Updated: 8/31/2019
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English-Marshallese Finderlist

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gabble  aeñwāñwā

gable  daṃ
cornice or gable of a Marshallese house.  demāju

gadget  kūḷaabreej

gaff  ankeke, kaab, kāāj, rojak
canoe part, edge of sail fastened to the gaff.  aeṃaan

gain  tōpran, wiin

gal  lijā, lijjọọn

a fish, tiger shark, Galeocerdo arcticus.  pako tiltil

gall bladder.  at

galley  kiaḷe

gallon  kaḷan

gamble  pile

game  keem, kukure
a card game.  juip, peeñka
a game.  iaḷan juon, ṃwina, taij
a game played with a ball and two columns of cans stacked on top of one another..  baani
a game, baseball.  iakiu
a game, child's play using pebbles and shells as imaginary objects and characters.  lijjikin
a game, contest to see who can throw a sharp-pointed piece of dried pandanus root, about a yard long, farthest by skimming it on the ground once.  kajjeor
a game, dare base (one base).  eub
a game, dare base (two bases).  awiia
a game, diving for pandanus.  lijunaṃnaṃ
a game, hide.  ṃōjjo
a game, hide behind a mat and have another guess.  kōḷōnwa
a game, hide-and-seek.  kaattilōklōk, kūttiliek, ṃwijju
a game, high jump or broad jump.  kappiñ
a game, holding a child up with one's feet while flat on one's back (parent-child game).  jippapa
a game, hop-scotch.  kappetpet
a game, jacks.  kiiñkiiñ
a game, juggling.  lejọñjọñ
a game, king of the mountain.  kojuwa
a game, making holes in sand and covering them.  kūttūk
a game, Marshallese women's baseball.  ejjōbaō
a game, pelting one another with lighted pandanus keys or coconut husks.  buwaddel
a game, played with pebbles and ball, similar to dice game.  ḷuḷu
a game, pulling people from port to starboard under the keel.  tuṃaḷ
a game, racing toy outrigger canoes.  kariwutut
a game, scissors, paper, and stone.  jaañke
a game, similar to "drop the handkerchief".  arot
a game, skip-rope.  kutiñ
a game, slight-of-hand using shell and three holes in sand.  ṃōjjā
a game, tag.  anoot
a game, to play house.  ḷōkōṃ
a game, trump.  turuṃ
a game, underwater football using a rock for a ball.  niñniñ
a game, volleyball.  baḷebọọḷ
a game, with blindfolds.  lijjapillo
a game: play marbles for keeps.  lukkuun
catch up, in a game.  bōktak
foul, in games.  pet
name of a children's game.  jaṃlik-jōṃṃaan
native ball game.  anidep
pass, in card games.  baaj
solid ground on which the game of kajjeor is played.  wūmar
tie in a game.  jebo, wōnaji
warmed up, in games.  pet pā

gang  kāāñ
to gang up on someone or something.  ṃaijek
work gang.  kumi

gangling  aujepaḷ

gangrene  jiṇo

gap  tāṃoṇ, tuwa

gape  aḷḷañ, pepaḷ

garage  kūraaj

garbage  kwōpej
eat garbage.  attūkoko
garbage dump.  kōlla
garbage truck.  waan jọkpej

garden  atake, jikin kallib

gargle  kurkur, rukruk

garland with flowers set close together.  tōōlkut
garland with flowers set wide apart.  tōōldepak
strands for weaving garlands or stringing leis.  id

garment  nuknuk

gashes in coral reef.  kōlñe
long gashes in the outside reef.  mejā

gasolene  kiaaj

gasoline  kiaj

gate  kōjām
gateway.  aor
gateway, usually decorated with flowers and coconut fronds.  ṃoñ

gather  ae, pānuk
a gathering of people to celebrate the onset of breadfruit season in summer by making offerings to Jebro, the god of breadfruit.  ṃaṃa
gather fallen pandanus leaves from ground for thatch or handicraft.  pepel
gather followers.  tilbuuj
gather food.  ennōk, kakijen
gather green pandanus leaves from trees.  bōlbōl
gather in a certain spot.  peḷaak
gather many husked copra nuts.  pinju
gather missiles for throwing.  ruk-bo
gather news or information.  eọroñ naan
gather to dance.  du
gathered together.  kuk
illegal gathering of food on another's property.  ḷe eoon eṃ
see ae. gather.  aini

