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Most frequently cited Biblical
with # of citations
Pukaana (Exodus) 137
Isaia (Isaiah) 132
Halelu (Psalms) 97
Kinohi (Genesis) 96
Oihanakahuna (Leviticus) 90
Mataio (Matthew) 64
Kanawailua (Deuteronomy) 53
Ieremia (Jeremiah) 49
Nahelu (Numbers) 46
Ioba (Job) 40
I Samuela (I Samuel) 33
II Samuela (II Samuel) 32
Hoikeana (Revelation) 31
Ezekiela (Ezekiel) 28
Solomona (Proverbs) 28
Luka (Luke) 27
Lunakanawai (Judges) 26
I Nalii (I Kings) 25
II Oihanaalii (II Chronicles) 20
Oihana (Acts) 19
Mele a Solomona (Song of Solomon) 18
Mareko (Mark) 17
II Nalii (II Kings) 16
Ioane (John) 16
Roma (Romans) 14
I Korineto (I Corinthians) 13
Iosua (Joshua) 12
I Petero (I Peter) 10
Daniela (Daniel) 10
Hebera (Hebrews) 10

Books of the Bible

Oih.Oihana Acts
Am.Amosa Amos
1-Oihn.I Oihanaalii I Chronicles
2-Oihn.II Oihanaalii II Chronicles
Kol.Kolosa Colossians
1-Kor.I Korineto I Corinthians
2-Kor.II Korineto II Corinthians
Dan.Daniela Daniel
Kanl.Kanawailua Deuteronomy
Kekah.Kekahuna Ecclesiastes
EpesoEpeso Ephesians
Eset.Esetera Esther
Puk.Pukaana Exodus
Ezek.Ezekiela Ezekiel
EzeraEzera Ezra
Gal.Galatia Galatians
Kin.Kinohi Genesis
HagaiHagai Haggai
Heb.Hebera Hebrews
Hos.Hosea Hosea
Isa.Isaia Isaiah
Iak.Iakobo James
Ier.Ieremia Jeremiah
IobaIoba Job
IoelaIoela Joel
IoaneIoane John
Ios.Iosua Joshua
IudaIuda Jude
Lunk.Lunakanawai Judges
1-Nal.I Nalii I Kings
2-Nal.II Nalii II Kings
Oihk.Oihanakahuna Leviticus
LukaLuka Luke
Mal.Malaki Malachi
Mar.Mareko Mark
Mat.Mataio Matthew
MikaMika Micah
Neh.Nehemia Nehemia
Nah.Nahelu Numbers
1-Pet.I Petero I Peter
2-Pet.II Petero II Peter
PilipiPilipi Philippians
Sol.Solomona Proverbs
Hal.Halelu Psalms
Hoik.Hoikeana Revelation
RomaRoma Romans
RutaRuta Ruth
1-Sam.I Samuela I Samuel
2-Sam.II Samuela II Samuel
MeleMele a Solomona Song of Solomon
1-Tes.I Tesalonike I Thessalonians
2-Tes.II Tesalonike II Thessalonians
1-Tim.I Timoteo I Timothy
2-Tim.II Timoteo II Timothy
TitoTito Titus
Zek.Zekaria Zechariah
Zep.Zepania Zephaniah

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