Updated: 8/31/2019
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English-Marshallese Finderlist

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babble  aplo

baby  niñniñ
aboriginal women's skirts, now used as a baby's mat.  ed
baby bird, sooty tern, memej.  jipila
baby birds.  kābwil
babysit.  kaajiriri
fat and healthy, usually referring to a baby.  ṃọkulkul
nurse a baby (or a situation).  kaajiriri
short tempered, cry-baby, provoked.  kwi
soft spot on baby's head.  mọñ
stillborn baby.  kọ

bachelor  ḷajinono

back  āliki-
back of a fish.  aeṃaan
back up.  pāāk, rie
back, after (see also liki-).  ālikin
backkick in kickball.  jaṃlik
carry a person on one's back.  kuku
come back.  rọọl
come back in order to (contraction of rọọltok in {rawaltekʷ yin}).  rọọltōn
directional, enclitic, backward or toward the ocean side.  lik
fall on one's back.  jarleplep, jedtak, rotak
go backward.  jenliklik, wanlik
hunchback.  kukuṃliklik
in back of.  lik
lie on back as result of accident.  jedtak
lie on one's back with no regard to surroundings or people..  jarleplep
look back.  ālokorkor
lower sides of back, kidney area.  aeo
see ālikin 'after' and liki-. after, outside, back.  ālkin
see lik. back, ocean side.  ilikin
taken aback.  baaj
turn back.  rọọl
turn the back on someone.  ālkurkur
walk with the hands clasped behind the back.  enliklik

back and forth  
go back and forth.  ito-itak
hop back and forth on both feet.  kōṃajoñjoñ
roll, roll back and forth.  jabwil

backbone  dilep

wash, as a wave or backwash.  tọr

bacteria  kij

bad  nana
bad case of skin disease (koko {kewkew}).  keḷe
bad luck.  jerata
bad odor.  bwiin-nana, bwiin-puwaḷ
in a bad mood.  nana taṃṃwi-
see nana. bad.  enana
speak taboo words that may bring bad luck.  ḷakajeṃ
talk bad about someone.  kōnana
use bad language.  tepiḷ

baffled.  pok

bag  pāāk
baggy.  pidtoto
open a bag or basket.  kōjjād
twine for sewing up the mouth of a bag.  enneok

baggage  ṃweiuk

bail  bakkiiñ
bail out.  ālur
bail out water from canoe or boat.  ānen
bailer.  lem

bait  anan
fish bait.  mọọr
fishing method, line fishing inside lagoon using hermit crab for bait while at anchor.  rupe oṃ
fishing method, line fishing outside lagoon, usually on lee side and fairly close to shore, for flying fish, using sand crab for bait.  rōjep
fishing method, occasional jerking of line to lure a fish to the bait or jig.  kooral
fishing method, use fishpole at night with either lure or bait.  tōto
give bait.  paane
live bait.  jowāmuur
prepare bait.  kaatat
prepare bait from a plant.  kabūt
rinse bait.  lije
stone upon which bait or chum is mashed.  jinṃa
to use bait.  mọọrọr

bake  uṃ
a food, bundled and baked spongy meat of sprouted coconut.  iutūr
a food, diluted starch baked in coconut spathe in earth oven.  kōlọwutaktak
a food, plain baked ripe breadfruit.  mejāliraan
a food, preserved breadfruit boiled or baked without wrapping.  koḷeiaat
a food, spongy meat of sprouted coconut baked in its shell.  iuwuṃuṃ
bake, usually in earth oven.  uṃuṃ
baked breadfruit.  liped
baked pandanus.  edouṃ

balance  bwe, peḷan
unbalanced.  tōplik tōpar
well-balanced.  jokkun wōt juon

balcony  tōñaak

bald  piḷōḷ
bald head.  oḷūb

a fish, reef triggerfish, Balistapus rectangulus/aculeatus.  iṃiṃ

balk  apañ, itweḷọk
balking.  perper

ball  bọọḷ
a food, balls of preserved breadfruit sweetened and boiled in coconut oil.  makillō
a game played with a ball and two columns of cans stacked on top of one another..  baani
a game, played with pebbles and ball, similar to dice game.  ḷuḷu
backkick in kickball.  jaṃlik
ball made from pandanus leaves.  anidep
fly ball, in baseball.  tōkai
ground ball in baseball.  kōro
make balls.  bobo
native ball game.  anidep
play kickball.  anidep
sidekick in kickball.  jeṃkat

ballast  bọḷōj, jooṇ

balloon  bujeeñ, bujentōṃa

ballot  pọḷot

balsa driftwood.  wōj, wūj

bamboo  bae, koba

ban  mọ

banana  keeprañ
a food, cooked and pounded breadfruit, taro, bananas, or nuts mixed with grated coconut.  wūdeñ
a plant, a general term for banana.  pinana
bunch of bananas.  āj, uror
hand of bananas.  ajjen
stalk inside bunch of bananas or breadfruit.  perañ

band  korak
band around ankles used in climbing trees.  kae
band, used for tying torches made from fronds.  ida
rubber band.  liko

musical band.  paan

bandage  kokor, korak, kwarkor, rojroj
bandaged, tied up, wrapped up.  korkor

bang, as of gun.  bokkoḷọk

bangle  pāāñkōḷ

wear hair in bangs.  kọkwe

banish  kalia, kọbaj

to bank, of airplanes.  

