Updated: 6/7/2020
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divided alphabetization


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maaj   {mahaj}.   n. al.; v. caus. intr. kōmaajaj, tr. kōmaajaj; v. distrib. maajaj; n. constr. maajin.   cleared space; open field; pasture.  

1. Emake maajaj ānin.   This island has been cleared very well.  

2. Jen kōmaajaje ḷain in.   Let's clear up this plot of land.  

Maalal   {mahalhal}.   A star (planet), Evening Star, Venus (evenings only).  

maalkan ne   {mahalkan ney}.   v. intr.; n. inal. maalkan neō; v. caus. intr. kōmaalkan ne, tr. kamaalkan-neek.   footprints.  

1. Emalkan-ne arin ānin.   There are footprints on the lagoon side beach of this islet.  

2. Kwōnaaj kōmaalkan-neek lowaan ṃwiin kōn juuj kaṇe aṃ.   You'll soil the floor with your shoe prints.  

maañ   {mahag}.   n. al.; n. inal. maañū; v. caus. kōmaañ; v. distrib. memaañañ (emmaañañ); n. constr. maañin.   pandanus leaf.  

1. Emmaañañ nōbjān ṃwiin.   There are lots of pandanus leaves outside this house.  

Maañurun   {mahagirʷin}.   From "name of a clan of handsome people who fade early in life".   n. al.; v. caus. kōmaañurun; n. constr. Maañurunin.   A plant, Pandanus fischerianus cultigen; Ebon. Not used for thatch because it soon rots. (Stone). Utirik.  

maat   {mahat}.   v. intr.; n. inal. maatū; v. caus. kōmaat; v. distrib. memaatat (emmaatat); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   empty; no more; all gone; exhausted.  

1. “Jab kijer in eṃṃakūtkūt bwe kōjro kōmaat ḷọk kāān in ṇa lowaan tāāñ e, innem kwōmaroñ jino aṃ ānen,” Jema eba tok.   Don’t move yet. We need to empty the rest of this can into the engine and then you can continue bailing water,” Father said. P602  

2. “Kab bar letok in teiñi ñe emaat.”   Give it back to me when it’s empty so I can fill it again.” P1170  

3. Aolep maat ḷọk ñan kweilọk eṇ.   Let's all go to the meeting.  

4. Ebar bōjrak ammān kar kōnono ak kōmmān ijuboñ-ijuraani aḷaḷ ko ñan maatier.   We stopped talking and kept at it until there weren’t any boards left. P755  

5. Ej ṃōj im pojak wōt men otemjej ak Kapen eo etal lik tak im jibwe jebwe eo im kōttar an Bojin eo im Jema kōmaatiḷọk jikka ko kijeerro ṃōṃkaj jān aerro jerake wūjḷā eo.   When everything was ready to go the Captain went to the back and took the wheel and waited for the Boatswain and Father to finish their cigarettes so they could raise the sail. P837  

6. Emaat ṃōñā.   The food is all gone.  

7. Kapen eo ekotak kab eo ñiin im kōmaat kọpe eo ie.   The Captain got out his cup and made himself some coffee and finished the whole thing. P888  

mab   {mab}.   From Engl.   n. al.; n. constr. mabin.   map.  

makak   See mekak.  

makarta   {mahkartah}.   Also mekarta.   nevertheless; so what.  

1. Makarta ñe eitok.   So what if he comes?  

2. Mekarta ke ikar kijenmej wōt.   But I kept at it. P667  

make   {mahkey}.   Also bake {bahkey}, bajke {bajkey}.   Quite the contrary.  

1. “Remake naaj ilbōk ñe rōbar lo kōjmān,” iba.   They are going to be so shocked when they see us,” I said. P1325  

2. Make ij jerbal.   But I am working.  

3. Make.   That's what I said.  

make   {makẹy}.   v. intr.; n. inal. makeū; v. caus. intr. kōmake, tr. kōmakeik; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   alone; self; lonely; solitary; unaccompanied.  

1. “Kōj make in jaar kōṃṃane bwe en āindein.”   We are the ones who got ourselves into this mess.” P1130  

2. “Ṃool ke,” iba ippa make.   That’s true,” I said to myself. P468  

3. Ear make tok.   He came alone.  

4. Ikar roñ an kōnono ippān make.   I heard him talking to himself. P975  

5. Uwaakin kajjitōk kein make rōkar waḷọk tokālik.   I would soon have the answers to my questions. P593  

makijkij   {makijkij}.   v. adj.; n. inal. makijkijū; v. caus. kōmakijkij; v. distrib. memakijkij (emmakijkij); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   often; frequent; common.  

makillō   {makilleh}.   Dial. W, E: pitōro {piyterew}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. makillōik(i); n. inal. makillōū; n. pers. ri-makillō; v. distrib. memakillōlō ppitōroro (emmakillōlō ppitōroro); n. constr. makillōin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   A food, balls of preserved breadfruit sweetened and boiled in coconut oil.  

makmake   {makmakẹy}.   favorite.  

1. Komaroñ kōjerbal pinjeḷ e makmake.   You are welcome to use my favorite pencil.  

makōḷkōḷ   {makeḷkeḷ}.   v. intr.; n. inal. makōḷkōḷū; v. caus. kōmakōḷkōḷ; v. distrib. memakōḷkōḷ (emmakōḷkōḷ); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   stretch the body.  

