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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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Jakarta Malay

Java Malay

Javanese (Krama)

Johore Malay

Jakarta Malay (65) WMP. see: Malay (Jakarta)

235. Jarai (89) WMP (Lafont 1968) [jra] Viet Nam

aduŋnose (PMP: *ijuŋ)

alasnake (PMP: *hulaR) *SulaR

amafather (PAN: *amax)

anaʔchild (PMP: *anak) *aNak

aŋinwind (PMP: *haŋin)

asapsmoke (PWMP: *asep)

asewdog (PAN: *asu₁)

aseycooked rice (PWMP: *asi₃)

ataihfar (PMP: *atas) *aCas

ayupto blow (PMP: *heyup) *Seyup

bəbuypig (PAN: *babuy₃)

bənaywoman (PAN: *b<in>ahi) *bahi

ɓiŋ gəməy1pl. excl., we, us (PAN: *k-ami) *ami

boh hetayheart (anatomical) (PMP: *buaq ni qatay) *qaCay

brashoulder (PMP: *qabaRa₁)

braihhusked rice (PMP: *beRas)

ɓukhair of the head (PMP: *buhek) *bukeS

drahblood (PAN: *daRaq)

drəythorn (PMP: *duRi)

dreybody (LOAN)

Jarai (20 / 89)

duatwo (PMP: *duha) *duSa

dua rep-aneight (etymologically = 'two taken away from ten') (PAN: *alap)

gənam titblack cloud (PWMP: *kunem)

hebeytuber, yam (PMP: *qubi)

hedaŋcharcoal (PMP: *qajeŋ)

hedaːŋshrimp (PAN: *qudaŋ)

hediplive, be alive (PAN: *qudip₁) *qudip

hejaːnrain (PMP: *quzan) *quzaN

hemacultivated field (PMP: *quma) *qumah

hənihoneybee (PMP: *wani)

hetayliver (PMP: *qatay) *qaCay

hlatworm, maggot (PMP: *qulej)

hlunslave (PMP: *qulun₁)

hrasalt (PAN: *qasiRa)

hrəyday (PAN: *waRi₁)

huayrattan (PAN: *quay)

jəlanpath, road (PMP: *zalan)

jrumneedle (PAN: *zaRum)

kəbəwcarabao, water buffalo (LOAN)

kətalitch (PMP: *gatel) *gaCel

Jarai (40 / 89)

kəwI, me (PAN: *aku)

kəyəwwood; tree (PMP: *kahiw) *kaSiw

kləwthree (PAN: *telu)

mahgold (LOAN)

mehaothirsty (LOAN)

(mə)mahto chew (PMP: *mamaq)

m-eñamplait, braid, weave (PWMP: *ma-añam) *añam

m-eñumto drink (PMP: *um-inum) *inum

mənuʔchicken (PMP: *manuk)

mənuʔ glaijungle fowl (PMP: *manuk)

mətaeye (PMP: *mata) *maCa

m-etahraw (PAN: *ma-qetaq) *qetaq

mlamnight (PMP: *malem)

mriahred (PMP: *ma-iRaq)

ŋitsky (PMP: *laŋit) *laŋiC

pədayrice plant, rice in the field (PAN: *pajay)

pegafence, palisade (PMP: *pager)

pəsahwet (PMP: *baseq)

pətəwstone (PMP: *batu) *batux

pətəybanana (PAN: *punti₁)

Jarai (60 / 89)

pətukcough (PMP: *batuk₁)

phaʔchisel (for carpentry) (PMP: *paqet)

phiʔbitter (in taste) (PMP: *paqit₂) *paqiC

phun sətnavel (PMP: *pusej)

pohrewnew (PMP: *baqeRu) *baqeRuh

rəkiʔraft (PMP: *Rakit)

rəmafive (PAN: *lima)

remoŋtiger (PWMP: *qari-maquŋ)

rəñansteps, ladder (PMP: *haRezan)

rəŋasesame (PMP: *leŋa)

rəpancentipede (PMP: *qalu-hipan) *qalu-Sipan

repeydream (PWMP: *lupi)

rətahleech (PWMP: *qali-metaq) *-meCaq

retuihhundred (PMP: *Ratus) *RaCus

rəyaginger (PMP: *laqia)

təbəwsugarcane (PMP: *tebuh₁) *tebuS

tədachest (PWMP: *dahdah) *daSdaS

tejuhseven (PAN: *tuzuq₁)

teleyrope, string (PMP: *talih) *CaliS

temuncucumber; Cucumis sp. (PMP: *qatimun)

Jarai (80 / 89)

tənahearth, soil (PMP: *taneq)

təsəwbreast (PAN: *susu₁)

thaold (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

thəwto know (PMP: *taqu₂) *Caqu

thunyear (PMP: *taqun)

trunto descend, go down (PMP: *tuRun₁)

wauncle, aunt (PMP: *uaʔ)

wauncle, aunt (PMP: *ua₂)

yaŋ hrəysun (PAN: *waRi₁)

Java Malay (11) WMP. see: Malay (Java)

236. Javanese (2099) WMP (Pigeaud 1938, Horne 1974) [jav] Indonesia (Java and Bali) (dialects: Krama 3)

-aimperative suffix (PAN: *-a₁)

-asubjunctive suffix (PAN: *-a₃)

a-prefix, adjective and verb formative; having, characterized by: doh, a-doh 'far-off, distant' (PMP: *ha-₁) *ha-

abaŋred; ripe (of red produce) (NOISE)

a-botweight, a weight (PMP: *ma-beReqat) *beReqat

abukpowder (PMP: *qabuk)

abukpowder; dung, manure (PMP: *Rabuk)

acarpickle(s) (LOAN)

(a)dalem kame; my (also a response when called) (PMP: *dalem)

adasfennel (PWMP: *hadas)

aḍiyounger sibling (PMP: *huaji) *Suaji

a-dolto sell; to lease out a rice paddy on certain terms (LOAN)

aduin contact, in confrontation (PWMP: *adu)

aḍuhexclamation of pain, sorrow, joy (PMP: *aduq)

a-dusto take a bath; to go swimming (POC: *riRus) *diRus

agakthought, opinion, guess (LOAN)

agamareligion (LOAN)

ager-agerseaweed (jelly) (LOAN)

aiexclamation of incredulity or deprecation (PAN: *ai₂)

ajaksuggestion to join in someone's activity (PWMP: *azak)

Javanese (20 / 2099)

ajiincantation, magic spell (LOAN)

akalidea, scheme (LOAN)

akalidea, scheme (as to solve a problem) (LOAN)

akal budicommon sense (LOAN)

akal kojaa convincing lie; skilled at deception (LOAN)

a-kashard and dry, crusty (PMP: *keRas)

-akento do on someone’s behalf; to have someone do, to have something done; to use; to bring about (an act or condition) (PWMP: *aken₂) Krama

akepput, hold between the lips (PWMP: *hakep)

aku1sg. nominative and accusative pronoun: I, me; my (variant of -ku) (PAN: *aku)

a-lakito marry (PMP: *laki₁)

alaŋcrosswise dimension (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

alapa variety of hawk (PAN: *alap)

alasforest; jungle; non-irrigated agricultural land (PMP: *halas) *Salas

alas-anuncultivated, uncivilized (PWMP: *halas-an) *Salas

alihact of moving (changing residence); (having been) moved from one place to another (PMP: *aliq)

alir-anirrigation conduit; stream of water (PMP: *qaliR-an) *qaliR

alupestle for pounding things in a mortar (PMP: *qahelu) *qaSelu

alubto parboil (vegetables) by placing them in hot water briefly (PWMP: *alub)

alunwave (PMP: *qalun)

alurcourse, pace, progress (PMP: *qaluR₂) *qaluR

Javanese (40 / 2099)

alur-antrampled out buffalo path' (Pigeaud 1938); 'traces, that which tells a tale (Horne 1974) (PMP: *qaluR₂) *qaluR

amalcharity; charitable donation (LOAN)

ambarfragrance (LOAN)

ambenbelly band for draft animal (PWMP: *amben)

ambohoist sail (PMP: *abaw)

ampalbeetle (PWMP: *ampal)

ampaŋlight, without body (PWMP: *hampaŋ)

amparfloor (PMP: *hampaR) *SapaR

ampar-anmat to sit on (PMP: *hampaR) *SapaR

ampar-anmat to sit on (PWMP: *hapaR-an) *SapaR

amperupancreas (PAN: *qapejux)

ampetto check, restrain (PWMP: *ampet)

amukfury, violence (PMP: *hamuk)

amuk-amuk-anattack each other violently (PMP: *hamuk)

anakoffspring; nephew, niece; young plant sprout (PMP: *anak) *aNak

anak-anthe young of an animal; doll; small, of natural phenomena; copy, duplicate; drawer, section, compartment; interest on borrowed money (PWMP: *anak-an) *aNak

anak anakto have children (PWMP: *anak anak) *aNak

anak buahcrew; group under the command of an officer, or employees under a boss (PMP: *anak buaq) *aNak

anak kuwalonstepchild (PMP: *anak) *aNak

ancamthreat; threaten verbally (NOISE)

Javanese (60 / 2099)

aṇḍaladder; ladder-like steps (NOISE)

ani aniharvest rice plants with a large harvesting knife (PMP: *qanih) *qaniS

an-ircloyingly rich-tasting (NOISE)

antastale-tasting (PWMP: *qanta)

antarclearly audible (PWMP: *hantaD)

antema blow with the fist (PWMP: *qantem)

antiexpect, wait for; keep reminding someone (NOISE)

antiŋsliding weight on a scale beam (LOAN)

antiŋ-antiŋdangling earring(s) for unpierced ears (LOAN)

antu(bookish) dead; (archaic) (evil) spirit (PMP: *qanitu) *qaNiCu

a-nuum, uh (representing a pause to collect one's thoughts); substitution for a word that has slipped the mind; expressing vagueness rather than definiteness; sex organ (euphemistic) (PMP: *a-nu) *-nu₁

anu anuotherwise; had something happened (PWMP: *anu-anu) *-nu₁

a-nuhuto appreciate the truth of, realize the situation; to assent, agree to (PMP: *tuqu₂)

aŋapopen(ed) (of the mouth) (PMP: *qaŋap)

aŋenthought, idea (LOAN)

aŋetwarm, hot, not yet cool(ed); lukewarm (NOISE)

aŋ-ijig-ijigwith quick steps (PWMP: *izig)

aŋinwind; breeze, draft; air (PMP: *haŋin)

aŋin-anpaid political official (PWMP: *haŋin-an) *haŋin

aŋin-aŋin-anbehave erratically (PWMP: *haŋin-an) *haŋin

Javanese (80 / 2099)

aŋin-aŋin(-an)be/get in a draft; expose oneself to too much air (PMP: *haŋin-haŋin) *haŋin

aŋin ḍuḍukdrop dead; have a heart attack (folk usage) (PMP: *haŋin)

aŋin-enflatulent (PWMP: *haŋin-en) *haŋin

aŋkat-anact or way of lifting; a load (PWMP: *aŋkat-an) *aŋkat

aŋkubcalyx, flower sheath (green cover that splits at blossoming) (PMP: *aŋkub)

aŋkubsheath of a flower (green cover that splits at blossoming) (Soeparno, p.c.) (PWMP: *Raŋkub)

aŋremsit brooding (Also Sasak arem 'to brood') (ROOT)

aŋsaŋgill (fish's breathing apparatus); grate for holding coals in a brazier (PMP: *hasaŋ)

aŋsegfeeling stuffed from overeating (PWMP: *haseg)

aŋsuact or way of drawing water from a well (PMP: *asu₂)

aŋsuact or way of drawing water from a well (PMP: *qasu₁)

aŋsukenter (as a house) (PWMP: *hasuk)

aŋussoot (PMP: *haŋus₂)

apawhat?; what (kind of) thing?; to do what?; what, that which; whatever, anything; something, anything, everything; exclamation pointing out something, or holding something up to derision (PMP: *apa₁)

apa-apasomething; anything; everything (PMP: *apa₁)

apa apasomething; anything; everything (PMP: *apa apa) *apa₁

apisteam; warm oneself by the fire (PMP: *hapuy) *Sapuy

apit-apiton both sides (PWMP: *hapit hapit) *Sapit

apurapardon, forgiveness (NOISE)

apusdeceit; lame, crippled (in arms or leg); horse’s trappings (PMP: *Rapus)

Javanese (100 / 2099)

apyunopium (LOAN)

arahdirection (LOAN)

arakalcoholic beverage made by allowing liquid to ferment (LOAN)

arak-arakparade (PWMP: *aRak-aRak) *aRak

aranpersonal name; name, (what something is) called or known as (PMP: *ajan)

aremto sit brooding (PMP: *handem)

areŋcharcoal, carbon (PMP: *qajeŋ)

areŋ watucoal (PMP: *qajeŋ i batu) *qajeŋ

artamoney (LOAN)

asahwash dishes for someone (ROOT)

asah-anwhetstone (PMP: *hasaq-an) *Sasaq

asah-asahwash (dishes) (PMP: *hasaq) *Sasaq

asal(place of) origin; source. (LOAN)

asarthird daily Moslim prayer; the time (between 3 and 5 P.M.) when this prayer takes place (LOAN)

asatdried, become dry (PMP: *asat)

asebsmoke; steam (PAN: *qaseb)

asemtamarind; sour (PWMP: *qalesem)

asihlove, compassion; to feel loving kindness (PMP: *qasiq)

asilincome; product; results (LOAN)

asinsalty to the taste; prepared by a salting process (PAN: *qasiN)

Javanese (120 / 2099)

asin-ansalted foods (PWMP: *qasin-an) *qasiN

astahand (LOAN)

asudog (PAN: *asu₁)

atagone who does things only when pressured or threatened (PWMP: *atag)

atasin spite of the fact that (NOISE)

atata variety of parrot (LOAN)

atepthatched roof (PMP: *qatep)

atercarry, take; take, accompany (PMP: *hateD) *SateD

ater-aterfoods for a ritual meal; take such foods to neighbors (PMP: *hateD) *SateD

atiheart, mind; core, pith; soft inner pith of a stalk; hard core, e.g. of a pineapple (Horne 1974); pith of bamboo (Pigeaud 1938); fleshy part of the hand/foot at the base of the fingers/toes (PMP: *qatay) *qaCay

aṭikfinger/toe joints (NOISE)

a-toba belch; to belch (PMP: *teRab) *CeRab

a-toshard, firm; tough; harsh; careful (PMP: *teRas)

aturwhat someone says (to an exalted person); ask someone to do something (LOAN)

atushundred (PMP: *Ratus) *RaCus

atus-andigit marking the ‘hundreds’ place (in calculations); numbering in the hundreds (PWMP: *Ratus-an) *RaCus

austhirsty (LOAN)

awakbody; you ( to someone one speaks Ngoko to, but does not know well) (PMP: *hawak) *Sawak

awaŋcloud (PMP: *awaŋ)

awaŋ-awaŋsky; (up in) the air (PMP: *awaŋ)

Javanese (140 / 2099)

awe-aweto wave (PWMP: *ambay)

awe-aweto wave (PMP: *away₁)

a-wohbear fruit (PMP: *buaq)

awuash (PMP: *qabu)

awugcrumbled fine (of soil preparatory to planting) (PWMP: *qabug)

awundew (PWMP: *ambun)

awurscattered; to scatter (as sand or rice grains) (PWMP: *qabud)

ayahexclamation of incredulity (NOISE)

ayak-anstrainer, sieve; screen (PWMP: *ayak-an) *ayak₂

ayam-ana certain grass (NOISE)

ayunchildren's swing (PWMP: *hayun)

ayun-anto swing (on a swing, hanging tree roots, etc.) (PWMP: *hayun)

babakskinned, bruised (PMP: *bakbak₁)

babak-anpiece of skin, shaving, peeling (PWMP: *bakbak-an) *bakbak₁

babarproliferate; unfold, open out; be born; produce, put out; give birth (PWMP: *babaD)

babatpaunch (of a ruminant) (PWMP: *babat)

babidomesticated pig (PAN: *babuy₃)

babuyoung female servant; (literary, formal) mother (LOAN)

babukbutt with horns (ROOT)

bacok, bacukto hoe (PWMP: *bacuk)

Javanese (160 / 2099)

baḍakrhinoceros (LOAN)

badanbody (LOAN)

baḍèran edible river fish (NOISE)

bagipart, portion, share (PMP: *baqagi)

bagiahappiness, well-being (LOAN)

bajushirt, jacket (LOAN)

bakatmighty, terrific, powerful (PWMP: *bakat)

bakbak-anto beat the wings (of a chicken that is being killed) (PAN: *bakbak₂)

bakuŋa certain flower (PAN: *bakuŋ₁)

balikon the contrary; in reverse order; turn this way and that (PMP: *balik₂)

bali-kukuna tree: Schoutenia ovata (PMP: *kukun)

baloŋlow-lying land without drainage; marshy; pond (made for fish farming) (PWMP: *baqeluŋ)

bambankind of reed used to make mats (PWMP: *banban)

bambanbegin anew (NOISE)

bambubamboo (LOAN)

bañakgoose, swan (LOAN)

banaropen on all sides (for sun, light) (PMP: *banaqaR)

banawaboat (LOAN)

banawaboat (LOAN)

bancian effeminate man; an asexual person (PWMP: *baciR)

Javanese (180 / 2099)

banjar(planted) in rows (LOAN)

bantalpillow; pin-cushion (PWMP: *bantal)

bantal-anto use a pillow (PWMP: *bantal)

bantal dawaDutch wife (long pillow for snuggling) (PWMP: *bantal)

bantaslasting, durable, of tissue (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *bantas)

banṭèŋwild cow/bull; fighter for or champion of (a cause) (LOAN)

bantiŋto hit and throw down (as a boat being thrown against the rocks) (PMP: *bantiŋ)

bantiŋto hit and throw down (as a boat being thrown against the rocks) (LOAN)

ban-uwater; fluid; tamarind (orange, etc.) juice (LOAN)

baŋerstench, stinking (PMP: *baŋ(e)qeR₂) *baŋ(e)qeR

baŋibait (PMP: *baŋi₁)

baŋkoŋlarge old frog (ROOT)

baŋsalhall, building (PWMP: *baŋsal)

baŋun-anbuilding, structure (PWMP: *baŋun-an) *baŋuN

baraŋ... or something ..., ... or anything ..., and things like that; whatever, anything (PMP: *baraŋ₁) *baraŋ

baraŋthing, object, stuff, matter, goods (LOAN)

baraŋ-baraŋ buaŋ-andiscarded articles (PWMP: *buaŋ-an) *buqaŋ

baraŋ silih-ana borrowed item (LOAN)

baratstrong wind occurring usually during the rainy season (PMP: *habaRat) *SabaRat

baruthe aforesaid; just now [Ngoko speech level] (PMP: *baqeRu) *baqeRuh

Javanese (200 / 2099)

baruŋin time with (of gamelan beat) (PWMP: *banduŋ)

basahof bodies, decomposed (PMP: *baseq)

batihone’s household, one’s dependents (NOISE)

baṭikfabric that is dyed successively with different colors, each dyeing preceded by applying wax patternings to those portions that are not to receive that color (PWMP: *batik₁)

baṭukforehead (PMP: *batuk₃)

bawurmixed (together) (ROOT)

bawur(of vision) blurred, hazy (ROOT)

bayacrocodile; dangerous, difficult (PMP: *buqaya)

bayaŋcarry on a stretcher (NOISE)

bayarpay, salary, wages (PMP: *bayaD)

béacost, charge; customs duty (LOAN)

bebakpeel the skin or husk from (as the first step in processing rice, coffee) (PWMP: *bebak₁)

bebakpeel the husk or skin from (as the first step in processing rice, coffee) (ROOT)

bebedbatik wraparound worn by males (PMP: *bejbej₂) *bejbej

bebed-anput on or wear a batik wraparound (PWMP: *bejbej-an) *bejbej

bebed sabuk walachild's wraparound worn with one end wrapped below the waist to form a sash (PMP: *bejbej₂) *bejbej

bebeggrind (herbs) to a powder (PWMP: *begbeg)

bébékduck (water bird) (LOAN)

bebelstopped up, clogged; constipated; dull-witted, mentally sluggish (PMP: *belbel₁)

be-bukaintroduction, preface, foreword (PMP: *buka)