bank, financial.  pāāñ

bankrupt  būrook, pāāñkōrab

banquet  keemem, ṃōñāin kōjab

baptize  peptaij

exposed and stony bar.  ṇa
sandbar, usually not covered even at high tide.  bok

bar  baar

barb  jalōb, kāāj

barbaric  awiia

barbecue  jinkadool, tōtaak

barber  ri-ṃwijbar

bare  keelwaan, koḷeiaat, ṃañke

go barefoot.  jintōb

bargain  pepe

flat-bottom barge.  ḷaita

barge in  
barge in on s.o.  tōbtōb

outer bark of tree.  kilwōd

to bark, of dogs.  rorror, wañ

a barkentine.  ripitwōdwōd

barnacles  dile

barometer  kein katu

barque  baak

a fish, barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda.  jujukōp
a fish, barracuda, Sphyraena forsteri.  jure
a fish, barracuda, Sphyraena forsteri.  ñiitwa

barrel  jepukpuk, tūraṃ
empty gasoline barrel.  kaajliiñ

barren  orañe, war

barricade  me

barrier  apañ
high barrier reef.  ubatak

a plant, Barringtonia asiatica (L.) Kurz. (Barringtoniaceae).  wōp

barter  jobai

basaltic rock which floats.  tilaan

base  ḷoñtak, pedped, wūn
base, foundation, bottom, stem, trunk.  dāpi-
see un. reason, basis, base.  unin
see wūn. base.  wūnin

first base.  bōōj
second base.  jekōn
third base.  tōōt

a game, baseball.  iakiu
a game, Marshallese women's baseball.  ejjōbaō
baseball catcher.  kajji, kiaj
baseball field.  kūraaṇto
baseball glove.  kurob
baseball pitcher.  pijja
bat, baseball.  bōtta
fly ball, in baseball.  tōkai
ground ball in baseball.  kōro
inning in baseball.  teeñ
play baseball.  iakiu
pop-up, in baseball.  tōkai
runs, in a baseball game.  deḷọñ
see kiaj. baseball catcher.  kiaaj
wear a baseball glove.  kurobrob

bashful  abje, jejookok

basic components of.  utō-

a plant, toadstool, Auricularia ampla Persoon and other earlike Basidiomycetes (fungi). Rogers.  lọjilñin kijdik

basin  pejin

basis  pedped, wūn, wūnin
see un. reason, basis, base.  unin

basket  iep
a basket.  buwar
a basket for bearing tribute to a chief.  kōle
basket in which chiefs store left-overs.  perañ
braid a handle of a basket.  pirōkrōk
carry in a basket with long handle slung over shoulder.  aduwado
catch with net or basket.  bọur
fishing basket.  ṃōṃar
hand basket of fine weave.  bōjọ
kind of basket.  aduwado, jāli
large basket.  iepān ṃaal, kilōk
open a bag or basket.  kōjjād
possessive classifier, flowers, medals, necklaces, or fishing baskets.  ṃarō-
small basket.  jepe
small basket, two handles, made from fronds.  banonoor
wrap in basket or leaves.  tūrtūr

a fish, bass, Plectropomus truncatus.  akajin
a fish, bass, Plectropomus truncatus.  jowanurọñ
a fish, bass, Plectropomus truncatus.  jọwe
a fish, bass, Variola louti.  ikmid
a fish, bass, Variola louti.  kanbōk
a fish, bass, Variola louti.  oḷaḷo
a fish, giant sea bass, Promicrops lanceolatus/truncatus.  jọwe
a fish, giant sea bass, Promicrops truncatus.  jowāme

bass  peij

bat, baseball.  bōtta

Batavian parrotfish  audaṃ

batch  baru
a batch.  lelkan

bathe, take a bath.  tutu
bathing water of.  utō-
place for bathing.  jiadel
possessive classifier, bathing water.  utō-
provide with bathing water.  ṇautōn
royal bathing pool in olden days.  juwadel
seldom bathe.  mijak dān
seldom bathe (see tutu {tiwtiw}).  jattutu
take a bath.  tulọk

bathe  tulọk

bathing place.  jikin tutu

A shell, Trochidae, Bathybembix aeola.  jidduul

batter  iiōk

battery  pātōre
charge a battery.  jaaj

battleship.  ṃōnwa
fight a battle.  tariṇae
get ready for battle.  jabwea
killed in battle.  jak
one who flees from battle.  pikōt
see tariṇae. battle, war.  rūttariṇae
signal made on the end of the kie of a canoe signifying battle.  jubwij

bawl  liṃō
bawl out.  lilu

bay  ḷam, peñak

bayonet  jāje

be  or
be doing something.  ej
be formerly, used to be.  jọ
be in progress.  ej, ij
be left.  pād
be more like it.  jejjet
be somewhere.  pād
be under the impression.  ba wōt
see ban. be unable.  iban
see ej be doing, be in progress.  kwōj
see ej be doing, be in progress.  kwōj
see ej be doing, be in progress.  kwōj
see ej be doing, be in progress.  kwōj
see ej. be doing.  ij
see maroñ. be able.  imaroñ
see maroñ. be able.  komaroñ
see maroñ. be able.  kwōmaroñ
see or. be.  ewōr
see tūṃ. be late.  etūṃ
to be on both sides.  kōjab
to be to.  en
transitive form of bokbok {bekʷbekʷ} be sandy.  boke

beach  tarkijet
at the lagoon beach.  iar
beach a boat for maintenance purposes.  tọọk
beach a canoe to the water line.  jidaak
lagoon beach.  ar, parijet
lagoon beach of.  are
land edge of beach.  kappe
landward side of beach.  ioonkappe
place for beaching canoes.  towa
see ar. lagoon beach.  iarin
to beach canoe or vessel.  ār

beacon  jatiraito, kōmram

foreign beads.  pinid
perspiration beads.  būḷuuddik

beak  bọti

beam of a house.  tur
canoe part, two beams to which apet {hapẹt} are lashed.  kie

sunbeam.  koonaḷ

beans.  piin

bear a burden.  inene
bear fruit.  jebar, le
bear fruit, of pandanus.  wūd
bear many flowers.  uwa
bear much fruit.  uwa
bear offspring.  kaliklik, kōmmour
bear tales.  bōbōk
incapable of bearing offspring, of women only.  orañe, war
see le. fruit, bear fruit.  leen
sporadic in bearing, of trees.  jepāl
start to bear fruit, of coconuts.  eọ
to bear some hardship.  kajumej

bear  pāār
bear hug.  jiburlep

beard  kwōdeak
thick beard.  debọkut

beat  kapipā, lij, ṃanṃan, orā, pejaju, piit
beat regular time to music, pace.  buñtōn
beat upon.  penpen
beating of the waves.  depdep
chant and urge someone on by beating on a drum.  piniktak
club used for beating coconut husk for sennit.  jidjid
eat fish while fishing, beat up someone badly.  kōmennañ
fast beating of heart in fear.  kūkūṃkūṃ
given to wife-beating.  ḷaire

