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Below are numerous images and descriptions of Project Manager (Editor) screens, data managements screens for a variety of data types and web output.

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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary (ACD)

In collaboration with and based on the research of Prof. Robert Blust of the University of Hawaiʻi, this online presentation is the largest and most detailed comparative dictionary of any of the word's language families, including data from over 700 languages, extensively annotated, with numerous comprehensive indexes, including all words used in reconstructions for each language. Shown below are the main entry screen, the expanded entry screens for each of the main areas, the set, proto-language, and forms, along with the language maintenance screen. A work-in-progress since 2010.

Marshallese Online Dictionary (MOD)

In collaboration with Prof. (Emeritus) Byron Bender of the University of Hawaiʻi, a significantly expanded online edition of the Marshallese-English Dictionary (1976) compiled by Takaji Abo, Byron W. Bender, Alfred Capelle, and Tony DeBrum, included over 10,000 example sentences including the full text of Capelle's Marshallese novella, and selections from Spoken Marshallese, extensively cross-linked and indexed, and including Place Names of the Marshalls, and concordances of all Marshalles and English examples sentences. Developed in 2009 and frequently updated. Screens below are the main entry screen, the preview mode of the screen, the editor for Capelle's novella, and for the data from Spoken Marshallese.

Combined Hawaiian Dictionary (CHD)

Under development since 2011, this online dictionary is based on data from the major Hawaiian dictionaries - Pukui & Elbert (1986), Māmaka Kaiao (2003, 2010), Andrews (1865), as well as Pukui, Elbert and Mookini's, Place Names of Hawaii (1974), and numerous additional sources. It includes a concordance of all example sentences, topical and reverse indexes, a concordance of the Hawaiian translation of the New Testament, and various addition Hawaiian language material. Screens shown are the main entry screen, the preview mode of the screen, the English-Hawaiian entry screen and the place names editor screen.

Pohnpeian-English Dictionary

Under development since 2013, in collaboration with Prof. Kenneth Rehg of the University of Hawaiʻi and Damian Sohl, of Pohnpei, with a grant from the Pohnpeian Ministry of Education, this online dictionary is a revised and expanded version of the Ponapean-English Dictionary (1979) by Rehg and Sohl. Developed simultaneously in Pohnpei and Honolulu, with the data electronically transferred weekly and maintained in a centralized database, presented online. Facilities for internal messaging, and user input summaries provide input feedback for the developers.

Trukese-English Dictionary

Based on the the Trukese-English Dictionary by Ward Goodenough and Hiroshi Sugita (1980), an experiment in manual input from a published source, as the original file is no longer accessible. Only partially complete.

Yapese-English Dictionary

Based on the the Yapese-English Dictionary (1977) by John Thayer Jensen, with the assistance of John Baptist Iou, Raphael Defeg, and Leo David Pugram.

Mokilese-English Dictionary

Based on the the Mokilese-English Dictionary (1977) by Sheldon P. Harrison and Salich Albert.

Proto-Micronesian Reconstructions

Based on Proto-Micronesian Reconstructions – 1 and 2 (Oceanic Linguistics Vol. 42, Num. 1, June 2003, 1–110.) by Byron W. Bender, Ward H. Goodenough, Frederick H. Jackson, Jeffrey C. Marck, Kenneth L. Rehg, Ho-min Sohn, Stephen Trussel, and Judith W. Wang

Howard Fast Bibliography

The comprehensive bibliography of the works of American author Howard Fast (1914–2003), as acknowledged by Prof. Gerald Sorin in his biography, "Howard Fast: Life and Literature in the Left Lane" (2012), in his Bibliographic Note (p.479): "The most important source for Howard Fast is the website created and maintained by Steve Trussel, Here you will find not only a listing of every book, article, essay, introduction, play, pamphlet, poem, editied anthology, and review written by Fast, and many of his newspaper pieces and columns, but also articles about him, and reviews of almost all of his books. Many items are available for downloading at no cost. It is a remarkable feat to have put together this site, with its many links and ease of use. I owe Steve Trussel a deep debt of gratitude, for providing this resource, and for having saved me immeasurable amounts of time."

DVD Manager

A dvd library management and online display system, developed for my brother James, who has thousands of them. Enables locating a dvd within his collection, displaying information about the film, indexes to authors and directors, etc.

PoiView - Oahu Land Use

A database of land parcels of Oahu, developed for the Dept. of Planning and Permits of the City and County of Honolulu in 2008-2009. (POI = Points-of-Interest for land use). This large and comprehensive database is currenlty used by the CCH for long-range land use planning.

Paris Map Books

An online data display of a collection of early Paris City Map Guides, primarily published by Leconte, with extensive large scale image illustrations of maps, books, and pages. Most image displays can be clicked to show the large images, and numerous indexes cover all aspects of the maps and books. In 2011 I received a communication from Xavière Leconte, who had recently become the managing director of the company founded by her great-grandfather, André Leconte, requesting permission to link to and use material from my site for their publicity, as they had no comparable collection of their books.

