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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary

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wa    we    wi    

*wáak   PPh *wáak, crow. WMP

*waCaN   PAN *waCaN, deep pool or pond. Formosan;  PAN *waCa-waCaN, small pond(?). Formosan

*wada   PMP *wada, be, exist, have; wealthy; not exist, not have. WMP CMP;  PWMP *wada-q, be, exist, have; not exist, not have. WMP;  PWMP *wada-i, be, exist, have; not be, not have. WMP

*-wadaŋ   PAN *-wadaŋ, collarbone, clavicle. Formosan WMP

*wadwad   PPH *wadwad, to distribute, spead out evenly. WMP

*wagwág₁   PPh *wagwág₁, rice variety. WMP

*wagwág₂   PPh *wagwág₂, shake something vigorously (as a sack to remove the contents). WMP

*wahiR   PMP *wahiR, fresh water; stream, river. WMP CMP;  PCEMP *waiR, fresh water. CMP SHWNG OC;  PMP *wahiR bahaq, flood waters. WMP;  PCEMP *waiR baaq, flood waters. CMP;  POC *waiR pāq, flood waters. OC;  PWMP *wahiR ni mata, tears. WMP;  PCEMP *waiR ni mata, tears. CMP OC

*wai   PMP *wai, mango. WMP SHWNG;  PCEMP *waiwai, mango. CMP OC

*waip   PEMP *waip, water container. SHWNG OC

*waka   POC *waka, knob on the head of a club. OC

*wákaŋ   PPH *wákaŋ, to walk with large strides. WMP

*wakaq   PMP *wakaq, split. WMP CMP OC

*wakaR   PMP *wakaR, root. WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PEMP *wakaR-i, root. SHWNG OC;  POC *wakaR-a, root. OC

*wakas₁   PMP *wakas₁, loosen, undo, uncover. WMP CMP OC;  PPh *wakas-án, loosen, undo, uncover. WMP

*wakas₂   PPH *wakas₂, to finish, to end. WMP

*wakat   PMP *wakat, mangrove root. WMP CMP SHWNG OC

*wákat   PPh *wákat, scatter, strew about. WMP

*waket   PWMP *waket, mangrove root (?). WMP

*wakir   PCEMP *wakir, kind of root. CMP OC

*waksí   PPh *waksí, shake off, flick off. WMP

*wakwak   PAN *wakwak, bird sp.; to caw, crow. Formosan WMP

*walay   PAN *walay, thread. Formosan

*wali₁   POC *wali₁, to paint; smear or rub on. OC

*wali₂   PPH *wali₂, to lecture someone. WMP

*walís   PPH *walís, to sweep; broom. WMP

*walu   PAN *walu, eight. Formosan WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PWMP *in-walu, eight times. WMP;  PWMP *ka-walu, do eight times. WMP;  PMP *ika-walu, eight. WMP CMP OC;  PAN *maka-walu, eight times (frequentative, multiplicative). Formosan WMP;  PMP *paka-walu, eight times. WMP OC;  PAN *paR-walu-en, do eight times. Formosan WMP;  PPh *walu(h)-an, group of eight. WMP;  PMP *walu ŋa puluq, eight. WMP CMP;  PMP *walu walu, eight by eight, eight at a time. WMP CMP OC;  PAN *wa-walu, eight (of humans). Formosan WMP CMP

*walwál   PPh *walwál, work ( object, instrument) from side to side. WMP

*walwáR   PPH *walwáR, work ( object, instrument) from side to side. WMP

*wanaN   PAN *wanaN, right ( side, hand, direction). Formosan;  PMP *wanan, right ( side, hand, direction). WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PAN *ka-wanaN, right ( side, hand, direction). Formosan WMP CMP

*wane wane   POC *wane wane, straight, direct; flat, level. OC

*wani   PMP *wani, honey bee">honeybee. WMP CMP

*waNan   PAN *waNan, right ( side, hand, direction). Formosan;  PMP *wanan, right ( side, hand, direction). WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  PMP *ma-wanan, right side. WMP CMP

*waNiS   PAN *waNiS, tusk of wild boar. Formosan;  PAN *waNiS-an, wild boar. Formosan

