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pai₁    palapala₁    pao₁    pē₁    pehi    pehu₁    pololei₁    poʻo₃       


pai₁   urge, encourage, rouse
(AN) PPn *pai, good

pai     to encourage, support.
hapaiana     see hapai above.
hoʻopai     to encourage, cause to rouse, etc see pai₁, to urge, encourage, rouse, stir up, excite...
paipai     to encourage, inspire.
kumu hoʻopaipai     incentive. lit., reason [for] encouragement.
mea hāpai pila     sponsor, i.e. a legislator who presents and/or assumes responsibility for the passing of a bill. lit., one (who) raises (a) bill.
mea hoʻopaipai     lobbyist. lit., one (who) lobbies. see hoʻopaipai.
ʻōlelo paipai     word of encouragement, exhortation, commandment. (Mal. 2.1)
pai     to urge, encourage, rouse, stir up, excite.
paipai₂     redup. of pai₂, raise, lift up...; to rock. see noho paipai, rocking chair...
paipai₁     redup. of pai₁, urge, encourage...; to lobby.


palapala₁   document of any kind, bill, deed, warrant, certificate, policy, letter, tract, writ, diploma, manuscript; writing of any kind, literature; printing on tapa or paper; formerly the Scriptures or learning in general; to write, send a written message.

