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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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-mek    -muk    -muR    


*-mek crush, pulverize; powder

PAN *Cumekpulverize; crumble
PRuk *lamekerotten (as a log)
PMP *mekmekbroken to bits
PMP *Remekcrush, pulverized
PWMP *Rumekcrush
Pazeh demekrotten (as a log)
Hiligaynon dúgmukcrush, break by pressure (<*-muk?)
Bontok lagmə́kbreak into pieces, as a reed; crush, as a dried reed or bamboo
Kankanaey mayekmékfine, pulverized (< *mekmek?)
Ilokano simékpulverize, triturate, comminute
Paiwan sulʸamekpowder
Pangasinan temékto crush
Itbayaten xuʔmekvery fine particles

-mek    -muk    -muR    



*-muk crush, pulverize; powder

PWMP *Remukcrumbs
Bontok gumúkcrush; crumble, as dry food or soft stone
Pangasinan mokomókreduce to powder; gold dust
Bisaya (Limbang) ramukrotten (wood)
Ilokano timókpowder, dust; fine particles to which something is reduced by grinding, etc.

Also Iban rumoh 'shatter, (of food) crumble'.


*-muR gargle, rinse the mouth

PMP *kemuRrinse the mouth
PWMP *kumuRrinse the mouth
PMP *muRmuRgargle, rinse the mouth
Puyuma HumuRcram the mouth full with food or water; suckle in the mouth (Also Paiwan qumu 'water held in the mouth (not saliva)')
Hiligaynon límuggargle
Manggarai memurrinse the mouth
Ilokano mulúmogrinse the mouth, gargle

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