be beat.  kajjinōk, mejjeeḷ

place for beating coconut husks after soaking in preparation for making sennit.  ṃōṃal

beatitude  lọudiñdiñ

beautiful  deọ, kōjaij, ṃōtañ, oḷeọ, wōj
a very beautiful female.  to-jān-lañ
beautifully arranged.  pepānpān
extremely beautiful woman.  to-jān-lañ

a rare beauty.  to-jān-lañ
beauty spot.  il meej, ilmeej

because  bwe, kōnke
because of.  jān, kōn
because of (it).  eake, kake
because, already.  dedeinke

beckon with the hand, downward motion.  jeeaaḷ

become  erom, jerkan

unbecoming.  jekkar

bed  peet
bed (old word used in Bible).  aoj

bedlam  pok

bee  pi

beef  kanniōkin kau, kau
corned beef.  kọọnpiip

beer  pia

before  ṃaa-, ṃokta, ṃōṃōkaj

befriend  jerā

beg  owar, tūbḷotak
beg for food.  kōjṃaal, kōkkau, uññar
beg insistently.  akweḷap

beget  keotak

begin  bwilik ṃaan, jerkan, jijino
beginning.  buñ
come about, begin to have.  er-
see jijino. begin.  jinoe
to begin.  ruprupjọkur
to begin going.  bweradik

behavior  kōṃṃan, ṃanit, ṃūtō-, ṃwil

behead  jebbar

behind  āliki-, lik, liki, ḷokwa-
see lik. ocean side, outside, behind.  likin

behold  lo

human being.  armej

belch  wūlik

believe  lōke
"I doṇt believe it!".  eban
believe, faith, creed, pious.  tōmak
not believe.  jālōke

bell  peeḷ
sound of a bell or something rung.  tōññōḷọk

Bellatrix in Orion. Legend says Ḷāātbweinbar has a basket (Jāli) which he carries to Ḷōkañebar, who eats contents, thereby nourishing his bright face. the bearer however does not partake, hence his pale face.  Ḷāātbwiinbar

bellicose  wōtan

belligerent  wōtan

bellow  uwaañañ

belly  je
crawl on the belly.  wāār

a fish, needlefish, Belone platyura.  tak

belonging to.  aa-, wōja-

see aa-. belonging to: possessive classifier.  aṇ

beloved.  jitōnbōro, wōlbo

below  iuṃwi-, laḷ
see laḷ. below, earth.  ilaḷ

belt  kañūr
belt keeper.  tāānjen
wear a belt.  kañūrñūr

bench  jea

benchmark  ṃuriniej

bend  dukwal, kukbōl
bend forward and down.  jillọk
bend toward.  ṃal-
to bend.  ālkwōj, kiel
to bend down, of coconut shoots only.  kietak

beneath  iuṃwi-

benediction  jarin kōjeraaṃṃan

benefit  jipañ

benevolence  jouj

benign  ineeṃṃan, jouj

bent  kob
bent back.  ālkōk
bent over.  ālokjak, kukuṃliklik

bequest  amṇak

bereave  būroṃōj
visit the bereaved.  ilomej

beriberi  pere

berry  kwōle, lippiru

berserk  wūdeakeak

berth  wab

beseech  owar

beseige a city.  nitbwil

beside  turu-
beside oneself with fear.  ḷọkjenaa-
stand beside.  kōjab

do one's best.  kattūkat

bet  peta
"You bet!".  ekōjkan
call a bet in poker.  wadu
raise a bet.  peta

Betelgeuse in Orion.  Ḷōkañebar

betray  ketak, kinaak, liaakḷọk

betroth  koba

between  kōtaa-
in between.  jāpo, loñ

bevel  pābōḷ

beverage  dān, ṇalimen
a beverage, diluted coconut sap.  jeruru
beverage of.  lime-
like alcoholic beverages.  ṇompe
not sweet, of beverages.  jatōk
see lime-. beverage.  liṃōṃ
strong liquor, alcoholic beverage.  dānnin kadek
yeast beverage.  iij

bevy  baru

bewail one's state.  aoḷ

beware  kōjparok
interjection: "beware!".  iọuwọ

bewildered.  pok

bewitch  kokọọl

beyond  jiṃa
beyond the point of.  kōptata

Morum macandrewi/teramachii or Bezoardicella decussata/areola or Phalium glauca.  jilel

bias  kalijekḷọk
biased.  jep

Bible  Baibōḷ
possessive classifier, children, pets, money, watches, or Bible.  nāji-

bib-overalls  būrijōōt

bicker  akwāāl
bickering.  bowōd

bicycle  baajkōḷ
bicycle pedal.  patōḷ

bid  pet

bide  kattar

big  kilep, ḷap
big shot.  ḷaikaalal, pālu
big toe.  addi-lep
biggest.  ḷaptata
see ḷap. big.  eḷap
see ḷap. big.  eḷḷap

big shot  kāājāj

big wheel  ḷakkūk

a fish, big-eye or burgy.  kie
a fish, big-eye or burgy, Monotaxis grandoculis.  mejọkut
a fish, big-eye or burgy, Monotaxis grandoculis.  ṃōjani
a fish, big-eyed or goggle-eyed scad fish or horse mackerel, Trachurops crumenophthalmus.  pāti