1. Kwōn jab memakōḷkōḷ (emmakōḷkōḷ).   Don't be stretching all the time.  

makōrlep   {makerlep}.   vulgar.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. makōrlepū; n. constr. makōrlepin.   hypersensitive, sexually.  

maḷko   {maḷkew}.   v. adj.; n. inal. maḷkoū; v. caus. kōmaḷko; n. pers. ri-maḷko; v. distrib. memaḷkoko (emmaḷkoko).   straight hair.  

1. Emmaḷkoko kooḷan bōran ri-Jaina.   Lots of Chinese have straight hair.  

maḷḷipen   {maḷḷipẹn}.   v. adj.; n. inal. maḷḷipenū; v. caus. kōmaḷḷipen; n. pers. ri-maḷḷipen; v. distrib. memaḷḷipenpen (emmaḷḷipenpen); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   oily.  

1. Emmaḷḷipenpen pet kā.   These pillows are all oily.  

maḷḷipen   {maḷḷipẹn}.   v. intr.; n. inal. maḷḷipenū; v. caus. kōmaḷḷipen; v. distrib. memaḷḷipenpen (emmaḷḷipenpen).   smell of rotten copra on body.  

maḷoñ   {maḷegʷ}.   v. intr.; n. inal. maḷoñū; v. caus. kōmaḷoñ; v. distrib. memaḷoñḷoñ (emmaḷoñḷoñ); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   drown.  

1. Ajri eo emmaḷoñḷoñ eṇ.   That child is always (coming close to) drowning  

maḷto   {maḷtẹw}.   n. al.; n. constr. maḷtoin.   veranda; lanai; porch.  

maḷtu   {maḷtiw}.   roof; overhang.  

maḷūttōk   {maḷittẹk}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. constr. maḷūttōkin.   roll of fat around waist.  

1. Emaḷūttōk.   He's got an overhang.  

mamo   {mahmẹw}.   A fish, sardine, Sardinella sp.; Harengula kinzei.  

manōt   {mahnet}.   A fish.  

mañ   {mag}.   coconut beginning to turn brown; see mañbōn.  

mañ   {mag}.   v. adj..   negatively conditioned; know better; learn not to.  

1. Emañ kako eo em jab bar ire.   The rooster got negatively conditioned and refused to fight.  

2. Kiiō ke eṃōj an kalbuuj, bōlen enaaj mañ.   Now that he has been in jail, maybe he will know better.  

mañbōn   {magben}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mañbōnū; v. caus. kōmañbōn; n. caus. pers. ri-kōmañbōn; v. distrib. memañbōnbōn (emmañbōnbōn), mañbōne; n. constr. mañbōnin.   coconut beginning to form hard meat and turn brown.  

1. Emañbōne ni ṇe.   That coconut tree has a lot of mañbōn on it.  

mañde-   {magde-}.   n. inal. mañdō.   children of a maṇs sister; nephew; niece.  

mañko   {magkẹw}.   From Engl.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmañko; n. constr. mañkoin.   mango.  

mañoño   {magẹwgẹw}.   Variant form of mañōtñōt {magẹtgẹt}.  

mañōtñōt   {magẹtgẹt}.   Also mañoño {magẹwgẹw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mañōtñōtū; v. caus. kōmañōtñōt; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   flexible; pliable; pliant.  

mañūñ   {magig}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mañūñū; v. caus. kōmañūñ.   Old and sour coconut sap; fermented, of coconut sap.  

1. Emañūñ jekaro eo.   The toddy is old and sour.  

mao   {mahwew}.   v. adj.; n. inal. maoū; v. caus. kōmao; v. distrib. memaoo (emmaoo); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   bruised.  

1. Ebaj et im memaoo (emmaoo) turun mejaṃ?   How did your face get all bruised?  

mao   {mahwew}.   Dial. W only; see merā {meray}   n. al.; v. caus. kōmao; n. constr. maoin.   A fish, parrotfish, Scarus jonesi/sordidus a fish, wrasse; Cheilinus sp.  

mar   {mar}.   n. al.; v. distrib. mare, marmar(e); n. constr. marin.   bush; shrub; boondocks; thicket.  

1. Eḷap an mare ānin.   This islet has much bush.  

marere   {mareyrey}.   From rere "laugh".   legendary game played by young women.  

mariko   {mahriykẹw}.   A plant, Centella asiatica (L.) urban (Umbelliferae); a small ground-cover plant of moister areas. the flowers are borne at the base of the plant, hence are not seen unless looked for carefully. the leaves are similar to those of garden violets.  

mariprip   {mariprip}.   Also marriprip.   n. constr. marripripin.   devastation; calamity; harm; trouble; damage.  

1. Jej jorrāān tok wōt jān marripripin ḷañ eo.   We are still down and out from the damage of the storm.  

marjāj   {marjaj}.   Variant form of markūbwebwe {markibeybey}.  

marjej   {marjej}.   Variant form of markūbwebwe {markibeybey}.  

markinenjojo   {markinenjewjew}.   From mar {mar} |"bush, vine".   n. al.; v. caus. kōmarkinenjojo; n. constr. markinenjojoin.   A plant, Vigna marina (Burm.) Merrill. (Leguminosae); A yellow-flowered leguminous vine climbing, or decumbent on beaches; Also; Ipomoea pes-caprae.  

markūbwebwe   {markibeybey}.   Also marjāj {marjaj}, marjej {marjej}.   From mar {mar} |"bush, vine", kūbwebwe {kibeybey} |"covered with feces", "toilet paper vine".   n. al.; v. caus. kōmarkūbwebwe; n. constr. markūbwebwein.   A plant, Wedelia biflora (L.) DC. (Compositae); An opposite-leaved, yellow-flowered composite, quite common.  