Javanese (220 / 2099)

beḍilgun, rifle (LOAN)

beḍugmosque drum; gamelan drum resembling a mosque drum; sounding of the mosque drum at noon, to summon Moslems to prayer; noon (LOAN)

beka thud (PWMP: *ebek)

bekak-beki:kshriek repeatedly (ROOT)

bekak-beki:kshriek repeatedly (ROOT)

bekaŋkaŋstand or lie with the legs spread wide apart (PWMP: *bikaŋkaŋ)

bekaŋkaŋstand or lie with the legs spread wide apart (PWMP: *bukaŋkaŋ)

bekastrace, mark (PMP: *bekas₃)

bekas-anwhat someone is told or asked to do (PWMP: *bekas-an) *bekas₃

bekas getihblood-stain (PMP: *bekas₃)

bekemclutch in the hand (Also Sundanese bekem 'cover someone's mouth') (ROOT)

bekeŋkeŋunyielding (ROOT)

bekukbend, break, snap; break a neck (PMP: *bekuk)

bekurto coo (PWMP: *bekur)

bekurto coo (ROOT)

bélasacrifice oneself in defense of someone/something; have a joint circumcision with another boy, usually as a means of economizing; to support, defend (LOAN)

belahsplit; act of splitting; counting unit for rice plants: the number of stalks that can be encircled by the thumb and index finger of one hand (PAN: *belaq)

belaŋskin blemish; white spots on an animal's coat (PMP: *belaŋ₂)

-belas-teen (variant used with 4, 6) (LOAN)

belèh-anslaughtering place (LOAN)

Javanese (240 / 2099)

beli(h)no, not (PMP: *beliq₂)

belukto bend, bend out of shape (PMP: *beluk)

benaflood (PMP: *bena)

benaŋthread, string, yarn (PWMP: *benaŋ)

benaŋ layaŋ-ankite string (PWMP: *benaŋ)

benḍalitto twist, (inter)twine (ROOT)

beṇḍulswelling; become swollen, protrude (PMP: *bendul) *bedul

benemroast (foods) in a bed of hot coals and ash (PWMP: *benem₁)

bener(what is) right, true, correct; (of a relationship) full-blooded (PMP: *bener)

bener-anfortunate (PMP: *bener)

beniŋclear (of liquid, eye, sound) (ROOT)

béntéŋ, bétéŋfortification (LOAN)

bentukform, shape (PMP: *bentuk)

beŋak-beŋakto shout repeatedly (ROOT)

beŋak-beŋékkeep shouting or crying out (ROOT)

beŋelhave a runny nose (PMP: *beŋel)

beŋeŋeŋbuzz, whine, hum (ROOT)

beŋi, weŋievening, night (PMP: *beRŋi)

beŋi-beŋiin the middle of the night; although it is night (PMP: *beRŋi beRŋi) *beRŋi

beŋkahhaving a crack or cleft (as the walls of a house) (PMP: *bekaq)

Javanese (260 / 2099)

beŋkelukbent at the end (as a pen with a bent point) (ROOT)

beŋkeluŋbent at the end (PWMP: *biŋkeluŋ)

beŋkeŋ(of muscles) stiff and sore (ROOT)

beŋkuŋbent, twisted; bend, wrench something (PMP: *beŋkuŋ)

beŋok-beŋokshout repeatedly (ROOT)

beŋuŋproduce a shrill buzzing or humming sound (PMP: *beŋuŋ)

beŋusto snort (ROOT)

berto fly; flight through the air (PMP: *ber)

bèrèŋskin area chafed from moisture (PWMP: *biRiŋ₂)

bèrèŋ-enhave chafed skin (PWMP: *biRiŋ-en) *biRiŋ₂

berétscratched, as the surface of a new car (PWMP: *berit₁)

berkatfood, blessed by a religious official, taken home from a ritual ceremony by the guests after they have eaten a portion of it (LOAN)

bersihclean; cleansed; clean a grave and place offerings of flowers on it (LOAN)

bésanparent(s)-in-law of one's child (PWMP: *baisan)

bésan-anto become mutual parents-in-law (PWMP: *baisan-an) *baisan

besaranmulberry bush, fruit (NOISE)

besurdo as one pleases without regard for others (PAN: *besuR)

betahwithstand, endure (PWMP: *betaq₁)

betahto feel comfortable; to withstand, endure (NOISE)

biasausual, ordinary; familiar with, accustomed to (LOAN)

Javanese (280 / 2099)

bibitorigin, beginning; seed; provide with something for breeding (LOAN)

bicara, wicaraspeech; conversation (LOAN)

biḍaŋfield, area, scope (PWMP: *bidaŋ)

biḍaŋfield, area, scope (LOAN)

biku, wikuascetic learned man (LOAN)

bilalperson whose task it is to announce the five daily Moslem prayer times (LOAN)

bilikcompartment, walled-in space (PMP: *bilik)

bilik-bilikseparated into groups (PMP: *bilik)

bilohalf-blind; cataract of the eye (PMP: *bileR)

bilukturn (to left or right), veer (PMP: *biluk)

bimbiŋto guide, lead; guidance (PWMP: *biŋbiŋ₁)

binataŋ, binantaŋanimal (pejorative term) (LOAN)

bintaŋ(star-shaped) award medal; star (LOAN)

bintaŋurtree sp. (PWMP: *bintaŋuR)

bintulsmall itchy swelling (PWMP: *bitul)

binturpincers for catching crabs (PWMP: *bintur)

biŋuŋbewildered, confused (LOAN)

biŋuŋbewildered, confused (NOISE)

bira(h)i/brahisexual passion (LOAN)

birublue (LOAN)

Javanese (300 / 2099)

bisacan, be able, know how to (LOAN)

bisikto whisper (PWMP: *bisik₃)

bisik-anthat which is whispered (PWMP: *bisik₃)

bisudumb (unable to speak) (LOAN)

biyaya(h)cost, outlay (LOAN)

blawurblurred, not clearly visible (PMP: *balabuR)

bo-botweight, a weight (PMP: *beReqat)

bocorto leak out (as from a bucket) (LOAN)

boḍostupid, ignorant (LOAN)

boḍo-ntaking a guess; one who is untrained (LOAN)

bokorlarge bowl, usually of brass (LOAN)

boncisgreen beans (LOAN)

boŋohpleased, delighted (NOISE)

boroksores on the scalp (PWMP: *buduk)

borok-enhave/get sores on the scalp (PWMP: *buduk)

boroŋdone on a job basis (of contracted work); by the wholesale lot, wholesale (as a quantity of oranges for sale) (LOAN)

bosrush of escaping air (PMP: *qembus)

bosokrotted (PMP: *busuk)

bosok-anin a rotted or decayed state (PMP: *busuk)

bosok-an kayudecayed wood (PMP: *busuk)

Javanese (320 / 2099)

boṭéka-nmedicine chest with small drawers (LOAN)

brabasporous, seep out (NOISE)

buaŋ-anthrown out; sewer (for refuse disposal); in exile (PWMP: *buaŋ-an) *buqaŋ

bubardisperse (as bees swarming out of a hive, a meeting breaking up) (LOAN)

bubufish trap with bamboo bars (PAN: *bubu₂)

bubuhget something in it by accident (as salt spilling in coffee) (PMP: *buqbuq)

bubukpowdered (substance); a termite-like worm; a girl that nobody wants to marry (PMP: *bukbuk₃)

bubuk-anin powdered form (PMP: *bukbuk-an) *bukbuk₃

bubuk-eneaten away by wood worms; girl who is not wanted as a marriage partner (PWMP: *bukbuk-en) *bukbuk₃

bubulyaws (PWMP: *bubul)

bubul-enhave or get yaws (PWMP: *bubul)

bubuta certain bird (PWMP: *butbut₁)

bubut-bubutpull up by the roots (PMP: *butbut₂) *buCbuC

bubut-bubut suketto uproot grass (PMP: *butbut₂) *buCbuC

buḍakslave (LOAN)

budicharacter, temperament; exert power; a certain tree under which Buddha sits and meditates (LOAN)

buḍugleprosy (LOAN)

buḍugleprosy (NOISE)

buḍug-enhave/get leprosy (LOAN)

buḍug-enhave/get leprosy (NOISE)

Javanese (340 / 2099)

buelbillow upward in clouds (NOISE)

bugarscattered, dispersed, broken up (PWMP: *bugar)

bugbugcrowding, jostling (PWMP: *bugbug)

buijail, prison (LOAN)

bujaŋbachelor (LOAN)

bukaeat a meal that breaks one's fast; opening, beginning (PMP: *buka)

buketthick, of liquids (PMP: *buket)

buketthick (of liquids) (ROOT)

buktiproof, evidence; food; to eat (LOAN)

bulanmoon (PMP: *bulan₃) *bulaN

buléalbino (NOISE)

bulercataract (PWMP: *buleheR)

bumbuseasonings, spices (prepared by grinding with mortar and pestle) (LOAN)

bumbuŋbamboo pipe (PWMP: *buŋbuŋ₁)

bumbuŋ-ancylindrical bamboo cooking pot; the part of an earring that slips through the pierced ear hole (PWMP: *buŋbuŋ₁)

bumbuŋ wuŋwaŋhollow bamboo section; cone-shaped bamboo utensil used above a steaming pan (PWMP: *buŋbuŋ₁)

buncurlump on the head raised by a blow (LOAN)

buntustopped at one end; clogged; fig. bogged down (NOISE)

buntuttail; last one in a line or series; aftermath, follow-up (PMP: *buntut₁) *buntut

buntut-anlast-born child (PMP: *buntut₁) *buntut

Javanese (360 / 2099)

buŋkardisassembled parts; plot of land from which sugarcane plants have been cut (PMP: *buŋkaR)

buŋkardisassembled parts; unload things from a vehicle (NOISE)

buŋkukbent (PMP: *buŋkuk)

buŋkulknob; knob-like object/part; counting unit for knob-shaped things (PMP: *buŋkul)

buŋkuswrapped packet; wrapping material; born with the caul covering the head (PWMP: *buŋkus)

buŋkus-ana wrapped packet; food cooked in a leaf wrapping (PWMP: *buŋkus)

buŋura certain plant, also its blossom (PAN: *buŋuR)

burasexzema-like skin disorder; white spot on the skin (NOISE)

buras-enhave or get this disorder (NOISE)

burem(of the moon) hazy, clouded over (ROOT)

buriback, rear; later, after awhile (NOISE)

burikpock-marked; scarred, blemished (PWMP: *burik)

buritback yard; hind part (PMP: *burit₁)

buro-nact of hunting (PWMP: *buRaw-an) *buRaw

buro-n pulisia fugitive from the law (PWMP: *buRaw-an) *buRaw

buruact of hunting; to chase each other; that which is hunted (LOAN)

buruact of hunting; chase each other; in a hurry (NOISE)

busukignorant, stupid; (of firecrackers) no good, a dud (PMP: *busuk)

busuŋpregnant (of animals; crude when used of people); disease that causes bloating (PWMP: *busuŋ)

busuŋ kèkètswelling of the legs (PWMP: *busuŋ)

Javanese (380 / 2099)

busuŋ weteŋbloating of the stomach (from malnutrition or disease) (PWMP: *busuŋ)

busureat greedily, stuff oneself (PWMP: *busuR₃)

buta whisking motion; do quickly (PAN: *buhet)

buṭakbald, bare (LOAN)

buta sastrailliterate (PMP: *buta₁) *buCa

buṭek(of water) not clear, riled up (LOAN)

buṭek(of water) not clear, riled up (NOISE)

buteŋshort-tempered (PMP: *buteŋ)

butuna certain citrus fruit (PMP: *butun)

buyudthird generation ancestor or descendant; cemetery buyud-en unsteady with old age ka-buyud-an place where a priest lives and works; place considered to be holy in animistic religion (LOAN)

buyuŋearthenware container (PWMP: *buyequŋ)

byaksuddenly opening or parting (as a door, clouds to let the moon shine through) (PMP: *biqak)

c/r/emedto tell dirty stories; to talk obscenely or coarsely (LOAN)

cacalchipped, marred (NOISE)

cambuk ~ sambuka whip (LOAN)

campurto mix (with); mixed (NEAR)

campur-ana mixture of (NEAR)

caŋapa wide opening (ROOT)

caŋkahforked branch (ROOT)

cawadparalysis (NOISE)

Javanese (400 / 2099)

ceguka hiccup (PWMP: *ceguk)

ceguk-ento have the hiccups (PWMP: *ceguk)

cekeŋkeŋstiffening, becoming rigid, e.g. during a paralytic stroke (ROOT)

cemersoggy, messy, muddy (LOAN)

ceŋsugarcane sap (NOISE)

ceŋiŋisjeering grin (ROOT)

cincinring for the finger; thimble (LOAN)

cirat-ciritemerging little by little (of feces) (PWMP: *cirit)

ciritfeces (PWMP: *cirit)

craŋap(of mouths) wide open (ROOT)

cukitchopsticks; bamboo sticks used (in pairs) for mixing tobacco and opium for smoking (ROOT)

cukupenough, sufficient, adequate (LOAN)

cumpetclosed firmly (ROOT)

cuŋkubroofed shelter erected over a grave (PWMP: *cuŋkub)

ḍacinunit of weight (LOAN)

ḍacin-anbalance scale for weighing by ḍacins (LOAN)

ḍaḍapa certain shade tree planted by coffee bushes (PMP: *dapdap₁)

dagaŋto engage in business; merchandise (LOAN)

dagiŋmeat, flesh (LOAN)

dakwaaccusation (LOAN)

Javanese (420 / 2099)

dalanroad, street, passage; way, route; way, means (PMP: *zalan)

dalan-anroadways, street areas (PAN: *zalan-an) *zalan

daleminside of, within; the inner rooms of a house; house, home; walled-in residence compound of an aristocratic family (PMP: *dalem)

dalita patched place, esp. in earthenware; to patch (PMP: *dalit₁)

dandan bekeŋkeŋto dress in stiffly ironed clothes (ROOT)

daŋananhandle (of knife, broom, etc.) (PWMP: *daŋanan)

ḍapettightly closed (ROOT)

ḍateŋ(to go) to, toward; concerning; to come, arrive (PMP: *dateŋ)

ḍawuhan order, command; to say, speak; advice; to say, tell (PWMP: *dabuq)

ḍayuŋoar, paddle (LOAN)

dekebcatch by covering with the hands (as a bird) (ROOT)

dekep, ḍekepgrasp firmly; trap, as an insect -- esp. with the downturned palm (PAN: *dekep)

ḍeketclose, nearby (PMP: *deket₁) *dekeC

ḍəkuto sit cross-legged before an exalted person in a humble and deferential attitude (PMP: *deku)

dəkuŋwith a bend or curve (PMP: *dekuŋ)

ḍemḍem(an)babble about schemes against oneself (Pigeaud 1938) (PAN: *demdem₁)

denexert one's full strength by tightening the abdominal muscles, esp. for defecating or giving birth (PMP: *qezen)

ḍεnḍεŋsliced season dreid meat, ready for cooking (LOAN)

ḍeŋkétadhere to, be right next to (PMP: *de(ŋ)kit)

ḍéŋkétadhere to, be right next to (PWMP: *diŋkit)

Javanese (440 / 2099)

ḍeŋkulknee (PWMP: *deŋkul)

ḍəpafathom (measure of length, i.e. the distance between the fingertips of the outstretched arms) (PAN: *depah)

derepoffer one's services at the rice-harvest (PWMP: *deRep)

dereshard, forceful (of an outpouring) (PMP: *deRes)

deriji pa-nuduhindex finger (PWMP: *pa-nuzuq) *tuzuq₁

di-agemused, made use of (PWMP: *agem₂)

di-akal-ito take advantage of someone (LOAN)

di-antihbe spun, be woven (LOAN)

di-dolsold, hired, pawned; for sale (LOAN)

di-garut-iscratched, pried open with the nails (PMP: *g<um>arut) *garuC

di-gaṭakindented (PWMP: *gatak)

di-geṭakindented (PWMP: *getak)

di-geṭiktap or flick finger against (PWMP: *hagetik)

di-geṭokrapped on the knee or head (PWMP: *hagetuk)

di-gigitbe bitten (PWMP: *gitgit)

di-gugut(of lice) to be killed by biting with the incisors (PMP: *gutgut₁) *gutgut

di-impes-akébe reduced (of a swelling) (PWMP: *impes)

ḍikihsmall and weak (Pigeaud 1938) (PMP: *dikiq)

dilatto lick (as an animal licking its wounds, a flame licking upward) (PWMP: *dilat)

di-lelettwisted, rolled (of cord, rolled cigarettes, etc.) (PWMP: *letlet)

Javanese (460 / 2099)

di-lemeŋcooked in a bamboo vessel with water (PWMP: *lemeŋ₂)

di-lukatfreed from a spell, exorcised (folk belief) (PWMP: *lukat₁)

di-paṭok-ifirmly pounded in (of a post) (PAN: *pa(n)tuk₂)

di-pulestwined together (PMP: *pules)

ḍirioneself, one's identity (LOAN)

di-simbatone asks, for example, to borrow a portion of something (as assistance); one temporarily joins in to work with others (Pigeaud 1938) (NOISE)

di-suŋsuŋgo upstream, toward the source (Pigeaud) (PWMP: *suŋsuŋ₁)

di-taweŋ-icovered, removed from view (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *tabeŋ)

di-tubacaught with fish poison (PAN: *tubah)

di-tunas-ihacked off (as a tree trunk, etc.) (Pigeaud) (PWMP: *tunas)

di-tunuput in the fire, burn; roasted (over a fire, in the ashes) (PMP: *tunu) *CuNuh

dohfar off (PMP: *zauq)

dohfar-off (LOAN)

domneedle (PAN: *zaRum)

ḍoyoŋleaning, slanting (PWMP: *duyuŋ₁)

dukutgrass (PMP: *zukut)

ḍ<um>ateŋto, toward; to go to(ward) (PWMP: *d<um>ateŋ) *dateŋ

d<um>ohfar off (PMP: *zauq)

ḍuyuŋsea cow, dugong (Pigeaud 1938); mermaid (Horne 1974) (PMP: *duyuŋ₂)

