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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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Old Cebuano
Old Javanese

Òma Lóngh Kenyah

Orang Laut Malay


519. Old Cebuano (2) WMP

nagenitive case marker for plural personal names (PAN: *na₃)

sanominative case marker for plural personal names (PAN: *sa₁)

520. Old Javanese (2255) WMP (Zoetmulder 1982)

a-belahseparated (PAN: *ma-belaq) *belaq

a-beŋkuŋbent, crooked (PMP: *beŋkuŋ)

a-bohswollen (of eyes, feet) (PAN: *baReq)

a-buruto hunt, go hunting (LOAN)

a-buruto hunt, go hunting (NOISE)

a-bwatheavy, burdening, severe; burdened; serious, grave, earnest (PMP: *ma-beReqat) *beReqat

a-cemerunclean, foul, low (LOAN)

a-ḍa-ḍawuhto give food, bestow gifts (on the part of the king) (PWMP: *dabuq)

a-dagaŋto trade (LOAN)

a-dalemdeep (PMP: *dalem)

a-ḍapətclosely joined, compact, thick (darkness) (PMP: *dapet)

a-ḍapurpiled up (?) (PAN: *dapuR₂)

a-ḍimpitclosely joined, fastened together (PWMP: *diq(e)pit)

a-dohfar away, distant (PMP: *zauq)

a-dolto sell (LOAN)

aḍuhan exclamation of emotion (pain, surprise, etc.) (PMP: *aduq)

a-duhto contain fluid (PMP: *zuRuq)

a-dyusto bathe, take a bath (POC: *riRus) *diRus

āgamasacred tradition, doctrine or precepts; collection of such doctrines; sacred work (LOAN)

a-gatelitchy (PMP: *ma-gatel) *gaCel

Old Javanese (20 / 2255)

agemcloudy sky (PWMP: *agem₃)

agemhandful; grasp (PWMP: *Ragem)

ager-agerkind of seaweed, Sphaerococcus lichenoides (LOAN)

a-giliŋ-anchariot soldiers (PMP: *giliŋ)

agoŋwith gongs (LOAN)

a-guntiŋto cut (have cut) the hair (LOAN)

a-hawukgrey, ash-grey (PMP: *qabuk)

a-hudanwith rain (PAN: *ma-quzaN) *quzaN

a-hutaŋ-hutaŋreceive gifts (PWMP: *qutaŋ qutaŋ) *qutaŋ

a-huyaŋhot, heated, hot and bothered, restless (PWMP: *huyaŋ)

ah-yaŋlike a god, divine, extraordinary (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

a-itik-anto keep, as a young bird (PWMP: *itik₂)

ajakask, invite (to do something together) (PWMP: *azak)

ajaranhorse ('trained animal') (LOAN)

ajiholy writ, "the scriptures", sacred text (containing e.g. rules of conduct for a brahman; instructions on administration, politics, the practice of arms, the writing of poetry, etc.); sacred or magically powerful formula (LOAN)

a-kakatoward an elder brother (PMP: *kaka₂)

a-kalishard, unfeeling, unreceptive, callous, indifferent; untouched, unscathed (PWMP: *kalis)

aka-ro-ro-ntwo together (PMP: *duha) *duSa

a-katirto use as an outrigger (PMP: *katiR)

a-kaṭukto chatter (of the teeth)? (PMP: *katuk)

Old Javanese (40 / 2255)

a-kəmuhto rinse with (PMP: *kemuR)

akənlike, by way of; to be considered as (PWMP: *aken₂)

a-kiŋdry, dried up, shrivelled (PWMP: *keRiŋ)

a-kira-kirato plan, think out how best...., intend (LOAN)

akon-akonpossession (promised as war booty); acknowledged (adopted) child (PWMP: *aku-en) *aku

akupronoun of the first person: I, me (PAN: *aku)

a-kuḍuŋ-kuḍuŋcovered, wrapped in a veil (blanket, etc.) (PWMP: *kuduŋ)

a-kukubcovered, under a sheet (PMP: *kubkub₂)

a-kumpulto gather, be together (PWMP: *kumpul)

(a)-kuniŋpale yellow, ivory-colored; copper (adj.) (LOAN)

a-kuruthin, emaciated (PWMP: *kuru₂)

a-kusumake fire by rubbing two sticks together (PMP: *kusu₁)

a-lābhato be successful (LOAN)

alahlose, be defeated, be worsted, give away, succumb (PWMP: *alaq₂)

alahlose, be defeated, be worsted (PWMP: *alaq₂)

a-lamalong, for a long time, already a long time, old; long ago (PAN: *lama₂)

alaŋ-alaŋ“to be in the way”, obstructing (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

alaptake, fetch, carry off, steal, seize, win (PAN: *alap)

alap alapa certain bird of prey. The texts suggest a large creature, which can attack a man; an eagle? (PAN: *alap)

a-laraŋinaccessible, withdrawn, keeping oneself aloof? (PAN: *laRaŋ)

Old Javanese (60 / 2255)

alaswood, forest; also: quantity of flowers or plants growing in a thick cluster (PMP: *halas) *Salas

a-lawaŋdoor-keeper (PWMP: *lawaŋ₂)

a-layūrun, run away, take flight, flee (PAN: *laRiw)

a-layulanguishing, withering (PAN: *layu)

a-ləbū-ləbūcovered with dust, playing in the dust (LOAN)

alihmoving to another place, changing (PMP: *aliq)

a-limpuŋ-anto fight with spears? (LOAN)

a-liwermove about, dart to and fro (of many, without order), rush about, fly around, swarm, flash back and forth (PWMP: *liwed)

a-lonslow, gentle, soft (of wind, gait or other movement; of sound or speech); modest, self-controlled (PWMP: *laun)

alubput in the fire, heat (PWMP: *alub)

a-lumpatleaping (PWMP: *lumpat)

a-lumut-lumutmossy (PMP: *lumut-lumut) *lumut

a-ma-kan-ito feed, give someone something to eat (PAN: *ma-kaen) *kaen

a-manḍəŋto look hard, gaze, stare at, fix with one’s eyes; (in battle) to look someone defiantly in the eye (LOAN)

a-manissweet, gentle, kind, lovely (LOAN)

a-ma-ŋan-ito hurt, wound (PMP: *ma-ŋaen) *kaen

a-maŋkuto hold or receive on the lap; to carry in both hands or arms in front of the chest (PWMP: *paŋku)

a-maŋunto shape, form, build, compose, bring into existence, cause, perform (PWMP: *maŋ-baŋun) *baŋuN

a-mati matikill (in general, not in a particular case), commit the crime of killing (PMP: *m-atay m-atay) *aCay

a-mayaŋin blossom (PWMP: *mayaŋ)

Old Javanese (80 / 2255)

a-mayuŋlike a parasol (PWMP: *payuŋ)

ambetto lash (PWMP: *ambet)

ambuncloud (or mist?) (PWMP: *ambun)

ambuncloud (or mist?) (PMP: *Rabun)

a-mebed, am-bebedtie, bind, bandage, entwine (PWMP: *maŋ-bejbej) *bejbej

a-məcutto whip, wield a whip (PWMP: *pecut)

a-məcutto whip, wield a whip (LOAN)

a-melar-akento spread out, open (PWMP: *maŋ-bekelaj) *bekelaj

a-mener-menergo straight (PMP: *bener)

a-mentukto form, make, build (PMP: *bentuk)

a-menuh-ito fill, make complete (PWMP: *maŋ-penuq) *peNuq

a-məpərto urge, press, push; to be insistent (in questioning), press for further particulars (PWMP: *perper₂)

a-meteŋbecome or be pregnant (PWMP: *beteŋ₂) *beteŋ₁

a-mətəŋto darken, blind, obscure (PWMP: *peteŋ)

a-mijətto press with the fingers, squeeze, crush, knead, massage (PWMP: *pizet)

a-mikulto carry over the shoulder, carry with a carrying pole (LOAN)

a-milaŋcount, enumerate, calculate, consider one by one, take into account, consider (PWMP: *maŋ-bilaŋ) *bilaŋ₁

a-milihto choose, make a choice from (well-considered, not at random), select, give one’s preference to (PAN: *piliq)

a-mintato ask for, beg for (LOAN)

a-minturto fish with a bintur (PWMP: *bintur)

Old Javanese (100 / 2255)

a-miŋkukto bend, curve (river) (PMP: *biŋkuk)

ami-rodo something twice (PMP: *duha) *duSa

ami-rwasecond cousin (PMP: *duha) *duSa

a-miṣabe powerful?, be poisonous? (LOAN)

a-misahto isolate oneself, withdraw (PWMP: *pisaq)

a-misan(to do something or to be done) in one act, at the same time, completely (not by halves, definitely) (PWMP: *pisan)

a-misik-i, w-in-isik-anwhisper to someone, give secret instruction (PWMP: *bisik₃)

a-monḍokto erect a temporary shelter, to camp (LOAN)

ampala particular kind of beetle (PWMP: *ampal)

ampunshow mercy toward, receive with favor (PMP: *ampun)

a-mujito extol, praise (LOAN)

a-mujuk-mujuk-itry to persuade, cajole (LOAN)

a-mukətto fish with a dragnet or seine; to catch (in a net), entrap, entangle, enmesh (PWMP: *ma-muket) *puket₁

a-muktito enjoy, savor, taste (also said of unpleasant things), have to suffer or endure (LOAN)

a-mukulto beat (with a hammer); to play a percussion instrument (PWMP: *pukul₁)

a-mukut-mukut-ito bend over? (PMP: *bukut)

a-muluhlike bamboo, like a bamboo vessel (PAN: *buluq₂)

a-munihide, keep secret (PMP: *buni₁) *buNi

a-munito hide, keep secet (PWMP: *maŋ-buni) *buNi

a-munuhslaughter, kill, put an end to, slay (PWMP: *maŋ-bunuq) *buNuq₂

Old Javanese (120 / 2255)

a-muŋar-ibe the first in doing something, enjoy something in its prime, break fresh ground, taste the first fruits (PWMP: *buŋaR)

a-murahcheap, copious (LOAN)

a-muta-muta-nito blindfold; turn a blind eye (PWMP: *maŋ-buta) *buCa

a-mutərto turn, rotate, spin; to churn, to produce as if by churning; to meditate in order to bring forth the deity; “to make go round”’ (PWMP: *puteR)

a-mwat tohto gamble (PMP: *taRuq)

anakchild; smaller of two things (as a small mountain at the foot of a bigger one) (PMP: *anak) *aNak

anak anakgive birth to a child (calve, etc.); consider as one's child (PWMP: *anak anak) *aNak

anak anak-andoll or anything (which is treated and fondled) like a baby (PWMP: *anak anak-an) *aNak

anak anak-(an)pupil of the eye (PWMP: *anak anak-an) *aNak

anak-ḍaramaid, virgin (PWMP: *anak daRa) *aNak

anak wanwaperson belonging to the wanwa-community (PMP: *anak i banua) *aNak

anak wesiservant, attendant, constant companion (PMP: *anak i qaRta) *aNak

a-nalinto change (PWMP: *salin)

a-nambutto seize, grasp, fetch, take up; take up (words), receive, continue, reply (PWMP: *sambut₂)

a-namirto put on a scarf? (PWMP: *samir)

a-naŋguŋto carry, bear (PWMP: *taŋguŋ)

a-naŋisto weep, cry (PMP: *ma-naŋis) *Caŋis

a-naŋkəpto close (fit) together (PMP: *taŋkep)

a-naputo sweep, sweep away, slash (PMP: *sapu)

a-napu-naputo sweep, clean with a broom (PMP: *sapu)

Old Javanese (140 / 2255)

a-nasapto level, raze to the ground (PWMP: *ma-ñapsap) *sapsap

a-natabto knock on (PWMP: *tabtab₁)

a-na-tahto shape with a punch (PAN: *taRaq₁)

a-nawiŋto hide behind a wall (partition) in order to overhear or spy (PWMP: *tabiŋ)

a-nawuŋto stage a cockfight (PWMP: *sabuŋ₁)

anawuŋ talunlive in the woods (PMP: *talun₁) *CaluN

aṇḍaladder (NOISE)

a-nəlatto appear between something else (PWMP: *selat)

a-nəmbahto worship, revere, pay respect to, pay homage to (LOAN)

a-nəmbiŋto go to the side (bank, etc.) (LOAN)

a-nemer-ito defile (LOAN)

a-nenunto weave, intertwine (PAN: *tenun)

a-nəpakto hit with the (flat) hand, smack; to hit (stamp) with the foot (PMP: *tepak₁)

a-nəpisimple, plain, unadorned (PWMP: *sepi)

a-nəpi-nəpito go to the side, lie close to the edge (LOAN)

a-nəsəl-ito go in among or between (PAN: *selsel₁)

a-nətəkto cut, cut up; to slash at (PWMP: *ma-nektek) *tektek₁

a-nililto take over, borrow, use for a time (LOAN)

a-nimbato draw water from; to draw something (from a well) (PMP: *timba)

a-nimbunto heap up, pile up (PWMP: *timbun)

Old Javanese (160 / 2255)

a-nimpaŋto deviate, deflect, leave the main road (PMP: *simpaŋ)

a-ninḍito allude to, make allusions to, hint at, intimate (LOAN)

a-nipat-akənto give the right direction to; to follow the direction of (PWMP: *sipat)

a-nipisthin, weak; lithe, lissom, supple (PMP: *nipis) *Nipis

a-niramto wash, shower, bathe, water, (be)sprinkle (LOAN)

a-nisihto be on the side, to be on one side, to go to the side (to one side), to lean to the side (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

a-nisih-ito share (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

a-nisikto peck, scratch (PWMP: *ma-ñiksik) *siksik₁

a-nisik-ito delouse (PWMP: *ma-ñiksik) *siksik₁

a-noŋto seek cover under (PWMP: *saeŋ)

anteŋquiet, calm, working steadily (PWMP: *anteŋ)

antiwait, stay, remain, live, wait for, expect (NOISE)

antih-antih-anspider-web (LOAN)

a-nusomeone (something, somewhere) or other, So-and-So, What's the name, you-know-who (-what, -where) (PMP: *a-nu) *-nu₁

a-nudiŋ-ito point the finger at (esp. with the left hand in challenging) (PAN: *tudiŋ)

a-nuduhto point at, point out, indicate, show, guide; to order, instruct, appoint, designate (PWMP: *ma-nuzuq) *tuzuq₁

a-nuhun, s-um-uhunto carry on the head; to take or receive on the head; to raise over the head; to pay homage, accept respectfully, act respectfully (PAN: *suquN)

a-nujilike a quill (LOAN)

a-nukərto hinder, repel, resist (PWMP: *suker)

a-nulamto embroider (PMP: *sulam)

Old Javanese (180 / 2255)

a-nuligito throw the suligi (LOAN)

a-nuligito throw the suligi (LOAN)

a-nuliŋto play the flute (PWMP: *suliŋ)

a-nulisto draw on, paint on, write on (LOAN)

a-numbakto spear, stab (PMP: *tumbak)

a-numpahto enounce (launch) an imprecation against (PWMP: *sumpaq)

a-nuntunto lead, guide, conduct (PWMP: *tuntun)

a-nu-ŋsomething that ... In practice it is comparable to ikaŋ: who, which; or (a)siŋ: whoever, whatever (PMP: *a-nu) *-nu₁

a-nuŋkalto force open by shoving something in (?) (PWMP: *suŋkal)

a-nurakto receive with shouts, shout at, urge with shouts; jeer at (LOAN)

a-nuratto draw on, write on, write (a letter) (LOAN)

a-nuru-nurūto put to sleep, sing to sleep, sing a lullaby to (PAN: *tuduR)

a-nuruŋto push, shove forward, press (PWMP: *suruŋ)

a-nusahto disturb, confuse, stir up, rouse, move (LOAN)

a-nusulto follow after, catch up with (PMP: *sulsul₁)

a-nusu-nusuto hurry on, push on (NOISE)

a-nuturto remember, keep in mind, realize (PMP: *tutur₁)

anūt wurifollow behind, from behind (NOISE)

anyayaunjust action, the wrong way of acting; impropriety (LOAN)

aŋ-aduput face-to-face, bring into contact, make clash, have fight, pit against; to vie in, measure (PWMP: *maŋ-adu) *adu

Old Javanese (200 / 2255)

aŋ-adu-aduincite (PWMP: *maŋ-adu) *adu

aŋ-agemhold (in one’s hand), grasp, hold firmly (PWMP: *maŋ-Ragem) *Ragem

aŋ-akumake something one's own, to appropriate; relate to someone; take possession of, master; regard as one's own, acknowledge, confess to, admit; claim (as one's own), be sure of, depend on, answer for, guarantee, declare that one is able to (often boastfully) (PWMP: *maŋ-aku) *aku

aŋ-alaptake, fetch, carry off, steal, seize, win (PWMP: *maŋ-alap) *alap

aŋ-alunto undulate, billow; (of sound) to resound, swell (or "like the surf"?); also: like waves, i.e. in rows (stripes, layers), row upon row (PWMP: *maŋ-qalun) *qalun

aŋ-ampun-ishow mercy toward, receive with favor (PWMP: *maŋ-ampun-i) *ampun

aŋ-antelulay or sit on eggs (PWMP: *maŋ-qateluR) *qateluR

aŋ-antihto spin (LOAN)

aŋ-a-nudo something or other, do you-know-what (PMP: *a-nu) *-nu₁

aŋ-anudo something or other, do you-know-what (PWMP: *maŋ-anu) *-nu₁

aŋaŋwide open, gaping (ROOT)

aŋ-aŋkat-aŋkatlift, elevate; send off, make depart; take up one's belongings (weapons, baggage) in order to depart (PWMP: *maŋ-aŋkat-aŋkat) *aŋkat

aŋapgaping (PMP: *qaŋap)

aŋ-apain what way? how? (PWMP: *maŋ-apa) *apa₁

aŋ-apipurify by fire (PWMP: *maŋ-hapuy) *Sapuy

aŋ-apitenclose on both sides, flank; grip, clamp (PWMP: *maŋ-hapit) *Sapit

a-ŋapuklike kapok (PWMP: *kapuk)

aŋ-apusto bind, ensnare; to bind together (PMP: *Rapus)

aŋ-apuybe on fire, to flame, blaze; set on fire, inflame, burn (PWMP: *maŋ-hapuy) *Sapuy

aŋ-apuy-iset fire to; inflame, rouse to anger (PWMP: *maŋ-hapuy-i) *Sapuy

Old Javanese (220 / 2255)

aŋ-asahfile, grind, scour (PWMP: *maŋ-hasaq) *Sasaq

aŋ-astato hold in one’s hands, govern (LOAN)

aŋ-asulow, vile ('like a dog') (PAN: *asu₁)

aŋ-ateraccompany, escort, take someone somewhere; bring, carry (PWMP: *maŋ-hateD) *SateD

aŋ-atipay attention to, bear in mind (PMP: *qatay) *qaCay

aŋ-atus-iin hundreds (PMP: *Ratus) *RaCus

a-ŋawitto hook, catch, join by hooking on (PWMP: *ma-ŋawit) *kawit

aŋ-ayam-igive a cock-fight (PWMP: *qayam₂)

aŋ-dudutpull (PMP: *dutdut)

aŋ-ḍuḍuttear out (PMP: *dutdut)

a-ŋəkəp-ito embrace, to lock in one’s arms (PMP: *kepkep)

aŋ-embek-embekstifle one's sobs (PWMP: *he(m)bek)

aŋ-empan-ito light, start a fire (PWMP: *epan)

aŋen-aŋenthoughts, considerations, reflections; the seat of the thoughts, intellect, mind, heart, spirit (LOAN)

aŋ-entutto fart, break wind (PWMP: *maŋ-qetut) *qetut

aŋ-garitto scratch, graze (PWMP: *garit)

aŋ-gərəŋto growl, snarl (NEAR)

aŋ-gətəlto pinch (PMP: *getel) *geCel

aŋ-gigir-gigirto give a fright, startle (PWMP: *gigir)

aŋ-gugutto bite, nip (PMP: *gutgut₁) *gutgut

Old Javanese (240 / 2255)

aŋ-guritto scratch, write on; to make into a poem (PMP: *gurit)

aŋ-halaŋ-ito obstruct, hinder (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

aŋ-hawubecome ashes (PWMP: *maŋ-qabu) *qabu

aŋ-hudanlike rain; walk through the rain (PWMP: *maŋ-quzan) *quzaN

aŋ-hudan-ito rain on, shower with (PMP: *quzan-i) *quzaN

aŋ-huyaŋ-huyaŋ-antoss and turn feverishly (PWMP: *huyaŋ)

a-ŋikik-anshouting with jeering laughter (PMP: *kikik)

aŋ-ikūto follow (PAN: *ikuR)

aŋ-isepto suck, suck in, suck out, suck up, absorb, inhale (PWMP: *maŋ-qisep) *qisep

a-ŋiwato go to the left (LOAN)

aŋkatdeparture, getting up (PWMP: *aŋkat)

aŋkepembrace tightly (PWMP: *hakep)

aŋkikpanting, gasping (ROOT)

aŋkuppincers or tongs (PMP: *aŋkup₁) *aŋkup

aŋ-laki-lakimaking a virile appearance, plucky (PMP: *laki₁)

aŋ-lampitto carry the lampit (PWMP: *lampit)

aŋ-ləŋgakto fall over backwards (LOAN)

aŋ-limpuŋlike a spear (pointed) (LOAN)

aŋ-liputto envelop, enwrap, engulf, enfold, cover, surround (PMP: *liput₁)

aŋ-lukatto free, release, deliver (from sin, etc.) (PWMP: *lukat₁)

Old Javanese (260 / 2255)

aŋ-lumpat-ito leap on, leap over (PWMP: *lumpat)

aŋ-lumpuh-ito paralyze, rob of strength (PWMP: *lumpuq)

aŋ-luwaŋhollow (PMP: *lubaŋ₁)

aŋ-rah-ito inflict a bleeding wound (PAN: *daRaq)

aŋ-rapətto take up positions (closely) side by side (PMP: *dapet)

aŋ-roto share (among two?) (PMP: *duha) *duSa

aŋ-rwa-rwato be double, divided, ambiguous (PMP: *duha) *duSa

aŋsudraw or scoop water (PMP: *asu₂)

aŋsudraw or scoop water (PMP: *qasu₁)

aŋ-ulih-igo home or come back to (PWMP: *maŋ-uliq) *uliq₁

aŋ-ulurloosen, release; lower on a rope; let go (PWMP: *maŋ-huluR) *SuluR

a-ŋumpulto gather (something) (PWMP: *kumpul)

aŋ-upahpay a wage, give a reward (PWMP: *maŋ-upaq) *upaq

aŋ-usīgo to, go in the direction of, take refuge with, try to reach or obtain, strive after, attack, assail, pursue (PWMP: *maŋ-usiR) *qusiR

aŋ-yaŋworship as a god; implore, beg, pray (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

apawhat? (interrogative pronoun); also simply to introduce a question (PMP: *apa₁)

a-pahitbitter (PMP: *ma-paqit) *paqiC

a-panḍəŋ-anto stare each other in the eye (LOAN)

a-papanusing a shield, bearing a shield (PMP: *papan)

a-pasaŋ-pasaŋ-anarm in arm (PMP: *pasaŋ₁)