ʻākena hōʻoiaʻiʻo palapala     notary public.
aliʻi palapala hoʻokohu ʻole     non-commissioned officer, petty officer (old term).
aʻo palapala     instruction, education; to teach or learn writing.
hōʻike palapala     written report. lit., report (by) writing. cf. hōʻike haʻi waha.
hopalapala     Ho for hoo, and palapala, to write; to paint. To cause to write badly; to scrawl in making letters with a pen; to daub with a pen.
hope hōʻuluʻulu palapala     subsummary, as in a computer program. lit., behind document summary.
hōʻuluʻulu palapala     document summary, as in computer program. see hope hōʻuluʻulu palapala.
hua palapala     letter of the alphabet. lit., writing letter.
hua palapala hiō     italics.
hua palapala leo hui     consonant. lit., letter joined in pronunciation. also koneka.
huapalapala leo kāhi     see hua palapala leo kahi, vowel
hua palapala leo kahi     vowel. lit., letter pronounced separately. also woela.
hua palapala nui     capital letter.
ʻili palapala     parchment. (2 Tim. 4.13)
kanaka kaha palapala ʻāina     cartographer. lit., person (who) draws maps.
palapala     redup. of kāpala, printing, stamping...
kēpau kāpili palapala     sealing wax.
kiʻi palapala     printed picture, as in a newspaper.
kuhina aʻo palapala     minister of (public) instruction.
lāʻau kāpalapala     bamboo stamp for marking tapas. lit., printing stick.
launa palapala     correspondence; to correspond.
luna hōʻoiaʻiʻo palapala     certifier of title. lit., officer who certifies the truth of document.
mīkini paʻi palapala     printing press (EH)
ʻohe kāpalapala     var. spelling of ʻohe kāpala, piece of bamboo carved for printing...
ʻōwili palapala     scroll (EH)
pahu palapala     writing desk; formerly a container for the coloring liquid used in printing tapa. lit., document box.
paʻi palapala     printing press; to print.
pālākiō palapala ʻāina     map scale. lit., map ratio.
  • document of any kind, bill, deed, warrant, certificate, policy, letter, tract, writ, diploma, manuscript;
  • writing of any kind,
  • literature;
  • printing on tapa or paper;
  • formerly the Scriptures or learning in general;
  • to write, send a written message.
palapala ʻae     permit, license. lit., agreeing document.
palapala ʻae e hoʻopae     permit to discharge, as cargo (EH)
palapala ʻaelike     written contract, as for labor; treaty, agreement. see ʻaelike, agreement, contract, truce...
palapala ʻaiʻē     note (to pay money), bond. lit., debt document.
palapala ʻāina kahua     site map.
palapala ʻāina kumuhana     thematic map. lit., topic map. see kumuhana, general subject or topic...
palapala ʻāina ua     rainfall map.
palapala alodio     var. spelling of palapala ʻalokio, alodial title...
palapala ʻalokio     alodial title, fee simple title.
palapala ʻalolio     alodial title, fee simple title (EH)
palapala ʻāpono     letter of recommendation (EH)
palapala bona     var. spelling of palapala pona, bond...
palapala haʻalele     letter of resignation. also palapala waiho ʻoihana.
palapala haʻalele ʻoihana     letter of resignation (EH)
palapala haʻi ā kuhikuhi hewa     writ of error. lit., document reporting error.
palapala haʻi hewa     writ of error. lit., document reporting error.
palapala hānau     birth certificate.
palapala hiʻona ʻāina     topographic map. see hiʻona ʻāina.
palapala hōʻaiʻē     promissory note.
palapala hoʻālohaloha     written condolence. see ālohaloha, aloha, love, affection, compassion...
palapala hoʻāmana     power of attorney. lit., document giving power.
palapala hoʻāpono     any document granting permission, as a passport.
palapala hōʻike     affidavit, report, certificate. lit., reporting document. see ʻike₁.
palapala hōʻike manawa     chronology, timetable.
palapala hōʻike no ke ola     bill of health. lit., document reporting concerning the health.
palapala hōʻike ola     health certificate (EH)
palapala hōʻike pilikino     identification papers. lit., document telling about self.
palapala hōʻike ukana o ka moku     bill of lading. lit., document reporting cargo of the ship.
palapala hōʻike waiwai     report of finances.
palapala holo ʻāina ʻē     passport. lit., document (for) traveling abroad.
palapalahonua     map (less used than palapalaʻāina). lit., land document.
palapala hoʻohanohano     honorary diploma or document of any kind.
palapala hoʻohiki     adoption paper; certificate that a child is legally adopted; a written oath.
palapala hoʻohiki     guarantee, an assurance of quality or length of use with promise of reimbursement. lit., promising document. cf. palapala hoʻokō.
palapala hoʻohiki ʻia     affidavit.
palapala hoʻohui     charter. lit., association-forming document. see hui₁, club, association, society, corporation...
palapala hōʻoia     certificate.
palapala hōʻoiaʻiʻo     voucher, certifying document.
palapala hōʻoiaʻiʻo a ke kanikela     counselor's certificate (EH)
palapala hōʻoia kulanui     collegiate certificate; college diploma.
palapala hōʻoia mākaukau     professional certificate.
palapala hoʻoilina     last will and testament. lit., document to convey inheritance. see ilina₂, recipient...
palapala hoʻokaʻa     receipt, as for paying a bill.
palapala hoʻokō     verdict, decision (written); award; certificate of title; warrant. lit., accomplishing document.
palapala hoʻokō     warranty, a written guarantee of integrity of a product with promise to repair or replace. lit., confirming document. cf. palapala hoʻohiki.