marḷap   {marḷap}.   From mar {mar} |"bush, vine", ḷap {ḷap} |"big".   n. al.; v. caus. kōmarḷap; n. constr. marḷapin.   A plant, Canavalia spp. (Leguminosae); esp. C. maritima (Aubl.) Thou., a trifoliolate beach vine with pink sweet-pea-like flowers and large flat green pods. Also, Ipomoea tuba (Convolvulaceae), a creeping viney morning-glory with white flowers.  

maro   {mahrew}.   From maroro "green".   formant in place names.  

maro   {marẹw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. maroū; v. caus. intr. kōmaro, tr. kōmarouk; v. distrib. memaroro (emmaroro); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   thirsty; thirst.  

1. Imaro kōn kar ṃōñā jọọḷ.   I'm thirsty from having eaten salt.  

2. Immaroro kōn kar ṃōñā jọọḷ.   I keep on being thirsty because I ate salt.  

3. Kiin kōmmān lukkuun maro bwe kōn an dik dān eo, juon wōt alen idaak ilo juon raan.   By now we were all extremely thirsty because there was almost no water left and we could each only take a drink once per day. P1185  

4. Raar kamarouk ri-kalbuuj eo.   They made the prisoner thirsty.  

marok   {marekʷ}.   v. adj., tr. maroke; n. inal. marokū; v. caus. kōmarok; n. pers. ri-marok; v. distrib. memarokrok (emmarokrok); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. marokrok.   dark; darkness; gloom.  

1. “Eḷaññe kokadikḷọk aṃ ṃōṃōkadkad im jab kōmarōk wōt kukure, kwōnaaj jeḷā ia eo Jeṃaṃ epād ie aolep iien,” Kapen eo eba tok.   If you didn’t wander around so much and play until it gets dark, you would always know where your Father is,” the Captain said to me. P50  

2. Buñūn marok.   Moonless night.  

3. Ear ruj wōt ke ej memarokrok (emmarokrok).   He woke as the darkness was vanishing.  

4. Emarok būruon.   He has an evil heart.  

5. Emarok ḷeeṇ.   He is cruel.  

6. Emarok ḷọk unokan wa e wāo jān ṇe waaṃ.   I have a lighter paint on my car than yours.  

7. Emarok ṃweeṇ.   That house is dark.  

8. Emaroke tiṃa eo ṇailik innem emijak kapen eo in ṃwear kōnke ewōdwōde lowaan to eo.   The ship was benighted at the ocean-side of the atoll and the captain was afraid to enter the lagoon for fear of running aground on any of the coral heads littering the channel.  

9. Jouj im jab kōmaroke ḷaaṃ ṇe bwe ij lale bok kake.   Please don't darken the lamp as I'm reading the book.  

10. Ri-marok men eṇ.   He's really dark-hearted.  

marok jilōñlōñ   {marekʷ jilẹglẹg}.   v. adj..   Thick darkness.  

marokiddik   {marekʷiddik}.   fifth moon phase; moon phase after meḷọkḷọk.  

maroklep   {marekʷlep}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. constr. maroklepin.   moonless; pitchblack; sixth moon phase; moon phase after marokiddik.  

1. Enana kawor ilo maroklep.   It's not good to hunt for lobsters on moonless nights.  

maroñ   {maregʷ}.   v. adj.; n. inal. maroñū; v. caus. intr. kammaroñroñ, tr. kōmaroñe; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   can; be able to; ability; power; afford; authority; capable; claim; competent; delegated; may; possible.  

1. “Emaroñ Epatōn,” Jema eba.   It might be Epatōn,” Father said. P1197  

2. Emaat an maroñ ektak.   There was no more room. P361  

3. Etao kar lukkuun ri-nana im maroñ ko an rōkanooj in kabwilōñlōñ.   Etao was a real rascal and his powers were amazing. S13  

4. Imaroñ kotak jibukwi-lemñoul bọun.   I can lift 150 lbs.  

5. Kōjero kōmmaroñroñ.   Let's (the two of us) have a contest.  

6. Kwōmaroñ ke kotak jibukwi-lemñoul bọun?   Can you lift 150 lbs?  

7. Wōn ear kōmaroñ eok?   Who authorized you? Who delegated you that power?  

maroñ ṃṃakūt   {maregʷ ṃṃakit}.   removable.  

1. Emaroñ ṃōṃakūt (eṃṃakūt) men ṇe.   That's removable.  

maroro   {mahrewrew}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. maroroū; v. caus. intr. kōmaroro, tr. kōmarorouk; v. distrib. memaroro (emmaroro); n. constr. maroroin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; perf.maroro, maro).   green colored.  

1. Ej kōṇak juon nuknuk emmaroro mejān.   She is wearing a greenish dress.  

marpeḷe   {marpeḷey}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmarpeḷe; n. constr. marpeḷein.   A plant, vine, Ipomoea tuba.  

martok   {martekʷ}.   A plant, Psilotum nudum.  

mat   {mat}.   v. adj.; n. inal. matū; v. caus. intr. kōmat, tr. kōmatte; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   cooked.  

