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Micronesian Comparative Dictionary

Cognate Sets

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mʷa    mʷe    mʷo    mʷu    

PMc   *mʷa-   prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition

Trukesemʷa-, mʷá-, mʷó-, mʷe- (as in mʷe-kinikin ‘tickle’), mʷé-, mʷo-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
MortlockesemʷV-(vowel varies) 
Puluwatesemʷa-, mʷá-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Saipan Carolinianmʷa-, mʷá-, mʷó-, mʷe-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
SatawalesemʷV-(vowel varies) 
Woleaianmʷa-, mʷe-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Pulo-Annanmʷa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Proto-Chuukic*mʷa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Ponapeianmʷa-(as in mwa-aŋieŋ giddy, dizzy) 
 mʷe-(as in mwe-ŋiniŋin whisper, mwe-ŋereŋer spotted, blotched, mwe-rekirek wrinkled) 
 mʷo-(as in mwo-kuuku whisper) 
Mokilesemʷa-, mʷe-, mʷó-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Marshallesemʷa-(as in mwmwaydikdik whisper) 
 mʷe-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Kiribatimʷa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Kusaieanwa-(as in wa-korkor ticklish) 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*mʷa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Tonganŋa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Sa’amʷa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Arosimʷa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition
Kwaiowa-·prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition

See Proto–Pohnpeic-Chuukic *mʷa-ŋúnúŋúnú ‘whisper’, Proto–Western Micronesian *-ali, -aliali, mʷa-aliali ‘circle, circling, dizzy’, Proto–Central Micronesian *mʷakusu ‘be in motion’.

PMc   *mʷaa   indeed (exclamation)

Trukesemʷaaindeed, so, really (an exclamation) 
Kiribatimʷa [sic]exclamation of dissatisfaction and surprise 
Kusaieanexclamation of surprise 
Proto-Oceanic*mʷaa·indeed (exclamation)
Fijiangaaonly, just, all the same, yet, but, however [adverb] 
West Nakanaimathus 

PMc   *mʷaane   man, male

Trukesemʷáánman, male 
 mʷááni-(n)her brother 
 mʷááneyánbe a brother and sister 
 mʷááni-(i-núk)younger brother 
 (a)-mʷáánitreat him as a middle-aged man 
 mʷááne-(n)brother of (a woman) 
Saipan Carolinianmʷáál·man, male
Saipan Carolinian·Tmʷáán·man, male
Satawalesemʷáán, mʷááni-(n)man, man of 
 mʷaale-(nnape)maternal uncle 
 mʷaale-(tugofai)old man 
Pulo-Annanmʷaane·man, male
Sonsorolesemʷaane·man, male
Proto-Chuukic*mʷaane·man, male
Ponapeianmʷaan·man, male
Mokilesemʷaan, mʷein·man, male
Marshallesemʷmʷahanman, male, wifes brother 
 mʷaane-(na)his/her sibling of opposite sex 
Kusaieanwen·man, male
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*mʷaqane·man, male
Fijianganesibling of opposite sex 
Tongan[tuo]-ŋa’anebrother of a woman 
Bugotumane·man, male
Sa’amʷane·man, male
Laumʷane·man, male
Arosimʷane·man, male
Kwaiowane·man, male
West Nakanai[hata]-maleman, male, brother of a woman 
Proto-Kimbe*tam[ou][hØ]ane·man, male

— Cf. —

Uraustronesisch*ba-Rani·man, male
Proto-Austronesian*RaqaNicommander, war leader  (Wolff 1993)

PMc   *mʷaau   good, healthy

Trukesemʷaawhumble, deferential 
 (sa)-mʷaawsick (lit. not well) 
Saipan Carolinian(mʷaa)-mʷaaybe beautiful, pretty, handsome, good, healthy, successful 
Woleaianmʷaaúbe good 
Pulo-Annanmaú [sic]be good, fine 
 (ta)-maúsin, badness, fault, be bad, mean, cruel 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷaaú, (ta)-mʷaaú·good, healthy
 mʷaaw-(ki)to consider good, desire (something) 
 (sow)-mʷaawsickness, disease 
Mokilesemʷeewgood, pretty, nice 
Kusaieanwogood, becoming, satisfactory, agreeable 

See also Proto-Chuukic *ta-mʷaaú ‘sickness, be sick’.