éaŋgrandparent (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

Javanese (480 / 2099)

ébahmove (NOISE)

ebundew (PWMP: *qembun)

embahgrandparent; old man (NOISE)

embéksheep's baa (LOAN)

empansomething used for igniting (PWMP: *epan)

empokdischarge stomach gas or flatus (PMP: *epuk)

empuancient title for scholars, poets, outstanding artists, master craftsmen (PMP: *empu)

empusbamboo used to blow on the fire to make it hotter (NOISE)

-enpassive imperative suffix; suffix for a (generally negative) bodily process or condition; e.g. Deleŋ-en Look (at it!); Dridjiné getih-en His finger bled, Mata-né walaŋ-en His eyes bulged out; bubuk wood weevil, bubuk-en crumbling (from having been eaten by weevils) (PAN: *-en)

énak, inakpleasing to the senses, esp. taste, smell (LOAN)

encika full-blooded Chinese (pejorative); Chinese girl, woman (addr.) (LOAN)

encika full-blooded Chinese -- pejorative (Horne) (LOAN)

enciktitle for a foreign (Moslem) trader, esp. in Sulawesi, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula (Pigeaud) (LOAN)

eṇḍemthing concealed; mutual ill-feelings (PWMP: *qendem)

endutbouncy, springy (PWMP: *endut)

enesdeeply grieved (NOISE)

(e)niŋclear (of insight) (ROOT)

enṭeŋnoontime (NOISE)

entiwait (PMP: *qeti₃)

entulbounce up and down (on) (PWMP: *entul)

Javanese (500 / 2099)

entutflatus; slang: baloney! nuts! (PMP: *qetut)

eŋaopening (ROOT)

éŋékplaying of a stringed instrument (ROOT)

eŋgikchirp of a certain beetle (PMP: *egik)

eŋgik-ensickly, prone to illness (NOISE)

eŋgokthroat (PMP: *e(ŋ)guk)

eŋkabpeel off, break off (PWMP: *e(ŋ)kab)

eŋkakvar. of small crow (PMP: *hekak) *Sekak

eŋkakvariety of small crow (Also Sasak eŋkak 'gasp for breath') (ROOT)

eŋkètcreaking sound made by a shoulder carrying-pole (PMP: *ekit)

eŋkupclose up (as an umbrella) (PWMP: *ekup)

eŋkupto close up (umbrellas, etc.) (ROOT)

eoŋto meow (PMP: *qiuŋ₂) *qiuŋ

e-puh-ito squeeze, wring liquid from (PAN: *peReq)

éremblack and blue mark (PWMP: *qirem)

éremblack and blue mark (PWMP: *qi(n)dem)

ereŋkeep roaring, keep moaning with pain (PMP: *heReŋ)

ereŋkeep roaring, keep moaning with pain (PWMP: *qereŋ)

ésemto smile (PWMP: *isem₁)

ésukmorning, early in the morning (LOAN)

Javanese (520 / 2099)

eterearth-shaking; causing something to tremble (PMP: *eter)

éwahchange (NOISE)

gagahstrong, muscular; manly, courageous (NEAR)

gaguspeech defect: substitution of l for r (PWMP: *gagu)

gambira certain vine; the fragrant white-and-yellow blossom of this vine; a plant whose leaves are used as a betel-chewing ingredient and in tanning hides; the betel-chewing mixture made from this leaf (LOAN)

gantè-nbetel chew (PWMP: *ganti-an) *ganti

gaŋsiŋ-anspinning top (PWMP: *gasiŋ-an) *gasiŋ

garisline separating one thing from another (PMP: *garis)

garitscratch, scratched line (PWMP: *garit)

garitscratch, scratched line (Also Sasak garit 'striped of animals') (ROOT)

gatelan itch; to itch (PMP: *gatel) *gaCel

gatel-ento itch from a pathological cause; to have a guilty conscience (PWMP: *gatel-en) *gaCel

gayama certain tree that bears edible fruits (PMP: *gayam)

gek-gekcluck-cluck (onom. for the sound of drinking) (PMP: *gekgek)

gelaplightning that strikes something (PMP: *gelap₁)

gelaplightning that strikes something (ROOT)

gemesirritated, provoked (PWMP: *gemes₁)

gempalbroken off, in pieces (stone, etc.) (PWMP: *gempal)

gereŋto roar; to moan in pain (NEAR)

geretgroove, furrow, trench (PMP: *geret)

Javanese (540 / 2099)

geṭokhit oneself in the knee (PWMP: *getuk)

gigisbroken off, crumbled away (PWMP: *gisgis₂)

gilapshiny, gleaming (PMP: *gilap)

giliŋ-anmill; millstone; ground, milled (PWMP: *giliŋ-an) *giliŋ

gomscurvy-like disease of the mouth resulting from a vitamin C deficiency (PMP: *guham) *guSam

gom-ento have or get a scurvy-like disease of the mouth (PWMP: *guam-en) *guSam

goŋgamelan instrument, coming in various sizes (LOAN)

grantaŋxylophone-like gamelan instrument (t for expected ) (ROOT)

grapaka branch snapping (ROOT)

g<um>atel(of morning sunshine) to cause a pleasantly warming sensation (PWMP: *g<um>atel) *gaCel

g<um>ilapto shine, gleam (PWMP: *g<um>ilap) *gilap

guntiŋscissors, shears (LOAN)

guntiŋ-ana piece cut from something (LOAN)

gunturthunder (PWMP: *guntur)

gurit-ana scratch (PMP: *gurit)

gusigums (PAN: *gusi)

hiexclamation of revulsion or fear (PMP: *qi₁)

(h)impunsmall edible fishes that collect in huge compact masses at sea (PMP: *hipun₁)

himpuncollect, compile (PMP: *qi(m)pun)

huexclamation of scorn (PMP: *qu₁)

Javanese (560 / 2099)

hyaŋGod; mythological deity (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

iexclamation of pain or fear (PAN: *i₁)

iayes; it is emphatically the case that; at end of predicate: enlivens predicate or invites agreement (PAN: *qia)

ibumother; address to one's wife or woman or higher age or social standing (LOAN)

icakget stepped on; step on (PWMP: *icak)

idak, ijakget stepped on (PMP: *inzak)

iḍamfood yearned for during pregnancy; wish, dream, desire (PWMP: *qidam)

idepto know, see; thought(s), knowledge (NOISE)

idep, ijepeyelashes (PWMP: *qizep)

idusaliva, salivate (PWMP: *qizuR)

igitexasperated with; exasperation, resentment (PWMP: *i(ŋ)git)

ihiexclamation of disgust, anger (PMP: *iqi)

iketplaited batik head cloth which the wearer dons by winding it around his head (PMP: *hiket) *Siket

ikiktitter, giggle, snigger (PWMP: *hikhik)

ikutappropriate illegally to oneself (NOISE)

ilagcharm, prayer, etc. to wark off evil (PWMP: *qilag)

ilakclear, light, bright (ROOT)

ilepput under water, soak (ROOT)

iliflow, current (PWMP: *iliʔ)

iliflow, current (PWMP: *qiliR)

Javanese (580 / 2099)

iliŋto pour something (PMP: *iliŋ₁)

ilirlarge woven-bamboo fan (to fan the fire, etc.) (PMP: *irid₁)

ilolook at oneself in the mirror; devote one's attention to (PMP: *ilaw)

imbaŋweight (PMP: *imbaŋ)

imbaŋ-anequal; in balance with each other (PMP: *imbaŋ)

imbuhsomething in addition; supplement; a second helping (PWMP: *imbuq)

impesreduce a swelling (PMP: *i(m)pes)

impi, ipia dream (PMP: *hipi) *Sipi

incakget stepped on (ROOT)

indu-ŋmother (PWMP: *indu-ŋ) *indu

inebwindow shutters; shut in or out; closed (as a door) (PAN: *qiNeb)

inepstay somewhere overnight; have a house guest (PAN: *qinep)

inumto drink (PMP: *inum)

iŋasa certain tree with poisonous sap (PWMP: *iŋas)

iŋetwatch or stare at each other (PWMP: *iŋet)

iŋgaup to, until (PMP: *qiŋga)

iŋkemclose one's mouth (PWMP: *iŋkem)

iŋkemclose one's mouth (ROOT)

iŋkupclosed up, folded (ROOT)

iŋsedshift, budge (PMP: *ised)

Javanese (600 / 2099)

iŋsep, isepsucked up (as honey, etc.) (PMP: *qisep)

iŋserto have been moved or shifted; (of joints) sprained (PMP: *ised)

iŋserto have been moved or shifted; (of joints) sprained (PMP: *iseR)

iohurray! oh my! come on! (PMP: *qio)

ireŋblack, dark in color; indigo dye (PWMP: *qiReŋ)

iriŋescort, accompany (PMP: *iriŋ₁)

iriŋside, flank (PWMP: *qiriŋ₂)

irisslice, cut piece (of something) (PMP: *qiris)

iruŋnose (PMP: *ijuŋ)

irusvegetable or soup ladle of coconut shell or wood (PAN: *qidus)

isjeering exclamation (PMP: *qis)

isahto wash (Also Balinese iŋsah 'wash rice') (ROOT)

isah-isahwash, rinse (NOISE)

isiinsides, contents; full (of), filled (with) (PAN: *isi₅)

isolarge intestine, esp. of an animal slaughtered for a feast (PWMP: *isaw)

isuhwash hands or feet (PMP: *hisuq)

itemblack (in watu item 'hard black rock') (PMP: *qitem)

iṭemvery black (PMP: *qitem)

iṭika little bit (PAN: *qitik₁)

iṭikto tickle (PWMP: *qitik₂)

Javanese (620 / 2099)

itilclitoris (PWMP: *itil)

itippeep at (LOAN)

iwakmeat for the table; fish (NOISE)

iwigrimace (PWMP: *hiwiʔ)

iwi-iwiridicule out of disdain; malicious pleasure, shown by twisting the mouth at an angle (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *hiwiʔ)

jahatflaw, imperfection (PMP: *zaqat)

jaitpertaining to sewing (PMP: *zaqit)

jalan buntudead-end road (NOISE)

japitclip, fastener, tongs (PWMP: *zapit)

jaranhorse (LOAN)

jaraŋscarce, rare, seldom (PWMP: *zaRaŋ)

jarembruised, black and blue (ROOT)

jariŋnet for trapping fish, birds; fig., trick for snaring an unwary person; spider web (PMP: *zariŋ)

jariŋ-anintestines; internal organs (PMP: *zariŋ)

jatiteak (LOAN)

jembutpubic hair (ROOT)

jepèt, jepitpinched tightly (in a clip, etc.) (PWMP: *zepit)

jeruk nipissweet lime (from its thin skin) (PMP: *nipis) *Nipis

jimpita pinch (ROOT)

jléŋmetal clanking (ROOT)

Javanese (640 / 2099)

jukuŋsmall boat, canoe (hollowed out tree trunk with outriggers; Pigeaud 1938) (LOAN)

juluk(of royalty) named, called, having the title (of); nicknamed (NOISE)

jumputtweezers, small pincers (LOAN)

junjuŋ-ana burden (PWMP: *zuŋzuŋ-an) *zuŋzuŋ

junjuŋ-junjuŋ-anlifting, raising (PWMP: *zuŋzuŋ-an) *zuŋzuŋ

ka- -anformative for nouns of location; ka-lurah-an ‘residence of the top village official’ (cp. lurah ‘top village official’) (PAN: *ka- -an₂)

ka- -anformative for abstract nouns; ka-urip-an ‘life, existence’ (cp. urip ‘living, alive’) (PAN: *ka- -an₃)

ka-campur-anmixed (with) (NEAR)

ka-hyaŋ-anplace where the deities reside (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

kajaŋroof of dried palm leaves (PMP: *kazaŋ₂)

kakaolder brother (PMP: *kaka₂)

kakaklaugh uproariously (PMP: *kakakₐ) *kakak

kaka-ŋolder brother; husband (PMP: *kaka₂)

kalastinging animal (LOAN)

ka-laŋkah-anto get stepped over; to get by-passed (as a woman whose younger sister is married before her) (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

ka-lesu-nstarved; starving (PWMP: *lesu₃)

ka-limafive times; times five (PWMP: *ka-lima) *lima

kaliŋnose ring for buffalo (NOISE)

ka-lo-ro-nman and wife, married couple (PMP: *duha) *duSa

ka-lumut-anpowdered with moss (PMP: *lumut)

Javanese (660 / 2099)

kambaŋfishing -rod float; to float (LOAN)

kambiŋgoat, sheep (LOAN)

kami-lurus-enhave a panic attack (NOISE)

kampila small purse woven from dried grass (PWMP: *kampil)

kampuŋslum area in or near a city; yard around one’s house (LOAN)

kanciŋbutton (LOAN)

kanḍaŋanimal pen (PWMP: *kandaŋ)

kanḍaŋ pitikchicken coop (PWMP: *kandaŋ)

ka-nemsixth (PMP: *ika-enem) *enem

ka-nemsix times, times six (PWMP: *ka-enem) *enem

k-antihthread spun on a spinning wheel (LOAN)

kanṭoŋ-anpocket; cloth sack (NOISE)

k-aŋin-anexposed to or affected by wind (PWMP: *ka-haŋin-an) *haŋin

kaŋkaŋto sit with the legs spread apart; a certain large crab (from the way it holds its pincers wide apart?) (PWMP: *kaŋkaŋ₁)

k-aŋkatmovable, portable (PWMP: *ka-aŋkat) *aŋkat

kapalcallus; callused skin (PWMP: *kapal)

ka-papag-ana meeting from different directions (LOAN)

kapascotton, cotton plant (LOAN)

ka-patfourth in a series (PMP: *ka-epat) *Sepat

ka-pinter-ancapability, skill (LOAN)

Javanese (680 / 2099)

ka-piŋ-limafive times; times five (PWMP: *ka-lima) *lima

ka-pisanfirst, first time (PWMP: *pisan)

ka-pisan-anin the same instant, at once (PWMP: *pisan)

ka-pituseven times; times seven; (for) the seventh time; seventh in a series (PMP: *ka-pitu) *pitu

kapukkapok (PWMP: *kapuk)

ka-pulu-anarchipelago (LOAN)

karaŋcoral; coral reef (PMP: *karaŋ)

karuŋjute sack, gunny sack (LOAN)

karutyoung corn (NOISE)

ka-salah-anmistake; guilt; blame (PWMP: *ka-salaq-an) *salaq₁

ka-sawurto strew, spread, scatter (PMP: *sabuR)

ka-sawur-anto bestrew, strew on (PMP: *sabuR)

k-asihcompassion, sympathy (PMP: *ka-qasiq) *qasiq

k-asin-enexcessively salty (PAN: *qasiN)

k-asin-enexcessively salty (PWMP: *qasin-en) *qasiN

ka-solto get uprooted (PMP: *sual)

ka-tagih-anaddicted to (LOAN)

ka-teluthree times; times three; (for) the third time; third in a series (PMP: *ka-telu) *telu

kaṭilbench; bedstead (LOAN)

ka-timbaŋrather than, compared with (PWMP: *ka-timbaŋ) *timbaŋ

Javanese (700 / 2099)

katiroutrigger of an outrigger canoe (PMP: *katiR)

ka-tuhw-anrealizing, being aware of (the situation, one’s mistake, etc.) (PMP: *tuqu₂)

ka-tumpaŋ-anto have something on top of something (PWMP: *tumpaŋ₁)

kawahvolcanic crater (PWMP: *kawaq)

kawatwire (LOAN)

ka-wekasget sent on an errand (PMP: *bekas₃)

ka-wetuemerge spontaneously (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

ka-wilaŋbe counted; be regarded as (PAN: *bilaŋ₁)

ka-wolueight times; times eight (PWMP: *ka-walu) *walu

ka-wolufor the eighth time; eighth in a series (PMP: *ika-walu) *walu

ka-wurilast, past, left behind (NOISE)

ka-wuwuh-anin addition (PMP: *bubuq)

kayaincome (PWMP: *kaya)

kayalike, as, as if, as though (LOAN)

kayuwood, tree; firewood; dead body (PMP: *kahiw) *kaSiw

kayu aŋin-aŋinkind of bluish-white lichen that grows on tree trunks: Usnea barbata; it is sometimes used as a medicine (van der Veen 1940) (PWMP: *kahiw haŋin haŋin)

kə- -anmarker of the adversative passive; k-odan-an ‘to get rained on’ (cf. udan ‘rain’); kə-turo-n ‘to drop off to sleep accidentally, to doze’ (cf. turu ‘to sleep’) (PAN: *ka- -an₁)

ke-baŋè-nexcessively late at night (PWMP: *ka-beRŋi-an) *beRŋi

kebet-kebetflap the wings (NOISE)

kebirihaving been castrated, spayed (LOAN)

Javanese (720 / 2099)

kebokerbau, water buffalo (LOAN)

kebo-angive rides to children on the back while crawling on hands and knees (LOAN)

ke-buru-burupursued by troubles (PWMP: *ka-buRaw) *buRaw

ke-buru-buruin a hurry (LOAN)

ke-ciritto discharge feces inadvertently (PWMP: *cirit)

kecuthief, one who breaks in by force (NOISE)

ke-dalan-anto have a road, passage, etc. on or through it; to be passed by a road, etc. (PAN: *ka-zalan-an) *zalan

kedutcoarsely woven (Pigeaud 1938) (NOISE)

kedutmuscular twitch, esp. of the eyelid (NOISE)

kejepa wink, blink (Krama) (PWMP: *kezep)

ke-k-asihobject of love; fiancé(e) (PMP: *ka-qasiq) *qasiq

ke-kayo-nwooded area (PWMP: *ka-kahiw-an) *kaSiw

kékeftstick tight, hold together firmly (ROOT)

kekel(of rice) well-done and sticky; (of laughing, coughing) hard, convulsive (NOISE)

keketstay firmly in place; stick to or on (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *ketket)

kelapglisten, sparkle; glitter (ROOT)

ke-layuto feel one has been deserted (PAN: *layu)

kelem(of colors) dull (PAN: *kelem)

ke-lempitto get folded accidentally (PMP: *lepit₂)

kelentuŋbird clapper (LOAN)

Javanese (740 / 2099)

ke-ləŋgakto fall face up (LOAN)

kelétfirmly attached (ROOT)

kə-lindihovercome, defeated (NOISE)

k(e)-luwih-entoo many, too much (PMP: *lebiq)

ke-mataconspicuous, eye-catching (PMP: *ka-mata) *maCa

ke-mata-nhaving excessively large eyes (PMP: *mata) *maCa

kembainsipid; without spirit (NOISE)

kembaŋflower, blossom; flowers used decoratively (PWMP: *kembaŋ)

kembarof similar or identical appearance; twin(s) (LOAN)

kembar-andressed alike; opposite number, counterpart (LOAN)

kembuŋof stomach, to ache, feel bloated (PMP: *kembuŋ)

kemiricandlenut; candlenut tree (PMP: *kamiri)

kempit-anthat which is carried under the arm (PMP: *kepit)

kemuto rinse out the mouth (PMP: *kemuR)

kenato touch, hit; be subjected to (as a fine, a flood, a prison sentence) (PAN: *keNa)

kena apawhy? what for? [lit. ‘struck by what?’] (PAN: *keNa)

ken-amtaste in the mouth (ROOT)

kənaria certain tree and its pecan-like nuts (PMP: *kanari)

kenceŋtight, without slack (LOAN)

kenciŋurine; to urinate (LOAN)

