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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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-waŋ    -wit    


*-waŋ wide-open space

PMP *awaŋatmosphere, space between earth and sky
PWMP *bawaŋopen expanse of land or water
PMP *gawaŋgate
PWMP *kawaŋapart, separated
PAN *lawaŋpassageway
PWMP *rawaŋopen space
PMP *sawaŋatmosphere, distance
PWMP *tawaŋclearly visible
Motu gadavaspace between the legs, toes and fingers
Kayan jawaŋlarge-sized mesh of net
Malay kerawaŋopenwork, a' jour design
Manggarai lewaŋspace between the teeth; doorway
Malay léwaŋempty space
Mongondow ŋawaŋatmosphere, space
Amis ʔadawaŋgateway

-waŋ    -wit    



*-wit hook shaped

PWMP *banuitfishhook
PWMP *kalawithook
PAN *kawitto hook
PMP *lawithook
PWMP *ruitbarbed; sharp
PWMP *sawitbarb
Malay (h)uitbarb
Isneg balawítan arrow with an iron head; it has three barbs on one side, none on the other
Isneg bannuwéta large fishhook, some two inches long, often baited with locusts
Isneg bilawítan arrow and a spear whose iron head has two barbs, one on either side, but asymmetrical, one of them being cut at a higher level than the other
Mansaka biŋwitcatch with hook and line
Manobo (Western Bukidnon) bunuwitfishhook
Ifugaw buŋwitfish with small hook and line
Tagalog dukwíttaken out or off by a hooked tool
Kelabit keluitfishhook
Amis korawitgrasp or pull in with a hook
Toba Batak raithook
Kankanaey sakuíthang, hang upon, hook, catch, catch in
Kankanaey sokláwithang (blanket, etc.) on something more or less pointed

Due to the predictability of a transitional glide, -wit following *u is written -it.

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