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Māmaka Kaiao - 2003-10
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aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       

-a  pas/imp. suffix.

a₁  prep. of, acquired by. This a forms part of the...

A₂  nvs. abbreviation of ʻākau, north, as in surveying...

a₃  var. spelling of ā₄, when, at the time when, until, to, as far as, and, or... and, when, until, to, etc.

-ā-  simulative ligature in the sequence 'verb + noun' compounds; particle for forming verb compounds...

-ā₁  pejorative suffix, often written after...

-ā₂  personal article occurring only after the preposition

ā₁  nvi. jaw, cheekbone. fig., to talk a lot, jabber, jibber jabber.

ā₂  n. an instrument made of smooth bone, formerly used for abortion, lancing, or bleeding. also...

ā₃  nvs. mold found in souring foods, especially poi, generally known...

ā₄, a  conj., prep. when, at the time when, until, to, as far as, and, and then, or (rare), but ...

ā₅  a word used only at the end of a sentence or phrase, with meanings such as: I told you so; don't...

ʻa-₁  prefix to numbers from one through nine, especially for counting in series.

ʻa-₂  same as ʻā-, in the nature of...

ʻā-  in the nature of (as hina, white,...

ʻā₁  nvi. fiery, burning; fire; to burn, blaze. fig., to glitter or sparkle, as a gem; to burn, as...

ʻā₂  nvi. ʻaʻā lava, or lava rock, as distinguished from...

ʻā₃  same as ʻaʻa₁, to dare

ʻā₄  n. red-footed booby bird (Sula sula rubripes), brown booby (Sula leucogaster plotus),...

ʻā₅  n. young stage of damselfish (ʻāloʻiloʻi).

ʻā₆  interj. Oh! Well! Ah! Er …

ʻā₇  vt. to drive, as fish or cattle.

ʻā₈  n. the letter "a".

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aaa    aaaa    aaah    aaak    aae    aaea    aaha    aahi    aaho    aahu    aai    aaia    aain    aaio    aaka    aaki    aako    aaku    aala    aale    aali    aalo    aalu    aama    aamo    aana    aane    aani    aano    aao    aaoh    aapa    aape    aapi    aapo    aapu    aau    aaua    aawa    aawe    

aʻa₁  R  n. small root, rootlet, vein, artery, nerve, tendon, muscle. fig., womb, offspring.

aʻa₂  R  nvt. to send greetings or love; joyous hospitality; joy at greeting a loved one.

ʻaʻa₁  R  vt. to brave, dare, challenge, defy , check, venture; to accept a challenge; bold, venturesome,...

ʻaʻa₂  R  nvt. belt, girdle, waist; to gird, tie on.

ʻaʻa₃  R  n. bag, pocket, caul, envelope for a foetus, scrip [archaic: bag or wallet...

ʻAʻa₄  R   same as Maʻaʻa, a wind.

ʻaʻa₅  R   same as ʻā₄, booby bird.

ʻaʻā₁  R  nvi. to burn, blaze, glow; fire; staring, as eyes. fig., angry; fury.

ʻaʻā₂  R  nvs. ʻaʻā lava; stony, abounding with...

ʻAʻā₃  R  n. Sirius, a zenith star that passes over Tahiti and Raʻiātea, formerly believed used by...

ʻaʻā₄  R  n. young stage of damselfish (ʻāloʻiloʻi).

ʻāʻā₁  R  nvs. dumbness, inability to speak intelligibly, a dumb person ; dumb, silent, still; to stutter and...

ʻāʻā₂  R  nvs. dwarf, small person; dwarfish, small.

ʻāʻā₃  R  vs. demented, panic-stricken.

ʻāʻā₄  R   probable var. of ʻā₄, booby bird.

ʻāʻā₅  R  n. male ʻōʻō bird.

aʻaʻa  R  n. network of veins.

ʻaʻaʻa  R  nvs. clothlike sheath at base of coconut frond; vascular bundles in

ʻaʻaʻā₁  R   redup. of ʻaʻā₁, to burn, blaze, glow

ʻaʻaʻā₂  R   redup. of ʻāʻā₁, dumbness, inability to speak intelligibly...

ʻaʻaʻaʻa  R   redup. of ʻaʻaʻa, fibrous...

aʻaahi  R  n. scion or shoot of sandalwood.

ʻaʻaahi  R  n. bag for carrying fire-making equipment (ʻaʻa,...

ʻaʻaʻa hunaola  R  n. tissue, as structural material of a plant or animal. lit., cell tissue. ...

ʻaʻaʻaki  R   redup. of ʻaʻaki, to nip repeatedly; to take a nip and hold on...

ʻaʻae  R  n. second or third crop, as of taro; taro patch where the...

ʻaʻaea  R  interj. the sound ay that infants make in calling for attention; to make this sound.

ʻaʻaha  R  n. netted carrier for a calabash, made of sennit or

aʻahaʻapupū  R  n. arteriosclerosis, in medicine.

ʻaʻahi  R   same as ʻiliahi, sandalwood.

ʻāahi  R  n. burning fire.

aʻahia  R   pas/imp. of aʻa₂, to send greetings or love; joyous hospitality...

ʻaʻaho₁  R  n. thatch purlin; rails, as in a fence.

ʻaʻaho₂  R  nvt. container, as for pia, arrowroot starch; to...

ʻaʻahokau  R   same as haupia, coconut and arrowroot pudding.

ʻaʻahu  R  nvt. clothing in general, garment, array, attire, costume, mantle, gown; to put on or wear...

aʻahua  R  n. oviduct. lit., vein (tube for) egg.

ʻaʻahua  R   pas/imp. of ʻaʻahu, to put on or wear clothing...

ʻaʻahuā, ʻaʻahuwā  R  nvi. to speak reproachfully, contemptuously, deride, jeer; jealous challenge.

ʻaʻahu aliʻi  R  n. regal attire, a royal robe, a type of colored tapa...

ʻĀʻahualiʻi, ʻĀʻāhualiʻi  R  n. a fabulous being said to have had extraordinary strength, to have come from the center...

ʻĀʻāhualiʻi  R  n. var. spelling of ʻĀʻahualiʻi, a fabulous being said to have had extraordinary strength, to have come from the center of the earth, and to have been the creator of all dwarfs.

ʻaʻahu a poʻo  R  n. head shield; protection for the head in war, as helmet, shield.

aʻahuʻi  R  n. aching veins, varicose veins.

ʻaʻahu kaua  R  n. armor, war garment.

aʻahuki  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaʻahuki, tendon. lit., pulled vein.

ʻaʻahuki, aʻahuki  R  n. tendon. lit., pulled vein.

ʻaʻahu makaloa  R  n.v. a long malo or ornamented band made...

ʻaʻahu ʻoihana piha  R  n. full regalia, dress uniform. Lit., full professional garment.

ʻaʻahu pāwehe  R  n. garment made of pāwehe, patterned...

ʻaʻahu ʻula  R   var. of ʻahu ʻula₁, feather cloak or cape...

ʻaʻahuwā  R   var. spelling of ʻaʻahuā, to speak reproachfully...

ʻaʻai₁  R   redup. of ʻai₁, to eat, destroy or consume as by fire; to erode...; eating, spreading, festering, increasing, as a sore; ulcerous, cancerous, malignant; to eat...

ʻaʻai₂  R  vs. bright, vivid, as of contrasting colors.

ʻaʻai₃  R   same as ʻaʻei, a net.

ʻaʻaia  R  vs. demented.

ʻāʻaia  R  n. var. spelling of ʻā ʻaia, legendary bird believed to have taken the shape of the ʻā, booby bird.

ʻā ʻaia, ʻāʻaia  R  n. legendary bird believed to have taken the shape of the

ʻaʻaiaanilā  R  vs. weathered; weathering. lit., eroded by weather.

ʻaʻaianalu  R  vs. eroded or cut by waves, as a cliff. lit., eroded by surf.

ʻaʻaiʻanuheakāne  R  n. legendary bird. Lit., caterpillar eater of

ʻaʻaiawā  R  vi. erosion; to erode; eroded. lit., eroded (by) time.

ʻaʻaʻina  R   redup. of ʻaʻina, crackling, snapping; an explosive sound, sharp report...

ʻaʻaiole  R  nvs. inferior, weak, said of breadfruit or fruit with a weak stem that may fall before maturity;...

ʻaʻaka₁  R  vs. surly, cranky, roiled, complaining, irritable, peevish, bad tempered, cantankerous, cross;...

ʻaʻaka₂  R  vs. dry, as coral of the reef at low tide; parched, wrinkled, dry and thirsty; peeling...

ʻaʻaka₃  R  n. rocky undersea cavern. , .

ʻaʻaka₄  R  n. wood of the naio, bastard sandalwood.

ʻaʻa kānāwai  R  vt. civil disobedience, i.e. breaking a law because it goes against personal morals. ...

ʻaʻaki  R   redup. of ʻaki₁, to take a nip and let...

ʻaʻaki makau  R  n. a hook nibbler, said of small fish that nibble away the bait; to nibble at a hook.

aʻa kino  R  n. vein. cf. aʻa puʻuwai.

aʻa kino ʻāʻī  R  n. jugular vein. lit., neck vein.

aʻa kino akemāmā  R  n. pulmonary vein. lit., lung vein.

aʻa kino hakuʻala  R  n. renal vein. lit., kidney vein.

aʻa kino hilo  R  n. femoral vein.

aʻa kino   R  n. iliac vein. lit., pelvic bone vein.

aʻa kino wāwae  R  n. tibial vein.

aʻa kino wenakawa  R   see wenakawa.

ʻaʻako₁  R   redup. of ʻako₁, to cut, shear, clip, trim, as hair... repeated plucking.

ʻaʻako₂  R   redup. of ʻako₂, lust... insatiable lust.

ʻaʻako₃  R   to get into action.

ʻaʻako ē  R  vs. proactive, i.e. acting in advance to deal with a problem. lit., get into action...

aʻa koko, ʻaʻa koko  R  n. vein, blood vessel.

ʻaʻa koko  R  n. var. spelling of aʻa koko, vein, blood vessel.

aʻa koko kino  R  n. vein. also aʻa kino.

aʻa koko puʻuwai  R  n. artery. also aʻa puʻuwai...

aʻa kolo, ʻaʻa kolo  R  n. a root running horizontally that produces roots below and above; a rhizome, creeping root.

ʻaʻa kolo  R  n. var. spelling of aʻa kolo, a root running horizontally that produces roots below and above; a rhizome, creeping root...

ʻaʻako pane  R  vs. reactive, i.e. acting in response to deal with a problem. lit., get into action...

aʻakū  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaʻakū, name of a combination of diseases: liver complication resulting in hardening of the veins, bloody dysentery accompanied by fever.

ʻaʻakū, aʻakū  R  n. name of a combination of diseases: liver complication resulting in hardening of the veins,...

aʻa kūkūkū  R  n. varicose veins. lit., raised veins.

ʻaʻala₁  R  nvs. fragrant, sweet-smelling; fragrance, perfume, fume, aroma, sweet scent. fig., of high...

ʻAʻala₂  R  n. winds.

aʻalāʻau  R  n. arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, in medicine.

ʻAʻala Honua  R  n. name of a wind accompanied by rain associated with

ʻaʻalaihau  R  n. a fish (no data; perhaps a local name for one of the chaetodons).

ʻaʻalaʻihi  R  n. young of the ʻalaʻihi fishes.

ʻaʻalaioa  R  nvs. wild, demented person; uncivilized.

ʻaʻalakai₁  R  vs. insipid, unsavory, tasteless.

ʻaʻalakai₂  R  vs. large, plump.

ʻAʻala Loloa  R  n. wind name.

ʻaʻalaʻula  R   velvety-green, succulent-appearing seaweeds, one of several species of Codium. It yields...

aʻalele  R  n. pulse. lit., leaping vein.

ʻaʻali  R   redup. of ʻali₁; scarred, marked, grooved;...

ʻaʻaliʻi  R  n. native hardwood shrubs or trees (Dodonaea, all species), 30 cm to 10 m [1-33...

ʻaʻaliʻi mahu  R   same as pūkiawe, shrubs.

ʻaʻalina₁  R  vs. scarred.

ʻaʻalina₂  R  vs. large, fat, weak, as a fat person.

ʻaʻalo  R   redup. of ʻalo₁, to dodge, evade, ʻalo₂, to be with, accompany...

ʻaʻa lole  R  n. clothlike sheath at base of coconut frond; European cloth.

aʻalolo  R  n. nerve. lit., brain vein.

aʻalolo mākala  R  n. motor neuron. lit., muscle nerve.

aʻalonoa  R  n. receptor, as of nerve endings in the body, in biology.

ʻaʻalu  R  n. ravine, small stream, valley, depression.

ʻaʻama₁  R  n. a large, black, edible crab (Grapsus grapsus tenuicrustatus) that runs over shore...

ʻaʻama₂  R  vi. to spread and relax, as the fingers. [The

ʻaʻama₃  R   redup. of ʻama₁, to talk.

ʻaʻā maka  R  n.v. to stare or glare with wide-open eyes, as in desire, fear, or intent to frighten; one who...

ʻaʻa manu  R  n. coconut-leaf or pandanus-leaf bag used for carrying birds.

ʻaʻamo  R   same as ʻamo₂, contraction of anal muscles.

aʻa moku  R  n. broken blood vessel.

ʻaʻa moni  R  n. purse. (Bib.)

ʻaʻamoʻo₁  R  n. young clothlike sheath at base of coconut frond; gauze, as of a veil; diaphanous cloth. ...

ʻaʻamoʻo₂  R  n. snakeskin; slime, as on fresh water. lit., lizard

ʻaʻana  R  vi. to use abusive language, revile, malign.

ʻaʻanahoa  R  n. adventure, as a story or movie.

ʻaʻanai  R   redup. of ʻānai, to rub, scrub, scour, polish, grind, grate...; to curse...

ʻaʻanaliʻi  R   var. of kakanaliʻi, stunted.

ʻaʻanapuʻu  R   redup. of ʻanapuʻu, bumpy.

ʻaʻanema  R  vt. to criticize maliciously; malign.

ʻaʻa niu  R   clothlike sheath at base of coconut frond.

ʻaʻano₁  R  vs. overbearing, arrogant, bold, defiant, daring; bully.

ʻaʻao₁  R  vs. greedy, voracious.

ʻaʻao₂  R  n. uncultivated bananas.

ʻaʻao hoʻokahi  R   same as ʻao kahi, one remaining leaf (ʻao) on an old taro stalk, said of an old taro about to die...

ʻaʻapa  R   rare redup. of ʻapa, delay, waste time...

aʻapau  R  n. valve of a vein.

ʻaʻapehihi  R  n. pothos [plant].

ʻaʻā pele  R  nvs. ʻaʻā lava or flow, volcanic.

ʻaʻapi  R  vs. warped, curved.

ʻaʻapo  R  vt. to learn quickly, to catch the meaning quickly, apt.

ʻāʻapo  R  n. flanker, in football.

aʻapū, ʻaʻapu  R   same as aʻapau, valve of a vein...

ʻaʻapu  R   var. spelling of aʻapū, valve of a vein...

ʻaʻapu₁  R  nvs. coconut-shell cup; cuplike.

ʻaʻapu₂  R  vi. to warp, bend, ruffle.

ʻaʻa pua  R  n. arrow case, quiver.

aʻa pūhaka, ʻaʻa pūhaka  R  n. girdle, belt. lit., loin belt.

ʻaʻa pūhaka  R  n. var. spelling of aʻa pūhaka, girdle, belt. lit., loin belt.

aʻa puʻupuʻu₁  R  n. capsular ligament.

aʻa puʻupuʻu₂  R  n. knots in a fish net.

ʻaʻā puʻupuʻu  R  n. sharp or waterworn, coarse gravel or rock.

aʻa puʻuwai  R  n. artery. also aʻa...

aʻa puʻuwai ʻāʻī  R  n. carotid artery. lit., neck artery.

aʻa puʻuwai akemāmā  R  n. pulmonary artery. lit., lung artery.

aʻa puʻuwai hakuʻala  R  n. renal artery. lit., kidney artery.

aʻa puʻuwai hilo  R  n. femoral artery.

aʻa puʻuwai   R  n. iliac artery. lit., pelvic-bone artery.

aʻa puʻuwai wāwae  R  n. tibial artery.

ʻaʻapuwai  R   same as ʻapuwai, a variety of taro.

ʻaʻau₁  R  vi. to move here and there, wander, rove; to ripple, as the sea.

ʻaʻau₂  R   redup. of ʻau, stalk.

ʻāʻaua  R  vs. coarse, as wrinkled or blotched skin; lean, as fish.

ʻaʻawa₁  R  n. wrasse fishes, Hawaiian hogfish (Bodianus bilunulatus), considered...

ʻaʻawa₂  R   same as ʻaʻawa hua kukui, a native tree (Pittosporum hosmeri and its varieties)...

ʻaʻawa₃  R   name given for an insect that destroys potatoes.

ʻaʻawa hua kukui  R  n. a native tree (Pittosporum hosmeri and its varieties), about 6 m high, with...

ʻaʻawe  R   same as ʻawe, to carry.


Aba  R  var. spelling of ʻApa₃, Abba...

Abiba  R  var. spelling of ʻApipa, Abib...


acida  R  nvs. var. spelling of ʻakika; acid.


adama  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻakama; adamant.

Adamu  R  var. spelling of ʻAkamu, Adam...

ʻadenosine posapahatekolu  R  n. adenosine triphosphate, ATP.

adimarala  R  var. spelling of ʻakimalala, admiral...

Adiriatika  R  var. spelling of ʻAkiliakika, Adriatic...

Adironadaka  R  var. spelling of ʻAkilonakaka, Adirondack...

adobie  R  nvs. var. spelling of ʻakopie; adobe.

aduletere  R  var. spelling of ʻakulekele, adultery...

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aea    aeae    aeah    aehi    aeho    aei    aeie    aeka    aeke    aeko    aela    aeli    aelo    aena    aene    aeo    aeoh    aeoi    aeok    aeol    aeom    aeon    aepa    aese    aeto    aewa    

aʻe₁  R  n. several native trees, the soapberry (Sapindus saponaria f. inaequalis), and all species...

Aʻe₂  R  n. northeast tradewind.

aʻe₃  R  n. blight.

aʻe₄  R  directional. upward, sideways, nearby, contiguous, adjoining, next, approaching (often expresses space and...

aʻe₅  R   replacement of e in songs (commonly written...

aʻe₆  R  n. Maui name for

ʻae₁  R  interj., nvt. yes; to say yes, consent, conform, grant, agree, approve, let, confirm, admit, permit, allow,...

ʻae₂  R  n. sap wrung from seaweed or leaves of plants such as taro;...

ʻae₃  R  vs. fine, mashed, comminuted, as dust or powder; silky soft, as down; smooth, as well-mixed...

ʻae₄  R  vi. to rise, of the tide.

ʻae₅  R  n. a native fern (Polypodium pellucidum) commonly seen at

ʻae₆  R   same as ʻaʻae, second or third crop...

ʻae₇  R  n. shoots from main root portion of the wauke...

ʻae₈  R   see ʻae kai, water's edge.

ʻae₉  R  vt. to lend, not to borrow.

ʻaʻe  R  nvt. to step over, get on top of, tread upon, trespass; to get into by stepping up, as into a...

aea  R  vi. to rise up; to raise the head; to come up from under water.

ʻaea  R  n. cord, as used in joining two or more nets into a larger one.

ʻaeʻa  R  nvi. wandering, shiftless, unstable; to wander, stray; tramp.

ʻaʻea  R   pas/imp. of ʻaʻe, to step over, get on top of, tread upon, trespass; to raise...

aeae₁  R  nvi. a prolonged sound, wail; to prolong, stretch.

aeae₂  R  n. andante.

aʻeaʻe₁  R  vt. mixing of a dark or brilliant color with a lighter one, as feathers in a

aʻeaʻe₂  R  n. a kind of banana with green and white striped leaves and fruits.

aʻeaʻe₃  R  n. a fish (no data).

ʻaeʻae₁  R   redup. of ʻae₃, fine, mashed, soft...

ʻaeʻae₂  R  n. a small native shrub (Lycium sandwicense) growing near salt marshes and among rocks...

ʻaeʻae₃  R  n. water hyssop, a succulent herb (Bacopa monnieria).

ʻaeʻae₄  R   redup. of ʻae₄, to rise, of the tide...

ʻaʻeʻaʻe  R   redup. of ʻaʻe, to step over, get on top of, tread upon, trespass; to raise...

aeāea  R  n. a small green fish resembling the hīnālea,...

ʻAeʻaeahiwa  R  n. name of a star (no data).

ʻaeʻahaukaʻe  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaeʻa haukaʻe₂, a variety of wild sweet potato, good only as pig food.

ʻaeʻa haukaʻe₁  R   see ʻaeʻa.

ʻaeʻa haukaʻe₂, ʻaeʻahaukaʻe  R  n. a variety of wild sweet potato, good only as pig food.

ʻaʻehi  R  vi. to cross, as a street.

ʻaʻehina  R  n. crosswalk.

ʻae hoʻokū kaʻa  R  n. parking permit.

ʻaʻei  R  n. fine net, as used for ʻōpelu and...

āēīē  R  interj. chant refrain.

āēī eia  R  interj. chant ending.

ʻaʻe kaʻa  R  n. a step, as on a carriage; running board of an automobile.

ʻae kai  R  n. place where sea and land meet; water's edge.

ʻaekai mokiha  R  n. ancient type of tapa (no data).

ʻaʻe kānāwai  R  vt. to break the law. also haʻihaʻi...

ʻAekeana  R  n. Aegean.

ʻaekelona, aeselona  R  n. falcon, vulture.

ʻaeko₁, aeto  R  n. eagle.

ʻaeko₂, aeto  R  n. alto.

ʻaeko kula  R  n. golden eagle.

ʻae komo  R  n. pass, as a pass to enter a room, building, or area. lit., entry pass.

ʻāeko poʻo hina  R  n. bald eagle. lit., white-haired eagle. also

aʻela  R   directional part. aʻe + demon....

ʻae lau nui  R   same as ʻae₅, with large leaves.

ʻaelike  R  nvi. agreement, contract, truce, accord, deal; to come to an agreement; contracted.

ʻaelike hoʻōki  R  n. cloture, i.e. a method of ending debate and causing an immediate vote to be taken. ...

ʻaelike mālama kānāwai  R  n. compact, i.e. a written agreement to make and obey laws for the welfare of...

āelo  R  vs. rotten, of eggs that do not hatch due to infertility. fig., spoiled, worthless.

Aʻe Loa  R  n. name for the trade wind. see ex.,

ʻaʻena  R  n. violation, as in basketball.

aʻe nei  R   just now, lately; nearby, not far; ordinary, insignificant.

aeʻo₁  R  n. stilts.

aeʻo₂  R  n. Hawaiian stilt bird (Himantopus mexicanus knudseni), an endemic subspecies of stilt,...

aeʻo₃  R  n. same as kīholo₁, wood fishhook. Kauaʻi

ʻae o hope  R  n. train of a dress (origin uncertain).

ʻaeʻoia  R  vi. to be well supplied with comforts and necessities.

ʻaeokahaloa  R  n. a kind of fine tapa, used in

aeʻolele  R  n. pogo stick. lit., stilt (for) jumping.

ʻae omowaho  R  n. solvent front, i.e. the leading edge of a moving solvent as in a developing...

ʻae one  R  n. sandy beach.

ʻaʻe palena  R  vt. to go out of bounds, in sports. lit., trespass (a) boundary.

ʻaeselona  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaekelona; falcon, vulture.

aeto₁  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaeko₁; eagle.

aeto₂  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaeko₂; alto.

āewa₁  R  vi. thin, tall spindly; to weave to and fro, as seaweed; to sway, as a branch or sea eddy.

āewa₂  R  vi. possessing a family or lineage.


ʻAfekanisana  R  n. Afghanistan; Afghan, Afghani.

Aferika  R   var. spelling of ʻApelika, Africa...


agata  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakaka₂; agate.

agate  R  var. spelling of ʻakake, agate...

agati  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakaki; agate.

agena  R  var. spelling of ʻākena₁, agent...

agoza  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakoka; a nut.

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aha    ahaa    ahae    ahah    ahai    ahak    ahal    aham    ahan    ahao    ahap    ahau    ahaw    ahe    ahea    ahel    ahew    ahi    ahia    ahie    ahih    ahik    ahil    ahim    ahin    ahio    ahip    ahiu    ahiw    aho    ahoe    ahoh    ahok    ahol    ahon    ahoo    ahop    ahu    ahua    ahue    ahuh    ahui    ahuk    ahul    ahum    ahun    ahuo    ahup    ahuu    ahuw    

aha  R  inter. Why? What? For what reason? To do what? To ask what? (

āhā  R  interj. aha (exclamation of surprise).

ʻaha₁  R  n. meeting, assembly, gathering, convention, court, party. Many types of

ʻaha₂  R  nvi. sennit; cord braided of coconut husk, human hair, intestines of animals; string for a...

ʻaha₃  R  n. a prayer or service whose efficacy depended on recitation under taboo and without...

ʻaha₄  R  n. millepede, so called because it coils itself up like a string.

ʻaha₅  R  n. any of the needlefishes of the family Belonidae. The young are called...

ʻaha₆  R  n. design supposed to resemble the continuing track of a duck, carved on

ʻahā  R  num. four (usually in counting in series): four times.

ahaaha  R  vi. to pant, to breathe hard with heat, as a dog.

ʻahaʻaha₁  R  n. cordage.

ʻahaʻaha₂  R  vi. to sit with back stiff and upright, arms akimbo, head up, as with haughty air of...

ʻahaʻaha₃  R  n. young of the ʻaha, a fish.

ʻahaʻaina  R  nvi. feast, dinner party, banquet; to feast, lit., meal gathering. Many types of...

ʻAhaʻaina a ka Haku, ʻAhaʻāina a ka haku  R  n. Holy Communion, Lord's Supper; feast of the Lord.

ʻAhaʻāina a ka haku  R  n. var. spelling of ʻAhaʻaina a ka Haku, Holy Communion, Lord's Supper; feast of the Lord.

ʻAhaʻaina Berena  R  var. spelling of ʻAhaʻaina Pelena, Holy Communion...

ʻahaʻaina hebedoma  R  n. var. spelling of ʻahaʻaina hepekoma; Feast of weeks.

ʻahaʻaina hebedoma  R  var. spelling of ʻahaʻaina hepekoma, Feast of weeks...

ʻahaʻaina hepekoma, ʻahaʻaina hebedoma  R  n. Feast of weeks.

ʻahaʻaina hoʻolaʻa  R  n. feast of consecration or dedication, as of a house, church, canoe, or fish net.

ʻahaʻaina hoʻolilo  R  n. feast of dedication.

ʻahaʻaina hoʻomanaʻo  R  n. commemorative or anniversary feast.

ʻahaʻaina kahe  R  n. feast given at the time of a boy's subincision. Called in Christian times...

ʻahaʻaina kahukahu  R  n. feast given at the completion of a student's first work (as mat, quilt,...

ʻahaʻaina kala hala  R  n. feast given to ask pardon of the gods. lit., feast to forgive sins.

ʻAhaʻaina Kauhalelewa  R  n. Feast of Tabernacles. (Bib.)

ʻahaʻaina komo  R  n. initiation feast.

ʻahaʻaina laulima  R  n. feast held after completion of a joint project or cooperative undertaking,...

ʻahaʻaina lima luhi  R   similar to ʻahaʻaina maka luhi, feast given to honor those who prepared the feast and served...

ʻahaʻaina maka luhi  R  n. feast given to honor those who prepared the feast and served, the workers being...

ʻahaʻaina make  R  n. funeral feast, intended to comfort the mourners.

ʻahaʻaina male, ʻahaʻaina mare  R  n. wedding feast or reception.

ʻahaʻaina mare  R  var. spelling of ʻahaʻaina male, wedding feast or reception...

ʻahaʻaina māwaewae  R  n. feast given shortly after the birth of the first child, intended to clear the way...

ʻAhaʻaina Mōliaola  R  n. Feast of the Passover. (Bib.)

ʻAhaʻaina Pelena, ʻAhaʻaina Berena  R  n. Holy Communion. lit., feast of bread.

ʻahaʻaina piha makahiki  R  n. feast on the first birthday of a child, or to celebrate any anniversary. ...

ʻahaʻaina pī wai  R  n. feast given principally to break the monotony of country life; those instigating...

ʻahaʻaina puka  R  n. graduation feast.

ʻahaʻaina ʻūniki  R  n. graduation feast, as for hula dancing or...

ʻahaʻaina waimaka  R  n. feast of tears, held on the first anniversary of a death, a happy occasion, as the...

ʻahaana  R  n. design said to resemble duck tracks, carved on tapa...

ʻaha ʻāpana  R  n. district court.

ʻAha Aupuni Hui ʻia  R  n. United Nations (UN). lit., conference of unified nations.

ʻaha ʻelele  R  n. convention of delegates; name for American presidential conventions.

ahāhā  R   var. of ahahana, syllables repeated in chants, usually at ends of verses...

ahahana₁  R  interj. syllables repeated in chants, usually at ends of verses, similar to

ahahana₂  R  interj., v. a taunting singsong teasing phrase, used especially by children, meaning "Oh! Oh! Aha!...