bigot  jep

motorbike.  wōtbai

bile  at

bill  piiḷ

billiards.  piliet
light touching in billiards.  kij

billow  ñōl

bind  lelok, liāp, loklok, pọpo, rojroj, tāte
bind with sennit.  eọeo

binoculars.  baiklaaj

biography  bwebwenatoun mour an juon armej

biology  katak kōn mour

bird  bao
a big sea bird.  Kwe
a bird.  o, rapit
a bird that sings at dawn.  lọjiraan
a bird, black noddy, Anous tenuirostris.  jekad
a bird, black-footed albatross, Diomedea nigripes.  le
a bird, black-naped tern, Sterna sumatrana.  keār
a bird, blue-faced booby, Sula dactylatra.  lōḷḷap
a bird, blue-gray noddy, Procelsterna caerulea.  lọun Pikaar
a bird, bristle-thighed curlew, Numenius tahitiensis.  kōkkōk
a bird, brown booby, Sula leucogaster.  kaḷo
a bird, brown noddy, Anous stolidus.  pejwak
a bird, crane, black kabaj.  melmelea
a bird, crane, black and white spotted kabaj.  kekebuona
a bird, crane, white kabaj.  keke
a bird, crested tern, Thalasseus bergii.  keār
a bird, found on Midway Island.  kōjat
a bird, golden plover, Pluvialis dominica.  kwōlej
a bird, golden plover, black variety, in breeding plumage.  ḷakeke
a bird, great frigate bird, Fregata minor.  ak
a bird, great frigate bird, Fregata minor.  toorlōñ
a bird, gull.  kūṃake
a bird, laysan albatross, Diomedea immutabilis.  le
a bird, lessor frigate bird, Fregata ariel.  ak
a bird, lessor frigate bird, Fregata ariel.  toorlōñ
a bird, long-tailed New Zealand cuckoo, Urodynamis taitensis.  wūdej
a bird, mallard, Anas platyrhynchos.  roñanpat
a bird, Micronesian pigeon, Ducula oceanica.  ṃuḷe
a bird, northern shoveler, Anas clypeata.  roñanpat
a bird, red-footed booby.  uteṇ
a bird, red-footed booby, Sula sula.  nana
a bird, red-tailed tropicbird, Phaethon rubricauda.  ḷokwājek
a bird, reef heron, Egretta sacra.  kabaj
a bird, ruddy turnstone, Arenaria interpres.  aerār
a bird, ruddy turnstone, Arenaria interpres.  kōtkōt
a bird, sanderling, Crocethia alba.  kwōl
a bird, semi-palmate sandpiper, Ereunetes pusillus.  kwōl
a bird, short-eared owl, Asio flammeus.  lijeṃao
a bird, short-eared owl, Asio flammeus.  ṃao
a bird, sleeps in holes, similar to pejwak.  jādṃūṃ
a bird, slender-billed shearwater, Puffinus tenuirostris.  māntōl
a bird, small, about the size of a butterfly, lives in rocks around the shores of the Northwest Marshalls, smells sweet.  annañ
a bird, sooty shearwater, Puffinus griseus.  māntōl
a bird, sooty tern, Sterna fuscata.  memej
a bird, wandering tattler, Heteroscelus incanum.  kidid
a bird, whimbrel, Numenius phaeopus.  kowak
a bird, white sea gull.  mānnimuuj
a bird, white tern, Gygis alba.  mejọ
a bird, white-tailed tropicbird, Phaethon lepturus.  jipkorōj
a bird, wild duck.  rañ
a catch of fish, crabs, or birds.  koṇa-
a flock of birds flying over a school of fish.  la, wūnaak
a legendary bird.  ao
a pet bird that flies away and never returns.  lumọọrḷọk
a white sea bird.  bōrōj
baby bird, sooty tern, memej.  jipila
baby birds.  kābwil
bird just getting first wing feathers and not big enough to eat.  kāwur
bird trap.  mejḷat
birdcall.  kuur
birds feeding on surface of the ocean, diving and flying up again.  ṃōt
birds flying looking for fish.  wūnaak
catch birds at night.  jejọñ
catch sleeping birds by hand.  jejoñ
defecate from trees, of birds.  de, edde
dive of birds or planes.  lōkā
flight of a group of birds or planes.  depouk
flock of birds.  iur, kōjwad
flock of birds fishing.  ḷae
look for birds.  juakak
pit for bird fight.  nit
place where birds, fish, or clams gather.  ajañ
pluck feathers from a bird.  tōtemakil
possessive classifier, fish, crabs, or birds.  koṇa-
snare for catching birds.  keepep
tall tree where seabirds sleep.  joor
trap for catching birds.  kūṃōōr
tree in which birds roost and defecate.  jade
watch birds alight to locate roost.  akajok
watch birds to locate roost.  akade
young birds or animals.  koon

birth  ḷotak
afterbirth.  kiliblib
birthmark, dark.  buwak
birthplace dear and inherited.  jānnibadbad
childbirth.  utaṃwe
contractions during childbirth.  kōḷo
give birth.  keotak, kōmmour
light birthmark.  jao
stillbirth.  jibuñ
woman who just gave birth.  kūrae

birthday  raanin ḷotak
birthday party.  keemem

biscuit  petkōj
a food, biscuits and flour cooked together in water.  kōpjeḷtak
biscuits.  būreej

bits.  tipdikdik
broken in bits.  pedakilkil
little bit.  jibbūñ, jibūñ

bitch  kidu

bite  kūk, kūkij
bite lips.  aṃtōk
bite the dust.  ñarñar
eat with oversize bites.  kuborbor

not biting, of fish (see kūk {kik}).  jakkūk
not biting, of fish. (see ṃōñā {ṃegay}).  jaṃōñā

a bitt, as used on boats.  pet

bitter  meọ
smell or taste sour or bitter, as milk, vinegar, or rice soup, etc..  meñ

a clam, bivalve.  jenọ
a shell, small bivalve clam.  kalibok
a shell, small bivalve, clam.  kọnōt
close parts, as bivalve.  kūkim
muscle in a bivalve.  kōjjeṃ
sand clam, bivalve.  jukkwe

blabber-mouth.  bōbōk, tōtal

black  ditōb, kilmeej
a bird, black noddy, Anous tenuirostris.  jekad
black carbon on lantern chimney, used to blacken tattoos.  ṃaṃōj
black magic.  kōkōpāl, tōtabōn
black magic performed by a sorcerer using a husked coconut.  kaurur jiañ
pitch black, said of nights.  innijek
pitchblack.  maroklep
rub in black carbon on tattoos.  iteṃaṃōj

black magic  
black magic to stun sharks from attacking.  anjin-pako
black magic to turn someone amicable.  anjin-wōlbo
to do black magic on a fisherman to make him not catch fish (used against a fisherman who usually catches many fish)..  bōkjān koṇa-