gay  ṃōṇōṇō

to gaze at.  kallimjek

cog, gear, ratchet.  raanke

an animal, kind of lizard, big tree gecko, Gehyra oceanica.  korap kūro
an animal, kind of lizard, gecko, Lepidodactylus pelagicus or Hemiphyllodactylus typus.  korap

gee  uwọk

Gehenna  kena

an animal, kind of lizard, big tree gecko, Gehyra oceanica.  korap kūro

gem  dekā aorōk

Castor and Pollux in Gemini.  Iju-kuwaj-aiḷip

genealogy  kadkad, menmenbwij
study one's genealogy.  jitdaṃ

generation  epepen

generous  ṃōṃool

smell of unwashed genitals.  kūtkūt

genius  ṇakṇōk, wājepdik

gentle  ineeṃṃan, meanwōd

genuflect  juubkwe

genuine  lukwi

germ  kij

Germany  Jāmne

germinate  dedek

a fish, silverfish, Gerres baconensis.  ilmek

get  bōk, lelo
fall down and get up again.  buñjerkak
get away clean.  joor
get by.  kipeddikdik
get here.  tōkeak
get hooked, nabbed.  tọrōk
get into prime running condition.  an
get something in one's eye.  pelọk
get the last drops of water from a water container.  kajḷor
get there.  tōkeak
get up.  jerkak, lōñjak
get up, from lying down.  waḷọk

ghost  eakeak, ṃōkade, tiṃoṇ
a ghost, haunts and drives people mad, lives in dense forests.  oṇeṇak
afraid of ghosts.  abwinmake
ghosts that haunt and drive people mad, live in dense forests.  wōneṇak
great fear of ghosts and the dark.  abwinmakelep
possessed by ghosts.  mejatoto
put on heads or chests of those allegedly attacked by ghosts to repel later attacks.  kūṃur
sickness, believed caused by sea-ghosts.  rilojet
waft through the air, as a ghost.  weaak

giant  ineea, ri-makaiio
a shell, giant clam.  kapwor
giant lobster.  bọkuj pedped
giant size.  debbōn
legendary cruel giants who scare and kill people.  wōneṇak
organ of giant clam.  lām

giant sea bass  
a fish, giant sea bass, Promicrops lanceolatus/truncatus.  jọwe

giddy  addeboulul, baūjō, bwebwe, jiṃalejlej, ṃōḷọwi

gift  joortak
buy gifts for.  jọut
curry the favor of men or women with gifts.  anbōro
gift (with directional postpositions).  menin le-
gift land.  iṃōn aje
gifts.  ṃweiuk
give a gift to someone.  ṇaṃweien
give gift to win favor, to opposite sex.  kōbōjbōj
laying gifts under a Christmas tree (at a Christmas song fest).  jiñap
reciprocating of gifts.  kabbōjrak
reclaim a gift.  ajejin Jowa
return gift.  kabbōjrak
taking gifts to a wedding, funeral, or party for guests to take home.  tōptōp
visit home of dead person with gifts.  ilomej

gifts returned  
be someone who asks to have gifts returned.  ajejin Jowa, ajejin Ḷōktab

giggle  tōtōñ dikdik

Gilbert (Islands).  Kilbōt
Gilbertese.  Pit

gills  bōro
fish gills.  or

gimlet  kilmij

gin  jiin

to girdle a plant.  kōnar

girl  leddik
a girl or woman whose appearance makes everyone smile.  lelejkōnkōn
girl hunting.  jawōd
nickname for baby girl.  jiroñ
see leddik girl.  ledik
see leddik girl.  ledik
that girl (close to neither of us).  lieṇ, luweo
that girl (close to you).  lieṇe, lieṇeṇe
these girls (close to me).  liṃarā, liṃarārā, liṃaro
these girls (close to us both).  liṃarein
this girl (close to me).  lie, lio
this girl (close to us both).  liin, liiō
those girls (close to neither of us).  liṃaraṇ, liṃarāraṇ, liṃaroro
those girls (close to you).  liṃaraṇe, liṃarāraṇe
unmarried adolescent girl.  jiroñ