LWV Honolulu Newsletter Archives

I've been developer and webmaster of the League of Women Voters of Hawaiʻi site since 2005. Early on I came up with the concept of an online newsletter archives for their history-rich file of crumbling paper copies. Below is the main input and editing screen for the management and storage of the online versions of the Archives of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu Newsletters, 1950-present. This was the main workhorse for the three-year project of scanning and inputting all the copies in the League's files, (and those at the Hamilton Library's Hawaiian Collection when missing from the League), and converting them to html - web-readable and indexed versions for online presentation. This 65-year archive of over 800 newsletters is the largest known collection of LWV newsletters online.

Hawaiʻi Election Candidates

2014 was the third election year that, via this program, the League of Women Voters has provided the Hawaiʻi community with complete online descriptions of all candidates for all offices, including photos, candidate statements and previous candidacies. The screen shows the entry for David Ige, the current Governor of Hawaiʻi, with his statement for the League's site. Click on the screen image to see the results of the last election.

Dick Russell Articles

I've been webmaster and developer of the Dick Russell site since 2001. Dick is an author and conservationist, and I've archived many of his articles online at the site with the Editor below.

LWV Members

The main membership screen for the LWV of Hawaii. This screen accesses the programs for printing out the membership booklet and newspaper mailing labels, as well as tracking current dues-paying members and not-member newsletter recipients.

Mazda MX-5 Mileage

Here I am with my 2007 Mazda Miata MX-5, and the mileage I've been getting since it was new.

Oceanic Linguistics 50-year Index

This program was developed for the 50-year Anniversary index of the linguistic journal, Oceanic Linguistcs. It was used by UH Professors Bender and Grace to categorize the articles, and then to create the various indexes.

Japanese Books

This program was developed to display a collection of 250+ books, primarily about the Japanese language and Japanese language study. The unique feature was the full-size display of one or more representative pages of the text, along with full-size cover images, and publishing details. Various indexes were also creaed and maintained via this screen.

Japanese Verbs

This Japanese verb-study program is the descendant of one I created in 1990 as a DOS program called Verb Explorer J, for the Japan-American Institute of Management Science in Honolulu. This 2006 incarnation allows the user to convert Japanese verbs from rōmaji to kanji to hiragana, and to cycle through the various forms in each, plain, polite, affirmative, negative.

Prehistoric Fiction

This is a bibliography of "prehistoric fiction" I created in 1996, and it was apparently the first use of the term. As I wrote in the site in 2009, "In 1996, two years BG – Before Google – there were quite a few search engines... but virtually no results for "Prehistoric Fiction". A few days ago, Google reported about 82,700 entries containing that phrase." Nicholas Ruddick, author of "The Fire in the Stone: Prehistoric Fiction from Charles Darwin to Jean M. Auel" (2009) wrote to me in October, 2009, "...I couldn't have done the project without your online pf bibliography. It was by far the single most important resource that I used. I still remember my excitement when I first discovered it... and my incredulity and joy when I realized that no one else had yet used it to write The Fire in the Stone!..."

Pseudonyms - AKA

This is the main Editor screen for my AKA website - author pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, noms de plume, maiden names... etc., with over 15,000 entries. (When I started it in 1997, there were appx. 3,000 entries.) Over the years, numerous people have contacted me with additions and corrections, but I most enjoy finding it referenced on the websites of public libraries!

Pacific School of Performing Arts

This is one of the half-dozen screens used to manage the operation of a small school for children, in this example showing a teacher's Kindermusik class, information about one of the students, the teacher's other classes, etc. All of the printed output used in class maintenance along with online registration was managed via this system, which included output of teacher's schedules, class calendars, etc. (The school is not currently in operation.)

(personal information removed)

Anti-Smoking on Stamps

For a philatelic website with the topic "Anti-Smoking", this Editor handles the input, output, and editing, including a display of two of the images at a time. It outputs the entire set of web pages, which are linked to each other, permitting the viewer to scroll from one screen to the next.

LWV - Legislative Testimony

The Honolulu League of Women Voters regularly testifies at the State Legislature on issues for which it has a position. Prior testimony had been stored in notebooks, which I recognized as likely candidates for online display and organization, since earlier testimony is often considered when similar bills appear. The screen below has evolved as various League members have taken over the input role, and many of the functions which earlier required manual input have been automated.

Maigret "Encyclopedia"

Simenon's Inspector Maigret is a major feature at the website, presenting information and discussion about the fictional French detective for almost 18 years. It is the major English language source of information about Maigret, debatably for any language. One of the early features was the "Maigret Encyclopedia", a catalog of all proper names, streets, locations, etc., appearing in the English language translations of the Maigret corpus, along with additional items of interest. Like many of these programs, I wrote the original programs in Clipper, a programming language that used a dBase III data structure, and later converted them to Visual Basic.Net for GUI (graphic user interface) development in Windows.


A program to track investments along with descriptive literature relating to each company as published in major investment publications.

Unicode Conversion

A utility program for generating Unicode numerical equivalents of characters which can't easily be stored in text files. Of limited use with today's Unicode-friendly software, it was once a valuable way to present Japanese character text for websites developed in English.

Robert Ross Slideshow

Part of an artists website,, this is administered via the internet by the artist, without webmaster intervention. The slideshow is the newest addition to the six-year-old site, created in January 2015.

Endangered Oceanic Languages

Data input/edit screen for the "triage" project, Endangered Oceanic Languages, an interactive, multi-user screen via the internet. Clicking on the image takes you to the Language screen. Click on Filter/Selection at the top of the language screen to see the interactive user interface.

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