1. Emat ko.   The breadfruit are cooked.  

2. Jekdọọn ak ekar mat kọpe eo im kōmmān kar idaak.   It didn’t matter at that point, though, because the coffee was ready and we all had some. P886  

3. Kwōn kōmatte ek ṇe.   Cook that fish.  

mat   {mat}.   v. adj., tr. mate; n. inal. matū; v. caus. intr. kōmat, tr. kōmate; v. distrib. kōmatmat; n. constr. matin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   full after eating; satisfied; satiated.  

1. Anṃōkaj emate ek eo kijen innem eleḷọk bwe eo kijen Ṃūttūūri.   Anṃōkaj ate all he could of his fish and gave the left-over to Ṃūttūūri  

2. Ekōmatmat an kōrā e riū mat.   My wife's cooking is very delicious and thus satisfying.  

3. Ij kōmat niñniñ e.   I'm feeding the baby until it's full.  

4. Imat.   I'm full.  

5. Imate raij eo.   I couldn't eat any more of the rice.  

6. Kwōmat ke kiiō?   Are you satisfied now?  

7. Kwomat ḷọk jān ña kōnke eḷap kijōṃ.   You are better satisfied because your share was bigger than mine.  

8. Kwōn kañ ṃōñā ṇe matin.   Eat his leftovers.  

9. Kwōn kōmate.   Feed him until he's satisfied.  

matātōp   {mahtaytẹp}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. matātōpe; n. constr. matātōpin.   canoe part, reinforcement close to both ends.  

1. Inaaj matātōpe kōrkōr e bwe en pen.   I'll leave these as reinforcements for the canoe.  

matmat   {matmat}.   Dial. W only; see oñoñ {wegʷwegʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. matmate; v. caus. kōmatmat; n. constr. matmatin.   sponge; pad.  

matoḷ   {mateḷʷ}.   Also jemmatoḷ {jemmateḷʷ}.   part; a third; see jimmatan.  

1. Letok jemmatoḷun ṇe kijeṃ.   Give me a piece of your breadfruit.  

matōk   {matek}.   v. adj.; n. inal. matōkū; v. caus. kōmatōk; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   fat; fatten.  

matōrtōr   {materter}.   v. adj., tr. matōrtōre; n. inal. matōrtōrū; v. caus. kōmatōrtōr; n. pers. ri-matōrtōr; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Very angry; furious; offended; rage.  

mattiia   {mattiyyah}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mattiiaū; n. pers. ri-mattiia; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   hard to cook; (see mattiie {mattiyyẹy}).  

mattiia   {mattiyyah}.   Dial. W, E: būrooklep {bireweklep}   v. adj.; n. inal. mattiiaū; v. caus. kōmattiia; n. pers. ri-mattiia.   greedy for food; hard to satisfy with food; greedy eater; glutton; voracious; (see mattiie {mattiyyẹy}).  

mattiie   {mattiyyẹy}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mattiieū; v. caus. kōmattiie; n. pers. ri-mattiie.   easy to cook; (see mattiia {mattiyyah}).  

mattiie   {mattiyyẹy}.   Dial. W, E: būrudik {biriwdik}   v. adj.; n. inal. mattiieū; n. pers. ri-mattiie; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   abstemious of food; of small appetite; easy to satisfy with food; light eater; (see mattiia {mattiyyah}).  

  {may}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmā; v. distrib. memāmā (emmāmā); n. constr. māin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   A plant, general term for the breadfruit, Artocarpus incisus (Thunb.) L. F. Moraceae; or fig family); (identical with A. altilis (Park. Ex z.) Fosberg.).  

1. Emmāmā ḷam jako lowaan ṃwiin.   The inside of this house is really covered with breadfruit scraps.  

2. Emmāmā nuknuk e aō.   My clothes have scraps of breadfruit on them.  

3. ej juon iaan ṃōñā ko eḷaptata an ri-Ṃajeḷ kōjerbale.   Breadfruit is one of the foods that Marshallese use most. S28  

māāl   {mayal}.   n. al.; v. distrib. memāālāl (emmāālāl); n. constr. māālin.   axe; hatchet; adze; iron; steel; metal.  

1. Enemen memāālāl (emmāālāl).   It has the taste of iron.  

māāl waan   {mayal wahan}.   alloy.  

1. Wūnin an kōkōṃ (ekkōṃ) jāje ṇe kōnke māāl waan.   It's an alloy, that's why your machete is breakable.  

māāṇ   {mayaṇ}.   v. adj.; n. inal. māāṇū; v. caus. kōmāāṇ; v. distrib. memāāṇāṇ (emmāāṇāṇ); stat. adj. māāṇāṇ.   burn; smart, as medicine on a sore.  

1. Emāāṇ kinej e peiū.   The wound on my arm burns.  

2. Emmāāṇāṇ kinej e peiū.   The cut on my hand keeps on burning.  

māāṇāṇ   {mayaṇyaṇ}.   Also okmāāṇāṇ {wẹkmayaṇyaṇ}.   v. adj.; n. inal. māāṇāṇū; v. caus. kōmmāāṇāṇ; v. distrib. memāāṇāṇ (emmāāṇāṇ); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   warm; warmth; heat.  

1. “Ebwe ṇe an injin ṇe kōmmāāṇāṇ,” Jema eba ḷọkin jet minitin an injin eo jọ.   The engine is warm enough now,” Father said after the engine had been running for a few minutes. P335  

2. Ia in ej memāāṇāṇ (emmāāṇāṇ) tok?   Where is that heat coming from?  

māār   {mayar}.   v. adj.; n. inal. māārū; n. pers. ri-māār; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Tell a lie.  

