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Hawaiian - English

updated: 5/30/2020

Headword (no ʻokina/kahakō):


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ga    ge    gi    go    gu       

g  G is used in Hawaiian only or mostly in its hard sound; the word gini, gin, is perhaps the only exception; it is easily run into the k sound.

ga    ge    gi    go    gu    


gabo    gala    gale    gali    gama    gana    gane    gara    gare    gari    gasa    gaza    gaze    

Gabona  n. Gabon; Gabonese. also Kapona. Eng. G

galaisine [galai·sine]  n. glycine. Eng. SCI

galani  s. Eng. A gallon, a measure of four quarts; mostly used as a liquid measure; a firkin. Ioan. 2:6.

Galapagosa [galapa·gosa]  n. Galapagos. Eng. [+]G

Ka pae moku ʻo GalapagosaGalapagos Islands

Galevesetona  var. spelling of Kalewekekona, Galveston...

galika  s. Eng. A garlic, a plant. Nah. 11:5.

Galilaia  var. spelling of Kalilaia, Galilee... bc

Galilaio  var. spelling of Kalilaio, Galilee...

Gamabia [gama·bia]  n. Gambia. Eng. [+]G

Ka muliwai ʻo GamabiaGambia River

Gāna  n. Ghana; Ghanaian, Ghanian. Eng. G

Ganagesa [gana·gesa]  n. Ganges. Eng. [+]

Ka muliwai ʻo GanagesaGanges River

ganeta  var. spelling of kaneka₂, garnet...

garatia  var. spelling of kalakia, grace...

Garenada  Granada. (EH)

garipa  var. spelling of kalipa₂, grippe...

gasa  var. spelling of kaka₆, gas...

Gaza  n. Gaza. Eng. [+]G

gazela  s. Eng. The gazelle, the name of an animal. Kanl. 12:15.

ga    ge    gi    go    gu       -top-


gehe    gene    gepe    gera    gere    gete    

Gehena  var. spelling of Kehena, Gehenna...

gehena  s. Heb. The name of the valley south of Jerusalem; also called the valley of the Son of Hinnom; it was used as a place of punishment for criminals. Mat. 5:22.

generala  var. spelling of kenelala, general...

genetile  var. spelling of kenekile, Gentile...

gepena  var. spelling of kepena, wild gourd...

gera  s. Heb. A gerah, a small piece of money, or the one-twentieth of a shekel. Puk. 3:13. A Jewish coin.

Gerenada [gere·nada]  n. Grenada. Eng. [+]G

Getesemane  var. spelling of Kekekemane, Gethsemane...

ga    ge    gi    go    gu       -top-


gian    giba    gila    gili    gini    gira    

giana pauda  var. spelling of kianapauka, dynamite...

Gibaraleta  var. spelling of Kipalaleka, Gibraltar...

gila  var. spelling of kila₇, gill...

Gilibati  var. spelling of Kilipaki, Gilbert Islands...

gini  s. Eng. Gin, a distilled intoxicating liquor.

gira  s. Heb. A Hebrew coin. see GERA above. Nah. 18:16.

ga    ge    gi    go    gu       -top-


gola    gole    golu    gopa    gori    goti    goul    

gola  s. Eng. Gold. Adj. Golden; gula paa, beaten gold. Puk. 25:36.

golepa  var. spelling of kolepa, golf...

golukerine  var. spelling of kolukeline, glycerine...

gopahera  var. spelling of kopahela, gopher...

gorila  var. spelling of kolila, gorilla...

Gotika  var. spelling of Kokika, Gothic...

goula  s. Eng. Gold. Adj. Golden; gula paa, beaten gold. Puk. 25:36.

ga    ge    gi    go    gu       -top-


guad    guam    gula    

Guadalupe [guada·lupe]  n. Guadalupe. Eng. [+]G

Guama  n. Guam; Guamanian. Eng. G

gula, kula  nvs. gold; golden. Eng. bc

gula  s. Eng. Gold. Adj. Golden; gula paa, beaten gold. Puk. 25:36.

Gula Aferika  var. spelling of Kapakai Kula ʻApelika, African Gold Coast...

gulaai  s. Eng. Gula and a-i, neck. A golden ornament for the neck. Puk. 35:22.

gulapaa  s. Beaten gold. see GOLA above.

gulapepeiao  s. Gula (Eng.), and pepeiao, ear. Gold for the ear, i. e., an earring. Puk. 35:22.

ga    ge    gi    go    gu    

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