Old Javanese (280 / 2255)

a-payuŋwith a parasol (PWMP: *payuŋ)

a-pikatto catch birds, using a decoy (PWMP: *pikat)

a-pilihhaving one’s preferences, particular in the choice of (PMP: *ma-piliq) *piliq

api lupapretending not to know (PMP: *lupa)

a-pintato have a request, ask for (LOAN)

a-pisahto separate, part; to be separated, parted (PWMP: *pisaq)

a-pisanto be one, united, joined (PWMP: *pisan)

a-pisanto be one, to be united, joined; in one act, in one go (PWMP: *pisan)

aponlime (constituent of betel quid) (PWMP: *qapuR-an) *qapuR

a-pukulbeating, knocking (against each other); playing a percussion instrument (PWMP: *pukul₁)

a-pupuhto come to blows (PWMP: *puqpuq₃)

a-pupurwearing powder, powdered (PWMP: *purpur)

apus-anbond, fetter (PMP: *Rapus)

apus-apusbond, band, fillet, noose; ensnaring, trap, trick, deceit (PMP: *Rapus)

a-pusuhto die (close like a flower?) (PMP: *pusuq₁)

a-putihwhite (PMP: *putiq)

apuy, apwifire (PMP: *hapuy) *Sapuy

arahexact position or direction (LOAN)

arakarrack, a distilled alcoholic liquor (LOAN)

aranname (PMP: *ajan)

Old Javanese (300 / 2255)

a-rarahaving an unmarried daughter or sister (PMP: *daRa₂)

a-rəbutto contend for, fight for, strive to be the first in getting something (PMP: *rebut)

arekkiss (PMP: *hajek) *Sajek

a-ro-rwa-ntogether with (PMP: *duha) *duSa

arthaaim, purpose; advantage, utility; object of the senses; substance, wealth, money (LOAN)

a-sabukto wear a sash (LOAN)

asahfile, grind, scour (PMP: *hasaq) *Sasaq

asah-angrindings (PMP: *hasaq-an) *Sasaq

a-sakitin pain, ill, hurt, wounded (PMP: *ma-sakit) *sakit

a-salinto change (PWMP: *salin)

a-s<al>isib-anto go (attack, etc.) in all directions (hither and thither)? (NOISE)

a-samirwith a curtain or cloth cover (PWMP: *samir)

asanaa tree: Terminalia tomentosa, with deep golden, fragrant flowers; it plays a prominent role in descriptions in kakawins (LOAN)

a-sawah-sawahto work in the sawah, grow irrigated rice (PWMP: *sabaq)

a-sawur-anscattering, dispersing, raining (PMP: *saq(e)buR)

a-səḍəppleasant, agreeable; pleasing, kind (PWMP: *sedep₂)

a-səlatwith space in between, interspersed (PWMP: *selat)

a-sənəŋto have a loved one; toward the loved one (LOAN)

asepincense (PWMP: *asep)

asepincense (PWMP: *qasep)

Old Javanese (320 / 2255)

a-sepakto kick (esp. with the hind legs, of a horse) (LOAN)

a-səpideserted, empty, still, lonely, dismal, forlorn, bereft (PWMP: *sepi)

asihlove, affection, loving kindness, sympathy, benevolence, favor (PMP: *qasiq)

a-simpənbrought together in a limited space, grouped together, compressed, in a limited number, containing the basic essential; put away, hidden (LOAN)

a-sinaŋradiant, shining, brilliant, bright (PWMP: *sinaŋ)

a-sisikwith scales (PMP: *siksik₂)

a-soŋhaving as cover, covered by, in the shadow of, overshadowed by; also of feelings of sadness, etc. which are carried along like a soŋ (PWMP: *saeŋ)

a-soŋ-soŋwith a parasol (cover) of (PWMP: *saeŋ)

as-si-simpənto put away, hide (LOAN)

asudog, hound (PAN: *asu₁)

a-suliŋto play the flute; flute player (PWMP: *suliŋ)

a-sulit(-sulit)troublesome, hard to get out of (PWMP: *sulit₁)

a-sumpiŋto wear a sumpiŋ (PWMP: *sumpiŋ₂)

a-surakto shout, cry, roar (LOAN)

a- suruŋat close quarters (pushing each other) (PWMP: *suruŋ)

a-susuwith breasts (PAN: *susu₁)

a-suwəŋwearing a suwəŋ (PWMP: *subeŋ)

a-taŋgulto parry, fend off (PWMP: *taŋgul)

a-taŋistearful; addressing (imploring, etc.) with tears (PMP: *taŋis) *Caŋis

a-taŋkəpclosing together (PMP: *taŋkep)

Old Javanese (340 / 2255)

a-tarimato accept, receive gratefully, be grateful (LOAN)

a-tatāwell-ordered, well-arranged, in the correct position (NOISE)

a-tӧbthick, luxuriant (hair, foliage, fruits, rain) (PMP: *teReb)

a-təpak jajato beat one’s breast (PMP: *tepak₁)

ateraccompany, escort, take someone somewhere; bring, carry (PMP: *hateD) *SateD

athawaor (between both parts, or after the second part); and also (LOAN)

ati-atigive one's full (undivided) attention (PWMP: *hatay)

ati-atigive one's full (undivided) attention (PMP: *qatay) *qaCay

a-tilikto visit, go and see how someone is getting on (LOAN)

a-timbunheaped up, piled up (PWMP: *timbun)

a-tuduhto give directions, give guidance, point out, give orders (PMP: *tuzuq₂) *Cuzuq

a-tuhaold, elder, eldest, senior; “old at”, consummate, accomplished, experienced (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

a-tuha-tuhaold, elder, senior (PAN: *ma-tuqaS tuqaS) *tuqaS

a-tukupto cover (with the hands) (PWMP: *tuŋkup)

a-tumpaŋin layers or tiers (PWMP: *tumpaŋ₁)

a-tumpukpiled up, heaped up, crowding together (PWMP: *tumpuk)

a-tuntunjoined together in a row (PWMP: *tuntun)

a-tunuon fire, ablaze; seek death by fire, throw oneself into the fire (PMP: *tunu) *CuNuh

a-turu-turūto have a sleep, take a nap (PAN: *tuduR)

atushundred (PMP: *Ratus) *RaCus

Old Javanese (360 / 2255)

a-twashard (PMP: *teRas)

awakbody, embodiment, self, own self, own (special) form of being, nature, kind (PMP: *hawak) *Sawak

awaŋ-awaŋsky, air (PMP: *awaŋ)

a-watesbordered by, bordering on (PWMP: *bates)

a-watuhaving as rocks (PWMP: *ma-batu) *batux

a-watukto cough (PMP: *batuk₁)

awaybeckon, wave (to) (PWMP: *ambay)

awaybeckon, wave to; signal (beckon) to come closer (PMP: *away₁)

a-welarbroad, widely spread, extensive (PWMP: *ma-bekelaj) *bekelaj

a-welito buy things, buying (in general) (PMP: *beli)

a-weluk-welukbillowing (PMP: *beluk)

a-wetubring forth, having as product or result, express itself in (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

a-wicārato discuss, talk about, have a talk (LOAN)

a-wiḍaŋbroad (PWMP: *bidaŋ)

a-wiṣapoisonous (LOAN)

a-wisik-wisikto whisper (PWMP: *bisik bisik) *bisik₃

awu-hawu-n-enreduced to ashes? in a state of decay? (PWMP: *qabu-en) *qabu

a-wūkdecayed, decomposed, rotten, mouldered away (PMP: *ma-buRuk) *buRuk

a-wukirwith mountains (PAN: *bukij)

a-wulaŋto wear a wulaŋ (PWMP: *bulaŋ)

Old Javanese (380 / 2255)

a-wuluwith hair (PMP: *bulu₁)

awun-awunfine rain, wet mist (PWMP: *ambun)

a-wunihave a secret; be secretive (PMP: *buni₁) *buNi

awuŋto howl (of dogs) (PAN: *qauŋ)

a-wuŋar-anfor the first time, still fresh? (PWMP: *buŋaR-an) *buŋaR

a-wuwurscattered (PWMP: *bubud)

ayaksieve (PWMP: *ayak₂)

ayam alaswood fowl, jungle fowl (PWMP: *qayam₂)

ayam talunwood-fowl (PMP: *talun₁) *CaluN

babada clearing; to clear (a piece of forest) (PWMP: *bajbaj)

babahdoor, gate, entrance, opening, aperture (PMP: *baqbaq)

babaksplit open, laying bare, raw (wound), torn off (PMP: *bakbak₁)

babarparted, scattered, rent asunder; to scatter, disperse (PWMP: *baRbaR)

babarspread out, unfold, open (tr.), unfold, open (intr.) (PMP: *barbar)

babumother; older servant (LOAN)

bagus, wagushandsomeness; handsome (of a man (LOAN)

baju, wajujacket (LOAN)

bala(g)bagstocks (NOISE)

balakaŋ, walakaŋback (PWMP: *balakaŋ)

balanaka sea fish, the grey mullet (PWMP: *balanak)

Old Javanese (400 / 2255)

balaŋthrow at, fling down (NOISE)

bali, walicome back, return; once more (PMP: *baliw₂)

balikopposite, contrary; reverse (PMP: *balik₂)

balisahrestless (LOAN)

balukkind of sailing boat? (PMP: *baluk₁)

banakind of tree (Barleria) with blue flowers (NOISE)

bañakgoose (LOAN)

banawaboat, ship (LOAN)

banawak.o. large double-hulled watercraft (LOAN)

baṇḍuŋtogether, at the same time (PWMP: *banduŋ)

bantalcloth; a bundle of cloth (as a measure) (PWMP: *bantal)

banṭèŋ ~ banṭyaŋspecies of wild buffalo, Bos sundaicus (LOAN)

banteŋ ~bantyaŋa species of wild buffalo, Bos sundaicus (NEAR)

bantiŋ ~ wantiŋto strike, give a violent blow to; dash to the ground (PMP: *bantiŋ)

bantiŋ ~ wantiŋto strike, give a violent blow to; dash to the ground (LOAN)

ban-uwater (LOAN)

bañu tawafresh (tasteless) water (PWMP: *tabaR)

banyagamerchant, captain of a merchant-vessel; merchant-vessel; to trade (LOAN)

baŋbaŋred (PWMP: *baŋbaŋ₈)

baŋgalaBengal (LOAN)

Old Javanese (420 / 2255)

bara-baraall sorts of things (PWMP: *bara₃)

barabasstreaming (PWMP: *barasbas)

barabasstreaming (NOISE)

baraŋanything which, whatever, just any(-body); just as it comes, just anyhow, indiscriminately, without further thought, without sufficient cause; at any time, continually (PMP: *baraŋ₁) *baraŋ

baratstrong wind, storm; west (PMP: *habaRat) *SabaRat

barisline, rank; various sorts of martial dances (LOAN)

barwaŋ, baroŋthe Malayan honey bear: Ursus malayanus (PWMP: *baRuaŋ)

basahwet; decomposed, rotting (PMP: *baseq)

basah-anlower garment; originally the piece of cloth that is not removed when bathing (PWMP: *baseq-an) *baseq

batisleg (PWMP: *baties)

béaexpenses, contribution (LOAN)

bebakscratched, grazed, abrased (PWMP: *bebak₁)

bebeda particular kind of big fish (PWMP: *bedbed)

bebedband, tie, bandage, girdle, lower garment fastened round the middle (PMP: *bejbej₂) *bejbej

bebekgrind, pulverize (PMP: *bekbek₁)

bébékduck (LOAN)

bebeŋblocked, held up (PWMP: *beŋbeŋ) *beŋbeŋ₁

beḍilfirearm (old type); musket, matchlock, blunderbuss fire at (LOAN)

bekonomatopoetic particle (thumping sound) (PWMP: *bek)

bekelprovisions (for a journey) (PWMP: *bekel)

Old Javanese (440 / 2255)

bélalay down one's life, be prepared to die with another person, die for and with another person b-in-éla to die (sacrifice oneself) for someone pa-béla weapon (kris) which one plunges into oneself to become a bela (LOAN)

belaha cleft or crack; be split, cleft, rent (PAN: *belaq)

belah-andivision, separate part (PAN: *belaq)

béléra particular kind of eye defect (?) (PWMP: *biliR)

benemroast under hot ash; lay in ashes, burn down (PWMP: *benem₁)

benem-anfood roasted under hot ash (PWMP: *benem₁)

benerstraight, in the right direction, right, due (with points of the compass), used substantively and adjectivally (PMP: *bener)

bentukform, shape; auxiliary word for counting (PMP: *bentuk)

beŋonomatopoetic particle: blow (PWMP: *beŋ)

beŋaŋgaping, open-mouthed (PMP: *beŋaŋ₂)

besarbig (LOAN)

besehswollen (NOISE)

besurto have had enough of, tired of, weary, bored with (PAN: *besuR)

betahtenacious, stubborn, persistent, tireless; possessing staying-power, endurance, tolerance, stamina (PWMP: *betaq₁)

bha gya, bagegood fortune, luck; fortunate, lucky (LOAN)

bhaŋgabreaking or destroying the laws of dharma (of social relations, etc.); arrogant, conceited, insolent, brutal, rude, reckless (LOAN)

bhuktiwhat is enjoyed; food (LOAN)

bibimother; my dear, as form of address to a woman (wife, beloved, etc.) (LOAN)

bibitfishhook a-mibit to fish (with a hook) (ROOT)

biku, wikuperson who has a religious status or function, a person devoted to a religious life, holy man, sage; priest, monk, nun, ascetic, hermit (LOAN)

Old Javanese (460 / 2255)

b-in-arutswaddled (PWMP: *barut)

b-in-ebedwas bound, tied by winding around (PWMP: *b<in>ejbej) *bejbej

b-in-ebekto grind, pulverize (PWMP: *b<in>ekbek) *bekbek₁

b-in-ekel-angive provisions (PWMP: *bekel)

b-in-elah(perfective) to split, cleave, rend (PAN: *b<in>elaq) *belaq

b-in-eŋaŋto open up (to provide space for a house, etc.) (PMP: *beŋaŋ₂)

b-in-eŋkuŋto bend, divert (PMP: *beŋkuŋ)

b-in-isaskilled, skilful (LOAN)

bintura creel-trap to catch crabs (PWMP: *bintur)

b-in-uŋbuŋ-anto contain in a bamboo cylinder (PWMP: *buŋbuŋ₁)

b-in-urit-buritstriped (as an animal) (PMP: *burit₂)

b-in-uwaŋb-in-waŋbe thrown away, flung away, thrown down, hurled about, carried off (wind), routed (PWMP: *b<in>uaŋ) *buqaŋ

b-in-uyutelder (LOAN)

biŋkasbroken up, scattered (PMP: *biŋkas)

biŋuŋconfused (LOAN)

biŋuŋconfused (NOISE)

birublue (pale blue, greyish blue, greenish blue, turquoise?) (LOAN)

biṣavenomous (LOAN)

bisudumb, mute (LOAN)

bisu-bisukeep mum (LOAN)

Old Javanese (480 / 2255)

bokonomatopoetic particle (falling down) (PMP: *buk)

bokorkind of bowl (LOAN)

boŋohact foolishly (NOISE)

brata hawukpenance in ashes? (PMP: *qabuk)

buaŋ, bwaŋthrowing away (PMP: *buqaŋ)

bubarscattered, dispersed, broken up (LOAN)

bubukkind of termite (PMP: *bukbuk₃)

bubulsplit open (intr.); open, crack, burst (PWMP: *bubul)

bu-burit saroyasome aquatic creature? (PMP: *burit₂)

buddhithe power of forming and retaining general notions, intelligence, reason, mind, discernment; opinion, notion, idea; character, nature, disposition; intention, purpose (LOAN)

buddhi-mānwise, perspicacious (LOAN)

bugarscattered, dispersed, broken up (PWMP: *bugar)

buhayacrocodile (PMP: *buqaya)

bukuhsit respectfully bowed (PMP: *bu(ŋ)kuq)

bulw-an, bulo-nchameleon sp. (PWMP: *bulu-an) *bulu₁

bunterbulging, swollen, full (breasts); round, circular, global (PMP: *bunter)

buŋbuŋa bamboo cylinder (used as container for water, palm-juice, etc. (PWMP: *buŋbuŋ₁)

bureŋakto scream (ROOT)

bureŋaŋamazed, aghast (ROOT)

bureŋikshriek (ROOT)

Old Javanese (500 / 2255)

burito follow (NOISE)

burikstriped (PWMP: *burik)

burilapflickering (as a torch) (ROOT)

buritrear guard (PMP: *burit₁)

buruhunter; hunting (LOAN)

buruhunter, hunting (NOISE)

burutkind of disease (LOAN)

burutkind of disease (NOISE)

burw-angame (PWMP: *buRaw-an) *buRaw

burw-angame (NOISE)

busuŋdropsical (PWMP: *busuŋ)

buṭakpartially bald, with bald patches (LOAN)

buteŋenraged, furious, angry (PMP: *buteŋ)

buteŋenraged, furious, angry (PWMP: *buŋet)

buyutgreat-grandfather, great-grandchild; elder (LOAN)

bwatweight, heaviness; burden; severity, force, intensity, violence (PMP: *beReqat)

bwat tohgambling (PMP: *taRuq)

caketclose by, not letting go, (holding) tightly (PMP: *ca(ŋ)ket)

campurmixed; unclean, in a state of impurity (because of menstruation), defiled (NEAR)

cecekhouse-lizard (PWMP: *cekcek)

Old Javanese (520 / 2255)

cekelseize, clutch (PMP: *cekel)

ceŋakcry of a caŋak bird (heron sp.) (ROOT)

céŋkokconcave (PMP: *ci(ŋ)kuk)

ceŋukof the cry (songs? warble?) of a quail (ROOT)

cucupdrink or suck in big gulps (PMP: *cupcup)

cukupenough, sufficiently (large, much, etc.) (LOAN)

c<um>emer-ito defile (LOAN)

ḍaḍabreast, chest (PWMP: *dahdah) *daSdaS

ḍaḍapa tree, Erythrina indica (PMP: *dapdap₁)

dagaŋtrading (LOAN)

dagaŋ-anmerchandise, wares (LOAN)

dagiŋflesh, prey (LOAN)

daleminner part, interior; inner part of the kraton (palace) (PMP: *dalem)

dalih-anpretext, idea, secret (unavowed) motive (purpose, intention) (PWMP: *dalih-an) *dalih

dalima, dālimapomegranate: Punica granatum (LOAN)

daluwaŋclothing of bark cloth (worn by hermits, etc.) (PWMP: *zaluaŋ)

damirice-straw (PMP: *zaRami)

damya-damy-ana whistle made from a rice-stalk (PMP: *zaRami)

damy-anstubble (PMP: *zaRami)

daŋananhilt of a kris (PWMP: *daŋanan)

Old Javanese (540 / 2255)

ḍapətbeing close together, closely joined (PMP: *dapet)

ḍapurcluster (of trees, bamboo); pile (?) (PAN: *dapuR₂)

ḍatəŋto come, arrive; arrival (PMP: *dateŋ)

ḍatəŋ-an(recently arrived) guest (PWMP: *dateŋ-an) *dateŋ

ḍawuhfalling, coming down (order, curse, anger, love); to fall, come down (PWMP: *dabuq)

ḍawuh-andam (PWMP: *dabuq)

dawutpulled out, uprooted (ROOT)

ḍeḍekrice chaff (PMP: *dekdek) *dekdek₁

ḍeḍetcompact, dense, thick, packed (both: filling completely, and: filled (PAN: *detdet)

dəkuto bow respectfully (PMP: *deku)

delepimmerse (PMP: *delep)

delesbowstring (PAN: *deles)

ḍəpafathom (the outstretched arms as a measure of length) (PAN: *depah)

dikepcatch with the flat of the hand (ROOT)

dinaday, daylight (ROOT)

d<in>wal ~ d<in>olto sell (LOAN)

doha distance, the distance, afar, being far away (PMP: *zauq)

doh dohat a distance, far away (PMP: *zauq zauq) *zauq

du ~ dūcorner, side, edge (PWMP: *zuRu)

ḍuḍukto sit (possibly connected with ceremonial functions) (PWMP: *dukduk₃)

Old Javanese (560 / 2255)

duhjuice, sap, oil (for a lamp) (PMP: *zuRuq)

dukutgrass (PMP: *zukut)

ḍukutgrass (PMP: *zukut)

dukut ~ ḍukutgrass (PMP: *dukut₂)

dulitto make lime (for chewing betel) (PWMP: *dulit₁)

dulurcompanion, that which goes together with something (PWMP: *duluR)

d<um>alihto believe (think) something to be, take for, guess; to presume (without foundation), suspect, accuse (PWMP: *dalih)

ḍ<um>awuhto fall, come down (PWMP: *dabuq)

ḍ<um>əpato span, enclose (PWMP: *d<um>epa) *depah

d<um>ohto go away, withdraw (PMP: *zauq)

d<um>oh-ito avoid, evade, shun, forsake, desert, abandon (PMP: *zauq)

duŋiswith a short (curled) upper lip (ROOT)

ḍuyuŋsea cow, dugong (PMP: *duyuŋ₂)

dwal ~ dolwares (LOAN)

dwa-lap-aneight (etymologically = 'two taken away from ten') (PAN: *alap)

dyusbath water, water for ritual purification (POC: *riRus) *diRus

ebus, embussnort, breathe violently (PMP: *qembus)

egapgasp for breath (PWMP: *egap)

ekahsigh, moan (PWMP: *eŋkaq)

elaklie open, with gaping opening (PMP: *elak)