give  le-
give (polite form).  jake
give a gift to someone.  ṇaṃweien
give as a present and ask for its return.  ajejin Jowa, ajejin Ḷōktab
give away.  leḷọk
give away freely.  ankilaak
give away without remuneration.  aje
give birth.  keotak, kōmmour
give freely.  wūjlep-
give gift to win favor, to opposite sex.  kōbōjbōj
give in abundance.  wūjlep-
give shape to something.  ṇaḷōmān
give to the speaker.  letok
give to you.  lewōj
give up.  baaj, bōbwetok, ṃaal, ṃweed
give up hope.  bweetkōn
give up, as in war.  bōbweer
see lewōj. give to you.  lewaj
surrender, give up.  jatōptōp

gizzard  tudek

glad  ṃōṇōṇō

glance  animroka-, miro
glance by.  ḷōḷā
glance off.  jājḷọk

sickness, swollen lymph glands.  būbūra
swollen gland.  ur

glare  taṃtaṃ, tinaad

glass  kilaj
broken glass.  bato
drinking glass.  kab

eyeglasses.  māj, māj kilaaj
eyeglasses of.  meja-
sunglasses.  māj
sunglasses of.  meja-
to wear glasses.  mājmāj

gleam  romaak
gleam faintly.  rorobōlbōl

glee  lọudiñdiñ

glib  wājepdik

glide  weaak
glide in the air.  jepeḷā
glide, of birds.  tọ

glimmer  rorobōlbōl

glimpse  animroka-
catch a glimpse of, because of fast motion.  iiṃ

glitter  rabōlbōl

gloat  juwaḷōñḷōñ

gloom  marok
gloomy.  lianij

glorify  nebar, wūjtak

glorious  aiboojoj

glory  aibooj

glove  tebukro
baseball glove.  kurob
wear a baseball glove.  kurobrob

glow  kabōlbōl, meram, rorobōlbōl

glue  kūḷu

glutton  būrooklep, mattiia

gnat  jokwajok

a fish, porgy, Gnathodentex aurolineatus.  tūñad

gnaw  ajoḷjoḷ
gnaw, of a rat or a mouse.  wōjek

go  etal, jeblaak, ṃōkōr, pepejọrjor, wāwe
go aground.  ṃwitaak
go ahead.  ṃōṃōkaj
go alongside of.  atar
go and meet.  wōnṃae
go around.  ito-itak
go around s.t..  itūrrọọl
go around with.  aililōk
go as a passenger.  bajinjea
go ashore on islands belonging to others.  popo ṃanit
go away.  kodaaj, welọk
go away (of humans).  ilọk
go away for a change of scene.  jaṃbo
go away for some fresh air.  kōkajoor
go back and forth.  ito-itak
go backward.  jenliklik, wanlik
go directly to or towards.  iok-
go directly toward.  kajju
go drinking at a club.  kuḷab
go eastward.  itakḷọk, wetak
go from sea side of an island to lagoon side.  kear
go in a passage.  ṃweeaar
go into the water.  tuwaak
go on a vehicle or sailing canoe (used with directional enclitics (and postpositions)).  tar
go on foot.  etal laḷ
go one at a time.  iaḷ aidik
go or come ashore.  wanāne, wāānāne
go or come down.  wanlaḷ
go or come seaward.  wanmeto
go or come towards the lagoon.  wanar, wāānar
go or come towards the ocean side of an island.  wanlik
go out.  diwōj
go out a passage.  ṃwelik
go out of a building.  wannabōj
go over.  etale
go shoreward.  wāānāne
go through.  deblọk, dibuk, ḷipdeḷọk, pejlọk, ru-
go to and fro.  jebwāālel
go to the interior of an islet.  tōḷoñ
go to the lagoon side.  keeaar
go to the ocean side.  kālik
go to the ocean side on the southern end of an island.  kālikrōk
go to you.  iwōj
go toward.  kaiok
go toward (used with directional enclitics).  wan-
go westward.  ito, wāto
go, run, swim, or rush toward s.t. or s.o. (with directionals), often impetuously, without having been invited or asked to do so.  tōbtōb
keep going.  etal wōt
see ilọk. go away.  ilañ
step or go over.  ḷōke
to begin going.  bweradik