1. Kwōn jab māār.   Don't lie.  

māār   {mayar}.   v. intr.; n. inal. māārū; v. caus. tr. kamāār; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   stained; yellowish.  

1. Lale emāār nuknuk ṇe aṃ.   Watch out, your clothes might get stained.  

Mābat   {maybat}.   From {may} |"breadfruit", bat {bat} |"hill".   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

mābuñ   {maybigʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; v. caus. kōmābuñ; n. caus. pers. ri-kōmābuñ; n. constr. mābuñin.   breadfruit blown down by the wind; windfallen breadfruit.  

mād   {mad}.   ripen.  

1. Emād bōb kaṇ.   Those pandanus are ripening.  

Mādak   {maydak}.   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

mādepep   {madyepyep}.   scorpion.  

Mādik   {maydik}.   From {may} |"breadfruit", dik {dik} |"small".   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

mādke   {madkẹy}.   From Engl. America.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mādkeū; v. caus. kōmādke; v. distrib. memādkeke (emmādkeke); n. constr. mādkein; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   venereal disease.  

1. Kōn an kar rūAmedka ro ilo waan kōrajraj ko jino bōktok nañinmej in ñan riṂajeḷ, raar ṇa etan mādke.   Because of the fact that venereal disease was first introduced to the Marshallese people by the American whaleship crewmen, they called it mādke ("America").  

mādo   {madew}.   archaic.   Sea crab.  

mādo   {maydẹw}.   Variant form of do {dẹw}.  

Māe   {mayẹy}.   From Engl.   May; the month.  

Māikwe   {mayikʷey}.   From {may} |"breadfruit", kwe {kʷey} |"scrape it (referring to the scraping off of charred skin of roasted breadfruit).   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

māirrūb   {mayirrib}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmāirrūb; n. constr. māirrūbin.   unripe fallen breadfruit.  

māj   {maj}.   v. intr.; n. inal. meja.   eye; face; cutting edge; lid; opening of any container, hole, doorway, or cave, etc..  

1. Eḷaññe Kapen eo ekar roñ men in ekwe turin mejān ekar jab kwaḷọk.   You couldn’t tell by the Captain’s face whether he had heard this or not. P849  

2. Ikar ajeji petkōj ko im likūti i ṃaan mejāerjel.   I divided up the biscuits and put a few in front of each of the three of them. P811  

3. Mejān jāje.   Edge of the machete.  

māj   {maj}.   n. al.; n. inal. meja; v. caus. kōmāj; n. constr. mājin.   sunglasses; diving mask; eyeglasses.  

māj kilaaj   {maj kilahaj}.   spectacles; eyeglasses.  

mājet   {majet}.   From Engl.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmājet; n. constr. mājetin.   match.  

Mājetdikdik   {majetdikdik}.   Also Mājetdikin-Mājlep.   A constellation; stars in Sagittarius; alpha, beta, delta, gamma.  

mājidjid   {majidjid}.   v. caus. kōmājidjid.   full.  

mājik   {majik}.   archaic.   harbor; secondary lagoon.  

mājinmuur   {majinmiwir}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mājinmuurū; v. caus. kōmājinmuur; n. pers. ri-mājinmuur.   wake up early in the morning; an early-bird.  

mājkun   {majkʷin}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mājkunū; v. caus. kōmājkun; v. distrib. memājkunkun (emmājkunkun); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   blink.  

1. Etke kwōjaam memājkunkun (emmājkunkun)?   Why do you keep on blinking?  

mājkun   {majkʷin}.   v. intr.; v. caus. kōmājkun; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   fade; wane.  

1. Emājkun wūnokwan nuknuk ṇe aṃ.   The color of your dress is faded.  

Mājlep   {majlep}.   See māj: "big eye"   A constellation; alpha, beta, gamma Aquilae; Altair; fifthborn of Lōktañūr.  

mājḷwōj   {majḷʷẹj}.   Also mājḷoj.   n. al.; n. constr. mājḷwōjin.   An animal, a small black lizard with white stripes.  

mājmāj   {majmaj}.   From māj {maj}|.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mājmājū; v. caus. intr. kōmājmāj, tr. kamājmāj(e); n. pers. ri-mājmāj; n. constr. mājmājin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To wear glasses; to cover with a lid.  

1. Kwōn kamājmāje ainbat ṇe.   Cover that pot with a lid.  

2. Kwōn mājmāj bwe edet.   Wear your glasses because the sun is bright.  

mājojo   {majewjew}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mājojoū; v. caus. kōmājojo; v. distrib. memājojo (emmājojo); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   firm; strong; solid; tight; sure; certain.  

1. Ejjeḷọk mājojoon likao ṇe.   That lad is really strong  

2. Kōkki im kōmājojoiki.   Hold it tightly and make it fit together more tightly (from a chant referring to the lashing of a canoe).  

3. Ñe ededeḷọk kōjmān ektak im ilju jota mājojo jejeblaak.   When it’s ready, we’ll load up, and tomorrow evening we’ll go for sure. P279  

Mājro   Majuro.  

mājur   {majirʷ}.   Dial. E only; see kiki {kiykiy}   Also mejur {mẹjirʷ}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mājurū; v. caus. kōmājur; n. pers. ri-mājur; v. distrib. memjurjur (emmājurjur); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   sleep; asleep.  

