here; that, there. WMP CMP OC;  PAN *si ia₂, demonstrative pronoun and adverb: this, here; that, there. Formosan WMP

*iag   PMP *iag, cry out, shout. WMP CMP

*iak   PMP *iak, cry out, shout. WMP CMP

*ian₁   PWMP *ian₁, dehortative: don't!. WMP

*ian₂   PAN *ian₂, dwell, reside, live in a place. Formosan WMP;  PWMP *ian-an, reside. Formosan WMP;  PWMP *paR-ian-an, location, place where one stays. WMP;  PWMP *um-ian, to stay, dwell, reside. WMP

*ian₃   PWMP *ian₃, that, there (probably 2p.). WMP

*iap   PSHWNG *iap, kind of brown fish. SHWNG

*iaqi   PMP *iaqi, demonstrative marker of uncertain meaning. WMP SHWNG OC

*ias₁   PMP *ias₁, particle of doubt or interrogation. WMP OC

*ias₂   PWMP *ias₂, maggot, fly egg. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iba   PPH *iba, another, other; different, distinct. WMP

*iba iba   PMP *iba iba₁, remainder, surplus. WMP;  POC *iba iba₂, remainder, surplus. OC

*iba₁   PWMP *iba₁, self. WMP

*iba₂   PPh *iba₂, bad, evil. WMP

*ibak   PMP *ibak, break or split off. WMP CMP

*ibaS   PAN *ibaS, companion, close relative, other one. Formosan;  PMP *ibah, companion, close relative, other one. WMP;  PMP *ibah-an, companion, close relative, other one. WMP CMP;  PWMP *ka-ibah-an, companion, close relative, other one. WMP

*ibe   POC *ibe, mat. OC

*ibeR   PMP *ibeR, saliva in the mouth; drool; desire, crave, lust for. WMP;  POC *ipoR, saliva in the mouth; drool; desire, crave, lust for. OC;  PWMP *ibeR ibeR, drool profusely (?). WMP;  PWMP *ibeR-en, drool. WMP;  PWMP *ka-ibeR, having desire for. WMP;  PWMP *ka-ibeR ibeR, constant longing. WMP;  PWMP *ma-ibeR, desiring, craving. WMP

*ibit   PMP *ibit, touch, grasp. WMP CMP

*ibo   POC *ibo, edible sea worm: Sipunculus spp.. OC

*ibu₃   POC *ibu, container for liquids. OC

*ibuk   PMP *ibuk, dull, muffled sound. WMP CMP

*ibun   PPh *ibun, bird sp.. WMP

*ibus₁   PWMP *ibus₁, the gebang palm: Corypha gebanga. WMP

*ibus₂   PPH *ibus₂, dessert made of rice. WMP

*ibut₁   PMP *ibut₁, pull out, uproot. WMP;  POC *iput₂, pull out, uproot. OC

*ibut₂   PWMP *ibut₂, breeze. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*icak   PWMP *icak, step, tread on. WMP

*icir   PWMP *icir, creep, crawl. WMP

*icud   PMP *icud, budge, shift, move aside. WMP CMP OC


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ida   PMP *ida, they, them (cf *da). WMP CMP;  PEMP *ira, they, them. SHWNG OC;  PWMP *ni ida, of them, by them. WMP;  PMP *si ida, they. WMP CMP;  PEMP *sira, they, them. SHWNG OC

*idal   PPH *idal, to fuss, complain; to rebel, cause a disturbance. WMP

*i(n)dan   PWMP *i(n)dan, to praise, eulogize, honor someone. WMP

*idap   PWMP *idap, hold a grudge. WMP

*idas₁   PAN *idas₁, affine of Ego's generation. Formosan WMP

*idas₂   PWMP *idas₂, a strand, as of rope. WMP

*idau   PPH *idau, kind of snake. WMP

*idi   PMP *idi, then, at that time. WMP;  PEMP *iri, then, at that time. SHWNG

*idus   PMP *idus, nasal mucus, snot. WMP CMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ieq   PMP *ieq, this. WMP CMP;  PWMP *di-ieq, here. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ígat   PPh *ígat, freshwater eel. WMP