ʻaha hāwele  R  n. cord support for gourd water bottles.

ʻaha hele honua  R  n. ceremonial measuring of the dimensions of a

ʻaha hīmeni  R  n. song festival, concert.

ʻaha hōʻike makahiki  R  n. annual meeting of Sunday Schools, as of Congregationalists.

ʻaha hoʻokō  R  n. executive council.

ʻaha hoʻokō kauoha  R  n. probate court.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo  R  n. general name for court assembly. Names of several types of courts are listed...

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo ʻāpana  R  n. district court.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo hoʻomalu  R  n. police court.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo kaʻapuni  R  n. circuit court.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo kākau  R  n. old name for ʻaha kākau,...

ʻAha Hoʻokolokolo Kiʻekiʻe  R  n. Supreme Court.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo koa  R  n. military court, court martial.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo koʻikoʻi  R  n. superior court.

ʻaha hoʻokolokolo malalo iho  R  n. lower court.

ʻaha hoʻokuʻikahi  R  n. convention, i.e. an assembly of people who meet for a common purpose, in politics....

ʻaha hoʻolohe  R  n. hearing, i.e. a time for presenting official testimony or argument. lit.,...

ʻaha hoʻomalu  R  n. administrative body, assembly.

ʻAha Hoʻomalu Lawaiʻa o ka Pākī pika Komohana  R  n. Western Pacific Fishery Management Council.

ʻaha hoʻonā ʻāina  R  n. land court. lit., court (for) settling land claims.

ʻaha hoʻoponopono i ka nohona  R  n. court of domestic relations.

ʻaha hoʻoponopono waiwai hoʻoilina  R  n. probate court. Lit., court settling inheritance property.

ʻahahui  R  n. society, club, association, organization, company, convention. Various types are listed...

ʻAhahui ʻEuanelio Pae ʻĀina  R  n. a term used in 1911 for evangelical conference of all the islands.

ʻAhahui Hōʻikaika Kalikiano  R  n. Christian Endeavor Society.

ʻahahui hoʻole wai ʻona  R  n. Temperance union. Lit., society forbidding intoxicating liquor.

ʻahahui ʻimi naʻauao  R  n. academy, learned society.

ʻAhahui Kanu Kō Hawaiʻi  R  n. Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association.

ʻahahui kula Kāpaki, ʻahahui kula Sabati  R  n. Sunday School association.

ʻahahui kula Sabati  R   var. spelling of ʻahahui kula Kāpaki, Sunday School association...

ʻAhahui Makaʻala Holoholona  R  n. Humane Society. lit., society (which) attends to animals.

ʻahahui malū  R  n. secret society.

ʻAhahui Māmakakaua  R  n. Sons and Daughters of Hawaiian Warriors. Lit., warriors' society.

ʻAhahui Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi  R  n. Hawaiian Historical Society.

ʻahahuina₁  R  n. corporation, association.

ʻAhahuina₂  R  vs. congregational.

ʻAhahui Wāhine Kalikiano Hōʻole Wai ʻOna  R  n. Women's Christian Temperance Union.

ʻaha hulahula₁  R  n. assembly for ballroom dancing; a ball.

ʻaha hulahula₂  R  n. ancient assembly for the hulahula...

ʻahahuluhulu  R  n. bristle worm, a hairy sea creature (Eurythoe complanata).

ʻāhai  R  n. commemorative wooden or stone pillar (probably short for

ʻāhaʻi₁  R  vt. to carry off, chase, rout; to flee, run away.

ʻāhaʻihaʻi  R   redup. of ʻāhaʻi₁, to carry off, chase...

ʻāhaʻikapupuhi  R  vi. to go with the wind, to disappear completely.

ʻaha iki  R  n. small gathering for private conversation; small or secret council, as called in an...

ʻahaʻilono  R  n.v. var. spelling of ʻāhaʻilono, reporter, messenger, bringer of news; in legends, the sole survivor of a disastrous defeat who reports the news; to tell news.

ʻāhaʻilono, ʻahaʻilono  R  n.v. reporter, messenger, bringer of news; to tell news. in legends, the sole survivor of a...

ahaʻina  R   short for aha ʻia ana.

ʻāhaʻina  R   same as ʻāhaʻi, to carry off, chase, rout; to flee, run away...

ʻaha inu  R  n. drinking party, as:

ʻāhaʻi ʻōlelo  R  n.v. messenger; to carry word.

ʻaha kaʻapuni  R  n. Circuit court.

ʻaha kākau  R  n. court of records.

ʻaha kapu₁  R  n. a sacred assembly.

ʻaha kapu₂  R  n. sacred sennit cord belonging to a high chief and kept on a high place before his house;...

ʻaha kau kānāwai  R  n. session of the legislature.

ʻaha kaulike  R  n. an 1854 name for the highest court.

ʻaha kauoha  R  n. probate court.

ʻahakea₁  R  n. native trees (species of Bobea) with small to medium-sized, oblong leaves; small...

ʻahakea₂  R   same as haokea, a taro.

ʻahakea lau liʻi  R  n. a small-leafed ʻahakea (Bobea...

ʻahakea lau nui  R  n. a large-leafted ʻahakea (Bobea...

ʻaha kenekoa  R  n. senate.

ʻAha Kiʻekiʻe  R  n. Supreme Court.

ʻaha kiule kiʻekiʻe  R  n. grand jury.

ʻAha Koʻikoʻi  R   same as ʻAha Hoʻokolokolo Kiʻekiʻe; lit., powerful court.

ʻaha koi pohō ʻuʻuku  R  n. small-claims court, small-debts court. lit., court (to) sue for small...

ʻahakū  R  n. cord used for measuring, as in laying out a garden or house.

ʻaha kuhina  R  n. cabinet, assembly of ministers.

ʻaha kūkā  R  n. council meeting, discussion meeting, advisory council, conference.

ʻaha kūkā malū  R  n. privy council, secret deliberative meeting.

ʻaha kūkā poʻo aupuni  R  n. summit, i.e. a conference of highest-level officials, as heads of government....

ʻaha limalima  R   see limalima.

ʻahalualike  R  n. rectangle. lit., two equal sides.

ʻaha lunakahiko  R  n. Presbytery, meeting of elders.

ʻaha lunakānāwai  R  n. judiciary session, meeting of judges.

ʻaha maha  R  n. place or assembly for practice of athletic games, as sham fights. lit., assembly...

ʻahamaka₁  R  n. hammock, as of tapa, fastened to the...

ʻahamaka₂  R  n. cord with which edges of cracks in gourd bowls were sewn together in crisscross patterns...

ʻahamaka₃  R  n. strangling in lua fighting, as with green vines.

ʻahamaka₄  R  n. secret meeting of priests to pray for a chief.

ʻahamele  R  n. a yellow-spotted needlefish.

ʻaha mele  R  n. concert, song concert, song festival.

ʻahamoa₁  R  n. an assembly watching a lua contest of the kind called ...

ʻahamoa₂  R  n. a cord made from the entrails of an enemy killed in a lua...

ʻaha mokupuni  R  n. island conference, with representative from a single island, especially of...

ahana  R   same as ahahana, syllables repeated in chants, usually at ends of verses...

ʻaha nīele  R  n. inquisition, inquest.

ʻaha ninaninau  R  n. court of inquiry.

ʻahaniu  R  n. a native sedge (Machaerina mariscoides subsp. meyenii) with pointed, leathery...

ʻahao  R   probably similar to hao₃, to scoop, pick up, grasp, plunder, loot..., hao₄, to come with force, as wind or rain...

ʻahaʻōlelo  R  n.v. legislature, assembly, council meeting, congress; to hold such meetings; to serve in the...

ʻahaʻōlelo kau kānāwai  R  n. Legislature, lawmaking body.

ʻaha ʻōlelo lāhui  R  n. var. spelling of ʻahaʻōlelo lāhui, Congress of the United States; national assembly.

ʻahaʻōlelo lāhui, ʻaha ʻōlelo lāhui  R  n. Congress of the United States; national assembly.

ʻahaʻōlelo lunakahiko  R  n. conference of elders.

ʻahaʻōlelo nui  R  n. Congress.

ʻaha o nā lunakānāwai ʻāpana  R  n. District court.

ʻaha paeʻāina  R  n. convention of delegates from all the islands, especially as held by the Hawaiian...

ʻaha pane hoʻopiʻi  R  n. arraignment, i.e. a court hearing in which a defendant is formally charged with a...

ʻahapiʻi  R  n. a kind of tapa dyed with

ʻaha pule  R  n. congregation, prayer assembly.

ʻaha ʻuao, ʻaha ʻuwao  R  n. board of arbitration.

ʻahaʻula  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaha ʻula, council of chiefs. lit., regal meeting.

ʻaha ʻula, ʻahaʻula  R  n. council of chiefs. lit., regal meeting.

ʻaha ʻuwao  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaha ʻuao; board of arbitration.

ʻaha ʻuwao  R   var. spelling of ʻaha ʻuao, Board of arbitration...

ʻahawa  R   waterhead, beginning of a water-course; to overflow.

ahe  R  nvi. breeze; to blow or breathe gently. waft; softly blowing.

ahē  R  vi., interj. var. spelling of āhē, to exclaim, to oh and ah; yes, so that's it, so, oh.

āhē, ahē  R  vi., interj. to exclaim, to oh and ah; yes, so that's it, so, oh.

ʻahē  R  nvi. a hacking cough; to cough. Also ʻehē.

ʻāhē₁  R  vs. timid, shy, wary.

ʻāhē₂  R  n. wild taro.

āhea₁  R   pas/imp. of ahe, breeze, blow gently...

āhea₂  R  inter. when (future).

ʻahea  R   same as ʻāheahea₂, a native shrub (Chenopodium oahuense) ...

aheahe₁  R   redup. of ahe, breeze; to blow or breathe gently...; soft, gentle in sound.

aheahe₂  R   weak.

ʻahēʻahē  R   redup. of ʻahē, cough...

ʻāheahea₁  R  vi. to wilt, as a plant; warm, insipid.

ʻāheahea₂  R  n. a native shrub (Chenopodium oahuense) and an introduced weedy herb (C. album...

ʻāheahea₃  R   var. name for pakai₂, slender amaranth (...

ʻāheahea₄  R   same as heahea, to call.

ʻahele  R  nvt. snare; to snare.

ʻāhewa₁, āhewa, ʻahewa  R  nvi. to condemn, blame, censure, reproach, convict; condemnation, blame, conviction.

ʻāhewa₂  R  vs. wall-eyed, cross-eyed (with maka).

ʻāhewa₃  R  n. Oʻahu name for the

ʻāhewa₄  R   a mimosa tree.

ʻāhewahewa  R   same as ʻāheahea₂, a shrub.

ahi  R  nvs. fire, match, lightning; to burn in a fire, destroy by fire.

ʻahi  R  n. Hawaiian tuna fishes, especially the yellow-fin tuna (Thunnus albacares), an important...

ahia  R  vs. faded.

ʻahia₁  R   same as ʻāhiahia, faint, obscure, faded; dim, as colors in tapa or cloth....

ʻahia₂  R  inter. how many?

ʻāhia  R  n. tinder resulting from plowing with the fire plow; the powdery rubbings that ignite.

ahiahi  R  nvi. evening, late afternoon; to become evening.

ʻahiʻahi  R  nvt. to defame, slander, tattle against; false report, defamation, slander.

āhiahia  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻāhiahia, faint, obscure, faded; dim, as colors in tapa or cloth.

ʻāhiahia, āhiahia  R  vs. faint, obscure, faded; dim, as colors in tapa or...

ahiahihia  R   pas/imp. of ahiahi, overtaken by evening.

Ahiahi Kalikimaka  R  n. Christmas Eve, Christmas night.

Ahiahi Makahiki Hou  R  n. New Year's Eve.

ahi ʻai honua  R  n. volcano, volcanic fire. lit., fire destroying land.

ʻāhiehie  R  vs. silvery gray, faded. Niʻihau.

ʻāhihi₁  R  n. a low spreading bush (Metrosideros sp.), formerly numerous in Nuʻuanu. ...

ʻāhihi₂  R  n. any plant with long runners or creepers, as cup of gold; any creeping vine.

ahihoʻoleʻaleʻa  R  n. fireworks. lit., fire (for) amusement.

ahikananā  R   var. spelling of ʻahi kananā, a shark or a fierce and courageous fighter...

ʻahi kananā, ahikananā  R   same as kananā, a shark or a fierce and courageous fighter.

ahikao  R  n. fireworks (perhaps from Eng. scow [

ahikao lele  R  n. skyrocket, rocket.

ahikoe  R  n. match. lit., scratching fire.

ahi koli  R  v. to pass fire from one candlenut to the next on a chain (

ʻahiku  R  num. seven (especially in counting in a series); seven times.

ahi lele  R  n. fire fountain, firebrands thrown over cliffs at

ʻāhilu  R  n. bits of crustacea and bones found at the opening of an octopus burrow.

ahimakani  R  n. gasoline. lit., wind fire.

ʻahina  R  n. var. spelling of ʻāhina₂, blue denim cloth, dungarees, blue jeans.

ʻāhina₁  R  vs. gray, gray- or white-haired.

ʻāhina₂, ʻahina  R  n. blue denim cloth, dungarees, blue jeans.

ʻāhinahina₁  R  n. same as ʻāhina₁, gray, gray- or white-haired..., ʻāhina₂, blue denim cloth, dungarees, blue jeans...

ʻāhinahina₂  R  n. the silver-sword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense), a native plant found only at...

ʻāhinahina₃  R  n. a native spreading shrub to 1 m high, (Artemisia australis); leaves divided into...

ʻāhinahina₄  R   same as hinahina₂, Florida moss.

ʻāhinahina ʻōmaʻomaʻo  R  n. Maui greensword. lit., green silversword.

ʻāhina kuahiwi  R  n. a native fern (Cyrtomium caryotideum), with fronds 25 to 35 cm long, once...

ahio  R  vi. lazy, indolent; to shirk work, loiter.

ʻahi pālaha  R  n. albacore, Thunnus alalunga (family Scombridae). lit., flat...

ahipele  R  n. match.

ahi pōkaʻuwili  R  n. pinwheel (fireworks).

ʻāhiu₁  R  vs. wild, untamed, as animals or plants. shy, of people

ʻĀhiu₂  R  n. name of a wind common in the mountains of Kahana,...

ʻāhiuhiu  R   redup. of ʻāhiu₁, wild, untamed, as animals or plants...

ʻāhiwa  R  vs. dark, dusky, somber.

Ahiwela  R  n. Fomalhaut, a star.

aho₁  R  n. line, cord, lashing, fishing line, thong, kite string.

aho₂  R  nvi. breath; to breathe.

aho₃  R  idiom. it is better or preferable (used after e,...

ʻaho  R  n. thatch purlin. Also...

aho ʻea  R  n. monofilament.

ʻahohui  R  n. thatch purlin support.

aho kā  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaho kā, small lashing on the pueo main purlin.

ʻaho kā, aho kā  R  n. small lashing on the pueo main purlin.

ʻahokele  R  n. horizontal thatch purlin.

ʻaho kopekope  R  n. name given for roof thatching on top of the ridgepole.

āhole  R  n. an endemic fish (Kuhlia sandvicensis) found in both fresh and salt water. The mature...

Aholehia, ʻAholehia  R  n. stroke in lua fighting.

ʻAholehia  R  n. var. spelling of Aholehia, stroke in lua fighting.

āholehole, ʻāholehole  R  n. young stage of the āhole, Hawaiian...

ʻāholehole  R  n. var. spelling of āholehole, young stage of the āhole, Hawaiian flagtail.

ʻaholo  R  n. sliding rock, landslide, avalanche.

aholoa  R   same as more common ahonui, patience, patient... lit., long-breath.

aho lolo, ʻaho lolo  R   see lolo₄.

ʻaho lolo  R   var. spelling of aho lolo, pole placed above ridgepole...

ahona  R  vs. better, well, well-being, fortunate, improved; to need (

ahonui  R  nvs. patience; patient, enduring, long suffering; to tolerate. lit., great breath. see...

aho ʻōwili  R  n. lashing fastening kaupaku roof to...

ʻahopiʻo kuahui  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaho piʻo kuahui, thatch purlin support.

ʻaho piʻo kuahui, ʻahopiʻo kuahui  R  n. thatch purlin support.

aho pueo  R  n. lashing on the pueo main purlin.

ʻahopueo  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaho pueo, main purlin in a house.

ʻaho pueo, ʻahopueo  R  n. main purlin in a house.

ahu  R  nvs. heap, pile, collection, mound, mass; altar, shrine, cairn; a traplike stone enclosure made...

ʻahu  R  nvt. garment or covering for the upper part of the body and shoulders, as a cape, shirt, coat; to...

āhua  R  nvi. var. spelling of ʻāhua₁, to swell, as a wave; heap, mound, hillock, knoll, pile; heaped, humped; tremendous.

ʻāhua₁, āhua  R  nvi. to swell, as a wave; heap, mound, hillock, knoll, pile; heaped, humped; tremendous.

ʻāhua₂  R  n. young, as of the aku,

ahuahu  R  nvi. healthy, vigorous; strength and vigor, as of animal or plant; to grow rapidly, thrive.

ahu ʻai  R  vi. to overeat, waste food, squander.

ahuake  R   rare var. of ahuwale, exposed, conspicuous, prominent, obvious, in plain view...

ahu a lālā kukui  R   var. spelling of ʻāhua lālā kukui, kukui branches strewn about, as after a storm.

ʻāhua lālā kukui, ahu a lālā kukui  R   kukui branches strewn about, as...

ʻahu ʻao  R  n. choice mat of fine strands of soft white young pandanus leaves, about 3 cm mesh.

ahu ʻawa  R  n. kava dregs.

ʻahuʻawa₁  R  n. a sedge (Cyperus javanicus) about .3 to 1.3 m high, with a basal tuft of long...

ʻahuʻawa₂  R  n. another coarse sedge (Cyperus hypochlorus) similar to the preceding one, but with...

ʻahuʻawa haole  R  n. the umbrella plant, a leafless ornamental sedge (Cyperus alternifolius), 30 to...

ahue  R  vt. to make two thicknesses by folding; to double up, fold, as paper or

ahu ea  R  n. air mass, as in weather. lit., mass (of) air.

ʻahu hīnano  R  n. soft, fine mat garment plaited from fine strands of dried bracts of male pandanus fruit.

ʻahu honua  R  n. Earth's mantle.

ahu hoʻokoe  R  n. cache, as in computer program. lit., cache pile.

ʻāhui  R  n. bunch or cluster, as of bananas, grapes; whole pandanus fruit consisting of keys.

ʻāhui hala₁  R  n. pandanus fruit.

ʻāhui hala₂  R  n. protuberance of the vagina resulting from syphilis; the roughness of the skin was...

ahu kāloaʻa  R  n. capital, i.e. anything produced in an economy that is accumulated or used to produce...

ahukū  R  nvt. to stone to death; slaughter by burying the victim under a pile of stones. Hākau, half brother...

ahu lāʻi, ʻahu lāʻī  R  n. ti-leaf raincoat or cape.

ʻahu lāʻī  R  n. var. spelling of ahu lāʻi, ti-leaf raincoat or cape.

ahulau  R  nvs. pestilence, epidemic, heaped up, as dead bodies.

ʻāhuli  R  n. var. of kāhuli; mutation; to mutate.

ahuliʻu  R  vs. overheated, as over stones; white-hot.

ahulu  R  vs. overdone, overcooked; overcultivated, as soil.

ʻahulu  R  vi. discolored, foamy, feathery, choppy, uneven, mussed.

ʻāhuluhulu₁  R  n. young of the kūmū fish.

ʻāhuluhulu₂  R   same as huluhulu₂, frayed, splintered, rough, not smooth...

ʻahu moena  R  n. fine patterned mat, plaited with materials of different colors.

ahuna  R  n. pile, heap.

ʻahuna  R  n. coat, garment, ti-leaf raincoat.

ahunāliʻi  R  n. a land division.

ʻahunāliʻi₁  R  n. a tapa for chiefs, colored with candlenut and...

ʻahunāliʻi₂  R  n. issue of a union of a male chief and a commoner.

āhunihuni  R  n. name given for a fish of the ʻōpakapaka...

ʻahuʻoʻeno  R  n. var. spelling of ʻahu ʻoʻeno, matting with twilled pattern, associated with Kauaʻi.

ʻahu ʻoʻeno, ʻahuʻoʻeno  R  n. matting with twilled pattern, associated with

ahuoi  R  n. clue; to give a clue about.

ahup  R   abbreviation for ahupuaʻa₁, land division...

ahupapa  R  n. composite, as volcanic cone. lit., mound (of) strata.

ʻahu poʻo nui  R  n. cloth bound about the head of warriors.

ahupuaʻa₁  R  n. land division usually extending from the uplands to the sea, so called because the...

ahupuaʻa₂  R  n. the altar on which the pig was laid as payment to the chief for use of the...

ʻahu ua  R  nvi. old type of raincoat made of dried ti leaves fastened...

ʻahu uhi waʻa  R  n. mat canoe covering that protected paddlers in storms.

ʻahuʻula  R  n. var. spelling of ʻahu ʻula₁, feather cloak or cape made of the feathers of the ʻōʻō...

ʻahu ʻula₁, ʻahuʻula  R  n. feather cloak or cape made of the feathers of the

ʻAhuʻula₂  R  n. a lua fighting stroke. lit., the feather cloak.

ʻahu ʻula₃  R   see limuʻahuʻula.

ahuulu  R   see ʻupena ahuulu.

ahu waiwai  R  n. storehouse, heap of goods.

ahuwale  R  vs. exposed, conspicuous, prominent, obvious, in plain view; heaped up.

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aia    aiah    aiai    aiak    aial    aiam    aian    aiao    aiap    aiau    aie    aiea    aigu    aiha    aihe    aihi    aiho    aihu    aiil    aika    aike    aiki    aiko    aiku    aila    aile    aili    ailo    ailu    aima    aimi    aimo    aina    aine    aini    aino    ainu    aio    aioa    aioe    aiok    aiol    aioo    aipa    aipe    aipi    aipo    aipu    airi    aiti    aiua    aiuh    aiwa    aiwi    aiwo    

ai₁  R  nvt. coition; to have sexual relations, cohabit (frequently pronounced

ai₂  R  inter. pronoun. same as wai₅, who, whom, whose, what (animate antecedents)...

ai₃  R   linking or anaphoric part. frequently pronounced ei.

ai₄  R   short for aia, there.

  R  interj. of surprise.

-aʻi  R   nonproductive transitive suffix. see huaʻi...

aʻi₁  R   same as aʻiaʻi₁, bright as moonlight; fair, white...

aʻi₂  R  part. replacing i often in songs; usually written...

ʻai₁  R  nvt. food or food plant, especially vegetable food as distinguished from

ʻai₂  R  n. score, points in a game, stake, wager.

ʻai₃  R  n. dancing style or type.

ʻai₄  R  n. stroke or hold in lua fighting; spear thrust.

ʻai₅  R  n. stone used in the kimo game other than the...

ʻai₆  R  n. byte, in computer terminology.

ʻai₇  R  n. credit, as for a school course.

ʻāʻī  R   neck, neck of a shirt or dress, neck of the

aia₁  R  idiom. there, there it is, there are (sometimes shortened to

aia₂  R  idiom. depending on, only if, only when, whatever, whenever.

aiʻa  R  interj. Here! Here it is!

ʻaiā  R  nvs. ungodly, godless, irreligious, wicked, unbelieving, careless of observance of taboos;...

aia hoʻi  R  interj. behold! see there! look! suddenly.

aiāhua, ʻaiāhua  R   same as ʻaiā, ungodly, wicked...

ʻaiāhua  R   var. spelling of aiāhua, ungodly, wicked...

aiāhulu, ʻaiāhulu  R   same as ʻaiā, ungodly, wicked...

ʻaiāhulu  R   var. spelling of aiāhulu, ungodly, wicked...

aʻiaʻi₁  R  nvs. bright as moonlight; fair, white, clear, pure, brilliant, shining; brightness, clearness.

aʻiaʻi₂  R  n. a native tree or shrub (Streblus sandwicensis [Pseudomorus sandwicensis and...

-ʻaiʻai  R   hō.

ʻaiʻai₁  R   see ʻōpū ʻaiʻai

ʻaiʻai₂  R  n. dependent, one living on the resources of another.

ʻaiʻaiā  R   redup. of ʻaiā, ungodly, godless, irreligious, wicked, unbelieving...

ʻaiʻaiele  R  nvs. swinging, unsteady motion.

aʻiaʻi hauʻoki  R  vs. opaque. lit., frosty clear.

aia i hea  R  inter. Where? also: ai hea.

aia i laila  R   there, to be there.

aia i lalo  R   down there.

aia i loa  R  var. spelling of ai loa, away off in the distance...

aia i luna  R  vi. up there.

ʻai ʻāina  R  v. to rule or own land.

ʻaiʻaiohua  R   name given for persons sacrificed for not observing taboos during the offering of prayers...

aia kā  R  interj. There now! So it's there after all!

ʻaiakahonu  R   same as hulu manu, a seaweed. lit., food of the turtle.

ʻaiakanēnē  R  n. a native trailing, woody plant (Coprosma ernodeoides), with narrow, tiny leaves...

aia lā  R  interj. There! I told you so! There it is!

ʻāʻīʻalaʻala  R   same as ʻāʻī palaʻe, scrofula, a scrofulous neck, abscess on neck...

ʻai aliʻi  R  v. to rule (or eat) as a chief.

ʻaialo  R  n. attendant of the chief's household, intimate of a chief. lit., eating [in the]...

ʻaiāmanō  R  vi. var. spelling of ʻai ā manō, to eat like a shark. Fig., to have a ravenous appetite.

ʻai ā manō, ʻaiāmanō  R  vi. to eat like a shark. fig., to have a ravenous appetite.

ʻaiʻami  R  nvi. type of hula with little foot movement, but with hip...

ʻaiana  R  nvt. clothes iron; to iron, press, as clothes.

aia naʻe  R  conj. but, furthermore.

ʻaiaola  R  vi. to eat nutritious food.

ʻai ā puaʻa  R  vi. to eat like a pig; to eat greedily; to wolf food.

ʻaiau₁  R  vi. to look about with covetous or jealous eyes; to practice sorcery or poisoning.

ʻaiau₂  R  vs. weary, discouraged by long continued work.

ʻaiʻē  R  nvt. debt; to owe.

ʻaiea₁  R  n. all species of the endemic Hawaiian genus Nothocestrum, soft-wooded shrubs and trees...

ʻaiea₂  R  n. same as kāwaʻu, a native Ilex; holly. Kauaʻi.

ʻaiea₃  R  n. exhaustion.

ʻaieana  R   same as ʻaiea₃, exhaustion...

Aigupita  R  var. spelling of ʻAikupika, Egypt...

ʻai haʻa₁  R  nvi. hula step danced with bended knees; the chanting for...

ʻai haʻa₂  R  vs. allegro.

ʻai hāʻawi wale  R  n. ace, in volleyball. Niʻihau.

ʻai hamu  R   see hamu₂.

ʻaihē  R   center of a taro corm.

ai hea  R  inter. Where? also: aia i hea.

ʻai hele  R   similar to ʻai kū, to eat freely; to do as one wishes; to break taboos or transgress...; lit., to eat walking.

ʻai hele wale  R  n. point from block, dink, or spike, in volleyball.

ʻai hemo  R  vt. to remove food from one's mouth and then eat it again, as gum.

ʻai hīnaʻi  R  n. basket, a score in basketball. lit., basket score.

ʻai holo  R  n. touchdown, in football. lit., run score.

ʻai hoʻokano  R  vt. to eat proudly of high-priced food, as a rich person; fig., to have many women.

ʻai hopu  R  n. touchback, in football. lit., catch score.

aihuawaʻa  R   vagabond; to wander, roam.

ʻaihue  R  nvt. to steal, rob, pilfer, filch, cheat; thief, robber, theft, larceny.

ʻaihueea, ʻaihuehia, ʻaihuelia, ʻaihuenia  R   pas/imp. of ʻaihue, to steal, rob, pilfer, filch, cheat...

ʻaihuehia  R   var. spelling of ʻaihueea, pas/imp of ʻaihue, to steal, rob, pilfer, filch, cheat...

ʻaihue kanaka  R  n.v. to kidnap; kidnapper.

ʻaihuelia  R   var. spelling of ʻaihueea, pas/imp of ʻaihue, to steal, rob, pilfer, filch, cheat...

ʻaihuenia  R   var. spelling of ʻaihueea, pas/imp of ʻaihue, to steal, rob, pilfer, filch, cheat...

ʻaihumuhumu  R  vt. to eat in order to destroy; to destroy wantonly or by violence or sorcery.

ʻaiʻili loko  R  v. to have the use of fish ponds (loko);...

ʻaika  R  vs. hard and poor tasting, as thin or inferior fish.

aikahaʻula, aikahaula  R   cf. .

ʻāʻīkala  R  n. collar. lit., neck collar.

ʻāʻīkala kū  R  n. stiff collar.