*waNu   PAN *waNu, honeybee. Formosan

*waŋáwaŋ   PPh *waŋáwaŋ, wide open space. WMP

*waŋis   PMP *waŋis, bare the teeth. WMP CMP

*waŋka   PCEMP *waŋka, canoe. CMP;  PEMP *waŋka, outrigger canoe with dugout hull. SHWNG;  POC *waga, outrigger canoe with dugout hull; passengers in a canoe. OC

*waŋkaŋ   PMP *waŋkaŋ, spread the legs apart. WMP CMP

*waŋwáŋ   PPh *waŋwáŋ, gaping expanse. WMP

*wao   POC *wao, forest, uninhabited land. OC

*waqay   PAN *waqay, foot, leg. Formosan WMP CMP SHWNG;  POC *waqe, foot, leg. OC

*waqit   PAN *waqit, barb, point; canine tooth?. Formosan

*wáqwaq   PPh *wáqwaq, mouth of a river. WMP

*warák   PPh *warák, scatter, strew. WMP

*wáras   PPh *wáras, distribute, deal out. WMP

*waray   PAN *waray, to separate, as two people. Formosan WMP

*wari   PCEMP *wari, sing; song. CMP OC

*waRej   PMP *waRej, vine, creeper. WMP CMP SHWNG OC;  POC *waRoc, vine, creeper. OC;  POC *waRoc waRoc, vines; veins, tendons. OC

*waRi₁   PAN *waRi₁, day; sun; dry in the sun. Formosan WMP CMP

*waRi₂   POC *waRi₂, past, of time. OC

*waRisa   POC *waRisa, day before yesterday. OC

*-waRwaR   PAN *-waRwaR, rainbow. Formosan

*waság   PPH *waság, to scatter things about. WMP

*wasay   PWMP *wasay, axe. WMP

*wasay wasay   PPh *wasay wasay, insect sp.. WMP

*wa(n)se   PEMP *wa(n)se, divide. SHWNG;  POC *wa(n)se, distribute, as food at a feast. OC;  POC *wa(n)se-a, distribute, divide, give. OC;  POC *wa(n)se-ŋa, a division, share. OC;  POC *wa(n)se wa(n)se, divide into multiple parts. OC

*wasíwas   PPh *wasíwas, wave back and forth (hand, flag). WMP

*waswás₁   PPh *waswás₁, shake something, rinse clothes by shaking in clear water. WMP

*waswás₂   PPh *waswás₂, tear apart something that one has made; undo. WMP

*waSaw   PAN *waSaw, leaf. Formosan

*watak-watak   PPH *watak-watak, scattered about. WMP

*watawat   PAN *watawat, wave, flutter (as a flag). Formosan WMP

*wat(e)nág   PPh *wat(e)nág, scatter, disperse. WMP

*wati₁ (X + wati₁)   PMP *wati₁, earthworm. WMP CMP

*wati₂   POC *wati₂, spouse. OC

*watwát   PPH *watwát, widen a hole in something. WMP

*waywáy   PPh *waywáy, dangle, hang down loosely. WMP


TOP      wa    we    wi    


*weswés   PPH *weswés, to whirl, spin around. WMP


TOP      wa    we    wi    


*wigwíg   PPh *wigwíg, shake, shake something. WMP

*wikwik   PWMP *wikwik, chirp, whistle. WMP

*wili   PAN *wili, return, come back. Formosan WMP

*wiŋawiŋ   PAN *wiŋawiŋ, wag, shake, move repeatedly from side to side. Formosan WMP

*wiŋis   PMP *wiŋis, bare the teeth. WMP CMP

*wíqwiq   PPh *wíqwiq, slit open. WMP

*wirit   PMP *wirit, twist. WMP OC

*wiRi   PAN *wiRi, left side or direction. Formosan WMP CMP SHWNG;  PAN *ka-wiRi, left side or direction. Formosan WMP CMP;  POC *kauRi, left side. OC;  POC *mawiRi, left side or direction. OC;  PEMP *mauRi, left side or direction. OC

*wisik   PPH *wisik, sprinkling or spraying. WMP

*witiwit   PAN *witiwit, wag, swing from side to side. Formosan WMP

*witwít₁   PPh *witwít₁, chirp. WMP

*witwít₂   PPh *witwít₂, shake, wave (hand, something in the hand). WMP

*wiwí   PPh *wiwí, shrill whistle or chirrup. WMP

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