palapala hoʻokō     certificate of achievement. lit., accomplishing certificate.
palapala hoʻokohu     certificate of appointment; power of attorney.
palapala hoʻokohu hui     charter. also palapala hoʻokumu.
palapala hoʻokuleana     patent, copyright. lit., document granting ownership. see kuleana, right, privilege, concern, responsibility, title...
palapala hoʻokumu     charter. also palapala hoʻokohu hui.
palapala hoʻokupa     citizenship papers (EH)
palapala hoʻokuʻu     certificate of release; pass, as for soldiers; discharge, as from the army.
palapala hoʻokuʻu loa     discharge, as from army (EH)
palapala hoʻolaha     bulletin (EH)
palapala hoʻolauna     letter of introduction.
palapala hoʻolilo     quitclaim; deed, as of transference sale; assignment, transfer.
palapala hoʻolilo waiwai     inheritance deed.
palapala hoʻolimalima     lease.
palapala hoʻomaikaʻi     graduating diploma; letter of commendation, certificate of merit. lit., congratulatory document.
palapala hoʻomalu     an uncertain legal term placing restrictions on ownership of land, as a lien or easement.
palapala hoʻonā     certificate of title. lit., satisfying document.
palapala hoʻopaʻa     bond, insurance policy.
palapala hoʻopiʻi     warrant, as for arrest; claim, indictment, petition, application.
palapala hoʻopiʻi hoʻāhewa     indictment (EH)
palapala hoʻopiʻi kipaku     document for ejection.
palapala hoʻopōkoleʻia     brief (summary) (EH)
palapala hopu     warrant of arrest, summons.
palapala hopu     arrest warrant, warrant for arrest, i.e. a document issued by a magistrate authorizing an officer to make an arrest.
palapala huikala     written pardon.
palapala huli     search warrant.
palapala ʻinikua     insurance policy. see ʻinikua, insurance...
palapala kāʻei meakanu     vegetation zonation sheet.
palapala kāinoa     registration form.
palapala kākoʻo     letter of recommendation or support.
palapala kalahala     indulgence (Catholic). lit., forgiving document.
palapala kauoha     last will and testament. lit., commanding document.
palapala kauoha pākuʻi     codicil to will.
palapalakēnā     summons, subpoena.
palapala kiʻi     summons, process, writ, warrant, subpoena. lit., document for fetching.
palapala kīkoʻo     check, draft, warrant (for drawing money).
palapala kila     deed, patent. lit., seal document.
palapala kila nui     royal patent (in times of monarchy).
palapala kilokilo hōkū     horoscope.
palapala kipa     calling card.
palapala koi     mandamus. lit., document urging forbidding document. also palapala pāpā aku.
palapala komo     pass to enter.
palapala komo wale     free pass (EH)
palapala kono     invitation (written). see kono₁, to invite, ask in, entice...
palapala kūʻai     deed or bill of sale.
palapala kūʻē     a written protest.
palapala kuhikuhi     chart; statement, as of an account.
palapala kuhikuhi hewa     writ of error.
palapala kuhikuhi kino     a certificate of identification, as a passport.
palapala kūkala     proclamation (EH)
palapala kumu     original or basic document.
palapala kumu kuleana ʻāina     land claim or title of ownership.
palapala kuʻukino     writ of habeas corpus. lit., document releasing body.
palapala lani     celestial map. lit., sky document.
palapala leo     transcription. lit., voice document. see palapala.
palapala lima     billet; any handwritten manuscript or document.
palapala loaʻa     receipt.
palapala mahola ʻāina     map projection. lit., map expansion. see mahola, palapala lani.
palapala maka     manuscript. lit., raw document.
palapala mākaʻikaʻi     calling card.
palapala makana     gift certificate.
palapala male     marriage license or certificate.
palapala mare     var. spelling of palapala male, marriage license or certificate...
palapala moʻopane     deposition, i.e. testimony taken down in writing under oath to be used in court proceedings. [comb. palapala + moʻo- + pane.]
palapala ninaninau     questionnaire. see ninaninau, to interrogate...
palapala noho     residency permit (for foreigners in 1852).
palapala noi     written petition, application.
palapala noi hoʻololi kānāwai     constitutional initiative, i.e. a process by which one can propose an amendment by gathering signatures on a petition. lit., document asking (to) change (the) law.
palapala ʻoihana aʻo     professional diploma for teaching. lit., diploma (for) teaching career.
palapala ʻoka     order form. lit.,document for ordering. see palapala ʻoka kūʻai.
palapala ʻoka kūʻai     purchase order, PO. lit, order form (for) buying.
palapala o nā pono pilikino o ke kanaka     Bill of Rights (EH)
palapala pāpā aku     mandamus. lit., document urging forbidding document.
palapala pīʻāpā     speller, alphabet book.
palapala pona     bond.
palapala pono kanaka     bill of rights. [sh. palapala o pono pilikino o ke kanaka]
palapala puka     diploma for graduation (from school).
palapala puka (mai ke kula mai)     var. spelling of palapala puka, diploma for graduation...
palapala sila     var. spelling of palapala kila, deed...
palapala ui     Catechism.
palapala waiho ʻoihana     letter of resignation.
papa palapala     writing desk, board, or flat surface where writing is done.
pili hoʻokahi palapala     document specific, as in a computer program. lit., relative (to) one document.
poho kāpalapala     container for tapa dye.
puke palapala ʻāina     atlas.
waihona palapala kahiko     archives. lit., depository of ancient documents.