*i(ŋ)git   PWMP *i(ŋ)git, resent, resentment. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ihap   PMP *ihap, count, calculate. WMP CMP;  PPh *ihap-en, count. WMP

*ihi   PMP *ihi, exclamation of surprise, etc.. WMP CMP OC


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ijan   PAN *ijan, when?. Formosan WMP;  POC *ican, when?. OC;  POC *ana<ŋa>ican, when? (past). OC;  PMP *ŋa-ijan, when?. WMP OC;  PMP *p-ijan, when?. WMP;  PCMP *pijan, when?. CMP

*ijuŋ   PMP *ijuŋ, nose. WMP CMP;  POC *icuŋ, nose. OC;  PCEMP *ijuŋ mata, face. CMP;  PWMP *ijuŋ-an, fish sp.. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ikamen   PPh *ikamen, woven sleeping mat. WMP

*ikay   PMP *ikay, mallet for beating bark into bark cloth. WMP;  POC *ike, mallet for beating bark into bark cloth. OC

*ikej   PWMP *ikej, cough. WMP

*ikel   PWMP *ikel, curly, wavy (as the hair). WMP

*i(ŋ)kes   PMP *i(ŋ)kes, bound firmly. WMP CMP

*i(ŋ)kit   PWMP *i(ŋ)kit, bite. WMP

*ikuD   PAN *ikuD, to follow. Formosan WMP

*ikud   PAN *ikud, to sit. Formosan;  PMP *iŋkud, to sit. WMP

*ikuŋ   PMP *ikuŋ, tail. WMP CMP

*ikuR   PAN *ikuR, tail. Formosan WMP CMP OC;  PMP *ikuR ni mata, outer corner of the eye. WMP CMP;  PMP *ikuR ikuR, trailing behind. WMP OC;  PMP *ikuR ikuR ni asu, a plant with flowers the shape of a dog's tail, used to treat abscesses. WMP CMP;  PWMP *maŋ-ikuR, be at the rear. WMP;  PWMP *maR-ikuR, have a tail. WMP

*ikut₁   PMP *ikut₁, to follow, join with. WMP CMP

*ikut₂   PPH *ikut₂, selfish, stingy, niggardly. WMP

*íkut₃   PPH *íkut₃, to revolve, twirl round. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ila   PWMP *ila₂, see (abstract things), foresee, know. WMP

*ilah   PMP *ilah, wild, timorous, shy. WMP;  POC *ila₁, wild, timorous, shy. OC;  PWMP *ilah-an, shy, ashamed. WMP;  PWMP *ma-ilah₁, wild, shy, skittish. WMP

*ilap₁   PMP *ilap₁, flicker, of flames. WMP OC

*ilap₂   PMP *ilap₂, silhouette, shadow; glimpse of something. WMP CMP

*ilaw   PMP *ilaw, reflect at (a reflection, etc.). WMP;  POC *ilo₂, look at. OC

*ilek   PWMP *ilek, armpit. WMP

*ileŋ   PMP *ileŋ, turn, rotate. WMP

*ilep   PPH *ilep, to sip, as hot soup. WMP

*ileR   PWMP *ileR, having defective eyes. WMP

*ilet   PWMP *ilet, tight. WMP

*ili   POC *ili, thwarts of a canoe. OC

*iliŋ₁   PMP *iliŋ₁, pour. WMP OC

*iliŋ₂   PWMP *iliŋ₂, see, examine, look at closely. WMP

*iliŋ₃   PWMP *iliŋ₃, shake the head in negation, shake the head from side-to-side. WMP