to urge, goad, spur, push.  rōrọọj

go-ahead  jodi

goal  mejānkajjik
achieve one's goal.  teru
reach a goal in a game: "go out".  auj

goat  koot

goatfish  jo
a fish, goatfish, Mulloidichthys auriflama.  jome
a fish, goatfish, Mulloidichthys samoensis.  jo
a fish, goatfish, Parupeneus barberinus.  ṃōtal
a fish, goatfish, Parupeneus sp.  jorobbwā
a fish, goatfish, Upeneus tragula.  joḷọkṃōōr
fishing method, pole fishing for goatfish.  kadjo

a fish, general term for all goby.  jippuḷe
a fish, goby (Mejit).  kwōpra
a fish, goby (Mejit).  kūtōk

god  Anij
a god of fish.  irooj rilik
Almighty God.  Anij Ḷapḷap
half gods, literally "those gods.".  anij raṇ
interjection: "By God!".  ṃajidak
interjection: "Darn!" or "God forbid!".  ōkkōk
sacrifice food to the gods.  wālọklik

a fish, big-eyed or goggle-eyed scad fish or horse mackerel, Trachurops crumenophthalmus.  pāti
a fish, goggle-eye, Priacanthus cruentatus.  ḷwōl

goggles  mejān turọñ
possessive classifier, eyes, lids, openings, eyeglasses, masks, or goggles.  meja-

gold  kooḷ

golden plover  
a bird, golden plover, Pluvialis dominica.  kwōlej
a bird, golden plover, black variety, in breeding plumage.  ḷakeke

Goliath  Koḷeiaat

a plant, Gomphrena globosa.  abḷajtiiñ

gone  jako
all gone.  maat
gone for a long time.  linọk
gone forth.  moot, ṃōre
see maat. all gone.  emaat
see moot. leave, gone.  rōmoot

gonorrhea  jeplej

gooey, as bread not fully cooked.  depñat

good  ṃōṃan
good for nothing.  pata
good in fishing, expert in fishing.  aewanlik
good looking.  kōjaij
good luck.  jeraaṃṃan, jeraṃṃan
interjection: "Good grief!".  aia
looks good but woṇt last.  kōmjedeọ
make good.  kōṃanṃan
no good.  jettokja-
of good age.  ṃōṃan ded
of good mixture.  ṃōṃan utōn
of good size.  ṃōṃan ded
put in good shape.  kwadikdik
see jorrāān. kaput, broken, no good.  ejorrāān
taste good.  nenọ

wave goodbye.  jokutbae

goods  ṃweiuk
land or goods put away for future use or need.  kōpetaklik
provide material goods for someone.  ṇaṃweien
security, land or goods or money put away for future use or for children.  joortoklik

scratch anus, to goose.  rōbtak
to goose.  wie

goose pimple  
goose pimples.  kotok-kilin

gorgeous  aiboojoj

gorilla  kuriḷa

gossip  arōk naan, bōbōk, naan jekdọọn

a plant, Gossypium barbadense L. (Malvaceae).  kotin

the gourd.  baañke

gout  kūrro

government  kien
head of a governmental organization.  koṃja

governor  kabna

gown  likko

grab, squeeze.  kukuul
taking gifts, such as clothes, soap, candies, etc., usually by grabbing or snatching, at a wedding, funeral, or birthday party, to take home.  tōptōp

grace  jouj
graceful.  kattōñtōñ

interjection: "gracious!".  ṃajō

grade  teeñ

gradually, little by little, piecemeal.  jidik illọk jidik

graduate  diwōjḷọk

grain of rice.  tōōḷ
smallest unit of something, grain.  wūd

gram  kūraaṃ

a fish, mackerel, Grammatorcynus bicarinatus.  ikabwe

gramophone  jukoñki

grand  ṃōṃan, utiej

grandchildren  būbū

granddaughter  lijjibūbū
duty of taking care of a grandson, granddaughter, a grandparent, or a pet.  jibwi

grandfather (with possessive suffixes).  jiṃṃa
grandfather, child speech.  jiṃṃa

grandmother  obajañ
affectionate term for grandmother.  lijjibūbū
grandmother, child speech.  būbū
grandmother, grandchild, of.  jibwi-