pao₁   scoop out, cave, arch
PEP *paʻo

alapao     tunnel.
huhupao     borer, a kind of insect. [comb. huhu + pao.]
huhupaolāʻau     a wood borer. fig., slanderer, defamer. lit., borer that digs wood.
imu pao     Hawaiian oven built above the ground, with an opening through which wood could be stoked (pao).
kila pao     steel chisel.
kipao     similar to pao₁, to scoop out, dub out, as a log for a canoe...
paopao     to scoop out the earth from the side, as by the sea hammering on a coast.
lua pao     burial cave. lit., cave pit.
mū pao lau     leaf miner. lit., insect (that) bores leaves.
ʻōpao     cellar. (somewhat cavernous). [comb. ʻō- + pao]
pao     (preceded by ke).
  • to scoop out, dub out, as a log for a canoe; chisel out, gouge; digging, scooping, etc.
  • or as of the action of the sea on the coast; undermine, erode,
  • to peck,
  • bore.
  • fig., blunt, cruel, harsh in speech; to rebuke;
cf. paokeʻe, slander, betray, defame..., paokoke, to betray one's relatives or those close to one..., paomoni, to contend with, make war on...
  • to insert, stick in, as wood into a fire;
  • to stoke, as coal into a furnace.
cf. imu pao, pao ahi.
pao     cave, pit, cavern.
pao     arch of a bridge, bridge.
pao ahi     to stoke a fire; stoker. lit., fire inserter.
paomeki     hollow tile. [sh. pao + kimeki.]
paopao     redup. of pao₁, to scoop out, dub out... fig., blunt, cruel, harsh..., pao₂, to insert, stick in, as wood into a fire...
papao     same as paopao, scoop out, insert...
peʻe pao     one who hides in a cave; to hide in a cave; secret cave; term of contempt for vagabonds or cowards.
pōhaku pao     stone chisel.
umu pao     same as imu pao; Hawaiian oven built above the ground...
Waipaoa     cool breeze famous at Waimea, Kauaʻi. lit., scooped water.


pē₁   crushed, flattened; humble, low, modest.

Hala     area and trail, Puna qd., Puna district near the Kaʻū boundary, Hawaiʻi. lit.: crushed missing. (Gourds growing here were completely buried by shifting winds; people not knowing of them would "miss" them, hence the saying I Halapē aku nei paha, maybe at Halapē, said when things were not found. Also said of drunks, with in this case meaning 'soaked'.)
Hana     land section, town, bay, ditch, falls, stream, valley, and ancient surfing place (Finney-Houston 30), southern Waimea district, Kauaʻi. (FS 102). lit.: crushed bay (due to land-slides).
hana     to bruise, crush. (Hal. 44.19)
hina     too weak to stand alone.
  • to crush, break fine, mash, pulverize;
  • to cringe, assume a humble or fearful attitude
see pē₁, crushed, flattened; humble, low, modest.
hoʻopē₁     redup. of hoʻopē; to flatten; humble. also hōpēpē see pēpē₁, redup. of pē₁, crushed...
hoʻoū     to crush, belittle, flatten, treat contemptuously see ūpē, crushed, flattened; humble, bashful; dry and juiceless, as sugar cane.
    same as hoʻopēpē, flatten, humble...
kaʻa     servile, humble, fawning, cringing.
kau     humble, timid and cringing, crushed; to walk in a feeble, wobbly manner, as a sick or aged person.
kuʻi      to beat flat. lit., pound crush.
kuʻihia     to be cancelled (out), in science or argumentation; cancellation. [comb. kuʻipē + -hia.] see kuʻipē.
makaʻū     grief.
naʻau      modest (EH)
naʻau      modest heart; to have such; unpretentious.
nolu      graceful bending, swaying, as of shrubs.
olo     falling; ruin, overthrow, demolition, humiliation; to overthrow, fall. rare. 
ʻō     feeble; feebleness. see pē₁.
ʻou     beaten down, as by storm (UL 79); to cast down (2-Oihn. 25.8) .
ʻōʻuʻupē     redup. of ʻōʻupē.
  • crushed, flattened;
  • humble, low, modest.
see ex. kūpaoa.
heu₂     soft, flabby, sagging or protuberance, as on cheeks or neck.
luʻe     feeble, weak. cf. luʻeluʻe. rare. 
pē₁     redup. of pē₁, crushed, flattened...; humble, low, modest...
  • crushed, flattened;
  • humble, bashful;
  • dry and juiceless, as sugar cane.
(Gram. 6.3.3)  
ū     redup. of ūpē, crushed, flattened...


pehi   to throw, throw at, pelt; an overhand throw, as in throwing the ʻulu.