Old Javanese (580 / 2255)

elukbend, curve (PWMP: *qeluk)

eluŋyoung and flexible branch, shoot (esp. of climbing plants) (PMP: *eluŋ)

emasgold (LOAN)

empo-ndistinguished person, "master", "lord" (PWMP: *empu-an) *empu

(e)mpudistinguished person, "master", "lord"; often, but by no means exclusively, of religious persons (brahmans and others) and joined to a proper or categorical noun ("sir", "lord", "master", "the honorable or reverend") (PMP: *empu)

-ennon-past passive suffix used primarily with bodily afflictions; e.g. bubuh-en to suffer from a tumor (PAN: *-en)

endahout of the ordinary, striking, astounding, extraordinarily beautiful (etc.); it is amazing! (LOAN)

enebthat which has settled on the bottom (NOISE)

enemsix (PAN: *enem)

enjakstep on (PWMP: *enzak)

entutfart, wind (PMP: *qetut)

eŋkabopen, unfold, develop, expand (PWMP: *e(ŋ)kab)

ésuk, m-ésukmorning; the next morning (LOAN)

gaḍuŋa climbing plant of the family Dioscorea. It has fragrant flowers and yields a tuber with narcotic properties (PWMP: *gaduŋ)

gagakcrow (PWMP: *gakgak)

galugakind of red dye made from the stones of the kusumba kliŋ; red (PWMP: *galugaʔ)

gambira small, white, fragrant flower, a kind of jasmine (LOAN)

gametkind of fish or other aquatic animal (PWMP: *gamet)

ganasswift, wild, impetuous, furious, savage (PMP: *ganas)

gante-nbetel quid exchanged between lovers (PWMP: *ganti-an) *ganti

Old Javanese (600 / 2255)

gantiturn; in turn (PWMP: *ganti)

ganty-analternation, succession, replacement (PWMP: *ganti-an) *ganti

garut“scratcher”, hook (a kind of tool) (PMP: *garut) *garuC

gatelitching (n. and adj.) (PMP: *gatel) *gaCel

gaṭikstrike, clash (ROOT)

gayama particular kind of tree, Inocarpus (PMP: *gayam)

gegesto shiver (PMP: *ge(s)ges)

gəgətto grit the teeth (with fury?) (PWMP: *getget₁)

gek(onom.) jolts and jumps (PWMP: *gek)

gənəpcomplete, full (PWMP: *genep)

gereŋgrowl, snarl (ROOT)

getahsap of tree or plant (PWMP: *geteq)

gigilague, a fever (malarial?) with hot and cold stages and fits of shivering (PMP: *gigil)

gi-gilap-anglittering (PMP: *gilap)

gigirfright (and its nervous reaction: shuddering, little screams, etc.) (PWMP: *gigir)

gigir-enin a fright, shuddering (PWMP: *gigir)

gigitto bite (PWMP: *gitgit)

gigutto bite (PWMP: *gigut)

gilagreat fear and anxiety, shuddering (PMP: *gila)

gila-gilasomething frightening, something giving the shudders (of horror, feeling aghast, etc.) (PMP: *gila-gila) *gila

Old Javanese (620 / 2255)

giliŋwagon, carriage, cart (PMP: *giliŋ)

giliŋ-anwagon, carriage, cart (PWMP: *giliŋ-an) *giliŋ

giliŋ-giliŋa little roll or ball? (PMP: *giliŋ)

g<in>ətəlto pinch (PMP: *getel) *geCel

g<in>untiŋto cut (with scissors) (LOAN)

giyakscreaming (PWMP: *giak)

giyuhmoving to and fro, shaking (NOISE)

goŋa gong (LOAN)

grahweak, powerless (of the limbs) (PWMP: *geraq)

gugut-enclenching the teeth (PMP: *gutgut₁) *gutgut

g<um>antito do (come) in one’s turn, replace, succeed (PWMP: *ganti)

g<um>arutto scratch, paw; also of playing the saluki (a certain musical instrument, probably a percussion instrument (PMP: *g<um>arut) *garuC

g<um>ənəp-ito complete (PWMP: *g<um>enep) *genep

g-um-erthundering, roaring (laughter, shouting) (PMP: *ger)

g<um>igilto shiver, shudder (with cold, fear) (PMP: *gigil)

g<um>ila-gilaŋshining, gleaming (PWMP: *gilaŋ)

g<um>ilapto gleam, glisten, shine, glitter (PWMP: *g<um>ilap) *gilap

g<um>iliŋto roll onward (PWMP: *g<um>iliŋ) *giliŋ

guntiŋscissors (LOAN)

guntura thundering mountain torrent (PWMP: *guntur)

Old Javanese (640 / 2255)

guŋguŋbooming (sound) (PAN: *guŋguŋ)

gurilapflickering (as a torch) (ROOT)

guritto scratch, engrave, paint; to write, write a poem (PMP: *gurit)

guritwriting, composition, esp. poem (PMP: *gurit)

guritto scratch, engrave, paint, write (ROOT)

gusi-gusigums (PAN: *gusi)

habalaŋthrow (something) at (NOISE)

hadasanise (Foeniculum vulgare) (PWMP: *hadas)

(h)alaŋa weapon (“blocking-weapon”?) (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

halaŋ pakana particular kind of cloth (?) (PMP: *pakan)

hali-kukun, wali-kukuna tree: Schoutenia (family of the Tiliaceae) (PMP: *kukun)

haliwatto pass, pass by, pass over, travel along (PWMP: *qaliwat)

haluprobably a kind of club (with an iron point) (PMP: *qahelu) *qaSelu

(h)alunlong rolling wave, swell of the sea (PMP: *qalun)

(h)ambawaŋkind of mango (PWMP: *qambawaŋ)

(h)ambeŋhalted, restrained, prevented (PWMP: *hambeŋ)

(h)ambeŋhalted, restrained, prevented (PWMP: *qambeŋ)

hampasresidue after boiling (LOAN)

(h)amp(e)rugall (PAN: *qapejux)

hanirice in the field? (PMP: *qanih) *qaniS

Old Javanese (660 / 2255)

hanituevil powers? (PMP: *qanitu) *qaNiCu

hanothe aren-palm (Arenga saccharifera) (PMP: *qanahaw)

hanteluegg (PMP: *qateluR)

hantimuncucumber (PMP: *qatimun)

hantuto die, dead, extinguished; death (PMP: *qanitu) *qaNiCu

(h)añutthrow something into the river (sea) to let it be carried away by the current (tide), especially of the ashes after cremation; to perform the funeral rites for; plunge something into, throw into, let something go down into, let something be carried away (PAN: *qañud)

hany-anrice ready for harvesting (PWMP: *qanih-an) *qaniS

(h)aŋetwarmth (less than panas), pleasant warmth (NOISE)

haŋistink, smell (PMP: *qaŋiR)

(h)aŋinwind (PMP: *haŋin)

(h)aŋin-aŋina gust, draught, waft, current of wind caused by a swift movement, wing-beat, breathing, etc.) (PMP: *haŋin-haŋin) *haŋin

haŋsagoose (LOAN)

haŋuscovered with soot, fire-blackened (PMP: *haŋus₂)

hapa hapaempty ears (of rice) (PWMP: *qapah qapah) *qapah

(h)apitenclosed, squeezed, pressed (PMP: *qapit) *qapiC

(h)apitenclosed, squeezed, pressed; "inserted", name of the 11th and 12th months (PMP: *hapit) *Sapit

(h)apūlime (PAN: *qapuR)

(h)araa particular kind of tree (of the ficus family) (PMP: *qaRa₁)

haramaedible marine creature (PWMP: *qaRama)

(h)areŋcharcoal (PMP: *qajeŋ)

Old Javanese (680 / 2255)

harepthe front, fore part; to stand before, to wish, desire, be on the point of (about to) (PMP: *qadep)

(h)asemtamarind (PWMP: *qalesem)

hasem-hasem(-an)something sour, a dish of various (pleasantly) sour items (fruits, preserves) (PWMP: *qalesem)

(h)asinsalt, salty (PAN: *qasiN)

hastahand, (lower) arm; the eleventh lunar asterism; a linear measure (LOAN)

(h)ataka certain legume (PWMP: *hametak)

(h)atatgreen parrot (LOAN)

hateproof, cover (PMP: *qatep)

(h)atia part of the body: liver?; heart as seat of feelings; be inclined, feel like, want (PMP: *qatay) *qaCay

(h)awerrestrain, suppress, check, stop, prevent (PWMP: *habed)

(h)awinbear, bring along (weapon, insignia, betel set), of someone escorting a person of rank (PMP: *qabin)

(h)awisfinished, completely gone (PWMP: *qabis)

(h)awuash, ashes (PMP: *qabu)

hawu-hawupowder (PMP: *qabu)

hawuk-hawukgreyish (PMP: *qabuk)

(h)ayamfowl, cock, hen (PWMP: *qayam₂)

(h)ayarunfold, spread out (to dry) (NOISE)

(h)ayunmoving to and fro, swinging, dangling (PWMP: *hayun)

hayuyucrab (PMP: *qayuyu)

(h)elarwing (of bird, insect, etc.) (PMP: *qelad₂)

Old Javanese (700 / 2255)

(h)eledone swallow (PWMP: *qeled)

heletwhat lies between, separates one thing from another (PMP: *qelet) *qeleC

(h)embanthat which carries or encloses (PMP: *heban) *SebaN

(h)embunmist, fine rain, dew, dew drops (PWMP: *qembun)

heneŋsilence, stillness, quiet (PMP: *qeneŋ)

(h)entiused up, finished so that nothing remains, utterly destroyed, exhausted (PMP: *qeti₃)

(h)enūroad, way (PMP: *qenuR) *qeNuR

(h)iaindeed, so, in fact, truly, right (PAN: *qia)

(h)idepeye-lashes (PWMP: *qizep)

hidepthe mind as the seat of cognition (knowledge, experience, sensation); the innermost recesses of the human being; knowledge, thinking, view, opinion, belief (NOISE)

(h)iduspittle, saliva (PWMP: *qizuR)

(h)ikanfish (PMP: *hikan) *Sikan

hilaŋ, ilaŋvanished, disappeared, lost, destroyed, dead, come to an end, ceased (PMP: *qilaŋ)

(h)iliflowing, current (PWMP: *qiliR)

hilir-anflow, current (PWMP: *qiliR-an) *qiliR

h-in-atepcover with a roof (PWMP: *q<in>atep) *qatep

h-in-atep-anput a roof on something (PWMP: *q<in>atep-an) *qatep

h-in-awu-hawumake into powder (PWMP: *q<in>abu) *qabu

hineb, inebbeing shut; door-panel (PAN: *qiNeb)

h-in-embancarry on both arms or in a carrying shawl; hold on one's lap; to nurse, be the guardian of (PMP: *h<in>eban) *SebaN

Old Javanese (720 / 2255)

(h)inepspend the night (PAN: *qinep)

hintendiamond (LOAN)

(h)ireŋblackness; the dark half of the moon (PWMP: *qiReŋ)

hirienvious, jealous, watching what another will do or get (PWMP: *qiRih)

(h)iriŋborder or edge (of the sky) (PWMP: *qiriŋ₁)

(h)iriŋside, flank, slope (of mountain) (PWMP: *qiriŋ₂)

(h)isepthat which is sucked up, absorbed (PMP: *qisep)

hitemblack (only in certain compounds) (PMP: *qitem)

(h)ituŋto calculate, enumerate; to consider, think of; pay attention to, relish (PWMP: *qituŋ)

hosexerting oneself, (moving) with difficulty, going heavily, heavy (heart, breathing) (PMP: *qaRus)

hötnarrowness, etc. (PMP: *heRet) *SeReC

(h)rebukpollen (PMP: *rebuk)

hreŋdeep persistent sound; rumbling, grumbling, growling, humming (PMP: *heReŋ)

hreŋ hreŋto rumble (PMP: *heReŋ)

(h)udanrain (PMP: *quzan) *quzaN

(h)ujuŋthe furthest point, projecting part, projecting corner, foot of a mountain (PMP: *quzuŋ)

hulapdazzlement, being unable to look at a bright light (ROOT)

(h)ulescloth cover, covering, wrapping, piece of cloth to put on (wrap in, sleep under), sheet (PMP: *qules₂) *qules

huluhead; headwaters of a river; (often in inscriptions in the titles of officials or functionaries) head of, chief of (PMP: *qulu) *quluh

(h)ulunslave, bondsman, servant; be a servant (PMP: *qulun₁)

Old Javanese (740 / 2255)

hulw-anthe head (of a bed, etc.) as opposed to the foot (PMP: *qulu-an) *quluh

h<um>alaŋ-alaŋ“to keep being in the way”, keep troubling (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

h<um>arepgo forward; stand or move in the direction of; turn towards, face (PMP: *qadep)

h-um-eneŋbe or become silent, keep silence, fall silent; keep quiet, take no action (PWMP: *q<um>eneŋ) *qeneŋ

h-um-uripgive life, bring to life, grant life (not kill) (PAN: *qudip₁) *qudip

(h)unteto twist together, wind (PWMP: *quntay₂)

(h)untutooth (PMP: *quntu)

(h)uŋloud noise, din (PWMP: *quRuŋ)

huŋkukhunchbacked; crooked (ROOT)

huraŋshrimp, prawn, lobster (PAN: *qudaŋ)

huriplife (PAN: *qudip₁) *qudip

(h)utaŋdebt (PMP: *qutaŋ)

huwangreyness, grey hair; grey (PMP: *quban) *qubaN

(h)uwiseveral kinds of tuberous plants; yam (PMP: *qubi)

huwusfinished, done, ended, already, over (PMP: *qubus)

(h)uyaŋheat, being heated, feeling hot (also of the heart) (PWMP: *huyaŋ)

hwab, obyawn (PMP: *huab₂) *Suab

hwirattan (PAN: *quay)

hyaŋ, yaŋgod, goddess, deified being; connected with the divine, sacred; person dedicated to the sacred, anchorite, monk, nun (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

iparticle with a prepositional function before nouns: in, on, by, through, with (PAN: *i₂)

Old Javanese (760 / 2255)

i-particle with a prepositional function before nouns, often combined with the definite particle ŋ to . Occurs before nouns which in the sentence function as grammatical object (esp. before place-names) (PMP: *hi-) *Si-₂

ibumother; in address, for any female person (LOAN)

icircrawl about? (of catfish and crayfish in the mud) (PWMP: *icir)

icukseduction, enticement; deceit (NOISE)

iḍamexperience the cravings of pregnancy; be pregnant (PWMP: *qidam)

i harep-ñain front of, in the presence of (PMP: *qadep)

ikelcurled, wavy (as hair) (PWMP: *ikel)

iketband, tie (PMP: *hiket) *Siket

ikətband, tie (PWMP: *hiket)

ikū, ikuhtail (PAN: *ikuR)

ikutto follow; be attached to (PMP: *ikut₁)

ilaggo away, retire, escape; go away from, evade, pass by, escape from (PWMP: *qilag)

ilepto lose (NOISE)

iliŋlook at (regard, observe) with attention (affection, love) (PWMP: *hiliŋ)

iliŋlook at (regard, observe) with attention (affection, love) (PWMP: *iliŋ₂)

ilolook at oneself (in the mirror, etc.); see, watch (PMP: *ilaw)

ilūsaliva (PMP: *iluR₁)

imbuhincrease, addition (PWMP: *imbuq)

impungathered, brought together; bound up, combined; concise (PMP: *qi(m)pun)

inakwell-being, peace, ease, enjoyment, satisfaction; easy (smooth, untroubled) course (e.g. of a battle) (LOAN)

Old Javanese (780 / 2255)

in-alapwas taken, fetched, carried off, stolen, seized, won (PAN: *in-alap) *alap

in-anudo something or other, do you-know-what (PWMP: *in-anu) *-nu₁

ina-ŋmother, elderly woman (PMP: *iná-ŋ) *ina

in-aŋin-aŋinfluttering in the wind (PMP: *haŋin)

in-api, in-apuybe on fire (PWMP: *h<in>apuy) *Sapuy

in-apusto bind, ensnare; to bind together (PWMP: *R<in>apus) *Rapus

in-arakto conduct in procession (PWMP: *in-aRak) *aRak

in-aterwas escorted, was brought (PWMP: *h<in>ateD) *SateD

indahbeing different, extraordinary beauty; (LOAN)

inda-ŋmother (PWMP: *inda₂)

iṇḍaŋgo round in or among (in order to search, inspect, etc.) (PWMP: *indaŋ)

indu-ŋmother; familiar or affectionate address to a woman (beloved, daughter): my good woman, my dear girl (PWMP: *indu-ŋ) *indu

in-eṇḍem-eṇḍemto foster, feel deeply (PWMP: *qendem)

in-ipidream (PMP: *h<in>ipi) *Sipi

in-isuh-anto wash (PMP: *hisuq)

in-isuk-ando something in the morning (early), start early (LOAN)

inte, intaykeep constantly in view, keep a watch on, watch narrowly, peer at (PWMP: *hintay)

intipto peep (LOAN)

inumdrinking (subst.) (PMP: *inum)

in-umah-aninhabited (PAN: *Rumaq)

Old Javanese (800 / 2255)

inum-andrink(s) (PWMP: *inum-an) *inum

inum-inum-andrinks (PMP: *inum-inum-an) *inum

i-ŋaran(-an)give a name to, call, give or mention the name of someone; to regard, consider, believe to be (PWMP: *i-ŋajan(-an)) *ŋajan

iŋetawareness, memory (PWMP: *iŋet)

iŋet-iŋetthinking over, revolving in one's mind; souvenir, keepsake (PWMP: *iŋat-iŋat) *iŋat

iŋinlong for (to possess), desirous, avid, filled with desire or love (LOAN)

iŋisbared, visible (teeth, etc.), bare the teeth, grin, smile (ROOT)

iŋkabbe blown up, blown open (PWMP: *iŋkab)

iŋsershift, change place, move aside, move away (PMP: *ised)

iŋsershift, change place, move aside, move away (PMP: *iseR)

ipakto lap, splash, wash (waves) (PWMP: *ipak₁)

ipakto lap, splash, wash (waves) (ROOT)

ipidream (PMP: *hipi) *Sipi

iraform in which the pronoun sira appears, when qualifying a noun (his, her; your) or the in-form of the passive verb (by him, by her; by you) (PMP: *ida)

iraŋshame, embarrassment (PWMP: *iraŋ₁)

iridpull, draw, drag along; carry away, lead off, to lead (PWMP: *irid₂)

irirfan (PMP: *irid₁)

iristo cut, cut through (PMP: *qiris)

irusladle of coconut shell (PAN: *qidus)

isermove aside (PMP: *ised)

Old Javanese (820 / 2255)

isermove aside (PMP: *iseR)

isicontents, what is found (lives, etc.) in a place; the special content, the core or essence (PAN: *isi₅)

isuh-isuhwashing (PMP: *hisuq)

isy-anfilling (PWMP: *isi-an) *isi₅

itekto live (play, wallow) in the mud (ROOT)

itikduck, young bird (PWMP: *itik₂)

ituŋgreat-great grandchild (NOISE)

japa tawaa formula to make poison, etc. harmless (PWMP: *tabaR)

jarijifinger, toe (LOAN)

jariŋnet (to catch fish, birds, kidangs [barking deer]) (PMP: *zariŋ)

jariŋ-jariŋspider web (PMP: *zariŋ)

jatiteak tree (LOAN)

jawaa grain (in particular barley or millet?). Perhaps a Prakrit form of Sanskrit yawa (barley). Was barley known in Java? Or should we assume jawa = jawawut (millet)? (PAN: *zawa₂)

jəjəlcrowding, packing (PWMP: *zelzel)

jilakpartial eye defect (cross-eyed?) (PMP: *zilak)

jukuŋa small vessel (dugout canoe) (LOAN)

j<um>umputto take or hold between forefinger and thumb, pinch (LOAN)

juru kuruŋservant who looks after the cocks (PWMP: *kuruŋ)

ka-passive prefix: the ka- passive refers more to the state achieved, in contrast to the -in- passive, which refers more to the action: ka-bebed ‘bound, entwined’ (cp. bebed ‘band, tie, bandage’); ka-dawut ‘uprooted’ (cp. dawut ‘pull out, uproot’) (PMP: *ka-₇)

ka- -anmarker of the adversative passive; ka-turw-an ‘overcome by sleep, falling asleep, dropping off’ (cf. turū ‘to sleep’); k-āŋin-an ‘moved (driven) by the wind; in the wind’; ka-panas-an ‘suffering from the heat; angry’ (PAN: *ka- -an₁)

Old Javanese (840 / 2255)

ka-bebedto tie, bandage, entwine (PWMP: *ka-bejbej) *bejbej

ka-benermake straight, put right, set in the right direction (PMP: *bener)

ka-bener-anhead straight for, hit right on something (PWMP: *ka-bener-an) *bener

ka-bener-anproperly done; fortunately, a lucky thing; just right (PWMP: *ka-bener-an) *bener

ka-besur-anbecoming tired of (PWMP: *ka-besuR-an) *besuR

ka-bisa-nskill, ability (LOAN)

ka-buruto hunt, chase (PWMP: *ka-buRaw) *buRaw

ka-buyut-anobject of worship, place of worship, holy place (because of its coming down from immemorial times? or because of its connection with ancestor worship?) (LOAN)

ka-bwaŋthrow away, fling away (PWMP: *ka-buaŋ) *buqaŋ

ka-bwat-anto weigh upon, burden, oppress, overwhelm; weight, gravity, ripeness (PWMP: *ka-beReqat-en) *beReqat

ka-ḍatəŋ-anbeing reached (PWMP: *ka-dateŋ-an) *dateŋ

kadi pirahow could it be? how is it possible that? (PAN: *pijax)

ka-doh-andistance (PMP: *zauq)

ka-garisstriped?, grazed? (PMP: *garis)

ka-halaŋ-anobstructed (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

ka-hantuto swoon (PMP: *qanitu) *qaNiCu

ka-hulun-anprobably: the position (state, attitude) of a hulun (servant, follower) in relation to his lord or master; servitude, submission (PWMP: *ka-qulun-an) *qulun₁

ka-hurip-anescape with one's life, stay alive, be given one's life (PAN: *ka-qudip-an) *qudip

ka-hyaŋ-anabode of the gods or of a particular god, heaven (PWMP: *qiaŋ)

kajaŋmat-awning, canopy, screen of palm leaves (PMP: *kazaŋ₂)