bladder  bok
variant form of bok {bẹkʷ} bladder.  bo

blade of machete.  mejān jāje

blame  kōmmatōr, ṇaruon
blame someone or something.  jekpen

bland  mera

blanket  būḷañkōj, kọọj
blanket of.  kọje-
cuddle under a blanket.  kilbur
mat used as blanket or sheet.  kilbur
possessive classifier, blankets and other things used as blankets.  kọje-
possessive classifier, mat or blanket or mattress.  kinie-
provide someone with a blanket.  ṇakọjen
use a blanket.  kọọjoj
wrap up in a blanket.  tūroro

blaspheme  būḷaajpiim

blast  bokkoḷọk

burning, blaze, lighted.  urur

bleach  jerajko
bleached.  eor
to bleach pandanus leaves over the fire.  rar

bleacher  jea

bleary-eyed.  korōt

bleat  rōraakak

bleed  bōtōktōk
bleeding.  piliñliñ
nosebleed.  ḷōjo

blend  kāre
blend in.  peljo

a fish, blenny, Istiblennius paulus (Mejit).  kudọkwōl
a fish, general term for all blenny.  jibbaḷañ

blessed.  jeraaṃṃan

blind  kun an ḷaaṃ, pilo
blind leading the blind.  tōlpilo
blinded by sunlight.  taṃtaṃ
blinded with smoke.  mejko

a game, with blindfolds.  lijjapillo

blink  mājkun, rom

bliss  lọudiñdiñ

blister, chicken pox.  bok
small blisters from over exposure to sun.  il

bloated.  ṃaal

block  bōbaar
blockade.  bōbaar
blocked.  boṇ
to block.  pinej

concrete block.  būḷak, pirōk
hat block form, any mold, any form.  ṃōṇakjān

block  būḷak
block and tackle.  tekōḷ

blood  bōtōktōk, da
blood clot.  mekak
blood pressure.  aerin bōtōktōk
blood vessel.  eke, iaḷan bōtōktōk
bloodletting.  kadkad
covered with blood.  daat
mixed blood.  aiṇokko
smell of blood.  meḷḷā
thick blood.  mekak

bloom  bōbōl, bōl
start to bloom.  nōr

blossom  bōbōl
pandanus blossom.  tūar

blow  pāl, uuk
blow gently, of wind.  leladikdik
blow sharply, of wind.  letōñ
blow the nose.  ba
blow, of the wind.  detak
blown.  peḷḷọk
to blow one's nose.  uwur

to duck a blow.  wōmak

blowtorch  pilerab

blubber  kūriij, wiwi

blue  būḷu

blue jeans  
denim trousers, blue jeans, Levis.  tanim

bluegum  būḷukaṃ

bluff  būḷab

bluing  būḷu

blunt  bwijil, kōkōb, lijib

fog, dim, haze, blur.  tab

blurt out.  bōbōk

blush  kilbūrōrō

canoe part, board that runs lengthwise on the leeside, above the jouj (the bottom half).  jānel
checker board.  jekaboot

to board.  uwe

boast  jājjāj, kōṇkōṃṃan, likōmjāje
boastful.  jājjāj, kōmmejāje

boat  booj, wa
a bitt, as used on boats.  pet
a toy, boat of half coconut.  wa bweọ
bail out water from canoe or boat.  ānen
be overcrowded, of boats or vehicles (see kaddoujuj).  douj
beach a boat for maintenance purposes.  tọọk
boat decorations.  ḷōb
boat of.  waa-
boat passage on reef.  toorwa
boat passage through a reef.  tọọr
break a boat in.  rupe bōkā
build a canoe or boat.  jekjek wa
design edges of canoes or boats.  ñadñad
drinking water containers on a canoe or boat.  kōb
fishing boat.  waan eọñwōd
picket boat.  ḷoon
pitch, of a boat.  ṃōṃōt, ṃōt
possessive classifier, canoe, ship, boat, or vehicle.  waa-
rails of boats.  reeḷ
repair a boat.  āe
riggings of boats.  rikin
row a boat.  oru
sailboat.  wajerakrōk
stranded, of canoes, boats or ships.  eọtōk
swift, of canoes or boats, nautical term.  ḷōḷaeoeo
to sail a canoe or boat singlehandedly.  wajekā
tow, as a boat.  aik
use a boat.  wawa
wake of a boat.  aod

boatswain  bojin

to bob.  ṃōṃōḷeiñiñ

bobby pin  piin

body  ānbwin
body odor, disagreeable.  būbḷapḷap
body shape, looks.  rọkwōj
lift weights to build up body.  kaddipenpen
see anbwin. body.  ānbwinnin
somebody.  juon
stretch the body.  makōḷkōḷ
well built body.  bakūk

Also applied on most atolls to Boerhavia duffusa L.  dāpijdekā

boil  du
a food, preserved breadfruit boiled or baked without wrapping.  koḷeiaat
a food, unleavened dough cooked by boiling.  jāibo
boil, of water only.  buḷuḷḷuḷ
put a pot or kettle on a fire or stove to boil water or cook food.  tōtaak
to boil pandanus.  aintiin

boil  wōt
core of a boil.  wūn

boisterous  koḷap, lelejlej, peran

bold  jejọjọ, kijoñ, mejel kil, peran
bold water.  jirūṃle
not bold.  memejọkunkun

to bolt one's food.  kōdālōb, orjin

bolt  jikūru

bolt of cloth.  kap

bomb  baaṃ, bọkutañ

bomber  waan baaṃ

bon voyage  kōjjeṃḷọk

bond  korak

bone  di
ankle bones.  lijaakkwōlele
backbone.  dilep
breastbone of a fowl.  pājeñ
fishbone stuck in throat.  paḷ
remove bones from fish.  iiaak
see di-. bone.  diiṃ

a fish, bonito, Katsuwonus pelamis.  ḷōjabwil
fishing method, for bonitos.  kōḷōjabwil
herd of bonitos that enters the lagoon and can't find its way out.  ajilowōd

bonus  boṇōj

a bird, blue-faced booby, Sula dactylatra.  lōḷḷap
a bird, brown booby, Sula leucogaster.  kaḷo
a bird, red-footed booby.  uteṇ
a bird, red-footed booby, Sula sula.  nana

book  bok

damage caused by termites or bookworms.  dile

boom  buuṃ, rojak
canoe part, decorations of feathers on masthead, boomtips, and sail.  deñḷọk
canoe part, end of yard, boom (rojak ṃaan).  baḷ
socket for end of boom (one at each end of canoe).  dipāākāk

boom  bokkoḷọk, jañai

boondocks  debọkut, mar

boost  iuun

boot  jibuut

Arcturus in Bootes.  Ad
stars in Bootes (beta, mu, nu) and mu in Corona Borealis.  Ok-an-adik