hale pepehi holoholona     slaughterhouse. lit., house for killing animals.
hoʻokīpehi     caus/sim of kīpehi, to pelt, throw at. fig., to assail with rough language, speak harshly...
hoʻopehi     to cause to throw or pretend to throw see pehi, to throw, throw at, pelt; an overhand throw, as in throwing the ʻulu.
hoʻopepehi     to cause to beat, strike, kill; to pretend to beat see pepehi₁, to beat, strike, pound, kill.
pehi     to throw at, pelt, strike.
pehi     to pelt, throw at. fig., to assail with rough language, speak harshly.
kīpēpehi     redup. of kīpehi, to pelt, throw at. fig., to assail with rough language, speak harshly...
kuʻi pehi     to pummel, pound, abuse horribly. lit., pound pelt.
pehi     to pelt, throw at. cf. pehi, to throw.
mea pepehi kanaka     weapon. also mea ʻeha.
mea pepehi mea kolo     insecticide (EH)
ʻōmole pepehi ʻelala     insect killing jar. lit., jar (for) killing insects. cf. ʻōmole mālama ʻelala.
  • to throw, throw at, pelt;
  • an overhand throw, as in throwing the ʻulu.
cf. kīpehi, kūpehi, pepehi.
pehia     pas/imp. of pehi, to throw, throw at, pelt...
pehi i ka pōhaku     to stone (EH)
pehina     throwing; pelting, as of rain. (Kel. 17)
pepehi     to beat, strike, pound, kill.
pepehia     pas/imp. of pepehi₁. (For. 5:509)
pepehi ā make     to beat to death, kill (EH)
pepehi ā ʻokiʻoki holoholona     to butcher (EH)
pepehi ʻia     beaten (hit) (EH)
pepehi i ka manaʻolana     to dash hopes, spoilsport (EH)
pepehi i nā mū     disinfect (EH)
pepehi kanaka     murder, murderer, manslaughter; to commit murder.
pepehi lua     duel (EH)
pepehi mea ʻino     disinfect, fumigate (EH)
unu pehi ʻiole     rat-pelting pebble, insulting epithet for a person of no consequence.


pehu₁   swollen; distended

hoʻopehu     to swell, cause to swell, distend, brag, boast see pehu₁, swollen; distended; swelling; to swell; dropsy, edema. Fig., swollen with pride or conceit; longing to eat, hunger (short for makapehu, eyes big with hunger). Types of pehu, dropsy,
hoʻopehupehu     redup. of hoʻopehu; to brag; braggadocio; swollen, billowy, as a cloud see pehupehu, Redup. of pehu₁ swollen...
hoʻopepehu     redup. of hoʻopehu; to flex the muscles or make them bulge see pepehu, Redup. of pehu₁ swollen; distended; swelling; to swell...
ʻihi pehu     a kind of sorrel (Oxalis martiana) with large leaves, pink flowers, bulbous scaly root, used medicinally. (Neal 473)
Kapehu     stream, Honomū qd., Hawaiʻi. lit.: the swelling.
kaunaʻoa pehu     a greenish-yellow dodder vine (Cassytha filiformis), belonging to the laurel family, cosmopolitan in the tropics. It is coarser than the native orange dodder (Cuscuta sandwichiana). lit., swollen kaunaʻoa. also kaunaʻoa mālolo, kaunaʻoa uka.
koali pehu     the moonflower (Ipomoea alba), a morning-glory found in many tropical countries, with fragrant, white, night-blooming flowers, to 15 cm long, and heart-shaped, angled, or lobed leaves. Also, large form of koali ʻawa. (Neal 705)
koani pehu     moon flower (EH)
koholāpehu     a scandent shrub, native to Kauaʻi, in the composite family (Dubautis latifolia), with long branches, opposite, elliptical, pointed leaves, and small flower heads in large panicles.
kowalipehu     A species of convolvulus with a white flower.
kualapehu     pugilist in the high chief's court, a muscular young man who might also be asked to massage a chiefess or have relations with her.
Kuapehu     land section, Hōnaunau qd., Hawaiʻi. lit.: swollen back.
pehu     land division, Hālawa qd., Molokaʻi. lit.: scatter swelling.
maʻi pehu     dropsy (EH)
  • swollen;
  • suffering from hunger;
  • hungry person.
cf. pehu₁.
moaʻe pehu     northeast trade wind (EH)
ʻOʻolāmakapehu     gulch, Waipiʻo qd., Hawaiʻi. lit.: puffed-up hungry eyes.
  • swollen; distended; swelling; to swell;
  • dropsy, edema.
  • fig., swollen with pride or conceit;
  • longing to eat, hunger (short for makapehu, eyes big with hunger).
Types of pehu, dropsy, were qualified by the terms ale ʻai, food gulping; kālaʻe, clearing. see wāwae pehu (gout, swollen legs or feet), and below.
pehua₁     pas/imp. of pehu₁, swollen...
pehuakoa     tapa colored with an infusion made of koa bark. lit., koa swelling.
pehuea     to increase in volume, of the wind; such an increase.
pehu holokū     swelling of entire body. (Kam. 64: 108)
pehu kumu niu     swelling of lower limbs. lit., coconut tree swelling. (Kam. 64: 108)
pehu pala     scab (Kanl. 28.27) , scurvy.
pehupehu     redup. of pehu₁, swollen...
pepehu     redup. of pehu₁, swollen...
pepehua     pas/imp. of pepehu, swollen...
pepehue     var. of pepehua, swollen...
ʻūpehupehu     swollen, bloated; inflammation. cf. pehu₁.
ʻupepehu     same as ʻūpehupehu, swollen...
wāwae pehu     gout, swollen legs or feet.