*íliw   PPh *íliw, homesick; miss for something that is missed. WMP

*iliʔ   PWMP *iliʔ, flow, current. WMP

*ilo   POC *ilo₁, inside, interior; thoughts, emotions, memories. OC

*ilu   PWMP *ilu, orphan; orphaned. WMP

*iluR₁   PMP *iluR₁, spittle, saliva. WMP CMP

*iluR₂   PAN *iluR₂, river channel. Formosan WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ima   PAN *ima, who?. Formosan;  PAN *ni-ima, whose?. Formosan;  PAN *si-ima, who?. Formosan WMP

*ima₁   PMP *ima₁, five. WMP CMP

*ima₂   PCEMP *ima₂, kind of pandanus with leaves useful for plaiting. CMP SHWNG OC

*imah   PAN *imah, drink. Formosan;  PAN *um-imah, to drink. Formosan

*imbaŋ   PMP *imbaŋ, weigh, balance, compare. WMP CMP

*imbu   PMP *imbu, stench, strong unpleasant odor. WMP CMP

*imbuk   PMP *imbuk, nature spirit. WMP CMP

*imbuq   PWMP *imbuq, increase, addition. WMP

*imbuR   PWMP *imbuR, scatter, strew. WMP

*imit   PWMP *imit, use sparingly. WMP

*impas   PPH *impas, consumed; paid up. WMP

*impes   PWMP *impes, deflate, subside (of a swelling). WMP

*impu₁   PMP *impu₁, collect, heap up. WMP CMP

*impu₂   PMP *impu₂, grandparent. WMP CMP;  PMP *t-impu, grandparent. WMP;  POC *tibu₂, ancestor, grandparent. OC

*imput   PWMP *imput, tail-bone of animals. WMP

*ímut   PPh *ímut, stingy, selfish. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*-in-   PAN *<in>, perfective marker. Formosan WMP CMP OC

*ina   PAN *ina, mother, mother's sister. Formosan;  PMP *ina, mother, mother's sister; female animal. WMP;  PCEMP *ina, mother, mother's sister; female animal; largest member of a set. CMP SHWNG OC;  PMP *ina ama, parents. WMP CMP OC;  PWMP *ina ina, foster mother, stepmother. WMP;  PMP *ina ni lima, thumb. WMP CMP;  PWMP *ina-en, aunt. WMP;  PMP *iná-i, mother, mother's sister (address, vocative). WMP CMP;  PMP *iná-ŋ, mother, mother's sister (address, vocative). WMP CMP;  PAN *iná-q, mother, mother's sister (address, vocative). Formosan WMP;  PWMP *kam-ina-en, mother's sister, father's sister. WMP;  PAN *maR-ina, to be mother and child. Formosan WMP;  PWMP *paR-ina-an, aunt. WMP;  PMP *ra-ina, mother. WMP CMP;  PAN *ta-ina, mother (ref.). Formosan;  PMP *t-ina, mother (ref.). WMP CMP SHWNG OC

*inap   POC *inap, sneer, laugh in derision. OC

*inaR   PPH *inaR, rays of the sun. WMP

*inda₁   PMP *inda₁, exclamation of wonder, pain, etc.. WMP CMP

*inda₂   PWMP *inda₂, mother. WMP

*inda₃   PWMP *inda₃, no, not. WMP

*indaŋ   PWMP *indaŋ, inspect, examine. WMP

*indu   PWMP *indu, mother animal; leader; large one of a class. WMP;  PWMP *indu-ŋ, mother animal; leader; large one of a class. WMP;  PWMP *indu-q, mother animal; leader; large one of a class. WMP