Old Javanese (860 / 2255)

ka-juŋjuŋto life; to raise in rank (PWMP: *zuŋzuŋ)

kakaelder brother or sister; also used in addressing somewhat older persons, and for the husband (between man and wife) (PMP: *kaka₂)

ka-kampil-anto put in a bag (PWMP: *kampil)

kakapa large (predatory) fish, Lates calcarifer (“cockup”) (PWMP: *kakap₁) *kakap

ka-kayw-antrees (PWMP: *ka-kahiw-an) *kaSiw

ka-kəna-nto catch, seize, get hold of; to hit, touch (PAN: *keNa)

ka-kəna-nto apply to, use on, subject to, put something on someone; make wear (PWMP: *kena)

ka-kilala-ngiven to rule over temporarily (PWMP: *ka-kilala-an) *kilala

ka-kilat-anto illuminate with flashes of lightning, shine on (PMP: *kilat₁) *likaC

ka-kiŋ-andried up (PWMP: *keRiŋ)

ka-kiwato the left of (LOAN)

k-ākumake something one's own, to appropriate; relate to oneself, take possession of, master; regard as one's own, acknowledge, confess to, admit; to claim (as one's own), be sure of, depend on, answer for, guarantee, declare that one is able to (often boastfully) (PAN: *k-aku) *aku

kalascorpion (LOAN)

ka-laki-laki(n)manliness, manly courage, virility (PWMP: *ka-(la)laki-an) *laki₁

ka-lalw-angone by, past; passed, left behind (PMP: *lalu₁)

ka-laŋkah-anto have something pass over one; be trodden underfoot (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

k-ālaptaken, fetched, carried off (PWMP: *ka-alap) *alap

k-ālap-antaken, fetched, carried off (PWMP: *ka-alap-an) *alap

k-ālas-anovergrown by the forest (PWMP: *ka-halas-an) *Salas

ka-ləŋərto lose consciousness, faint away, swoon (NOISE)

Old Javanese (880 / 2255)

ka-ləŋgakto fall with the head back; to sink down (limply, with the head back, fainting) (LOAN)

ka-ləsw-anbecoming weak, exhausted (PWMP: *lesu₃)

kalideep watercourse, river-bed, channel (PAN: *kali₁) *kali

ka-likutwisted, crooked, perverted (PWMP: *liku₂)

ka-limathe fifth month (PMP: *ika-lima) *lima

ka-lorto the north of (PWMP: *ka-lahud) *lahud

ka-luŋsurto lay down, put down, take off, let slip down (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)suR)

ka-luŋsur-anto put down, take off; to dismiss, remove (from office) (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)suR)

kamalira particular kind of (religious?) building (PMP: *kamaliR)

ka-mata-nseen, visible (PMP: *mata) *maCa

kambiŋgoat (LOAN)

kamilst person pronoun (sg. and pl.) (PAN: *k-ami) *ami

kamiri ~ kamerithe candle-nut tree: Aleurites triloba (PMP: *kamiri)

kampilbag, pouch (for money or valuables) (PWMP: *kampil)

kamu2nd person (sg. and pl.) (PMP: *kamu₂) *amu

kamuniŋkind of tree with yellow wood: Murraya sp. (PMP: *kamuniŋ)

kanaŋatree with fragrant flowers: Cananga odorata (PMP: *kanaŋa)

kanciŋlock, bar, bolt (LOAN)

kanḍaŋpen, cowshed (PWMP: *kandaŋ)

ka-ŋaran-angive a name to, call, give or mention the name of someone; to regard, consider, believe to be (PWMP: *ka-ŋajan(-an)) *ŋajan

Old Javanese (900 / 2255)

k-āŋin-anmoved (driven) by the wind; in the wind (PWMP: *ka-haŋin-an) *haŋin

ka-pa-ciritto defecate inadvertently (PWMP: *cirit)

kapa-kapal-əncallused, to develop calluses? (PWMP: *kapal)

kapalaŋ-alaŋimpeded, defective, disturbed, troubled (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

ka-pa-ŋan-andevoured by; addicted to? (PWMP: *pa-ŋaen) *kaen

kapascotton-tree, cotton (LOAN)

ka-patfour altogether; as fourth; the fourth month (PMP: *ka-epat) *Sepat

ka-patideath (concrete case of dying) (PWMP: *ka-p-atay) *aCay

kapa-tulibe deafened (temporarily) by a loud noise (PMP: *tuli₁) *Culi

ka-penuh-anto fill, make complete (PWMP: *ka-penuq-an) *peNuq

ka-pəpərhard-pressed (PWMP: *perper₂)

ka-pətəŋ-anplunged in darkness, in the dark, blinded, with everything becoming dark (PWMP: *peteŋ)

ka-pilihto choose (?) (PWMP: *ka-piliq) *piliq

ka-pipitsqueezed, pinched, jammed (PAN: *pitpit₂)

ka-pisa-nat the same time, together, at once; straightaway, completely (PWMP: *pisan)

ka-pituthe seventh month (PMP: *ka-pitu) *pitu

kapukkapok (PWMP: *kapuk)

ka-pukětto fish with a dragnet or seine; to catch (in a net) (PWMP: *ka-puket) *puket₁

ka-puŋkurto turn one’s back on something, have something at one’s back; leave something behind (LOAN)

ka-pupusto beat, thrash, crush? (PWMP: *puspus₂)

Old Javanese (920 / 2255)

ka-putih-anto cause to become pale (with fright, shame, etc.) (PWMP: *ka-putiq-an) *putiq

karaŋcoral, coral rock, coral reef; probably also more general: any rock (in the sea or on the sea shore) (PMP: *karaŋ)

karaŋ-karaŋgarland of flowers (LOAN)

ka-rara-nmaidenhood (PWMP: *ka-daRa-an) *daRa₂

ka-ratu-nkingship, royal dignity (PMP: *datu)

ka-rotwo, both; with (PWMP: *ka-duha) *duSa

kashardness, inflexibility (PMP: *keRas)

ka-sakit-ansuffering pain, aching, ill (PWMP: *ka-sakit-an) *sakit

ka-sākṣy-anto witness, be a witness at (LOAN)

ka-salahfault, mistake (PWMP: *ka-salaq) *salaq₁

ka-salah-anto do wrong to; to deviate, go away from, avoid, refuse (PWMP: *ka-salaq-an) *salaq₁

ka-sawur-anto bestrew, strew on (PWMP: *sabuD)

ka-sawur-anto bestrew, strew on (PWMP: *ka-sabuR-an) *saq(e)buR

ka-səpy-an ~ ka-səpe-nto feel abandoned, forlorn (PWMP: *sepi)

k-asih areppitiful, in a pitiable condition (PMP: *ka-qasiq) *qasiq

ka-sikuto prod or jab with the elbow (PWMP: *ka-siku) *sikux

ka-soŋ-anto shade, overshadow, hang (project) over (PWMP: *saeŋ)

ka-sulit-anstand in each other’s way, too tightly packed (PWMP: *sulit₁)

ka-sulit-ento be in difficulties with, having something hampering (being in the way) (PWMP: *sulit₁)

ka-suluh-anshine upon, illuminate (PMP: *suluq)

Old Javanese (940 / 2255)

kasumbasafflower: Carthamus tinctorius, from which a bright red dye is made (LOAN)

ka-susukthat which (a person who is) a thorn in the side; a cause of pain (PWMP: *ka-suksuk) *suksuk

ka-susuk-anentered, possessed (PAN: *suksuk)

ka-susun-anto attack in row after row, to shower (arrows) on (PMP: *susun) *susuN

ka-susu-susuhurried on, in a hurry (NOISE)

ka-tahw-anskilled, used (to), familiar (with) (PWMP: *ka-taqu-an) *Caqu

ka-takutfear; object of fear (PMP: *ka-takut) *takut

ka-tama-nstruck, hit by (PAN: *tama₁)

ka-tama-npenetrated by, affected by, moved by, full of (PWMP: *ka-tama-an) *tama₂

ka-tambak-anto provide with a dam, be provided with a dam (PWMP: *ka-tambak-an) *tambak₂

ka-tanem-anto plant with, to make something enter into and stick (PAN: *ka-tanem-an) *CaNem

ka-taŋkəp-anto close in on, assail (PMP: *taŋkep)

katapaŋthe Indian almond tree, Terminalia catappa (PMP: *katapaŋ)

ka-təkaarrived; (come) as far as, including (PMP: *teka₁)

ka-təka-n(“reached by something”) to suffer, undergo; to succeed in, manage to, win; to reach, up to (PMP: *teka₁)

ka-təluthree (all together) (PMP: *ka-telu) *telu

ka-tinḍəsoverrun, trampled under foot (PMP: *tindes)

katiroutrigger of a jukuŋ (PMP: *katiR)

ka-tuduhto point at, point out, indicate, show, guide; to order, instruct, appoint, designate (PWMP: *ka-tuzuq) *tuzuq₁

ka-tuduh-anpointed out, shown, demonstrated; demonstrable, visible, known to everybody (PWMP: *ka-tuzuq-an) *tuzuq₁

Old Javanese (960 / 2255)

ka-tuduh-anpointed out, shown, demonstrated; demonstrable, visible, known to everybody (PWMP: *ka-tuzuq-an) *tuzuq₁

ka-tuha-nold age, relatively older age, being the elder (PWMP: *ka-tuqah-an) *tuqaS

ka-turuh-andripped upon, affected (destroyed ) by rain and humidity (PAN: *tuduq)

ka-tūtcarried along, carried away; along with, included (PWMP: *tuRut)

ka-tutuknocked, struck (?) (PAN: *tutuh)

kawahcauldron, cauldron of hell (in which the souls are punished); hell (PWMP: *kawaq)

kawancompanion; group (PWMP: *kaban₁)

ka-waŋkay-anas if dead (?) (PWMP: *baŋkay)

kawatwire (LOAN)

ka-wekasleft behind, left, remaining, from now; last, highest (PMP: *bekas₃)

ka-wekas-anbeing left behind (PMP: *bekas₃)

ka-weŋa-namazed, speechless (PMP: *beŋa₁)

ka-weŋy-annight-time (PWMP: *ka-beRŋi-an) *beRŋi

ka-wintaŋ-ansown with stars (LOAN)

kawithook (PAN: *kawit)

ka-wurileft behind, stay behind, in the rear; leave behind, leave unfinished (NOISE)

ka-wutahthrow up, vomit out (PWMP: *ka-utaq) *utaq

kayuwood, tree (PMP: *kahiw) *kaSiw

kayu hayam-hayam-ankind of tree? (NOISE)

kayu-kayutrees (PMP: *kahi-kahiw) *kaSiw

Old Javanese (980 / 2255)

kayu tahulantree stump?; leafless tree? (PMP: *tuqelan) *CuqelaN

kaywan, kayontrees (PWMP: *kahiw-an) *kaSiw

kəbowater buffalo (LOAN)

keḍepekthudding or bumping noise (ROOT)

keḍiksmall number, measure or degree; short time (PWMP: *kedik)

kəjəŋstiff (of arms or legs, e.g. from sitting in a cramped position, as the result of damage, etc.) (PMP: *kezeŋ)

kəjəpclosing the eyes, sleeping; to close the eyes, sleep (PWMP: *kezep)

kə-kənḍo-nloosely done up (of a chignon) (PWMP: *kenduR)

kelebbe submerged, sink (ROOT)

keléŋto ring a prayer-bell (ROOT)

kəmbaŋflower (PWMP: *kembaŋ)

kəmbartwin, alike in appearance (LOAN)

kənahit by, touched by, subjected to, being the object of (PAN: *keNa)

k-énakthe best thing, the most convenient (LOAN)

kenassmall game; in particular deer, roe? (PMP: *kenas)

kənḍoloose, slack (PWMP: *kenduR)

kəpəlwhat is compressed (held) in the clenched hand, a ball (of rice) (PWMP: *kepel)

kəpəl-kəpəla light meal (“a few balls of rice”), esp. for breakfast (?) (PWMP: *kepel)

kepukonomatopoetic particle (blow) (PMP: *kepuk)

kepuŋencircle, besiege (PWMP: *kepuŋ)

Old Javanese (1000 / 2255)

kəramonkey (LOAN)

kəraŋ ~ kraŋmussel, mussel shell: Cardulum edule (LOAN)

kerepeksound of cracking (ROOT)

kerepuksound of clashing, clanging, clattering (ROOT)

kerikscrape off (PMP: *keriqik)

kəris ~ krisa particular kind of dagger (LOAN)

kesimade the contents (core, essence) of something, kept in, treasured in (PMP: *ka-isi) *isi₅

kətəg-kətəgthe signs of life and esp. emotion, including (quickened) breathing and heartbeat as well as more general movements (PWMP: *keteg)

kətərtrembling, shaking, quivering, vibrating, (soft) rumbling (PWMP: *keter)

kətikkind of bird or other animal of which the sound is compared to that of the gecko (PWMP: *ketik)

kətua cap (worn by religious persons) (LOAN)

kətugbooming, thundering, rumbling, crashing, roaring, rattling, thumping; thunder (NOISE)

kiduŋsong (PWMP: *kiduŋ)

kikirfile (PMP: *kiDkiD)

kilala-nsomething of which one has the use (PWMP: *kilala-an) *kilala

kilana span (of the hand) (PWMP: *kilan)

kilaŋfermented drink made from sugar-cane (PWMP: *kilaŋ)

kilatlightning, flash of lighting (PMP: *kilat₁) *likaC

k<in>a-səḍəp-anwas found pleasing (PWMP: *sedep₂)

k<in>awitto hook (PAN: *kawit)

Old Javanese (1020 / 2255)

k<in>əkəpto clasp, encircle, embrace (PMP: *kepkep)

k<in>ukub-anto cover up (PMP: *kubkub₂)

k<in>ulubto boil lightly, stew (PWMP: *kulub₂)

k<in>uŋkuŋto lock up, confine, hold captive (PWMP: *kuŋkuŋ₄)

kira-kirathoughts which one fosters, ideas; plan, scheme, devices and designs (LOAN)

kirigshake oneself (like a dog after a (PWMP: *kirig)

kitapersonal pronoun of the second person (singular or plural) (PAN: *k-ita) *ita₁

kiṭukmake a knocking sound (ROOT)

kiṭukmake a knocking sound (ROOT)

kiwaleft (LOAN)

kopronoun of the second person: you (generally disparaging or when addressing oneself) (PMP: *kahu) *kaSu

konṭolscrotum (NOISE)

-kusuffix for the first person (after stems that end with a consonant other than n) (PAN: *-ku)

kuḍis-enscurvy, scabby (PAN: *kudis)

kuḍuŋ-kuḍuŋcover, wrapping, veil, shroud (PWMP: *kuduŋ)

kujura measure (pile) or bar of cake-shaped objects (NOISE)

kukubsheet, covering (PMP: *kubkub₂)

kukuhstrong, firm, inflexible, tough, sturdy, relentless (PMP: *kukuq)

kukuhstrong, firm, inflexible, tough, sturdy, relentless (LOAN)

kukuŋstiff, rigid (PWMP: *kukuŋ)

Old Javanese (1040 / 2255)

ku-kuruŋ-anwomen reserved for the king (PWMP: *kuruŋ-an) *kuruŋ

kukussmoke, spray, cloud (of dust, pollen, etc.) (PWMP: *kuskus₁)

kukussmoke, spray, cloud (of dust, pollen, etc.) (PWMP: *kukus)

kukus-ancone-shaped basket of woven bamboo in which rice is steamed (PWMP: *kuskus-an₂) *kuskus₁

kukus-ancone-shaped basket of woven bamboo in which rice is steamed (PWMP: *kuskus₁)

kukus-ancone-shaped basket of woven bamboo in which rice is steamed (PWMP: *kukus)

kula certain mollusc (mussel, oyster, clam?) (PWMP: *kuhul)

kuləmnight (PWMP: *kulem)

kulubboiled lightly (PWMP: *kulub₂)

kulub-anlightly boiled dish of vegetables (PWMP: *kulub-an) *kulub₂

k<um>ərətto sever (the head), chop, cut (the throat) (PAN: *keret)

k<um>ilalato enjoy the usufruct of, have a right to the services, etc. of (PWMP: *k<um>ilala) *kilala

k<um>ilatto flash, of lightning (PWMP: *k<um>ilat) *likaC

kumismoustache (PMP: *kumis)

k<um>ukupto take together, gather up (PWMP: *k<um>upkup) *kupkup₃

k<um>ukussmoking, like smoke (PWMP: *kuskus₁)

k<um>ukussmoking, like smoke (PWMP: *kukus)

k<um>ullike a kul, to clam up (PWMP: *kuhul)

kunirturmeric (PMP: *kunij)

kunir-enyellowish? (PMP: *kunij)

Old Javanese (1060 / 2255)

kuŋkuŋa particular kind of ornament (ring?, bracelet?) (PWMP: *kuŋkuŋ₄)

kupiŋ ~ kopiŋear (PWMP: *kupiŋ)

kupu-kupu ~ ku-kupubutterfly (LOAN)

kuratortoise (LOAN)

kuraŋtoo little, not enough; having too little, lacking (deficient) in (LOAN)

kureblie in an overturned position, lie face downward (PWMP: *kureb)

kurenhusband, wife, partner, consort (PAN: *kuden)

kuriskind of scabious cutaneous eruption (PAN: *kuris₁)

kuruthinness (PWMP: *kuru₂)

kuruŋcage (PWMP: *kuruŋ)

kuruŋ-ancage (PWMP: *kuruŋ-an) *kuruŋ

kusikrushing, rustling, making a confused sound, murmuring (PMP: *kusik)

kusumake fire by friction (PMP: *kusu₁)

kusutin disorder, disturbed, dishevelled, not done up (hanging down, hair), unkempt (PWMP: *kusut)

kuṭafort, stronghold, fortfied encampment, walled palace, wall (LOAN)

kutil-ənsuffering from pimples (?) (PWMP: *kutil)

kuwudwelling, housing, quarters, lodgings (often of temporarily erected housing or buildings at feasts or pleasure trips); tents, encampment; but also residence of patih (high official in the court), mantri (king’s counselor, minister) (PMP: *kubu)

lābhaacquisition, gain, profit (LOAN)

labw-anrainfall (after the dry season) (PWMP: *labuq₁)

ladiŋtype of cleaver or jungle knife (PMP: *ladiŋ)

Old Javanese (1080 / 2255)

lagicontinuously, constantly, again and again, always, usually; continuing for some time already, going on, keeping on, still (PMP: *lagi)

laguuse, custom; behavior, bearing (PWMP: *lagu₁)

lakiman, male, husband (PMP: *laki₁)

laki-lakiman, male, husband (PMP: *laki₁)

la-lamaksomething laid down to put something else on, a mat (PMP: *lamak)

lalateŋstinging nettle (PMP: *la-lateŋ) *laCeŋ

lalera fly (PMP: *lalej)

lalito forget, fail to notice (NOISE)

laluto pass, go by, elapse, continue, proceed; thereupon, subsequently; passing the limit, going too far, too much, exceedingly, very, very much (PMP: *lalu₁)

laluto pass, go by, elapse, continue, proceed; thereupon, subsequently; passing the limit, going too far, too much (LOAN)

lamalength of time, duration (PAN: *lama₂)

lambaŋthat which is stretched out horizontally (PWMP: *lak(e)baŋ)

lambattenacious, difficult to move (LOAN)

lambuŋside, flank of the body, of a mountain, of a battle-array (LOAN)

lamlamcarried away by desire (longing); being a prey to one's emotions; feeling uncertain; acting according to one's own desire (whim) (PAN: *lamlam₁)

lampita mat of rattan (PWMP: *lampit)

lamuk-lamukvaguely visible (PWMP: *lamuk₁)

landakporcupine (PWMP: *landak)

lantemat of rattan (distinctive of high rank) (PWMP: *lantay)

laŋitsky, firmament (PMP: *laŋit) *laŋiC

Old Javanese (1100 / 2255)

laŋit-laŋitcanopy (PWMP: *laŋit laŋit) *laŋiC

laŋkahstep, stride (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

lapāhunger (also thirst?) (PMP: *lapaR₁)

latahbewildered, perplexed, dumbfounded (NOISE)

latəkmud, bog (LOAN)

latekmud, bog (ROOT)

latəŋstinging nettle (PMP: *lateŋ) *laCeŋ

latu-latu, lalatusparks, flying parts of a burning object (PWMP: *lalatu₂)

lawanmatch, opponent, adversary (PMP: *laban₂)

lawaŋdoor, gate, entrance (PWMP: *lawaŋ₂)

lawaŋ-angate (PWMP: *lawaŋ₂)

lawaslength of time, duration (NOISE)

laway-anyarn reel (PWMP: *labay₁)

laway-anyarn-reel (PAN: *laway)

laway-anyarn-reel (PWMP: *laway-an) *laway

lawethread, yarn (PWMP: *labay₁)

lawethread, yarn (PAN: *laway)

layw-anfallen (picked) and fading flower (PAN: *layu)

ləbakvalley (PWMP: *lebak₂)

ləbūdust (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1120 / 2255)

lebugmud (PWMP: *lebug)

ləbuhopen space (road or square) in town or village (PMP: *lebuq)

lelebexpired, lapsed, forfeited (PWMP: *le(b)leb)

lələbexpired, lapsed, forfeited (PWMP: *leleb)

lələsto disappear (NOISE)

lembahlow-lying ground, valley (PWMP: *le(m)baq)

ləmbucow, bull (when distinct from sapi, probably a white cow or bull’ (LOAN)

ləmbutfine, soft, thin; delicate, gentle, refined (PWMP: *lembut)

lemeŋ-lemeŋ-anfood cooked in a vessel of green bamboo (PWMP: *lemeŋ₂)

lempagto deal a blow (PWMP: *le(m)pag)

ləmukindly disposed, sympathetic? (PWMP: *lemu)

lenother, different, otherwise, and also (PMP: *lian)

lenother, different, otherwise, and also (PWMP: *laqin)

ləŋaseseame; sesame oil; oil (PMP: *leŋa)

leŋenarm (PMP: *leŋen)

leŋeŋa state of daze, of being unaware of about one, rapture, ecstasy; being enraptured by beauty or love (LOAN)

ləŋkəpcomplete (?) (PWMP: *lekep₂)

lepaointment, unguent, plaster (LOAN)

ləpasfree (from bonds), released; let go, thrown (flying missile); set going, moving off, leaving, going away, leaving others behind; moving unhindered and swiftly (PWMP: *lepas)

lepettight, tightly bound, compressed, compact (PWMP: *lepet₁)

