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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary

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ra    re    ri    ro    ru    

*ra(m)bek   PMP *ra(m)bek, strike, break. WMP OC

*rab(e)nút   PPH *rab(e)nút, to grab and pull. WMP;  PPH *rab(e)nut-en, to grab and pull. WMP

*ra(m)bit   PWMP *ra(m)bit, hook together. WMP

*ra(m)buk   PMP *ra(m)buk, knock, pound, beat. WMP OC

*rabuŋ   PPH *rabuŋ, bamboo shoots. WMP

*rabut   PWMP *rabut, struggle in rage. WMP

*radam   PWMP *radam, poor, of vision. WMP

*ragecik   PWMP *ragecik, splash, spatter. WMP

*ragepak   PWMP *ragepak, slap, sound of collision. WMP

*rajup   PWMP *rajup, stitch, join. WMP

*rakaq   PMP *rakaq, open. WMP OC

*rakat   PAN *rakat, walk. Formosan WMP OC

*raket   PMP *raket, sticky, adhesive. WMP CMP

*raki   PCEMP *raki, wind from the northeast (?). CMP OC

*rakrák   PPH *rakrák, to smash, demolish, destroy. WMP;  PPH *rakrak-en, to smash, demolish, destroy. WMP

*rakrak   PPH *rakrak, to lap up water, like a dog; to guzzle, drink insatiably. WMP

*ra(ŋ)kup   PMP *ra(ŋ)kup, cup in the cupped hands. WMP CMP OC

*ramas   PPH *ramas, hand-to-hand combat. WMP

*rámas   PPH *rámas, to mix, stir together. WMP;  PPH *i-rámas, to mix, stir together. WMP

*rambayuŋ   PWMP *rambayuŋ, plant sp.. WMP

*rambu   PWMP *rambu, fringe of a cloth. WMP

*rambuk   PMP *rambuk, knock, pound, beat. WMP;  POC *rabuk, knock, pound, beat. OC

*rambut   PWMP *rambut, thread or fibers used in weaving. WMP

*ramig   PAN *ramig, cold (of weather). Formosan WMP

*ranebut   PWMP *ranebut, pluck out. WMP

*raŋ   PWMP *raŋ, harsh resonant sound. WMP

*raŋaq   PWMP *raŋaq, important (of people); self-important. WMP

*raŋ(e)pas   PMP *raŋ(e)pas, to plunder, rob. WMP CMP

*raŋgut   PWMP *raŋgut, snatch at, pull with a jerk. WMP

*raŋkaŋ   PWMP *raŋkaŋ, fork. WMP

*raŋkeb   PWMP *raŋkeb, unite, do simultaneously. WMP

*raŋkep₂   PMP *raŋkep₂, unite, do simultaneously. WMP CMP

*rapat   PMP *rapat, to attack. WMP OC

*rapet   PMP *rapet, join together, attach tightly. WMP CMP

*raq(e)but   PWMP *raq(e)but, pull out something rooted in soft matter, as flesh. WMP

*rara   PMP *rara, red. WMP CMP;  PWMP *ma-rara, red. WMP

*ra(ŋ)suk   PWMP *ra(ŋ)suk, insert, put or drive in. WMP

*ra(n)tas   PMP *ra(n)tas, cut through, tear. WMP CMP

*rato   POC *rato, small whale sp.. OC

*rauC   PAN *rauC, peel rattan, bamboo. Formosan;  PMP *raut, peel rattan. WMP

*rauŋ   PWMP *rauŋ, howl, wail. WMP

*rawan   PMP *rawan, strong emotion. WMP CMP

*rawaŋ   PPH *rawaŋ, submarine cave (?). WMP

*rawaq   PWMP *rawaq, swamp, morass. WMP

*ráwis   PPH *ráwis, a long slender point, as of land jutting into the sea. WMP

*rawraw   PAN *rawraw, to rinse. Formosan WMP


TOP      ra    re    ri    ro    ru    


*rebaq   PWMP *rebaq, collapse, fall down, as a house. WMP

*rebas   PWMP *rebas, collapse, fall into ruin. WMP

*rebreb   PPH *rebreb, to put under water, soak. WMP

*rebuk   PMP *rebuk, dry rot in wood. WMP CMP

*rebuŋ   PMP *rebuŋ, plant shoot. esp. bamboo shoot. WMP;  POC *robuŋ, plant shoot. OC

*re(m)but   PWMP *re(m)but, confusion. WMP

*rebut   PMP *rebut, to tear out. WMP CMP

*recik   PMP *recik, speckled, stained. WMP CMP

*regaw   PWMP *regaw, wander, stray. WMP

*re(ŋ)geŋ   PMP *re(ŋ)geŋ, dull resonance. WMP CMP

*regrég   PPH *regrég, crumbs dropped while eating. WMP

*re(ŋ)guk   PMP *re(ŋ)guk, deep throaty sound. WMP CMP

*rekaŋ   PWMP *rekaŋ, wide apart (as the legs). WMP

*re(ŋ)kaq   PMP *re(ŋ)kaq, force open. WMP;  POC *rokaq, open. OC

*reken   PAN *reken, coil. Formosan WMP CMP

*reket   PWMP *reket, to stick, adhere to; sticky, adhesive. WMP

*re(ŋ)kik   PWMP *re(ŋ)kik, squeak. WMP

*rekut   PMP *rekut, curl. WMP CMP

*remay   PWMP *remay, crumble, break into small pieces. WMP

*rembur   PMP *rembur, mix together. WMP CMP

*remek   PMP *remek, crush">crush, pulverize; crumble. WMP CMP

*rempun   PMP *rempun, gather together. WMP CMP

*remuk   PMP *remuk, crumble, fall to bits. WMP CMP

*rendeŋ   PWMP *rendeŋ, wet season. WMP

*reneb   PPH *reneb, to sink, soak into. WMP

*reŋat   PWMP *reŋat, crack, split open. WMP

*reŋeC   PAN *reŋeC, angry, annoyed. Formosan;  PMP *reŋet, angry. WMP CMP

*reŋiC   PAN *reŋiC, grimace at pain. Formosan CMP;  PMP *reŋit₂, grimace at pain.

