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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary

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ya    ye    yu    

*ya   PAN *ya, nominative case marker for singular common nouns. Formosan WMP

*yabyáb   PPH *yabyáb, to winnow by fanning. WMP

*yadyád   PPH *yadyád, to grate or shred foodstuffs. WMP;  PPH *yadyad-án, grate. WMP

*yagyág   PPH *yagyág, to trot, of a horse, to jog, of a person. WMP

*yahuŋ   PPH *yahuŋ, a bowl or wide cup. WMP

*yakál   PPH *yakál, the Philippine mahogony: Shorea or Hopea sp.. WMP

*yamyám   PPH *yamyám, to talk excessively, or in a rapid, meaningless stream. WMP

*yapyáp   PPH *yapyáp, to winnow by fanning. WMP;  PPH *yapyap-an, to winnow by fanning. WMP

*yátab   PPH *yátab, small hand knife for harvesting rice. WMP

*yawyaw   PPH *yawyaw, move the mouth in eating. WMP


TOP      ya    ye    yu    


*yegyeg   PPH *yegyeg, to shake, as a tree to bring down fruit. WMP;  PPH *ma-yegyeg, to shake, get shaken. WMP

*yekyek₁   PPH *yekyek₁, armpit. WMP

*yekyek₂   PPH *yekyek₂, coughing fit. WMP


TOP      ya    ye    yu    


*yugyúg   PPH *yugyúg, to shake, as a tree to bring down fruit fruit. WMP

*yukúq   PPH *yukúq, to stoop, bend down. WMP

*yukús   PPH *yukús, to bend down. WMP

*yukyuk   PPH *yukyuk, to stab. WMP

*yuŋyúŋ   PPH *yuŋyúŋ, to hang the head, look downward. WMP

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