1. “Jema e, imejki, ij ja itōn mājur,” iba.   Father, I’m tired; I am going to get some sleep,” I said. P554  

2. “Kain ṇe jej mājur ak jej ḷōmṇak bwe jej peḷọk,” Kapen eo eba.   We’ll sleep but not too deeply since we are drifting,” the Captain said. P809  

3. Emājur.   He's asleep.  

4. Emmājurjur ḷadik eṇ.   That boy is always sleeping.  

5. Iñak ñāāt wōt eo erro kar bōjrak bwe etal im imājur jān aerro bwebwenato.   I don’t know when Father and the Boatswain finished talking because I fell asleep listening to their stories. P980  

6. Jej mājurin kako.   We can just sleep lightly so we’ll be ready to jump up if we need to. We'll sleep like roosters. P810  

mājurlep   {majirʷlep}.   Also mejurlep {mẹjirʷlep}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mājurlepū; v. caus. kōmājurlep; n. pers. ri-mājurlep.   sleep soundly; late in awakening; oversleep.  

Mākinono   {maykinewnew}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmākinono; n. constr. Mākinonoin.   A plant, breadfruit variety; seedless.  

Mākwōle   {maykʷeley}.   From {may} |"breadfruit", kwōle {kʷeley} |"testicle, seed (referring to seeds inside)".   n. al.; v. caus. kōmākwōle; n. constr. Mākwōlein.   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

māl   {mal}.   archaic.   n. al.; n. constr. māllen.   thing, creature.  

1. “Māllen eañ in ebuñut ḷakijoñjoñ in,” Jema eba im ettōñ dikdik ke erro kar pārorāiki laḷ ḷọk.   This guy sure is brave,” Father said, chuckling as the two of them carried him down with both hands. P1048  

2. Māllen eañ in, ebuñut ḷakijoñjoñ in.   Men from the north are strong (from a chant).  

mālejjoñ   {malẹjjẹgʷ}.   Also mālijjoñ {malijjẹgʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mālejjoñe; n. inal. mālejjoñū; n. pers. ri-mālejjoñ; n. constr. mālejjoñin.   trial; test; acid test; parable; take as example, experiment; analogy, attempt; try; prove.  

1. Jab lilu (illu) bwe ej bajjek mālijjoñe atūṃ.   Don't get mad, he's just trying your patience.  

2. Jenaaj mālijjoñ kake jerbal ko an.   Let's take his works as examples.  

3. Rej mālejjoñe wa eṇ.   They are testing the canoe.  

mālij   {malij}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mālijū; v. caus. kōmālij; v. distrib. memlijlij (emmālijlij); n. constr. mālijin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Well chewed; smashed; mashed.  

1. Emālijlij bao eo raar jipede.   The chicken they ran over is really smashed.  

2. Emmālijlij ek eo kidu eo ear kiji.   The fish the dog stole was all chewed up.  

3. Enaaj nañinmej kōn an jab kōmālij kijen.   He'll get sick from not chewing his food well.  

mālij   {malij}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmālij; n. constr. mālijin.   A fish, squirrel fish.  

mālijjoñ   {malijjẹgʷ}.   Variant form of mālejjoñ {malẹjjẹgʷ}.  

mālim   {malim}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mālimū; v. caus. kōmālim; n. constr. mālimin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   permitted; allowed; lawful; permission; license; sanction.  

1. Eor mālim in deḷọñ.   I have permission to enter.  

mālkwōj   {malkʷej}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mālkwōjū; v. caus. kōmālkwōj; v. distrib. memālkwōjkwōj (emmālkwōjkwōj).   Having healing powers; potent.  

1. “O, a baj mālkwōj wōt men kein,” Bojin eo eba.   Oh, those things are really strong,” the Boatswain said. P1050  

2. Emālkwōj wūno rot eṇ ñan kinej.   That kind of medicine is good for wounds.  

3. Emmālkwōjkwōj an wūno.   His medicines have great healing powers.  

mālle   {malley}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmālle; v. distrib. memāllele (emmāllele); n. constr. māllein.   coal; charcoal; coals of fire; embers.  

1. Ej memāllele (emmāllele) wōt.   There are still some embers there in the ashes.  

2. Elōñ ke aṃ mālle?   Do you have any charcoal?  

3. Lale emmāllele lowaan ṃōṇe.   Be careful not to spill charcoal all around inside that house.  

mālōtlōt   {maletlet}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mālōtlōtū; v. caus. kōmālōtlōt; n. pers. ri-mālōtlōt; n. constr. mālōtlōtin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. mālōtlōt..   smart; bright.  

1. E eo ear lo kijeek, im inọñ ko rej ba bwe unin an ri-Amedka mālōtlōt, Etao ear ko jān Ṃajeḷ im bōkḷọk an mālōtlōt ñan Amedka.   He is the one who discovered fire, and the legends say that the reason Americans are smart is that Etao left the Marshalls and took his knowledge to America. S13  

mālu   {maliw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. māluū; v. caus. kōmālu; stat. adj. mālu..   fragrant, of flowers; aroma.  

1. Emālu leen ut eṇ.   The flowers from that bush are fragrant.  

mālwe   {malwey}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mālweik; v. caus. kōmālwe; n. pers. ri-mālwe; n. constr. mālwein; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   twine made from skin of coconut frond midrib; midrib of frond stripped for tying or for sewing copra sacks.  