PWMc   *mʷaca₁   busy, occupied, detained

PuluwatesemʷaRbe late, detained 
Saipan Carolinianmʷash’ be busy, detained’·busy, occupied, detained
Woleaianmʷashú [sic]be busy, occupied 
Pulo-Annanmʷasa-(iki)laziness, be lazy 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷaca·busy, occupied, detained
Marshallesemʷadloiter, distracted, busy, occupied 

PWMc   (?)   *mʷaca₂   garden

Ponapeianmʷaatclearing, field, plantation, garden, farm 
Mokilesemʷɔs-(wen)vegetable garden 
Marshallese(je)-mʷade-(n)wasteland (not garden) 

This is based on Marck’s (1994:322) Proto–Pohnpeic-Chuukic *m’at’a.

PCMc   *mʷacaya   physical deformity

Trukesemʷáchey, mʷácheya-(n)deformity, his deformity 
Woleaianmʷasheyebirthmark on the skin 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷacea·physical deformity
Kiribatimʷaraahaving a hairlip, be disgusted or shocked at the sight of something 

— Cf. —

Fijiandaaa childrens disease showing red spots 

And cf. Proto-Micronesian *ma-cai ‘slimy’.

PCMc   *mʷaire   exaltation

Trukesemʷeyirdance of exaltation (done only by women) 
 (e)-mʷeyirsong while carrying food to present to the chief 
 (e)-mʷeyirasing upon it (food brought to the chief) 
Woleaianmʷeireshout (usually in a large group of people), yell 
Kiribatimʷaieworldly pleasure, dissipation (a missionarys disapproving gloss) 
 mʷaieengage in worldly pleasure 
 (ka)-mʷaie-(a)induce (someone) to engage in worldly pleasure or sport 

PWMc   *mʷaki   needlefish

Woleaianmʷaagi, mʷagi-young needlefish 
Pulo-Annanmʷaaki, mʷaki-eel 

PWMc   (?)   *mʷakumʷaku   arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)

Trukese#mʷéék, mʷékúmʷék·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Puluwatesemʷakomʷak·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Saipan Carolinianmóghomógharrowroot 
Saipan Carolinian·Tmógomógarrowroot 
Woleaianmʷégúmʷégú·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Proto-Chuukic*mʷakúmʷakú·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Ponapeianmʷεkimʷεk·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Mokilesemʷɔkmʷɔk·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)
Marshallesemʷakmʷék·arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides)

Kusaiean mokmok appears to be a loan.

PCMc   *mʷakusu   be in motion

Trukesemʷékút, mʷékútúkútmove 
 (é)-mʷékútúmake it move 
Mortlockesemʷékút·be in motion
Puluwatesemʷakét·be in motion
Saipan Carolinianmʷóghut, mʷóghutughut·be in motion
Saipan Carolinian·Tmógut·be in motion
Satawalesemʷokutukut·be in motion
Woleaianmʷagútú·be in motion
Proto-Chuukic*mʷakúdú·be in motion
Ponapeianmʷεkid·be in motion
Mokilesemʷekid-(da)hurry up! 
Marshallesemʷmʷakit·be in motion

— Cf. —


Note that Kusaiean mukʷi, mukʷikʷi ‘move’ looks like a loan (initial m unexpected).

PMc   *mʷa-nuu   length from elbow to finger tips

Trukesemʷé-núú-, -mʷé-nú·length from elbow to finger tips
Saipan Carolinianmʷa-lú, mʷa-lúú-(l peshe)inside of the knee or elbow joint, inside of the knee 
 -mʷa-lúlength from inside elbow to finger tip, cubit (counting classifier) 
Woleaian-mʷa-lúúlength from elbow to fingertip (counting classifier) 
Pulo-Annan-mʷa-nú [sic]·length from elbow to finger tips
Proto-Chuukic*mʷa-[ln]úú·length from elbow to finger tips
Kiribatimʷa-nuua joint (as the elbow) 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*(mʷa)-nuu·length from elbow to finger tips

PMc   *mʷaŋau   to eat, food

Trukesemʷéŋé, mʷéŋéé-(n)eat, cooked food, cooked food of 
 (a)-mʷéŋéé-(w), (a)-mʷéŋéé-(ni)give food to him, feed him 
Puluwatesemʷéŋé, mʷéŋéé-(n)eat, food, food of 
Saipan Carolinianmʷoŋostaple food 
 (a)-mʷoŋo-o-(w)to feed (someone) 
Saipan Carolinian·T(a)-mʷoŋo-o-(y)to feed (someone) 
Woleaianmʷoŋooto eat, food 
Pulo-Annanmʷaŋaúto eat, food (cooked staple), meal 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷaŋaú·to eat, food
Ponapeianmʷεŋε, mʷεŋεε-(n)eat, food, food of 
Mokilesemʷiŋeto eat, food 
Marshallesemʷeŋayto eat, food 
Kusaieanmoŋoeat, food 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*(mʷa)-ŋau·to eat, food
Sa’aŋáu, ŋáuŋeuto eat 
 ŋáu-[he]a feast 
Ulawannáu-[ha]a feast 
Arosiŋau·to eat, food

