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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary

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*Na₁   PAN *Na₁, conjunction: and. Formosan;  PMP *na₅, conjunction: and. WMP CMP OC

*Na₂   PAN *Na₂, already. Formosan;  PMP *na₄, already. WMP CMP OC

*Nabek   PAN *Nabek, breakers, surf, waves. Formosan;  PMP *nabek, breakers, surf, waves. WMP CMP;  POC *napok, breakers, surf, waves. OC

*NaCeŋ   PAN *NaCeŋ, vegetables. Formosan;  PMP *nateŋ, vegetables. WMP

*Nali   PAN *Nali, cicada. Formosan WMP

*Namat   PAN *Namat, iron ( metal). Formosan

*Naŋuy   PAN *Naŋuy, to swim. Formosan;  PMP *naŋuy, to swim. WMP CMP;  PAN *N<um>aŋuy, to swim. Formosan

*Naqeji   PAN *Naqeji, boundary between adjacent rice fields. Formosan

*Nasu   PAN *Nasu, cook by boiling. Formosan;  PMP *nasu, cook by boiling. WMP CMP OC

*NataD   PAN *NataD, outside. Formosan;  PMP *natad, cleared area around house, cleared ground in village. WMP CMP OC;  POC *natar, space outside the village. OC

*Nayad   PAN *Nayad, a plant: Sambucus formosana. Formosan


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*Neŋ   PAN *Neŋ, look, see. Formosan WMP

*NeŋNeŋ   PAN *NeŋNeŋ, stare, look fixedly. Formosan WMP


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*Nibu   PAN *Nibu, lair, den of an animal. Formosan

*Nihib   PAN *Nihib, rock shelter, cave under a rock. Formosan

*Nipis   PAN *Nipis, thinness (of materials). Formosan;  PMP *nipis, thinness (of materials). WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PAN *ma-Nipis, thin (of materials). Formosan;  PMP *ma-nipis, thin (of materals). WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  POC *manipi-nipis, very thin. OC

*NiSawa   PAN *NiSawa, breath; to breathe. Formosan;  PMP *nihawa, breath; life force, breath soul; to breathe; breathe easily, feel comfort, be at ease, have ‘breathing room’; to rest, take a break. WMP;  PCEMP *ñawa, breath, breath soul. CMP;  PMP *ma-ñawa, breath. WMP CMP;  POC *mañawa, breath. OC

*Nitaq   PAN *Nitaq, type of soil, clay. Formosan

*Niteq   PAN *Niteq, sap of a tree or plant. Formosan CMP

*Niwaŋ   PAN *Niwaŋ, thinness, slenderness. Formosan;  PMP *niwaŋ, thinness, of people and animals. WMP CMP;  PAN *ma-Niwaŋ, thin, of persons and animals. Formosan;  PMP *ma-niwaŋ, thin, of people and animals. WMP CMP


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*Nuka   PAN *Nuka, wound. Formosan;  PMP *nuka, wound. WMP CMP;  PAN *ma-Nuka, wound. Formosan;  PMP *ma-nuka, wound. OC;  PWMP *nuka-en, wound. WMP

*NuqeS   PAN *NuqeS, bone marrow. Formosan

*Nusuŋ   PAN *Nusuŋ, rice mortar. Formosan;  PMP *lusuŋ, rice mortar. WMP CMP SHWNG

*Nutud   PAN *Nutud, join two things to give added length (rope, bamboo, etc.). Formosan

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