*inem   PWMP *inem, drink. WMP

*ini   PAN *ini, negative marker: no, not. Formosan

*insan   PWMP *insan, union, unity. WMP

*inu   PAN *inu, where?. Formosan WMP

*inum   PMP *inum, drink. WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PWMP *inum-a, drink it! (imper.). WMP;  PWMP *inum-an, drink, beverage. WMP;  PWMP *inum-en, be drunk by; what is drunk: drink, beverage. WMP;  POC *inum-ia, drink it! (imper.). OC;  PPh *in-inum, drank (past). WMP;  PWMP *ma-inum, (gloss uncertain). WMP;  PMP *maŋ-inum, to drink (trans.). WMP CMP;  PWMP *maR-inum, to drink (habitual). WMP;  PMP *pa-inum, give someone something to drink. WMP CMP;  PWMP *pa-inum-en, give (him, her, it) something to drink (command). WMP;  PMP *paŋ-inum, (gloss uncertain). WMP CMP;  PWMP *paŋ-inum-an, drink. WMP;  PWMP *paR-inum, drunkard. WMP;  PMP *um-inum, to drink. WMP CMP OC;  POC *inum-inum, to drink (repetitive, frequentative, etc.). OC;  PMP *inum-inum-an, various drinks. WMP CMP

*inut   PWMP *inut, thrifty; to use sparingly. WMP

*inzak   PMP *inzak, step on, tread on, trample. WMP CMP;  PWMP *maŋ-inzak, to step on. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    

*iñat   PWMP *iñat, stretch, pull something that stretches (as a rope). WMP;  PPh *iñát-en, stretch. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    

*iŋaR   PMP *iŋaR, loud, unpleasant noise. WMP;  PCEMP *iŋaR, loud, of the voice; voice. CMP OC

*iŋas   PWMP *iŋas, poison with poisonous sap. WMP

*iŋat   PMP *iŋat, to note, remember; care, attention, caution. WMP CMP;  PWMP *iŋat-an, what is kept in mind. WMP;  PWMP *ma-iŋat, care. WMP;  PWMP *maŋ-iŋat, remember, think about. WMP;  PWMP *maR-iŋat, take care, be careful. WMP;  PWMP *pa-iŋat, to warn, admonish. WMP;  PWMP *paR-iŋat, (gloss uncertain). WMP;  PWMP *iŋat-iŋat, think about, think over. WMP

*iŋel₁   PWMP *iŋel₁, hear of hearing. WMP

*íŋel₂   PPh *íŋel₂, be angry, growl at. WMP

*iŋ(e)pis   PAN *iŋ(e)pis, thin (of material objects). Formosan WMP;  PWMP *ma-iŋ(e)pis, thin, of material objects. WMP

*iŋet   PWMP *iŋet, remember. WMP

*iŋgit   PPH *iŋgit, envy, envious. WMP

*iŋguk   PPh *iŋguk, deep throaty sound. WMP

*iŋkab   PWMP *iŋkab, to open, uncover. WMP

*iŋkaŋ   PWMP *iŋkaŋ, walk with legs wide apart. WMP

*iŋkem   PWMP *iŋkem, to close, shut. WMP;  PWMP *maŋ-iŋkem, to close, shut. WMP

*iŋkiŋ   PWMP *iŋkiŋ, little finger. WMP

*iŋkul   PWMP *iŋkul, bent into a curve. WMP

*iŋqiiŋ   PPh *iŋqiiŋ, shrill sound. WMP

*iŋsiD   PWMP *iŋsiD, move slightly, budge. WMP

*iŋsuŋ   PAN *iŋsuŋ, wooden rice mortar. Formosan WMP

*iŋus   PMP *iŋus, moan or groan. WMP CMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*io   POC *io, spear. OC


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ipa-   PPh *ipa-, verb prefix: third-party causative- command. WMP

*ipak₁   PWMP *ipak₁, slap of smacking or slapping. WMP

*ipak₂   PWMP *ipak₂, split. WMP

*i-palu   POC *i-palu, make war on. OC

*ipen   PMP *ipen, tooth. WMP CMP;  POC *ipon, tooth. OC

*i(m)pes   PMP *i(m)pes, deflate, deflated, shrunken. WMP CMP

*ipi₁   POC *ipi₁, to blow. OC

*ipi₂   POC *ipi₂, the ‘ Tahitian chestnut’: Inocarpus fagiferus or I. edulis. OC