— Cf. —

Bugotuvaŋato eat, vegetable food 
Laufaŋato eat 
 faŋa-aa feast 
 faŋa-(gu)my mouth 

Note that the initial m of the Kusaiean form is unexpected and suggests it is a loan.

PMc   *mʷare   shoulder garland

Trukesemʷáár, mʷárámʷár, mʷaramʷar, mʷári-n, mʷári-nilei, wreath, wear a lei, his lei, acquire as a lei 
 mʷáre-(e-y), mʷare-(e-y)carry it on the shoulders 
Puluwatesemʷáár, mʷára-mʷár, mʷára-ni-(y)·shoulder garland
Saipan Carolinianmʷáár; mʷare-possessive classifier for garlands, leis, necklaces … worn around the head or neck 
Satawalesemʷáár, mʷaremʷar·shoulder garland
Woleaianmʷaare, mʷaremʷare, mʷera-le, mʷera-li-(i)·shoulder garland
Pulo-Annanmʷaale, mʷale-mʷale·shoulder garland
Proto-Chuukic*mʷare, mʷaremʷare, mʷare-na, mʷare-ni·shoulder garland
Ponapeianmʷaar, mʷaramʷar, mʷarε·shoulder garland
Mokilesemʷarmʷar·shoulder garland
Pingilapesemʷarεmʷar·shoulder garland
Marshallesemʷarmʷarnecklace, wear a necklace 
 mʷare-possessive classifier for flowers, medals, necklaces, or fishing baskets 
Kiribatimʷae·shoulder garland
Kusaieanola-(l)his lei 

See also Proto-Chuukic *kamʷmʷare ‘carry with a shoulder pole’.

PMc   *mʷata   worm

Trukesemʷaas, mʷasa-(n), mʷasamʷasstench (especially genital stench), his stench 
Puluwatesemʷaha-(n)his bad odor 
 mʷahsmell bad 
Saipan Carolinianmʷaas, mʷasa-(l)stink, unpleasant smell, his unpleasant smell 
Saipan Carolinian·Tmʷaahstink, unpleasant smell 
Woleaianmʷaase, mʷesa-(le)sperm, his sperm 
 mʷaate, mʷeta-underground worm 
Ponapeianmʷaasworm, bacteria, germ 
Marshallesemʷajeel, intestinal worm 
 wat (koekoe)a kind of worm 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*mʷatasnake 
Fijiangwata, gatasnake 
Sa’amʷaasnake, the disease lupus 
Kwaiowaasnake, worm 
West Nakanaimata-[guruguru]a small snake 

Cf. Loans: Mortlockese mʷuso.

PWMc   *mʷata[ŋØ]ala   intestines

Ponapeianmʷasaal, mʷesaalεintestines, his intestines 
Mokilesemʷajaal, mʷajaali-(n), mʷajŋal, mʷajŋali-(n)·intestines

— Cf. —

Kiribatimataŋapancreas  (Bender et al. 1984)

Marshallese expected. Cf. also Proto–Pohnpeic-Chuukic *taka, taka-ni ‘stomach, have stomach for’ and Proto-Chuukic *daa ‘intestine’.

PCMc   *mʷaTie   to sneeze

Trukesemʷesi, mʷmʷesito sneeze 
 mʷmʷesi, mʷmʷesiya-(n)a sneeze, his sneeze 
Mortlockesemʷasey·to sneeze
Puluwatesemʷahey, mʷahiy·to sneeze
Saipan Carolinianmʷmʷusi·to sneeze
Saipan Carolinian·Tmʷmʷuhi·to sneeze
Satawalesemʷosi·to sneeze
Woleaianmʷosiye·to sneeze
Ulithianmʷusi·to sneeze
Pulo-Annanmodia·to sneeze
Proto-ChuukicmʷaTi[ae]·to sneeze
Marshallesemʷajéy·to sneeze
Kiribatimʷatie·to sneeze