Javanese (760 / 2099)

kenḍilarge earthenware water carafe with a spout (LOAN)

kenḍoloose, slack (as a rope) (PWMP: *kenduR)

kenṭaŋpotato (LOAN)

kenṭelfirm, strong (as tea), solidified (as oil that has frozen), thick, viscous (as syrup); close, intimate (LOAN)

keṇṭeŋ(-an)stretched thread, rope (used to trace a line, etc.) (PMP: *keteŋ)

keŋkeŋsturdy, stiff, rigid (PMP: *keŋkeŋ₂)

kepaha chewed piece of sugarcane (ROOT)

ke-pati-nsuffer loss through death; (of sleep) deep, sound (PWMP: *ka-p-atay-en) *aCay

kepelfist; the amount of food taken in the cupped hands when eating at a ritual meal (PWMP: *kepel)

ke-p-entutdischarge flatus inadvertently (PAN: *pa-qetut) *qetut

ke-peteŋ-anto be overtaken by darkness (PWMP: *peteŋ)

ke-peteŋ-ento be excessively dark (PWMP: *peteŋ)

ke-pidakto get stepped on (PWMP: *pizak)

ke-pidak-pikakto get trampled (PWMP: *pizak)

ke-pilihto get chosen/elected (PWMP: *ka-piliq) *piliq

kepuŋsurrounded, encircled [Ngoko speech level] (PWMP: *kepuŋ)

kepusblow on, exhale strongly (ROOT)

keraŋa certain mussel and its shell (LOAN)

kerika cricket's chirp (PMP: *keriqik)

keriskris (ceremonial dagger) (LOAN)

Javanese (780 / 2099)

keris-anto wear a kris; imitation kris (e.g. a toy; a shadow-play prop) (LOAN)

ke-sambutto get caught or grasped (PWMP: *sambut₂)

ke-saŋkutto get caught or snagged; (fig.) to get involved (PWMP: *saŋkut)

ke-susah-ansorrow, grief, trouble (LOAN)

ke-susuin a hurry (NOISE)

ke-tama-nto get struck (PAN: *tama₁)

ke-tama-n asmarato fall in love at first sight (PAN: *tama₁)

ke-tama-n larato get sick, to catch a disease (PAN: *tama₁)

kə-taraobvious, showing plainly (LOAN)

ke-tarikto get pulled or drawn (LOAN)

ke-tatabto bump into/against inadvertently (PWMP: *tabtab₁)

ketegheart, heartbeats (PWMP: *keteg)

ketegpulse (ROOT)

keteg taŋanpulse (rate) (PWMP: *keteg)

keṭekto make a tongue-clicking sound (to a person to express disapproval, to an animal to urge it on, etc.) (PWMP: *ketek)

ke-teka-nto be visited (PMP: *teka₁)

ke-tempuhto get hit (LOAN)

ke-temuto see or meet someone; to find something (PWMP: *temu₂)

keterto shake, tremble (PWMP: *keter)

ketik-ketikthe sound of typewriting (PWMP: *ketik)

Javanese (800 / 2099)

ketirfearful, apprehensive (PWMP: *ketiR)

keṭuskull cap, worn optionally with a turban wound around the outside; hat, headgear in general (LOAN)

ke-tunjaŋget knocked against or run over (NOISE)

ke-turu-ndrop off to sleep accidentally, doze (PWMP: *ka-tuduR-en) *tuduR

kiduŋepic narrative to be sung (PWMP: *kiduŋ)

kiksudden hiccough, sob (PMP: *kik)

kikilleg of lamb, calf, etc. as food (PWMP: *kilkil)

kilaplightning (PMP: *kilap)

kimakind of large shellfish (PMP: *kima)

k<in>asihbeloved (PMP: *ka-qasiq) *qasiq

kipasa hand fan (LOAN)

kipas-anto fan oneself (LOAN)

kirathought, guess, opinion (LOAN)

kira-kiraapproximately (LOAN)

kirimto send (LOAN)

kirim-anthat which is sent (LOAN)

kitawe, (all of us); our; editorial ‘we’ (i.e. plural in form, singular in denotation); you, your (PAN: *k-ita) *ita₁

kiwaleft; immoral, unethical; unstrategically located (LOAN)

kiyék-kiyék ~ kiyik-kiyikto peep, of chicks (Pigeaud) (PWMP: *kihik)

klukukof an empty stomach, to rumble (ROOT)

Javanese (820 / 2099)

klunṭuŋmetallic clanking (ROOT)

kluṭaka clatter (ROOT)

kluṭeka clatter; to make continuous soft sounds (as a mouse gnawing in the kitchen) (ROOT)

kluṭika metallic plink (ROOT)

kocakgurgle, sob (LOAN)

k-odan-anget rained on (PWMP: *ka-quzan-an) *quzaN

kojorpiled up bars or bar-shaped objects (NOISE)

kokexclamation of surprise, often combined with irritation or wonderment; a hen's cackle (PMP: *kuak)

kokothinge, joint (LOAN)

konṭolscrotum (NOISE)

kopi bubukpowdered coffee (PMP: *bukbuk₃)

kracaksounds of water pouring or gushing (ROOT)

kraton (< *ka-ratu-an)palace, court (PMP: *datu)

kroḍoŋprotective covering (ROOT)

kruḍugto rumble (Pigeaud) (LOAN)

k<r>ukubshade, fabric covering (PMP: *kubkub₂)

-kumy; our (PAN: *-ku)

kucemdrained of one’s vitality through grief, shock, etc. (NOISE)

kuḍisscabies (PAN: *kudis)

kuḍis-enhave or get scabies (PAN: *kudis)

Javanese (840 / 2099)

kukuhsolid, strong, resistant (PMP: *kukuq)

kukuhsolid, strong, resistant (LOAN)

kukukowl (PWMP: *kukkuk)

kukupto pick up by doubled handfuls, i.e. in the cupped hands; to take care of (someone who is alone in the world) (PMP: *kupkup₃)

kukur-ana scratched place (PWMP: *kuDkuD-an) *kuDkuD

kukur-ana scratched place (PAN: *kurkur)

kukur-kukurto scratch an itch (PMP: *kuDkuD)

kukur-kukurto scratch an itch (PAN: *kurkur)

kukussmoke, steam (PWMP: *kuskus₁)

kukussmoke, steam (PWMP: *kukus)

kukus-ancone-shaped utensil of woven bamboo in which rice is steamed over boiling water (PWMP: *kuskus-an₂) *kuskus₁

kula variety of snail (PWMP: *kuhul)

kulit dagiŋa relative, one’s flesh and blood (LOAN)

kulub-anbriefly boiled vegetables eaten with rice and hot sauce (PWMP: *kulub-an) *kulub₂

kulukcrown; fez-like headdress worn by palace retainers on formal occasions (LOAN)

kumismoustache (PMP: *kumis)

kumpulgroup, gathering; together, joined (with); sexual intercourse (PWMP: *kumpul)

kumpul-angathering, meeting; association, organization; to associate or form a group with (PWMP: *kumpul)

k<um>ukusto give off smoke or steam; comet, shooting star (PWMP: *kuskus₁)

kumuniŋa certain tree with small fragrant flowers and yellow wood (LOAN)

Javanese (860 / 2099)

kuncikey; padlock (LOAN)

kuniŋyellow; (of skin) light, fair; ripe (of rice growing in the field); egg yolk (LOAN)

kunirturmeric, used in cooking; also as the symbolic representation of the clitoris in the sunat ceremony (ritual piercing of the clitoris of girls, and circumcision for boys) (PMP: *kunij)

kuṇṭétstunted; unable to achieve normal growth (= be left behind in development?) (PWMP: *ku(n)tit)

kuntilanaka malevolent female spirit (Horne) (LOAN)

kupiŋear (PWMP: *kupiŋ)

kupubutterfly (LOAN)

kupu-kupuprostitute (LOAN)

kuraa certain land tortoise (LOAN)

kuraŋless; inadequate, lacking, short (LOAN)

kurapchapping of the skin (PAN: *kurap)

kurap-ento have/get chapped skin (PAN: *kurap)

kuruthin, undernourished (PWMP: *kuru₂)

kuruŋcaged, confined (PWMP: *kuruŋ)

kuruŋ-ancage, enclosure (PWMP: *kuruŋ-an) *kuruŋ

kuruŋ-an manukbird cage (PWMP: *kuruŋ-an) *kuruŋ

kusikunrest, disorder (PMP: *kusik)

kusutdistraught, frantic, hard-pressed (PWMP: *kusut)

kuṭaa city of more (less) than 250,000 inhabitants; a brick wall enclosing a city or palace (LOAN)

kuṭa asal akumy home town; if, provided that (LOAN)

Javanese (880 / 2099)

kutilwart, mole, skin blemish (PWMP: *kutil)

kutil-ento have or get warts; (euphemistic) to have or get smallpox (PWMP: *kutil)

kutu-kutu ~ ke-kutu(the class of) small insects (PMP: *kutu₁) *kuCux

kuwuvillage military official in charge of water (PMP: *kubu)

labuhto drop anchor; fall, i.e. the brief season between the close of the dry season and the onset of the rains, during which leaves fall (PWMP: *labuq₁)

laburwhitewash (LOAN)

laburwhitewash; to apply whitewash (NOISE)

laharhot mud and lava flow (PWMP: *laqaD)

laharlava (PWMP: *lahar)

lahar-anlava-bed (PWMP: *laqaD)

lahar-anlava bed (PWMP: *lahar)

lakisexual intercourse; husband (PMP: *laki₁)

lalerfly (insect) (PMP: *lalej)

lalito forget (NOISE)

lali-lalito keep forgetting; to try to forget (NOISE)

lalu(and) then, after that (PMP: *lalu₁)

lamakprotective pad (PMP: *lamak)

lambatold, from earlier time, long ago (Pigeaud) (LOAN)

lambuŋside; flank; upper side of the human body (LOAN)

lampahwalk (PMP: *lampaq)

Javanese (900 / 2099)

lampitrattan seat mat (PWMP: *lampit)

lampusdead (PWMP: *la(m)pus₁)

lamukmosquito (PMP: *lamuk₂)

landakporcupine (PWMP: *landak)

lantakramrod for cleaning a gun barrel (LOAN)

laŋessoot from the smoke of an oil lamp (NOISE)

laŋiact of swimming (PWMP: *laŋuy)

laŋitsky; ceiling; facial expression (PMP: *laŋit) *laŋiC

laŋit-anceiling; canopy; palate (PMP: *laŋit) *laŋiC

laŋkaha long step, a stride; too far, beyond the objective, wide of the mark (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

laŋseshroud, winding sheet (LOAN)

laŋu(of odors, taste) strong, acrid, disagreeable, overpowering (PAN: *laŋu)

lapahunger (PMP: *lapaR₁)

lapislayer; outer layer (PMP: *lapis)

larwing(s) (PMP: *qelad₂)

laruto produce charcoal by permitting wood to smoulder for three days in a covered pit (NOISE)

lataha mental disorder found in certain lower-class women past middle age, characterized by involuntary compulsive utterance of obscenities, parodying of others’ actions, or other socially or morally offensive behavior (NOISE)

lataksediment in indigo batik dye (PWMP: *latak₂)

lateŋa certain grass with itchy leaves (Horne); stinging nettle (Pigeaud) (PMP: *lateŋ) *laCeŋ

lawanenemy, opponent (PMP: *laban₂)

Javanese (920 / 2099)

lawan-anto resist, oppose (PMP: *laban-an) *laban₂

lawaŋdoor, entrance (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *lawaŋ₂)

lawethread, yarn (PWMP: *labay₁)

layaŋ-ana kite (PWMP: *layaŋ₁)

layaŋ-layaŋ-anto glide in the air (PWMP: *layaŋ₁)

layuto wither, fade (PAN: *layu)

lékékto laugh in high-pitched tones (ROOT)

leketto adhere to (as objects glued together); to stick together, of people (PWMP: *leket)

lelahslow in doing something (walking, working, etc.) (LOAN)

le-layudeath (PAN: *layu)

lelepsink below the surface; drown (PMP: *le(p)lep) *le(p)lep₁

leletturn, revolve, spin (of a top) (PWMP: *letlet)

lembahlow-lying ground (Pigeaud 1938); valley (Horne 1974) (PWMP: *le(m)baq)

lembarcounting unit for flat things (as sheets of paper) (LOAN)

lembucow (LOAN)

lembutfine, thin, small (this is the Ngoko form; Krama is lembat); fine, of downy feathers, thin, of slices; fine, of grains of salt; refined (of character) (PWMP: *lembut)

lemeŋ-anrice boiler (PWMP: *lemeŋ₂)

lempit-anway of folding; folded (PMP: *lepit₂)

lεŋhole, opening (PMP: *liaŋ)

leŋaoil (PMP: *leŋa)

Javanese (940 / 2099)

leŋa adasaromatic oil taken for stomach ache (PWMP: *hadas)

leŋa seréaromatic oil extracted from citronella grass (PWMP: *seray)

leŋenlower arm (PMP: *leŋen)

ləŋəŋbe mute with astonishment (LOAN)

ləŋərmotionless; speechless (LOAN)

leŋermotionless; speechless (NOISE)

ləŋgakto turn the face up and down; to sit relaxed and idle (LOAN)

léŋgaŋswaying, swinging the arms (LOAN)

léŋkerwinding; coil (LOAN)

lεŋ-lεŋ-annostril; ear opening; eye of a needle; having holes (PMP: *liaŋ)

lépaa mixture for filling or patching (LOAN)

lepasdetached, loosened; to let go of; off and on, temporary (PWMP: *lepas)

lesahweak, tired, exhausted (NOISE)

lesulistless; hungry (PWMP: *lesu₃)

lesuŋa broad shallow wooden bowl in which rice is pounded to separate the hull from the grain (PMP: *lesuŋ)

letinterval of time or space (PMP: *qelet) *qeleC

likuŋ-anbend, curve; bight, bay (PWMP: *likuŋ-an) *likuŋ

likurtwenty- (as a digit in numbers) (LOAN)

limafive (PAN: *lima)

lima-limaby fives, in groups of five (PMP: *lima-lima) *lima

Javanese (960 / 2099)

limas-anupper section of a four-section roof (cf. Malay limas ‘cup or dipper of palm leaf or spathe ... from its shape it gives its name to hip-roofs) (PWMP: *limas-an) *limas

limpaspleen (LOAN)

limpuŋa short two-headed spear (LOAN)

lincadslip, slide (?) (NOISE)

linḍuearthquake (PMP: *linduR)

lintaŋstar (NEAR)

liŋone's words (PMP: *liŋ₁)

liŋkabto open, as mat, or clothes (Pigeaud) (PWMP: *likab)

liŋkabto open (mat, clothes) (ROOT)

liŋliŋpeer long and attentively at (PWMP: *liŋliŋ)

liŋsalouse eggs (PMP: *lisehaq, liseqah) *liseqeS

liwatgo past, to (by way of) (PWMP: *qaliwat)

liwermill around, swarm about in crowds (PWMP: *liwed)

loloLook at that! (said out of dissatisfaction with something) (NOISE)

loŋgarhaving enough room, having leeway (NOISE)

loŋsor ~ losorshift, slide, settle (as a road that has washed into the river) (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)suR)

lo-rotwo (PMP: *duha) *duSa

lɔrɔvirgin girl, young girl of noble birth (PMP: *daRa₂)

losoff, away, (on the) loose; home free (in children’s games) (PMP: *luas₁)

luarfree, clear of; the outside, the outdoors (PMP: *luqar)

Javanese (980 / 2099)

luhtears (from weeping) (PMP: *luheq) *luSeq

luhurthe second daily ritual meditation in Islam (NOISE)

lukcurved portion of a kris blade (PWMP: *qeluk)

lukcurved portion of a kris blade (NEAR)

luketclose, intimate (ROOT)

lumbuŋstorage shed, esp. for rice, tobacco (PMP: *lumbuŋ₂)

lumpaŋmortar in which things are pounded fine with a pestle (PWMP: *lumpaŋ)

lumpia(h)egg roll (LOAN)

lumpia(h)egg roll (LOAN)

lumutmoss (PMP: *lumut)

lumut-enmossy (PWMP: *lumut-en) *lumut

lunasship’s keel (PWMP: *lunas)

luncurget launched, slide or drift into, against (PWMP: *lu(n)cuR)

luŋsurget demoted, lower something (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)suR)

lupitnarrow, of a place (Pigeaud 1938) (PMP: *luqepit)

lutuŋblack monkey (PAN: *luCuŋ)

luwaŋhole, pit (PMP: *lubaŋ₁)

luwihmore than; exceeding normal bounds; especially; all the more so (PMP: *lebiq)

luyuslack, limp, impotent (PWMP: *luyu)

mabukintoxicated (PMP: *ma-buhuk) *buSuk

Javanese (1000 / 2099)

maduhoney, nectar from blossoms (LOAN)

ma-kanto feed an animal (PAN: *ma-kaen) *kaen

makuto nail with (LOAN)

maliŋthief; to steal (LOAN)

maluto hammer (PMP: *palu) *palu₃

mamahto chew; to argue with; to do without difficulty (PMP: *mamaq)

mamah-anhaving been chewed (PMP: *mamaq)

m-anakto reproduce (of animals, crudely of people) (PMP: *maR-anak) *aNak

mancurto flow downward, stream out (LOAN)

manikjewel, precious stone (LOAN)

maniŋagain, more (NOISE)

manukbird; (euphemism) penis (PMP: *manuk)

manuk-anplace for birds (PWMP: *manuk-an) *manuk

manuk-manuk-animitation bird, toy bird (PMP: *manuk)

ma-ŋanto eat, to consume (PMP: *ma-ŋaen) *kaen

maŋaneat [Ngoko speech level] (PMP: *ma-ŋaen) *kaen

maŋkoka small bowl used for eating; basin used for carrying liquid foods sold by street peddlers (LOAN)

maŋkuto hold someone on the lap; to have something close in front of one (PWMP: *paŋku)

maŋunto build up (PWMP: *maŋ-baŋun) *baŋuN

mapagto pick up, call for; to meet and pass (something going in the opposite direction) (LOAN)

Javanese (1020 / 2099)

marahteach, advise; reason for, because (PMP: *bajaq₂) *bajaq

marudto grate (PMP: *parud)

masgold (LOAN)

m-asemsour, unripe (PWMP: *ma-qalesem) *qalesem

m-asintreat foods by a salting process (PMP: *ma-qasin) *qasiN

mataeye (of an animal, crudely of a human being); eye-like part, as knot in wood, center of a pimple, jewel in its setting; spot, pip (on playing-cards, dice); kernel, grain (PMP: *mata) *maCa

mata itikbuttonhole (PMP: *mata) *maCa

mata iwakscar from a wound; corn on the toe; duckweek (‘eye of a fish’) (PMP: *mata) *maCa

mata-mataspy, secret agent (PMP: *mata-mata) *maCa

matesto set limits, place boundary (PWMP: *bates)

matidead; die; inert (PMP: *m-atay) *aCay

mati garingdie of thirst (PMP: *m-atay) *aCay

ma-timbun-timbunheaped up (as piles of rice in a warehouse) (PWMP: *timbun)

mati sabildie in childbirth (PMP: *m-atay) *aCay

matuhard, rocklike (PWMP: *b<um>atu) *batux

matukmake someone cough (PMP: *batuk₁)

ma-tumpuk-tumpukforming many piles (PWMP: *tumpuk)

mauthe aforesaid; just now [Ngoko speech level] (PMP: *baqeRu) *baqeRuh

mayaŋblossom of the areca palm (PWMP: *mayaŋ)

mayarto pay for (PMP: *bayaD)