ʻaikalima  R  n. ice cream.

ʻai kalo paʻa  R  n. unpounded taro. fig., difficult problem...

ʻAikanaka₁  R  n. name of a star.

ʻAikanaka₂  R   lit., man-eating.. an older cousin of

ʻAikanaka₃  R   an Oʻahu chief who sent men to fetch the...

ʻAikanaka₄  R   a Maui chief who married

ʻai kanaka₅  R  n.v. cannibal, man-eater; to eat human flesh.

aikāne  R  nvs. friend; friendly; to become a friend.

ʻaikapa  R  nvs. a privileged friend who shares the profits of a friend's land, sometimes sharing in the work...

ʻai kapu  R  v. to eat under taboo; to observe eating taboos.

ʻai kāwele  R   see kāwele₂.

ʻaikena  R  vs. sick and tired of a person or situation, surfeited, exhausted, discouraged, fatigued.

ʻai kepa  R  vt. to cut or tear obliquely, as with teeth or edged instrument; to seize or tear with the...

ʻaikepakepa  R   redup. of ʻai kepa, to cut or tear obliquely, as with teeth or edged instrument...; to snap the jaws; to speak rapidly, as with overlapping words; to talk too much or too...

ʻai keu  R  n. extra credit, bonus. lit., extra point. also

ʻaiki  R  vi. var. spelling of ʻāiki, to light up dimly; to look furtively, peek, peer.

ʻāiki, ʻaiki  R  vi. to light up dimly; to look furtively, peek, peer.

ʻAikikauelono, ʻĀikikauelono  R  n. name of a star, possibly Sirius. Also called

ʻĀikikauelono  R  n. var. spelling of ʻAikikauelono, name of a star...

ʻAikiopa, Aitiopa  R   Ethiopia; Ethiopian.

ʻaikola  R  nvs. interj. of scorn or derision, especially rejoicing over others' misfortunes, with meaning...

ʻai kolu  R  n. a successful three-point shot, in basketball. lit., three points.

ʻAikoʻo  R  n. name of a wind at Nuʻalolo, Kauaʻi.

ʻai kū  R  vt. to eat freely; to do as one wishes; to break taboos or transgress.

ʻāʻīkū₁  R  n. high collar, stiff collar.

ʻāʻīkū₂  R   spasmodic affection of the neck muscles which draws the head toward the affected side, a...

ʻāʻīkū₃  R   croup.

ʻaikūpele  R  n. var. spelling of ʻai kūpele, medicinal juices mixed with poi or mashed sweet potato...

ʻai kūpele, ʻaikūpele  R  n. medicinal juices mixed with poi or mashed sweet...

ʻAikupika, Aigupita  R  nvs. Egypt; Egyptian.

ai lā  R   short for aia lā, There!...

ʻaila  R  nvt. any oil, grease, lard; to oil, grease, lubricate. Many kinds of oil and grease are listed...

ʻai lā  R  v. scorched or sunburned.

ʻaila ʻaʻalo paʻahau  R  n. antifreeze. lit., oil (to) resist freezing.

ʻailaea  R   same as ʻailea, gasoline...

ʻaila hōʻākaʻa  R  n. shortening, as used in coooking. lit., oil (to make) flaky.

ʻailahola  R  n. gasohol.

ʻailahonua  R   kerosene. lit., earth oil.

ʻaila hoʻohinuhinu  R  n. wax, as for polishing a car. lit., oil (for) polishing.

ʻaila hoʻomaloʻo pena  R  n. turpentine. lit., oil for drying paint.

ʻaila hoʻonahā  R   castor oil. lit., purge oil.

ai laila  R   there, to be there.

ʻaila , ʻaila tā  R  n. petroleum. lit., tar oil.

ʻailakele  R  n. fat. also meaʻai...

ʻaila kēpama, ʻaila sepama  R  n. sperm oil.

ʻaila koda  R  var. spelling of ʻaila koka, cod-liver oil...

ʻaila koka, ʻaila koda  R  n. cod-liver oil.

ʻaila kolī  R  n. castor oil. lit., castor-bean oil.

ai lalo  R   down there.

ʻaila māhu  R  n. kerosene. lit., steam oil.

ʻaila meakanu  R  n. vegetable oil. lit., plant oil.

ʻailana₁  R  vs. in love.

ʻailana₂  R  n. island.

ʻAilana Kanaka  R  n. Isle of Man.

ʻaila ʻōlala  R  n. suntan lotion. lit., ointment (for) basking (in the sun).

ʻaila paʻa  R  n. thick grease.

ʻaila palai  R  n. frying oil.

ʻaila pale   R  n. sunscreen, the lotion. lit., ointment (to) protect (against) sun.

ʻaila puaʻa  R  n. lard, pork grease.

ʻaila sepama  R  var. spelling of ʻaila kēpama, sperm oil...

ʻaila   R  n. var. spelling of ʻaila kā; petroleum. lit., tar oil.

ʻai lau₁  R  vt. to eat a great deal.

ʻai lau₂  R  n. a bundle of cooked taro wrapped in

ʻailea  R  n. gasoline (contraction of ʻaila, oil, and...

ʻāʻīlepe  R   ruffles, folds, gathers about the neck; to make ruffles; to ruffle feathers, as a grouse.

ʻai lepo  R  v. to eat filth (insulting).

ʻāʻili₁  R  vi. to struggle for breath; to breathe with convulsions, gasp, pant, twitch, jerk.

ʻāʻili₂  R  vt. to pull, as weeds.

ʻaʻīlia  R   pas/imp. of ʻāʻili, to struggle for breath...; to pull, as weeds...

ʻailihi  R   same as ʻaikapa, share, sharer...

ʻāʻiliʻili  R   redup. of ʻāʻili, spasm.

ʻAiliki, Airisi  R  nvs. Irish.

ʻAilimaiki  R  n.v. a method of lua fighting; to grab little finger of an...

ai loa, aia i loa  R  vi. away off in the distance.

ʻAiloli  R  n. name of a wind at Kaupō, Maui. lit.,...

ʻailolo₁  R  nvt. ceremony usually marking the end of training, so called because the student ate (...

ʻailolo₂  R  vt. skilled, adept, expert, trained, proficient.

-ʻailona  R   hō.

ai luna  R  vi. up there.

ʻai māmā  R  n.v. light meal, snack; to eat such.

ʻai manuahi  R  n. point after touchdown, in football. lit., free point.

ʻAimaunu  R  n. name of a wind at Hāna, Maui. lit.,...

ʻaimīkana  R  n. linnet, California house finch, papaya bird (Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis), an...

ʻai moku  R  n.v. ruler of a moku, district or island; to...

aina  R  n. sexual intercourse.

ʻaina₁  R  n. meal. cf. ʻaina ahiahi,...

ʻaina₂  R   pas/imp. of ʻai₁, to eat, destroy or consume as by fire...; eaten, consumed devoured.

ʻaina₃  R  vs. rejected, as refuse, especially of sugar cane.

ʻaina₄  R   see ʻaina kea, ʻaina kea melemele.

ʻainā  R  nvi. sore aching; stiffness, as from overexercise.

ʻaʻina  R  n. crackling, snapping; an explosive sound, sharp report, bang (rare), loud prolonged sound,...

ʻāina  R  n. land, earth. cf. ʻai, to eat;...

ʻĀina Ahi  R  n. Tierra del Fuego.

ʻaina ahiahi  R  n. evening meal, supper, dinner.

ʻaina awakea  R  n. noon meal, lunch.

ʻāina ʻē  R  n. foreign land.

ʻāina hānau  R  n. land of one's birth, native land, homeland, birthplace.

ʻāina haole  R  n. foreign land, mainland United States.

ʻĀina Hau  R  n. Iceland.

ʻĀina Hemolele  R  n. Holy Land.

ʻaʻinahia  R   pas/imp. of ʻaʻina, crackling, snapping...

ʻĀina Hōʻano  R  n. Holy Land.

ʻāina hoʻokūʻonoʻono  R  n. homestead, homesteading land. lit., land for security.

ʻāina hoʻomalu  R  n. reserve, i.e. a reservation or tract of land set apart. lit., land (to)...

ʻĀina Hoʻomalu Holoholona Lōhiu o Hawaiʻi  R  n. Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

ʻāina hoʻopulapula  R   homesteading lands, especially for rehabilitation of Hawaiians...

ʻaʻinaʻina  R   redup. of ʻaʻina, crackling, snapping...

ʻāina kaʻahemo  R  n. ceded land.

ʻaina kakahiaka  R  n. morning meal, breakfast.

ʻaina kea  R  n. a good-looking variety of sugar cane, of medium height, striped red and green or yellow,...

ʻaina kea melemele  R  n. a variety of sugar cane, the yellow mutant of

ʻĀina Kilipaki  R  n. Gilbert Islands.

ʻainakini  R  n. navy blue cotton cloth.

ʻaina kō  R  n. cane trash, bagasse.

ʻāina kūʻai  R  n. land purchased or for sale; land in fee simple.

ʻāina kula laulaha  R  n. plain, an expanse of flat land. lit., widespread-plain land. also ...

ʻāina kumu wai  R  n. watershed, i.e. an area from which water drains. lit., water source land.

ʻāina kūpono  R  n. land free from all rent and taxes.

ʻāina lei aliʻi  R  n. crown lands.

ʻāina loliloli  R  n. transition area, i.e. an area where natural topography changes from one land feature...

ʻāina makua  R  n. fatherland, mainland.

ʻāina mauʻu  R  n. grassland.

ʻāina muli panalāʻau  R  n. post-colonial country. lit., after-colony land.

ʻāinana  R   short for makaʻāinana, commoner...

ʻāina noho kahu ʻia  R  n. trust territory.

ʻāina no ka lehulehu  R  n. public land. lit., land for the public.

ʻāina nui  R  n. great power, great land, mainland.

ʻaina ʻole  R  vs. not eaten or consumed; without vegetable foods.

ʻĀina ʻŌmaʻomaʻo  R  n. var. spelling of ʻĀinaʻōmaʻomaʻo, Greenland.

ʻĀinaʻōmaʻomaʻo, ʻĀina ʻŌmaʻomaʻo  R  n. Greenland.

ʻainaonao  R  n. anteater.

ʻĀina Pākē  R  n. China. also Kina.

ʻĀina Pilipino, ʻĀina Pinopino  R  n. Philippines.

ʻĀina Pinopino, ʻĀina Pilipino  R  n. Philippines. Niʻihau.

ʻāina pōhaku ʻaʻaiawā  R  n. badlands. lit., land (of) eroded rock.

ʻāina pua  R  n. poetic name for China. lit., flower land.

ʻāinapuniʻole  R  n. continent. lit., land not surrounded.

ʻĀinawohi  R  n. said to be a name for the New Hebrides.

ʻĀina Wohi  R   same as Nū Hepeke, New Hebrides...

ʻainea  R  vs. exhausted by strain and trouble, tired, weary.

ʻainemanema  R  vt. to criticize severely, hunt for flaws, split hairs.

ʻainiha  R  nvs. bad temper; bad tempered, cross.

ʻai noa  R  vt. to eat freely, without observance of taboos.

ʻainohu Kauō  R  n. Laysan finch (Telespiza cantanc).

ʻainohu Nīhoa  R  n. Nīhoa finch (Telespiza ultima).

ʻāinu  R   same as hāinu, , to give to drink. hoʻohāinu, to give to drink. Kaʻū.

ʻai nui  R  nvi. principle or staple food; to eat a lot.

āio  R   same as ioio, grooves.

ʻaiō₁  R  n. a wave that rises and falls without breaking; a swell.

ʻaiō₂  R  interj. heigh-ho.

ʻAioā, ʻIoa  R  n. Iowa; Iowan.

ʻāʻī oeoe  R  nvs. slim-necked; a slim or slender neck. Nickname for wives of early missionaries because...

ʻai ʻokoʻa  R  n. cooked unpounded taro. lit., whole...

aiʻole  R  conj. var. spelling of a i ʻole, or.

a i ʻole, aiʻole  R  conj. or.

ʻāʻīʻoloʻolo  R  n. sagging of the chin and throat, as in old age; double chin; goiter.

ʻāʻīʻoʻoleʻa  R  nvs. stiff neck. fig., disobedience, obstinacy; obstinate.

ʻai paʻa  R  n. cooked taro pounded into a hard mass not mixed with...

ʻāʻīpahāha  R  n. mumps. lit., swollen neck.

ʻai pākaukani  R  n. kilobyte (k), in computer terminology. lit., thousandfold byte. abb....

ʻāʻī palaʻe  R  n. scrofula, a scrofulous neck, abscess on neck.

ʻai pala maunu  R  n.v. to eat a dab of bait. fig., to take the leavings of others, to steal another's...

ʻai pala niho  R   same as ʻai pala maunu, to eat a dab of bait. fig., to take the leavings of others, to steal another's mate, one who does so; a beggar...; lit., to eat tooth tartar.

ai palekana  R  vi. safe sex; to practice safe sex. lit., safe coition.

ʻai pāmiliona  R  n. megabyte (meg), in computer terminology. lit., millionfold byte. abb....

ʻai pāpiliona  R  n. gigabyte, in computer terminology. lit., billionfold byte. abb....

ʻāʻīpau  R  n. glandular swelling in the neck, thyroid.

ʻai peku  R  n. field goal, in football. lit., kick score.

ʻai pilau  R  n.v. eater of filth, scavenger; to eat rotten food; rotten food; and insulting epithet for a...

ʻai pōʻala  R  vt. to gulp, choke, suffocate.

ʻaipoʻolā  R  n. feast to celebrate the completion of a hard task or project. lit., food [for]...

ʻai pū  R  vt. to eat together (both sexes), formerly tabu.

ʻaipuni  R  vt. to encircle, go around, encompass, environ.

ʻai puni  R  n. home run. lit., lap score.

ʻāʻī puʻu  R  n. lumped, calloused, or swollen neck; swelling of the neck or shoulder, said to be caused by...

ʻai puʻupuʻu  R  n. lumpy poi.

ʻāʻīpuʻupuʻu  R  n. steward, butler, said to be so called because the chief's steward got calluses (...

Airisi  R  var. spelling of ʻAiliki, Irish...

Aitiopa  R  var. spelling of ʻAikiopa, Ethiopia...

ʻāʻī uaua  R  n. stiff neck. fig., stubborn.

ʻai ʻuhaʻuha  R  nvt. to eat wastefully; a wasteful or riotous eater.

āiwa  R   same as āiwaiwa, inexplicable, mysterious, marvelous, strange, amazing, fantastic, fathomless...

ʻaiwa  R  num. nine (usually in counting in a series); nine times.

ʻāʻiwa  R  n. defensive corner back, in football.

ʻai waiū  R  n.v. nursing, suckling, as an infant; to nurse, suckle; a nursing child, unweaned animal. ...

āiwaiwa  R  vs. inexplicable, mysterious, strange, fathomless, incomprehensible, wonderful because of...

ʻaiwi  R  n. ivy.

ʻAiwohikupua  R   the Kauaʻi hero who vainly wooed

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aka    akaa    akad    akah    akai    akak    akal    akam    akan    akao    akap    akau    ake    akea    akek    akel    akem    aken    akeo    akep    aker    akeu    aki    akia    akih    akii    akik    akil    akim    akin    akio    akip    akiu    ako    akoa    akoh    akok    akol    akom    akop    aku    akua    akue    akuh    akui    akuk    akul    akum    akun    akup    

Ak  R   abbreviation of ʻākau, north.

ʻak  R   abbreviation for ʻaoʻao kau (base).

aka-  R   carefully, slowly. cf:

aka₁  R  n. shadow. cf. hoaka₄.

aka₂  R  nvi. reflection, image, likeness ; faint glimmer preceding the rising of the moon; to appear, of...

aka₃  R  n. embryo at the moment of conception.

aka₄  R  n. newly hatched fish in the stage in which its body is still transparent.

aka₅  R  n. knuckles, as of hands or ankles; joints of the backbone; node and stalk of

akā  R  conj. but, however, nevertheless, on the other hand, notwithstanding.

ʻaka  R  nvi. to laugh; laughter.

ākaʻa  R  vt. var. spelling of ʻākaʻa, to tear off...

ʻākaʻa, ākaʻa  R  vt. to tear off, peel; to break open, as a seal ; to fall off or down, as old thatching of a...

akaʻaʻamo  R  n. a type of fine white tapa.

akaʻai  R  vt. to eat slowly, carefully, cf. Easter

akaaka₁, akāka  R  vs. clear, luminous, transparent, visible, manifest, plain, intelligible; thin, as cloth;...

akaaka₂, akaka  R  n. a white and very thin tapa.

akaaka₃, akaka  R  n. a downy, thorny branching plant (Solanum aculeatissimum), 30 to 90 cm high, from...

akaaka₄, akaka  R   same as aka₅, knuckles, joints...

ʻakaʻaka  R  nvi. to laugh, ridicule; laughter, merriment.

ʻākaʻakaʻa  R   redup. of ʻākaʻa, to tear off, peel... peeled, as the skin by sunburn or by drinking kava...

akaʻakaʻawa  R  n. an endemic begonia (Hillebrandia sandwicensis), a succulent herb with oblique,...

akaakahiʻu  R   same as akahiʻu, base of caudal fin...

akaakai  R   var. spelling of ʻakaʻakai, an ambiguous passage in...

ʻakaʻakai, akaakai?  R   an ambiguous passage in : maluna...

ʻakaʻakai₁  R  n. the great bulrush (Scirpus validus, formerly called S. lacustris) that...

ʻakaʻakai₂  R  n. the common onion (Allium cepa); the tops look like those of the great bulrush.

akaakai?  R   var. spelling of ʻakaʻakai, an ambiguous passage in For. 4:157: maluna o ka waʻa naku akaakaikona waʻa akaakai...

ʻakaʻakai kīkānia  R  n. a common variety of onion.

ʻakaʻakai kulapepeiao  R  n. big, yellowish onion. lit., earring onion.

ʻakaʻakai kūmakahiki  R  n. a purplish annual onion.

ʻakaʻakai lau  R  n. green onion (Allium fistulosum); its leaves are eaten with salt salmon. lit....

ʻakaʻakai mahina  R  n. a wild onion, used for sore throat. lit., moon onion, so called because the...

ʻakaʻakainaku  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakaʻakai naku, bulrush.

ʻakaʻakai naku, ʻakaʻakainaku  R  n. bulrush.

ʻakaʻakai pilau  R  n. garlic (Allium sativum).

ʻakaʻakai pūpū  R  n. garlic. lit., bunched onion.

akaakalani  R  n. afterglow.

akaakaʻole  R  vs. var. spelling of akaaka ʻole, not clear, vague, indistinct.

akaaka ʻole, akaakaʻole  R  vs. not clear, vague, indistinct.

ʻākaʻakoʻa  R  n. a variety of seaweed.

aka aniani  R  n. reflection, in math. lit., mirror reflection. see

akaʻawa  R  n. a tall endemic climber (Smilax sandwicensis) with tendrils and shiny, leathery,...

Akadia  R  var. spelling of ʻAkakia, Arcadia...

ʻākaha  R   same as ʻēkaha, bird's-nest fern.

akahai  R  nvs. modest, gentle, unassuming, unpretentious, unobtrusive, docile, decorous, meek, suave;...

ʻakahakanaʻi  R  n. name of a kind of white tapa.

akahana  R  vt. to work carefully or slowly.

akahao  R  vt. to pick up carefully, as food.

akahele  R  vi. slow or moderate, cautious, careful, prudent.

ʻaka hene, ʻaka henehene  R  vt. to laugh at teasingly, jeer.

ʻaka henehene  R   same as ʻaka hene, to laugh at teasingly...

ʻakahi₁  R  num. one (especially in counting in a series).

ʻakahi₂  R  idiom. for the first time, never before (usually followed by

ʻakahi₃  R  idiom. to have just.

ʻakahi akahi  R  idiom. inexperienced, trying out for the first time; novice, beginner.

akahiʻu  R  n. base of caudal fin.

akahoe  R  vt. to paddle carefully, silently.

akaholo  R  vi. to sail or run cautiously.

a kai  R   by the sea.

akaʻikaʻi  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻākaʻikaʻi, large, potbellied, plump.

ʻākaʻikaʻi, akaʻikaʻi  R  vs. large, potbellied, plump.

ʻaka iki  R  nvi. to laugh a little, snicker.

akaka, akāka  R   var. spelling of akaaka₁, clear, luminous, transparent...

akāka  R  vs. var. spelling of akaaka₁, clear...

ʻakaka₁  R  nvi. a rent, split, chink, separation; to crack, split, scale

ʻakaka₂, agata  R  n. agate.

ʻakakane  R  n. Hawaiʻi ʻākepa (honey creeper), Loxops...

ʻakakē  R  vs. spry, quick, nimble, especially about getting into people's way or into trouble.

ʻakake, agate  R  n. agate.

ʻakaki, agati  R  n. agate.

ʻAkakia, Akadia  R  n. Arcadia.

ʻakakihi  R   same as ʻakakē, spry, quick, nimble, especially about getting into people's way or into trouble...

aka kiʻi  R  n. negative of a photograph.

ʻakakiu  R  n. cashew. (Tupi acajú.)

akakole  R  nvs. destitution, poverty; poor.

akakū₁  R  vs. vision, trance; reflection, as in a mirror; hallucination; to see a vision.

akakū₂  R   see kino aka.

akakū ānuenue, ʻakakū ānuenue  R  n. the phenomenon known as the Specter of the Brocken, seen at

ʻakakū ānuenue  R  n. var. spelling of akakū ānuenue, the phenomenon known as the Specter of the Brocken...

akakuʻu  R  vi. lessened, diminished, mitigated; to cease, abate, grow calm, stop, as wind, surf, rain,...

ʻākala₁  R  vs. pink.

ʻākala₂  R  n. two endemic raspberries (Rubus hawaiensis and R. macraei); and the...

ʻākala₃  R  n. dye made from ʻākala juice.

ʻākala₄  R  n. a pink tapa.

ʻākala₅  R   same as kala, a seaweed.

ʻākalakala₁  R   same as ʻākala₂, raspberry, ʻākala₃, dye...

ʻākalakala₂  R  vs. pinkish.

akalani  R   same as akaakalani, afterglow...

akalau  R  n. the ghost or spirit of a living person seen by others, a sign of calamity. lit., many...

akalei  R  n. string of multicolored glass beads. lit., bead reflections.

akalewa  R  vi. to sway the hips daintily, deliberately, and gracefully.

ʻakalio, asario  R  n. farthing.

akaluli  R  vi. to move slowly, carefully.

ʻAkama, Asama  R  n. Assam.

ʻakama, adama  R  vs. adamant.

akamai  R  nvs. smart, clever, expert; smartness, skill, wit.

ʻAkamu, Adamu  R  n. Adam.

akanahe  R  vs. careful, gentle in behavior and speech.

ʻAkanaka, ʻAkanakā, Akanasa, Akanasā  R  n. Arkansas, Arkansan.

Akanasa  R  var. spelling of ʻAkanaka, Arkansas...

Akanasā  R  var. spelling of ʻAkanaka, Arkansas...

ʻakano  R  n. substance.

akanoho  R  vi. to sit quietly, live cautiously.

akaʻōlelo  R  vt. to speak cautiously, deliberately, in moderation.

akaoʻo  R  vs. stingy, miserly, hard.

ʻAkapakeka, Atabaseka  R  n. Athabasca.

ʻakapane  R   same as ʻapapane, a bird.

ʻākau₁  R  nvs. right (not left).

ʻākau₂  R  n. north (when one faces west, the direction of the sun's course, the right hand is to the...

akauahelo  R  nvi. to go here and there, vagabond; vagabond.

akaʻula  R  n. red sunset, looked upon as a sign that rain will clear. lit., red shadow.

ake₁  R  n. liver.

ake₂  R  vt. to desire, wish, be eager, yearn [the emotions and intelligence were thought to be centered...

ʻākē  R  vt. to find fault, criticize, slander.

Ākea  R   var. spelling of Wākea, the mythical ancestor of all Hawaiians...

ākea₁  R  nvs. broad, wide, spacious, open, unobstructed, public, at large; full, as a skirt;...

Ākea₂  R  n. var. of Wākea, the mythical ancestor of all Hawaiians...

ʻākea  R  n. starboard or outer hull of a double canoe.

ʻākeʻa  R  vt. to block out or screen, in basketball.

akeakamai  R  nvs. a lover of wisdom, seeker after knowledge, philosopher, scientist, scholar; philosophy,...

akeake  R  vs. quick, ready, as to do a kindly, deed, helpful.

ʻakēʻakē  R  n. Hawaiian storm petrel (Oceanodroma castro cryptoleucura).

ākeakea₁  R   same as hākeakea, faded; to fade.

ākeakea₂  R  n. a kind of gray tapa.

ʻākeʻakeʻa  R  nvt. to block, hinder, obstruct, interfere; obstruction, block.

ʻākeʻa neʻe  R  vt. illegal screen, in basketball. lit., moving screen.

ʻākeʻa ʻūniu  R  vt. pick and roll, in basketball; to make such a play. lit., pivot screen.

ʻākeka  R  n. acetate, a salt/ester of ascetic acid.

ākēkē₁, ʻākēkē  R   var. of kēkē, potbellied.

ākēkē₂  R  n. name given for the ʻoʻopu hue, puffer fish...

ʻākeke  R  n. cindery or pebbly soil; cinder.

ʻākēkē  R   var. spelling of ākēkē₁, potbellied...

ʻakekeʻe  R  n. a honey creeper (Loxops coccinea caeruleirostris). Usually called...

ʻakekeke₁  R  n. ruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpres), a winter migrant to Hawaiʻi, occurring in...

ʻakekeke₂  R  vi. to talk loquaciously in a friendly, hospitable manner, bidding a guest to feel at home,...

ʻakekeke₃  R   redup. of ʻākeke, cinder.

ʻakekona  R  n. acetone.

ʻAkelanika, Atelanika  R  nvs. Atlantic.

ʻakele, akere  R  n. acre.

ʻākelekele  R  nvi. to escape from danger or sickness; to have a narrow escape.

ʻakelika, akerida  R   see ʻūhini ʻakelika.

akeloa  R  n. spleen. lit., long liver.

ʻAkelona, Akerona  R  n. Akron.

ake maka  R  n. edible raw liver.

akemakani  R  n. lung. lit., wind liver.

akemāmā  R  n. lung. lit., light liver.

akena  R  vt. to boast, brag, admire, praise.

ʻākena₁, agena  R  n. agent, factor.

ʻākena hōʻoiaʻiʻo palapala  R  n. notary public.

ʻAkenai, Atenai  R  n. Athens.

ʻāʻkena kālepa kaʻahele  R  n. traveling salesman, commercial traveler.

ākenakena  R   redup. of akena, to boast, brag, admire, praise...

akenīʻau  R   spleen. lit., coconut-midrib liver.

Akeomilu  R  n. a lua fighting stroke. lit., the liver of Milu

ʻākepa₁  R  n. group of small scarlet or yellow-green Hawaiian honey creepers (Loxops coccinea).

ʻākepa₂  R  vs. quick, nimble, sprightly, active.

akepaʻa  R  n. liver (more specific than ake). lit.,...

akepahaola  R  n. lung.

akepāhola  R  n. lung.

ʻAkepaikana  R  n. Azerbaijan.

ākepakepa  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻākepakepa₁, unkempt, as hair; oblique.

ʻākepakepa₁, ākepakepa  R  vs. unkempt, as hair; oblique.

ʻākepakepa₂  R   rare var. of kepakepa₁, interruption; to interrupt; choppy, as the sea...

akepau  R  n. tuberculosis, consumption. lit., finished liver.

ʻakepeuʻie  R  n. Oʻahu

akere  R  var. spelling of ʻakele, acre...

akerida  R   var. spelling of ʻakelika.

Akerona  R  var. spelling of ʻAkelona, Akron...

ʻakeu  R  vs. active, lively, quick; pleasant, sociable.

ākeʻukeʻu  R  vt. var. spelling of ʻākeʻukeʻu, to find fault, contradict, criticize, hinder.

ʻakeukeu  R   redup. of ʻakeu, active, lively, quick; pleasant, sociable...

ʻākeʻukeʻu, ākeʻukeʻu  R  vt. to find fault, contradict, criticize, hinder.

ʻaki₁  R  nvt. to take a nip and let go, snap; to nibble, as fish; to bite off the bark of sugar cane; to...

ʻaki₂  R  n. height, tip, top (preceded by ke).

ʻaki₃  R  n. pillow.

ʻaki₄  R  n. block on which a canoe is placed on the shore.

ʻaki₅  R  vs. filled, as a canoe with waves.

ʻaki₆  R   same as ʻakiʻaki₂, a rush.

ʻākī₁  R  nvi. hair switch; knot fastening plaits or braids of hair; to add long strands of hair.

ʻākī₂  R  vt. to furl, as sails.

ʻākī₃  R   same as kikī, fast.

ʻākia₁  R  n. endemic shrubs and trees (Wikstroemia spp.) with small leaves, tiny yellowish flowers,...

ʻākia₂  R  n. Solanum nelsoni. Niʻihau.

ʻākia₃  R  vi. to ferment; very sour, as poi.