Old Javanese (1140 / 2255)

ləpəttight, tightly bound, compressed, compact (PWMP: *lepet₃)

ləpihfold; double the sum, twice the amount (PWMP: *lepiq)

ləpitcleft, narrow valley (PMP: *lepit₂)

ləsuweak, tired, limp; drained of energy (PWMP: *lesu₃)

ləsuŋrice-pounder (PMP: *lesuŋ)

ləwihsuperior, higher, better, more; surpassing, exceeding(ly), prominent, eminent; more so, especially; superiority, etc. (PMP: *lebiq)

licinfree(dom) from any encumbrances, free(dom) from passions ... complete perfection (PWMP: *licin)

liketglutinous, syrupy, sticky, thick (PMP: *liket)

liku-likutwists, bends; twisted, bending, winding (PWMP: *liku₂)

likur-anside? (PAN: *likud-an) *likud

lilita pattern of wavy lines, rippling (PAN: *litlit)

limafive (PAN: *lima)

limasa container for food (PMP: *limas)

limoa citrus fruit, the lime (PWMP: *limaw)

limpaspleen (LOAN)

l<in>aler-anfull of flies (PMP: *lalej)

l<in>araŋforbidden to others, reserved for, declared (PAN: *laRaŋ)

lin-cakleap, hop (ROOT)

linḍūto shake, quake; earthquake, tremor (PMP: *linduR)

linḍuŋ-anhiding place, cover (PWMP: *linduŋ-an) *liduŋ

Old Javanese (1160 / 2255)

l<in>əŋa-nto rub with oil (PMP: *leŋa)

l<in>əpitto pleat, fold (PMP: *lepit₂)

l<in>or-anto pass on the north side (PAN: *lahud)

liŋwhat one says: words, command, suggestion, etc.; what one says to oneself (in one's heart): thought, opinion; what something says (conveys): meaning, tenor (PMP: *liŋ₂)

liŋgissharp-bladed crowbar (PWMP: *li(ŋ)gis)

liŋsanit, egg of a louse (PMP: *lisehaq, liseqah) *liseqeS

lonslowness (PWMP: *laun)

lornorth (PAN: *lahud)

lukatwiped out, undone (of sin, a curse); released, purified (of the person); to get free (from a restriction)? (PWMP: *lukat₁)

l<um>abuhto cast oneself (into the fire, into the water, onto the rocks), to seek one’s death; to cast anchor (PWMP: *labuq₁)

l<um>aki-lakito incite to manly action, fire the fighting spirit of (PMP: *laki₁)

l<um>aluto go on regardless of the consequences (PMP: *lalu₁)

l<um>aluto go on regardless of the consequences, determinded to face (difficulties, death, etc.); to pass by, ignore (LOAN)

l<um>aŋkahto advance, proceed (PMP: *laŋkaq₁)

lumba-lumbaporpoise (LOAN)

lumbarfree, unfettered, left open (field where crop has been reaped) (PMP: *lumbar)

lumbua water plant with limp leaves (an image of weakness) (PMP: *lumbu)

lumbuŋrice barn (PMP: *lumbuŋ₂)

l<um>əsuto cause to grow weak, tire, abate (PWMP: *l<um>esu) *lesu₃

l<um>iputto envelop, enwrap, engulf, enfold, cover, surround (PWMP: *l<um>iput) *liput₁

Old Javanese (1180 / 2255)

lumpatjump, leap (PWMP: *lumpat)

lumpuhlame (of the leg) (PWMP: *lumpuq)

l<um>umpatto leap, jump (PWMP: *lumpat)

l<um>uŋsurto come down, slip down, slide down (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)suR)

lumutmoss, lichen, small vegetation growing on rocks, trees, etc; small ferns; a kind of powder (beḍak), esp. on the breasts (PMP: *lumut)

lumut-encovered with lichen, etc. (PWMP: *lumut-en) *lumut

lumut-lumutmoss, lichen, small vegetation growing on rocks, trees, etc; small ferns; a kind of powder (beḍak), esp. on the breasts (PMP: *lumut-lumut) *lumut

lunasthe keel of a ship (PWMP: *lunas)

luŋkachasm, gap (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)ka)

luŋsurcoming down, slipping down, sliding down (PWMP: *lu(ŋ)suR)

lupaloss of memory, loss of consciousness (PMP: *lupa)

lutuŋblack or grey long-tailed monkey: Semnopithecus maurus (PAN: *luCuŋ)

luwaŋpit, hole, cavity (PMP: *lubaŋ₁)

luwarto separate, disperse, break up, part, go away; loose from, freed from, to escape from (PMP: *luqar)

lūyaexhausted, powerless (PWMP: *luya₂)

lyaŋhole, burrow, opening (PMP: *liaŋ)

ma-asihto love, have sympathy or compassion (PMP: *ma-qasiq) *qasiq

ma-asy-asihshow one's love, do a favor, be so kind (PMP: *ma-qasiq) *qasiq

m(a)-atidie; dead (PMP: *m-atay) *aCay

ma-baŋunwith the shape of, like (PWMP: *ma-baŋun) *baŋuN

Old Javanese (1200 / 2255)

ma-bukutsit respectfully bowed (PMP: *bukut)

ma-cəkuk-cəkukto choke (or to hiccup?) (PWMP: *cekuk)

ma-dagiŋto have the flesh (body) of, descend from )?) (LOAN)

madhuhoney; mead; syrup (LOAN)

ma-dwalto sell (LOAN)

ma-garutto scratch (PWMP: *ma-garut) *garuC

ma-gurit(to scratch, engrave >) to paint, to write, to write a poem (PMP: *gurit)

ma-hapūwith (having) lime (PAN: *qapuR)

ma-hastawith hands (LOAN)

ma-hawusmear oneself with ash? (PWMP: *ma-qabu) *qabu

(m)a-huluwith a head, having the head of (PWMP: *ma-qulu) *quluh

(m)a-huripto live, living (PMP: *ma-qudip) *qudip

ma-inebwith closed doors (PAN: *qiNeb)

ma-isi, mesifilled with, containing, possessing; full, meaningful, pregnant, full of love (PMP: *ma-isi) *isi₅

maka-besur-anto have something one has had enough of (PWMP: *maka-besuR) *besuR

maka-lakito have a husband, be married to, have sexual intercourse with (of a woman) (PMP: *laki₁)

ma-kampilcarrying the treasures (regalia, heirlooms, etc.) (PWMP: *kampil)

mak-ānakhave as a child, consider as one's child (PWMP: *maka-anak) *aNak

maka-ŋaranwith the name, called (PMP: *ŋajan)

maka-puputhaving as end, finally, end in, result in, turn into (PWMP: *putput₃)

Old Javanese (1220 / 2255)

ma-karaŋwith coral; with rocks (PMP: *karaŋ)

(m)a-kashard, inflexible, unyielding, obstinate (PMP: *keRas)

maka-sākṣito have as witness (LOAN)

maka-soŋhaving (using) as cover (protection), covered by, in the shadow of; being (serving as) cover, etc. (PWMP: *saeŋ)

maka-sumpiŋto use as a sumpiŋ, to serve as a sumpiŋ (PWMP: *sumpiŋ₂)

maka-tasikhaving as sea, surrounded by sea (PMP: *tasik)

maka-tiruto serve for a model (LOAN)

maka-tohto have as a stake, put up for stake; to stake, risk (PMP: *taRuq)

ma-kəkəbclosed, covered, quiet (PMP: *kebkeb₁)

ma-kəmu-kəmuto keep in the mouth (a liquid), rinse with (PMP: *kemuR)

ma--kəraŋwith mussels (LOAN)

ma-kilalato have the usufruct (right to the service) of (PWMP: *ma-kilala) *kilala

mak-olihobtain, get, overpower, defeat, catch (PWMP: *maka-uliq₁) *uliq₂

ma-konto tell someone to do something, order (PWMP: *kuan₂)

ma-kukukto cluck, of a hen (PWMP: *kukkuk)

(m)a-kukuswith smoke, smoking (PWMP: *kuskus₁)

(m)a-labuhto cast oneself down (on or into something) and seek one’s death; to cast something into the water (PWMP: *labuq₁)

m-ālaptake, fetch, carry off (PAN: *ma-alap) *alap

ma-layūrun, run away, take flight, flee (PAN: *ma-laRiw) *laRiw

(m)a-linḍuŋ-anto hide behind, seek cover behind (PWMP: *ma-linduŋ-an) *liduŋ

Old Javanese (1240 / 2255)

maliŋthief; thievish; stealthy (LOAN)

m-ālunin waves (PWMP: *ma-qalun) *qalun

(m)a-lupaforgetting, not thinking of (PMP: *lupa)

ma-matato look at, observe, inspect (PMP: *mata) *maCa

m-ānakto have (bring forth) a child (PMP: *maR-anak) *aNak

m-ānak anakbring forth a child (PWMP: *anak anak) *aNak

ma-nakitto cause pain? to be a disease? (PWMP: *ma-ñakit) *sakit

ma-nəgəsto make clear, explain (NOISE)

maṇi ~ maṇikjewel, gem, pearl; crystal (LOAN)

maṇik-maṇikcoral; coral beads (LOAN)

ma-nimbaŋ-ito be on a par with, be a match for, equal; to put in the balance, weigh, compare; to be (go, sit, etc.) at the side of, flank, accompany, support (PWMP: *ma-nimbaŋ) *timbaŋ

manissweetness, gentleness, kindness, loveliness (LOAN)

manis-anto sweeten; to address with sweet words (LOAN)

manukbird (PMP: *manuk)

ma-nututo pound rice (PWMP: *ma-nutu) *tutuh

maŋ-alahgive in, admit oneself beaten (PWMP: *maŋ-alaq₂) *alaq₂

maŋa-limadivide into five (PWMP: *maŋ-lima) *lima

maŋa-lorgo to the north, northward (PAN: *lahud)

maŋ-anak-ihave children (PWMP: *maŋ-anak-i) *aNak

maŋ-asih-asihto flatter (PMP: *qasiq)

Old Javanese (1260 / 2255)

(m)aŋ-awaŋ-awaŋ(being) in the air, moving through the air (PMP: *awaŋ)

maŋ-hapūmake lime (PWMP: *maŋ-qapuR) *qapuR

maŋ-hwab, maŋ-obto yawn (PWMP: *maŋ-huab) *Suab

ma-ŋilalato enjoy the usufruct of, have a right to the services, etc. of (PWMP: *ma-ŋilala) *kilala

m-aŋkatget up, rise, set out, depart (PWMP: *aŋkat)

maŋ-ududsuck at (PWMP: *qudud)

ma-paŋkatin formation, in well-ordered arrangement, lined up (LOAN)

ma-pasar-pasarto come to market (as a buyer or seller) (LOAN)

ma-pintudoor-keeper (LOAN)

ma-pirakto possess wealth, be rich (LOAN)

ma-pitudivide into seven (PWMP: *ma-pitu) *pitu

ma-rahbleeding (PAN: *ma-daRaq) *daRaq

mar-baŋuncome to life, revive (PWMP: *maR-baŋun) *baŋuN

ma-ron ~ ma-rwanwith leaves, sprouting leaves (PWMP: *ma-dahun) *dahun

mar-patseparate into four parts (PWMP: *maR-epat) *Sepat

ma-rwi ~ ma-rithorny (PWMP: *ma-duRi) *duRi

(m)a-sanḍiŋ(m)a-sanḍiŋ at the side, having at the side, side by side (LOAN)

ma-saŋətvehement, harsh (PWMP: *saŋet)

ma-səlāinterspaced, with space in between (PWMP: *sela)

ma-sənḍiwith pillar supports, with a sedan-chair (PMP: *sendiR)

Old Javanese (1280 / 2255)

ma-suŋutwith feelers (PWMP: *suŋut₃)

ma-suratwith letters, written (LOAN)

ma-susukpenetrating or entering into something (PWMP: *ma-suksuk) *suksuk

mataeye; meshes (of a net); stone (set in a ring, etc.) (PMP: *mata) *maCa

ma-tahi-tahirusty (PMP: *taqi) *Caqi

(m)a-tambakwith a wall, etc.; to stand like a wall or dam, tightly packed (along the way), blocking (the way); a certain functionary (inspector or dikes?) (PWMP: *ma-tambak) *tambak₂

(m)a-tasakripe, cooked (PMP: *ma-tasak) *tasak

(m)a-təŋahto be halfway; half (adj.) (PWMP: *ma-teŋaq) *teŋaq

ma-təpi-təpiedged, bordered (LOAN)

ma-timpuhto sit somewhat sideways on one of the bent legs tucked under the body (sitting position of women) (PWMP: *timpuhuq)

(m)a-tiruto follow, imitate, take for a model (LOAN)

(m)a-tuluŋto render help (aid, assistance) (PWMP: *ma-tuluŋ) *tuluŋ

ma-tunw-a-tunw-anto set everything on fire (PAN: *ma-tunuh) *CuNuh

(m)a-tuŋguto stay and wait on, keep watch over, guard, be a guardian (LOAN)

(m)a-turūto sleep (PMP: *ma-tuduR) *tuduR

ma-turusto erect a fence (PMP: *turus)

m-ātusto be a hundred (hundreds?) in number (PWMP: *ma-Ratus) *RaCus

m-ātus-atusto be hundreds (PWMP: *ma-Ratus) *RaCus

ma-usukwith rafters (PWMP: *ma-Rusuk) *Rusuk

ma-utaŋto owe (PMP: *ma-qutaŋ) *qutaŋ

Old Javanese (1300 / 2255)

m-āwakhave or assume a body, be an embodiment of (PMP: *hawak) *Sawak

(m)a-wukir-ango to the mountains, make a mountain excursion, live in the mountains (PAN: *bukij)

(m)a-wuwuhincreasing, growing (in number or strength); being added to (PMP: *bubuq)

mayaŋblossom of the areca palm (PWMP: *mayaŋ)

mayuŋ-anhold an umbrella or parasol over someone or something; to shade something, as a tree shading a house (PWMP: *payuŋ)

m-eḍemextinguished, lustreless (PWMP: *ma-edem) *edem₁

meḍemextinguished, lustreless (PWMP: *medem)

m-énakat ease, relieved, satisfied; easy, smooth, untroubled; pleasant, agreeable, comfortable (LOAN)

meŋāto open, be or stand open (PMP: *beŋa₁)

metucome out, come forth, appear, be born, rise (sun) (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

miñakbutter, especially the butter which is cast as an oblation on the sacrificial fire (PMP: *miñak)

m<in>ataset with (stones, etc.) (PMP: *m<in>ata) *maCa

mirahruby; red, ruby-red, blood-red (PMP: *ma-iRaq)

misanfirst cousin (PWMP: *pisan)

(m)-olemshining (only) palely, dim, wan, languishing, faded (PMP: *ma-hulem) *Sulem

m-omahto have a house, run a household (PAN: *Rumaq)

m-ombakwith waves, undulating, surging (PWMP: *ma-humbak) *humbak

m-ombak-ombak-anundulating, surging, in waves (PWMP: *ma-humbak) *humbak

-mu2sg. possessor, your (PMP: *-mu)

m-uḍikto rise; to proceed upstream (PWMP: *um-udahik) *udahik

Old Javanese (1320 / 2255)

mukhamouth; face, countenance (LOAN)

mūlabasis, foundation, cause, origin, beginning (LOAN)

m-ulihreach (go to) one's destination; go (come) home, go (come) back (PMP: *um-uliq) *uliq₁

muŋkurto turn one’s back on (LOAN)

musuh ~ muŋsuhenemy, opponent (LOAN)

mutablindly (PWMP: *maŋ-buta) *buCa

m-utahto vomit (PAN: *um-utaq) *utaq

mutyapearl (LOAN)

naŋkaa particular kind of tree and its fruits, Artocarpus integrifolia (LOAN)

nasicooked rice (PWMP: *in-asi) *asi₃

nasicooked rice (PWMP: *nasi)

natargrounds, yard (in front or around a building, house, temple, etc.); ground, surface of a piece of cloth on which the pattern is painted (PMP: *natad) *NataD

nipaha particular kind of palm tree (in swamps) (PMP: *nipaq)

niraform in which the pronoun sira appears, when qualifying a noun (his, her; your) or the in-form of the passive verb (by him, by her; by you) (PWMP: *ni ida) *ida

nūsaisland (PMP: *nusa₁)

nūsāntarathe other islands (PMP: *nusa₁)

-nya3sg. possessor (PAN: *ni-a) *-a₂

ŋaranname (PMP: *ŋajan)

ŋikikshouting with jeering laughter (demons.) (ROOT)

-ŋkusuffix for the first person (after bases that end with n, or a vowel) (PMP: *ni-ku) *-ku

Old Javanese (1340 / 2255)

od-wad, od-odhanging plant, hanging parasite, climber, creeper, liana (PMP: *waRej)

oranot (PMP: *wada)

ot-wat, ot-otmuscle (PMP: *uRat uRat) *huRaC

p(a)-atideath (PMP: *p-atay) *aCay

pa-bunuhoverseer of slaughtering? (PMP: *pa-bunuq) *buNuq₂

pacekspike, pin (PAN: *pacek)

paḍaequal; the equal of; equally; an indication of the plural (PWMP: *pada)

paḍa-paḍaequal; the equal of (PWMP: *pada pada) *pada

paḍetcompact, compressed, having become a solid mass (PWMP: *pa(n)det)

pagehfirmness, stability, constancy, stabilization, repair (PWMP: *pageq)

pagerhedge, fence, enclosure (PMP: *pager)

pahitbitter, (of sea water) salt (PMP: *paqit₂) *paqiC

pa-hutaŋ-anhe to whom one owes a debt; that for which one owes a debt, leasehold (PWMP: *paR-qutaŋ-an) *qutaŋ

pakonomatopoetic particle, blow (PMP: *pak)

pa-kilalato have the usufruct (right to the service) of (PMP: *pa-kilala) *kilala

pakö ~ pakunail, pin; (fig.) what gives stability (LOAN)

pakufern (PWMP: *paku) *paheku

pa-kurenbe married, live as husband and wife (PAN: *kuden)

pa-labw-ananchorage, harbor (PWMP: *labuq₁)

p-alaŋcross-beam (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

Old Javanese (1360 / 2255)

palaŋkapalaŋka-ncouch, seat, bench, throne (LOAN)

palapahcondiments, flavorings (PWMP: *palapaq)

palarin the hope that, in view of, in order to, expecting, perhaps (PWMP: *palaj₂)

palatukwoodpecker (ROOT)

palatukwoodpecker (ROOT)

pa-layūrunning, running away, flight (PMP: *pa-laRiw) *laRiw

pa-layw-anrunning, running away, flight (PWMP: *pa-laRiw-an) *laRiw

pali-pali, pa-palithe various ritual requisites (with purifying and strengthening power), used in ceremonial blessings (wedding, return after a battle, festive reception, etc.) (PAN: *paliSi)

palipidedging, frame (PWMP: *p<al>idpid) *pidpid

palipirborder, edge, side; going along, (being on) the border or side (PWMP: *p<al>idpid) *pidpid

paluhammer, mallet (PMP: *palu) *palu₃

paluŋ-antrough, vat, tub, container for drinks? (PWMP: *paluŋ-an) *paluŋ₁

palu-palumace, war-club (or battle hammer?) (PAN: *palu-palu) *palu₃

palyaŋkaparyaŋkabed, couch, sofa, litter, palanquin, seat, bench, throne (LOAN)

pa-maŋsy-anthat to which a bamboo flute is played (LOAN)

pa-mata-nlooks, way of looking, glance (PMP: *mata) *maCa

pa-matimeans (instrument) for killing, instrumental in killing; killer, slayer (PWMP: *paŋ-m-atay) *aCay

pam-bebek-angrindstone (PMP: *bekbek₁)

pa-mekaswhat is at the end or at the top; what is left behind at departure (PWMP: *paŋ-bekas) *bekas₃

pa-milaŋa means of counting (PWMP: *paŋ-bilaŋ) *bilaŋ₁

Old Javanese (1380 / 2255)

pa-mulucomplexion, color of the skin (PMP: *bulu₁)

pamunia means of hiding something (PWMP: *paŋ-buni) *buNi

pa-muŋkuranus (LOAN)

pa-musw-anplace where cotton is carded (PWMP: *paŋ-busuR) *busuR₂

panaharrow; bow; bowman (PAN: *panaq)

p-ānak-anwoman by whom one has a child, wife (PWMP: *paR-anak-an) *aNak

pa-nakitdisease (PWMP: *pa-ñakit) *sakit

pa-naŋisto weep, cry (PWMP: *pa-naŋis) *Caŋis

panasheat (PMP: *panas₁)

panasajackfruit (LOAN)

panay, paneearthen vessel, pot (PMP: *panay)

pancurspouting (LOAN)

pancur-anwaterspout, fountain, waterworks, bathing place with waterspouts (LOAN)

paṇḍankind of tree: Pandanus (PMP: *paŋedan) *paŋudaN

panḍay ~ panḍeskilled worker; smith, goldsmith, etc. (LOAN)

panék, penékclimb, climb on, get on or in, mount, ascend (PMP: *panahik)

pa-nəpiborder area, border, side (LOAN)

pa-nikuone’s ‘right hand’ helper (‘he who occupies the place of the elbow’) (PWMP: *pa-ñiku) *sikux

pa-niramsomething to bathe with or to sprinkle on (LOAN)

panjiname; title (used before a proper name) (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1400 / 2255)

pantəsfitting, appropriate, only right, only to be expected; in style, becoming, in accordance with all the rules; immaculate; adroit; in keeping with custom (LOAN)

pa-nuhaeldest (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

pa-nunw-ancremation place, pile, pyre (PMP: *tunu) *CuNuh

paŋ-alapa means of catching (PWMP: *paŋ-alap) *alap

paŋ-alap-anplace for fetching something (PWMP: *paŋ-alap-an) *alap

pa-ŋanfood, eating (PWMP: *pa-ŋaen) *kaen

paŋanfood; eating (PMP: *paŋan)

paŋ-anakbringing forth (PWMP: *paŋ-anak) *aNak

pa-ŋan pa-ŋan-anfood (PWMP: *pa-ŋaen-an) *kaen

paŋ-apuyset on fire (PWMP: *paŋ-hapuy) *Sapuy

pa-ŋaranname, named, called (PMP: *i-pa-ŋajan) *ŋajan

pa-ŋaranname, named, called (PWMP: *paŋ-ŋaran) *ŋajan

paŋ-asahone who grinds or sharpens (PWMP: *paŋ-hasaq) *Sasaq

paŋ-empw-an"he who is considered as (addressed with) mpu", his (your) lordship or reverence (PWMP: *paŋ-empu-an) *empu

paŋgagakind of creeping herb, Hydrocotyle asiatica (PWMP: *paŋgaga)

paŋgaŋto roast (on spit, fork, etc.), toast (PWMP: *paŋgaŋ)

paŋgaŋtree of the fig family (NOISE)

paŋ-gənəpthe means to make complete (PWMP: *genep)

paŋgilplant sp. (LOAN)

paŋ-giliŋ-anroll, rolled meat? (PMP: *giliŋ)