Javanese (1040 / 2099)

m-beŋahto low (of a cow) (PMP: *beŋaq)

mbiredge, side of (ROOT)

mecutto whip (fig. to inspire, motivate) (PWMP: *pecut)

meḍil-(i)shoot something (LOAN)

m-egappant, breathe in gasps (PWMP: *um-egap) *egap

melahsplit asunder (as a log) (PWMP: *maŋ-belaq) *belaq

m-eluŋto bend, bow (PMP: *eluŋ)

meluŋto bend, bow (ROOT)

menaŋgive authority to, grant a privilege to (LOAN)

men-jaitto make clothing (PMP: *zaqit)

meñutortoise-like (term of abuse,indicating stupidity) (PMP: *peñu)

menuhto fulfill (PAN: *peNuq)

meŋaopen, come open (PMP: *beŋa₁)

m-eŋeŋbuzzing sound (PWMP: *eŋeŋ)

mè-pèsto prepare food in this way (PWMP: *paqis)

meremclosed, of the eyes; to close the eyes (PWMP: *pezem)

məsah ~ məŋsahopponent, enemy (NOISE)

metahpersist in, persevere at (PWMP: *betaq₁)

métakto divide up into compartments; to partition up (PWMP: *pitak₂)

meteŋpregnant; ready to give forth its appropriate product (PWMP: *beteŋ₂) *beteŋ₁

Javanese (1060 / 2099)

metubring forth (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

miakto open something out/apart; to push apart (as curtains) (PWMP: *piqak)

micarato speak, discuss (LOAN)

midakto step on something (PWMP: *pizak)

mikulto transport by carrying pole (LOAN)

milaŋto count, enumerate; classify, categorize (PWMP: *maŋ-bilaŋ) *bilaŋ₁

milihto select; to elect, to appoint; to sort out (PWMP: *ma-miliq) *piliq

milisto apply such a preparation (PWMP: *pilis)

miñakoil; perfume (PMP: *miñak)

minihto sow (earth) with seeds (PWMP: *maŋ-binehiq) *bineSiq

mipitto press close together (PAN: *pitpit₂)

m-isato poison (LOAN)

misikimpart knowledge to (PWMP: *bisik₃)

mituto hold a ceremony for a woman in the seventh month of pregnancy (PAN: *pitu₁) *pitu

monḍokto live in a rented room away from home (LOAN)

monḍok-akéto board someone (LOAN)

monḍok-ito rent a room in someone’s house (LOAN)

moroŋhave a job contracted for; do a job on a contract basis; buy up an entire lot, a large quantity (LOAN)

mosok-idecaying (PMP: *busuk)

muaŋurinate, defecate (PWMP: *maŋ-buqaŋ) *buqaŋ

Javanese (1080 / 2099)

muarariver mouth that empties into the sea (LOAN)

mubukcrush to a powder (PWMP: *maŋ-bukbuk) *bukbuk₃

mubut-ipull something out by the roots (PWMP: *maŋ-butbut) *buCbuC

mujaŋlive the life of a bachelor (LOAN)

mukaface (LOAN)

mukuhsit cross-legged with lowered head before a highly esteemed person, to show respect and humility (PMP: *bu(ŋ)kuq)

mukulto strike with a hammering blow (as in hammering in a nail) (PWMP: *pukul₁)

mulaoriginally; from the beginning (LOAN)

mulihto restore something to its original condition (PWMP: *puliq)

muluŋto tie harvested rice into bundles (PAN: *puluŋ)

mulutto smear with resin; to trap [birds, small animals] with resin; (slang) to bribe (PMP: *pulut)

muncuproject outward with a point, as a mountain (Pigeaud) (PWMP: *puncu)

munṭukmound-shaped (PWMP: *puntuk)

muŋkarunload (things) from a vehicle (PMP: *buŋkaR)

muŋkukto bend (PMP: *buŋkuk)

muŋkus-akéwrap something in banana leaves for someone (PWMP: *maŋ-buŋkus) *buŋkus

muŋkus-ito wrap (PWMP: *maŋ-buŋkus) *buŋkus

murahlow in price; plentiful (LOAN)

muruto hunt, pursue (PWMP: *maŋ-buRaw) *buRaw

muruhfoam up, become sudsy (PWMP: *maŋ-bujeq) *bujeq

Javanese (1100 / 2099)

musuclean kapok fibers with a bow-shaped tool (PWMP: *maŋ-busuR) *busuR₂

mutago blind; act as though one were blind (PWMP: *maŋ-buta) *buCa

muterto turn something; to go around someone (PWMP: *puteR)

mutihto have something made white (PWMP: *ma-mutiq) *putiq

muwuŋcover a roof peak with semicircular tiles (PMP: *bubuŋ₁)

nahanto restrain (LOAN)

najemto sharpen, hone (PMP: *tazem) *Cazem

nakwato accuse (LOAN)

nalanon the way to/from (PMP: *zalan)

naleshaving the texture of cooked taro (said of rice that is gummy from being cooked in too much water) (PMP: *tales)

nalitie for someone; tie something (PWMP: *ma-nalih) *CaliS

ñalinto change or replace something; to change someone’s clothing (PWMP: *salin)

namato strike (PAN: *tama₁)

nambakto regulate the flow of; to tackle a problem;to overcome an obstacle (PMP: *tambak₂)

nambalto have something patched; to patch for someone (PMP: *tambal₁)

ñambelto make ingredients into a hot spicy sauce or paste (LOAN)

ñambutto take hold of, grasp; to receive (PWMP: *sambut₂)

nanahpus (PMP: *nanaq) *naNaq

nanah-ento have a pus-filled infection (PWMP: *nanaq-en) *naNaq

nanaspineapple (LOAN)

Javanese (1120 / 2099)

naŋguŋcarry over the shoulder on a shoulder pole so that the weight is balanced fore and aft (PWMP: *taŋguŋ)

naŋis-ito weep over, mourn for (as someone who has died) (PMP: *taŋis-i) *Caŋis

naŋkisto ward off (PWMP: *taŋkis)

ñaŋkutto catch or hook onto; to involve, drag in (PWMP: *saŋkut)

ñapitto pick up with tongs, as a glowing coal (PWMP: *sapit)

ñaputo sweep (PMP: *sapu)

narikto pull, draw (LOAN)

ñaruŋto wrap or sheathe (a weapon); to dress someone in a saruŋ; to wrap a weapon in protective cloth (PWMP: *saruŋ)

n-asu n-asuhunt with dogs (PAN: *asu₁)

natabto bump into, collide with (PWMP: *tabtab₁)

ñawalife force (in living things); soul (immaterial part) (PMP: *nihawa) *NiSawa

ñawahto work rice paddies (PWMP: *sabaq)

nawaŋto look at something transparent or translucent in a bright light (as in holding an egg up to a light to see if it is fresh) (PWMP: *tawaŋ)

nawiŋto protect, shield (PWMP: *tabiŋ)

nawonbee-like, wasp-like (PMP: *tabuqan)

nawon kemitwasp-waisted (PMP: *tabuqan)

ñawurto bestrew something with small particles, e.g. sand (PMP: *saq(e)buR)

ñawurto strew small objects in this manner; to plant rice seeds by scattering them (PMP: *sabuR)

n-ḍeḍetthick, full and dark (clouds); to tighten when jerked (as a fishline); to (PAN: *detdet)

n-dəkuŋbowing in respect (PMP: *dekuŋ)

Javanese (1140 / 2099)

-ne3sg. possessor (PAN: *ni-a) *-a₂

-ne3sg. possessive suffix (after stems that end in a vowel) (PAN: *ni-ia) *ia₁

ñəbarto spread, scatter; to distribute (NOISE)

nebasto buy a fruit crop as a quantity lot while they are still on the tree (PWMP: *tebas₁)

ñebutto utter, mention; to confer a title or rank (NOISE)

neluto form a group of three; to hold a ceremonial feast for a woman in the third month of pregnancy (PWMP: *ma-nelu) *telu

nemsix (PAN: *enem)

nempuhto face up to, confront (LOAN)

ñénḍokto eat, stir, dish up, etc. with a spoon (PMP: *si(n)duk)

ne-nemgroup or unit of six (PMP: *enem enem) *enem

nenunto weave (PAN: *tenun)

n-eŋiŋisto bare the teeth (ROOT)

nəpato measure in fathoms (PAN: *depah)

ñepahto chew the juice from; to spit out (something one has chewed the good out of) (PWMP: *ma-ñepaq) *sepaq

ñépakto kick (LOAN)

ñəpuhto darken colors; to have gold burnished (LOAN)

netesto hatch, as caterpillars from coccoons; to cut, snip, as string (PWMP: *testes)

ñikatto brush (as the teeth) (PWMP: *sikat)

ñikepto embrace (PWMP: *sikep₂)

ñikuforming a right angle, perpendicular (PAN: *sikux)

Javanese (1160 / 2099)

nilikto pay a visit to; to approach and scrutinize (LOAN)

nimbato draw water from a well (PMP: *timba)

nimbaŋto weigh; to consider alternatives, compare (PWMP: *ma-nimbaŋ) *timbaŋ

ñ-impaŋto move aside and make way for (PMP: *simpaŋ)

ñiŋkurto ignore, reject, turn one’s back on (LOAN)

nipahswamp palm tree (PMP: *nipaq)

ñiramto pour something onto; to pour water on (LOAN)

ñisihto move something aside; to avoid by moving aside (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

ñisipto miss a target (NOISE)

niṭikto strike a light using flint and steel (PMP: *tiktik₁)

niṭikto strike a light using flint and steel (PAN: *tiktik₁)

ñokoŋto support financially or contribute support (LOAN)

nuduhto show or point out something (PWMP: *ma-nuzuq) *tuzuq₁

nukupto cover something with a quick movement (PWMP: *tuŋkup)

nuladto follow an example (PWMP: *tulad)

ñulam-ito patch, to mend something by replacing materials (PMP: *sulam)

nulisto write (in general) (LOAN)

ñulitto cause difficulties, to complicate things (PWMP: *sulit₁)

nulukto move something upward (as a sarong that his sliding down) (NOISE)

nulupto shoot pebbles, etc. at something with a blowgun (NOISE)

Javanese (1180 / 2099)

ñumpahto administer an oath to (PWMP: *sumpaq)

nuntunto lead, guide, instruct (PWMP: *tuntun)

ñurakto jeer at, boo (LOAN)

nurulull someone to sleep; sleep in or on; sleep in the same bed with (PAN: *tuduR)

ñuruto use a banana leaf spoon (PMP: *sudu)

nurunto transmit to one’s descendants (as traits of personality or character); to procreate (offspring) (PMP: *tuRun₁)

ñuruŋto push something forward from behind (as in giving a bicycle a push and then letting it go) (PWMP: *suruŋ)

nussquid, cuttlefish (PMP: *nues)

nusaisland (PMP: *nusa₁)

ñusahto sadden, cause sorrow for (LOAN)

ñusulto follow someone later, to catch up with; to send a letter after someone, or after an earlier letter, with additional information (PMP: *sulsul₁)

ñusunto arrange and classify, sort out (PMP: *susun) *susuN

nututo pound rice to remove the hulls (PWMP: *ma-nutu) *tutuh

ŋ-acarmake into pickles (LOAN)

ŋ-aḍuhto exclaim in pain, etc. (PWMP: *maŋ-aduq) *aduq

ŋajaŋto make a dried palm leaf roof (PMP: *kazaŋ₂)

ŋakhonking of a goose (PMP: *ŋak)

ŋ-akalseek, find a solution; take advantage of someone (LOAN)

ŋakŋakhonking of geese (PMP: *ŋakŋak)

ŋ-akuacknowledge, claim or acknowledge as one's own; claim falsely (PWMP: *maŋ-aku) *aku

Javanese (1200 / 2099)

ŋ-alaŋto impede, obstruct (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

ŋ-alurrecount events (PWMP: *maŋ-qaluR) *qaluR

ŋ-amuk-(amuk)go on a rampage (PMP: *hamuk)

ŋ-anakcall someone or regard someone as one's own child (PWMP: *maŋ-anak) *aNak

ŋ-antihto spin (thread); to weave (LOAN)

ŋanṭoŋ-iput s.t. in a pocket or sack (NOISE)

ŋaŋwhine of an engine (PMP: *ŋaŋ)

ŋ-aŋinget some fresh air (PMP: *haŋin)

ŋ-aŋin-(aŋin)-akédry something in the wind (PMP: *haŋin)

ŋ-aŋkat-(i)lift, raise (PWMP: *aŋkat)

ŋaŋŋaŋwhine of an engine (PMP: *ŋa(ŋ)ŋaŋ)

ŋ-aŋsegpress forward (PWMP: *haseg)

ŋ-apato (be) doing what? why? (PWMP: *maŋ-apa) *apa₁

ŋapasto grow cotton (LOAN)

ŋ-araktake something around in public (PWMP: *maŋ-aRak) *aRak

ŋaraŋto write, compose, invent stories (LOAN)

ŋ-asahsharpen, hone (PWMP: *maŋ-hasaq) *Sasaq

ŋ-asihto love (PMP: *qasiq)

ŋ-asintreat foods by a salting process; to salt foods (PWMP: *maŋ-qasin) *qasiN

ŋ-astato work; to bring, take, carry; to do; to hold, grasp; to handle; to teach (LOAN)

Javanese (1220 / 2099)

ŋatelto cause itching (PMP: *gatel) *gaCel

ŋ-atepequip with a thatched roof (PWMP: *maŋ-qatep) *qatep

ŋ-aṭikmove (something loose) back and forth; manipulate the parts of (NOISE)

ŋ-a-tosto make something hard (PMP: *teRas)

ŋ-aturtell, inform; show something; advise (LOAN)

ŋawalto guard, escort (PWMP: *kabal₂)

ŋ-awe(awe)wave to or at (PMP: *away₁)

ŋ-awuscatter ashes onto (PWMP: *maŋ-qabu) *qabu

ŋ-ayakstrain or screen something (PWMP: *maŋ-ayak) *ayak₂

ŋ-ayunto swing something (PWMP: *hayun)

ŋeboto treat [esp. an unwanted child] like an animal (LOAN)

ŋe-dohkeep something at a distance (PMP: *zauq)

ŋe-dolto sell; to lease a rice paddy on certain terms (LOAN)

ŋe-dominsert a needle/pin into (PAN: *zaRum)

ŋe-dusto bathe someone (POC: *riRus) *diRus

ŋèka baby's crying (PWMP: *ŋiak)

ŋekepto hug, embrace, clasp (PMP: *kepkep)

ŋe-labuhto fling into the sea as appeasement to the deities (PWMP: *labuq₁)

ŋe-lakito mate or breed (of animals) (PMP: *laki₁)

ŋə-laluto commit suicide (PMP: *lalu₁)

Javanese (1240 / 2099)

ŋe-laŋesto give off sooty smoke (NOISE)

ŋə-laŋkahto step over something (as sleeping people); to skip, bypass; to marry ahead of an older sibling (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

ŋə-laraŋto prohibit, forbid (PAN: *laRaŋ)

ŋe-lawanto fight (PMP: *laban₂)

ŋə-lεŋto live in or enter, a hole, cave, etc.; to make a hole; in a hole or hollow (PMP: *liaŋ)

ŋə-lεŋ-ito make a hole in (PMP: *liaŋ)

ŋe-lepasto let loose, release, let fly; to shoot many missiles or shoot missiles repeatedly; to hit something with a missile (PWMP: *lepas)

ŋe-lesuto lie down to rest (PWMP: *lesu₃)

ŋə-lilitto twist, wind around (PAN: *litlit)

ŋe-lukto curve (PWMP: *qeluk)

ŋe-lumutmossy (PWMP: *ŋa-lumut) *lumut

ŋe-luwaŋto dig a hole in (PMP: *lubaŋ₁)

ŋembarto make thing alike (LOAN)

ŋempitto hold or carry under the arm or between the thighs (PMP: *kepit)

ŋenato aim at, try to hit; to impose something on someone; to hit, touch, reach (PWMP: *ma-ŋena) *keNa

ŋeŋhum, buzz (of gnats, midges, etc.) (PMP: *ŋeŋ)

ŋeŋŋeŋhum, buzz (of gnats, midges, etc.) (PMP: *ŋeŋeŋ)

ŋəpəlto make the hand into a fist (PWMP: *kepel)

ŋe-puk-epukto keep patting (as someone’s back); to keep thudding/plopping (PMP: *puk₂) *puk

ŋe-riresembling a fish bone (PMP: *duRi)

Javanese (1260 / 2099)

ŋe-solto uproot; to push aside (PMP: *sual)

ŋe-tohto bet something, i.e. use something as a gambling stake (PMP: *taRuq)

ŋe-tomto plant indigo trees (PMP: *taRum)

ŋ-geget untugrit the teeth together (in order to endure pain) (PWMP: *getget₁)

ŋ-gigiksnigger, giggle, titter (PMP: *gikgik)

ŋgolèki liŋsa sumlempitto criticize, carp, find fault (PMP: *lisehaq, liseqah) *liseqeS

ŋ-gupitnarrow (of a path, alley) (PWMP: *gu(m)pit)

ŋiḍamfeel cravings (of a pregnant woman) (PWMP: *ŋidam)

ŋiékscream (of an animal) (PWMP: *ŋiqik)

ŋigitto bite (on), bite (down) on (PWMP: *gitgit)

ŋigit untuclench the teeth (PWMP: *gitgit)

ŋiksound of labored breathing; bowing of a stringed instrument (PMP: *ŋik)

ŋiliŋto grind, to mill (PMP: *giliŋ)

ŋ-imitconserve, consume sparingly (PWMP: *imit)

ŋ-impito dream (PWMP: *maŋ-hipi) *Sipi

ŋ-inumto drink (PMP: *maŋ-inum) *inum

ŋ-iŋkemto close one's mouth (PWMP: *maŋ-iŋkem) *iŋkem

ŋirato think, have an opinion, guess (LOAN)

ŋ-isito fill, put something into (PWMP: *maŋ-isi) *isi₅

ŋ-iwito grimace at (Horne 1974) (PWMP: *hiwiʔ)

Javanese (1280 / 2099)

ŋ-laŋito swim (PWMP: *laŋuy)

ŋ-limato form a group of five; to hold a ceremony for a woman in the fifth month of pregnancy (PWMP: *maŋ-lima) *lima

ŋ-ratato smooth, to make even (as in dividing portions) (PWMP: *maŋ-dataR) *dataR

ŋ-udan-ito rain (objects) onto (PMP: *quzan-i) *quzaN

ŋugutto kill lice by pressing them against the front teeth (PMP: *gutgut₁) *gutgut