ʻākia₄  R   pas/imp. of ʻaki₁, to take a nip and let go, snap; to nibble, as fish...

ʻĀkia₅, Asia  R  nvs. Asia; Asian, Asiatic.

akiahala  R   same as kanawao₁, small endemic trees.

ʻakiahala  R  n. an endemic, small, hairy, pink-flowered shrub (Hibiscus youngianus), usually found...

ʻakiʻaki₁  R   redup. of ʻaki₁, to take a nip and...

ʻakiʻaki₂  R  n. seashore rush grass (Sporobolus virginicus), a coarse grass growing on sandy...

ʻakiʻaki₃  R  n. a kind of coarse red seaweed (Ahnfeltia concinna) which because of its toughness...

ʻakiʻaki haole  R  n. buffalo grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum), an American grass used for lawns....

ʻakialoa  R  n. a group of Hawaiian honey creepers with long, curved bill, olive or yellow-green above,...

ʻakia pōlāʻau  R   same as ʻakihi poʻo lāʻau, the nuku puʻu honey creeper of Hawaiʻi...

ʻĀkia ʻUʻuku  R  n. Asia Minor.

ʻakihi, ʻakihia  R  n. birds. see below.

ʻakihia  R  var. spelling of ʻakihi, birds...

ʻakihi a loa  R   same as ʻakialoa, , a group of Hawaiian honey creepers with long, curved bill... ʻakihi loa, a group of Hawaiian honey creepers with long, curved bill...

ʻakihi keʻehi ʻale  R  n. a small black sea bird, probably a stormy petrel (Oceanodroma), of which...

ʻakihi loa  R   same as ʻakialoa, a group of Hawaiian honey creepers with long, curved bill...

ʻakihi pōlena  R  n. a bird listed by Malo.

ʻakihi poʻo lāʻau  R  n. the nuku puʻu honey creeper of...

ʻakihoʻolana  R  n. drydock, lit., floating canoe-rest.

ʻakiʻikiʻi, ʻākiʻikiʻi  R  n. dip net, as used in fishing uhu.

ʻākiʻikiʻi  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakiʻikiʻi, dip net, as used in fishing uhu.

ʻakika, acida  R  nvs. acid.

ʻakika ʻailakele  R  n. fatty acid. lit., fat acid.

ʻakika ʻailakele haikokenea  R  n. trans fatty acid. lit., hydrogenated fatty acid.

ʻakika ʻailakele hakuwaho  R  n. essential fatty acid. lit., fatty acid produced outside (the body).

ʻakika ʻailakele ʻōmeka kolu  R  n. omega 3 fatty acid. lit., omega three fatty acid.

ʻakika ʻailakele ʻōmeka ono  R  n. omega 6 fatty acid. lit., omega six fatty acid.

ʻakika ʻailakele paʻahapa  R  n. monounsaturated fatty acid. lit., partially full fatty acid.

ʻakika kapolika, asida cabolika  R  n. carbolic acid.

ʻakiki₁  R  nvs. dwarfed; dwarf.

ʻakiki₂  R   same as ʻūkīkiki, young of ʻōpakapaka fish.

ʻakikiki  R  n. the endemic Kauaʻi creeper (Loxops maculata...

ʻAkiliakika, Adiriatika  R  n. Adriatic.

ʻākilikai  R  n. alkali; alkaline.

ʻākililehu  R  n. lye.

ʻakilolo₁  R  n. a wrasse fish of the hīnālea type (...

ʻakilolo₂  R  n. a variety of sugar cane, striped with green and deep purplish-red when young, with yellow...

ʻakilolo₃  R  n. a variety of taro.

ʻakilolo ʻulaʻula  R  n. a variety of sugar cane, with purplish leaves.

ʻAkilonakaka, Adironadaka  R  n. Adirondack.

ʻaki lou  R  v. to take with a lou or fruit-plucking stick.

ʻakima, azima  R  n. feast of unleavened bread.

ʻakimalala, adimarala  R  n. admiral.

ʻAkimika  R  n. Archimedes.

ʻakimona  R   same as ʻinamona, kukui nut relish.

ʻakina  R  nvi. biting; bite.

ʻakinoika  R  n. actinoid, i.e. one of the fourteen elements that follow actinium on the periodic table.

ʻakiohala  R  n. an endemic, small, hairy, pink-flowered shrub (Hibiscus youngianus), usually found...

ʻakioma  R  n. axiom.

ʻakipihopa  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakipīhopa, archbishop.

ʻakipīhopa, ʻakipihopa  R  n. archbishop.

ʻakipohe₁  R  vt. to nip.

ʻakipohe₂  R  vs. round, as a leaf; compact, concise.

ʻAkipohe₃  R  n. name of a wind of Waiheʻe, Maui.

ʻakipohe₄  R  vi. to center or concentrate in one place, as wind, rain.

ʻakipohe₅  R  vi. passive transport, in science.

ʻakiu  R  vt. to search, seek, probe, penetrate, spy.

ʻākiukiu  R   redup. of ʻakiu, to search, seek, probe, penetrate, spy...

ako  R  nvt. thatching; to thatch.

ʻako₁  R  vt. to cut, shear, clip, trim, as hair; to break or pluck, as flowers.

ʻako₂  R  nvs. itch, throat irritation, venereal disease. fig., lust.

ʻakoa  R  n. a small tree resembling koa; dye was made from...

ʻakoʻako₁  R   redup. of ʻako₁, to cut, shear, clip, trim, as hair...

ʻakoʻako₂  R   redup. of ʻako₂, itch, throat irritation, venereal disease. fig., lust...

ʻakoʻako₃  R  nvi. crest of a wave; to break or swell, as waves.

ʻakoakoa  R  vi. var. spelling of ʻākoakoa, to assemble; assembled, collected, heaped.

ʻākoakoa, ʻakoakoa  R  vi. to assemble; assembled, collected, heaped.

ʻākoʻakoʻa  R  n. coral in general, coral head.

ʻākoʻakoʻa kohe  R  n. mushroom coral (Fungi scutaria). lit., vagina coral.

ʻākohekohe  R  n. the crested honey creeper (Palmeria dolei), formerly endemic on

ʻakohi  R  n. a variety or taro.

ʻakoka, agoza  R  n. a nut.

ʻakoki  R  n. a variety of sugar cane, deep-red and green when young, changing to purple and brown-yellow;...

ʻakoko  R  n. endemic shrubs and trees (Euphorbia spp.) with jointed stems, opposite leaves, and...

ʻākokoko  R  vs. bloody.

ʻAkole, Azore  R  n. Azores.

ʻakole₁  R  vs. poor, destitute, shiftless.

ʻakole₂  R  n. a large endemic fern (Dryopteris unidentata), 1 m or more high, with...

ʻākōlea₁  R  n. a native fern (Athyrium microphyllum syn. A. poiretianum) with beautiful,...

ʻākōlea₂  R   a small mollusk (Epitonium perplexum). Often called

ʻakoleana  R  n. accordion.

ʻākōlī  R   see kōkua hua mele.

ʻakolika  R  n. ostrich.

ʻakolo  R  vi. to creep, attempt to creep; to put out small roots, as potatoes.

ʻakolu  R  num. three (as in counting in a series); three times.

ʻakomi  R  vs. automatic.

ʻakomika  R  vs. atomic.

ʻākope  R  n. caffeine.

ʻakopie, adobie  R  nvs. adobe.

aku₁  R  nvi. bonito, skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), an important food; to run, of...

aku₂  R  part. expressing direction away from the speaker, and time either past (with

ʻakū  R  n. an endemic lobelia (Cyanea tritomantha), a small tree 2 to 3 m high, with clustered...

akua₁  R  vs. god, goddess, spirit, ghost, devil, image, idol, corpse; divine, supernatural, godly....

Akua₂  R  n. God (Christian).

akua₃  R  n. "it" in a game of tag or hide-and-seek.

Akua₄  R   name of the 14th night of the full moon.

akua₅  R   same as maiʻa Polapola, a banana.

akua ʻai hamu  R  n. spirit eater of scraps, designation of a god sent on errands of destruction by...

akua ʻai kahu  R  n. a spirit that destroys its keeper; a god sent on an evil errand who returns to destroy...

akua ʻai pilau  R  n. spirit eater of filth. same as

akua ʻaumakua  R  n. supernatural with dual roles as akua...

akua hana  R  n. a god to whom one appealed with offerings for help, as in fishing, farming, or killing an...

akua hānai₁  R  n. spirits, as of a recently dead kinsman, who were fed (

akua hānai₂  R  n. the kauila,

akua hoʻounauna  R  n. god sent on errands of destruction.

akua hulu  R  n. feather image.

akua kāʻai  R  n. stick image (general name); image wrapped in tapa;...

Akua kahikolu  R  n. Holy Trinity.

akua kahukahu  R  n. a god to whom offerings and sacrifices were made.

akua kīhei pua  R   same as ʻuhane kīhei pua, a spirit partially controlling a person and giving him strength, animation, or talents...

akua kiʻi  R  n. image representing a god.

ʻakūʻakū₁  R  vi. swaying, as a canoe in rough sea; not steady; bumpy, as a road.

ʻakūʻakū₂  R  vi. hasty, poorly done, rash.

ʻakūʻakū₃  R  n. an endemic lobelia (Cyanea...

akua kumu haka  R  n. similar to akua hānai₁...

akua lapu  R  n. ghost, specter, apparition, evil spirit.

akua lele  R  n. flying god, usually a poison god sent to destroy, sometimes in the form of fireballs (...

akua loa  R  n. a tall image, especially an image of Lono...

ʻā kualua  R  vs. secondary activity, of a volcano. comb.

akua malihini  R  n. foreign god, epithet often applied to Pele because...

akua noho  R  n. a spirit that takes possession of people and speaks through them as a medium.

akua pāʻani  R  n. image representing the god of sports that accompanied the

akua pahulu  R  n. the god of nightmares; a god who carried persons to distant places in their sleep,...

akua panauea  R  n. last and slow-moving image in a procession during

akua pepeiao  R   same as pepeiao akua, tree fungus...

akua poko  R   similar to akua loa (a tall...

akua ulu  R  n. a god that inspires or possesses people.

akua wahine  R  n. goddess.

akuʻe, ʻakuʻe  R  nvs. club-footed; deformity of the feet.

ʻakuʻe  R  nvs. var. spelling of akuʻe, club-footed; deformity of the feet.

ʻākuhekuhe  R   same as ʻōkuhekuhe, a fish; fish form of the god Kānemilohai.

ʻākuʻi₁  R  vt. to pound.

ʻākuʻi₂  R   probably similar to ʻākuʻikuʻi₂, a long fish net; to drive fish into the net by striking the water with sticks...

ʻakuiki  R  n. chipmonk. (Ute ʻakwiisi.) also

ʻākuʻikuʻi₁  R  vt. to pound.

ʻākuʻikuʻi₂  R  nvt. a long fish net; to drive fish into the net by striking the water with sticks.

akuila  R   same as kihe, a red seaweed.

ʻakukana  R  nvs. adjutant.

ʻakukana generala  R  var. spelling of ʻakukana kenelala, adjutant general...

ʻakukana kenelala, ʻakukana generala  R  n. adjutant general.

ʻakuku  R  vt. to beat, as tapa.

ʻakūkū  R  nvi. tossing about, agitated; jolting, as a vehicle on a rough road.

akula  R  directional part. aku + demon.

akule  R  n. big-eyed or goggle-eyed scad fish (Trachurops crumenophthalmus), Stages of growth are ...

ākuleana  R  vt. var. spelling of ʻākuleana, to give property or a right to it; to delegate responsibility.

ʻākuleana, ākuleana  R  vt. to give property or a right to it; to delegate responsibility.

ʻakulekele, aduletere  R  n. adultery.

ākuli  R  nvi. var. spelling of ʻākuli, to collect...

ʻākuli, ākuli  R  nvi. to collect, as leaves in a stream; to dam a stream thus; forest pool where leaves and rubbish...

ʻAkulia, Asuria  R  n. Assyria.

ʻākulikuli₁  R  n. general name for succulent plants.

ʻākulikuli₂  R   a coastal herb (Sesuvium portulacastrum), known in many warm regions, somewhat...

ʻākulikuli₃  R   Portulaca cyanosperma. Niʻihau.

ʻākulikuli ʻaeʻae  R   same as ʻaeʻae₂, a small native shrub (Lycium sandwicense) growing near salt marshes and among rocks near the sea...

ʻakulikuli kai₁, ʻākulikuli kai  R  n. a tropical American, low succulent (Batis maritima), commonly forming a...

ʻakulikuli kai₂  R   same as ʻaeʻae₂, a small native shrub (Lycium sandwicense)...

ʻākulikuli kai  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakulikuli kai₁, a tropical American...

ʻākulikuli kula  R  n. purslane (Portulaca oleracea), a cosmopolitan weed, a small succulent,...

ʻākulikuli lau liʻi  R   same as ʻākulikuli kula, purslane (Portulaca oleracea)...

ʻākulikuli lei  R  n. ice plant (Lampranthus glomeratus) from Africa, a low succulent, with thick,...

ʻākulikuliʻōhelo  R   same as ʻaeʻae₂, a small native shrub (Lycium sandwicense)...

ʻakumu  R  vs. broken or cut off, as a pencil point; blunt, stumpy.

ʻākumukumu  R   redup. of ʻakumu, broken or cut off...

aku nei  R   a while ago, last.

ʻakupa₁  R   same as ʻōkuhe, an ʻoʻopu fish.

ʻakupa₂  R  n. a small endemic tree (Bobea mannii).

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


ala    alaa    alab    alae    alah    alai    alak    alal    alam    alan    alao    alap    alas    alau    alaw    ale    alea    aleb    aleg    aleh    alei    alek    alel    alem    alen    aleo    alep    alet    aleu    alew    ali    alia    alid    alig    alih    alii    alik    alil    alim    alin    aliu    alo    aloa    alod    aloe    aloh    aloi    alok    alol    alom    alop    alou    alu    alua    aluh    aluk    alul    alum    alun    

ala-  R   fast, quickly. cf.

ala₁  R  n. path, road, trail.

ala₂  R  vi. to waken, stay awake; awake.

ala₃  R  vi. to rise up, arise, get up, come forward.

ala₄  R   rare var. of ale₁, swallow, engulf...

ala₅  R  demon. there (same as the more frequent and...

ʻala₁  R  vs. fragrant, sweet-smelling, perfumed; fragrance, perfume (preceded by

ʻala₂  R  n. a variety of taro, said to be pungent-smelling when...

ʻalā  R  n. dense waterworn volcanic stone, as used for poi pounders,...

ʻālaʻa₁  R  n. a large endemic tree (Planchonella spp.) with smooth, oblong leaves, shiny-green...

ʻālaʻa₂  R  nvt. ʻŌʻō digging stick made of...

ʻālaʻa₃  R  n. small corm, as of taro.

ʻĀlaʻahonua  R  n. a strong Hilowind. lit. land-prodding.

-alaala  R   Redup.

ā laʻa lā  R   see laʻa₂.

ʻalaʻala₁  R  n. ink sac in octopus or squid; after salting, drying, and broiling on the fire, it is mixed...

ʻalaʻala₂  R  nvs. scar of a scrofulous sore; to be so scarred; perhaps tuberculosis adenitis.

ʻalaʻala₃  R  n. aerial tubers of bitter yam, hoi (...

ʻalaʻalā  R  n. small ʻalā stones.

ʻālaʻalaʻa  R  n. small tubers, as of taro.

ʻalaʻalae  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻālaʻalae, lukewarm; half-cooked

ʻālaʻalae, ʻalaʻalae  R  vs. lukewarm; half-cooked

-alaalahia  R   hoʻā.

ʻalaʻalahua  R   same as māhoe₂, kinds of trees.

alaʻalai₁  R   redup. of ālai₁, to hinder.

alaʻalai₂  R  n. type of taro patch built on artificial mounds, known...

alaʻalai₃  R   same as waimakanui, a kind of large coarse endemic fern (Thelypteria keraudreniana).

ʻalaʻala pūloa  R   var. spelling of ʻalaʻala pū loa, a weed...

ʻalaʻala pū loa, ʻalaʻala pūloa  R   same as ʻuhaloa, a weed.

ʻalaʻalawa  R   redup. of ʻalawa₁, to glance, look quickly; glance...

ʻalaʻalawainui  R  n. var. spelling of ʻalaʻala wai nui₁, all species of Peperomia...

ʻalaʻala wai nui₁, ʻalaʻalawainui  R  n. all species of Peperomia, small native succulent forest herbs, related to...

ʻalaʻala wai nui₂  R  n. a small weedy herb (Plectranthus parviflorus), in the mint family. This...

ala ao  R  vs. diurnal, i.e. active during the daytime. lit., awake (during) daylight.

ʻālaʻapapa₁  R  v. to tell publicly, as of the past

ʻālaʻapapa₂  R  n. type of ancient dramatic hula.

ʻālaʻapapa₃  R  n. long cloud formation.

alaʻau  R  n. river ford; place on a trail where one swims or wades across a stream.

ʻalaaumoe  R  n. a West Indian shrub, night cestrum (Cestrum nocturnum), Chinese inkberry, with...

ʻAlabama, ʻAlapama  R  n. Alabama; Alabaman, Alabamian.

Alabani  R  var. spelling of ʻAlapani, Albany...

ʻAlabania  R  n. Albania; Albanian.

alabata  R  n. var. spelling of ʻalapaka₂; alabaster, ointment vase of alabaster.

alabatero  R   same as ʻalapakelo, alabaster...

ʻAlabeta  R  n. Alberta.

ʻalae₁  R  n. mudhen or Hawaiian gallinule (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis), a black wading bird...

ʻalae₂  R   same as ʻiwa, a fern.

ʻalaea₁, alaea  R  n. water-soluble colloidal ocherous earth, used for coloring salt, for medicine, for dye, and...

ʻalaea₂  R  n. flesh like redness, especially the dark red meat close to the spine of some fish, as of the...

ʻalaea₃  R  n. annatto dye plant (Bixa orellana), a tropical American shrub or small tree, bearing...

ʻalaea₄  R  n. tribe or clan; people in a district who have intermarried.

ʻalaea₅  R  n. bad breath, halitosis.

ʻalaea₆  R  n. fore part of thigh; long narrow thigh muscle.

ʻalaea kāne  R  n. dark-red ʻalaea. lit., male...

ʻalaea wahine  R  n. light-red ʻalaea. lit., female...

ʻalae awī  R  n. the introduced Australian gallinule Porphyrio poliocephalus, P. p. melanotus...

ʻalae huapī  R   same as ʻalae ʻula, Hawaiian gallinule or mudhen (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis)...

ʻalaʻeke  R  n. an edible crab of the Portunus sp., sandcolored, and found in shallow water.

ʻalae kea  R  n. Hawaiian coot (Fulica americana alai), a marsh and pond bird,...

ʻalae keʻokeʻo  R   same as ʻalae kea, Hawaiian coot...

ʻālaelae  R   same as ʻōlaelae₁, having a number of capes and land points.

ʻālaʻelaʻe  R   var. of mālaʻelaʻe, clear, calm; clear of weeds...

Alaʻeli  R  n. a wind of Mānoa Valley, Honolulu.

ʻalae nū kea  R   same as ʻalae kea, Hawaiian coot (Fulica americana alai), a marsh and pond bird... lit., white-beaked ʻalae.

ʻalae ʻula  R  n. Hawaiian gallinule or mudhen (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis), distinguished...

alahaka  R  n. plank bridge, rough road over ravines or chasms, trestle, ladder.

alahakaonuʻalolo  R  n. type of braid used in the pāpale...

alahaki  R  n. mountain ladder or steps cut into a cliff.

ala hānuku  R  n. alley, alleyway. lit., road (with) narrow passageway.

alahao  R  n. railway, railroad track. lit., iron road.

alaheʻe, walaheʻe  R  n. a large native shrub or small tree (Canthium odoratum; synonym Plectronia...

alaheʻe haole  R  n. mock orange (Murraya paniculata), an ornamental hedge plant with shiny,...

ala heihei kīkeʻekeʻe  R  n. slalom course. lit., zigzag race path.

ala hekehi  R  n. hiking trail.

ala hele, alahele  R  n. pathway, route, road, way to go, itinerary, trail, highway, means of transportation.

alahele  R  var. spelling of ala hele, pathway...

ala hele wāwae  R  n. pedestrian's road, sidewalk.

alaheo  R  vi. gone, departed.

alahia  R   rare pas/imp. of ala₂, to waken, stay awake, ala₃, awake...; to rise up, arise, get up, come forward...

alahiʻi  R  n. hem or finished border of a plaited mat or hat.

alahiō  R  n. ramp. lit., inclined path.

ala holo papa  R  n. wooden bridge.

ala honua  R  vi. to wake up early for no reason

ʻAlahonua  R  n. name of a light Hilo breeze. lit., land...

Ala hou  R  n. name of a Molokaʻi wind.

ala hou  R  nvi. resurrection; to rise again, resurect.

alahukimoku  R  n. marine railway. lit., road to pull ships.

alahula  R  nvi. a frequented and well-known path; to frequent such; to tread or trample, as on a taboo...

ālai₁  R  nvt. obstruction, hindrance, block, bar, screen; to obstruct, hinder, block, defend, stand in the...

ālai₂  R  n. two sticks carried with the akua loa in the...

ʻalaʻi, ʻālaʻi  R  vs. gentle, as a breeze.

ʻālaʻi  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻalaʻi, gentle, as a breeze.

alaia  R  n. small thin surfboard, as of breadfruit or koa...

ʻalaiaha  R  n. an upland bird, gray, about rite size of the

ʻalaʻihi₁  R  n. various species of squirrelfishes of the family Holocentridae, including Flammeo...

ʻalaʻihi₂  R   pale pink tapa; any faded color

ʻalaʻihi₃  R   a variety of sugar cane named for the fish, either a deep-red mutant of...

alāiki  R  nvt. appropriation of property by force, as practiced by some chiefs on their travels; to do so

a laila, ā laila  R   see laila.

ā laila  R   var. spelling of a laila, then...

ālaina  R  n. obstacle, obstruction.

ʻĀlaka  R  n. Alaska.

alakaha  R  n. aisle, as in a supermarket. lit., way (to) pass by.

ala kai  R   sea course, path where one must swim past a projecting cliff.

alakaʻi  R  nvt. to lead, guide, direct; leader, guide, conductor, head, director.

ʻalakai  R  vs. potbellied, bloated.

alakaʻina  R  n. leadership, guidance.

ʻalakaine  R  n. alkyne.

alakalaiwa  R  n. driveway.

ʻalakaloida  R  n. alkaloid.

ʻalakane  R  n. alkane.

ala kāpae  R  n. detour.

ʻalakapaika  R  n. allspice.

alakau  R  n. mode of transportation, as motor vehicle, space vehicle, etc.

ʻalakē  R  vi. to jump, hurry from place to place.

Alakea₁  R  n. name of a star, probably used in navigation.

Alakea₂  R  n. name of a downtown Honolulu street. lit., white road.

Alakeka, Alaseka  R  n. Alaska.

ʻalakeka  R  n. alligator.

ʻAlakena, Aradena  R  n. Arden.

ʻalakene  R  n. alkene.

ʻalakenika, arasenika  R  n. arsenic.

alakō₁  R  vt. to drag, pull along.

alakō₂  R  n. bird-catching pole.

ʻAlakona, Aragona  R  n. Aragon.

ʻalakuma  R  n. a large crab (Carpilius maculatus), with 11 dark red spots on its back, usually...

alakuʻukuʻu  R  n. place for climbing a cliff, usually with ropes.

ala kuʻu mokulele  R  n. runway.

-alala  R   var. spelling of -alaala, hoʻālaala redup. of hoʻāla; to keep awake; to awaken or reawaken...

ālālā  R  n. sweet potatoes that bear front branch (lālā)...

ʻAlala  R  n. Aral.

ʻalalā₁  R  nvi. to bawl, bleat, squeal, cry, caw, yelp, wail, scream; such noises.

ʻalalā₂  R  n. Hawaiian crow (Corvus tropicus), named for its caw; endangered [extinct in the...

ʻalalā₃  R  nvt. a style of chanting with open mouth vibration and tremor of the voice, and prolonged vowels;...

ʻalalā₄  R  vt. to gargle.

alalai  R   redup. of ālai, obstruction...

ʻAlalaka, Ararata  R  n. Ararat.

ʻalalala  R  vt. to dry or wither leaves over a fire, as of tobacco.

ʻalalāna  R  n. bleating, wailing.

ʻalalauā, ʻalalauwā  R  n. young of the red ʻāweoweo fish....

ʻalalauwā  R  var. spelling of ʻalalauā, young of the red...

ʻalalehe  R  nvs. sickly, weak, fretful, as a child; fretfulness.

ala lele mokulele  R  n. flight corridor. lit., path (of) airplane flight.

alalī  R  nvi. var. spelling of ʻalalī, sharp shrill yelp, sudden screech; to yelp, screech.

ʻalalī, alalī  R  nvi. sharp shrill yelp, sudden screech; to yelp, screech.

alaloa  R  n. highway, main road, belt road around an island, a long road

ʻalama, arama  R  n. protection, defense.

ala maika  R  n. bowling alley

ʻalamea₁  R  vs. ripe

ʻalamea₂  R  vs. precious, as a child

ʻalamea₃  R  n. a bird (no data)

ʻalamea₄  R   see iki ʻalamea

ʻalāmea  R  n. var. spelling of ʻalā mea, hard volcanic stone, used for adzes

ʻalā mea, ʻalāmea  R  n. hard volcanic stone, used for adzes

ʻalameka  R  n. nutmeg.

ʻalamihi  R  n. a common black crab (Metopograpsus thukuhar).

alamimo  R  vs. quick, fast.

ala mōlehu  R  vs. crepuscular, i.e. appearing or flying in the twilight. lit., awake (during)...

ʻalamoʻo  R  n. an endemic fresh-water ʻoʻopu fish (Len...

ala muku  R  n. cut off or unfinished road, dead-end road. fig., an incomplete rainbow, rainbow...

alana  R  nvi. awakening, rising.

ʻalāna  R   see kīkē ʻalāna.

ʻālana₁  R  nvt. offering, especially a free-will offering, contrasting with a

ʻālana₂  R  vs. light, buoyant, easily floating.

ʻālana aloha  R  n. peace offering, offering of love.

ʻālana kuni  R  n. burnt offering, offering to procure death by sorcery.

ʻalaneo₁  R  nvs. clear, calm, serene, unclouded, free from impediment; clearness, calm, stillness; emptiness...

ʻalaneo₂  R  vs. of a single color or texture, especially of a feather cloak without design and made of...

ʻalaneo₃  R  n. swelling disease, dropsy, generalized edema, kidney disease.

ʻalaneo₄  R  n. name of a class of 12 male supernatural beings called papa pae māhū...

alani₁  R  n. brown seaweeds (Dictyota spp.), regularly divided into narrow segments. They are so...

alani₂  R   an Oʻahu tree (Pelea sandwicensis or P....

alani₃  R   an upland moss.

ʻalani, ʻālani  R  n. any kind of orange, both fruit and tree, as Citrus sinensis.

ʻālani  R   var. spelling of ʻalani, orange.

alania  R  vs. smooth, even, not rough.

ʻalani ʻawaʻawa  R  n. calamondin (Citris mitis), a small tree with flattened-globose fruits to 2.6...

alaniho  R  n. long tattoo stripe. lit., tooth path.

alani kuahiwi  R  n. all species of Pelea.

ʻalanine  R  n. alanine, an amino acid.

ʻalani Pākē  R  n. tangerine, mandarin (Citrus reticulata cv. ‘deliciosa’), a small tree with...

ʻālani pomelo  R  n. grapefruit. lit., pomelo orange.

alani wai  R  n. a low native shrub (Pelea waialealae), found only on high, wet parts of...

alanui  R  n. street, road, highway, thoroughfare, waterway, course. lit., large path.

alanui ākea  R  n. avenue, boulevard, wide street.

alanui hele ʻaoʻao  R  n. sidewalk.

alanui hele wāwae  R   same as alanui hele ʻaoʻao, sidewalk...

alanuionāhōkūhoʻokele  R  n. pathway of the navigator stars; star course followed by navigators. Probably...

ala nuʻukia  R  n. mission, as in the mission statement of an organization. lit., vision path.

alaō₁  R  vt. to swallow whole, as a fish or shrimp.

alaō₂  R  n. Heiau or temple that had no...

ala ʻoki  R  n. road cut, short cut.

Alaʻoli  R  n. name of a Kauaʻi wind, said to bring good...

alaʻololī  R  n. narrow path, lane, alley.

alaʻoma  R   var. of alaō₁, to swallow whole, as a fish or shrimp..., alaʻume, to draw, pull, attract, as a magnet...

ʻalaopuna  R  n. a variety of taro, growing wild, also cultivated dry in

ʻālapa  R  nvs. athletic, active; athlete; an epithet for Kamehameha I; name...

ʻalapahi  R  nvt. slander, falsehood, deceit; slanderer; to slander, defame, deceive, lie.

ʻalapaina  R  vs. alpine, i.e. relating to the biogeographic zone above timberline.