1. Kwōn mālweiki mejān pāāk ṇe.   Sew the sack closed with mālwe.  

māḷọk   {mayḷakʷ}.   v. intr.; n. inal. māḷọkū; v. caus. kōmāḷọk.   overripe spoiled breadfruit.  

māmet   {mamet}.   v. adj.; n. inal. māmetū.   fresh water; sweet coconut water; sweet; sweetish taste.  

1. Emāmet leen ni eṇ.   The fruit of that coconut tree is sweet.  

Māṃwe   {mayṃẹy}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmāṃwe; n. constr. Māṃwein.   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

māni   {maniy}.   v. adj.; v. caus. intr. kammānni, tr. kamāniik(i); stat. adj. sg. māni, mānini, pl. memānni (emmānni)..   thin; flimsy.  

1. Nuknuk māni men eo ej kōṇake.   The clothing she is wearing is thin.  

2. Nuknuk mānini men eo ej kōṇake.   The clothing she is wearing is very thin.  

māniddik   {maniddik}.   An insect, small, brown, often found around rotten breadfruit.  

mānija   {maniyjah}.   From Engl.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mānijaik; v. caus. kōmānija; n. constr. mānijain.   manager; executive.  

1. Ej mānijain koṃbani eṇ.   He's the manager of that company.  

mānnikiden   {mannikidẹn}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmānnikiden; n. constr. mānnikidenin.   An insect, moth.  

Mānnikkiden   {mannikkidẹn}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmānnikkiden; n. constr. Mānnikkidenin.   A plant, pandanus cultigen (Takeuchi).  

mānnimar   {manniymar}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mānnimarū; v. caus. kōmānnimar; n. pers. ri-mānnimar.   Wild chicken; wild.  

1. Jen etal mānnimar.   Let's go hunting for wild chickens.  

mānnimuuj   {mannimiwij}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmānnimuuj; n. constr. mānnimuujin.   A bird, white sea gull.  

mānniñ   {mannig}.   n. al.; v. intr.; v. caus. kōmānniñ; n. constr. mānniñin.   Young louse; nit; adolescent (derogatory); small fry; tot; minor.  

1. Etke enana ak mānniñ?   Why is he so bad when he's just a kid?  

2. Jab inepata bwe mānniñ men eṇ.   Don't worry, he's a nobody.  

mānnōt   {mannet}.   archaic.   A fish.  

mānnueaḷ   {manniwyaḷ}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmānnueaḷ; n. constr. mānnueaḷin.   lizard.  

māntōl   {mantẹl}.   A bird, sooty shearwater, Puffinus griseus a bird, slender-billed shearwater, Puffinus tenuirostris.  

māro   {mayrẹw}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. māroū; n. constr. māroin.   weak-legged; bow-legged; knock-kneed; walk dragging a leg; disease characterized by emaciated legs.  

1. Emāro an etetal.   He drags a leg when walking.  

2. Emāro an rūkōṃṃan kōjak eo etetal.   The comedian walked knock-kneed.  

3. Kwōn jab ilān iakiu bwe kwōmāro.   Don't play baseball for you have weak legs.  

Māroñ   {mayregʷ}.   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

mātōrej   {mayteryej}.   Also būtoñ {bitegʷ}, maatreej {mahatreyej}.   From Engl.   n. al.; n. constr. mātōrejin.   mattress.  

me   {mẹy}.   Also kōjjoal {kejjewhal}.   fort; fortified place; coral weir to trap fish; coral wall; barricade.  

me   {mey}.   that; which; who.  

1. E juon armej eo me eḷap an jouj.   He is a person who is very kind.  

me   {mey}.   Transitive singular form of meme {mẹymẹy}.  

meanwōd   {meyhanwed}.   v. adj.; n. inal. meanwōdū; n. pers. ri-meanwōd; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Long enduring; patience; longsuffering; soft-hearted; gentle.  

1. Eḷap an meanwōd ḷeeṇ.   He is very patient.  

mebbōḷa   {mebbeḷah}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mebbōḷaū; v. caus. kōmebbōḷa; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   yawn.  

med   {mẹd}.   v. adj.; v. caus. kōmed.   cooled off, of food once hot.  

1. Emed raij eṇ kiiō.   The rice is cool now.  

medaekek   {medahyẹkyẹk}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. medaekekū; n. constr. medaekekin.   phlegm; pus; lymph; slime from slugs and fish.  

medde   {meddey}.   reef in the lagoon just under the surface.  

mede   {mẹdẹy}.   n. al.; n. inal. medeū; v. caus. kōmede; v. distrib. memedede (emmedede); n. constr. medein.   Young coconut meat.  

1. Emmedede nuknuk ṇe aṃ.   There are scraps of coconut meat on your clothes.  

mede   {medey}.   Also mede {mẹdẹy}.   v. intr., tr. medeik; n. inal. medeū.   chisel.  

1. Kwōn medeik ṃōk tiek ṇe bwe en koṇ.   Chisel that notch so that it fits.  

medek   {medek}.   v. intr., tr. medeke; n. inal. medekū; n. pers. ri-medek; v. distrib. memdekdek (emmedekdek); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To conciliate; reconcile; reconciliation; appease; coax.  

1. Kwōn ilān medeke jān an ilān kōṃṃan tūrabōḷ.   Go do something to keep him from going and making trouble.  

2. Kwōn ilān memdekdeke (emmedekdeke) jān an ilān kōṃṃan tūrabōḷ.   Go do anything you can to keep him from going and making trouble.  

3. Kwōn medeke bwe ellu.   Talk kindly to him because he's angry.  

medọḷ   {medaḷʷ}.   v. adj.; n. inal. medọḷū; v. caus. kōmedọḷ; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   oily hair; hair smoothed with oil.  