ŋ-ukircarve decoratively (PWMP: *maŋ-ukir) *ukir

ŋukuhto adhere to; to defend (PMP: *kukuq)

ŋukukof laughter, loud and jeering (PWMP: *kukkuk)

ŋukurto scratch something (PMP: *kuDkuD)

ŋ-ulegto grind (spices, etc.) (LOAN)

ŋ-ulihreturn someone to his home or place of origin; return a borrowed item (PWMP: *maŋ-uliq) *uliq₁

ŋulubto boil vegetables briefly (PWMP: *kulub₂)

ŋ-umpukto pile (PWMP: *umpuk)

ŋumpulto gather, form a group (PWMP: *kumpul)

ŋuntiŋto cut (out, into) with scissors (LOAN)

ŋuŋwhine of an engine (PMP: *ŋuŋ)

ŋ-uŋkabto uncover, open (PWMP: *maŋ-hukab) *hu(ŋ)kab

ŋuŋkuŋto confine, incarcerate (PWMP: *kuŋkuŋ₄)

ŋuŋŋuŋwhine of an engine (PMP: *ŋu(ŋ)ŋuŋ)

ŋuruŋto enclose, pen up; to put in parentheses (PWMP: *kuruŋ)

Javanese (1300 / 2099)

ŋusut-akein turmoil, in a chaotic state (PWMP: *kusut)

ŋ-utaŋlend to (PWMP: *maŋ-qutaŋ) *qutaŋ

ŋ-uwabboil off, evaporate (PWMP: *huab₁) *huab

ŋuya(-ŋuya)vex, nag, tease, pester (PWMP: *ŋuy(e)qa)

olahdo the cooking (LOAN)

olah-anthings cooked, cuisine (LOAN)

omahhouse, home (PAN: *Rumaq)

ombaka wave (PWMP: *humbak)

onkaŋsit with feet dangling (PMP: *waŋkaŋ)

orānot (in narrative predicates), no (as a reply, contradiction, etc.) (PMP: *wada)

os-oslet something escape through an opening (as the air from a tire) (PMP: *qaRus)

oṭak-aṭikto ram, batter (ROOT)

pa-dalem-ana building lot (PMP: *dalem)

paḍaŋto lay open (of ground) (PWMP: *padaŋ)

pagerfence, outside wall (PMP: *pager)

pahambody of knowledge or thought; doctrine; -ism; to understand, be knowledgeable (LOAN)

pahambody of knowledge or thought, doctrine; to understand, be knowledgeable (LOAN)

pahit ~ paitbitter (PMP: *paqit₂) *paqiC

pa-kananimal food (PAN: *pa-kaen) *kaen

pake-anEuropean clothing (jacket and trousers) (LOAN)

Javanese (1320 / 2099)

pakunail (LOAN)

pa-kumpul-anassociation, organization, club, team; meeting, gathering (PWMP: *kumpul)

pa-kuwo-nmilitary encampment; home or estate of the above official; village (PMP: *kubu)

palaŋobstacle; object placed crosswise to something (PMP: *palaŋ₁)

pa-laŋkahgift given to an older sibling by a younger one who is marrying first (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

pa-linḍuŋ-anshelter, protection; a fallout shelter (PAN: *liduŋ)

palirfurrow, gully, channel (PWMP: *parij)

palirfurrow, gully, channel (PWMP: *parik)

pa-lɔrɔyoung girls of the court (PMP: *daRa₂)

paluhammer, mallet (PMP: *palu) *palu₃

p-ama-nuncle; uncle who is a parent's younger brother; older man of lower status than speaker (PWMP: *paR-ama-en) *amax

pa-milaŋact or way of counting; an enumeration (PWMP: *paŋ-bilaŋ) *bilaŋ₁

pa-milih-anact or way of selecting (PWMP: *pa-miliq-an) *piliq

pa-moroŋcontractor; one who buys by lots or in large quantities (LOAN)

pampetstop flowing (as blood) (PWMP: *pa(m)pet)

pa-ñakitsickness (physical or spiritual) (PWMP: *pa-ñakit) *sakit

panashot; have a fever; angry; having a curse on it; bringing misfortune (PMP: *panas₁)

pancur-anfaucet, spring, fountain (LOAN)

paṇḍanpandanus tree (PMP: *paŋedan) *paŋudaN

pandan eripandanus thorn, used for hats, mats (PMP: *paŋedan) *paŋudaN

Javanese (1340 / 2099)

pandan waŋifragrant pandanus leaf as a cooking ingredient (PMP: *paŋedan) *paŋudaN

panḍeforge, smithy; blacksmith; intelligent, skilled; an expert, a specialist (LOAN)

panḍe-anplace where a blacksmith works (LOAN)

pandəŋscrutiny (LOAN)

pandəŋ-anto try to outstare; objective (LOAN)

paṇḍes(having been) cut off just above the roots (NOISE)

panetrough, bowl, basin (earthenware or wood) (PMP: *panay)

pa-nempuh(head on) attack; collision (LOAN)

pa-nenun-anweaving loom (PAN: *tenun)

panjia group of stories, depicted in shadow puppet tales, about the Javanese prince Panji; flag (LOAN)

pa-noŋsoŋone who has the task of sheltering a dignitary from sun or rain with umbrella (PWMP: *saeŋ)

pantesappropriate; deserving; suitable; becoming (LOAN)

pa-nuntunleader; guidance (PWMP: *tuntun)

pa-nuruplace for sleeping; bed, bedroom (PAN: *tuduR)

pa-ŋanfood, something to eat (PWMP: *pa-ŋaen) *kaen

paŋ-aŋkatact or way of raising (PWMP: *paŋ-aŋkat) *aŋkat

pa-ŋe-ri-nthorny place (PMP: *duRi)

paŋgaŋbroiled food, food cooked over an open fire or charcoal; to toast at an open fire (PWMP: *paŋgaŋ)

paŋgila request for something (LOAN)

paŋgonan buro-nhunting ground (PWMP: *buRaw-an) *buRaw

Javanese (1360 / 2099)

paŋguŋattic; platform built on piles above flood level; open-air pavilion for spectators (PWMP: *paŋguŋ)

paŋ-impè-na dream (PWMP: *paŋ-hipi) *Sipi

paŋkatrank, position, status; grade in school (LOAN)

paŋkuto sit on someone’s lap (PWMP: *paŋku)

paŋku-na lap (PWMP: *paŋku)

papag-anvehicle in which someone is met, e.g. upon his arrival (LOAN)

papahcenter stalk of palm, banana, etc. (PMP: *paqpaq₂)

papahmidrib of a palm frond (PMP: *papaq₁) *papaq

papaklevel, even with (as people of equal height) (LOAN)

papaklevel, even with (NOISE)

papanboard (PMP: *papan)

pa-payuŋ-anto hold an umbrella over the head (PWMP: *payuŋ)

p-apo-ncontainer for slaked lime (PWMP: *paR-qapuR-an) *qapuR

paririce plant (growing, or harvested, but still unhulled) (PAN: *pajay)

parudgrater (PMP: *parud)

parud-anhaving been grated (PMP: *parud)

pa-salin ~ pi-salinnew clothing (PWMP: *salin)

pasaŋpair (of shoes, etc.), team (as of draught animals) (PMP: *pasaŋ₁)

pasaŋto put in place, set up (PWMP: *pasaŋ₂)

pasaŋto place a bet (PWMP: *pasaŋ₃)

Javanese (1380 / 2099)

pasaŋrising of flood waters (PWMP: *pasaŋ₄)

pasaŋ-anyoke (for draught animals) (PMP: *pasaŋ₁)

pasarmarket(place); a five-day week (LOAN)

pa-sawah-anrice paddies collectively, i.e. land devoted to raising rice (PWMP: *sabaq)

pa-sawurstrewing, spreading (PMP: *sabuR)

pasowide earthen cistern (Pigeaud 1938) (LOAN)

pasuŋbridge of the nose, root of the nose (PMP: *pasuŋ)

patfour (PMP: *epat) *Sepat

pa-tagih-anwritten acknowledgement of indebtedness (LOAN)

pa-talun-ana mountain plain (PMP: *talun₁) *CaluN

pat-aŋfour (combination form in 40, 400, 4,000) (PWMP: *pat-aŋ) *Sepat

paṭèkframboesia (PWMP: *patik)

pa-tenun-anplace (especially factory) where weaving is done (PAN: *tenun)

patideath; dead; unusable (PMP: *p-atay) *aCay

paṭistarch, powder (as of cassava); essence (LOAN)

patikspots, freckles (PWMP: *patik)

pati-nhaving ceased to function (PMP: *p-atay) *aCay

paṭokpicket, post (pounded into the ground as a sign) (PAN: *pa(n)tuk₂)

pa-tom-anindigo plantation (PMP: *taRum)

pat-patby fours (PMP: *epat epat) *Sepat

Javanese (1400 / 2099)

paṭukpromontory (PWMP: *pa(n)tuk₁)

patukbeak; pecked (Pigeaud 1938) (PAN: *pa(n)tuk₂)

patutsuitable, well-advised, appropriate (LOAN)

pa-wato-npiece of stone-filled land (PMP: *batu) *batux

pa-woh-ancontainer for betel-chewing materials (PMP: *buaq)

p-awo-nkitchen (PWMP: *paR-qabu-an) *qabu

payahweary (PWMP: *payaq)

payuto get sold; (fig.) to get accepted (PWMP: *payu)

payuŋumbrella; sunshade (PWMP: *payuŋ)

payuŋ-anto use an umbrella (PWMP: *payuŋ-an) *payuŋ

pestingray (PMP: *paRih) *paRiS

pecuta whip (PWMP: *pecut)

pəcutwhip (LOAN)

pəḍaŋsword; counting unit for long thin objects (LOAN)

peDeshot, peppery; to sting, feel a stinging sensation (PMP: *hapejes)

pegsound of a hard blow on the side of the head, as when one's ears are boxed (ROOT)

pelemmango (LOAN)

pelipenis (LOAN)

pəlikspark (NOISE)

pe-linḍuŋ-akéto shelter, protect, cover (PAN: *liduŋ)

Javanese (1420 / 2099)

pe-naŋkisact of holding against attack (PWMP: *taŋkis)

pènḍèkshort (LOAN)

pènèkclimb habitually; act or way of climbing; climb a fruit tree and get the fruits for someone (PMP: *panahik)

penteluŋbending, bowed (of a branch) (ROOT)

peñutortoise (PMP: *peñu)

penuhfull (PAN: *peNuq)

peŋringing in the ears, rumble of thunder (PMP: *peŋ)

peŋkaŋ-aninter-space (PMP: *pekaŋ)

pe-patideath (PMP: *p-atay) *aCay

pepekcompletely assembled (PWMP: *pekpek₂)

pè-pès-anbanana-leaf-wrapped food roasted over hot coals (PWMP: *paqis)

pepetstopped up, blocked; clogging, blocking (as a ditch choked with trash, people jammed into a location where they can’t find seats) (PWMP: *petpet₂)

pe-pulih-anreconciliation, restoration to normal (PWMP: *puliq)

peradry, grainy, gritty (PWMP: *pera)

péraksilver (LOAN)

pəraŋbattle, combat; to fight (LOAN)

perihhurt, sting (PMP: *hapejiq) *Sapejiq

perketekcracking or crackling sound (/t/ for expected /ṭ/) (ROOT)

pessound of something going flat (PMP: *pes)

pe-sakit-anprisoner (PWMP: *pa-sakit-an) *sakit

Javanese (1440 / 2099)

pə-simpən-anstorage (LOAN)

petakloud scream (PWMP: *petak)

pétakcompartment, partitioned-off space (PWMP: *pitak₂)

peteŋdark; obscure; undercover; gloomy (PWMP: *peteŋ)

peteŋ-anin the darkness; the dark of the moon (PWMP: *peteŋ)

peṭibox, trunk, chest (LOAN)

petismeat or shrimp extract (LOAN)

péyokdented (PAN: *piuk)

piakan opening up or breaking apart (as in splitting a melon in half) (PWMP: *piqak)

pidak-anpedal, something to step on (PWMP: *pizak)

piek-piekto peep, of baby chicks (Pigeaud) (PMP: *piqek)

piek-piekto peep, of chicks (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *piqek-piqek) *piqek

piek-piekto cheep, of baby chicks (Pigeaud 1938) (PMP: *piek)

pijersoldering material (Pigeaud) (LOAN)

pijethave a massage (PWMP: *pizet)

pikatdecoy bird; lure, trap (PWMP: *pikat)

pikula long pole carried horizontally on one shoulder with carrying baskets suspended fore and aft (LOAN)

pilihto make a choice (PAN: *piliq)

pilih-anhaving been selected; act or way of selecting (PMP: *piliq-an) *piliq

pilih-pilihto make choices (PMP: *piliq piliq) *piliq

Javanese (1460 / 2099)

pilisa preparation of pounded herbs applied to the forehead to soothe and relieve pain (PWMP: *pilis)

pinḍahto move, change residence; change place, position (PWMP: *pindaq)

pintersmart; educated; skilled (LOAN)

pintudoor (LOAN)

piŋganbowl or basin used for food preparation (LOAN)

piŋgaŋloins (NOISE)

pipithe cheeks (PMP: *pihpih) *piSpiS

pipirbeside, next to' (Pigeaud 1938) (PWMP: *pidpid)

pipis-ansquare stone pestle on which herbs, etc. are ground fine by rolling a cylindrical implement over them (PMP: *pipis₂) *pipis₁

pipitclose together with no space intervening (PAN: *pitpit₂)

pirahow many?, what amount? (Ngoko [social dialect]) (PAN: *pijax)

pira-pirano matter how much/many (PAN: *pija pija) *pijax

pisinterjection to frighten cats (PWMP: *pis)

pisanonce; the first one; the first time; at the same time; all together (PWMP: *pisan)

pisanonce, the first one, first time; at the same time; altogether (PAN: *paR-isa-an) *isa₁

pisotable knife (PMP: *pisaw)

pitoŋblind in one eye (Pigeaud) (LOAN)

pituseven (PAN: *pitu₁) *pitu

piṭutalmond-eyed (NOISE)

plapahspices, condiments (PWMP: *palapaq)

Javanese (1480 / 2099)

p-layurunning pace (PMP: *pa-laRiw) *laRiw

plekahcrack, split (ROOT)

pleŋkaŋinadvertently do a split (ROOT)

plupuhsplit-bamboo section for walls, fences (NOISE)

ponḍoka small crude hut; (fig.) my humble home (LOAN)

ponḍok-ana place to stay when away from home; lodgings, rented rooms (LOAN)

prapatfourth; quarter (LOAN)

pr-apè-nfireplace; place for an open fire, e.g. a blacksmith's forge (PWMP: *paR-hapuy-an) *Sapuy

pra-tiŋgivillage magistrate (Pigeaud 1938) (LOAN)

pucetpale, wan (LOAN)

pucukpoint, tip; beginning (PAN: *qapucuk)

puhfor squeezing; to be squeezed (PAN: *peReq)

pukrepresenting something falling (PMP: *puk₂) *puk

pukifemale genitals (PAN: *puki)

pulihto recover, to regain a former condition (PWMP: *puliq)

pulih-anin the process of recovering (PWMP: *puliq)

puloisland (LOAN)

pulurpith of a tree, soft core (NOISE)

pulutresin from breadfruit or papaya (used as glue) (PMP: *pulut)

pumpetclogged, stopped up (ROOT)

Javanese (1500 / 2099)

puncuproject outward with a point (as a mountain) (PWMP: *puncu)

puntianakkind of evil spirit (Pigeaud) (LOAN)

punṭukmound; hill; peak (PWMP: *puntuk)

puŋgellopped, cut off (PWMP: *puŋgel)

puŋkurlast, past, previous; the back (body part) (LOAN)

pusinterjection used to drive away cats (PMP: *pus)

puserumbilical cord; navel; center (PMP: *pusej)

pusuhlung (Pigeaud 1938) (PMP: *pusuq₁)

putata variety of tree (PMP: *putat)

puterto go around; to make rounds (PWMP: *puteR)

putihwhite; pure (PMP: *putiq)

putih-anwhite or whitened (PWMP: *putiq-an) *putiq

puṭua confection made of rice, grated coconut, and sugar (LOAN)

puṭulto break off (PMP: *putul) *putun

putuŋ-ana broken-off piece; that which is broken (PWMP: *putuŋ-an) *putuŋ₂

rahblood (Krama) (PAN: *daRaq)

raiface; front, façade, surface (PMP: *daqih) *daqiS

rakdry, of the throat; creaky, hoarse, of the voice (PWMP: *dahak)

raketclose, intimate; to attach firmly (PMP: *raket)

rakupwith the hands together (PMP: *ra(ŋ)kup)

Javanese (1520 / 2099)

rămăfather; older and/or higher-ranking male (PAN: *da-amax) *amax

rambuthead hair (PWMP: *rambut)

rampisprettily slender, esp. of a slender waist (PWMP: *Rampis)

rantaŋvertical nest of food containers with a top handle, for transporting a variety of foods simultaneously (PMP: *Rantaŋ)

raŋkaŋ(of people) moving on all fours; creep, crawl (PWMP: *raŋkaŋ)

raŋkaŋ(of people) moving on all fours; creep, crawl (ROOT)

raŋkepdoubled (PMP: *raŋkep₂)

rapettightly closed up (as a corked bottle); placed closely together (bricks, boards, woven strips, etc.); closed tightly; keep a secret well (PMP: *dapet)

rapettightly closed up (as a bottle with top twisted on tightly) (PMP: *rapet)

rapettightly closed up (as a bottle) (ROOT)

ratworld (PMP: *daRat)

rataevenly distributed or spread (as soil), smooth (as pavement); roughly, approximately (PAN: *dataR)

ratuking, queen, monarch (PMP: *datu)

rebutto do in one’s self interest without regard for others (PMP: *rebut)

rebut-anrivalry; object competed for (PMP: *rebut)

rekitiklight crackling sound, e.g. of paper burning (t for expected t.) (ROOT)

rekutu:kloud cracking sound (ROOT)

rekutu:kloud cracking sound (ROOT)

remekbroken into pieces, smashed (PMP: *remek)

remukbroken to pieces (PMP: *remuk)

Javanese (1540 / 2099)

remuk-anbroken pieces (PMP: *remuk)

rendeŋwest monsoon (rainy season) (PWMP: *rendeŋ)

reŋatburst; broken open (of fruit) (PWMP: *reŋat)

reŋeŋsoft singing or humming voice (ROOT)

reŋkeŋ(to get up) with difficulty, e.g. because of a debilitating illness, or sore muscles (ROOT)

réŋkokzigzagging, twisting and turning (ROOT)

réŋkolfull of twistings and turnings (ROOT)

reŋuangry, sullen, resentful (NOISE)

ri ~ erithorn; backbone of a fish; counting unit for fish (PMP: *duRi)

ribut ~ riwutbusy, rushed; creating fuss or confusion (PMP: *ribut)

rimpuŋwalk haltingly (PMP: *rimpuŋ)

ronleaf (PMP: *dahun)

ron serécitronella leaf, used to flavor curry dishes (PWMP: *seray)

rot-anrattan (PMP: *raut) *rauC

ruketstay close to (ROOT)

ruŋkebfall face down (ROOT)

ruŋkuŋwalk with a bent back (PAN: *du(ŋ)kuŋ)

rupitnarrow (as a footpath) (PWMP: *rupit)

ruwitbarb (of a hook), sharp (of blades) (PWMP: *ruit)

saexactly in, at, on (place, time); up to, as far as (PAN: *sa₂)