ʻalapaka₁  R  n. alpaca.

ʻalapaka₂, alabata  R  n. alabaster, ointment vase of alabaster.

ʻalapakelo, alabatero  R   same as ʻalapaka₂, alabaster...

ʻAlapaki  R  n. Albert.

ʻālapakona-  R  pref. -athalon. [comb. ʻālapa, ...

ʻālapakonakolu  R  n. triathalon.

ʻālapakonalima  R  n. pentathalon.

ʻālapakonaʻumi  R  n. decathalon.

ʻAlapama, ʻAlabama  R  n. Alabama; Alabaman, Alabamian.

ʻAlapani, Alabani  R  n. Albany.

alapao  R  n. tunnel.

ʻalapapa  R  n. alfalfa.

ʻālapa piʻi moʻo Kū  R  n. athletic person aspiring to the lineage of Kū (said of Kamehameha).

ʻAlapia₁  R  nvs. Arabia, Arabian.

ʻalapia₂  R  n. a heavy cloth resembling serge.

alapiʻi  R  n. stairs, steps, ladder, stile, doorstep, ascent, scale (musical).

Alapiʻiakaʻōpae  R  n. lua fighting stroke. lit.,...

alapiʻi kū  R  n. steep road or path.

alapiʻi lawe ʻōhua  R  n. escalator, moving stairs.

alapiʻi mele  R  n. musical scale.

alapiko  R  n. belly of a fish, considered choice.

ala pilipā  R  n. parallel, as of a computer port. lit., parallel path.

alapine₁  R  vs. quick, fast.

alapine₂  R  vs. frequent, often.

alapinepine  R   redup. of alapine₁, quick, fast..., alapine₂, frequent, often...

alapīpā  R  n. sidewalk. lit., sidewalk path.

ala pō  R  n. night awakening.

ala pōʻai  R  n. orbit of the stars, circular road.

alapoho  R  vt. to gulp, swallow whole.

alapoki  R  vs. same as ʻōlulo, castaway; shipwrecked...; shipwrecked.

ʻalā poʻo malu  R  n. name of a dark basalt.

alapuka  R  nvs. body sores; to have such sores; affected with dry rot, as

ala pūkaʻina  R  n. serial, as of a computer port. lit., series path.

ʻalapuʻu  R  n. small, young, of creatures.

Alaseka  R  var. spelling of Alakeka, Alaska...

ʻAlaseka  R  n. Alaska; Alaskan.

alau  R  vs. dividing, branching, as of winds and lineages.

ʻalaua  R   var. spelling of ʻalawa, to glance.

ʻalauā, ʻalauwā  R   same as ʻalalauā, young ʻāweoweo fish.

ʻalauahio  R  n. endemic Hawaiian honey creepers (Loxops maculata),

ʻalaʻuka  R  nvs. homely, vile, slovenly, worthless; homeliness, vileness, dregs of society.

alaula  R  n. light of early dawn, sunset glow. lit., flaming road.

alaʻula  R  n. red dust in a road, red dust.

ʻalaʻula  R   same as ʻaʻalaʻula, a seaweed (Codium spp.).

ālaulau  R  nvt. clothes, tapa, mats; to envelop, clothe.

ala ʻūlili  R  n. sheer trail as for climbing a cliff.

alaʻume  R  vt. to draw, pull, attract, as a magnet.

ʻalauwā  R   var. spelling of ʻalauā, young ʻāweoweo fish...

ʻalauwahio  R   var. spelling of ʻalauahio, endemic Hawaiian honey creepers (Loxops maculata)...

ʻalauwī  R   same as ʻalauahio, endemic Hawaiian honey creepers (Loxops maculata)...

ʻalawa₁  R  nvt. to glance, look quickly; glance.

ʻalawa₂  R  n. a bird (no data).

ala waʻa  R  n. canoe course.

ala waele  R  n. road, highway. lit., cleared road.

alawai  R  n. channel, canal.

alawela  R  n. dark lines on stomach of a pregnant woman, converging near the navel. lit., burned...

alaweo  R   same as ʻāheahea₂, a shrub.

alaweo huna  R   same as ʻāheahea₂, a shrub, Niʻihau.

alawī₁  R  vi. to shriek; shrill.

alawī₂  R  n. upland bird, reported to be the young of the

alawiki  R  vi. to hurry; quick, fast.

ale₁  R  vt. to swallow, engulf, gulp, absorb.

ale₂  R  n. hollow or cavern on the sea floor.

ale₃  R  n. an endemic mountain plant (Plantago princeps), 60 cm to 2 m high, rarely branching, stem...

ʻale₁  R  nvt. wave, crest of a wave, billow; to ripple, form waves, stir; rippling, stirring. to well,...

ʻale₂  R  n. gust.

ʻale₃, are  R  n. are, a unit of measure.

ʻalē  R  nvs. marshy; marsh, swamp.

alea₁  R   pas/imp. of ale₁, swallow...

alea₂  R  n. a fish, said to be short for hīnālea, or a...

ʻaleʻa  R  vs. sweet-voiced.

ʻalea, area  R  n. area.

ʻale ahi   R  n. solar granule, i.e. gigantic waves of gas which roll across the surface of the sun. ...

ʻaleʻaki  R  n. a swamping wave, as one striking a canoe broadside from prow to stern.

aleale  R  vs. wounded, pierced; wound, sore. Less common than

ʻaleʻale  R   redup. of ʻale₁, wave, crest of a...

ālealea₁  R  n. a shellfish (Turbo sandwicensis); its shell.

ālealea₂  R  n. same as alea₂, a fish...

Alebukaka  R  var. spelling of ʻAlepukaka, Albuquerque...

Alegani  R  var. spelling of ʻĀlekani, Allegheny...

ʻAlegeria, ʻAlekelia  R  n. Algeria; Algerian.

ʻalehe  R  n. snare, noose; to snare.

alehu  R   same as pūlehu, to broil.

ʻālehu  R  n. ashes.

ʻaleʻihi  R   var. of ʻalaʻihi, a fish.

ʻaleka, areza  R  n. large tree of the pine family, cedar, fir. (Bib.)

Alekanedaria  R  var. spelling of ʻAlekanekalia, Alexandria...

ʻAlekanekalia, Alekanedaria  R  n. Alexandria.

ʻAlekaneko, Arekaneso  R  n. Arkansas.

ʻĀlekani, Alegani  R  n. Allegheny.

ʻalekanika, aresanika  R  n. arsenic.

ʻalekea, aredea  R  n. heron.

ʻAlekelia, ʻAlegeria  R  n. Algeria; Algerian.

ʻAlekina  R  n. Argentina; Argentine, Argentinean.

ʻaleko, aleto  R  nvs. alto.

ʻalekohola  R  n. same as lama, rum; any intoxicating drink... alcohol.

ʻale kuakea  R  n. whitecaps, white spray.

ʻale kua loloa  R  n. long-backed billow.

ʻalekuma, aleguma  R  n. algum tree. (Bib.)

ʻale kūpīpī  R  n. dashing billow.

ʻalekuʻu  R  n. egret, general term.

ʻālela  R   see uhi ʻālela, a yam.

alele  R  n. allele.

ʻalele  R   var. of ʻelele, messenger.

alele ʻālike  R  'a'. homozygous, i.e. having identical alleles for a trait in a pair of alleles inherited...

alele ʻānoni  R  'a'. heterozygous, i.e. having two different alleles for a trait in a pair of alleles...

ʻalelele  R  vi. to skip, jump, fly.

alelo₁  R  n. tongue, language. Also elelo.

alelo₂  R   meat of the sea egg or sea urchin (wana), so...

alelo₃  R   concave curve of the lower portion of the

alelo₄  R   point at the tip of a paddle.

aleloahi  R  n. a kind of introduced flower (no data).

alelomoʻo  R  n. party favor. lit., lizard tongue.

alelo pala  R  n. coated tongue.

alelo pelu  R  vs. tongue-tied, paralyzed tongue.

alelo puʻu  R  n. paralysis of the tongue, believed sometimes caused by a

ʻAlemamaka  R  n. Alma Mater.

ʻalemanaka  R  n. almanac, calendar.

ʻalemanaka Kelekolio  R  n. Gregorian calendar.

ʻalemanaka maʻamau  R  n. Gregorian calendar. lit., regular calendar.

ʻAlemenia, Aremenia  R  nvs. Armenia; Armenian.

alemona  R   var. spelling of ʻalemone, almond...

ʻalemone, alemona  R  nvs. almond (Prunus dulcis), hazel tree , almond .

ʻalemuka, alemuga  R   same as ʻalekuma, algum tree...

alena  R  n. a lowland perennial weed (Boerhaavia repens), with long, thin, prostrate branches,...

alenale  R   same as kōnane, clear.

ʻaleʻo  R  nvs. tower, high lookout, gazebo; towering.

ʻale olowalu  R  n. billows that follow one after the other.

ʻalepa  R  n. alpha.

alepabeta  R  var. spelling of ʻalepapeka, alphabet...

ʻAlepania  R  n. Albania; Albanian.

ʻalepapeka, alepabeta  R  n. alphabet.

ʻAlepukaka, Alebukaka  R  n. Albuquerque.

aleto  R  var. spelling of ʻaleko, alto...

ʻāleuleu  R  nvs. old, worn-out, as tapa, mats, clothing; worn-out...

ʻAleuta  R  n. Aleut; Aleutian.

ʻālewa  R   same as ʻālewalewa, bouyant...

ʻālewalewa  R  vs. buoyant, floating.

-ali  R   (perhaps a var. of ani.)

ali  R   same as aliali, crystal clear, white; clarity, whiteness...

ʻali₁  R  n. scar, depression, groove, imbedded mark. Also

ʻali₂  R   var. of ʻeli, to dig.

alia  R  idiom. to wait, stop; before; usually as a command: Stop! Wait a minute!

ālia₁  R  nvs. salt bed, salt-encrusted area; salty, brackish.

ālia₂  R  n. name of two kauila or

aliali  R  nvs. crystal clear, white; clarity, whiteness.

-aliali  R   hoāli.

ʻaliʻali  R   redup. of ʻali₁, scarred, grooved; profound.

ālialia  R   same as ālia, salt bed, salt-encrusted area; salty, brackish...

aliana  R   same as ʻoliana, let me see.

ʻAlidirina  R  n. Aldrin, a kind of insecticide. cf.

aligetoa  R  var. spelling of ʻalikekoa, alligator...

ʻalihi₁  R  n. cords or fine ropes threaded through marginal meshes of upper and lower edges of nets, to...

ʻalihi₂  R  n. horizon (sometimes qualified by lani or...

ʻalihi₃  R   deceit, trickery; to deceive, cheat.

ʻalihi₄  R   see ʻalihikūlele.

ʻalihikaua  R  n. general, commander in battle, strategist.

ʻalihikaua nui  R  n. commander in chief.

ʻalihi kēpau  R  n. lower cord in a net to which lead sinkers were attached.

ʻalihikūlele  R  n. quarterback, in football.

ʻalihilele  R  n. dragnet, mullet net.

ʻalihi pāʻū  R  n. line for lashing down the pāʻū mat...

ʻalihi pīkoi  R  n. upper cord in a net to which floats were attached.

ʻalihi pōhaku  R  n. lower cord in a net to which stone sinkers were attached.

aliʻi  R  nvs. chief, chiefess, officer, ruler, monarch, peer, headman, noble, aristocrat, king, queen,...

aliʻi ʻai moku  R  n. chief who rules a moku (district).

aliʻi ʻānela  R  n. Archangel.

aliʻi hoʻomalu  R  n. presiding officer, ruling officer; chairman, viceroy.

aliʻi kāne  R  n. male chief, king; husband (polite, not said of one's own husband or to him).

aliʻikoa  R  n. var. spelling of aliʻi koa, military officer, officer of army or navy.

aliʻi koa, aliʻikoa  R  n. military officer, officer of army or navy.

aliʻikoa i komikina ʻia  R  n. var. spelling of aliʻi koa i komikina ʻia, commissioned officer.

aliʻi koa i komikina ʻia, aliʻikoa i komikina ʻia  R  n. commissioned officer.

aliʻikoa uku  R  n. var. spelling of aliʻi koa uku, warrant officer.

aliʻi koa uku, aliʻikoa uku  R  n. warrant officer.

aliʻi kuʻi  R  n. power behind the throne. lit., supplementary king.

aliʻi kūʻokoʻa  R  n. independent chief, aristocrat.

aliʻi maoli  R  n. true chief, commissioned officer (old term).

Aliʻiokonaikalewa  R   same as

aliʻi palapala hoʻokohu ʻole  R  n. non-commissioned officer, petty officer (old term).

aliʻi papa  R  n. offspring of a high chiefess and commoner (or lesser chief) father.

aliʻipoe  R  n. the ornamental cannas (Canna indica, forms and hybrids), large tropical American...

aliʻi poʻe kauā  R  n. lesser chiefs who served other chiefs.

aliʻi pūʻō lani  R  n. an exalted chief (probably from pūʻoʻa...

aliʻi waʻapā  R  n. boatswain.

aliʻi wahine  R  n. chiefess, queen; wife (polite, not said of one's own wife or to her).

ʻĀlika, Arika  R  nvs. Arctic.

ʻālikalika  R  vs. clammy, sticky, tenacious, tough. fig., stingy.

ʻālike  R  vs. alike (often repeated): ʻālike ʻālike,

ʻalikekoa, aligetoa, ʻālikekoa  R  n. alligator.

ʻālikelike  R  n. redup. of ʻālike, alike...; symmetry; symmetric, symmetrical, in math.

ʻālikiliki  R  vt. to tighten, tie tightly.

ʻalikoka  R  n. artichoke.

ʻAlikona  R  n. Arizona; Arizonan, Arizonian.

ʻalīlea, ʻālīlea  R  n. the common turbo shell (Turbo sandwicensis).

ʻālīlea  R  n. var. spelling of ʻalīlea, the common turbo shell (Turbo sandwicensis).

ʻalili  R   same as hoʻolili, sparkling.

ʻalima  R  num. five (especially in counting in a series); five times.

ʻalimakika, arimatika  R  n. arithmetic.

ʻālina  R  nvs. scar, blemish; scarred, disfigured, injured, maimed (preceded by

ʻālinalina  R  n. limpet (Cellana sandwicensis).

ʻaliupa  R  vt. Alley-oop, a basketball play.

alo  R  n. front, face, presence; upper surface, as of a bowl; leeward. (alo...

ʻalo₁  R  vt. to dodge, evade, elude, avoid.

ʻalo₂  R  vt. to be with, share an experience, come near, go with, attend, escort, accompany, endure...

ʻāloa₁  R   same as makaʻāloa, a crab.

ʻāloa₂  R  n. name recorded for olonā fiber.

ʻāloa₃  R  vt. to lengthen, enlarge.

ʻaloʻahia  R  n. emotional stress.

aloaliʻi  R  nvi. in the presence of chiefs; royal court.

aloalo₁  R  n. all kinds of hibiscus, including the native white hibiscus (Hibiscus arnottianus);...

aloalo₂  R  n. squilla (Pseudosquilla ciliata, Lysiosquilla maculata), highly desired as...

aloalo₃  R   loved and served by many persons, as a chief or favorite child; esteemed.

aloalo₄  R  n. tapa made from

ʻaloʻalo₁  R   redup. of ʻalo₁, to dodge, evade, elude, avoid... to dodge rapidly or continuously; to look about slyly; evasive.

ʻaloʻalo₂  R   redup. of ʻalo₂, one who follows, escorts, accompanies.

ʻaloʻalo₃  R  vs. lumpy, as poi.

ʻaloʻalo₄  R  n. a kind of small inshore fish (no data).

ʻāloaloa  R  vs. far, at a distance.

ʻāloʻaloʻa₁  R   same as hāloʻaloʻa, turbulent, rough.

ʻāloʻaloʻa₂  R  vs. pitted, as rocks.

alodio  R   var. spelling of ʻalolio, var. spelling of ʻalokio, alodial title, alodium, fee simple...

ʻaloe  R  n. aloe, any plant of the genus Aloe; also the

aloha  R  nvt., nvs. aloha, love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity...

aloha ʻāina  R  n.v. love of the land or of one's country, patriotism; the name of a Hawaiian-language...

aloha hoahānau  R  n. brotherhood.

alohaʻi  R  vi. Bible spelling of aloha ai.

aloha kakahiaka  R   good morning...

ālohaloha  R   redup. of aloha, aloha, love, affection, compassion... (less used than hoʻālohaloha).

alohalua  R  n. name given to the kāmole plant used in...

aloha ʻoe  R   may you be loved or greeted, greetings (to one person).

aloha ʻole  R  vs. pitiless, merciless, ungrateful, without love or affection.

ʻalohi, ʻālohi  R  nvi. to shine, glitter, sparkle; bright, brilliant; splendor, brilliancy.

ʻālohi  R  nvi. var. spelling of ʻalohi, to shine, glitter, sparkle; bright, brilliant; splendor, brilliancy.

ʻalohia  R   pas/imp. of ʻalo₁, to dodge, evade, elude, avoid...

alohiki  R  n. families united by marriage, in-laws.

ʻalohi lani  R  n. brightness of heaven, a term applied to the heavenly courts of the goddesses Uli and...

ʻālohilohi  R   redup. of ʻalohi, to shine, glitter, sparkle; bright, brilliant...; radiant.

ʻalo hoʻopiʻi ʻelua  R  vt. double jeopardy, i.e. to be tried in court twice for the same offense. lit....

āloʻi  R  n. mud puddle, pool.

ʻāloʻi  R   same as ʻāloʻiloʻi, a damselfish (Dascyllus albisella)...

ʻāloʻiloʻi₁  R  n. a damselfish (Dascyllus albisella). The young stage is

ʻāloʻiloʻi₂  R  vs. humble.

ʻāloʻiloʻi₃  R   same as loʻiloʻi₁, pools of water...

alokahi  R  n. single weft in plaiting; mat of a single thickness, with only one shiny side. lit.,...

alokele₁  R  vs. attractive, of fine appearance.

alokele₂  R  n. a red bird reported by Kepelino (no data).

ʻalokio, alodio, ʻalolio, arosio  R  nvs. alodial title, alodium, fee simple.

alolio  R   see limu alolio.

ʻalolio  R   var. spelling of ʻalokio, alodial title, alodium, fee simple....

ālolo  R   same as ʻaikola, interj. of scorn or derision...

alolua₁  R  vs. two-sided, two-faced; facing one another, as cliffs on opposite sides of a valley.

alolua₂  R  n. double weft in plaiting; plaiting with a reversible side, with two thicknesses.

ʻaloma, aroma  R  n. aroma.

ʻalopalopā  R  vs. shiftless, dependent on others for a livelihood.

alopeka  R   var. spelling of ʻalopeke, fox...

ʻalopeka ʻĀlika  R  n. var. spelling of ʻalopeke ʻAlika, Arctic fox.

ʻalopeke, alopeka  R  n. fox.

alopihe  R  n. persons shouting, as in mourning.

alopiko  R  n. belly of a fish, choice to Hawaiians.

alo ua  R  n. rainy side, as of a mountain.

alo ʻūhā  R   see mākala ʻūhā.

alu  R  vs. combined, acting together; to cooperate, act together.

ʻalu  R  vi. depression, gutter, ravine; lines of the hand, loose skin over the eyeball; tuck in a...

ʻalua  R  num. two, twice. Pōʻalua, Tuesday; lit.,...

ʻāluʻa  R  vs. old, worn-out, faded, dilapidated; old and wrinkled, as a person.

alualu  R  vi. to follow, pursue, chase; to run, as for political office.

ʻaluʻalu  R  nvs. loose, flabby; misshapen, as a premature baby; slack, as a rope; to sag; wrinkled,...

ʻalua lua  R  n. var. spelling of ʻālualua₂, multiplication tables.

ʻālualua₁  R  vs. rough, bumpy, as a road; full of knotholes, as a board; pitted with holes, as a reef.

ʻālualua₂, ʻalua lua  R  n. multiplication tables.

ʻaluheʻe  R  vs. loose, as a bundle not securely tied; flabby, ill-fitting, loose-jointed.

ʻaluka  R  nvs. var. spelling of ʻāluka, crowd, heap; mixed, crowded, heaped.

ʻāluka, ʻaluka  R  nvs. crowd, heap; mixed, crowded, heaped.

ʻāluku  R  vi. to destroy; destructive.

ālula, ʻalula  R  n. an endemic member of the lobelia family (Brighamia spp.), presently known only on...

ʻalula  R  n. var. spelling of ālula, an endemic member of the lobelia family (Brighamia spp.)...

ʻāluli  R  vi. to incline the head, sway.

alu like  R   work together...

ālulu, ʻālulu  R  vi. quickly, hastily (used after hele,...

ʻālulu  R  vi. var. spelling of ālulu, quickly...

ʻaluminuma  R  n. aluminum.

ʻāluna₁  R  n. descent, loosening, slackening, stooping.

ʻāluna₂  R   see palena ʻāluna o ka hewa.

ʻāluna ahiahi  R  n. late afternoon or early evening.

ʻāluna awakea  R  n. early afternoon.

ʻālunu, ʻānunu  R  nvs. greedy, covetous, rapacious; greed, greedy person.

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


ama    amaa    amak    amal    amam    aman    amar    amas    amau    ame    ameb    ameh    amek    amel    amen    amep    amer    amet    ami    amia    amih    amik    amim    amin    amio    amip    amo    amoa    amoh    amok    amom    amon    amoo    amop    amu    amua    amue    amui    amuk    amum    amuo    

a.m.  R   ante meridium, a.m. (pronounced ʻāmū).

AM  R  n. AM, amplitude modulation (pronounced ʻāmū). cf....

ama  R  n. outrigger float; port hull of a double canoe, so called because it replaces the float.

-ʻama  R   hō.

ʻama₁  R  nvs. talkative, prattling, tattling.

ʻama₂  R  vs. light, bright.

ʻama₃  R  n. young ʻamaʻama fish, usually called...

amaʻama  R  n. var. spelling of ʻamaʻama₁, mullet (Mugil cephalus)...

ʻamaʻama₁, amaʻama  R  n. mullet (Mugil cephalus), a very choice indigenous fish. Stages are (finger length)...

ʻamaʻama₂  R   redup. of ʻama₁, talkative, prattling, tattling..., ʻama₂, light, bright...

ʻāmaʻamau  R  vi. in rapid succession.

ʻāmake  R  vt. to cause death, defeat.

ʻamakihi  R  n. a group of small endemic Hawaiian honey creepers, Loxops virens; abundant on...

ʻamakila  R  n. armadillo.

ʻāmala, amara  R  n. armorer, blacksmith.

ʻāmama  R  vt. finished, of a pre-Christian prayer (said almost at the end of a prayer); to finish a prayer,...

-āmana  R   hoʻā.

ʻāmana₁  R  n. y-shaped crosspiece at the end of a pole (as of a

ʻāmana₂  R   Kuʻi ʻāmana.

ʻāmana koho  R  n. dichotomous key. lit., y-shaped branch (for) choosing.

ʻāmanapuʻu  R  n. bronchus, bronchiole; bronchial.

ʻāmara  R  n. var. spelling of ʻāmala, armorer, blacksmith.

ʻAmasona  R  n. Amazon.

ʻamaʻu₁  R  n. all species of an endemic genus of ferns (Sadleria), with trunk more or less evident....

ʻamaʻu₂  R   place where ʻamaʻu₁ ferns are found.

ʻāmaui  R  n. Oʻahu thrush (Phaeornis obscurus oahuensis),...

amaumau  R   similar to maumau₁, redup. of mau₁, frequent, often...

ʻamaʻumaʻu, ʻāmaʻumaʻu  R  n. young ʻamaʻu ferns; many...

ʻāmaʻumaʻu  R  n. var. spelling of ʻamaʻumaʻu, young ʻamaʻu ferns; many ʻamaʻu ferns...

a me  R   var. spelling of ā me, and (sometimes written ame).

ā me, a me  R   and (sometimes written ame).

amebera  R  var. spelling of ʻamepela, amber...

ʻAmehaka, Amehasa  R  n. Amherst.

Amehasa  R  var. spelling of ʻAmehaka, Amherst...

ʻAmekekama, Ametedama  R  n. Amsterdam.

ʻameki, ameti  R  n. amethyst.

ʻamekukeke, ametusete, ametuseto  R  n. amethyst.

ʻAmelika, America  R  nvs. America; American.

ʻAmelika ʻĀkau  R  nvs. North America, North American.

ʻAmelika Hema  R  nvs. South America, South American.

ʻAmelika Hui, ʻAmelika Huipū  R  n. United States of America.

ʻAmelika Huipū  R  nvs. United States of America, American.

ʻAmelika Hui ʻia  R  n. United States of America; American.

ʻAmelika Waena  R  nvs. Central America, Central American.

ʻamene, ʻāmene  R  interj., vi. amen; to say amen.

ʻāmene  R  interj., vi. var. spelling of ʻamene, amen; to say amen...

ʻĀmēnia  R  n. Armenia.

ʻamepela, amebera  R  n. amber.

America  R  var. spelling of ʻAmelika, America...

Ametedama  R  var. spelling of ʻAmekekama, Amsterdam...

ameti  R  var. spelling of ʻameki, amethyst...

ametuseto  R  var. spelling of ʻamekukeke, amethyst...

ʻami₁  R  nvi. hinge, joint; to turn on hinges.

ʻami₂  R  nvi. a hula step with hip revolutions; to do this step. Three...

ʻami₃  R  n. measuring worm.

ʻamiʻami  R   redup. of ʻami₁, hinge, joint, to turn on hinges..., ʻami₂, a hula step with hip revolutions...; elastic, pendulous, springy; jerking of the hips back and forth in a crude or vulgar...

ʻamihamiha  R   same as ʻāwihiwihi, redup. of ʻāwihi, to wink, ogle...

ʻami honua  R  nvi. exaggerated and rapid revolving of the hips in the

ʻami hoʻokuʻi  R  n. joint. lit., connecting joint.

ʻami hoʻokuʻina lewa  R  n. ball-and-socket joint. lit., swinging connecting joint.

ʻami hue  R   similar to ʻami kuʻupau, very rapid revolution of the hips in the hula...

ʻāmika  R   same as ʻāmikamika, a relish, morsel, or bit of food, scraps of food...

ʻami kāhela  R  nvi. hula step; hip rotations with weight on the right...

ʻami kai  R  n. an amphipod (Caprellid amphipods) that clings to seaweeds or hydroids; it has a long...

ʻāmikamika  R  n. a relish, morsel, or bit of food, scraps of food.

ʻami kūkū  R  nvi. a hula step with

ʻami kuʻupau  R  nvi. very rapid revolution of the hips in the hula; an...

ʻāmimi  R  n. name recorded for a type of lava rock on Lehua...

ʻamino  R  n. amino.

āmio₁  R  nvi. narrow channel, as to a sea pool; to move through such a channel; to blow in a current;...

ʻĀmio₂  R   see Ke-āmio.

āmiomio  R   redup. of āmio, to blow in a current; to pass in and out; gusty...

ʻamiʻōniu  R  nvi. the figure-eight hula step; the revolving hips (...

ʻami ʻōpū  R  nvi. an ʻami hula step with abdomen thrust...

ʻami poepoe  R   same as ʻami kāhela but a new term....

ʻami puka  R  n. hinge of door or gate.

amo  R  nvt. to carry a burden on the shoulders, to lift weights; a burden. fig., responsibility.

ʻamo₁  R  nvi. wink, sparkle; to wink, sparkle, glimmer, twinkle.

ʻamo₂  R  n. contraction of the anal muscles, anal opening, vagina. cf.

amoa  R   pas/imp. of amo, to carry a burden on the shoulders, to lift weights...

amoamo  R  vi. to raise or mount high, as waves; high, raised.

ʻamoʻamo₁  R   redup. of ʻamo₁, to wink, sparkle, glimmer, twinkle...

ʻamoʻamo₂  R   redup. of ʻamo₂, contraction of the anal muscles, anal opening, vagina...

amo hao  R  vt. weight lifting; to lift weights. lit., lift iron.

amo kau  R  n. a stick for carrying burdens on the shoulder.

āmokemoke  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻāmokemoke, irregular, uneven.

ʻāmokemoke, āmokemoke  R  vs. irregular, uneven.

ʻamokiʻi₁  R  n. stem of fruits or tubers; small end of sweet potato tuber.

ʻamokiʻi₂  R   genitals of male.

ʻāmokumoku  R  vs. abounding in islets or rocks, as a reef; full of stumps; cutting, severing.

ʻamomo  R  n. amomum, a genus of plants in the ginger family.

ʻamonia  R  n. ammonia.

ʻamoniuma  R  n. ammonium.

āmoʻomoʻo  R  n. var. spelling of ʻāmoʻomoʻo₁, small strip of tapa or matting such as can serve as a sample.

ʻāmoʻomoʻo₁, āmoʻomoʻo  R  n. small strip of tapa or matting such as can serve as...

ʻāmoʻomoʻo₂  R   young stage of the ʻōʻio fish.

ʻamopuʻu  R  vs. thin, emaciated, lean. lit., protruding anal opening.

amu₁  R  vt. to curse, revile.

amu₂  R  vt. to eat.