Old Javanese (1420 / 2255)

paŋguŋscaffolding, raised platform, stand for spectators, "tower" in the cremation ceremony, stage for play (wayaŋ) (PWMP: *paŋguŋ)

paŋ-hatepcovering (PWMP: *paŋ-qatep) *qatep

paŋ-huluthe one in the forefront, leader (PWMP: *paŋ-qulu) *quluh

paŋitree with edible fruits: Pangium edule (PWMP: *paŋi)

paŋ-inum-andrinking-bout (PWMP: *paŋ-inum-an) *inum

paŋ-ipy-anstate of dreaming; dream-vision (PWMP: *paŋ-hipi) *Sipi

paŋ-isicontents; core, essence (PMP: *pa-isi) *isi₅

paŋ-layaŋto move (float) through the air, fly (PWMP: *layaŋ₁)

papahthe long stalk of a palm- or banana-leaf (PMP: *papaq₁) *papaq

papahthe long stalk of a palm or banana leaf (PMP: *paqpaq₂)

papanboard; (round wooden) shield (PMP: *papan)

paraa personal demonstrative particle for a number of persons belonging to the same category (PMP: *paRa₂)

paradaquicksilver; gold-leaf (LOAN)

parahuboat (PMP: *paraqu)

paraŋrock, crag (NOISE)

parasthat which is trimmed by shaving (hair, eyebrow); razor; to shave (trim) the eyebrows (PWMP: *paras₁)

par(e)patformation, arrangement (PWMP: *paR-epat) *Sepat

paririce (in the field or still in the straw), paddy (PAN: *pajay)

parigilow encircling wall of stones (of yard, trees), paved (terraced?) bank or slope (of pond) (PWMP: *paRigi)

parlakdry rice field (PWMP: *parelak)

Old Javanese (1440 / 2255)

pa-ro, pa-rwawavering, in two minds (PMP: *pa-₁)

par-pat-ana fourth part, quarter (PWMP: *paR-epat-an) *Sepat

pasaŋyoke (LOAN)

pasaŋ-anyoke (PMP: *pasaŋ₁)

pasarmarket, bazaar; the space of a pasar-week (five days) (LOAN)

pa-sawuŋa certain tax (on cockfights?) (PWMP: *sabuŋ₁)

(p)a-sawurstrewing, spreading (PWMP: *sabuD)

(p)a-sawurstrewing, spreading (PMP: *saq(e)buR)

p-asep-anincense-burner (PWMP: *asep)

p-asep-anincense-burner (PWMP: *qasep)

pasi-sisea; beach, strand, shore (PWMP: *pasiR)

pasuroot of the nose (PAN: *pasu₁)

(p)a-susunconsisting of several parts one above the other, in layer upon layer, in row after row (PWMP: *pa-susun) *susuN

patfour (PMP: *epat) *Sepat

pa-tales-antaro field or garden (PMP: *tales)

pa-tanek-ankitchen (PMP: *tanek) *taNek

pat-aŋfour (PWMP: *pat-aŋ) *Sepat

pa-timbun-anbeing heaped up; heap (PWMP: *timbun)

pat-patfour?; or in groups of four? (PMP: *epat epat) *Sepat

pa-tuduhto give directions, give guidance, point out, give orders, dispose (PAN: *pa-tuzuq) *tuzuq₁

Old Javanese (1460 / 2255)

(pa)-tulaŋ-ana container for the bones which are to be cremated (often in the shape of an animal) (PWMP: *pa-tuqelaŋ-an) *tuqelaŋ

pa-turw-ansleeping place, bed-chamber, bed (PWMP: *pa-tuduR-an) *tuduR

pa-tūtfollowing, along; concordant, in harmony, in accord; appropriate, apposite, right, fitting (PWMP: *tuRut)

pa-tūtfollowing, along, concordant, in harmony, in accord; appropriate, apposite, right, fitting (LOAN)

pa-warahtell, report, teach, instruct (PMP: *bajaq₂) *bajaq

pa-wekasto have an end (result), give instructions (PWMP: *pa-bekas) *bekas₃

pa-winih-anseed-bed (PWMP: *paR-binehiq-an) *bineSiq

payuŋparasol, umbrella (PWMP: *payuŋ)

pəcuta whip (PWMP: *pecut)

pəcuta whip (LOAN)

pəḍaŋsword (LOAN)

peDeshot (of taste), biting (of words) (PMP: *hapejes)

pegeŋrestrain, hold back (feelings, breath) (PWMP: *pegeŋ)

pekulembrace, hug, throw the arms around (ROOT)

pelekuŋan arch (ROOT)

pəlukbend, curve (PMP: *peluk)

pénanaunt (PWMP: *paR-ina-an) *ina

peñuturtle (PMP: *peñu)

penuhfull; filling, filling all; complete in number; in masses, in droves (PAN: *peNuq)

pəpədcompleted (PWMP: *pedped₂)

Old Javanese (1480 / 2255)

pəpətblocked, cut off, jammed, covered; all-pervading, enveloping (PWMP: *petpet₂)

periŋ buŋbaŋkind of bamboo (NOISE)

pes-an ~ pe(s)pes-anfood cooked and broiled in leaves (esp. fish) (PWMP: *paqis)

pətəŋdarkness; dark (PWMP: *peteŋ)

picekblind (PWMP: *picek) *picek₁

pihak-anone side, one half (PWMP: *pihak-an) *pihak

pihak-anone side, one half (PWMP: *piqak)

pijərmortar (LOAN)

pijetpress with the fingers, squeeze, crush, knead, massage (PWMP: *pizet)

pikat-andecoy (PWMP: *pikat)

pikul-ancarrying pole (LOAN)

pilih-enbe chosen, selected (PWMP: *piliq-en) *piliq

pilih-palahnot determined, uncertain, varying, with various possibilities (PAN: *piliq)

pilistemple (part of the head) (PWMP: *pilis)

p<in>aka-sabukused as a sash (LOAN)

p<in>a-laluto ignore, pay no attention to, disregard (difficulties, etc.); accept, resign oneself to (PMP: *lalu₁)

p<in>a-nuliŋ-akənplayed the flute for someone (PWMP: *suliŋ)

p<in>aŋanto eat, swallow, devour (PMP: *p<in>aŋan) *paŋan

p<in>aŋkuto hold or receive on the lap (PWMP: *paŋku)

p<in>a-pitudivide into seven (PAN: *pitu₁) *pitu

Old Javanese (1500 / 2255)

p-in-atikill, mortify, cause to be like dead (PWMP: *p<in>atay) *aCay

pinḍahto change, turn into the opposite (PWMP: *pindaq)

pinḍaŋa kind of soup or bouillon of fine meat or fish, usually made sour with tamarind (PWMP: *pindaŋ)

p<in>esto cook as pespesan (PWMP: *p<in>aqis) *paqis

p<in>ijətto press with the fingers, squeeze, crush, knead, massage (PWMP: *pizet)

p<in>ijət-anto massage (PWMP: *pizet)

p<in>ilihwas chosen (PWMP: *p<in>iliq) *piliq

p<in>ipisto pound, crush (PMP: *pipis₂) *pipis₁

p<in>ipit-anto hem in, cut off, squeeze; put in a tight place (PAN: *pitpit₂)

p<in>ituin seven categories? (PAN: *pitu₁) *pitu

p<in>i-tuhato make old, put at the head of, consider as the elder (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

pintarequest (LOAN)

pintw-andoor, gate (LOAN)

p<in>ukětwas caught in a net, entrapped (PWMP: *p<in>uket) *puket₁

p<in>upusto beat, thrash, crush? (PWMP: *puspus₂)

p<in>upw-anto collect, bring in (PMP: *pupu₁)

piŋgana deep bowl (LOAN)

piŋ-rwatwice; the second (PMP: *duha) *duSa

pipithe cheeks (PMP: *pihpih) *piSpiS

pi-pilisointment applied to the temples against a headache (PWMP: *pilis)

Old Javanese (1520 / 2255)

pi-pirak-anriches (LOAN)

pipis-anplace or instrument in which rice is pounded (PMP: *pipis₂) *pipis₁

pipitclose side by side, cheek by jowl (PAN: *pitpit₂)

pira ~ piraŋhow much?; a certain number (an indefinite measure) of, some, several (PAN: *pijax)

piraksilver; money, wealth (LOAN)

pira-pira ~ piraŋ-piraŋquite a few, many (PAN: *pija pija) *pijax

pira-piraŋ tahun-ənto keep thinking: how many years... (PMP: *taqun)

pi-salinnew clothes (weapons, etc.), usually as a gift (PWMP: *salin)

pisanonce, the first one, one (PWMP: *pisan)

pisanonce, the first one, one; at the same time, in one act, all together (PWMP: *pisan)

pisanonce, the first one, one; at the same time, all together (PAN: *paR-isa-an) *isa₁

pisaŋbanana (LOAN)

pi-takutscarecrow (PAN: *takut)

pituseven (PAN: *pitu₁) *pitu

pohthe mango (tree and fruit), Mangifera (PMP: *pahuq₁)

pokonomatopoetic particle: blow, thud (PMP: *puk₂) *puk

p-omah-omahproperty brought into a marriage (PAN: *Rumaq)

pucuktop, highest or foremost point, beginning or end (PAN: *qapucuk)

pucuktop, highest or foremost point; beginning or end (PWMP: *pucuk)

pujistanding out high above the others, lofty; arrogant, haughty (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1540 / 2255)

pukahwith a point broken off, broken in two, truncated (PMP: *pu(ŋ)kaq)

pukahwith a point broken off, broken in two, truncated (PMP: *pukaq)

pukaŋthigh (PWMP: *pukaŋ)

pukətdrag-net, seine (PMP: *puket₁)

pulihcome back to its former condition; recovered, healed (PWMP: *puliq)

puliŋturning round, spinning; dizzy, giddy (PMP: *puliŋ₁)

puloisland (LOAN)

puṇḍutpick up and carry off; take along; carry with one (PWMP: *pundut)

puntibanana (PAN: *punti₁)

puŋkurbehind, back (LOAN)

puŋkur-anrear (LOAN)

puputo collect, gather in, pluck (PMP: *pupu₁)

pupuhstroke, blow; a fight (in general), battle; mallet for striking a musical instrument (PWMP: *puqpuq₃)

pu-pukulhammer (PWMP: *pukul₁)

pupurpowder, scented white rice powder used as a cosmetic (PWMP: *purpur)

pupusthe limit, utmost (PWMP: *puspus₁)

puputend, result; culmination, summit (PWMP: *putput₃)

pu-putihwhite of the eye (PMP: *putiq)

pusərnavel; center, apex (of casting net) (PMP: *pusej)

pusuhflower-bud, unopened or closed flower (PMP: *pusuq₁)

Old Javanese (1560 / 2255)

pusuh-pusuh ~ pu-pusuhliver (PMP: *pusuq₁)

putatkind of tree and its flower: Barringtonia (PMP: *putat)

putərturning, rotating, gyrating (PWMP: *puteR)

putihwhite (PMP: *putiq)

putik-ento suffer from a certain eye disease (cataract?) (PWMP: *putik₁)

puṭul ~ mu-muṭul-ihaving the antlers broken off (PMP: *putul) *putun

putusend, completion, conclusion, result (PWMP: *putus) *putus₁

putusend, completion; conclusion, result; acme, last word; having completed, having reached the highest degree; accomplished, perfect (PWMP: *putus₂)

rabudust, dried mud (ROOT)

rāh, rahblood (PAN: *daRaq)

rah-enblood-stained, covered with blood (PAN: *daRaq)

rahiforehead; face (PMP: *daqih) *daqiS

rahukind of breadfruit tree (PMP: *daqu₁)

raketadhering, sticking, clinging, being attached (to) (PMP: *raket)

r-āmafather, also used for uncle, guru, etc.; eldest, senior (in religious community, village, army) (PAN: *da-amax) *amax

rambuthead hair (PWMP: *rambut)

rampasrob something, rob someone of, plunder, sack (PMP: *raŋ(e)pas)

raŋkepcomplete, equipped with, accompanied or assisted by; complement, match, companion (PMP: *raŋkep₂)

raŋkuŋhunched? (ROOT)

raŋsukenter (PWMP: *ra(ŋ)suk)

Old Javanese (1580 / 2255)

rapət(pressed) close together, tight, closed tight (PMP: *dapet)

rapət(pressed) close together; tight; closed tight (PMP: *rapet)

rara ~ rarāgirl, maiden (PMP: *daRa₂)

rasukdress, attire; mail (PWMP: *ra(ŋ)suk)

rātthe world; the visible, inhabited world; mankind, created beings (PMP: *daRat)

ratā ~ ra-ratāa level place, plain (PAN: *dataR)

ratuking (rarely, queen) (PMP: *datu)

recahcut into pieces (ROOT)

reguŋmake a loud noise, trumpet, bellow (usually of a furious elephant, but also of a bull or a demon, and of a hollow tree) (ROOT)

rəmpakbroken (smashed) to pieces, broken up, destroyed (PMP: *re(m)pak)

rəmukcrushed, smashed, destroyed, in pieces (occasionally combined with rəmək without noticeable semantic difference) (PMP: *remuk)

renamother (PMP: *ra-ina) *ina

reŋatcleft, crack, crevice, fissure; split, cleft, cracked (PWMP: *reŋat)

rəŋə-rəŋəremaining in the ear, continuously audible (PMP: *deŋeR)

reŋucrossness, annoyance, anger, frowning (NOISE)

riparticle with prepositional function (also expressed as i, ); occurs before nouns, and as a preposition with the meaning ‘in, on, by, through, with’ (Zoetmulder 1982) which function as grammatical subject (esp. before place-names), as grammatical object (PAN: *di)

rimpekbroken, broken up; out of joint, smashed (ROOT)

rimpuŋlame, crippled, injured (on the leg or foot), especially of horses (PMP: *rimpuŋ)

ririssoft rain (PWMP: *risris)

riwutgust of wind, squall, storm; stormy, dark (PMP: *ribut)

Old Javanese (1600 / 2255)

ron ~ rwanleaf (PMP: *dahun)

ron-ḍonleaves (PMP: *dahun-dahun) *dahun

roŋhole, cave, cavern (PWMP: *Rawaŋ)

(ro)-rotwo (PMP: *duha) *duSa

r<um>arain her maidenhood, young (of a woman) (PWMP: *d<um>aRa) *daRa₂

r<um>əŋöto hear (PWMP: *d<um>eŋeR) *deŋeR

r<um>əŋö-rəŋöto listen in an effort to hear everything that is said (PWMP: *d<um>eŋeR) *deŋeR

ruŋkukhunched, huddled, crouching (PMP: *duŋkuk)

rwatwo (PMP: *duha) *duSa

rwa-ŋ-puluhtwenty (PMP: *ŋa)

rwa-rwaby twos (?) (PMP: *duha duha₁) *duSa

rwi ~ rithorn, thorny plant (PMP: *duRi)

sabuksash (LOAN)

sa-hastaone (of flowers) (LOAN)

sakapost, pillar (LOAN)

saka-pituseven at a time (PAN: *saka-pitu) *pitu

saka-ro-rotwo together, two by two (PMP: *duha) *duSa

saka-rwatwo by two (PMP: *duha) *duSa

saka-səḍəpto one’s heart’s content (PWMP: *sedep₂)

sa-kawana group (belonging together) (PWMP: *kaban₁)

Old Javanese (1620 / 2255)

sa-kawan-anin groups (PWMP: *kaban₁)

sakitpain (esp. physical) (PMP: *sakit)

sākṣieye-witness, witness (LOAN)

sa-kurenmarried man and wife (lit. ‘one cooking pot’) (PAN: *kuden)

salahchanging into something different, deviating from what is right (normal, intended, expected, etc.); wrong, at fault, mistaken, missing (the target); missed, not attained; escaped from (PMP: *salaq₁)

salah alaptaking the wrong one (PMP: *salaq₁)

salah bhāsausing the wrong words or speech (PMP: *salaq₁)

salah gawechanging one’s work, doing something different (PMP: *salaq₁)

salah huluupside down, reversed (PMP: *salaq₁)

salah surupin disorder (entering the wrong place) (PMP: *surup₁)

salakasilver (LOAN)

sa-lap-aneight (etymologically = 'one taken away from ten') (PAN: *alap)

salinchange, replacement (PWMP: *salin)

sama-kawantogether, in a group (PWMP: *kaban₁)

sambecall, beckon, invoke, invite, bid come, call out (PWMP: *sa(m)bay) *sabay₁

sambəla hot condiment (LOAN)

sambitto hook, catch (also fig.) (PMP: *saqebit)

samircurtain, cloth, cover (of wagon, salver, etc.) (PWMP: *samir)

sampankind of small boat (for harbor traffic?) (LOAN)

sampaŋname of a tree of which the resin is used for perfumery (PWMP: *sapaŋ)

Old Javanese (1640 / 2255)

sampatin a high degree, completely, perfectly, very; perfectly similar (LOAN)

sampirscarf, shawl (PWMP: *sampir)

sanḍasupport, prop (PWMP: *sandaR)

sanḍapledge, security, pawn (PWMP: *sanda)

sandapledge, security, pawn (LOAN)

sanḍaŋthat which one carries from birth, nature; cloths, clothing (PWMP: *sandaŋ)

saṇḍeslanting, leaning over (PMP: *sanday) *saŋeday

saṇḍetslowed down, blocked, impeded (PWMP: *sa(n)det)

sanḍiŋside (LOAN)

sanḍiŋ-anside (LOAN)

santanessence, quintessence; pollen, flower; coconut milk (pressed from coconut meat) (LOAN)

s-ānubeing connected with something, or in some way possessing something (PWMP: *sa-anu) *-nu₁

saŋāto roast, bake, scorch (PMP: *saŋelaR)

saŋa-saŋanroasted food (PMP: *saŋelaR)

saŋəthigh degree, vehemence, intensity; very, intensely (PWMP: *saŋet)

saŋkalthe handle of an adze (PWMP: *sa(ŋ)kal)

saŋkalthe handle of an adze (LOAN)

saŋkəpcomplete; fully equipped, armed (LOAN)

sa-pasaŋone yoke or pair, one cart (PMP: *pasaŋ₁)

sa-pasaŋone yoke or pair; one cart (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1660 / 2255)

sa-pa-turw-ansleeping together (PAN: *tuduR)

sa-pikulone load (LOAN)

sapubroom (PMP: *sapu)

sapu matasomething to wipe the eyes with (PMP: *sapu)

saputcover, covering; a piece of cloth to cover the breasts (PMP: *saput₁)

saruŋcloth (PWMP: *saruŋ)

saruŋ-ana sheathe (PWMP: *saruŋ)

sa-sisihon one side (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

sa-tanḍaeach company (banner) separately (LOAN)

sawahirrigated ricefield (PWMP: *sabaq)

sawaŋindistinct, unclear, vaguely visible (in the distance?) (PWMP: *sawaŋ₁)

sawaŋ-sawaŋindistinct, unclear, vaguely visible (in the distance?) (PWMP: *sawaŋ₂)

sa-wulihone stem (PMP: *sa buliR) *buliR

sawuŋfighting cock; cockfight (PWMP: *sabuŋ₁)

sawura scattering, a rain (of arrows) (PWMP: *sabuD)

sawurscattering, rain (of arrows) (PMP: *saq(e)buR)

sawurscattering, rain (of arrows) (PMP: *sabuR)

sayatwith a piece (pieces, shreds) torn off, laid bare (PWMP: *sayat)

səḍəŋright time (not too early or too late); right moment, right measure (not too big or too small); just, just while, while (LOAN)

səḍəppleasantness, agreeableness (of smell or taste; of appearance or manners) (PWMP: *sedep₂)