— Cf. —

Ponapeianasito sneeze 
Kusaieansinεto sneeze 
Sa’aasiŋeto sneeze 
Ulawanásiheto sneeze 
Arosiasiheto sneeze 
Bugotuachiheto sneeze 
Kwaio‘asi-laito sneeze 

PCMc   *mʷau   be finished

Trukesemʷmʷéw, mʷmʷéwú- (< *mʷémʷéwú)come to an end, be finished 
Kiribatimʷaibe cooked 

— Cf. —

Proto–Eastern Oceanic*mʷaRiroasted  (Geraghty 1990)

PCMc   *mʷea[wØ]u   be slow

Puluwatesemʷmʷaay·be slow
Saipan Carolinian-mʷmʷaay, -mʷmʷaayú-carefully, slowly, without rushing 
Kiribatimʷeauarrive late, come slowly, move slowly 

PWMc   *mʷese, mʷemʷese   jump, move quickly

Trukesemʷet,mʷmʷet, mʷetemʷetjump, spring, leap 
 mʷete-(tá)jump up 
 mʷete-e-(y)jump over or onto it 
Puluwatesemʷétto walk fast 
 mʷmʷétto jump 
 mʷétémʷétbe fast 
 mʷéte-(tiw)to jump down 
Saipan Carolinianmʷetto go away, get away, mwetemwet be fast, hurry up 
 mʷetemʷetbe fast, hurry up 
Woleaianmʷeteto run 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷede, mʷmʷede·jump, move quickly
Marshallesemʷét, mʷmʷétpitch (of a boat), to pitch 

— For prenasalized variant see —

Fijiangedeto bob up and down 

PMc   *mʷ[ou]a   ahead, going before

Trukesemʷmʷa-(n)ahead of him 
 mʷmʷe-(mey)first breadfruit (of a season) 
 mʷmʷe-e-(y)present it as first fruits 
 (e)-mʷmʷe-(ni)lead him, go before him 
Puluwatesemʷmʷa-(n)ahead of him 
 mʷmʷe-(e-y)to lead 
Saipan Carolinianmʷmʷa-(l)in front of him 
Woleaianmʷmʷa-(li)in front of 
 mʷmʷa-(a)go ahead of it 
Pulo-Annanmʷua-front, before 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷmʷa-, mʷua-·ahead, going before
Ponapeianmʷowεahead of him, to offer as a first fruit 
Marshallesemʷaha-ahead, before, place in front of 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*muqa·ahead, going before
Proto-Polynesian*muqabefore, first 
Fijianmua-[na]tip, point, front of it 

— Cf. —

Proto-Kimbe*mugafirst, go ahead, now, temporarily, forward, onward 

We have here an unusual instance in the Micronesian languages in which Proto–Eastern Oceanic *u after *mʷ was either lowered to o or a (presumably because of the following a) or was assimilated to the preceding (see also Proto-Micronesian *mʷoe ‘sleep’).

PMc   *mʷoe   sleep

Trukese(kuna)-mʷmʷecomfort, tranquility, peace, be comfortable 
Puluwatese(kéna)-mʷmʷepeace, comfort, ease, be at peace, tranquil, comfortable 
Saipan Carolinian(ghúla)-mʷmʷeybe sleeping deeply 
 #(ghiló)-mʷdeep sleep, freedom, quiet, peace 
Saipan Carolinian·T(gúna)-mʷmʷeyto sleep deeply 
 #(gúnó)-mʷdeep sleep, freedom, quiet, peace 
Satawalese(kúla)-mʷmʷesleep well 
Woleaianmʷmʷesleep well, sleep soundly 
 (ga)-mʷmʷe-(e)make him sleep well 
Kiribatimʷeeto sleep 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*moze·sleep (Geraghty 1983)
Arosimoeto stay, sleep with someone 

— Note also —

Proto-Kimbe*moqesleeping mat and rain cape made of pandanus, the pandanus from which they are made 

— Cf. —

Kiribatimʷemʷe, mʷeme [sic]to dream 

— Note the prenasalized doublets: —

Sa’amodebe listless, faint 
Laumodeto mend, patch 
Kwaiomodepandanus, mat, umbrella 
Proto-Oceanic*mode< Pre-POc *monze 

Here, again, we have the assimilation of Proto-Micronesian *o to a preceding *mʷ in Proto-Chuukic (see also Proto-Micronesian *mʷ[ou]a ‘ahead, going before’).