Amu₃  R  n. name of a Kauaʻi wind.

āmū  R  vt. to trim, shear, shave; shaving, shearing.

amuʻama  R  n. phototroph, an organism that obtains energy for growth from sunlight.

amuamu  R   redup. of amu₁, to curse, revile...

āmūāmū  R   redup. of āmū, to trim, shear, shave; shaving, shearing...

ʻāmuʻemuʻe  R  nvs. suffering from penetrating cold, bitter cold, bitter to taste.

ʻāmui  R  n. assembly, i.e. a gathering of people for a specific purpose.

āmuka  R   reported as a var. name for the kāhala fish

amukemikala  R  n. chemotroph, an organism that obtains nourishment from the oxidation of chemical...

ʻāmuku  R  vs. same as ʻāpahu, to cut squarely off, chop...; cut off.

ʻāmukumuku  R   same as ʻāmokumoku, abounding in islets or rocks, as a reef; full of stumps; cutting, severing...

ʻamumū  R  nvs. dull, blunt; dullness, bluntness.

amuō  R  n. heterotroph, an organism that obtains nourishment by consuming other organisms. lit.,...

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


ana    anaa    anad    anae    anag    anah    anai    anak    anal    anam    anan    anao    anap    anat    anau    anaw    ane    anea    aned    anee    aneg    aneh    anei    anek    anel    anem    anen    aneo    anet    aneu    anew    ani    ania    anih    anik    anil    anin    anip    aniu    ano    anoa    anoe    anoh    anoi    anol    anon    anoo    anop    anp    anu    anua    anue    anuh    anui    anul    anun    anuu    anw    

ʻan  R   abbreviation for ʻauneki (ounce).

ana₁  R  nvt. to measure, survey, evaluate, rate, fathom; survey, measurement, standard, pattern, design,...

ana₂  R  vi. to have enough or too much, satisfied, satiated, surfeited.

ana₃  R  n. cave, grotto, cavern.

ana₄  R  n. larynx.

ana₅  R  part. after e (verb). see

ana₆  R  demon. following verbs indicating a single event, whether a command or a statement, whether completed...

āna  R  poss. his, her, hers (singular, a-form, zero-class).

ʻana₁  R  n. pumice, used as a rubber.

ʻana₂  R  n. siliceous sponge (Leiodermatium), used as medicine and as sandpaper.

ʻana₃  R   nominalizing part.

anaʻāina  R  n.v. var. spelling of ana ʻāina, land surveying; to survey.

ana ʻāina, anaʻāina  R  n.v. land surveying; to survey.

ana ʻakika  R  vt. acid indicator. lit., measure acid.

ʻana ʻalaea  R  n. red pumice.

anaalike  R   Kaha anaalike.

ʻanaʻana₁  R  vs. pellet-shaped, as goat dung.

ʻanaʻana₂  R   to shiver, tremble.

ʻanāʻanā  R  nvt. black magic, evil sorcery by means of prayer and incantation; to practice this.

ʻānaʻanai  R   redup. of ʻānai, to rub, scrub, scour, polish...

ʻanaʻanapa  R   redup. of ʻanapa, to shine, gleam, glitter, flash, sparkle; brightness, gleam...

anaanapau  R   redup. of anapau, to leap, frisk, frolic; frisky...; to move briskly.

ʻanaʻanapuʻu  R   redup. of ʻanapuʻu, bumpy, lumpy, jagged, uneven; bump, hump...

ʻānaʻanau  R   redup. of ʻanau, to move with a jerky motion; to go gadding from place to place...

ʻānaʻanea  R   idiotic, foolish, as one under the spell of sorcery.

ana au uila  R  n. ammeter, an instrument used to measure the amount of electric current in a circuit. ...

ʻAnadamana  R  n. Andaman.

anaʻē  R  vt. to save for future use.

ʻanae  R  n. full-sized ʻamaʻama mullet fish.

ʻAnagola  R  n. Angola; Angolan.

ʻAnaguila  R  n. Anguilla.

anahā  R   reflection of light.

ʻanahaidaraside  R  n. anhydride, i.e. a compound formed from another by the removal of water.

ana hele wāwae  R  n. pedometer. lit., gauge (for) walking.

ʻanahenahe  R   same as nahenahe, soft, gentle

ʻAnaheuheu  R  n. Corona Borealis, a constellation.

ana hola  R  n. hourglass.

ana holomua  R  vt. progress assessment; to assess progress. lit., measure progress.

anahonua  R  n. geometry.

ana honua  R  n.v. surveying, to measure the surface of the earth.

ana hoʻohālike  R  n. model, pattern.

ana hoʻohālike  R  n. standard, i.e. an established model or example. lit., standard (for)...

ʻanahua  R  vs. deformed, disfigured, stoop-shouldered, lopsided; such a person.

ana huina  R  n. protractor. lit., angle measurement.

anahuinakolu  R  n. trigonometry. lit. triangular measurement.

anahulu₁  R  nvi. period of ten days; for ten days; to pass ten days.

anahulu₂  R  n. large moana, a fish from 30 to 80 cm long.

ānai₁  R   same as ālai₁, obstruction, hindrance, block, bar, screen...

ānai₂  R   attraction.

ʻānai₁  R  nvt. to rub, scrub, scour, polish, grind, grate, rubbing, scrubbing, etc.; friction.

ʻānai₂  R  nvt. to curse.

ʻānai₃  R  nvt. blot out, lay waste, destroy.

ana ikehu kāʻokoʻa  R  n. calorimeter, an instrument used to measure changes in thermal energy. lit.,...

anaina  R  nvs. congregation, audience, assembly, gathering, crowd; to assemble.

anaina hoʻolewa  R  n. funeral wake or gathering.

anaina hoʻomana  R  n. congregation for worship.

ʻānainai  R   redup. of ʻānai₁, rub, ʻānai₂, curse...

anaina ʻike aliʻi  R  n. var. spelling of anainaʻike aliʻi, royal reception or audience.

anainaʻike aliʻi, anaina ʻike aliʻi  R  n. royal reception or audience.

ʻanaka  R  n. gekko ; polecat, ferret .

ʻanakā  R  n. anchor.

ana kahe pele  R  n. lava tube. lit., cave (where) lava flows.

anakahi  R  n. unit of measurement.

anakahi uila  R  n. volt, in electricity. lit., electric unit of measurement.

ʻanakala  R  n. uncle.

ana kaumaha  R  n.v. to weigh; weight.

ana kaumaha wai  R  n. hydrometer. lit., water weight gauge.

ana kawaūea  R  n. hygrometer. lit., humidity gauge.

ʻanakē, anate  R  n. aunt, auntie.

ʻanakeʻe  R  vs. bent, crooked, misshapen.

ʻanakia  R  nvs. anarchy, anarchist.

ana kiʻekiʻena  R  n. altimeter. lit., altitude gauge.

ʻanakiʻi, ʻanakiʻu, anakiʻi  R   same as ʻamokiʻi₂, genitals of male...

ana kilo lani  R  n. sextant. lit., gauge (for) astronomy.

ʻanakiopua  R  n. angiosperm.

ʻanakoe  R  vi. nothing remains to be done.

ʻanakoʻi  R  n. inflammatory swelling of a lymph gland, venereal tumor, bubo.

ʻAnakola  R  n. Andorra.

ʻAnakolomeka  R  n. Andromeda.

ʻanakomia, anatomia  R  n. anatomy.

anakonu  R  n. equilibrium.

anakuhi  R  n. template.

anakuʻu  R   var. of akakuʻu, lessened, diminished, mitigated...

analahi  R  vs. regular, as in shape.

ana lama hanu  R  n. breathalyzer. lit., gauge (to measure) intoxicating drink (in) breath.

ʻanaliʻi₁  R  vs. wee, stunted.

ʻanaliʻi₂  R  n. a native fern (Asplenium lobulatum) with narrow fronds to 45 cm long, having many...

analike  R  vs. isometric.

analio₁  R  n. tail feathers.

analio₂  R   same as analipo, distance, faraway space, beyond the horizon...

analipo  R  n. distance, faraway space, beyond the horizon.

ana loa  R  n. measurement of length.

analula  R  n. pattern, as a word or sentence pattern in Hawaiian grammar.

ana māmā makani  R  n. anemometer. lit., wind speed gauge.

anamanaʻo  R  n. opinion survey, poll; to conduct an opinion survey or poll.

anamanaʻo pāloka  R  vt. to canvass, i.e. go door to door handing out political information and asking...

ana manawa  R  n. tempo marker in music; Maelzel's metronome marker.

ana mekela, ana metera, ana mekele  R  n. metric weight and measure.

ana metera  R  var. spelling of ana mekela, metric weight and measure...

ana mīkā ea  R  n. barometer. lit., air pressure gauge.

anamiʻu  R   var. spelling of ʻanamiʻu, genitals of male...

ʻanamiʻu, anamiʻu  R   same as ʻamokiʻi, genitals of male...

ʻAnamuli  R  n. Alderamin, a star.

anana  R  n. fathom: formerly the distance between tips of longest fingers of a man, measured with arms...

ʻānana  R  nvt. same as kānana, sieve, strainer; to strain, as kava in fibers...; to strain, as juice or poi.

anana ʻēheu  R  n. wingspan. lit., distance between wing tips.

ʻananaka  R  n. jackfruit.

ʻananalu  R  n. a variety of hīnālea fish.

ʻananau  R   redup. of ʻanau, to move with a jerky motion; to go gadding from place to place...

ananea  R  vs. leafless, bare.

ʻananiʻo  R   same as ʻamokiʻi, stem of fruits or tubers; small end of sweet potato tuber...

ananū  R  n. turnip.

ananū pilau  R  n. daikon. lit., bad-smelling turnip.

ʻananuʻu  R  vi. to collapse or deflate, as a balloon.

ana ōlaʻi  R  n. seismograph.

ana ʻōlaʻi  R  n. seismograph. lit. machine to measure earthquakes.

ʻana ōlaʻi  R  n. var. spelling of ʻana ʻōlaʻi, white pumice with fine pores.

ʻana ʻōlaʻi, ʻana ōlaʻi  R  n. white pumice with fine pores.

anaʻole  R  vs. var. spelling of ana ʻole, without equal...

ana ʻole, anaʻole  R  vs. without equal, unsurpassed, immeasureable, incomparable (in this sense, similar, to...

ana ʻome  R  n. ohmmeter. lit., ohm gauge.

ʻanapa  R  nvi. to shine, gleam, glitter, flash, sparkle; brightness, gleam.

anapaʻa  R  n. cubic measure.

ʻānapanapa₁  R   redup. of ʻanapa, to shine, gleam, glitter, flash, sparkle; brightness, gleam...

ʻānapanapa₂  R  n. Hawaiian soap plant (Colubrina asiatica), a twining shrub, distributed from...

ʻānapanapa₃  R  n. red seaweeds (Gelidium spp.); small, stiff, branching, edible plants.

ana paona  R  vt. scales, balance; to weigh. lit., pound (Eng.) measure.

ʻanapau  R  vi. to leap, frisk, frolic; frisky. [Now heard only in the song: He aha ka...

ana piha  R  n. measurement of capacity.

ana piʻi wela  R  vt. specific heat, in physics. lit., measurement (of) heat increase.

ana piwa, ana pīwa  R  n.v. thermometer, for taking temperatures; to take temperature. lit., fever (...

ana pīwa  R  n.v. var. spelling of ana piwa, thermometer...

ana pohō  R  vt. damage assessment; to assess damage. lit., measure loss.

ʻAnapolisa  R  n. Annapolis, the capital of Maryland.

anapoʻo  R  vi. to set, as the sun. Niʻihau. usu....

ʻanapu  R   same as ʻanapa, to shine, gleam, glitter, flash, sparkle...

ana puka  R  nvi. underground passage, tunnel.

ʻānapunapu  R   redup. of ʻanapu, same as ʻanapa, shine, gleam...

anapuni  R  n.v. boundary, circumference, perimeter; to encircle, go around.

ʻanapuʻu₁  R  vs. bumpy, lumpy, jagged, uneven; bump, hump; to hump along, buck; to project, as the bones of...

ʻanapuʻu₂  R  n. lymph.

anate  R  var. spelling of ʻanakē, aunt...

ʻAnatigua  R  n. Antigua.

ʻanau  R  vi. to move with a jerky motion; to go gadding from place to place.

ana ua  R  n.v. rain gauge; to measure rainfall.

anauaniʻi  R   same as ʻanianiau, a honey creeper.

ʻanau hele  R  vs. to go here and there, gad.

anaʻuku  R  n. mealybug (Coccidae) and scale insects.

anauna  R   same as hanauna, generation.

ʻānaunau₁  R   same as naunau₃, shellfish

ʻānaunau₂  R  n. a small shrubby mustard, called peppergrass (probably a native species, Lepidium...

ʻānaunau₃  R  n. according to (1913) a large native peppergrass (Lepidium serra), with narrower...

anawaena  R  n. diameter. lit., middle measure.

ana wai  R  n. water meter.

ana waina  R  n. liquid measure.

ana wela  R  n.v. thermometer, measurement of heat; to measure heat.

ane₁  R  n. a dermestid beetle that destroys feathers in feather-work; mites, as in chickens; ringworm;...

ane₂  R  n. the breath of life, passing of a breeze.

ane₃  R  n. pimple, scabies.

ʻane₁  R   same as ʻaneʻane, nearly, almost, scarcely, hardly, not quite, fairly; near... to draw near.

ʻane₂  R   var. of ʻana₁, pumice.

-ʻāne  R   huaʻāne. spermatozoon, sperm, in biology.

ʻāne  R  vs. positive, as of electrical charge or north pole of a magnet.

ānea₁  R  vs. insipid, tasteless.

ānea₂  R  n. vibration caused by heat.

ānea₃  R   pas/imp of ane₁, moth-eaten fig., a...

ānea₄  R  vs. bare, leafless

ānea₅  R   pas/imp. of ane₂, gentle, as a breeze.

ʻAnealika, Anearika  R  n. Antarctic.

aneane  R  nvs. faint, feeble, exhausted; nauseous dizziness.

ʻaneʻane  R  vs. nearly, almost, scarcely, hardly, not quite, fairly; near.

āneanea  R   redup. of ānea₁, insipid, tasteless..., ānea₂, insipid, tasteless..., ānea₃, moth-eaten, battered..., ānea₄, bare, leafless..., ānea₅, gentle, as a breeze...

Anearika  R   var. spelling of ʻAnealika, Antarctic...

Anede  R  var. spelling of ʻAneke, Andes...

Anedovera  R  var. spelling of ʻAnekowela, Andover...

ʻāneʻe₁  R  vi. to move along by jerks, hitch along, sidle.

ʻāneʻe₂  R  vi. to go where one is not welcome, to wear out a welcome.

ʻāneʻe aliʻi  R  n. parasite or sponger on a chief; royalist (disparaging).

ʻāneʻeneʻe₁  R   redup. of ʻāneʻe₁, to move along by jerks, hitch along, sidle..., ʻāneʻe₂, old clothing; small mat that is carried about to sit on...

ʻāneʻeneʻe₂  R  n. old clothing; small mat that is carried about to sit on.

Anegalikana  R  var. spelling of ʻĀnekalikana, Anglican...

ʻane halapohe  R  vs. endangered. lit., almost extinct.

ānehe  R  vi. to come upon quietly, move stealthily, poise.

ānehenehe  R   redup. of ānehe, to come upon quietly, move stealthily...

āneho  R   transgression of the law, wrong, fault; to transgress.

anei  R  part. indicating that a question may be answered by yes or no, always following a word or phrase.

ʻaneʻi₁  R  loc.n. here (usually after ma-,

ʻaneʻi₂  R  part. same as auaneʻi₂; doubtful (used idiomatically).

ʻĀnekalikana, Anegalikana, ʻAnekalikana  R  vs. Anglican.

ʻanekaliko  R   var. of ʻanikelikeko.

ʻAneke, Anede  R  n. Andes.

ʻanekelo  R  n. angle.

ʻanekelopa, anetelopa, anekelope  R  n. antelope; gazelle , roebuck

anekelope  R  var. spelling of ʻanekelopa, antelope...

ʻaneko, aneto  R  n. dill , anise .

ane koʻe  R  n. mealworm.

ʻanekomio, anetomio  R   var. of ʻanakomia, anatomy

ʻAnekowela, Anedovera  R  n. Andover.

ʻānela  R  n. angel; designation for Hawaiian gods and spirits by those converts to Christianity who had...

ʻane make loa  R  vs. endangered. lit., almost extinct.

ʻanemoku  R  n. peninsula. lit., near island (perhaps a translation of French presqu'île).

anena  R   same as alena, an herb. Niʻihau.

ʻane nalowale loa  R  vs. endangered. lit., almost extinct.

āneo  R  n. a game; the stone called hiu was said to have...

āneʻoneʻo  R  vi. to itch.

anetomio  R  var. spelling of ʻanekomio, anatomy...

ane ʻuku  R  n. mealy bug.

ānewa  R  vi. dizzy, unsteady, as one ill or intoxicated.

ānewanewa  R   redup. of ānewa, dizzy, unsteady, as one ill or intoxicated...

ani  R  vt. to beckon, wave; beckoning. to blow softly, as a breeze; to draw a net over the surface of...

ania₁  R   pas/imp. of ani, beckon, wave, to blow softly, as a breeze...; breezy.

ania₂  R  vs. smooth.

ʻānia  R  vs. scorched, singed, parched; hot, as an oven.

aniani₁  R  nvs. mirror, glass; clear, transparent, obvious.
  Several types of...

aniani₂  R  vs. cool, refreshing; to blow softly, gently. fig., to travel swiftly.

āniania  R  vs. smooth, calm.

ʻāniania  R   redup. of ʻānia, scorched...

ʻanianiau  R  n. a small, bright olive or yellowish-green Hawaiian honey creeper (Loxops [formerly ...

aniani awe  R  n. fiberglass. lit., thread glass.

aniani ʻea  R  n. plexiglass. lit., plastic glass.

aniani hoʻonui ʻike  R  n. magnifying glass, microscope, telescope. lit., glass to enlarge vision.

Anianiikalani  R  n. name of a star said to be in the Milky Way.

aniani ipu kukui  R  n. lamp chimney.

aniani kaulona  R  n. lens, as for a camera or microscope. lit., glass (for) observing closely.

aniani kaupaneʻe  R  n. slide, as for a microscope. usu.

aniani kilohi  R  n. mirror, looking glass.

aniani kilohi kaʻa  R  n. rear-view mirror for a car. also

aniani kilohi paikikala  R  n. rear-view mirror for a bicycle. also

aniani kū  R  n. standing mirror.

aniani kukui uila  R  n. electric-light bulb. lit., electric light glass.

aniani nānā  R  n. mirror, looking glass.

aniani paʻa lima  R  n. hand mirror.

aniani pāiki  R  n. small mirror kept in a purse. also

aniani pale makani  R  n. windshield. lit., glass (to) protect (against the) wind.

aniau  R  n. climate. lit., air movement (over) time.

ʻāniha  R  vs. unfriendly, angry, hardhearted, hostile.

ʻānihaniha₁  R   redup. of ʻāniha, unfriendly, angry, hardhearted, hostile...

ʻānihaniha₂  R  vi. nearly, almost.

ʻanihinihi  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻānihinihi₁, precarious.

ʻānihinihi₁, ʻanihinihi  R  vs. precarious.

ʻānihinihi₂  R  n. small taro tubers. Less used than...

ʻā niho loa  R  n. a small fish (no data).

ʻanikelikeko, anikristo, anikeriseto  R  nvs. antichrist. Also shortened to

anikeriseto  R  var. spelling of ʻanikelikeko, antichrist...

anikristo  R  var. spelling of ʻanikelikeko, antichrist...

anilā  R  n. weather. lit, air movement (during the) day.

ānini  R  n. Eurya sandwicensis, a native tree or shrub in the tea family.

ʻanini₁  R  vs. dwarfish, stunded, tiny.

ʻanini₂  R  vi. to vary, as great and small waves.

ʻanini₃  R  n. awning.

ʻanini₄  R  n. eaves (preceded by ke).

ʻanini laulā hawewe  R  n. amplitude modulation. lit., amplitude variation. also...

ani peʻahi  R  vi. to wave or beckon, as with the hand, fan.

ʻāniʻuniʻu  R  n. root connecting sweet potato to vine.

ano₁  R  nvi. awe, reverence, peacefulness, sacredness, holiness; feeling of awe, fear, or oppression;...

ano₂  R  n. time (in songs, and usually before ahiahi,...

ʻano₁  R  n. kind, variety, nature, character, disposition, bearing, type, brand, likeness, sort, way,...

ʻano₂  R  vs. somewhat, rather; to show signs of.

ʻānō  R  loc.n. now, present.

anoa₁, ānoa  R  nvi. same as panoa; dry, parched, barren.

anoa₂  R   rare pas/imp. of ano₁, awe, reverence, peacefulness, sacredness, holiness...

ānoa  R  nvi. var. spelling of anoa₁, dry, parched, barren.

ʻānoa  R  vi. to end, give up.

ʻanoʻai₁  R  nvt. greeting, salutation, news; to greet.

ʻanoʻai₂  R  vi. unexpected.

ʻanoʻai₃  R  part. perhaps.

ʻano akua  R  nvs. godlike, divine; godly form.

anoano  R   redup. of ano₁, awe, reverence, peacefulness, sacredness, holiness...

ʻanoʻano  R  n. seed, kernel, germ; dried and salted Chinese watermelon seed. fig., progeny,...

ʻanoʻē  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻano ʻē, strange...

ʻano ʻē, ʻanoʻē  R  vs. strange, odd, unusual, uncommon, grotesque, peculiar, eccentric, freakish, queer, quaint,...

anohale  R  n. individual presiding over the ʻume game.

ʻano hana  R  n. method, case, technique, as in solving problems.

ʻānoho  R  n. sitting taboo.

ʻano hou  R  nvs. new variety, fashion, or kind; new, unusual.

ʻano hui  R  n. compound, as of fractions.

ʻano huikau  R  vs. complex, as of fractions.

ʻanoʻi  R  nvt. desire, longing, love, desired one, lover; to desire, yearn; loved, beloved.

ʻano lani  R  vs. of heavenly or royal character, celestial, noble, royal, pure.

ʻano like  R  nvs. resembling, of similar nature or type; resemblance, similarity.

ʻanona  R  n. genus, in taxonomy (preceded by ke).

ʻānonanona  R   same as naonao, nonanona; ant.

ānoni  R  vt. var. spelling of ʻānoni, to mix, interweave, intertwine, mixed. Fig., confused, doubtful.

ʻānoni, ānoni  R  vt. to mix, interweave, intertwine, mixed. fig., confused, doubtful.

ʻanonia₁  R   pas/imp. of ʻānoni, to mix, interweave, intertwine, mixed. fig., confused, doubtful...

ʻanonia₂  R   same as alani wai, a plant.

ānoninoni  R   var. spelling of ʻānoninoni, mixed; perplexity...

ʻānoninoni, ānoninoni  R   redup. of ʻānoni, mixed; perplexity...

ʻanononi, ʻānononi, ānononi  R   same as ʻānoninoni.

ʻano nui  R  nvs. important, vital, main; importance.

ʻano ʻole  R  nvs. insignificant, trivial, of no consequence, unattractive; nonsense.

ʻano pili  R  n. property, as of a number; fraction.

ʻanopili ʻekahi  R  n. one property, in multiplication (preceded by

ʻanopili helu  R  n. number property, in math (preceded by ke...

ʻanopili hoʻi hope  R   see ʻanopili kaʻina hoʻi hope.

ʻanopili hoʻoili  R  n. distributive property, in math (preceded by

ʻanopili hoʻolike  R  n. associative property, in math (preceded by

ʻanopili hoʻopūʻulu  R  n. grouping property, in math (preceded by

ʻanopili kaʻina hoʻi hope  R  n. commutative property, in math (preceded by

ʻanopili kaulike  R  n. equality property, in math (preceded by

ʻanopili kemikala  R  n. chemical property (preceded by ke).

ʻanopili o ka ʻēkoʻa  R  n. opposites property, in math (preceded by

ʻanopili ʻole  R  n. zero property (preceded by ke).

anp  R   abbreviation for anapuni (perimeter).

anu₁  R  nvs. cool, cold; coolness, temperature.

anu₂  R  nvi. cold, influenza; to have a cold.

ʻanuʻa  R  n. heap, mass, pile.

anuanu  R   redup. of anu, cold; chilly.

ānuenue₁  R  nvi. rainbow.

ānuenue₂  R  n. scallop-like design on tapa and

ʻanuhe  R  n. caterpillar.

anuhea  R  nvs. cool, soft fragrance, as of upland forests; sweetness; to be cool, fragrant, and sweet.

ʻānuhenuhe₁  R  vs. infested with caterpillars

ʻānuhenuhe₂  R  vi. wrinkled, furrowed; to pucker, wrinkle, shrivel.

ʻānuhenuhe₃  R   var. name for nenue, a fish.

Ānui  R  n. Perseus, a constellation.

ʻanuiki, ʻanuiti  R  n. annuity.

ʻanuiti  R  var. spelling of ʻanuiki, annuity...

ʻānulu, ʻānunu  R   variants of ʻālunu, greed.

ʻānunu₁  R  n. a native genus of cucurbit vines (Sicyos).

ʻānunu₂  R   var. spelling of ʻālunu, greedy, covetous, rapacious; greed, greedy person...

ʻanuʻu₁  R  n. stairs, jogs, steps, terrace, dais, ledge

ʻanuʻu₂  R  n. tower in ancient heiau, about 7 m high and...

ʻanuʻu₃  R  nvi. sprain, strain, disjointed vertebra; to stumble, trip, sprain; to land heavily or jar, as...

ʻanuʻu₄  R  n. a step between two notes on a musical staff.

ʻanuʻu₅  R   noun indicating comparison of adjectives.

ʻanuʻu hapa  R  n. half-step in music.

ʻanuʻu hapa a me nā ʻanuʻu maoli  R  n. an augmented second in music.

ʻanuʻu maoli  R  n. full step in music.

ʻānuʻunuʻu  R  vi. having steps; wavy, curly, vibrating, undulating; to beat with regular rhythm; to...

anw  R   abbreviation for anawaena (diameter).

ʻan w  R   abbreviation for ʻauneki...

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aoa    aoah    aoak    aoal    aoao    aoe    aohe    aohi    aoho    aoka    aoke    aoki    aoku    aola    aole    aolo    aolu    aone    aono    aoo    aoon    aopa    aopi    aose    aote    aoul    

ao₁  R  nvi. light, day, daylight, dawn; to dawn, grow light; enlightened; to regain consciousness.

ao₂  R  n. any kind of a cloud, including ʻōpua, but...

ao₃  R  n. world, earth, realm.

ao₄  R  vt. to be careful, beware, watch out.

ao₅  R   rare var. of wao, upland area.

ao₆  R  idiom. the exact image of (preceded by a ʻe).

ao₇  R  n. a kind of fine mat.

ao₈  R  n. a kind of fish (no data).

aʻo₁  R  nvt. instruction, teaching, doctrine, learning, instruction book, manual, advice, counsel; to learn,...

aʻo₂  R  part. replacing o, of, and

ʻao.  R   abbreviation for ʻaoʻao (page).

ʻao₁  R  n. a new shoot, leaf, or bud, especially of taro.

ʻao₂  R  n. dried baked taro or sweet potato; in

ʻao₃  R  n. ship biscuit, pilot bread, hardtack.

ʻaʻo  R  n. Newell's puffin or shearwater (Puffinus puffinis newelli), said to be the only sea bird...

ʻaoa₁  R  nvi. to bark, as a dog; to howl , bowwow; lamentation, cry of distress; doleful creature ,...

ʻaoa₂  R  n. a small shellfish (Melampus castaneus), strung in

ʻaoa₃  R   var. of ʻiliahi, sandalwood.

ʻaoa₄  R  n. name for sacrificial places near fishponds where semiannual offerings were made, as of...

ʻAoa₅  R  n. name of a sea breeze associated with Honolulu and elsewhere. Also

ʻaoa₆  R  n. hour.

aʻoahana  R  vt. on-the-job training; to train on the job.

ao akua  R  n. godly cloud. fig., rainbow.

aʻoākumu  R  vt. student teacher; to student teach. lit., teach until (becoming a) teacher.

ʻAoa Laenihi  R  n. a rainy wind at Niʻihau, said to be...

aʻoaʻo  R  n. stratagem, plot, advice, counsel.

ʻaoʻao₁  R  n. side, boundary, hemisphere.

ʻaoʻao₂  R  n. group, team, denomination; party (political).

ʻaoʻao₃  R  n. page.

ʻaoʻao₄  R  n. way , habit, mode of living, education.

ʻaoʻao₅  R  n. family gods, ʻaumākua.

ʻAoʻao₆  R  n. Almak, a star.

aoaoa  R  n. a small seaside shrub (Wikstroemia sp.). The root bark is used externally for sores,...

ʻaoʻaoa₁  R   redup. of ʻaoa₁, to bark, as a dog; to howl...

ʻAoʻaoa₂  R   same as ʻAoa₅, a sea breeze.