The beach borage.  kiden

border  tōrerei-
border on mat or stone edge of road.  apar
see kōtaa-. border.  kōtaan

bore  dedāil
bored.  kidel

be born.  ḷotak
first-born.  ṃaanje, utṃaan
high-born person.  arōṃṃan
well born.  arōṃṃan

contents of newborn's intestines.  

borrow  jata
procure something by flattery or by "borrowingʷ.  kōrabōl

bosom  diklōñ, ob

boss  bọọj, jeṃṃaan
be bossy.  kōbbọọjọj

both  aolep, jiṃor

bother  abbwilōñlōñ, ikien, ūrōj
annoyed or bothered by noise.  uwaroñ
be bothered by something.  ikdeelel
bothered.  abṇōṇō, aploñloñ

a fish, flounder, Bothus mancus.  badej

bottle  bato
bottle used for coconut sap.  jeib
large bottle, demijohn.  teemjọọn
place a bottle (kor) at the end of coconut shoot to collect sap initially.  kajokkor
ready for a bottle, of coconut shoots only.  raane-bōkāān
small bottle or jar.  bōkā
tall bottle.  kude
wash bottles.  naṃnaṃ

bottom  epat, laḷ, ḷokwa-
base, foundation, bottom, stem, trunk.  dāpi-
bottom of.  kapi, kapi-
rock bottom.  ikjet
scrape bottom.  eoṇ
see kapi-. bottom.  kapin
to warm one's bottom by the fire.  rabwij

bottoms up  kodia

bough  ra

boulder  ejṃaan

bound  pọpo
boundary line.  kōtaa-

bout  im

bow down.  badik
bow one's head.  dukwal
bow the head, as in prayer.  jillọk
to bow.  ṃajid

bow  ḷobōrwa
bow line, used to tie up an anchor.  lokṃaan
bow spray.  ṇojọ
bow waves from a ship.  at
bowsprit.  ḷobōrwa
steer a course with land on one's bow.  anlọk

bow  lippọṇ
shoot a bow and arrow.  lippọṇ

bow-legged.  māro, perakrōk

guts, intestines, bowels, offal, innards.  ṃajñal
loose bowels.  ilọk lọje, wōtōdtōd

bower  jik

a small dug-out bowl for pounding food.  jāpe
rice bowl.  jokkwi
wooden bowl.  jāpe

bow-wow  rorror

box  bọọk
cash box.  jiipkako, pāāñ
short punches in boxing, as in the beating of a drum.  tūraṃ
toolbox.  tuuḷbọọk
use a box.  bọọkọk

box  bait

a fish, boxfish, Ostracion cubicus.  būḷ
a fish, boxfish, Ostracion sebae.  pel

boy  ḷaddik
a boy or man whose appearance makes everyone smile.  ḷōḷajkōnkōn
cabin boy.  buwae
see ḷaddik. boy.  ḷadik
see ḷaddik. boy.  ḷadik
that boy (close to neither of us).  ḷeeṇ, ḷeieṇ, ḷouweo
that boy (close to you).  ḷōṇe, ḷōṇeṇe
these boys (close to me).  ḷōṃarā, ḷōṃarārā, ḷōṃaro
these boys (close to us both).  ḷōṃarein
this boy.  ḷein
this boy (close to me).  ḷeo, ḷōe
this boy (close to us both).  ḷeiō
those boys (close to neither of us).  ḷōṃarāraṇ, ḷōṃaroro
those boys (close to you).  ḷōṃaraṇe, ḷōṃarāraṇe
vocative to boys.  būrọ
what man? what boy?.  ḷōt
young boy.  jọdikdik

roof brace.  añinwoḷā

bracelet  pāāñkōḷ
wear a bracelet.  pāāñkōḷ

brackish, of water.  kōḷaebar

brag about one's self.  jājjāj

braid  bujek
braid a handle of a basket.  pirōkrōk
braid, of hair.  pirōkrōk
braid, tie.  bobo
clean whiskers off of newly braided sennit.  kōrōnāl

brain  kōmālij

brake  būreek

brambles.  kālōklōk

branch  ra
lasso a branch.  rajāl
major branch of a tree and its contents.  ṃwiañ
small branches.  radikdik
throw a rope over a branch.  rajāl

brand  kakōḷḷe

brash  ṃōṃaelep

brass  būraaj, jinibọọr

brave  kijoñ, pen-būruon, peran
magic to make soldiers brave.  mọun
seat of brave emotions.  at
seat of bravery.  aj

brawl  im, ire

brawny.  ṃajeḷ

bread  pilawā, pilawā mat
a food, coconut bread, from copra and flour and sap or sugar.  jinkōḷar
loaf of bread.  ḷoob
rise, of bread.  jib