Old Javanese (1680 / 2255)

segerfresh, healthy, buoyant (PMP: *se(ŋ)ger)

səgukto sob (PWMP: *seguk)

səksək ~ səsəkcompletely filled, brimful, crammed; filling completely; packed; in throngs (PAN: *seksek₁)

səlāspace or time in between, gap; interrupting thoughts, preoccupation, worries (PWMP: *sela)

səlaŋturn, change, alternation; mutually, one another (PWMP: *selaŋ₁)

səlatappearing in between, interruption (PWMP: *selat)

sələpto lie (stick) in between (PMP: *selep)

səlutband or ring of metal (PWMP: *selut)

semayacoming together; mutual understanding, agreement, promise; meeting (as agreed on); appointed or fixed time (LOAN)

səmbahworship, veneration, reverence (LOAN)

səmishoot, sprout, bud (just emerging; of twig, leaf, also flower?) (NOISE)

sənḍisupport, seat, sedan-chair, supporting block of a pillar (PMP: *sendiR)

sənəŋloved one, beloved (LOAN)

səntula particular kind of tree with edible fruit: Sandoricum indicum (LOAN)

sepainsipid, tasteless, weak (PAN: *qasepa)

səpəttart (taste), acid (PWMP: *sapelet)

səpi-səpi ~ səpa-səpito free oneself from everything, abandon all (PWMP: *sepi)

səpuha mixture (of alum, saltpeter, bluestone and other materials) to harden iron, steel or horn, and to give gold a darker color (LOAN)

səsəlreproach (PWMP: *selsel₂)

sesep-ento suck, kiss, nip (PAN: *sepsep-en) *sepsep

Old Javanese (1700 / 2255)

siparticle used before a noun designating a person; it is also used to personify or substantivate concepts denoting quality, condition or action (PAN: *si₁)

sikepcatching, gripping, seizing, taking on, tackling, coming to grips (PWMP: *sikep₂)

sikəpequipment, arms, weapons (NOISE)

siku(right) angle, line with an angular bend; elbow (PAN: *sikux)

siku lalawaacute angle (‘bat’s elbow’) (PAN: *sikux)

siku-sikucarpenter’s square (PWMP: *siku-siku) *sikux

śīlamoral character, action, conduct; good conduct, good character (Sanskrit: practice, conduct, disposition, charact er, good conduct, morality, piety, virtue) (LOAN)

silihone another, each other, mutually; in turn, alternating (LOAN)

silukbend, twist, concavity, dip, gap, inlet, cove, recess (PWMP: *siluk)

simpaŋdeviating, deflecting, swerving from, branching off; branch (of river, road), by-road (PMP: *simpaŋ)

simsimring (LOAN)

s<in>abukto cover, as with a sash (LOAN)

s<in>akit-anto inflict pain, hurt, wound (PMP: *sakit)

s<in>ākṣy-akənto promulgate before witnesses (LOAN)

s<in>alahto blame, disapprove (PWMP: *s<in>alaq) *salaq₁

s<in>ambəl-anto supply with a hot condiment (LOAN)

s<in>aŋāto roast, bake, scorch (PMP: *s<in>aŋelaR) *saŋelaR

s<in>apitto clasp, clench, pinch, hold tight (PWMP: *sapit)

s<in>apsapto level, raze to the ground (PWMP: *s<in>apsap) *sapsap

s<in>apusweep (PWMP: *s<in>apu) *sapu

Old Javanese (1720 / 2255)

s<in>aruŋto sheathe (PWMP: *saruŋ)

sinḍiallusion, innuendo (LOAN)

s<in>əlut-anto ring with (PWMP: *selut)

s<in>iku-sikuto prod or jab with the elbow; (of a path) with sharp bends, zigzag (PWMP: *s<in>iku) *sikux

s<in>ipatto make staight for, aim directly at ? (PWMP: *sipat)

s<in>isikshaped like scales (PMP: *siksik₂)

s<in>ujito embroider (with quill or thorn as instrument?) (LOAN)

s<in>ulamto embroider (PMP: *sulam)

s<in>uratto draw on, write on, write (a letter) (LOAN)

s<in>uruŋ-akənto push forward, force to push on? (PWMP: *suruŋ)

s<in>usunto pile up in later upon layer, build (construct, etc.) in layers (tiers, storeys) (PMP: *susun) *susuN

siŋkabmove apart, open (PMP: *siŋkab)

sipatstraight line, direction, fixed directionj, rule; point toward which something is directed or one orients oneself, objective, aim, end (PWMP: *sipat)

sirathey, them (PMP: *si ida) *ida

siremlosing its splendour, dimmed, with fading light; evening-time (PWMP: *sidem)

siriŋ(that which comes alongside or is at the side:) equal, match, peer, border (PWMP: *sidiŋ)

sisigpolish one's teeth (PWMP: *sisig)

sisihside: at the side, on each side (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

sisih-another half, husband/wife, companion (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

sisih-sisih-anto be always together (PWMP: *sisiq₁) *sisiq

Old Javanese (1740 / 2255)

sisikpeck oneself, scratch oneself (bird looking for lice) (PWMP: *siksik₁)

sisikscales (PMP: *siksik₂)

si-sikuelbow (PAN: *sikux)

sisipgrazing, brushing (only slightly wounding), not fully hitting the mark; grazed, only slightly wounded, not really hit (NOISE)

sol ~ ma-soluprooted (PMP: *sual)

soŋsun-shade, cover, protection (PWMP: *saeŋ)

soŋ-soŋparasol, umbrella (PWMP: *saeŋ)

sujispine, quill (of a porcupine); embroidery; embroidered piece of cloth (LOAN)

sukərhindered, hampered, having trouble, in difficulties, feeling uneasy (PWMP: *suker)

sulapblinding (by a bright light) (ROOT)

suligia kind of spear, javelin (LOAN)

suligia kind of spear, javelin (LOAN)

suliŋflute (PWMP: *suliŋ)

sulittrouble, difficulties (PWMP: *sulit₁)

suluhtorch, light (PMP: *suluq)

sulurshoot of a creeper; aerial root (LOAN)

s<um>ākṣy-anito witness, be a witness at (LOAN)

s<um>alin-ito give a change; change, replace (PWMP: *salin)

s<um>ambutto seize, grasp, fetch, take up; take up (words), receive, continue, reply (PWMP: *sambut₂)

s<um>anḍato lean against (PWMP: *sandaR)

Old Javanese (1760 / 2255)

s<um>anḍaŋto carry, wear, dress in; to experience, undergo, suffer; be in or accept a certain condition (PWMP: *sandaŋ)

s<um>anḍiŋto be at the side of, be close to, come close, approach (LOAN)

s<um>aŋət-ito treat (address) harshly (PWMP: *saŋet)

s<um>aputto cover completely, cover everything; overwhelm; in overwhelming numbers (PMP: *saput₁)

s<um>awurstrewn, spread, scattered (PWMP: *sabuD)

s<um>awurstrewn, spread, scattered (PMP: *saq(e)buR)

s<um>ayabto move (drift, float, sail) through the air (NEAR)

sumbuwick (LOAN)

s<um>əlaŋto do something for a change, interrupt an action temporarily to do something else; in between, in the meantime (PWMP: *selaŋ₁)

s<um>əlatto appear between something else, come in between; do something different from the others; to be scattered between, interspersed (PWMP: *selat)

s<um>əsəkpacked, in throngs (PWMP: *s<um>eksek) *seksek₁

s<um>əsəlto reproach, blame (another, oneself, former deeds). to lament (something) (PWMP: *selsel₂)

s<um>əsəpto suck, kiss, nip (PAN: *s<um>epsep) *sepsep

s<um>ikepto seize, catch, grasp (PWMP: *sikep₂)

s<um>ilihto succeed, take over; in turn (LOAN)

s<um>ināshining, radiating (PMP: *sinaR) *siNaR

s<um>oŋoverhanging (PWMP: *saeŋ)

sumpahoath, imprecation (PWMP: *sumpaq)

sumpiŋflower (leaf, etc.) worn on the ear; ear ornament in the shape of a flower (PWMP: *sumpiŋ₂)

s<um>uluhto shine (PWMP: *s<um>uluq) *suluq

Old Javanese (1780 / 2255)

s<um>uluh-ishine upon, illuminate (PWMP: *suluq-i) *suluq

s<um>uŋsaŋto be upside-down (LOAN)

sumur matidried-up well (PMP: *m-atay) *aCay

s<um>urupto enter (a narrow opening), penetrate, enter and become invisible, set (sun, moon, stars) (PMP: *surup₁)

s<um>usuto suck at the breast (PAN: *s<um>usu) *susu₁

s<um>usukto enter, penetrate into, pierce (PAN: *s<um>uksuk) *suksuk

suṇḍulto, reaching up to, touching (from below) (PWMP: *sundul)

suṇḍuŋto push (PWMP: *su(n)duŋ)

suntiŋa particular kind of flower: Cassia occidentalia (PWMP: *asuntiŋ)

suŋkembend forward, lie face-down (ROOT)

suŋsaŋupside-down, reversed (LOAN)

suŋuhorn (of an animal); a wind instrument (PWMP: *suŋu₁)

suŋutantenna, feeler (insect, shrimp), tendril (PWMP: *suŋut₃)

supitpincers (of a lobster, etc.) (PWMP: *supit)

surakshout, cry, roar (LOAN)

suramby-anouter verandah, front porch (PWMP: *surambi)

surat(drawn) line, writing, drawing, letter (LOAN)

surudto diminish, decrease, draw to a close; to retreat, fall back, recede, withdraw, ebb, vanish; to be dismissed, removed (LOAN)

surupgoing down, setting (of sun, moon, stars) (PMP: *surup₁)

surup-anplace of entering (setting); time of setting, death (PMP: *surup₁)

Old Javanese (1800 / 2255)

susahdisturbed, in disorder, in confusion, stirred (LOAN)

susuwomans breasts, udder; milk (PAN: *susu₁)

susuhsnail (PMP: *susuq)

susukanything piercing or penetrating into something (dart, thorn, sting, etc.), esp. into the heart (PAN: *suksuk)

susunlayer, tier, storey, row (PMP: *susun) *susuN

susw-anwet nurse (PWMP: *susu-an) *susu₁

suwaldig out (PWMP: *qasual)

suwəŋrolled-up leaf or any other ornament worn in the ear, stuck through the pierced ear-lobe (PWMP: *subeŋ)

swar ~sorlower, inferior; to lose, be defeated, worsted; that which is below or underneath (PWMP: *saur₂)

taemphatic particle (PWMP: *ta₂)

tabeforgive me (LOAN)

tabəhbeating, striking (esp. a musical instrument); the stick or hammer for this (NOISE)

tagihto claim, demand (LOAN)

tahənto restrain oneself with respect to, be in awe of (LOAN)

tahiexcrement, dropping; rust (PMP: *taqi) *Caqi

tahuskilled, practiced, trained, used (to) (PMP: *taqu₂) *Caqu

tahulanbone, fish bone (PMP: *tuqelan) *CuqelaN

tahunyear; (seasonal) crop (PMP: *taqun)

tajemsharp (PMP: *tazem) *Cazem

tajia sharp, pointed instrument; a metal cockspur, a spike on a fish (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1820 / 2255)

takəra measure of capacity, amount contained in a takĕr (LOAN)

takis ~ taŋkisrepelling, warding off; defense; clash, collision; shield?, weapon of defence? (PWMP: *taŋkis)

takutfear (PAN: *takut)

takut-takut-enin the grip of fear (PWMP: *takut-en) *takut

talagatank, pool, pond (LOAN)

talestaro, Colocasia antiquorum (PMP: *tales)

talirope, cord, string; bond, tie (PMP: *talih) *CaliS

talukia particular kind of fabric (perhaps muslin) (PMP: *taluki)

talunouter gardens (on the edge of the wood, not long opened up) (PMP: *talun₁) *CaluN

taly-anbound (PWMP: *talih-an) *CaliS

tamato enter, penetrate; to have penetrated into, mastered thoroughly, accomplished in (PMP: *tama₂)

tamanflower-garden, pleasure-garden, park (NOISE)

tambacure, remedy, medicine (PMP: *tambar)

tambakwall, dike, dam, fence (PMP: *tambak₂)

tambak saya(of warriors) defence, rampart (against the enemy) (PMP: *tambak₂)

tambəŋdam, dike, wall, partition (PWMP: *tambeŋ)

tambulrefreshments (taken with drink) (LOAN)

tampokcoming down with a thud (PMP: *tampuk₁)

tamyaŋkind of bamboo (PMP: *tamiaŋ)

tanahland, country (PMP: *taneq)

Old Javanese (1840 / 2255)

tanḍaspecial sign on a banner belonging to each hero, ensign, standard, banner (LOAN)

tanḍakdance (with song) (PWMP: *tandak)

tanḍiŋequal, match, peer; matched (compared) with (PWMP: *tandiŋ)

tanembeing planted in something, having gone in and stuck fast (PMP: *tanem) *CaNem

tanem-anthat which has been planted, plants, crops (PAN: *tanem-an) *CaNem

tanem-tanem-anthat which has been planted, plants, crops (PMP: *tanem) *CaNem

tan (m)a-pilihhaving no preferences, not discriminating, indiscriminately, at random (PMP: *ma-piliq) *piliq

tan pa-hatilose one's spirit (heart); be distracted, disconsolate (PMP: *qatay) *qaCay

tan pa-kəkəp-anwithout the possibility of locking somebody in one’s arms, without a close companion (PMP: *kepkep)

tan pa-siŋkab-anwithout an opening, completely closed (of darkness) (PMP: *siŋkab)

taŋgapaccept, take, receive (also with person as object) (PWMP: *taŋgap)

taŋgulparrying, defense (PWMP: *taŋgul)

taŋguŋcarrying, bearing, burden, load (PWMP: *taŋguŋ)

taŋisweeping, tears (PMP: *taŋis) *Caŋis

tapefermented glutinous rice (PWMP: *tapay)

tapelclosely linked, joined; close together (PMP: *tapel) *Capel

tapiwinnow (PMP: *tapi)

tapihgarment worn by women around the lower part of the body (PWMP: *tapiq₂)

tapisthin layer (PWMP: *taRpis)

tarajupair of scales, balance (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1860 / 2255)

tarimareceiving, accepting; gratefulness (LOAN)

tarompahsandals, slippers (LOAN)

tasakaccomplished, expert; thoroughly mastered, brought to maturity (PMP: *tasak)

tasiksea (PMP: *tasik)

tatāarrangement, ordering; fixed order, rule (NOISE)

tatabknock on (PAN: *CabCab)

ta-tahsmall chisel, punch (PAN: *taRaq₁)

tatalcut-off piece, chip (PWMP: *tatal)

ta-talirope, band, girdle (PMP: *ta-talih) *CaliS

tatasbroken, snapped (PAN: *tastas)

tawapowerless, weak, inefficacious, harmless (PWMP: *tabaR)

tawanwhat is carried off, booty, a captive (PMP: *taban) *tabaN

tawaŋair (esp. as empty or boundless) (PWMP: *tawaŋ)

tawiŋwall, partition, screen, curtain (PWMP: *tabiŋ)

tawwan ~ tawonbee (PMP: *tabuqan)

tӧbthickness, luxuriant growth (PMP: *teReb)

təbasto cut down, chop down, fell (LOAN)

təḍuhquiet (after motion), quietened down, calm, having lost its fierce heat or glare (sun) (LOAN)

təgəsclearness; meaning, explanation (NOISE)

təkato come, arrive, reach one’s goal; coming (PMP: *teka₁)

Old Javanese (1880 / 2255)

təkənstick, prop, support (PMP: *teken)

təkən-təkənto be a support (PMP: *teken-teken) *teken

teken wuwuŋridge-pole (PMP: *bubuŋ₁)

tekukbend or fold over (PMP: *tekuk₁)

tekuŋsit bowed and in silence (PMP: *tekuŋ₁)

telebukwith a thud (ROOT)

telegukmaking the sound of gulping or swallowing (in craving for food or drink), with the mouth watering (ROOT)

təluthree (PAN: *telu)

témbakfire at, hit (with a gun) (PWMP: *ti(m)bak)

təmbiŋside, border, bank, flank, shore (LOAN)

tembiŋside, border, bank, flank, shore (NOISE)

təmumeeting, joining, touching (PWMP: *temu₂)

tənuŋdivining magic (esp. as performed with a cock?) (LOAN)

təŋahthe middle (PMP: *teŋaq)

təŋənthe right hand side (LOAN)

təpakblow of the (flat) hand, smack (PMP: *tepak₁)

təpak-anto accompany with rhythmic beating (clapping?) of the hands (PMP: *tepak₁)

təpətexact, correct, right, true, sincere; direct, straight ahead, undeviating, steadfast, firm (PWMP: *tepet₁)

təpətexact, correct, right, true, sincere; direct, straight ahead, undeviating, steadfast, firm (LOAN)

təpiedge, border, side (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1900 / 2255)

təpiedge, border, side (LOAN)

t(ə)ruspenetrating (PWMP: *terus)

tətəkcut, slash (PAN: *tektek₁)

tətəspenetrated, pierced; penetrating, breaking through, coming out, hatching (PWMP: *testes)

teweka pointed weapon for stabbing (PAN: *tebek)

tiḍemlosing its lustre, fading, dimmed (PMP: *tidem)

tihaŋmast, pole, pillar (NOISE)

tikusmouse, rat (LOAN)

tilammattress, sleeping mat; bed, bedstead (LOAN)

tilemnight of the dark moon (PWMP: *tilem₁)

timahtin (PWMP: *timeRaq)

timbabucket for drawing water from a well (PMP: *timba)

timbaŋmatch, the equal of (PWMP: *timbaŋ)

timpaŋcrippled, limp (PMP: *timpaŋ)

timpaŋ-timpaŋlimping, stumbling (PMP: *timpaŋ)

t-in-ali gajahwith garlands hung crosswise? (PMP: *t<in>alih) *CaliS

t-in-ali talimade into a string, in continuous succession (PMP: *t<in>alih) *CaliS

t<in>ambal-anto patch (of a torn garment) (PMP: *tambal₁)

t<in>anekto cook, to boil (PMP: *t<in>anek) *taNek

t<in>anemto plant (PWMP: *t<in>anem) *CaNem

Old Javanese (1920 / 2255)

t<in>aŋguŋto carry, bear (PWMP: *taŋguŋ)

t<in>apy-anto winnow (PMP: *tapi)

t<in>atabwas knocked on (PWMP: *tabtab₁)

t<in>a-tahto shape with a punch (PAN: *taRaq₁)

t<in>awanto carry off as captive or booty, to loot (PWMP: *t<in>aban) *tabaN

t<in>ənunto weave, intertwine (PAN: *t<in>enun) *tenun

t<in>imbaŋ wratto weigh one against the other (PWMP: *timbaŋ)

t<in>uduhpointed at, pointed out, indicated, shown, guided; ordered, instructed, appointed, designated (PWMP: *t<in>uzuq) *tuzuq₁

t<in>uhaveteran, experienced, leader (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

t-in-unube burned, burned up, burned down, set fire to, be put in the fire, heated; cremated (PMP: *t<in>unuh) *CuNuh

t<in>urw-anto sing to sleep, lull to sleep; to sleep with (PAN: *tuduR)

tiŋkaharrangement, ordering, situation, condition, state; the “how” of something, appearance or look, way of being, way of acting, what is going on, course of events (LOAN)

tiŋtiŋto warble (of the song of a certain bird) (PMP: *tiŋtiŋ)

tipisthin, weak; lithe, lissom, supple (PMP: *tipis)

titifootbridge (PMP: *titey)

titifootbridge (PMP: *taytay)

tiwasfailing, coming to nothing, being a disappointment; broken down, defeated, ruined, dead (NOISE)

tohstake (in game, gambling, wager, competition, combat); main stake (in combat), the person on whom one relies as the main or sole support (PMP: *taRuq)

tomindigo plant (PMP: *taRum)

toya siramwater for washing or bathing (LOAN)

Old Javanese (1940 / 2255)

trus-anright through to (PWMP: *terus)

tubaa fish-poison (PAN: *tubah)

tudiŋindex finger (?) (PAN: *tudiŋ)

tuduhinstruction, direction, directive, order, guidance (PAN: *tuzuq₁)

tuduhinstruction, direction, directive, order, guidance (PMP: *tuzuq₂) *Cuzuq

tuhaold age (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

tuha-ganaconstant, unremitting, sedulous (in doing or practicing) (PMP: *tuqah) *tuqaS

tuha-tuhaancestor, elder (PMP: *tuqah tuqah) *tuqaS

tuhutrue, right, sincere; really, in fact, indeed, in the real sense (PMP: *tuqu₂)

tuhu-tuhutrue, right, sincere; really, in fact, indeed, in the real sense (PMP: *tuqu-tuqu) *tuqu₂

tujuto go straight to, head for, aim directly at, hit, charge, deliver a direct blow (PMP: *tuzu)

tuku-tukupanything which covers (PWMP: *tuŋkup)

tuladexample, model (PWMP: *tulad)

tulad-anexample, model (PWMP: *tulad-an) *tulad

tulajegstand erect (ROOT)

tulaŋbones (PWMP: *tuqelaŋ)

tulideaf (PMP: *tuli₁) *Culi

tulispainting, drawing; writing, letter (LOAN)

tuli-tulipretend not to hear? (PMP: *tuli₁) *Culi

tuluŋhelp (PMP: *tuluŋ)

Old Javanese (1960 / 2255)

tuluŋ tutuhelp in pounding rice (PAN: *tutuh)

tulupblowpipe (NOISE)

tulusgoing on, lasting, constant, permanent; going to the end, finished, accomplished, perfect (PMP: *tulus)

tuluy, tulwi, tuliimmediate continuation (PMP: *tuluy₁)

tumalouse (PMP: *tumah) *CumeS

t<um>agih-akənto demand repayment on something; inflict the punishment for; to demand the payment of (LOAN)

t<um>ahənto hold out, stand, endure, bear, sustain, suffer; resist, restrain (LOAN)

t<um>ahuto think that one should know or be familiar with (being still uncertain) (PMP: *taqu₂) *Caqu

t-um-alīto tie, bind, string (PMP: *t<um>alih) *CaliS

t<um>amato enter, set foot in, appear in; to penetrate as far as (of weapons); to hit (PMP: *tama₂)

t<um>ambakto put oneself in the way (PWMP: *t<um>ambak) *tambak₂

t<um>anekto cook, boil (PMP: *t<um>anek) *taNek

t<um>anemto enter into and stick fast, to be deeply implanted (PAN: *t<um>anem) *CaNem

t<um>aŋis-ito address (entreat, etc.) with tears (PMP: *taŋis-i) *Caŋis

t<um>aŋtaŋto challenge (NOISE)

t<um>arimato receive, accept, take; to be presented with gifts; to allow, tolerate, resign oneself to, submit to, yield to, suffer (LOAN)

t<um>asakto bring to maturity, season, cook through (PMP: *tasak)

t<um>atasended, cut off (PWMP: *t<um>astas) *tastas

tumbaklance (PMP: *tumbak)

tumbaklance (NOISE)

Old Javanese (1980 / 2255)

tumbukto hit with a thump (PMP: *tumbuk)

t<um>əkato come, arrive, reach one’s goal (PMP: *teka₁)

t<um>imbaŋto be one the same level (on the same line); to assist (PWMP: *t<um>imbaŋ) *timbaŋ

t<um>iruto follow, imitate, take after, copy (LOAN)

t<um>oh-ito put up a stake (for someone or something), bet on, vouch for, guarantee (PWMP: *t<um>aRuq) *taRuq

tumpaŋlayer, tier, storey, shelf (PWMP: *tumpaŋ₁)

tumpukheap, pile, mass (PWMP: *tumpuk)

tumpuk-tumpukamong various kinds of food dishes (in heaps?) (PWMP: *tumpuk)

t<um>rusto penetrate, go right through (PWMP: *terus)

t<um>uha-tuheto be the leader (in command) of (PWMP: *t<um>uqah) *tuqaS

t<um>ukupto cover (PWMP: *tuŋkup)

t<um>uladto follow, imitate, copy, take for a model, use as an example (PWMP: *tulad)

t<um>ulisto draw on, paint on, write on (LOAN)

t<um>uluŋto help, aid, assist (PWMP: *t<um>uluŋ) *tuluŋ

t-um-uluycontinue immediately, proceed from one thing to the next (PMP: *tuluy₁)

t<um>umpaŋto lie (sit, stand) on (PWMP: *tumpaŋ₁)

t-um-unuto burn, burn up, burn down, set fire to, put in the fire, heat; cremate (PMP: *t<um>unuh) *CuNuh

t<um>ūtto follow, go along; to follow (in time), come after; to go along with, accompany; to follow, obey; to follow, go after, chase, pursue, try to obtain (PWMP: *tuRut)

t<um>utugto strike (knock, bump) against, hit (PMP: *t<um>ugtug) *CugCug₂

t<um>utup-ito cover, close (PMP: *tutup₁)