ʻaoʻao ʻaiʻē  R  n. debit side (in bookkeeping).

ʻaoʻao ʻakau, ʻaoʻao ʻākau  R  n. right or leeward side of air island.

ʻaoʻao ʻākau  R  n. var. spelling of ʻaoʻao ʻakau, right or leeward side of air island.

ʻaoʻao ʻelua  R   Aupuni ʻaoʻao ʻelua.

ʻaoʻao hapa nui  R  n. majority party, in politics.

ʻaoʻao hapa ʻuʻuku  R  n. minority party, in politics.

ʻaoʻao hoʻākāka  R  n. cover page. lit., explanation page.

ʻaoʻao hoʻomaʻemaʻe  R  n. reform party.

ʻaoʻao hoʻopiʻi  R  n. prosecution, i.e. the prosecuting party in a court case. lit., side (to)...

ʻaoʻao huli alo  R  n. opposite leg or side, of a right triangle. lit., side (which) faces (the...

ʻaoʻao inoa  R   see ʻaoʻao hoʻākāka.

ʻaoʻao kālaiʻāina  R  n. political party.

ʻaoʻao kālaiʻāina  R  n. political party.

ʻaoʻao kau  R  n. base, as of a triangle, in math. lit., placing side. abb....

ʻAoʻao Komohana  R  n. Western Hemisphere.

ʻaoʻao Koʻolau  n. windward

ʻaoʻao kūʻē  R  n. opposition, opponent, as in a trial; minority party.

ʻaoʻao kūpale  R  n. defense, as in a trial.

ʻaoʻao kūpale  R  n. defense, in sports. lit., defending side.

ʻaoʻao kūpale  R  n. defense, i.e. the defendant's case or counsel in a lawsuit. lit., side (which)...

ʻaoʻao kūpono  R  vs. perpendicular, of a triangle.

ʻaoʻao launa  R  n. corresponding side, of a triangle. lit., associating side.

ʻaoʻao leo nui  R  n. a variety of taro (no data).

ʻaoʻao like ʻole  R  n. scalene, in math. lit., dissimilar sides.

ʻaoʻao loa  R  n. hypotenuse.

ʻaoʻao makani  R  n. windward side.

ʻaoʻao mau o ka honua  R  n. death, afterlife. lit., everlasting side of the earth.

ʻaoʻao moe  R  n. base, as of a triangle.

ʻaoʻao nui  R  n. young of the kūpīpī fish, or alternate...

ʻaoʻao pale  R   same as ʻaoʻao kūpale, defense, as in a trial.

ʻaoʻao pili  R  n. adjacent leg or side, of a right triangle. lit., adjoining side.

ʻaoʻaowela  R  n. a green fish.

ʻaʻoe  R   same as ʻaʻole, not. See chant,...

ʻaʻohe  R  interj. none; no, not; to have or be none; there is no one who (in subordinate phrases)....

ʻaʻohe launa  R  vs. inappropriate. Niʻihau.

aʻo hele  R  vt. to teach while traveling; to act as itinerant teacher, preacher, missionary.

ʻaʻohe lua  unequalled.

aʻo heluhelu  R  nvt. reader, primer; to learn or teach to read.

ʻaʻohe pili  R  n. irrelevant, not applicable. lit., no relationship. abb.

āohiohi  R  vt. resistance, i.e. opposition to the flow of electricity, or any opposition that slows down or...

Aohōkū  R  n. name of a star, possibly Jupiter, lit., star light.

aʻo hōkū  R  nvt. astronomy, astronomer; to teach or learn astronomy.

ao holoʻokoʻa  universe

aʻo hou  R  vt. to reteach. lit., teach again.

ʻāoka  R   same as oka, dregs.

ʻao kahi  R  n. one remaining leaf (ʻao) on an old...

aʻo kahua ʻike kuʻuna  R  vt. traditional knowledge-based learning. lit., learning (with a)...

aʻo kahua lawena  R  vt. performance-based learning, kinesthetic-based learning. lit., learning (with...

aʻo kahua ʻōlelo  R  vt. language-based learning. lit., learning (with a) language base.

aʻo kahua ʻuhane  R  vt. spiritually-based learning. lit., learning (with a) spiritual base.

aokanaka  R  nvi. to think or behave reasonably; human enlightment, civilization; rational.

ʻāokaoka  R   redup. of ʻāoka, same as oka, dregs...

aʻo kepela, aʻo sepela  R  n.v. spelling book; to learn or teach spelling.

aʻo kiko  R  n.v. manual of punctuation; to learn or teach punctuation.

aokū  R  n. rain cloud, mist.

ao kuewa  R  n. realm of homeless spirits.

ao kūlohelohe  R  n. nature. lit., natural world.

aʻo launa kanaka  R  vt. socialization; to socialize, i.e. fit, teach or train (someone) for a social...

ʻaʻole  R  interj. no, not, never; to be none, to have none, un-. Commonly pronounced ʻaʻale...

ʻaʻole i pau  R   'stay tuned,' 'to be continued,' as during a TV program. lit., not finished.

ʻāolo  R   same as ālai.

ao loa  R  n. long cloud; high or distant cloud; stratus cloud along the horizon. fig., a...

aʻo loko  R  n. innermost teaching, inspiration.

ʻao lūʻau  R  n.v. unexpanded leaf blade of taro; to offer as a...

ʻāone  R  nvs. sandy; sandy soil.

ʻaono  R  num. six, especially in counting in a series; six times.

āoʻo  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻāoʻo, elderly, middle-aged.

āʻōʻō  R   see ā₂.

ʻāoʻo, āoʻo  R  vs. elderly, middle-aged.

ao ʻōnohi  R  n. cloud with rainbow (ʻōnohi) colors.

aʻo palapala  R  nvt. instruction, education; to teach or learn writing.

aʻo piliʻōlelo  R  nvt. grammar, instruction in grammar; to teach or learn grammar.

aʻo sepela  R  var. spelling of aʻo kepela, spelling book...

Aotearoa  R  n. New Zealand.

aouli₁  R  n. firmament, sky, blue vault of heaven.

aouli₂  R  n. var. of ʻōuli, sign, omen, portent, prognostication, nature, symptom...

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


apa    apaa    apah    apai    apak    apal    apan    apap    apau    ape    apea    apee    apek    apel    aper    apeu    api    apia    apii    apik    apip    apo    apoa    apoe    apog    apoh    apoi    apok    apol    apom    apon    apoo    apop    apos    apot    apow    apu    apua    apue    apuh    apuk    apul    apun    apuu    apuw    

Ap  R   abbreviation for ʻāpana, land parcel, used in...

ʻa/p  R  n. abbreviation for ʻaʻole pili,...

ʻAp.  R   abbreviation for ʻApelila (April).

ʻapa₁  R  vt. to delay, waste time, tarry, linger, keep others waiting.

ʻapa₂  R   ephah. (Bib.)

ʻApa₃, Aba  R   Abba.

ʻāpā₁  R  n. roll or ream, as of paper; bolt, as of cloth.

ʻāpā₂  R  n. see lima ʻāpā.

ʻāpaʻa₁  R  nvs. arid, dry; dry area, clod of dirt.

ʻāpaʻa₂  R  n. land one has lived on for a long time (a term of affection related to

ʻāpaʻa₃  R   same as wao ʻilima, area at lower altitude than wao ʻamaʻu...

ʻāpaʻakuma  R  n. native of a place and descendant from its earliest line of chiefs.

ʻapaʻapa₁  R   redup. of ʻapa₁, to delay, waste time, tarry, linger, keep others waiting...; to procrastinate, deliberate, slow.

ʻapaʻapa₂  R  nvt. guile, deceit; to practice such. .

ʻĀpaʻapaʻa₁  R  n. name of a strong wind associated with

ʻāpaʻapaʻa₂  R  vs. dry, parched.

ʻāpaʻapaʻa₃  R   same as ʻāpaʻa₂.

ʻāpaʻapaʻa₄  R  n. a kind of lobster (no data).

ʻāpaʻapaʻa₅  R  vs. firm, hard, compact.

ʻāpaʻapana  R  n. small pieces, fragments.

ʻāpaʻapāna  R  n. delay, procrastination.

ʻāpaʻapani  R  nvi. quick, effective repartee; to retort thus.

ā…paha  R   see paha₆.

ʻāpaha  R  vi. to doubt; perhaps, maybe.

ʻapahū  R   rare var. of pahū, explosion

ʻāpahu₁  R  nvt. to cut squarely off, chop; a piece cut off at right angles.

ʻāpahu₂  R   same as kūnehi, a sunfish.

ʻāpahu₃  R   conspicuous, as one dressed oddly.

ʻāpahu₄  R   to cram, pack full, stuff.

ʻāpahupahu₁  R  vt. to repel, as like charges in a magnet.

ʻāpahupahu₂  R  vs. faded, as material which has been left in the sun.

ʻapai  R   same as pai₅, a fish trap.

ʻapakau  R  vt. to seize, lay hold of, disarrange, displace; to spread, as sunlight.

ʻapakeʻe  R  nvs. deceit, dishonesty: deceitful, corrupt, inaccurate.

ʻāpala  R  n. apple (Pyrus malus syn. M. sylvestris).

ʻāpali  R  vs. hilly, craggy. fig., impertinent, rude.

ʻāpalipali₁  R   redup. of ʻāpali, hilly, craggy. fig., impertinent, rude...

ʻāpalipali₂  R   to hurry, hasten.

ʻāpā lole  R  n. bolt of material.

ʻāpana₁  R   piece, slice, portion, fragment, section, segment, installment, part, land parcel, lot,...

ʻāpana₂  R   same as mile₁, a bunch of 40 loose, cleaned olonā fibers...

ʻāpana ʻahaʻōlelo lāhui  R  n. Congressional district, in government.

ʻāpana hana  R  n. errand.

ʻāpana hapahā  R  n. quadrant. lit., quarter piece.

ʻāpana ipu lepo  R  n. potsherd. lit., portion of earthen container.

ʻāpana kaha  R  n. line segment, in math.

ʻāpanakahi  R  n. increment, i.e. one of a series of additions in groups or quantity.

ʻāpana kānāwai  R  n. phylactery.

ʻāpana noiʻi  R  n. quadrat, i.e. a rectangular plot used for ecological or population studies. lit.,...

ʻāpanapana  R   redup. of ʻāpana, fragments, pieces; to cut into pieces.

ʻāpana pāʻoihana kauwaena  R  n. central business district.

ʻāpana pōʻai  R  n. segment of a circle.

ʻāpane₁  R  n. a kind of lehua tree with dark-red flower.

ʻāpane₂  R   short for ʻapapane, a bird.

ʻāpane₃  R  vs. red, flushed, blushing.

ʻāpani  R  nvt. to block, shut. fig., an unwelcome visitor who monopolizes conversation.

ʻāpani aniani  R  n. window pane.

ʻāpanipani  R   redup. of ʻāpani, to block.

ʻāpapa  R  n. stratum, flat, especially a coral flat.

ʻāpapa lani₁  R  n. legendary upper stratum and abode of the gods (preceded by

ʻāpapa lani₂  R  n. chiefs of the highest rank, as

ʻapapane  R  n. a Hawaiian honey creeper (Himatione sanguinea), with crimson body and black wings...

ʻapapapa  R   same as laupapa₁, reef.

ʻāpapapa  R  n. reef. Niʻihau.

apau  R   [old spelling, replaced by a pau]

a pau  R   all, entirely.

āpau, a pau  R  idiom. [old spelling, replaced by a pau]....

ʻape  R  n. large taro-like plants (Alocasia macrorrhiza, ...

ʻapeʻape₁  R  n. all endemic species of Gunnera, huge leafed forest perennial herbs, with thick,...

ʻapeʻape₂  R  vs. elastic, flexible, limber.

ʻāpeʻapeʻa₁  R   same as peʻapeʻa, bat.

ʻāpeʻapeʻa₂  R  n. an unidentified cephalopod.

ʻāpeʻapeʻa₃  R   same as ʻōpeʻapeʻa₃, half leaf.

ʻāpeʻepeʻe  R   rare var. of līpeʻepeʻe, a seaweed.

ʻApekanikana  R  n. Afghanistan; Afghan, Afghani.

ʻāpekepeke  R  n. the Kauaʻi

ʻāpela  R  vs. old, aged.

ʻā pele  R  n. volcanic lava or ejecta of any kind, rough lava, lava flow.

ʻapelekoka, aperekoka  R  n. apricot (Prunus armeniaca).

ʻApelika, Aferika  R   Africa; African.

ʻApelila, Aperila  R   April.

aperekoka  R  var. spelling of ʻapelekoka, apricot...

Aperila  R  var. spelling of ʻApelila, April...

ʻapeu  R   var. spelling of ʻāpeu, long coarse mats used to hold food.

ʻāpeu, ʻapeu  R   same as ʻāleuleu; long coarse mats used to hold food.

ʻapeʻula  R  n. kind of tapa, wrapped about images.

ʻāpeupeu  R   same as ʻāleuleu, old, worn-out, as tapa, mats, clothing...

-āpī  R   hō.

ʻapi₁  R  n. soft spot in the temples; soft part of the human body between the pelvic cone and the lowest...

ʻapi₂  R  nvi. a surgeonfish (Acanthurus guttatus), 20 cm long.

ʻapi₃  R  nvi. fish gills; to breathe through gills.

ʻapi₄  R  vi. to palpitate, throb, tremble, shake, quiver; to beat, as the pulse; to stir, as waves;...

ʻapi₅  R  n. a decoy stick basket with a wide opening; it was baited, and after the fish were accustomed to...

ʻapi₆  R   to gather together, as people or things.

ʻapiʻapi₁  R   redup. of ʻapi₄, to palpitate, throb, tremble, shake, quiver...; elastic, springy; short of breath.

ʻapiʻapi₂  R   redup. of ʻapi₃, fish gills; to breathe through gills...

ʻapiʻapi₃  R  vs. filled, as a basket; abundant, as a feast.

ʻāpiʻi₁  R  vs. curly.

ʻāpiʻi₂  R  n. tapa-beater design.

ʻāpiʻi₃  R  n. a variety of taro in the

ʻāpiʻi₄  R  n. a ti plant with green, crinkly leaves.

ʻāpiʻipiʻi₁  R  vs. wavy, crimpy, kinky, very curly; tempestuous, as waves.

ʻāpiʻipiʻi₂  R  n. a kind of seaweed that is tough and not eaten much, perhaps Amansia glomerata.

ʻāpikapika  R  nvs. having suction cups, as the tentacles of the octopus; suction cups; spotted.

ʻāpiki  R  nvs. crafty, cunning, mischievous, deceitful, dishonest, naughty, treacherous, peculiar, strange;...

ʻāpikipiki₁  R  vs. troubled, agitated, as the sea.

ʻāpikipiki₂  R  nvt. fold, pleat; to fold, pleat.

ʻāpikipiki₃  R  vt. to clean taro greens by peeling the stems.

ʻāpikipiki₄  R  n. a kind of variegated or spotted tapa.

ʻApipa, Abiba  R  n. Abib, a Hebrew month.

ʻāpipi  R  vs. united, joined, coupled; double.

apo₁  R  nvt. circle, circuit, hoop, loop, band, bracelet, hoop-shaped earring, girdle, belt, ring, to span...

apo₂  R  n. union of the molar or cheekbone with the temporal bone.

ʻapo₁  R  nvt. to catch, grasp, grab, hug, seize and retain, catch, acceptance, admission. fig., to...

ʻapo₂  R  n. a variety of sweet potato (no data).

ʻapo₃  R  n. a variety of taro (no data).

ʻāpō  R  vt. var. of ʻapo; to rebound, in basketball.

ʻapoa  R   pas/imp. of ʻapo₁, to catch, grasp, grab, hug, seize and retain, catch, acceptance, admission. fig., to perceive, understand...

apo ʻāʻī ʻīlio, apo ʻāʻī ʻīlio  R  n. dog collar.

apoalewa  R  n. var. spelling of apoālewa, highest heavens or space.

apoālewa, apoalewa  R  n. highest heavens or space.

apoapo  R  nvt. hill, as of sweet potatoes; bunch, as of taro; to hill...

ʻapoʻapo₁  R   redup. of ʻapo, to catch, grasp, grab, hug, seize and retain...; catching, grasping; attack, fit, heart palpitation, agitation; to have an attack, fit....

ʻapoʻapo₂  R  n. half-grown stage of the āhole, a fish.

ʻāpoʻe  R  n. camp, i.e. a gathering of people to learn or practice certain skills.

ʻāpoʻepoʻe  R  vi. to assemble.

apo gula  R   var. spelling of apo kula, gold bracelet...

ʻapohā  R   same as ʻōkuhe, an ʻoʻopu, a fish.

apohao  R  n. iron hoop or band, named for the king's guard under the monarchy.

apo hele  R  n. orbit, as of stars and planets.

ʻāpoho  R  nvs. depression, hollow, hollowed, pitted.

ʻāpoho ʻāina  R  n. geologic depression, as Death Valley.

ʻāpohopoho₁  R   redup. of ʻāpoho, depression, hollow, hollowed, pitted...

ʻāpohopoho₂  R  vi. pounding, slapping, as the sea.

ʻāpohu  R  n. var. of pahu; fullback, in football.

apo ʻili kuapo  R  n. belt loop, as on a pair of pants.

ʻāpoʻipoʻi  R  vt. to pounce; to crouch in order to conceal ; to attempt to conceal an article rather than...

ʻapokaka  R  n. apostate.

ʻapo kani kākau  R  n. phonics. lit., catch written sounds.

ʻapokau  R   var. of ʻapakau.

ʻāpoke  R  vt. a short piece; cut, broken off; to cut into short pieces.

ʻapokekolo, aposetole  R  n. apostle.

ʻapo kelepona  R  n. telephone receiver. lit., telephone grasp.

ʻApokelupo, Apokerupa  R  n. Apocrypha.

Apokerupa  R  var. spelling of ʻApokelupo, Apocrypha...

ʻapokolo, apotolo  R  n. apostle.

apo kula, apo gula  R  n. gold bracelet; formerly a gold ring.

apo laholio  R  n. rubber band.

ʻāpole  R  vs. smooth.

ʻapo leo₁  R  v. to record a voice.

ʻapo leo₂  R  n.v. magical voice snatching (a sorcerer was believed able to snatch a victim's voice so that...

ʻāpolepole  R   redup. of ʻāpole, smooth...

ʻapo lilo  R  vt. to intercept (the ball), in football. lit., take-possession catch.

apo lima, apolima  R  n. bracelet, signet.

apo lohe  R  n. headphone, headset. lit., band (for) hearing.

ʻapomanaʻo  R  vi. comprehension; to comprehend. lit., grasp meaning.

ʻāpona  R  vs. embracing, grasping, catching.

ʻapona ehu  R  n. stigma. lit., pollen catcher. also

ʻāpono  R  vi. to approve, confirm, justify, ratify, recommend, commend, consent, accept, endorse, adopt; to...

ʻāpono ʻana  R  n. approval (sometimes preceded by ke).

ʻāpono ola  R  n. guarantee, assurance.

ʻāpoʻo  R  nvi. to hide, seek shelter; to gad about, a gadder.

ʻāpoʻo poho pepa  R  n. paper tray slot, as for a computer printer. lit., paper-tray hole

ʻāpoʻopoʻo  R  nvs. hollow, cavity; depressed.

apo pāpale  R  n. hatband.

apo pepeiao  R  n. hoop earring.

ʻapōpō, ʻāpōpō  R  loc.n. tomorrow (often preceded by kēlā, that;...

ʻāpōpō  R  n. var. spelling of ʻapōpō, tomorrow.

apo poʻo  R  n. hairband. Niʻihau.

aposetole  R  var. spelling of ʻapokekolo, apostle...

apotolo  R  var. spelling of ʻapokolo, apostle...

apowaena  R  n. parentheses.

apowai  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻapowai₂, to be a grayish-brown color, as a horse, perhaps bay.

ʻapowai₁  R  n. type of Hawaiian dog with solid grayish-brown body and nose tip and eyes of the same color,...

ʻapowai₂, apowai  R  vs. to be a grayish-brown color, as a horse, perhaps bay.

ʻapowale  R  n. a native variety of wet-land taro grown chiefly for...

apu₁  R  nvt. to snap or snatch with the teeth; snatching. fig., to destroy, ravage, ruin.

apu₂  R   same as apuapu₂, file, rasp...

ʻapu₁  R  n.v. coconut shell cup; to drink. [kava]

ʻapu₂  R  n.v. general name for medical potions, as made of taro, yam,...

ʻapu₃  R  n.v. a taro cultivar, perhaps related to the...

ʻāpua₁  R   same as pai₅, a fish trap.

ʻāpua₂  R  n. handle, as of a laulau food package; shank...

ʻāpua₃  R  nvs. disloyal, disobedient, rebellious; such a person.

ʻāpuakāʻeʻe  R   same as pai₅, a fishtrap.

ʻĀpuakea  R  n. rain name associated with Koʻolau Poko,...

apuapu₁  R   redup. of apu₁, snap, snatch...

apuapu₂  R  nvt. file, rasp; to smooth or sharpen with a file.

apuapu₃  R   beard of a fishhook.

ʻapuʻapu₁  R  vs. cup-shaped.

ʻapuʻapu₂  R  n. type of agricultural land, as for sweet potatoes, mentioned in 1848 land claims, perhaps a...

apuapu ʻānai makau  R  n. file or polisher for fishhook.

ʻapu ʻauhuhu  R  n. cup containing ʻauhuhu plant...

ʻāpuʻe  R   same as ʻāpuʻepuʻe, difficult; difficulty; to struggle, strive...

ʻāpuʻepuʻe  R  nvt. difficult; difficulty; to struggle, strive (preceded by

ʻapuhi  R  vt. to deceive, lie, cheat.

apuhihi  R  n. a shellfish resembling the hīhīwai, found...

ʻāpuka₁  R  nvt. to swindle, cheat, defraud; forgery, embezzlement; fraudulent.

ʻāpuka₂  R  vi. to emerge, come into light.

ʻāpukapuka  R  vs. pitted.

ʻapuki  R  vs. short.

ʻapu kōheoheo  R  n. deadly poison, as given to prisoners.

ʻāpuku  R   same as hāpuku, to collect.

ʻāpulu  R  vs. worn out, as a garment; to show wear and tear; rough, dingy.

ʻāpulupulu  R   redup. of ʻāpulu, worn out, as a garment; to show wear and tear; rough, dingy...

ʻāpuni₁  R  nvi. angry or noisy dispute, quarrel, wrangle, brawl; to brawl.

ʻāpuni₂  R  vs. ill-omened, inauspicious.

ʻapuʻu₁  R  n. an endemic fern (Sadleria squarrosa), 30 to 60 cm high, with short trunk, narrow...

ʻapuʻu₂  R  n. hill, mound.

ʻāpuʻu  R   see ʻāpuʻupuʻu.

ʻāpuʻupuʻu₁  R  vs. lumpy, bumpy, pimply, rough, hilly, rugged.

ʻāpuʻupuʻu₂  R  n. young stage of hāpuʻu fish.

ʻapuwai  R  n. a variety of taro: its corm is used for


Arabia  R  var. spelling of ʻAlapia, Arabia...

ʻArabia  R  n. Arabia, Arabian.

Aradena  R  var. spelling of ʻAlakena, Arden...

Aragona  R  var. spelling of ʻAlakona, Aragon...

ʻaragona  R  n. argon, an element.

arama  R  var. spelling of ʻalama, protection...

ʻAranakala Paradesa  R  n. Arunchal Pradesh.

Ararata  R  var. spelling of ʻAlalaka, Ararat...

arasenika  R  var. spelling of ʻalakenika, arsenic...

are  R  var. spelling of ʻale₃, are...

area  R  var. spelling of ʻalea, area...

Arekaneso  R  var. spelling of ʻAlekaneko, Arkansas...

Aremenia  R  var. spelling of ʻAlemenia, Armenia...

aresanika  R  var. spelling of ʻalekanika, arsenic...

Arika  R  var. spelling of ʻĀlika, Arctic...

arimatika  R  var. spelling of ʻalimakika, arithmetic...

ʻArizona  R  n. Arizona; Arizonan, Arizonian.

aroma  R  var. spelling of ʻaloma, aroma...

arosio  R  var. spelling of ʻalokio, alodial title...

ʻAruba  R  n. Aruba.


Asama  R  var. spelling of ʻAkama, Assam...

asario  R  n. var. spelling of ʻakalio; farthing.

ʻaseteline  R  n. acetylene.

Asia  R  var. spelling of ʻĀkia₅, Asia...

ʻĀsia  R  n. Asia; Asian, Asiatic.

asida cabolika  R  var. spelling of ʻakika kapolika, carbolic acid...

Asuria  R  var. spelling of ʻAkulia, Assyria...


Atabaseka  R  var. spelling of ʻAkapakeka, Athabasca...

ʻAtalana  R  n. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia.

Atelanika  R  var. spelling of ʻAkelanika, Atlantic...

ʻAtelanika  R  n. Atlantic.

Atenai  R  var. spelling of ʻAkenai, Athens...

ʻātoma  R  n. atom, atomic.

aa    ab    ac    ad    ae    af    ag    ah    ai    ak    al    am    an    ao    ap    ar    as    at    au    av    aw    az       -top-  


aua    auaa    auae    auah    auai    auak    aual    auam    auan    auao    auap    auau    auaw    aue    auel    auem    aueu    auha    auhe    auhi    auho    auhu    aui    auia    auih    auii    auik    auil    auim    auin    auip    auk    auka    auke    auki    auko    auku    aula    aule    auli    aulo    aulu    auma    aume    aumi    aumo    auna    aune    auol    aupa    aupo    aupu    ause    auum    auwa    auwe    auwi    

-au  R   hoʻāu To dedicate, set apart, as in a housewarming.

au₁  R  nvi. period of time, age, era, epoch, cycle, the passing of time.

au₂  R  nvi. current; to flow, as a current.

au₃  R  nvi. movement, eddy, tide, motion; to move, drift, float, walk, hurry, stir; succession or train,...

au₄  R  n. gall, bile ; gall bladder.

au₅  R  n. weather.

au₆  R  n. small sweet potatoes of poor quality that grow from the vine.

au₇  R  n. pumice.

au₈  R  n. grain of wood.

au₉  R  vt. to weed.

au₁₀  R  vt. to rub, massage, polish.

au₁₁  R  vt. to set, as a net or fish trap.

au₁₂  R   same as heau, (Exocarpus spp.) native shrubs and small trees...

au₁₃  R  n. Hedyotis acuminata, a native shrub (coffee family), with small green flowers, and...

au₁₄  R  pronoun. I.

aʻu₁  R  n. swordfish, sailfish, marlin, spearfish (Istiophoridae). See sayings,...

aʻu₂  R  pronoun. me (used after e and

aʻu₃  R  poss. my, mine (a-form, zero-class).

āu  R  poss. your, yours (singular, a-form, zero-class).

ʻau₁  R  vi. to swim, travel by sea.

ʻau₂  R  vi. to jut out into the sea, as a land point; to project.

ʻau₃  R  n. handle, staff, shaft; stem, stalk, bone of lower arm or leg.

ʻau₄  R  n. group (followed by a qualifier, as moku,...

aua  R  vi. to look, observe.

ʻaua₁  R   same as ʻāʻaua; lean, as fish.

ʻaua₂  R  n. cawing, as of the ʻalalā, crow.

ʻAua₃  R  n. name recorded for the star Betelgeuse.

ʻauʻa₁  R  nvi. stingy, selfish, to withhold, detain, grudge, refuse to part with; stinginess; sparingly.

ʻauʻa₂  R  n. a kind of ʻōpelu fish said to be larger than...

ʻauaʻa  R  n. rhizome. lit., root stem.

au ʻaeʻa  R  n. drift current, in oceanography. lit., wandering current.

auahi, auwahi  R   this word is related to uahi, smoke. One...

auaʻina  R  n. an unknown herb, the bark and leaves of which were used as medicine.

auakeʻe  R  vs. dishonest.

auakua  R  nvs. ghost-ridden; haunted or unfriendly land. lit., ghost bile. cf. .

aualaliha  R  n. a variety of ʻoʻopu goby fish found in...

aualaloʻi  R  n. terraced taro patches.

aualiʻi  R  vs. royal, chiefly.

auālipo  R  vs. overcome by intense emotion, as love, grief.

ʻauamo  R  nvt. pole or stick used for carrying burdens across the shoulders; yoke, palanquin, burden; to...

ʻauana, ʻauwana  R  vi. to wander, drift, ramble, go from place to place; to stray morally or mentally.

auaneʻi₁  R  postposed temporal particle. soon, by-and-by, presently, shortly, just. cf.

auaneʻi₂  R  postposed dubitative particle. probably, merely, probably not, possibly, doubtful.

aʻuaneʻi  R   var. of auaneʻi.

ʻau ʻaoʻao  R  vi. side stroke, in swimming; to swim the side stroke. lit., swim (on the) side.

auʻāpaʻapaʻa  R  n. passing of much time on a piece of land, as an old family.

auau₁  R   same as au₁, period of time, era...; to walk...

auau₂  R   redup. of au₃, movement, eddy...

auau₃  R   redup. of au₁₀, rub, massage...

auau₄  R   same as au₁₁, set a net, trap...

auau₅  R  hehele. to walk lightly and swiftly.

aʻuaʻu  R  n. small aʻu fish.