a food, balls of preserved breadfruit sweetened and boiled in coconut oil.  makillō
a food, breadfruit baked in earth oven.  kōpjar
a food, breadfruit cooked on coals and scraped.  kwanjin
a food, breadfruit soup.  jokkwōpin mā
a food, cooked and pounded breadfruit, taro, bananas, or nuts mixed with grated coconut.  wūdeñ
a food, cooked preserved breadfruit smothered in grated coconut.  kubaḷ
a food, dried overripe breadfruit.  jāānkun
a food, nuts of breadfruit, cooked.  kwōlejiped
a food, plain baked ripe breadfruit.  mejāliraan
a food, preserved breadfruit.  bwiro
a food, preserved breadfruit boiled or baked without wrapping.  koḷeiaat
a food, preserved breadfruit mixed with arrowroot and coconut sap or sugar, wrapped in breadfruit leaves and baked.  bwiro iiōk
a food, preserved breadfruit or peru flattened and covered with breadfruit leaves and baked.  kajipedped
a food, preserved breadfruit, formed into loaves, wrapped in coconut leaves, and cooked on fire.  ṃaio
a food, preserved dried breadfruit.  ṃōṇakjān
a food, ripe breadfruit mixed with coconut oil and cooked in pots.  nāpnāpe
a food, soup of soft rice or breadfruit.  jokkwōp
a food, very ripe breadfruit baked in coconut milk.  pọḷjej
a food, very ripe breadfruit baked in coconut oil.  kappokpok, ṃōjjero
a food, very ripe breadfruit mixed with coconut milk.  kaḷọ
a gathering of people to celebrate the onset of breadfruit season in summer by making offerings to Jebro, the god of breadfruit.  ṃaṃa
a plant, breadfruit variety.  Mejwaan, Metete, Petaaktak
a plant, general term for the breadfruit, Artocarpus incisus (Thunb.) L. F. Moraceae.  
an insect, small, brown, often found around rotten breadfruit.  māniddik
baked breadfruit.  liped
breadfruit blown down by the wind.  mābuñ
breadfruit bud.  tōbak
breadfruit flower.  elme, kabbok
collect coconuts or breadfruit.  jinwōd
cut tree trunk into pieces, as breadfruit for making canoe.  kabbok
harvest first fruit of coconut, breadfruit, or pandanus.  akeọ
inedible portion near stem of pandanus or breadfruit.  ṃak
knead preserved breadfruit.  tola
male flower of breadfruit.  tōbak
net, large-meshed, bag-shaped, for washing arrowroot and soaking breadfruit.  do
not ripe, of breadfruit.  kinbūt
overripe breadfruit.  meimed
overripe spoiled breadfruit.  māḷọk
overripe, of breadfruit without seeds.  mejbak
pick breadfruit with a stick.  kōṃkōṃ
portion of fruit near stem of pandanus or breadfruit.  ainṃak
pound breadfruit or taro.  jukjuk
ripe, of breadfruit.  kalo, kōt
season for breadfruit and pandanus.  wōtōn
sliced unripe breadfruit cooked in coconut milk.  bwilitudek
smallest breadfruit or pandanus remaining on tree at end of season.  ḷajdeñ
smell of preserved breadfruit.  būbwiroro
smell of roasting breadfruit.  kokwanjinjin
stalk inside bunch of bananas or breadfruit.  perañ
stick for picking breadfruit.  kein kōṃ
stick for stirring fire, turning breadfruit while cooking, etc..  jabōn pe
to roast breadfruit.  kwanjin
unripe fallen breadfruit.  māirrūb
very ripe, overripe, of breadfruit only.  memed
windfallen breadfruit.  mābuñ

breadth of an island.  wūjaḷoñ

break  bwilọk, rujruj, ruprup
break a boat in.  rupe bōkā
break a fast.  dao
break a taboo, desecrate.  kōtrāe
break loose, as boat from sand.  ejjelọk
break off of.  tooj
break something in.  kōkaan
break taboos attendant to certain medicines while under treatment.  aḷok
break through.  deblọk
break wind.  jiñ, rūb
break, as a branch.  kwōj
break, as a rope.  ṃwijkōk
break, as a stick.  ṃọruj
break, sticks or bones.  kwōj
breakable.  pidodo
breaking of waves.  buñraak, rere
breaking waves.  buñṇo
do something that will result in misfortune, such as breaking a taboo.  ḷōkajeṃ
easy to break or tear.  ṃōdṃōd
misfortune due to breaking of a taboo.  ruwe
not break wind often (see jiñ {jig}).  jājjiñjiñ
see jar. break off.  ejar
smell of breaking wind.  bwiin-jiñ
taboo breaker.  neen wūlej
take a break.  ibbuku, kakkije
to pull and break objects such as string, rope, wire or grass.  tūṃtūṃ

breakfast  ṃabuñ
eat breakfast.  ṃabuñ

breast  ittūt, ninnin
breastbone of a fowl.  pājeñ
enlargement of breasts at puberty.  bwā

breath  kōto
be out of breath.  jabjab-menowan
be short of breath.  jabjab-menowan
breathe quick and hard.  memenonoun kijdik
dying breath.  , bōk ob
hold one's breath.  dek
short of breath.  jeekḷọk
to breathe.  menono

sniff, inhale, breathe.  kōboutut

ill-bred.  pāpijek
well-bred.  arōṃṃan

breed  ine

breeze  , ḷarere
a breeze forecasting calm weather.  añinlur
coolness of a breeze.  leladikdik
easterly breeze.  añōlto
fair breeze.  ṃakroro
fresh breeze.  ṃakroro
shoot the breeze.  kōmāltato
steady light breeze.  añjānjān
westerly breeze.  añōltak

breezy  leladikdik

bribe  wiaik būruo-

brick  būḷak, pirōk

bridge of ship.  būrij

brief  kadu, kanu

bright  kabōlbōl, mālōtlōt, meram
bright colored.  ilar, meej
loud, of colors, bright.  rōōj

brilliant  jatōltōl

full to the brim.  dujejjet, lōñ mājidjid

bring  bōk, uke
bring food to a chief.  ekkan
bring food to a chief or lineage head.  eọjek
bring forth.  kōmmour
see bōk. bring.  bwikitok
see bōk. bring, take.  bōktok
see bōk. take, bring.  bōkḷọk
see bōk. take, bring.  ebōk
spend last moments together, farewell occasion, bring to a finish.  kōjjeṃḷọk
to bring foods with songs as refreshments to a group of men building a canoe or house to keep their morale up, usually done by the womenfolk of a community.  jemjem māāl

bristle  aujrọñrọñ
bristle, strand of hair.  tōōḷ

bristling hair standing on end from terror.  rōrọñ

brittle  jejeṃ, kōkōṃ, pidodo
dry and brittle.  ñañ

broad  depakpak
a game, high jump or broad jump.  kappiñ
have broadened horizons.  loḷọkjeṇ
slim-waisted and broad-shouldered.  kāāj in kabwebwe

broadcast  bōōjōj

a food, fish eaten half broiled but still raw.  koubub
broil, on hot stones.  jinkadool
broiler.  jijidiiñ