pololei₁   straight, upright, direct, correct

kaʻe pololei     straight-edge.
kī pololei     to shoot straight; sharpshooter.
koho pololei     right choice; to choose rightly; to vote a straight ticket.
lāʻau hoʻopololei     splint.
miki pololei     poi (EH)
neʻe pololei     move straight ahead (EH)
noho pololei     to sit properly, straight.
pihi hoʻopololei     adjuster, as on triple-beam balance scales. lit., button (for) straightening.
  • straight, direct,
  • upright,
  • correct, right, O.K., accurate, all right;
  • eyes front [military command].
also pololoi.
pololei aʻe     across, as in a crossword puzzle.
pololei ʻole     incorrect, injustice, irregular (EH)
popololei     same as pololei₁, straight, upright, direct, correct, right...

poʻo₃   depression, cavity; to dip, scoop, hollow out, dub, erode, dig; to splash, as water by scooping...

ʻāpoʻo     to hide, seek shelter; to gad about, a gadder.
ʻāpoʻopoʻo     hollow, cavity; depressed.
hoʻopoʻopoʻo     redup. of hoʻopoʻo see poʻopoʻo, sunken, as eyes of a sick person; indented, deep (as a bay penetrating the coastline); nook, cranny.
kapoʻo     same as napoʻo, cavity, hollow; set, go down...
poʻopoʻo     redup. of kapoʻo; to abound in ruts, as a highway.
poʻo     var. spelling of napoʻo, cavity...sink...
  • cavity, hollow, rut, depression;
  • armpit;
  • hollow at the juncture of the wing with the body of a fowl;
  • to sink, go down, set (of the sun), to enter or sink into out of sight.
cf. poʻo, depression.
napoʻo ʻana o ka lā     sunset (EH)
poʻopoʻo     lighthouse, village, school, and beach park, Hōnaunau qd. (RC 101); see Kapahukapu); land section, Waipiʻo, Hawaiʻi. lit.: the holes. (The Hōnaunau place is said to have been so named because persons in canoes in the bay looking ashore saw people peering out of holes that served as doors in the grass houses)
poʻopoʻo     redup. of napoʻo, cavity, hollow, go down...
poʻohuna     var. spelling of poʻo huna, hidden, mysterious, invisible, as the gods.
poʻo huna     hidden, mysterious, invisible, as the gods.
Poʻopoʻo     islet (0.5 acres, 40 feet elevation), south Lānaʻi. lit.: hollow.
poʻopoʻo₁     redup. of poʻo₃, depression, cavity, to dip, scoop, hollow out...;
  • sunken, as eyes of a sick person;
  • indented, deep (as a bay penetrating the coastline);
  • nook, cranny.
Poʻopoʻoiki     valley, northwest Kauaʻi. lit.: small depression.
poʻopoʻo maka     hollow-eyed (EH)

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