*reŋit   PWMP *reŋit₁, gnat, midge. WMP

*reŋkeg   PWMP *reŋkeg, keep quiet. WMP

*reŋut   PMP *reŋut, wrinkled; frown. WMP CMP

*repag   PWMP *repag, to slap. WMP

*re(m)pak   PMP *re(m)pak, brittle, crumbly, friable. WMP;  POC *ropak, brittle, crumbly. OC

*repek   PMP *repek, brittle, friable; to crumble. WMP CMP

*repeŋ   PWMP *repeŋ, equal in dimentions. WMP

*repuk   PMP *repuk, fragile, brittle, easily broken, of wood. WMP CMP

*reput   PMP *reput, brittle to brittleness, of wood. WMP CMP

*rere₁   POC *rere₁, be afraid of something. OC

*rere₂   POC *rere₂, to flow, stream, move out rapidly. OC

*re(n)tes   PWMP *re(n)tes, separate, remove. WMP

*retiq   PWMP *retiq, popped rice. WMP

*retuk   PMP *retuk, hit, pound, chop. WMP;  POC *rotuk, hit, beat. OC

*re(n)zak   PMP *re(n)zak, step on, place one's foot on. WMP CMP


TOP      ra    re    ri    ro    ru    


*riak   PPH *riak, noisy. WMP

*riba   PMP *riba, lap. WMP CMP

*ribuk   PPH *ribuk, noise, tumult, turmoil, confusion. WMP

*ribut   PMP *ribut, storm. WMP CMP

*ricik   PWMP *ricik, splash of splashing, etc.. WMP

*rikas   PMP *rikas, quick, fast. WMP CMP

*riken   PWMP *riken, coiled base on which cooking pots are set or on which loads are placed for carrying on the head. WMP

*ri(ŋ)kep   PWMP *ri(ŋ)kep, cover. WMP

*ri(ŋ)kit   PWMP *ri(ŋ)kit, touch. WMP

*rikut   PWMP *rikut, grass. WMP

*rimbit   PWMP *rimbit, encumber. WMP

*rimpuk   PMP *rimpuk, strike together. WMP CMP

*rimpuŋ   PMP *rimpuŋ, tie">tie the feet together. WMP CMP

*rinis   PWMP *rinis, drizzle, drizzling rain. WMP

*rintik   PMP *rintik, steady dripping, as of sweat or drizzling rain. WMP CMP

*riŋis₁   PMP *riŋis₁, bare the teeth in smiling or laughing. WMP CMP

*riŋis₂   PWMP *riŋis₂, cruel. WMP

*ripak   PWMP *ripak, split, crack. WMP

*ripur   PWMP *ripur, extinction. WMP

*riqas   PMP *riqas, split. WMP CMP

*risris   PWMP *risris, light rustling sound. WMP

*riSriS   PAN *riSriS, hoe up weeds; weed a garden. Formosan

*ri(n)tas   PWMP *ri(n)tas, cut or tear off. WMP


TOP      ra    re    ri    ro    ru    


*roko   POC *roko, stoop, bow, bend over. OC;  POC *roko-roko, stoop. OC

*ropeq   POC *ropeq, to string a bow, set a sail, bend in a curve. OC;  POC *ropeq-a, to string a bow, set a sail, bend in a curve. OC

*rourou   POC *rourou, resounding noise. OC


TOP      ra    re    ri    ro    ru    


*rubaŋ   PPH *rubaŋ, to plant cuttings or transplant seedlings. WMP

*rudrud   PWMP *rudrud, scrape, rub. WMP

*ru(n)duŋ   PMP *ru(n)duŋ, shelter. WMP CMP

*ru(ŋ)guŋ   PMP *ru(ŋ)guŋ, thunder. WMP CMP

*ruit   PWMP *ruit, barbed; sharp. WMP

*ru(ŋ)kuq   PWMP *ru(ŋ)kuq, bowed, hunched, as from age. WMP

*rumpak   PMP *rumpak, thud, strike against. WMP CMP

*rumpun   PWMP *rumpun, cluster, clump. WMP

*rúnut   PPH *rúnut, wear out through overuse, as fabric or a rope. WMP

*ruŋkab   PWMP *ruŋkab, to open, peel off. WMP

*rupit   PWMP *rupit, narrow. WMP

*rupuk   PMP *rupuk, crack. WMP CMP

*ruqag   PWMP *ruqag, wide, spacious. WMP

*ruru₁   POC *ruru₁, to back water with a paddle. OC

*ruru₂   POC *ruru₂, ripples on water. OC

*ruru₃   PPH *ruru₃, to come together, assemble. OC

*rusrus₁   PWMP *rusrus₁, rustling sound. WMP

*rusrus₂   PWMP *rusrus₂, slip down or off. WMP

*rusuk   PMP *rusuk, pierce, stab. WMP CMP

*rutas   PMP *rutas, sever, tear. WMP CMP

*ruyuŋ   PWMP *ruyuŋ₁, reel, stagger. WMP

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