Old Javanese (2000 / 2255)

t-um-uwekstab with a kris (PAN: *t<um>ebek) *tebek

t<um>uwuhto grow, live; come out, arise (feelings); that which grows or lives, living creature (PMP: *t<um>ubuq) *Cubuq

tuntunrope or string for leading (PWMP: *tuntun)

tunw-an, tuno-nwhat is burnt down, burnt remains; pile, pyre (PAN: *tunuh-an) *CuNuh

tuŋgulbanner, standard (LOAN)

tuŋkulbending down, bowing the head (PAN: *Cukul)

tuŋtuŋtop, tip, end, farthest point, the deepest or the highest (PMP: *tuŋtuŋ₂)

turūsleep (PAN: *tuduR)

turusquick-set fence, hedge (PMP: *turus)

turw-anthe act of sleeping; sleeping place, bed-chamber, bed (PWMP: *tuduR-an) *tuduR

tūtfollowing; following along (PWMP: *tuRut)

tut ~ tūtfollowing (LOAN)

tutubany means of covering or closing; lid (PMP: *tutub)

tutugstrike (knock, bump) against, hit (PWMP: *tugtug)

tutugto strike (knock, bump) against, hit (PMP: *tugtug₁) *CugCug₂

tutupcover, lid, covering; probably helmet (PMP: *tutup₁)

tuturmemory, recollection, consciousness; innermost recesses of the spiritual part of the human being, “the inner mind” (PMP: *tutur₁)

tuwekkris (PAN: *tebek)

tuwuhgrowth, growing; life, age, span of life; condition of life, lot; body (PMP: *tubuq, tumbuq) *Cubuq

tuwuh-anplace of growing (PWMP: *tubuq-an) *Cubuq

Old Javanese (2020 / 2255)

tuwu-tuwuh-anplants (PWMP: *tubuq-an) *Cubuq

twak ~ tokpalm wine, usually from the aren palm (PMP: *tuak)

twashardness; the hard core; core, heart (as part of the body and as seat of feelings) (PMP: *teRas)

uauncle, aunt (older than father or mother; also used to address an older person who is not a relative) (PMP: *uaʔ)

uauncle, aunt (older than father or mother, also used to address an older person who is not a relative) (PMP: *ua₂)

ucaptalk, speech, words (LOAN)

uḍikupstream (PWMP: *udahik)

udud-ansmoking materials (PWMP: *qudud)

uḍuhan exclamation (oh! ah!) (PMP: *uduq₁)

ugahshaking; to shake (PWMP: *ugaq)

ujurlengthwise; directly ahead (PMP: *qunzur)

ukircarve, chisel (out), sculpture, provide (adorn) with carvings (sculptures, reliefs) (PMP: *ukir)

ukurone's portion or lot (LOAN)

ukurmeasure (LOAN)

ulāsnake (PMP: *hulaR) *SulaR

ulahwhat one does, action, activity (performing, cultivating, being engaged in); way of acting, conduct; sexual intercourse (LOAN)

ulamfish; flesh; meat; fish and meat (PWMP: *qulam)

ulā sawapython (PMP: *sawa)

ula welaŋa particular kind of snake (PMP: *belaŋ₂)

ulemshining (only) palely, dim, wan, languishing, faded (PMP: *hulem) *Sulem

Old Javanese (2040 / 2255)

ulemshining (only) palely, dim, wan, languishing, faded (ROOT)

ulercaterpillar, grub, maggot (also worm?) (PMP: *qulej)

ulihthat which one obtains, attains or achieves; result, product, consequence, effect, fruit, achievement; prey, victim (PWMP: *uliq₂)

ulih-ulihthat which one brings back (home), esp. for those left behind (PMP: *uliq uliq) *uliq₁

-um-verbal infix used primarily in intransitive bases, including those that refer to natural conditions (e.g. kilat 'lightning', k-um-ilat 'flashing'; guruh 'thunder', g-um-uruh 'thundering, roaring') (PMP: *<um>) *-um-

umahhouse, home, abode (PAN: *Rumaq)

um-alaŋto lie athwart, across (PWMP: *qalaŋ)

um-alaptake, fetch, carry off, steal, seize, win (PWMP: *um-alap) *alap

um-ampilunite, join with (PMP: *hampil)

um-anak akengive birth to (PWMP: *um-anak) *aNak

u-ma-ŋanto eat, swallow, devour (PMP: *ma-ŋaen) *kaen

u-maŋunrise, stand up (PWMP: *maŋ-baŋun) *baŋuN

um-ateraccompany, escort, take someone somewhere; bring, carry (PMP: *h<um>ateD) *SateD

umbakwave (PWMP: *humbak)

umbaŋto float (PWMP: *umbaŋ)

umbularise, come up, well up (PWMP: *umbul)

(u)m-enaŋable, capable, have the right to, assume the right to, be superior, win, gain the victory (LOAN)

um-enuh-ito fill, make complete (PWMP: *p<um>enuq) *peNuq

(u)m-eŋeŋcausing a state of drowsiness or dazedness (of buzzing bees, etc.); deafening (of trumpets) (PWMP: *eŋeŋ)

um-iketto bind, tie, bind together (PWMP: *h<um>iket) *Siket

Old Javanese (2060 / 2255)

um-ilaŋ, w-in-ilaŋto count (PAN: *bilaŋ₁)

(u)m-inumto drink (PMP: *um-inum) *inum

um-ipisto pound, crush (PMP: *pipis₂) *pipis₁

um-isuh-ito wash (PMP: *hisuq)

um-usīgo to, go in the direction of, take refuge with, try to reach or obtain, strive after, attack, assail, pursue (PWMP: *um-usiR) *qusiR

um-watto bear, carry, bring, convey, contain (PMP: *buhat₃)

undurretiring, retreating (PWMP: *undur)

unisound, voice; contents of a letter ("what it says") (PMP: *huni) *Suni

unusto draw, take out, extract (PMP: *hunus) *SuNus

uny-an uny-an, une-n une-nmusical instruments (PWMP: *huni huni) *Suni

uŋapwith wide-open mouth (PMP: *uŋap)

uŋkab(the act of) opening (PWMP: *hu(ŋ)kab)

upahpay (PMP: *upaq)

upah-anpay, reward (PWMP: *upaq-an) *upaq

upamacomparison, example, illustration, likeness (LOAN)

upas(vegetable) poison; also figuratively of love, etc. (PMP: *upas₁)

upihspathe, sheath of the spadix of the unexpanded fruit of certain palms (used to make leathery water-proof wrappers) (PMP: *hupiq) *Supiq

uray, urehanging loose; spread out, open; let down, loosen (hair), loosen from their string (beads), spread, unfold (PWMP: *quray)

urubto burn; flare, flame, blaze, glow (PWMP: *urub)

usīgo to, go in the direction of, take refuge with, try to reach or obtain, strive after, attack, assail, pursue (PAN: *qusiR)

Old Javanese (2080 / 2255)

usuhbathe (NOISE)

usukrafter (PAN: *Rusuk)

usuŋcarry or transport jointly (a heavy object) (PMP: *qusuŋ)

usuŋ-anpalanquin, stretcher (PWMP: *usuŋ-an) *qusuŋ

utahspit out, vomit up (PAN: *utaq)

utekbrains (PMP: *hutek)

utusorder, command (PWMP: *utus₂)

uwabvapor? (PWMP: *huab₁) *huab

uwahrepetition, change (LOAN)

uwatmedicine, remedy (LOAN)

uyagbe shaky, wobble (PWMP: *Ruyag)

uyahsalt (LOAN)

wā, walive coal, piece of burning material which is aglow (PMP: *baRah)

waderkind of small freshwater fish (NOISE)

wagalrude, unmannered (PMP: *bagal)

wah, wāhflood, spate, freshet, river swollen by rains, torrent (PMP: *bahaq₂) *baSaq

wai, way, wesun; day (PAN: *waRi₁)

wakula type of basket (PWMP: *bakul₁) *bakul

wakuŋa lily-like flower, Crinum asiaticum. The petals are very slender; fingers are compared with them (PAN: *bakuŋ₁)

walain compounds it seems to be 'all kinds of, in every respect' (PMP: *bala₃)

Old Javanese (2100 / 2255)

walaŋcricket, grasshopper, locust (PWMP: *balalaŋ₁)

walatukwoodpecker (PMP: *balalatuk) *balalaCuk

walen, walyanphysician, healer (PWMP: *balian)

walerboundary, limit, end (PWMP: *balej)

walesreturn, reaction, countermove, repayment, retaliation, revenge (PAN: *bales₁)

waliritual requisites (offerings, etc.) for ceremonial occasions (wedding, installation, etc.); also: the whole ceremony, feast (NOISE)

walikturn round, reverse (PMP: *balik₂)

walikatshoulder blade (PWMP: *balikat)

waliŋmistaken belief, thinking (wrongly) (PWMP: *baliŋ₁)

walirapart of the weaver's loom (a stick or bow) with which the threads are pressed together (PMP: *balija) *baRija

waliraŋsulphur (LOAN)

waliwiskind of duck (Anas casarca) (PWMP: *baliwis)

walulaŋleather, hide (PWMP: *balulaŋ)

waluna cloth for wrapping or covering (PMP: *balun₅) *baluN

walu-waluwidow (PWMP: *balu balu) *balu₄

wānicourage, bravery, valor, prowess; to dare, daring, courageous, brave, valiant (PMP: *baRani)

wantahclash together, collide (PWMP: *bantaq)

wanwainhabited place or area; village, settlement (PMP: *banua)

waŋifragrance (PMP: *baŋehih) *baŋeSiS

waŋkay ~ waŋkedead body, corpse, carcass (PWMP: *baŋkay)

Old Javanese (2120 / 2255)

waŋkuḍua plant the root of which produces a red dye: Morinda spp. (PWMP: *baŋkudu)

waŋsibamboo; or bamboo flute? (LOAN)

waŋunrising, starting, taking shape (PMP: *baŋun₂) *baŋuN

waŋun ḍahinadawn (PMP: *baŋun₂) *baŋuN

waŋun udhāniregain consciousness (PMP: *baŋun₂) *baŋuN

warah-warahcommunication, information, report, instruction, teaching (PMP: *bajaq₂) *bajaq

warakrhinoceros (LOAN)

warua tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus (PMP: *baRu)

warugakind of building ("bale"? hall, pendopoʔ). It seems to be part of the housing of persons of distinction and a tax can be levied on it (PWMP: *baruga)

wataŋtree trunk (fallen, felled), bar, piece of wood; pole; kind of lance or pike, probably of wood or bamboo, with an iron tip (PMP: *bataŋ) *bataŋ₁

wataŋ-anshaft of an arrow; tree trunk (as bridge) (PWMP: *bataŋ-an) *bataŋ₁

watesborder, end (PWMP: *bates)

watustone, rock (PMP: *batu) *batux

watukcough (PMP: *batuk₁)

watu karaŋcoral, coral stone, rock (PMP: *karaŋ)

watwan ~ watonedge, border (architectural term) (PWMP: *batu-an) *batux

wawacarry, carry along, take along, bring (PMP: *baba₁)

wayawakiguana, monitor lizard (PWMP: *bayawak)

weashusked rice (unboiled) (PMP: *beRas)

weḍakpowder (a cosmetic of rice-flour, scented water and other ingredients, having a cooling effect on the body and used for medicinal purposes) (LOAN)

Old Javanese (2140 / 2255)

wehaŋjaw (PMP: *baReqaŋ)

wehaŋjaw (PAN: *beReqaŋ)

wekaswhat is left: the last of a stretch in time or space, end, limit, final aim; finally; the highest point, top, height, what surpasses all others, paramount, non plus ultra, first, best or worst; what is left behind, what it comes to, what has finally become of, result, remains, trace; instructions (before departing), order, commission, injunction (PMP: *bekas₃)

wekas-anin the end, finally (PWMP: *bekas-an) *bekas₃

welahcleft, narrow opening; split bamboo (as trap or defense) (PAN: *belaq)

welah-ancleft, opening, entry; part of the river where it widens (PAN: *belaq)

welaŋvariegated, spotted, speckled, banded (in coloring), marked in contrasting colors (PMP: *belaŋ₂)

welaŋ-welaŋvariegated, spotted, speckled (PWMP: *belaŋ belaŋ) *belaŋ₂

welarbroadness, etc. (PMP: *bekelaj)

welaspity, compassion, sympathy (NOISE)

welit/alaŋ-alaŋ/ (sword-grass) bound with bamboo, used for roof cover (PWMP: *belit₁)

welutthe common mud-eel (LOAN)

wely-anthat which one buys (PWMP: *beli-an) *beli

wenaŋthread, string (PWMP: *benaŋ)

wenaŋhave within one's reach or power, be able to, be capable of, have a right to, be entitled to, have authority (LOAN)

wentisof the belly (PWMP: *bentis)

weŋāopening, being open (PMP: *beŋa₁)

weŋinight (PMP: *beRŋi)

weŋisangry, furious (especially if things do not go as wished?); (in later texts it appears to be) afraid; dispirited, in panic (PMP: *beŋis₁)

wesiiron (LOAN)

Old Javanese (2160 / 2255)

wesi waranimagnetic iron (LOAN)

wetahwhole, undamaged, intact, unscathed; recovered, afresh (PWMP: *betaq₁)

weteŋbelly, womb (PWMP: *beteŋ₂) *beteŋ₁

wetihparched rice? (PWMP: *beRtiq)

wetiscalf of the leg (PAN: *beties)

wetucoming out, coming forth, appearing, birth, (sun)rise, product (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

wicāradeliberation, discussion (LOAN)

wijiseed, kernel; (fig.) kernel, contents, content, substance (LOAN)

wilahprobably a board or panel of split bamboo (PWMP: *bilaq₁)

wilaŋnumber, sum (PAN: *bilaŋ₁)

wilutbent, crooked (PWMP: *bilut)

wilut-angone crooked (PWMP: *bilut)

w-in-aliŋto think (wrongly) (PWMP: *baliŋ₁)

w-in-aŋunshaped, formed, built, composed (PWMP: *b<in>aŋun) *baŋuN

wina sautterly lost, annihilated, disappeared, etc. (LOAN)

w<in>atuthrow a stone at, hit with a stone (PWMP: *b<in>atu) *batux

w-in-ekasa particular category of functionaries (PMP: *bekas₃)

w-in-elar-akento spread out, open (PMP: *bekelaj)

w-in-eteŋ-akenconceive a child (PWMP: *beteŋ₂) *beteŋ₁

w-in-etu-wetubring forth, cause to appear, cause, produce, create (PMP: *betu) *betu₁

Old Javanese (2180 / 2255)

winihseed, seedling (PMP: *binehiq) *bineSiq

wintaŋstar, planet (often used in comparisons) (LOAN)

wintaŋ wuwurThe Milky Way (PWMP: *bubud)

w-in-ulaŋto bind with a thread, to attach spurs (PWMP: *bulaŋ)

w-in-ulaŋmade black (PMP: *buluŋ₁)

w-in-ulat-anlook at, watch (PMP: *bulat₁) *bulat

w-in-uluhbecoming a wuluh, overflowing with sweetness or compassion, deeply moved; also (as if) pierced by a sharp piece of bamboo (PAN: *buluq₂)

w<in>unito hide, keep secret (PWMP: *b<in>uni) *buNi

w-in-unuhslaughter, kill, put an end to, slay (PWMP: *b<in>unuq) *buNuq₂

w-in-uwuh-anincrease, add to (PMP: *bubuq)

w-in-uwuŋ-anroofed, covered with a roof (PWMP: *b<in>ubuŋ-an) *bubuŋ₁

w-in-wat-anto load something (with pack) (PWMP: *b<in>uhat-an) *buhat₂

wiŋisto bare, unsheathe (PMP: *biŋis)

wiŋisto bare, unsheathe (PMP: *wiŋis)

wiŋitawe-inspiring, dangerous to approach; in a sad mood (often with the nuance of: unapproachable, sullen, sulky, petulant, ill-tempered, morose, cross) (PAN: *biŋiC)

wiŋkapotsherd (PWMP: *bika)

wiṣapoison (LOAN)

wisik wisikwhispering, whispered conversation, secret instruction (PWMP: *bisik bisik) *bisik₃

wisuhwater for washing (PMP: *biseq)

wiwigoat (LOAN)

Old Javanese (2200 / 2255)

wökpig, hog, boar (PAN: *beRek)

wokabundant hair-growth on the body (esp. under the chin, chin-whiskers) (PWMP: *bauk)

woŋ, wwaŋhuman being, man (woman), people, servant, attendant (LOAN)

wuḍugleprosy (LOAN)

wuḍugleprosy (NOISE)

wugat, wugat-wugatback; back-part, tail (NOISE)

wujaŋyoung (unmarried) man or woman (LOAN)

wujuktrying to persuade, cajoling (LOAN)

wūkliquid oozing from corpses or any putrescent matter (PAN: *buRuk)

wūk-anrotten (egg) (PAN: *buRuk)

wukirmountain (PAN: *bukij)

wukir anaksmall mountain (promontory?), hill (PAN: *bukij)

wūk nanahpus (PAN: *buRuk)

wūk nanahliquid oozing from corpses or any putrescent matter, pus; always in the combination wūk nanah (PMP: *nanaq) *naNaq

wūk turuaddicted to sleeping, sleepy-head (PAN: *buRuk)

wukusection (of bamboo, etc.) between the joints; grain, seed (PMP: *bukuh)

wulanmoon, month (PMP: *bulan₃) *bulaN

wulan-anmonthly, by the month; menstruation (PWMP: *bulan-an) *bulaN

wulan-wulansomething moon-like (PMP: *bulan₃) *bulaN

wulaŋband, binding (PWMP: *bulaŋ)

Old Javanese (2220 / 2255)

wulatlook, glance; sight, seeing, looking (PMP: *bulat₁) *bulat

wulihstem (PMP: *buliR)

wuluhair on the body, feather (PMP: *bulu₁)

wuluhbamboo, bamboo shaft, bamboo vessel, esp. the bamboo vessel in which liquid sugar (syrup) is kept (PAN: *buluq₂)

wulu-ncovered with hair, hairy (PWMP: *bulu-en) *bulu₁

wuluŋbluish black, black, dark (PMP: *buluŋ₁)

wulus-anmouth of a river (PWMP: *bulus-an) *bulus

wulw-ankind of hairy fruit and its tree: Nephelium, rambutan (PWMP: *bulu-an) *bulu₁

wunia secret (PMP: *buni₁) *buNi

wunia tree and its fruit: Antidesma bunius (PWMP: *buRnay)

wuntufull, blocked, clogged (NOISE)

wuntuttail (PMP: *buntut₁) *buntut

wunuh-anan animal for slaughtering (PWMP: *bunuq-an₁) *buNuq₂

wunutkind of tree of the Ficus species (PWMP: *bunut₂)

wunwun-anfontanelle, crown of the head (PWMP: *bunbun-an₁) *buNbuN

wuŋaflower (PMP: *buŋa)

wuŋa-n bawahthat which is on everybody's lips, general topic, constantly recurring theme (PMP: *buŋa)

wuŋa-n tahun(annual) tribute (PMP: *buŋa)

wuŋa-wuŋanipple (PMP: *buŋa)

wuŋkukhunchbacked, crooked (PMP: *buŋkuk)

Old Javanese (2240 / 2255)

wuŋkuk-anthe mark on the moon (lit. rendering of Sanskrit aŋka 'hook, anything curved; mark, line') (PMP: *buŋkuk)

wuŋkuswrap up; surround (in battle) (PWMP: *buŋkus)

wuŋsuthe youngest (in a family) (LOAN)

wuŋūa particular kind of tree (Lagerstroemia Reginae) with large clusters of purple flowers (PAN: *buŋuR)

(w)uŋuviolet, purple (PAN: *buŋuR)

wuriback, behind, rear (PWMP: *buri₂)

wuriback, behind, rear; leaving behind; that which (or the person who) is left behind, trace (NOISE)

wury-anthat which is left behind or is left over from, trace (NOISE)

wusucotton-card (PMP: *busuR₂)

wūthalf-ape (tarsier, lemur) (PAN: *buhet)

wutablind (PMP: *buta₁) *buCa

wutbutkind of night bird (owl?) (PWMP: *butbut₁)

wuwūa particular kind of (wicker) fish-trap (PAN: *bubu₂)

wuwuhincrease, growth (PMP: *bubuq)

wuwuŋridge (of a roof) (PMP: *bubuŋ₁)

wuwuŋ-anridge of a roof (PMP: *bubuŋ-an) *bubuŋ₁

wuyuŋdisturbance of one's inner peace; anger, bad temper, crossness (LOAN)

wuyuŋdisturbance of one's inner peace; anger, bad temper, crossness (NOISE)

wwahfruit, esp. betel-nut (PMP: *buaq)

wwaŋ anak-ensuffer from excessive fondness for one's relations (PWMP: *anak-en) *aNak

Old Javanese (2260 / 2255)

wwaŋ lenunrelated people (PWMP: *laqin)

wwatto present, offer, convey, report, show, show oneself, appear (PMP: *buhat₃)

yugayoke; pair, couple, set (of clothes) (LOAN)

Òma Lóngh Kenyah (5) WMP. see: Kenyah (Òma Lóngh)

521. Onin (18) CMP [oni] Indonesia (Papua)

bulaNmoon (PMP: *bulan₃) *bulaN

bunifeathers (PCEMP: *bulu₁)

ia3sg., he, she (PAN: *ia₁)

iafcount (PMP: *ihap)

i-ai1sg., I (PAN: *i-aku) *aku

i-ami1pl. excl. (PAN: *i-ami) *ami

ita1pl. incl. (PAN: *ita₁)

mato come (PAN: *um-aRi) *aRi

manibird (PMP: *manuk)

masismoke (PCMP: *masu)

nuatwo (PMP: *duha) *duSa

o2sg., you (PMP: *kahu) *kaSu

pesaoar, paddle (PMP: *beRsay)

sina3pl., they (PMP: *si ida) *ida

tenithree (PAN: *telu)

vikirtail (PAN: *ikuR)

wakirroot (PCEMP: *wakir)

werfresh water (PCEMP: *waiR) *wahiR

Orang Laut Malay (1) WMP. see: Malay (Orang Laut)

522. Ormu (1) OC

ka-ruperson (POC: *ka₅)

523. Owa (1) OC

misuto spit (loss of CV- unexplained) (POC: *kamisu)

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