PCMc   *mʷoka   crumbled, decomposed

Trukese(féwú)-mʷo, (fowu)-mʷosmall pebbles 
 (féwú)-mʷoo-mʷobe pebbly 
Puluwatese(fawú)-mʷópebbles, coral rubble 
Saipan Carolinian(faay) mó, (faay) mókkgravel 
Saipan Carolinian·T(faay) móggravel 
Woleaian(faú)-mʷagegravel, pebbles 
 (faú)-mʷega-(a)put gravel on it 
Pulo-Annan(dadú)-maka [sic]gravel, pebbles 
Proto-Chuukic*(fatú)-mʷokadecayed stone 
Marshallesemʷektired, exhausted 
Kiribatimʷomʷoka, mkabe decayed, rotten 

Marck (1994:316) reconstructs Proto-Micronesian *maka or *fatu-maka ‘stones for throwing’.

PMc   *mʷonu   squirrel fish

Trukesemʷéén, #mʷéénú-(n)species of squirrel fish (Myripristis), squirrel fish of 
Puluwatesemʷéén, #mʷééni-(n)small red reef fish (perhaps a red snapper), fish of 
Saipan Carolinianmʷéélspecies of fish similar to snapper 
Saipan Carolinian·Tmʷéénspecies of squirrel fish 
Woleaianmʷéélú, mʷélú-red snapper 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷénú·squirrel fish
Ponapeianmmʷεnfish species 
Marshallesemʷénsquirrel fish 
Kiribatimʷona fish (Myripristis adustus, M. murdjan
Kusaieanwɔna kind of fish 

— Cf. —

West Nakanaimolaa fish 

PWMc   *mʷool[iu]   generous

Saipan Carolinianmʷoolbe generous, very kind 
Woleaianmʷmʷéélúgenerous, liberal, open-handed 
Pulo-Annanmʷoni [sic]be generous, kind 
Marshallesemʷmʷewelbe generous, be thanked, be grateful, liberal, open-handed 

PMc   *mʷotu   ended, finished

Trukesemʷú, mʷucome to an end 
Puluwatesemʷéyi-(ló)disappear (as food in famine), be gone away 
Ponapeianmʷeyfinish defecating 
Kiribatimʷotidecided, mwoti-ka decide, terminate (something) 
 mʷoti-kadecide, terminate (something) 
Proto-Oceanicmotu·ended, finished
Ulawanmou-sito decide 

Cf. Proto-Micronesian *mʷotu, mʷotu-Si ‘cut, sever, break off’, Proto–Central Micronesian *mʷau ‘be finished’, Proto-Chuukic *mʷúccú ‘finished’.

PMc   *mʷotu, mʷotu-Si   cut, sever, break off

Trukesemʷú, mʷúú- (also mʷu, mʷuu-)be severed, broken off 
 mʷúú-ti (also mʷuu-ti)break it apart; adopt a child 
Mortlockesemʷéwbroken off, separated 
Puluwatesemʷéy (also méy, méyi-ti-(y))break as rope, adopt a child 
Saipan Carolinianmʷmʷeybe broken, snapped, parted 
 mʷei-tito break, part, snap (something) 
Satawalesemʷéybroken off, separated 
Woleaianmʷmʷeúbe broken off 
 mʷeúmʷeúbreak away, divorce 
 mʷeú-ti-(i)break it, take it (a child) from its mother 
Pulo-Annanmʷadúbe broken 
 modúmodú, modú-tiadopted child, adopt a child 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷotú, mʷotú-di·cut, sever, break off
Ponapeianmʷeybe broken 
 mʷey-dto break (something, as a string) 
Mokilesemʷeysnapped, divorced 
 mʷey-dsnap (something) 
Marshallesemʷijmʷij, mʷiji-tcut 
Kiribatimʷotibroken off 
 uticut (something) 
Proto-Oceanic*motu-[sz]·cut, sever, break off
Proto-Polynesian*motu·cut, sever, break off
Sa’amou, mou-si·cut, sever, break off
Arosimou·cut, sever, break off
Kwaiomou, mou-si-[a]·cut, sever, break off

Cf. Proto-Micronesian *mʷotu ‘ended, finished’, PCk *mʷúccú ‘finished’.