Javanese (1560 / 2099)

sabitcrescent (as a crescent moon) (PMP: *saqebit)

sabukcloth sash worn by males as part of their Javanese-style dress, or by market sellers to stow money (LOAN)

sabuk-(sabuk)-anto put on or wear a sash (LOAN)

sagatrailing shrub having small round aromatic leaves (sometimes used as tea) and small red and black beans (PWMP: *saga)

sagusago (tree) (PMP: *sagu₁)

sa-imitbit by bit, a little at a time (PWMP: *imit)

sakapillar supporting a roof (LOAN)

sakitill; painful (PMP: *sakit)

salahmake a mistake, do something wrong; one (of them) (PMP: *salaq₁)

salah uratto have a sprained muscle (PWMP: *salaq₂)

salésun-dried banana slices (PWMP: *salay)

salinchange, replacement; a change of clothing; to change, replace; to change clothes (PWMP: *salin)

salin s<um>alinto change off, change around (PWMP: *salin)

sa-mata-matastriking in appearance; conspicuous (PMP: *mata) *maCa

sambelhot spicy sauce or paste (LOAN)

sambitstrike with a whip or missile (ROOT)

sambutto borrow; debt (PWMP: *sambut₂)

samirround banana leaf fixed in a shallow inverted cone shape and used for covering foods (PWMP: *samir)

sampansampan (boat) (LOAN)

sanakind of tree with heavy dark wood used to make furniture (LOAN)

Javanese (1580 / 2099)

sanḍaŋclothing (PWMP: *sandaŋ)

sanḍaŋ-anclothing (PWMP: *sandaŋ)

sanḍiŋclose by, next to (LOAN)

saŋetvery (much), considerable, altogether (PWMP: *saŋet)

saŋgaa support, prop (PWMP: *saŋga)

saŋgultraditional ladies' hairdo consisting of a smooth bun at the back of the head (PWMP: *saŋgul)

saŋkalthe handle of a certain tool (LOAN)

saŋkut-ankite-flying contest (object is to entangle the other kite or cut its string) (PWMP: *saŋkut)

sapi puh-ana milk cow (PAN: *peReq)

sapittongs, pincers (PWMP: *sa(R)pit)

sapittongs, pincers (PWMP: *sapit)

sapittongs, pincers (ROOT)

sapubroom (PMP: *sapu)

sapu-nsweeping to be done (PMP: *sapu)

saraŋ buruŋthe nest of a certain sea bird, used for preparing a body-strengthening soap (LOAN)

saraŋ buruŋthe nest of a certain sea bird, used for preparing a body-strengthening soup (LOAN)

saruŋman’s ankle-length wrap-around skirt; kris sheath (PWMP: *saruŋ)

sa-takerone unit of a measure (LOAN)

sauroral reply (LOAN)

sawapython (PMP: *sawa)

Javanese (1600 / 2099)

sawahrice paddy, wet rice field (PWMP: *sabaq)

sawah ulupaddy that is easily flooded during (PWMP: *sabaq)

sawanconvulsions, fits, epilepsy (childhood disease) (PWMP: *sawan)

sawan-ana medicinal herb used for warding off this disease (PWMP: *sawan)

sawan-ento have or get fits or convulsions (PWMP: *sawan-en) *sawan

sawuŋrooster, cock; chicken (PWMP: *sabuŋ₁)

sawursmall objects (coins, rice, etc.) scattered before a funeral procession as it makes its way to the cemetery; to plant rice seeds by scattering them (PMP: *saq(e)buR)

sawursmall objects (coins, rice, etc.) scattered before a funeral procession as it makes its way to the cemetery (PMP: *sabuR)

sebar-andistributed, spread about (NOISE)

sebutsubject talked about (NOISE)

səḍəŋjust right, adequate (LOAN)

səḍəŋ-anaverage, medium (LOAN)

səḍəppleasurable to the senses, esp. smell, taste (PWMP: *sedep₂)

sembaha gesture of high esteem made to a superior by holding the hands before the face, palms together, thumbs approaching the nose, and bowing the head slightly (LOAN)

sembelèhto butcher, slaughter (LOAN)

sembuh-anbatik that has been renewed by being redyed (NOISE)

semito sprout, put out buds (NOISE)

sénḍokspoon (PMP: *si(n)duk)

sənəŋhappy, glad, pleased; to like; to do habitually or characteristically (LOAN)

seŋitdislike (PWMP: *seŋit)

Javanese (1620 / 2099)

sepainsipid, tasteless (PAN: *qasepa)

səpahsomething to chew on, e.g. betel, sugarcane (PWMP: *sepaq)

sepah-ansomething to chew on, e.g. betel, sugarcane; what is left after one has chewed or sucked the juice from something (or, in a sugar-processing plant, after the machine has pressed out the juice) (PWMP: *sepaq-an) *sepaq

sépak-anthat which is kicked (LOAN)

sépak bola, sépak ragasoccer game (LOAN)

se-pérakone rupiah (LOAN)

sepettart, sour (PWMP: *sapelet)

səpuhold, mature, ripe (LOAN)

serécitronella grass (PWMP: *seray)

serepto enter; twilight; to set (of sun) (PMP: *sedep₁)

serepto enter; twilight; to set (sun) (PMP: *serep)

seroa certain type of barred fish trap (NOISE)

se-saur-anto answer back and forth (LOAN)

se-sawahto be a rice farmer (PWMP: *sabaq)

se-sawaŋ-anview, scenery, that which is pleasant to look at (PWMP: *sawaŋ₂)

seseknarrow; to pinch, press (as shoes and the like that don’t fit) (PAN: *seksek₁)

seselthat which is pushed or inserted into something; push in (PAN: *selsel₁)

se-sikunotch, cut, gap (PAN: *sikux)

se-sukerexcrement (NOISE)

se-teŋahhalf (PMP: *teŋaq)

Javanese (1640 / 2099)

siḍemquiet, silent, withdrawn (ROOT)

sikatbrush (PWMP: *sikat)

sikat-anobject used as a brush; to use a brush (PWMP: *sikat)

sikebcover the eyes with something (hands, cloth, etc.) (PWMP: *si(ŋ)keb)

sikepa short loose woolen coat for ceremonial occasions, worn e.g. by a bridegroom at his wedding (PWMP: *sikep₂)

sikep peḍaŋsupplied with a sword (NOISE)

sikep-sikep-anto grapple with each other (PWMP: *sikep₂)

siki ~ saikione (NOISE)

sikua right angle; to form a right angle (with), be perpendicular (to); triangle (implement for checking right angles) (PAN: *sikux)

sikutelbow (PMP: *sikut₁)

sila(to sit) cross-legged (LOAN)

silahseparate (PAN: *silaq)

silemduck under water; vanish in the distance (PWMP: *silem)

silepsubmerged in water (ROOT)

silihborrowed; to do vicariously (LOAN)

siloblinded by glare (PMP: *silaw)

simpaŋ-ancrossroads, intersection; fork or branch in a road (PMP: *simpaŋ)

simpən-anthat which has been kept or put aside; savings (LOAN)

simpən-an bərasstored-up rice (LOAN)

sinarlight, radiance (PMP: *sinaR) *siNaR

Javanese (1660 / 2099)

sinḍén (< *sindi-an)sing to the accompaniment of the gamelan music [of female singers] (LOAN)

siŋkabopened (as a bed cover, curtains) (PMP: *siŋkab)

sipat(forming) a straight line; string used for making a straight line (PWMP: *sipat)

sipat-analignment string for making a straight line (PWMP: *sipat)

siramto take a bath (LOAN)

siram-answimming pool; bathing place (LOAN)

siriŋside, flank (PWMP: *sidiŋ)

siruŋdark, heavily shaded (PWMP: *siduŋ)

sisighaving blackened teeth (a former fashion among women) (PWMP: *sisig)

sisihside, part, direction (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

sisipto miss (one’s aim, etc.) (NOISE)

slepicigarette case of woven material (LOAN)

sokoŋ-anfinancial support or contribution (LOAN)

soluprooted (PWMP: *qasual)

soluprooted (PMP: *sual)

soŋkokornamental wings worn at the back of the headdress and (a larger pair) on the upper back, as part of a warrior costume (LOAN)

soŋkok-anto put on or wear such wings (LOAN)

soŋ-soŋumbrella, sunshade (PWMP: *saeŋ)

sorunder; inferior (as losers in a battle) (PWMP: *saur₂)

so-sollose one’s head (NOISE)

Javanese (1680 / 2099)

sotcurse, malediction (NOISE)

srambi ~ surambifront veranda, front porch (PWMP: *surambi)

sruputsipping or sucking sounds (ROOT)

suhunto have great respect for (PAN: *suquN)

sujispit (in roasting meat) (LOAN)

suker-sakitplagued by illness and difficulty (PWMP: *suker)

sukunbreadfruit (PMP: *sukun)

sulammaterial used to repair or replace something broken (PMP: *sulam)

suliŋa gamelan blowing instrument, usually of bamboo, with a flute-like tone, held vertically like an oboe (PWMP: *suliŋ)

sulitdifficult, full of obstacles (PWMP: *sulit₁)

suluhtorch; firewood; inner corner of the eye (PMP: *suluq)

suluraerial roots hanging down from tree branches (LOAN)

s<um>awurscattered, sprinkled (PWMP: *sabuD)

sumbuwick, fuse (LOAN)

s<um>isihto move aside (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

sumpahone’s oath; to swear, take one’s oath (PWMP: *sumpaq)

sumpelstopper, cork (PWMP: *sumpel)

sumpiŋear ornament worn as part of a costume for the classical dance (PWMP: *sumpiŋ₂)

sumpiŋ-anto put on such an ear ornament (PWMP: *sumpiŋ₂)

s<um>unarradiant, shining (PMP: *sunaR) *suNaR

Javanese (1700 / 2099)

s<um>unarradiant, shining (PMP: *s<um>unaR) *suNaR

sunarlight, radiance (PMP: *sunaR) *suNaR

suŋsaŋthe other way around (as in sleeping with your head where your feet should be and vice versa) (LOAN)

suŋuhorn, antler (PWMP: *suŋu₁)

suŋutinsect’s feeler/antenna; tip of a vegetable pod (PWMP: *suŋut₃)

supitpincers, pinching claws; pincers, tongs (PWMP: *supit)

surakto cheer (LOAN)

suratletter (LOAN)

suruspoon fashioned from a banana leaf (PMP: *sudu)

surudto ebb, recede; to die (LOAN)

suruhthe betel plant; betel leaves, used for chewing (LOAN)

suruŋshark (PWMP: *suruŋ)

susahsad (LOAN)

susubreast; milk (PAN: *susu₁)

susukpancake turner, spatula (PAN: *suksuk)

susul-ana follow-up message, letter, etc.; a later addition (PMP: *sulsul₁)

susun-anarrangement, deployment (PMP: *susun) *susuN

suwandigging stick (Pigeaud 1938) (PMP: *suqan)

suweŋpierced-ear earring (PWMP: *subeŋ)

suweŋ-anto wear or put on earrings (PWMP: *subeŋ)

Javanese (1720 / 2099)

suwiŋhaving a harelip (PWMP: *sumbiŋ)

tabikOccidental-style greeting (e.g. a wave of the hand, a ‘hello’) (LOAN)

tabik-anto shake hands (LOAN)

tabuhmallet or hammer for striking percussion instruments; the playing of gamelan music (NOISE)

tagih-anpayment on/of a debt (LOAN)

tahanto (with)stand, endure (LOAN)

tahan-anprisoner (LOAN)

taifeces; rust; sawdust (PMP: *taqi) *Caqi

tajemsharp, cutting (PMP: *tazem) *Cazem

tajisharp blade attached to the attacking part of a fighting animal for contests, e.g. a game cock’s spurs (LOAN)

takhard object striking a firm surface (PMP: *tak)

taker-anany container used for measuring; amount measured; a measureful (LOAN)

ṭakur-ṭakurto paw, to dig with the hands or forefeet (NOISE)

talamserving tray (LOAN)

talestaro (PMP: *tales)

talistring, rope (PMP: *talih) *CaliS

tali-nact or way of tying; a tied bundle, esp. of harvested rice (PWMP: *talih-en) *CaliS

talunfield which has no irrigation system, and hence is planted only during the wet season (PMP: *talun₁) *CaluN

tambaka pond near the shore where certain sea fish (bandeng) are cultivated; a dike or dam for regulating water (PMP: *tambak₂)

tambala mending patch (PMP: *tambal₁)

Javanese (1740 / 2099)

tambal-anact or way of patching; having been patched (PMP: *tambal₁)

tambal bantire patch (PMP: *tambal₁)

tambal-tambalto put on a patch (PMP: *tambal₁)

tambaŋto leave one’s spouse but not divorce him/her (NOISE)

tambeŋheadstrong, obstinate, stubborn (PWMP: *tambeŋ)

tambirwooden or bamboo extension of the deck space of a barge or sampan (NOISE)

tampakopen, unobscured (PMP: *tapak₂)

tampegslap in the face (ROOT)

tanahland, country; parcel of land (PMP: *taneq)

tanḍasign, mark, indication (LOAN)

tanḍiŋmatched (against); equally matched (PWMP: *tandiŋ)

tanḍustretcher-like conveyance for transporting things or persons (LOAN)

tanemto plant (PMP: *tanem) *CaNem

tanjaka certain leaping move in the classical dance (PWMP: *tanzak)

tanjakto rise sharply, steeply (as a road) (NOISE)

tanjuŋcape, promontory, peninsula (LOAN)

tantaŋ-andare, challenge (NOISE)

taŋgemsteel vise (ROOT)

taŋgulearth dam built in rice paddies to control the flow of water (PWMP: *taŋgul)

taŋguŋto vouch for, accept responsibility for; security, pledge (e.g. for a loan); responsibility, obligation (PWMP: *taŋguŋ)

Javanese (1760 / 2099)

taŋiscrying, weeping (PMP: *taŋis) *Caŋis

taŋis-anthings cried over (PMP: *taŋis-an) *Caŋis

taŋkasswift-moving (PMP: *ta(ŋ)kas) *ta(ŋ)kas₁

taŋkeboverlapping portion of a double-breasted jacket (PWMP: *ta(ŋ)keb) *ta(ŋ)keb₁

taŋkisflood control dike along a riverbank; shield, breastplate (PWMP: *taŋkis)

ṭaŋ-ṭuŋrepeated gamelan sounds (PMP: *tuŋ)

tapea sweet food made from fermented sticky rice or cassava (PWMP: *tapay)

tapelpoultice of herbs used for babies (PMP: *tapel) *Capel

tapito winnow (PMP: *tahep-i₁) *tahep-i

tapihankle-length batik wrap-around skirt worn by ladies (PWMP: *tapiq₂)

tarapaligned in rows (NOISE)

tarik-ana trailer; a pull, tug, jerk (LOAN)

ṭarik-ṭarikset out in neat rows (as corn in a field) (NOISE)

tarik-tarik-antug-of-war (LOAN)

tasiksea, ocean (PMP: *tasik)

tatamanners, good behavior (NOISE)

tatabpound, beat on something (PAN: *CabCab)

tatab-anbox one another (PAN: *CabCab)

tataldry wood chip (PWMP: *tatal)

tatasto break, snap; to break off, break loose (PAN: *tastas)

Javanese (1780 / 2099)

tawan-anan enemy captive, prisoner of war (PWMP: *taban-an) *tabaN

tawaŋsky; up in the air; aspect, appearance (PWMP: *tawaŋ)

taweŋa cover (PWMP: *tabeŋ)

tawəŋcovering (NOISE)

tawiŋshield, cover, esp. as protection against the elements (PWMP: *tabiŋ)

tawonbee, wasp (PMP: *tabuqan)

tawursmall coins ceremonially distributed among the poor (PMP: *tabuR₁)

tebagathering place for birds, animals; scope, territory (NOISE)

tebaŋ-anfield from which the crop has been harvested (PMP: *tebaŋ)

tebas-anfruits bought in this way (PWMP: *tebas₁)

tebelheavy-lidded, thick (PMP: *tebel₂)

təḍuhcloudy; (of a storm) to subside (LOAN)

tegasclear, unambiguous, firm (PMP: *tegas)

tegelhave the courage to do something terrible; unmerciful (PMP: *tegel)

təgəsmeaning, significance, sense (NOISE)

təguhsturdy, tough, determined (physically, morally) (LOAN)

t͎eka tapping sound; the sound made with the tongue to urge a horse on (PMP: *tek)

tekato come, arrive; to go on, continue; (up) to, until; to get to, reach; upon reaching (PMP: *teka₁)

tə-kakaolder than (of siblings) (PMP: *kaka₂)

tekekstrangle (PMP: *tekek)

Javanese (1800 / 2099)

tekèkstriped gecko lizard (PWMP: *tekik)

tekemhandful (ROOT)

ṭékorbent, crooked (of a leg, foot, etc.) (PWMP: *tikur)

tekuŋhaving the arms folded across the chest while meditating (PMP: *tekuŋ₁)

telacrack, split (PMP: *tela)

təlaa crack in dried soil (NOISE)

təlagavery large lake (LOAN)

tələŋdeep; innermost depths; heart (NOISE)

teluthree (PAN: *telu)

telu-teluby threes (PMP: *telu-telu) *telu

témbakFire! (as a command) (LOAN)

témbak-ana shot (LOAN)

təmbiŋcliff; rim of a ridge (LOAN)

tembiŋcliff: rim of a ridge (NOISE)

tembuŋ pa-nuduhdemonstrative word (PWMP: *pa-nuzuq) *tuzuq₁

tempakhaving no sharp angles (LOAN)

tempayanlarge earthenware bowl or jar (PWMP: *tapay-an) *tapay

tempukflow together, join (ROOT)

təmtu ~ təntufirm, fixed, certain (LOAN)

temuto meet as bride and groom during the marriage ceremony (PWMP: *temu₂)

Javanese (1820 / 2099)

təmucertain roots used medicinally (PWMP: *temu₃)

tenun-anfabric, woven material (PAN: *tenun)

tenun-anloom (PAN: *tenun-an) *tenun

tenuŋblack magic; practitioner of black magic (LOAN)

ṭeŋpurr, hum, buzz (PMP: *teŋ)

teŋah(in the) middle, center; within (PMP: *teŋaq)

teŋenright (as opposed to left) (LOAN)

ṭəŋuk-ṭəŋukto sit around idly (NOISE)

tepatact, sensitivity (NOISE)

tepakfly swatter (PMP: *tepak₁)

tepescoconut fiber (NOISE)

tepiedge, boundary, riverbank; decorative edging (LOAN)

tepisedge, border, boundary (LOAN)

teraŋclear, cleared up (PWMP: *teraŋ)

təraŋclear, cleared up; by way of clarification (LOAN)

tərusright away, right after that; straight on (as before) (PWMP: *terus)

tərus-ancontinuing in the same way; a continuation; full length; link between two things (PWMP: *terus)

te-tanḍiŋ-ana match, contest (PWMP: *tandiŋ)

tetekchopped off (pieces of bamboo, etc.) (PAN: *tektek₁)

tetepsteady; unchanging; tight; firm; confirmed (LOAN)