*ipil ipil   PPh *ipil ipil, a leguminous shrub: Leucaena glauca. WMP

*ipit   PAN *ipit, near, come near; edge, border. Formosan WMP CMP

*ipu-   POC *ipu-, hair, feather. OC

*ípun   PPh *ípun₃, rice variety. WMP

*ipus   PPh *ipus, tail. WMP

*iput   PMP *iput₁, narrow. WMP CMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iqi   PMP *iqi, exclamation of surprise, pain, etc.. WMP CMP OC

*iqit   PPh *iqit, scrape. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iraŋ₁   PWMP *iraŋ₁, red. WMP;  PWMP *ma-iraŋ, red; embarrassed. WMP

*iraŋ₂   PWMP *iraŋ₂, slope of a mountain. WMP

*irap   PPH *irap, to slice meat or fish. WMP;  PPH *iráp-en, to slice meat or fish. WMP

*irid₁   PMP *irid₁, fan; to fan. WMP CMP SHWNG;  POC *irir, fan. OC

*irid₂   PWMP *irid₂, pull, draw, drag. WMP;  PWMP *ŋ-irid, to pull, draw, drag. WMP

*iriŋ₁   PMP *iriŋ₁, follow; accompany. WMP OC;  PWMP *maŋ-iriŋ, follow; drive animals before one. WMP;  PWMP *paŋ-iriŋ, follow. WMP

*iriŋ₂   PPh *iriŋ₂, similar; imitate. WMP

*íris   PPH *íris, watery diarrhea. WMP

*iro iro   POC *iro iro, reflect, shine. OC

*iruq   PWMP *iruq, feel sad about, deplore. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iReteŋ   PWMP *iReteŋ, stretch. WMP;  PWMP *iReteŋ-en, to tight tightly. WMP

*iRik   PAN *iRik, thresh with the feet (as rice). Formosan WMP

*iRimo   POC *iRimo, a tree: probably Octomeles spp.. OC


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*isa₁   PAN *isa₁, one. Formosan WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PWMP *isa-q, one. WMP;  PWMP *ika-isa, first. WMP;  PAN *isa-ŋa, the remaining one. Formosan WMP;  PAN *isa isa, distributive; one-by-one, one at a time. Formosan WMP CMP;  PMP *ma-isa, only, al one. WMP CMP;  PAN *paR-isa-an, to unite, combine in one. Formosan WMP

*isa₂   POC *isa₂, name. OC

*isaŋ   PWMP *isaŋ, gills. WMP OC

*isaw   PWMP *isaw, intestines. WMP

*ised   PMP *ised, budge, shift, move aside. WMP SHWNG

*isek   PWMP *isek, congest, crowd, be compressed or congested. WMP

*isem₁   PWMP *isem₁, smile, to smile. WMP

*isem₂   PWMP *isem₂, sour. WMP

*iseR   PMP *iseR, budge, shift, move aside. WMP SHWNG

*isi₁   PWMP *isi₁, tooth. WMP

*isi₂   PCEMP *isi₂, to peel, strip off. CMP OC

*isi₃   POC *isi₃, hiss. OC

*isi₄   POC *isi₄, to scrape, as coconut meat from a shell; to grate, as coconut meat. OC

*isi₅   PAN *isi₅, flesh (of humans, animals, fruits, tubers); reside; blade of a knife; inhabitants, residents. Formosan WMP CMP;  PWMP *isi-an, what is filled; container. WMP;  PMP *ka-isi, well-filled. WMP CMP;  PMP *ma-isi, filled with. WMP CMP;  PWMP *maŋ-isi, to fill. WMP;  PWMP *maR-isi, to contain. WMP;  PMP *pa-isi, contents. WMP

*ísip   PPh *ísip, thinking, thoughts; opinion. WMP;  PPh *isip-en, think (goal focus). WMP;  PPh *ka-ísip, (gloss uncertain). WMP;  PPh *ka-ísip-an, thought, opinions. WMP;  PPh *ma-ísip, wise, thoughtful. WMP