ʻauʻau₁  R  vi. to bathe.

ʻauʻau₂  R  n. stick, stem (as of ti plant); spear made of...

ʻauʻau₃  R   trap, snare, as for catching birds.

ʻauʻaua  R   same as ʻāʻaua, coarse.

ʻauʻaukī₁  R  n. young eel.

ʻauʻaukī₂  R   a fish said to resemble weke (no data).

ʻauʻau kililau  R  vi. to take a shower, bathe by showering.

ʻauʻaukoʻi  R   same as ʻaukoʻi, a weed.

ʻauʻauna manu  R  n. birdbath. lit., bird bathing place.

ʻauʻau paipu hanu  R  vi. to snorkel.

aʻuaʻu papaʻohe  R   same as aʻupapaʻohe.

ʻauʻauwaha  R   redup. of ʻauwaha, ditch, furrow, trench, gutter, canal, channel; groove...; furrowed.

au ʻawa  R  n. bitter gall. fig.., ingratitude.

aue  R   same as ue₃.

auē, auwē  R  interj., vi. Oh! Oh dear! Oh boy! Alas! Too bad! Goodness! (Much used to express wonder, fear, scorn, pity,...

auele  R   same as au wale.

au emi  R  n. recession, i.e. a period of reduced economic activity. lit., receding period.

auēuē  R  n. a calling, crying, humming, buzzing.

auhā₁  R  n. molting, of a chicken.

auhā₂  R  n. outhouse, as for storing canoes; shed, shelter.

Auhaele  R  n. name of a star, companion to Hōkūʻula and...

ʻauhaka  R  nvs. spindle-legged; spindleshanks; an animal with slender legs.

Auhaku  R  n. name of a star (no data).

ʻau hau  R  n. stalk of a hau tree, spear made of...

ʻauhau₁  R  nvt. tax, assessment, levy, charge, tariff, toll, tribute, price; to levy a tax, pay tribute,...

ʻauhau₂  R  n. femur and humerus bones of the human skeleton.

ʻauhau₃  R  n. stems of plants whose bark can be stripped, such as

ʻauhauhui  R   var. of uhau hui, a prayer.

ʻauhau maʻule  R   misplaced or concealed noʻa stone in...

ʻauhau Pōʻalua  R  n. Tuesday tax, a term used in 1852, probably an educational tax.

ʻauhaupuka  R  nvi. beggar; to go from door to door asking for charity.

ʻauhea₁  R  inter. Where (in questions).

ʻauhea₂  R  idiom. listen (in commands, common in songs).

ʻauhea₃  R  idiom. Sir [formal beginning of a letter].

ʻauhea hoʻi  R  idiom. Where indeed (with implication of neglect or indifference)? Where's the interest?...

ʻauheʻe  R  vt. to flee from danger; routed, dispersed, defeated.

ʻauheʻeheʻe  R   redup. of ʻauheʻe, to flee from danger; routed, dispersed, defeated...

auhele  R  vi. to go looking from place to place without any definite course, to drift or sail aimlessly,...

auhili  R  vi. to turn off the course, wander, deviate.

ʻauhōkū  R  n. delphinium. also pua...

ʻauhola  R   same as ʻauhuhu, a shrub.

auhonua  R  n. ancient age, era, epoch.

ʻau hoʻokuʻu wai o ka lua  R  n. toilet handle (preceded by ke...

ʻauhua  R  n. corm, scientific usage.

ʻauhuhu  R  n. a slender, shrubby legume (Tephrosia purpurea syn. T. piscatoria), 30 to 60 cm...

ʻAuhuhupaʻina  R  n. var. name for the month of Makaliʻi...

ʻau hulaʻana  R  nvt. to swim around a hulaʻana, or...

auhuli  R  vt. to overturn, overthrow, upset; to till.

auhulihia  R   pas/imp. of auhuli, to overturn, overthrow, upset; to till...

auī, auwī  R  interj. ouch!

ʻaui₁  R  vi. to turn aside, digress, deviate, pass by, decline, bend down.

ʻaui₂  R  nvi. to swell and roll, as the sea; to pitch; billow, roller.

ʻaui₃  R  nvi. declension, case; to name declensions or conjugations (term devised by Andrews based on Latin...

ʻaui₄  R  nvi. a hula step: the dancer turns to the side and points out...

ʻauia  R   pas/imp. of ʻaui₁, to turn aside, digress, deviate, pass by, decline, bend down..., ʻaui₂, (to swell and roll, as the sea; to pitch...)

ʻaui alo  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauialo, accusative case. lit.., front case.

ʻauialo, ʻaui alo  R  n. accusative case. lit.., front case.

ʻauiʻaui  R   redup. of ʻaui₁, to turn aside, digress...

ʻaui hea  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauihea, vocative case. lit.., calling case.

ʻauihea, ʻaui hea  R  n. vocative case. lit.., calling case.

ʻauihele  R  n. case denoting separation, as shown by mai,...

ʻaui hui  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauihui, case denoting association. lit.., joined case; ablative PHG.

ʻauihui, ʻaui hui  R  n. case denoting association. lit.., joined case; ablative .

ʻauiʻia  R  n. agentive case.

ʻaui iki  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauiiki, genitive or possessive case.

ʻauiiki, ʻaui iki  R  n. genitive or possessive case.

ʻaui kōhai  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauikōhaʻi, possessive case. lit.., case belonging to someone else.

ʻauikōhaʻi, ʻaui kōhai  R  n. possessive case. lit.., case belonging to someone else.

ʻaui kumu  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauikumu, nominative case.

ʻauikumu, ʻaui kumu  R  n. nominative case.

ʻau ʻīlio  R  vi. dog paddle, in swimming; to dog paddle. lit., swim (like a) dog.

ʻaui moe  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauimoe, locative case.

ʻauimoe, ʻaui moe  R  n. locative case.

ʻauina, auwina  R  n. bending, sloping; descent, slope.

ʻauinalā  R  n. afternoon. lit.., declining sun.

ʻauinapō  R  n. midnight, late night.

ʻauina welona kala  R  n. absorption spectrum. lit., gradient (of) color traits.

ʻaui paʻewa  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauipaʻewa, dative case.

ʻauipaʻewa, ʻaui paʻewa  R  n. dative case.

ʻaui pili  R  n. var. spelling of ʻauipili, possessive case; genitive PHG.

ʻauipili, ʻaui pili  R  n. possessive case; genitive .

ʻauipō  R   similar to ʻauina pō.

ʻAuk.  R   abbreviation for ʻAukake (August).

auka  R  vs. weary, exhausted.

ʻauka  R  vs. out (in games).

ʻaukā₁  R  n. bar, as of soap or gold, nugget; ridge or strip between the flutes of a column, facet, fillet...

ʻaukā₂  R  n. long stems, as of some species of mangoes.

ʻaukā₃  R  n. wood woven through sticks in ʻie...

ʻaukā₄  R  n. stools, feces.

au kāʻei pōʻai waena honua  R  n. equatorial current, in oceanography. lit., equator zone current.

aukaha  R  vs. desolate, dreary, nonproductive.

ʻaukā helu hapa ʻumi  R  n. tenth strip, in math. lit., strip (to) count tenths.

aukahi₁  R  vs. even, smooth, clear. fig., suave and pleasant in speech and manner.

aukahi₂  R  vs. united, flowing together.

aukahi₃  R  vi. direct current (DC).

ʻaukā holomua  R  n. fill bar, in a computer program. lit., bar (showing) progress.

aukai  R  nvi. var. spelling of ʻaukai, to travel or swim by sea; seafaring; sailor, seafarer.

ʻaukai, aukai  R  nvi. to travel or swim by sea; seafaring; sailor, seafarer.

ʻaukaʻi  R  n. baton.

ʻaukaʻi pāna  R  n. signal baton, as used by a marching bandleader. lit., baton (for directing)...

ʻaukaʻi wili  R  n. baton for twirling.

aukaka  R  n. deep coral bed with overlapping ledges where fishes hide.

ʻAukake  R  n. August.

ʻaukā kōkua helu  R  n. counting rod or strip, in math. lit., bar (to) help count. also...

ʻaukā kopa  R  n. bar of soap. lit.., bar soap.

aukana  R   short for au kanaiʻi.

aukanaka  R  nvs. inhabited place, settlement; inhabited.

āukauka  R  n. inland; fishing grounds, identified by lining up with landmarks ashore.

ʻAukekulalia, Auseturalia  R  nvs. Australia; Australian.

ʻAukekulia, Auseturia  R  nvs. Austria; Austrian.

ʻAukelana  R  n. Auckland.

Aukele  R   short for ʻAukelenuiaiku, a hero.

aʻukī  R  n. a fish, perhaps a marlin.

ʻau kī  R  n. stem of a ti plant.

au kikī  R  n. stream current, in oceanography. lit., swiftly flowing current.

ʻAukini  R  n. Austin, the capital of Texas.

ʻau wai  R  n. faucet handle (preceded by ke).

Aukoaʻeuamālie  R  n. name of a stroke in lua fighting. lit.., tropic...

aukoʻi  R   var. spelling of ʻaukoʻi₂, swelling in the groin...

ʻau koʻi  R  n. axe handle.

ʻaukoʻi₁  R  n. coffee senna (Cassia occidentalis), a tropical American shrubby legume, each leaf...

ʻaukoʻi₂, aukoʻi  R   same as ʻawaiāhiki, swelling in the groin...

ʻau kolo  R  nvi. crawl (swimming); to swim thus.

au kō malalo  R  n. undertow.

aukū₁  R  vi. to pitch and toss; to raise, lift.

aukū₂  R  n. uphill path.

aukū₃  R   shallow.

aʻu kū  R  n. broadbill swordfish (Xiphias gladius).

ʻau kū  R  vi. to tread water.

ʻau kua  R  vi. back stroke, in swimming; to swim the back stroke. lit., swim (on the) back.

aukukū  R  vs. crowded, close.

aukūkū  R  nvi. agitated; agitation.

ʻaukuku  R  n. tapa beater.

aukukui  R  n. apprentice canoe maker.

ʻAukuseta  R  n. Augusta, the capital of Maine.

ʻaukuʻu₁  R  n. black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax hoactli), a non-migratory land bird...

ʻaukuʻu₂  R  n. kind of fishhook with a long slender shaft, perhaps named for its resemblance to the...

ʻaukuʻu₃  R  n. a long bamboo pole with two maile stalks across the top that were gummed with lime to catch...

ʻaukuʻu₄  R  vi. to vomit, retch.

ʻaukuʻu₅  R  n. cords held by the fishermen (hoʻāu) who...

ʻaukuʻu kāhili, ʻaukuʻu kōhili  R  n. a variety of ʻaukuʻu heron.

ʻaukuʻu kōhili  R   var. spelling of ʻaukuʻu kāhili, a variety of ʻaukuʻu heron...

ʻaukuʻu pili ʻāina  R  n. name given by Kepelino for a bird resembling the

aulā  R  vs. stunted, sun-baked.

ʻāʻula₁  R  vs. reddish, brownish.

ʻāʻula₂  R  n. an edible seaweed, perhaps the same as limu...

ʻaulahi  R  n. strip, as in a stripmat counting system, in math (preceded by

ʻaulama  R  v. to light with a torch.

ʻaulani  R  n. messenger of a chief.

ʻaulaʻo  R  n. twig, small stick (preceded by ke).

aulau  R  vt. to gather leaves to wrap fish in for cooking, as leaves of

ʻaulau  R  n. leaves strung on lines at ends of seines, as ti leaves.

aulele  R  vi. to fly, as a frightened flock of birds.

ʻaulena  R  n. a variety of native banana.

aʻu lepe  R  n. sailfish (Istiophorus orientalis).

āuli  R  vs. var. spelling of ʻāuli, dark.

ʻāuli, āuli  R  vs. dark.

aulia  R   pas/imp. of au₂, current, to flow, as a current..., au₃, movement, eddy, tide, motion...

ʻaulia  R   pas/imp. of ʻau₁, to swim

ʻauliʻi₁  R  vs. dainty, neat, trim, cute, exquisite, nice, perfect.

ʻauliʻi₂  R  n. a small staff.

aulike₁  R  vs. even, smooth, as timber.

aulike₂  R  vt. to treat kindly.

ʻau like  R  vi. to swim evenly or abreast.

ʻauliliʻi  R  vs. redup. of ʻauliʻi, dainty, neat, trim, cute, exquisite, nice, perfect...; precision; precise.

ʻaulima  R  n. var. spelling of ʻau lima₁, bone of arm below elbow.

ʻau lima₁, ʻaulima  R  n. bone of arm below elbow.

ʻau lima₂, ʻaulima  R  n. stick held in the hand and rubbed in the fire-plow to produce fire by friction.

auloli  R  n. mildew.

āulu₁  R  vi. rough, raging, as sea or wind; to injure, harm, rage.

āulu₂  R  vi. to grow.

āulu₃  R  n. a tall endemic tree (Pisonia sandwicensis), with large, oblong, dark-green leaves;...

āulu₄  R   same as ʻālaʻa₁, Planchonella spp.

āulu₅  R   same as lonomea, Sapindus oahuensis.

au māʻaloʻalo  R  n. alternating current (AC). lit., current passing back and forth.

aumaiewa  R  n. large-mouthed net placed at the wings of the

ʻaumaka  R   same as ʻauamo, carrying pole.

au makani kikī  R  n. jet stream. lit., swift wind current.

ʻaumakiki  R  n. a variety of sweet potato.

ʻaumakua₁  R  nvt. family or personal gods, deified ancestors who might assume the shape of sharks (all...

ʻaumakua₂  R  vt. to offer grace to ʻaumākua before eating; to bless in the name of...

ʻaumakua₃  R  vt. to ask someone to hula; the request was not refused...

ʻaumākua  R   plural of ʻaumakua₁, family or personal gods...

ʻau mālolo  R  vi. butterfly stroke, in swimming; to swim the butterfly stroke. lit., swim (like) a ...

ʻaumana₁  R  n. tributary.

ʻaumana₂  R  n. appendage (preceded by ke).

au manaʻo  R  n. tone, as of a literary work. lit., mood (of the) meaning.

ʻAumani  R  n. Alnitak, a star.

ʻāʻumeʻume  R  nvt. opposition, struggle, contention, strife; to struggle, oppose. cf....

aumiha  R  nvi. to float off in the air, as miasma; evil spirits thought to attend graves.

aumihi  R  vt. to grieve, regret, be sorry.

aumiki₁  R  n. outgoing current.

aumiki₂  R  n. fresh water mixed with noni juice, drunk...

aumiki₃  R   same as miki₂, to sip.

aumoa  R  vi. to care for; protected.

ʻaumoana₁  R  nvi. to travel on the open sea; sailor.

ʻaumoana₂  R  n. name of laws enacted by Queen Kaʻahumanu, so called in...

ʻaumoana₃  R  n. nautilus. usually called ʻauwaʻalālua...

aumoe  R  n. late at night, as about midnight. lit., time to sleep.

ʻau moku  R  n. fleet of ships.

ʻau moku kaua  R  n. navy.

ʻāuna  R  n. large group, flock.

ʻaunake  R  var. spelling of ʻaunaki₂, ounce...

ʻaunaki₁  R  n. stick rubbed in obtaining fire by friction.

ʻaunaki₂, ʻaunake, ʻauneki  R  n. ounce.

ʻāunauna  R  n. a common gastropod (Nassa serta), a shellfish.

ʻauneki  R  n. ounce. abb. ʻan.

au nele  R  n. hard times, depression, recession.

ʻauola  R  n. kingdom, in taxonomy.

ʻauola holoholona  R  n. Kingdom Animalia, the animal kingdom, in science. lit., animal kingdom.

ʻauola kāʻamaʻai  R  n. Kingdom Plantae, in science. lit., photosynthesis kingdom.

ʻauola kalina  R  n. Kingdom Fungi, in science. lit., fungi kingdom.

ʻauola koʻohune  R  n. Kingdom Monera, in science. lit., bacteria kingdom.

ʻauola kumukahi  R  n. Kingdom Protista, in science. lit., single-source (organism) kingdom.

auolo  R  n. shelter or shed, as for canoes; outhouse, temporary house; tabernacle.

au paʻahau  R  n. Ice age.lit., frozen age.

ʻau paikikala  R  n. handlebars, on a bicycle (preceded by ke...

aupaka₁  R  n. some representatives of an endemic genus (Isodendrion), members of the violet family....

aupaka₂  R   Niʻihau name for

Au Palaʻo  R  n. Kingdom, in Egyptology. lit., age (of) Pharoahs.

Au Palaʻo Kūhou  R  n. New Kingdom, in Egyptology, 1574-1085 BC.

Au Palaʻo Kūkahiko  R  n. Old Kingdom, in Egyptology, 2780-2280 BC.

Au Palaʻo Kūwaena  R  n. Middle Kingdom, in Egyptology, 2133-1780 BC.

aupana  R  n. rhythm, in linguistics.

ʻaupapa  R  nvs. everything, as of things taken or lost; destitute.

ʻau palai  R  n. frying pan handle (preceded by ke).

aʻu papaʻohe  R  n. a variety of aʻu fish.

aupoʻipū  R  n. according to and , a relationship extending back 24 generations.

ʻau pōuleule  R  n. filament, i.e. a stem-like structure of the stamen that supports the anther (preceded...

aupula  R  n. fishing with a pula stick or...

aupuni  R  nvs. government, kingdom, dominion, nation, people under a ruler; national.

aupuni ʻaoʻao ʻelua  R  n. two-party system of government. lit., two-party government.

aupuni ʻemepela  R  n. empire. lit., emperor kingdom.

aupuni ʻemila, aupuni ʻemira  R  n. emirate. lit., emir government.

aupuni ʻemira  R  n. var. spelling of aupuni ʻemila, emirate. lit., emir government.

Aupuni ʻEmira ʻAlapia Hui ʻia  R  n. United Arab Emirates.

aupuni kānāwai na ka lehulehu  R  n. direct democracy, i.e. a government in which laws are made directly by...

aupuni kiwikā  R  n. municipality, i.e. a city or town having its own incorporated government for local...

aupuni mana kēnā kahi  R  n. dictatorship. lit., government (with) one power to command.

Aupuni Mōʻī Hui ʻia  R  n. United Kingdom.

Aupuni Mōʻī ʻo Tonga  R  n. Kingdom of Tonga.

aupuni na ka lehulehu  R  n. democracy. lit., government by the people.

aupūpū₁  R   same as makaloa₂, a shellfish

aupūpū₂  R   Same as mo'opuna-a-ka-līpoa, a common seaweed.

Auseturalia  R  var. spelling of ʻAukekulalia, Australia...

Auseturia  R  var. spelling of ʻAukekulia, Austria...

ʻau umauma  R  nvi. breast stroke (swimming); to swim thus.

ʻau ʻume  R  n. drawer handle (preceded by ke).

ʻāʻuʻume  R   same as ʻāʻumeʻume, opposition, struggle, contention...

ʻauwaʻa  R  n. var. spelling of ʻau waʻa, canoe fleet.

ʻau waʻa, ʻauwaʻa  R  n. canoe fleet.

auwaʻalālua, ʻauwaʻalālua  R  n. paper nautilus (Argonauta argo). lit., fleet of canoes with two sails.

ʻauwaʻalālua  R  n. var. spelling of auwaʻalālua, paper nautilus (Argonauta argo). lit., fleet of canoes with two sails.

ʻauwae₁, ʻauae  R  nvs. chin. fig., indifferent, scornful.

ʻauwae₂  R  n. curved notch cut on the outer side of a post below the base of a tenon, also called...

ʻauwae₃  R  n. portion of the point of a pearl-shell lure which overhangs the shank.

auwaea  R  vs. distant, remote, deep.

ʻauwaeʻāina  R  n.v. tribute of the best selected (wae) hogs...

ʻAuwaelewa  R   a lua fighting stroke. lit., the floating chin

ʻauwaepaʻa  R  vi. firmly opposed, set against. lit., firm chin.

ʻauwaepahāha  R  n. mumps. lit., puffed chin.

ʻauwaepili  R  n. close relative.

ʻauwaepuʻu₁  R  nvs. indifference to work, discouraged. lit., chin lump.

ʻauwaepuʻu₂  R  vi. to squat.

ʻauwaha₁  R  nvi. ditch, furrow, trench, gutter, canal, channel; groove, as in a

ʻauwaha₂  R   outhouse, as for storing canoes.

-ʻauwahawaha  R   hō.

auwahi  R   var. spelling of auahi, this word is related to uahi, smoke. One source says it refers to lowly or humble persons...

ʻauwai  R  n. ditch, canal.

ʻauwaihiki  R   same as ʻawaiāhiki, swelling in the groin, bubo; to have such a swelling...

ʻauwai paʻa  R  n. conduit, solid ditch.

ʻauwai papa  R  n. flume.

auwalakī₁  R  vs. entangled, snarled, as fishline.

auwalakī₂  R  vs. destitute, especially of the rich who lose ever everything.

au wale  R   pass...

ʻauwana  R   var. spelling of ʻauana, to wander.

ʻauwāwae  R  n. var. spelling of ʻau wāwae, leg bone.

ʻau wāwae, ʻauwāwae  R  n. leg bone.

auwe  R  interj., vi. same as ue₃.

auwē  R   var. spelling of auē, Oh!, Alas!...

ʻauwēʻāina  R   var. of ʻauwaeʻāina.

auwehekika  R  n. name recorded for kauā, outcasts.

auwēuwē  R  n. var. spelling of auēuē.

auwī  R  interj. var. spelling of auī.

ʻauwina  R   var. spelling of ʻauina, bending, sloping; descent, slope...

ʻauwiniwini  R  n. sharp end of a leaf; term of raillery applied to men, referring to the male member.


averiga  R  var. spelling of ʻawelika, average...

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awa    awaa    awah    awai    awak    awal    awam    awan    awap    awaw    awe    awea    aweh    awek    awel    aweo    awep    aweu    awia    awih    awik    awil    awin    awiw    

awa₁  R  n. port, harbor, cove; channel or passage, as through a reef.

awa₂  R  n. milkfish (Chanos chanos). Stages of growth are pua awa (...

awa₃  R  n. port, as in a computer.

āwā  R  vi. noisy, loud; to talk loudly.

ʻawa₁  R  n. the kava (Piper methysticum), a shrub 1.2 to 3.5 m tall with green jointed stems and...

ʻawa₂  R  vs. sour, bitter, poisonous.

ʻawa₃  R  n. cold mountain rain, fog, mist; to rain or mist. fig., tragic misfortune or ordeal; in ...

ʻawa₄  R  n. a premature infant, believed caused by a "sour" condition of the mother.

ʻawa₅  R  n. a kind of bitter seaweed.

ʻāwaʻa₁  R  nvt. long, narrow excavation, trench, ditch, gully; to dig a ditch or furrow.

ʻāwaʻa₂  R  n. safety, in football.

ʻāwaʻahia  R   pas/imp. of ʻāwaʻa₁, trench, ditch...

ʻawaakāne  R   same as ʻawa liʻi, a variety of kava. it is said that the god Kāne brought the...

ʻawa ākea  R  n. a variety of kava with long, light-green internodes...

ʻawa ʻapu  R  n. a variety of kava.

awa ʻaua  R  n. a herring-like fish, sometimes called tenpounder or tarpon (Elops hawaiensis);...

awaawa  R   var. spelling of awāwa, valley, gulch, ravine...

ʻawaʻawa₁  R   redup. of ʻawa₂, sour, bitter, poisonous...; bitter, sour, tart, acid, fermented, brackish; bitterness, sourness. fig.,...

ʻawaʻawa₂  R   redup. of ʻawa₃, cold mountain rain, fog, mist; to rain or mist...

ʻāwaʻawaʻa₁  R  vs. uneven, furrowed, craggy.

ʻāwaʻawaʻa₂  R  vs. muscular.

ʻawaʻawahia  R   pas/imp. of ʻawaʻawa₁, redup. of ʻawa₂, sour, bitter, poisonous..., bitter, sour, tart..., ʻawaʻawa₂, redup. of ʻawa₃, cold mountain rain, fog, mist...

ʻawaʻawahua  R  vs. bitter, sour. fig., crabbed in nature, bitter, ungrateful.

ʻawaʻawaina  R  n. bitterness.

ʻāwaha  R  nvi. to speak in a rude, harsh manner; rudeness.

ʻawahia₁  R   pas/imp. of ʻawa₂, sour

ʻawahia₂  R  vs. toxic.

ʻawahia₃  R   pas/imp. of ʻawa₃, rain, mist...

ʻawa hiwa  R  n. a variety of kava with long internodes.

ʻawahua  R   similar to ʻawaʻawahua; ingratitude, meanness; to be mean, ungrateful, embittered, resentful.

ʻāwai₁  R  n. rostrum, pulpit, speaker's platform, dais, scaffold.

ʻāwai₂  R  n. bundle, bunch, cluster, as of tied objects.

ʻāwai₃  R   see ʻawaiāhiki.

awaiāhiki  R  nvi. var. spelling of ʻawaiāhiki, swelling in the groin, bubo; to have such a swelling.

ʻawaiāhiki, awaiāhiki  R  nvi. swelling in the groin, bubo; to have such a swelling.

awaiāulu  R  vt. to bind securely, fasten, as of the marriage tie.

awaikū  R  n. good spirits, as the messengers of Kāne, who guarded people from evil ghosts and managed the...

ʻawaikū  R  n. kava root dug ceremonially by a priest and held up (...

ʻawailani  R  

awa kalamoho  R  n. a large awa, milkfish.

ʻawa Kanaloa  R  n. same as makou₁, all kinds of buttercups.

awakea  R  nvi. noon, midday; to be at noon, to become noon.

ʻawakeke  R  n. gingerbread.

ʻawa keʻokeʻo  R   probably same as ʻawa papa kea.

ʻawa kua ʻea  R   same as ʻawa nēnē, a spotted variety of kava.

ʻawakūmakua  R  n. a variety of kava with green internodes of medium...

awa kū moku  R  n. ship harbor or anchorage, port.

ʻawakupoi  R  n. avoirdupois.

ʻāwala₁  R  vt. to throw a knife or stock with a back flip; to throw back the head so as to grab dangling...

ʻāwala₂  R  vt. to pull back steadily, as a line. fig., to throw oneself into work.

awa lau  R   many channels

ʻawalau  R  n. var. spelling of ʻawa lau, a young kava plant (root...

ʻawa lau, ʻawalau  R  n. a young kava plant (root, stem, and leaves) used as...

ʻawalauakāne  R   same as ʻalaʻala wai nui₁, a succulent related to kava.

ʻā wale  R  vi. to burn for no particular reason; susceptible to combustion; spontaneous combustion;...

ʻawaliʻi  R  n. type of hard stone from which adzes were made.

ʻawa liʻi  R   same as ʻawaakāne, a variety of kava.

awaloa  R  n. place where bones of chiefs were hidden, as in a cave, lit., eternal harbor.

ʻawalu  R  num. eight (usually in counting in a series).

ʻawa maha kea  R  n. name for ʻawa ākea,...

ʻawa mākea  R  n. a variety of kava.

ʻawa mamaka  R  n. a variety of kava with short internodes and...

ʻawa mānienie  R  n. a variety of kava with smooth, white stalk.

ʻawa mōʻī  R  n. a variety of kava with short, dark-green internodes...

ʻawa mokihana  R  n. a variety of kava with short yellowish-green...

ʻawa nēnē  R  n. a variety of kava with long, spotted internodes.

ʻawa papa  R  n. a variety of kava with short internodes and spotted...

ʻawapuhi₁  R  n. wild ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), a forest herb with narrow leaves arranged along a stalk...

ʻawapuhi₂  R  n. a variety of sweet potato.

ʻawapuhi₃  R  n. a type of taro (no data).

ʻawapuhi ʻai  R   same as ʻawapuhi Pākē; lit., edible ginger.

ʻawapuhiakanaloa  R  n. Liparis hawaiensis, a small, endemic orchid with two large ovate leaves and...

ʻawapuhi kāhili  R   same as kāhili₄.

ʻawapuhi keʻokeʻo  R  n. the white ginger (Hedychium coronarium), a large herb from India, both wild...

ʻawapuhi koʻokoʻo  R  n. torch ginger (Phaeomeria speciosa), a large herb, from the East Indies,...

ʻawapuhi kuahiwi  R   wild ginger

ʻawapuhi luheluhe  R  n. the shell ginger (Catimbium speciosum), a large ornamental herb from East...

ʻawapuhi melemele  R  n. the yellow ginger (Hedychium flavescens), similar to

ʻawapuhi Pākē  R  n. ginger (Zingiber officinale), yielding a valuable commercial root spice. The...

ʻawapuhi ʻulaʻula  R  n. the red ginger (Alpinia purpurata), an ornamental plant having a long...

awāwa  R  n. valley, gulch, ravine.

ʻawawaiakamanu  R  n. a variety of kava, an offshoot of...

awāwa kūhōhō  R  n. canyon. lit., deep valley.

awāwa māwae&nb