Javanese (1840 / 2099)

te-tulad-anan example to be followed (PWMP: *tulad-an) *tulad

tiaŋpole; flagstaff; ship’s mast (NOISE)

tiḍemdarkened, obscured (PMP: *tidem)

tiktypewriting (PMP: *tik₁) *tik

tikepcatch, seize (PWMP: *tikep)

tikepto grip, grasp (ROOT)

tikusmouse, rat (LOAN)

tilamthin sleeping mat (LOAN)

timahtin, lead, zinc (PWMP: *timeRaq)

timbabucket for drawing water from a well (PMP: *timba)

timbaŋrather than; compared with; in equilibrium (PWMP: *timbaŋ)

timbaŋ-anweight; scale, balance; weight used as a counterbalance; marriage partner, mate (PWMP: *timbaŋ-an) *timbaŋ

timpuhto sit with the knees drawn up alongside the body (PWMP: *timpuhuq)

tinḍihheavy object used to weight something down; to be disturbed in one’s sleep by having cut off the circulation somewhere, e.g. the arm, by lying on it (LOAN)

t<in>imbaŋrather than, compared with (PWMP: *timbaŋ)

tinjoto visit (LOAN)

tinjuboxing (sport) (LOAN)

tintiŋto sort grains according to size by shaking them on a broad shallow tray (LOAN)

t<in>uhuto appreciate the truth of, realize the situation; to assent, agree to (PMP: *tuqu₂)

ṭiŋa clear high jingling or tinkling (PMP: *tiŋ)

Javanese (1860 / 2099)

tiŋgalto leave behind, abandon, neglect (LOAN)

tiŋgal-ansomething left behind; an inheritance (LOAN)

tiŋkahwhat someone does; actions, behavior (LOAN)

tiŋkas(of rain) stop, subside (PWMP: *tiŋkas)

tipisthin (not thick); down to the last supply (PMP: *tipis)

tipisthin (not thick) (LOAN)

tirahleft over, remaining (PMP: *tidaq)

tiruto resemble; to imitate, copy (LOAN)

tiru-tiruto copy, mimic (LOAN)

titikto drip (PMP: *tiktik₂)

ṭiṭikflint and steel for starting fires (PMP: *tiktik₁)

ṭiṭikflint and steel for starting fires (PAN: *tiktik₁)

titisgutter, eaves (PMP: *titis)

tiwasdead; to die (NOISE)

t-lakupcovering leaf of a flower or bud; ear flaps; a hat with ear flaps (PAN: *lakup)

tlakupcovering leaf of a flower or bud (ROOT)

tohgambling stake; birthmark (PMP: *taRuq)

tomindigo tree whose leaves (nila) are used for dye (PMP: *taRum)

ṭoŋṭoŋ-anslitgong (Pigeaud 1938 ) (PAN: *CuŋCuŋ)

t͎<r>a t͎akmaking light, hollow tapping sounds (PAN: *taktak₂)

Javanese (1880 / 2099)

t<r>əŋgiliŋ ~ təŋgiliŋanteater (LOAN)

trimato accept without protest, to resign oneself to (LOAN)

trimahto accept without protest, to resign oneself to (LOAN) Krama

trima-na woman who is given (especially by a monarch) in marriage as a reward (LOAN)

trucutlet something slip (in, out) (ROOT)

tuan tanahlandlord (PMP: *taneq)

tubafish poison (PAN: *tubah)

tudiŋthat which points (e.g. a clock hand, the index finger); to point at/out (PAN: *tudiŋ)

tuduhto point to; to point out, advise (PAN: *tuzuq₁)

tuduh-tuduhto point to; to point out, advise (PMP: *tuzuq₂) *Cuzuq

tuḍuŋanything used for covering the head as protection against the sun (PMP: *tuduŋ)

tuhutrue, right, sincere; really, in fact, indeed, in the real sense (PMP: *tuqu₂)

tujuintention, purpose (PMP: *tuzu)

tuju-andestination, target (PMP: *tuzu)

ṭuka stroke of the keṭuk gong; a knock (PMP: *tuk)

tukaŋworker; one who operates or works at (equipment, materials) (LOAN)

tukaŋ wesiblacksmith (LOAN)

tukarto exchange one thing for another (LOAN)

t̟ukulto begin to grow, to sprout, to develop (PAN: *tukul) Krama

tukuŋtailless (as a chicken) (PWMP: *tukuŋ)

Javanese (1900 / 2099)

tulaŋbone (PWMP: *tuqelaŋ)

tuliand then, (right) after that (NOISE)

tulis-anwriting, script (LOAN)

tulupblowgun (NOISE)

tulusgenuine, sincere; unobstructed (PMP: *tulus)

tumahair louse (PMP: *tumah) *CumeS

t<um>awonhumming like a swarm of bees (said of a busy marketplace) (PMP: *tabuqan)

tumbakspear, lance (NOISE)

t<um>ekato go to, head for (PMP: *teka₁)

tumpaŋ-ana ride (PWMP: *tumpaŋ₁)

tumpukin a pile, in large quantities (PWMP: *tumpuk)

tumpuk-anheaped up (PWMP: *tumpuk)

tunas-ansprout, plant shoot (Pigeaud) (PWMP: *tunas)

tuntun-aninstruction (PWMP: *tuntun)

tunua small fire (PMP: *tunu) *CuNuh

ṭuŋgamelan gongs, or gamelan music in general (PMP: *tuŋ)

tuŋguto wait for; to keep watch over, look after (LOAN)

tuŋgulbanner, flag (LOAN)

tuŋkubrick fireplace with a grill for cooking things over a wood fire (LOAN)

turuto sleep; to go to bed (PAN: *tuduR)

Javanese (1920 / 2099)

turuhleak, drip through (a roof); fade, as colors in the wash (Pigeaud 1938) (PAN: *tuduq)

turunto descend genealogically; descendant (PMP: *tuRun₁)

turun t<um>urunfrom one generation to the next (PWMP: *t<um>uRun) *tuRun₁

tutukmouth [Krama Inggil speech level] (PAN: *tuktuk₁)

tutu-nhulled by pounding (PAN: *tutuh)

tutupa cover, means of closing; closed (PMP: *tutup₁)

tutup daharscreen or net for covering food (PMP: *tutup₁)

tuturadvice; to say to, tell (PMP: *tutur₁)

tutuscord made of bamboo strands (LOAN)

tuwuhoutgrowth, sprout; fig., descendant; to come into existence, grow (PMP: *tubuq, tumbuq) *Cubuq

tuwuh-anceremonial decoration for weddings symbolizing prosperity and fertility (PWMP: *tubuq-an) *Cubuq

ubedwrapped, swathed (ROOT)

ucapwhat someone says; to say; utterance (LOAN)

udan dereshard rain (PMP: *deRes)

udan we-werain while the sun is shining (PAN: *waRi₁)

uḍaŋ, uraŋshrimp (PAN: *qudaŋ)

uḍikupstream part of a river (PWMP: *udahik)

ududsomething to smoke; to smoke (PWMP: *qudud)

ujitest, examination (PWMP: *uzi)

ujuŋpeninsula; tip of a pointed weapon (PMP: *quzuŋ)

Javanese (1940 / 2099)

ujurlengthwise dimension (PMP: *qunzur)

ukebcover something tightly (PMP: *Ruŋkeb)

ukel(in the shape of) a coil (ROOT)

ukircarved design (PMP: *ukir)

ukuŋcooing of a turtledove (OJ uŋkuŋ 'sound of bells') (ROOT)

ukusto steam, cook by steaming; to give off smoke/steam (PWMP: *kukus)

ulasnake (PMP: *hulaR) *SulaR

ulahway of conducting oneself or handling something (LOAN)

uleg-anground-up seasonings (LOAN)

uleg-ulegmortar and pestle used in the kitchen for grinding seasonings (LOAN)

ulercaterpillar (PMP: *qulej)

uler-enhave worms (PMP: *qulej-en) *qulej

uler kambaŋleech (PMP: *qulej)

uler kèkètmeasuring worm, inchworm (PMP: *qulej)

ulesprotective cloth; winding sheet (PMP: *qules₂) *qules

ulimix, blend; pinch between thumb and finger (PMP: *quli)

ulihact of returning home or to one's place of origin; to return (a borrowed item) (PMP: *uliq₁)

uluhead; leader (PMP: *qulu) *quluh

ulunme, my; servant, retainer (PMP: *qulun₁)

umpelsticking close to each other; jammed together, as passengers in a bus (ROOT)

Javanese (1960 / 2099)

umpeŋnarrow water channel (PWMP: *umpeŋ)

umpuk(to heap) in a pile (PWMP: *umpuk)

umpuk(to heap) in a pile (ROOT)

umpuk-an(to heap) in a pile (PWMP: *umpuk-an) *umpuk

undurbackward motion, withdrawal (PWMP: *undur)

unisound, noise, what someone says (PMP: *huni) *Suni

untutooth (PMP: *quntu)

untuŋlucky; profit, gain (LOAN)

unusdraw a weapon from its sheath (PMP: *hunus) *SuNus

uŋkabgaping open (PWMP: *hu(ŋ)kab)

uŋkallifted up (of a heavy object, block of stone) (LOAN)

uŋkaŋ-uŋkaŋsit with the feet dangling (PWMP: *u(ŋ)kaŋ)

uŋkatdwell on disagreeable past experiences (PWMP: *uŋkat)

uŋkebcook or store foods in covered containers (PMP: *Ruŋkeb)

uŋkeblie face down (ROOT)

uŋkilto pry (out, up, open) (PWMP: *quŋkil)

uŋkirdeny, disavow; refuse to acknowledge something (PWMP: *uŋkir)

upaspoison, poisonous (PMP: *upas₁)

uriplife; to live, be alive; soul, spirit, inner life (PAN: *qudip₁) *qudip

urubflash, flare, flame (PWMP: *urub)

Javanese (1980 / 2099)

usukvertical beam(s) on the lower part of a traditional-style roof; ribs, rib bones (PAN: *Rusuk)

usuŋtransport (something heavy) jointly (PMP: *qusuŋ)

utahspill out (PAN: *utaq)

utah-anvomitus (PAN: *utaq-an) *utaq

utakbrain (LOAN)

utaŋdebt; credit; in debt (PMP: *qutaŋ)

utaŋ-ana loan (PWMP: *qutaŋ-an) *qutaŋ

utaŋ-utaŋ-anborrow from each other; indebted to each other (PWMP: *qutaŋ-an) *qutaŋ

utekbrain; brains, intelligence (PMP: *hutek)

utubeginner, novice, neophyte (NOISE)

uwabsteam, water vapor (PWMP: *huab₁) *huab

uwan(of hair) gray (PMP: *quban) *qubaN

uwan-engray-haired (PWMP: *quban-en) *qubaN

uyahsalt (LOAN)

uyugunsteady (as someone who staggers along) (PWMP: *huyug)

uyugunsteady (as someone who staggers along) (PWMP: *uyug)

waḍasa variety of sandstone (PMP: *badas)

wakulrice-serving basket (PWMP: *bakul₁) *bakul

wakul-an(placed) in a serving basket; by the basket(ful) (PWMP: *bakul₁) *bakul

walaŋlocust, grasshopper, or similar insect with jointed legs (PWMP: *balalaŋ₁)

Javanese (2000 / 2099)

walatheaven-sent retribution (NOISE)

walesretribution, revenge; response; reaction; return (PAN: *bales₁)

walikon the contrary, the other way around, on the opposite side; the other way; around (as a shirt on backwards); go back on one's word, turn traitor (PMP: *balik₂)

waluhpumpkin (NOISE)

waŋjaw, jawbone (PMP: *baReqaŋ)

waŋmoney; former monetary unit worth about eight and one half cents (LOAN)

waŋkécorpse (PWMP: *baŋkay)

waŋundesign, shape; appearance, aspect; suitable (to), in keeping (with); building, structure (PMP: *baŋun₂) *baŋuN

-warah-anteach each other (PMP: *bajaq₂) *bajaq

waraŋanrat-weed, arsenic (PWMP: *baraŋan₃)

warua certain hibiscus tree, the fibers of whose bark (agel) are used for making rope and sacking material (PMP: *baRu)

war-werdescribing whizzing motions (PMP: *ber)

was-kiṭahaving intelligence and reasoning power for which one is held in high esteem; able to predict the future by extrasensory perception (PAN: *kita₂) *kita

wasuhwash (PAN: *basuq)

wataŋ-anthe sport of jousting; a handle; opium-smoking pipe (PWMP: *bataŋ-an) *bataŋ₁

watesboundary, limit (PWMP: *bates)

wates-anboundary marker; deadline (PWMP: *bates)

watustone (PMP: *batu) *batux

watuka cough; to cough (PMP: *batuk₁)

watuk-ansubject to frequent coughs (PMP: *batuk₁)

Javanese (2020 / 2099)

watu-nenhave or get kidney stones (PWMP: *batu-en) *batux

watu-nenhave/get kidney stones (PMP: *batu) *batux

wauthe aforesaid; just now [Kromo speech level] (PMP: *baqeRu) *baqeRuh

wa-waglowing coal (PMP: *baRah)

wawahspacious (PWMP: *babaq₂)

wawahspacious (NOISE)

wayuold, stale, having sat around too long (PMP: *baRiw)

weḍakpowder (LOAN)

wekasthe end, the last; (to make) a request; (to give) a piece of advice, a message (PMP: *bekas₃)

welaŋblack-and-white striped poisonous snake (PMP: *belaŋ₂)

welaspity, sympathy; sympathetic, sorry for (NOISE)

wéla-wélaclear, distinct (NOISE)

welonhaving split apart (NOISE)

wenaŋhave authority, privilege (LOAN)

wentisthigh (PAN: *beties)

weŋaact of opening; open-handed, generous (PMP: *beŋa₁)

weŋaact of opening (ROOT)

weŋisstern, fierce-looking (PMP: *beŋis₁)

weŋkaŋbend something apart, separate something forcibly (PMP: *be(ŋ)kaŋ)

weŋweŋhumming, e.g. wind or things blown about by wind; someone humming a tune (PAN: *beŋbeŋ₂)

Javanese (2040 / 2099)

werswift upward action (PMP: *ber)

wesiiron (LOAN)

wetahintact (PWMP: *betaq₁)

weteŋstomach, belly; unborn baby, fetus (PWMP: *beteŋ₂) *beteŋ₁

wetuemergence, product (as fruits) (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

wijiseed; descendant (LOAN)

wilahlong thin stick (PWMP: *bilaq₁)

wilaŋ-annumber, numeral; quantity word (PWMP: *bilaŋ-an) *bilaŋ₁

wiletcoiling, twisting (PMP: *belit₂)

wilet(of gamelan music) interval between notes (ROOT)

wiliscounted, calculated (NOISE)

winihseed or cutting for starting a plant; root cause; heredity; animal used for breeding purposes (PMP: *binehiq) *bineSiq

wiŋkapotsherd (PWMP: *bika)

wiraŋembarrassment, loss of face, mortification (LOAN)

wiraŋembarrassment, loss of face, mortification (NOISE)

wirufold, series of pleats (accordion-wise) in a cloth (PMP: *biRu)

wisapoison, venom (LOAN)

wisikknowledge or words of advice imparted by supernatural beings or by seers (PWMP: *bisik₃)

wisik-annight wind (PWMP: *bisik₃)

wisuhwash one's hands or feet (PMP: *biseq)

Javanese (2060 / 2099)

wisuh-anwater, or basin for washing the hands/feet (PMP: *biseq)

wodroot (PMP: *waRej)

wohfruit (PMP: *buaq)

woh, patek wohkind of persistent pustule (PAN: *baReq)

woh-anguava (PMP: *buaq)

woh bosokrotten fruit (PMP: *busuk)

woh-woh-anvarious kinds of fruit (PMP: *buaq)

wokgrowth of human hair or bird’s feathers on the throat area (PWMP: *bauk)

wolu-woluby eights (PMP: *walu walu) *walu

woŋperson; adult; man(kind); someone, a person (LOAN)

woŋ alas-anforest-dweller; boor (PWMP: *halas-an) *Salas

woŋ d<um>oha dull-witted person (PMP: *zauq)

wosraw rice; essence, contents (PMP: *beRas)

wukirmountain (PAN: *bukij)

wukuseed; grain; section of a bamoo or rattan stalk (PMP: *bukuh)

wuk-wuk-anrotten (as an egg) (PAN: *buRuk)

wulanmoon, month (PMP: *bulan₃) *bulaN

wulatscrutinize, examine minutely (PMP: *bulat₁) *bulat

wuliear (of rice, corn) (PMP: *buliR)

wulufur, feathers, body hair (PMP: *bulu₁)

Javanese (2080 / 2099)

wuluritual washing (Pigeaud 1938) (PMP: *bulu₂)

wuluha slender bamboo plant; gun barrel; iron pipe used as a lamp chimney (PAN: *buluq₂)

wuluŋblue-black (PMP: *buluŋ₁)

wunitree sp.; also the tart fruits that grow in clusters on this tree (PWMP: *buRnay)

wunitree sp.; the tart fruits that grow in clusters on this tree (NOISE)

wunuta variety of tree (PWMP: *bunut₂)

wuŋkukbent, crooked, deformed, hunchbacked (PMP: *buŋkuk)

wuŋkuswrapper, esp. of banana leaves (PWMP: *buŋkus)

wuŋkus-ana packet wrapped with banana leaf; food cooked in a leaf wrapping (PWMP: *buŋkus)

wuŋupurple, violet, lavender (PAN: *buŋuR)

wuriback, rear; later on, in the future (NOISE)

wurik(of hens) speckled (PWMP: *burik)

wuruhfoam, suds (PMP: *bujeq₂) *bujeq

wusubow-shaped tool for cleaning kapok fibers (PMP: *busuR₂)

wutablind (PMP: *buta₁) *buCa

wuwutype of bamboo or wicker fish trap (PAN: *bubu₂)

wuwuhincrease, add to (PMP: *bubuq)

wuwuh-wuwuhkeep increasing (PMP: *bubuq)

wuwuŋrooftop, house peak (PMP: *bubuŋ₁)

wuwuŋ-anrooftop, house peak (PMP: *bubuŋ-an) *bubuŋ₁

Javanese (2100 / 2099)

wuwurscatter, sprinkle something (fried onions on noodles, sand on a floor) (PWMP: *bubud)

y-ayafather (PMP: *aya₂)

yuyuriver crab (PMP: *qayuyu)

Javanese (Krama) (3) WMP

-akento do on someone’s behalf; to have someone do, to have something done; to use; to bring about (an act or condition) (PWMP: *aken₂) Krama

trimahto accept without protest, to resign oneself to (LOAN) Krama

t̟ukulto begin to grow, to sprout, to develop (PAN: *tukul) Krama

237. Jawe (3) OC [jaz] New Caledonia

phūpbladder (POC: *pupu₃) *pupu₂

waŋboat, canoe (POC: *waga) *waŋka

yatname (POC: *acan) *ajan

Johore Malay (2) WMP. see: Malay (Johore)

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