duty of taking care of a grandson, granddaughter, a grandparent, or a pet.  jibwi,

grandson  jibwi
grandson, affectionate term.  ḷajjibūbū

a grandstander.  kabōllaḷ

grant  jake, le-
take for granted.  ālikinjepjep

grape  kūreep

to grapple with.  ñijlọk

grasp  jebjeb, kukuul

grass  wūjooj
a plant, a grass.  pādālijṃaan
a plant, a grass, prickly.  lōklōk
a plant, grass, Thuarea involuta.  kakkūṃkūṃ
grass skirt.  in, inin, ōr
grass skirt boys put on at puberty.  kiōk
lower part of tree, brush, or grass.  wūn
pull up weeds or grass.  kintak
to pull and break objects such as string, rope, wire or grass.  tūṃtūṃ

grasshopper  jidjid
an insect, grasshopper.  jeḷo

grate coconuts, grater.  raanke, raanke
grate one's teeth.  kaōrōr
grated coconut.  pen

grated coconut  jokoojwa
a food, cooked and pounded breadfruit, taro, bananas, or nuts mixed with grated coconut.  wūdeñ
a food, cooked preserved breadfruit smothered in grated coconut.  kubaḷ
a food, octopus smothered in grated coconut.  penkwe
a food, pandanus pulp and juice mixed with grated coconut and coconut oil (and optionally with arrowroot starch), wrapped in breadfruit leaves and boiled or baked.  peru
add sand or grated coconut.  penpen
coconut cloth used to squeeze and extract oil from grated coconut.  jouneak
fine, of grated coconut.  kukwidik
pandanus juice mixed with grated coconut, cooked into custard.  mokwaṇ duul
pandanus juice mixed with grated coconut, uncooked.  mokwaṇ dada
to throw grated coconut or sand at someone or something.  pinik

grateful  ṃōṃool
be grateful.  kaṃṃoolol

to gratify.  ñiājo

grave  lōb
cemetery, graveyard.  wūliej
ceremony performed six days after burial, gravel is spread over grave.  eoreak

gravel  dekā, ḷā eoreak
footsteps in gravel or dry leaves.  ṃōṃōjānjān
rattling of gravel.  ḷōḷāārār

gravy  jāle-, jālele, kūrepe

gray  wūpaajaj
gray colored.  kūbween upaaj, kūre
gray haired.  uwaṇ

graze  anōr, ḷāān
graze, as a bullet, ricochet.  tāṃoṇ

grease  kūriij
sound of grease frying.  tūtiijij

great  ḷap, ṃōṃan
greatest.  lijekḷọk, ḷaptata
intensifier, with great force.  tōñtōñ
very great.  bōtata, lijekḷọk

greed  koṇak
greedy.  arōk, tōr
greedy eater.  būrooklep, mattiia
greedy for food.  mattiia
not greedy (see tōr {ter}).  jatōr

green  kūriin, owatrere
green colored.  maroro
greenhorn.  watre

greet  iọkiọkwe, iọkwe

grief  būroṃōj, ilomej
recall with grief.  ajḷọk
sobbing because of grief.  ṃōtato

grieve  kōmmeñ

grill  jinkadool
grill verbally.  kajitūkin
to grill someone.  ekajet

grim  kijñeñe, lāj

grimace  jememe, kōmmeñ

grin  ūjō

grind  lij, ñōñōrñōr
bump and grind.  kajikia
grind with the teeth, noisily.  kañurñur
stone used for grinding arrowroot.  pukor

grip  dāpdep, ṃūt

gripe  abṇōṇō, lelotaan

grit the teeth.  ōḷōḷ
gritty feeling under the eyelids.  tōtaorak

groan  ñijlọk, ñōñōrñōr, ñūñūr
groaning.  ñijlọk

groggy  añañe, aruñijñij

groove  koṃlaḷ
groove in piece of wood, for etōñ firemaking.  kin

grope  jatoḷ, tōtọḷwūm

gross  iio
unclean, vulgar, gross.  tōtoon

grotesque  kōjak

grouchy.  ṃōṃaḷkaro, nana taṃṃwi-

ground  bwidej
a fish, ground shark, Carcharhinus melanopterus.  pakoon eoon pedped
go aground.  eọr, ṃwitaak
ground ball in baseball.  kōro
ground wire.  kūrawūn
habitually defecate on ground.  pektaan
on the ground.  laḷ
playground.  wūntoba
pull out of ground.  wūj
slip under ground or sand.  jọ
solid ground on which the game of kajjeor is played.  wūmar