PCMc   *mʷoTo   a fish

Saipan Carolinianmʷoosedible fish similar to a snapper 
Pulo-Annanmoodo, modo-red snapper 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷoTo·a fish
Kiribatimʷomʷotoa fish 

PMc   *-mʷu   your (singular)

Trukese-mʷ·your (singular)
Mortlockese-mʷ·your (singular)
Puluwatese-mʷ·your (singular)
Saipan Carolinian-mʷ·your (singular)
Satawalese-mʷ·your (singular)
Woleaian-mʷu·your (singular)
Pulo-Annan-mʷu·your (singular)
Proto-Chuukic*-mʷu·your (singular)
Ponapeian-mʷ,, -mʷi·your (singular) (honorific) 
Mokilese-mʷ·your (singular)
Pingilapese-mʷ·your (singular)
Marshallese-mʷ·your (singular)
Kiribati-mʷ, -mʷmʷ·your (singular)
Kusaiean-m·your (singular) (final *mw > m
Proto-Oceanic*-mu·your (singular)
Fijian-mu·your (singular)
Sa’a-mu·your (singular)
Bugotu-mu·your (singular)
Lau-mu·your (singular)
Proto-Kimbe*-mu·your (singular)

PMc   *mʷucu   firewood

Trukesemʷúúch, (a)-mʷúch, (é)-mʷúchwood (as a material), firewood 
 -mʷúchpiece of wood (counting classifier) 
Saipan Carolinian(a)-mʷush·firewood
Saipan Carolinian·T(a)-mʷuR·firewood
Woleaianmʷúúshú, mʷúshu-firewood, big firewood, that can last a long time 
Pulo-Annanmʷúúsú, mʷúsú-big firewood 

— Cf. —


PMc   *mʷulo, mʷulo-Si-   rub together, twist, rumple

Puluwatesemulo-tá-(á-tiw)to rub (something) together in ones hands (as fragrant leaves) 
Saipan Carolinianmʷuli-ti, mʷoli-tito rub (something) back and forth (such as to crumple leaves with the fingers), to roll (two pieces of rope) together, to rub (the eyes) 
Satawalesemʷulo-tito twist (something) 
Woleaianmʷulomʷuloto crumple, wrinkle, rumple, be crumpled 
 mʷulo-ti-(i)to crumple, wrinkle, rumple (something) 
 mʷulo-tagibe crumpled, wrinkled, rumpled 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷulomʷulo, mʷulo-di-·rub together, twist, rumple
Ponapeianmʷulε-(pεnε)to twist or wind (something) together 
Kusaieanoloa wrinkle, crumple, crease, pleat, become wrinkled, crumpled, creased 
 ololofull of creases or wrinkles 
 olo-ito wrinkle, crumple, or crease (something) 
Proto–Eastern Oceanic*mulo·rub together, twist, rumple
Fijianmuloto twist a single strand or thread 
 mulo-nato twist [a strand or thread] 
 mulo-nibe twisted 
 mulo-aa ring, reel, coil [as of wire or tape] 
 [vei]-mulomuloto wrestle or grapple together in earnest 

PMc   *mʷumʷuta   to vomit

Trukesemʷmʷusto vomit, throw up 
 mʷmʷusá-ási-nivomit it up, vomit because of it 
Mortlockesemʷmʷos·to vomit
Puluwatesemʷmʷuh·to vomit
Saipan Carolinianmʷmʷus·to vomit
Saipan Carolinian·Tmʷmʷuh·to vomit
Satawalesemʷmʷus·to vomit
Woleaianmʷmʷuteto vomit, throw up 
 mʷmʷuta-agi-li-(i)vomit it up 
Pulo-Annanmʷmʷuta·to vomit
Proto-Chuukic*mʷmʷuta, mʷmʷuta-aki-ni-·to vomit
Ponapeianmʷmʷus·to vomit
Marshallesemʷmʷéj·to vomit
Kiribatimʷumʷuta·to vomit
Kusaieanwɔtto vomit 
 witevomit (something) 
Proto-Oceanic*mutaq·to vomit (Ross 1988)

PWMc   (?)   *mʷuno   a fish

Mortlockesemʷúúnkind of fish 
Satawalesemʷuunkind of fish 
Woleaianmʷuulo, mʷulo-spade fish 
Proto-Chuukic*mʷuno·a fish
Ponapeianmʷuunsquirrel fish (Myripristis adustus
Marshallesemʷénsquirrel fish (Myripristis berndti

— Cf. —

Kiribatimʷona fish (Myripristis ?) 
Fijianmulua long black fish 

Marshallese expected.

PMc   *mʷuri-   behind

Saipan Carolinianmʷiri-·behind
Woleaianmʷiri-, (i)-mʷiri-·behind

— Cf. —

Marshallesemʷirʷ, mʷirʷi-(n)hip, loin, hip of 

— Cf. also —

Sa’apuriback of, behind 

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