broke  pāāñkōrab
broke, financially.  būrook, oḷiiñ
broke, out of money.  jar

broken  jintanji, jorrāān, jọre, ṃọruj, rup
be broken.  jeblọk
be broken-hearted.  rup-būruon
broken in bits.  pedakilkil
broken, of engines.  wōla
see jorrāān. kaput, broken, no good.  ejorrāān
see rup. broken, torn.  erup

brood  ḷobōl, ro

broom  buruṃ

brothel  ṃōn utḷaṃ

brother-sister relationship.  jeṃnāji
older brother.  jei-
relation between two brothers-in-law who are married to two sisters.  jemānji-
wife's brother.  ṃōṃaan
younger brother.  jati-

brow  daṃ
eyebrow.  āt

brown  būrawūn, ṃōṇakṇak
brown coconut leaves which fall.  ṃwe
multicolored, spotted, usually brownish.  kōkaadad

brown booby  
a bird, brown booby, Sula leucogaster.  kaḷo

a plant, mangrove, Bruguiera conjugata (L.) Merrill.  joñ

bruise  buwaj
bruised.  mao, obab

brunette  jakmeej

brush  būraj, kutak
brush off.  pikūr, popo
brush teeth.  kurkur

lower part of tree, brush, or grass.  wūn

bubble  buḷuḷḷuḷ

bucket  bakōj
bucket or can for drawing water from a well.  keikōb
container, usually five-gallon paint bucket.  bat

buckle  bakōḷ
buckle down.  liñōr
buckled.  ālokjak, kob

bud  albok
breadfruit bud.  tōbak
bud forth.  juḷ
budding.  bōrọro

buddy  koṃbani

budge  ṃōṃakūt

budget  bajet

buffet  ñal
steady waves buffeting the shore.  ninearear

bug  kij

build  ejaak, ejej, kajjuur, kōkal, kōṃṃan
build a canoe or boat.  jekjek wa
build a cistern.  aebōj-jimeeṇ
build a platform.  pepe
build attachments onto a canoe.  peḷọñ
build up.  ejej
build up a pile of rocks.  pepe
building materials.  kōbwebwei-
lift weights to build up body.  kaddipenpen
see kōkal. build.  kalōke

building  eṃ
go out of a building.  wannabōj
new building.  akadik
possessive classifier, houses or other buildings.  eṃ

well built body.  bakūk

lightbulb.  tōṃa

a bulge.  baḷok

bulging  buḷọkwōjkwōj

bulky.  buḷọkwōjkwōj

bulldozer  baru

bullet  joot
graze, as a bullet, ricochet.  tāṃoṇ

bulletin  kōjjeḷā

bulwark  jālitak, reeḷ

to bum.  baṃ, kañkañ

bump a sore or wound.  keeñjak, kōkeñaj
bump and grind.  kajikia
bump into.  itaak
bump into each other.  iṃaajaj
bumpy.  kajkaj, kōkaj
to bump.  kōkaj

bump  būtti
tiny bumps on glans penis.  jarōj

bumper  baṃbōr
occur one after another, consecutively, bumper-to-bumper.  kij-ḷokwan-doon

a bunch of dried pandanus leaves for thatch.  jiṃ
bunch of bananas.  āj, uror
bunch of pandanus keys.  ajjen
bunch of ripe and drinkable coconuts.  uror

bundle  jepjep, tūrtūr
a food, bundled and baked spongy meat of sprouted coconut.  iutūr
bundle of goods wrapped with a square of cloth.  būroojki
bundle of long objects such as spears, fish poles, etc.  tūr
bundle of mats.  kōtōṃ
bundle that has been wrapped, sticks or pandanus leaves.  tūr
cloth for wrapping bundle of goods.  būroojki
tie up a bundle.  wūnit

bunk  bañ

buoy  buwae
tie up to a buoy.  emjak

burden  dedo, iabuñ
be overburdened.  ajjibanban
bear a burden.  inene
burdensome.  ailparo, ailparok, parok

bureau  tūroot

burglarize.  kọọt

a fish, big-eye or burgy.  kie
a fish, big-eye or burgy, Monotaxis grandoculis.  mejọkut
a fish, big-eye or burgy, Monotaxis grandoculis.  ṃōjani

ceremony performed six days after burial, gravel is spread over grave.  eoreak

burlap sack.  pāāk

burn  bwil, māāṇ, tūtil
burn a tree.  jidep
burn hair off.  rirar
burn to ashes.  melkwaarar
burn, of eyes.  korōt
burning, blaze, lighted.  urur
burnt.  tuḷaar
incapable of catching fire and burning.  tokwiia
sunburned.  kakilkil

burp  wūlik

burst  ebjak
burst into flame.  urrūḷọk
loud, as of a burst.  pañijñij

bury  kallib

bus  baj

bush  mar
a bush.  debọkut
prune a bush.  jipijuḷ
rosebush.  utrooj
shake a bush or tree.  iṃuk
smell of leaves of bushes.  kukmarmar

bushed  orā

bushel  jepukpuk

business  peejnej
company, business usage.  koṃbani

wiped out, busted, stoned.  kwōppeḷọk

busy  bajbaj, ṃad, poub, utaṃwe
be busy with.  lokjak, ṃadjake
busy man.  lowwanwon
busy woman.  luwanwon
very busy.  ailparo, ailparok, parok, pālo

but  ak, akō, bōtaab
but as.  ijoke
but what.  akō
but what can I do.  ab in et

butt  pid
butt of cigarette.  jablọk
butt of pandanus key.  ṃak
buttocks.  jepe rūr, lọdiñi, pid
cigarette butt.  wōdān
posterior, buttocks.  lọk

butter  bōta

butterfly  babbūb

butterfly fish  
a fish, butterfly fish, Chaetodon anriga (Ebon).  utot
a fish, butterfly fish, Chaetodon ocellatus.  dibab
a fish, butterfly fish, Chaetodon ornatissimus.  bwine
a fish, general term for butterfly fish.  rūbōb
a fish, thread-backed butterfly fish, Heniochus acuminatus.  ek-bōlōk

button  batin

buy  wia
buy drinks and food for a group.  jọut
buy gifts for.  jọut
see wia. buy, sell.  wiaik
see wia. buy, sell.  wiaiki

by-pass  ḷe

a by-product of jekaro.  jekajeje

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