group  bwijin
a group of people going to a place for a specific purpose.  aktal
any group of people, as a class, unit or division.  jar
company, team, group.  kumi
group of people going to pay respects to a deceased.  tal
group within a Protestant congregation.  jebta
make one's presence felt, especially a group.  tileñeñ
see jar. crowd, group.  jarin
work on something as a group.  kumit

a fish, blue-spotted grouper, Cepahalopholis argus.  kalemeej
a fish, grouper.  aleañ, ḷakkūrae
a fish, grouper, Epinephelus adscenscionis.  ḷōjepjep
a fish, grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus.  kūro
a fish, grouper, Epinephelus hexagonatus.  ṃōṃō
a fish, shark grouper, Carcharhinus melanopterus.  pako mej
a fish, small grouper.  tinar

grove  bukun

grow  dedek, eọñ, jebar
grow close together (see kkut).  ṃọkut
grow slowly.  ḷūbbat
grow smaller.  jen
grow together as plants.  idepdep
grow well.  didbōlbōl
grown over.  jel
growth from old root or branch.  juḷ
heavy growth.  debọkut
plant or tree growth from old root or after old branch of tree has been cut down.  ḷor
stage of growth.  ded
stunted growth.  ḷūbbat, wūdkabbe

growl  ñūñūr

grown together.  piro

grub  kapije, kōkan, ṃōñā

grudge  ṇota

grumble  kōkeroro, ūlūlōt

grunt  ñūñūr

Grus  Bwā-eṇ-an-Joktak

guarantee  joortoklik, kalliṃur

guard  baar, baṃpe, bwilijmāāṇ, waj
canoe part, piece of wood on leeside as guard against rubbing from steering paddle.  eran jebwe
canoe part, waveguard on both sides of sailing canoe.  añtūkli
guardian.  likōpejñak
wave-guard on a canoe.  ubweṇo

guess  kajjidede, kajjimalele, leḷōmṇak
a game, hide behind a mat and have another guess.  kōḷōnwa

guest  ri-itok, ri-lotok

a plant, Guettarda speciosa L. (Rubiaceae).  utilomar

guide  jiniet

guilty  bōd

guitar  kūta

gull  keār
a bird, gull.  kūṃake

gullible, attracted to.  reel

gulp  orañḷọk

chewing gum.  bwil
cover with gum.  bwilbwil
gummy.  bwilbwil

gums  ñad

gun  bu, likajik
aim a gun.  alej
be shaken by recoil of a gun.  ṃweiur
big gun.  pakke
flare gun.  kein kōjjoram
gunpowder.  bọurok
machine gun.  kikanju
not good marksman, with gun, slingshot, or by throwing stones (see jerọ {jeraw}).  jerta
shotgun.  lijjukwōlkwōl
tremor or vibration caused by sound of gun or thunder.  pañijñij

gurgle  kokopkop
shake a liquid so that it gurgles.  kọkkorōjrōj

gush  būbtūktūk, kokopkop, tọọr, utōttōt
gush out.  kwōppeḷọk

gust  añijwiwi
gusty wind.  añjarjar, ḷadikin eoon ere, okjānlañ

gut, enviscerate, disembowel fish or animals.  jejetōk
guts, intestines, bowels, offal, innards.  ṃajñal

spout, rain gutter.  tāāñ

guy  kijak
guy rope or cable.  kae

a bird, white tern, Gygis alba.  mejọ

a fish, snapper, Gymnocranius microndon/griseus.  mejmej

a fish, dog-tooth tuna, Gymnosarda nuda.  jilo

Gymnothorax rupelli/petelli.  kideddelbwij
a fish, moray eel, Gymnothorax flavimarginatus.  ṃakañ
a fish, moray eel, Gymnothorax pictus.  ṃaj-mouj

Gymnothorax sp..  dāp

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