*isu₁   PMP *isu₁, budge, shift, move aside. WMP CMP SHWNG

*isu₂   PMP *isu₂, interjection used to chase off animal. WMP CMP

*isud   PMP *isud, budge, shift, move. WMP CMP OC

*isul   PPh *isul, retreat, back backwards. WMP

*isuR   PMP *isuR, budge, shift, move aside. WMP CMP SHWNG

*isut₁   PWMP *isut₁, little, small. WMP;  PWMP *ka-isut, little bit. WMP;  PWMP *ma-isut, little. WMP

*isut₂   PMP *isut₂, rub, scour, scrub. WMP SHWNG


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iSeq   PAN *iSeq, urine, urinate. Formosan WMP

*iSiq   PAN *iSiq, urine, urinate. Formosan;  PMP *ihiq, urine; urinate. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iSu   PAN *iSu, 2sg. personal pronoun: you. Formosan;  PMP *iu₃, 2sg. personal pronoun: you. WMP;  PPH *ka-yú, 2pl. personal pronoun, you all. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*ita₁   PAN *ita₁, we (incl.). Formosan WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PAN *n-ita, 1st pers. incl. genitive; our. Formosan WMP CMP;  POC *da₂, 1pl. incl. subject prefix and possessive suffix; we (incl.); our (incl.). OC;  PAN *iten₃, we (incl.). Formosan;  PWMP *aten₃, we (incl.). WMP;  PAN *k-ita, we (incl.). Formosan WMP CMP SHWNG OC

*ita₂   PWMP *ita₂, come">come on! let's go!. WMP

*itaq   PWMP *itaq, come">come on! let's go!. WMP

*itek   PMP *itek, be small, become small. WMP CMP;  PPh *ma-intek, small. WMP

*iten   PAN *iten, 1p plural absolute possessive pronoun: ours (incl.). Formosan;  PMP *aten, 1p plural absolute possessive pronoun: ours (incl.). WMP;  PPH *n-aten, ours. WMP

*itik₁   PWMP *itik₁, drop of liquid. WMP

*itik₂   PWMP *itik₂, duck, Anas spp.. WMP

*itik₃   PWMP *itik₃, vine, creeper sp.. WMP

*itil   PWMP *itil, clitoris. WMP

*itíp   PPh *itíp, hard crust of rice that adheres to the bottom of the cooking pot. WMP

*ituk   PMP *ituk, small in amount. WMP CMP

*ituq₁   PWMP *ituq₁, a climbing fern: Lygodium circinatum. WMP

*ituq₂   PPH *ituq₂, puppy. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iu₁   POC *iu₁, bathe. OC

*iu₂   POC *iu₂, spear. OC

*iuk   PAN *iuk, citrus fruit (both orange and pomelo?). Formosan

*iuŋ   PWMP *iuŋ, shake, sway. WMP

*iut₁   PMP *iut₁, little, small, trifling. WMP CMP

*iut₂   PPH *iut₂, movement in coitus; sexual intercourse. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*iwa   PMP *iwa, put in the lap. WMP CMP

*iwad   PPH *iwad, to move sideways. WMP

*iwaq   PMP *iwaq, put in the lap. WMP CMP

*iwas   PPh *iwas, avoid, evade (as people one does not wish to be with). WMP

*íwik   PPh *íwik, to squeal. WMP

*íwit   PPh *íwit, rear part. WMP


TOP      ia    ib    ic    id    ie    ig    ih    ij    ik    il    im    in            io    ip    iq    ir    iR    is    iS    is    it    iu    iw    iz    


*izap   PWMP *izap, wink, blink. WMP

*izep   PWMP *izep, wink, blink. WMP

*izig   PWMP *izig, step, stride. WMP

*izuk   PWMP *izuk, the sugar palm Arenga saccharifera, Arenga pinnata. WMP

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