1. Emedọḷ bōraṃ.   Your hair is smoothed down with oil.  

medwañ   {medwag}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. medwañū; v. caus. kōmedwañ; v. distrib. memedwañwañ (emmedwañwañ); n. constr. medwañin; stat. adj. memedwañwañ (emmedwañwañ).   smell of armpits; armpit.  

meej   {meyej}.   v. adj., v. caus. kōmeej; v. distrib. memeejej (emmeejej).   dark in color; bright colored.  

meej   {meyej}.   v. intr.; n. inal. meejū; v. caus. kōmeej; n. pers. ri-meej; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   accustom oneself; habit.  

1. Emeej in eọñōd ijeṇ.   He is used to fishing there.  

meej   {meyej}.   From Engl.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. constr. meejin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   ship's mate.  

1. Ear meejḷọk ñan Jepaan.   He went to Japan as mate.  

mei   {mẹyiy}.   Transitive plural form of meme {mẹymẹy}.  

meimed   {mẹyimed}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. meimedū; v. caus. intr. kōmeimed, tr. kōmeimede; v. dir. caus. kōmeimedtok/ḷọk/waj, n. caus. pers. ri-kōmeimed, n. constr. meimedin.   overripe, of breadfruit with seeds; overripe breadfruit.  

mej   {mẹj}.   Also mij {mij}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mejū, mijō; v. caus. kōmej; n. pers. ri-mej; v. distrib. memejmej (emmejmej); n. constr. mejin, mijen.   dead; numb; death; disease; illness; peril; plague; wrath.  

1. Ekeiñtaanan mejin (mijen) lōḷḷap eo.   The old lady's death was torturous.  

2. Emmejmej nājin lieṇ.   Her children all die.  

3. Iar lo mijen inne mokta jān an mej.   I saw his spirit yesterday before he died.  

4. Mejet ṇe aṃ?   What's your illness?  

mej   {mẹj}.   Dial. E only; see mejje {mẹjjẹy}.   The opening between islets.  

mej   {mẹj}.   Place where turtles molt; taboo place inhabited by demons.  

mej ānbwin   {mẹj yanbin}.   n. inal. mej ānbwinnū.   palsy; paralyzed.  

1. Ear waḷok juon mijen mej ānbwin.   A disease called palsy struck  

meja   See māj. eye.  

meja-   {meja-}.   n. inal. meja.   eye of; face of; cutting edge of; lid of; eyeglasses of; sunglasses of; opening of any container, hole, doorway, or cave, etc.; possessive classifier, eyes, lids, openings, eyeglasses, masks, or goggles.  

mejabbwe   {mejabbẹy}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejabbwe; n. constr. mejabbwein.   A fish, Lethrinus sp.  

Mejabwil   {mejabil}.   A star; Formalhaut in Pisces Austrinus.  

mejaḷ   {mejaḷ}.   v. intr., tr. mejaḷe; n. inal. mejaḷū, mejḷaō; v. caus. kōmejaḷ; v. distrib. mejaḷjaḷ.   unsnarl; disentangle; perfective form of jaḷjaḷ; unravel; analyze; disconnect; unclasp; untie.  

1. “Lukkuun lukwōji bwe ren pen ippān doon im jab mejaḷ ḷọk,” Kapen eo eba.   Make sure you bind them tightly so they don’t come untied,” the Captain said. P685  

2. Emejaḷ ḷọk jitọkin aō.   My stockings are running.  

3. Emejaḷjaḷ ḷọk tōrej eṇ.   The thread is unsnarled.  

4. Jet kein kajjitōk ij ḷōmṇak rōkkar ñan an ro ilubwilijid eor aer jeḷā, meḷeḷe, im imminene kōn metwan (metoin) aelōñ kein, bwe ren kwaḷọk mejḷaer kiin ke ej wōr wōt aer iien.   These are some questions I was thinking are appropriate for those among us who have knowledge, understanding, and experience with the ocean in our islands, so they can explain and describe (analyze) them while they are still able to do so. P802  

mejaṃ   See māj. eye.  

mejate   {mejatẹy}.   path from house to either beach.  

1. Emejate ṃweeṇ.   That tract has a path to the beach.  

2. Kwōn bar rakij mejate ṇe bwe eitan penjak.   Clear out the path again because it's overgrown.  

mejatoto   {mejatewtew}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mejatotoū; v. caus. kōmejatoto; n. constr. mejatotoin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   air; atmosphere; climate; possessed by ghosts; space.  

1. “Emejatoto jidik ak enaaj eṃṃan.   He’s been possessed by ghosts but he’ll be okay.” P1063  

2. Emejatoto lieṇ.   She's possessed by ghosts.  

3. Eṃṃan mejatotoun Awai.   The climate in Hawaii is nice.  

4. Kiiō aolep al jān aolep aelōñ rej jañ ilo mejatoto im armej remaroñ in kālet ko rōkōṇaan, ko rōṃṃan, ak ko renana.   Now all songs from all islands are heard on the air, and people can choose those they like—those that are good and those that are not. S26  

5. Koṃro en ja mejatoto ḷọk em bar itok.   You two go get some fresh air and come back again.  

6. Rej ba ke ñe ewōtlọk juon menọknọk ijin, emaat wōt ṇa i mejatoto ippān pako.   They say that if some trash is tossed overboard here, it will be snapped up by the sharks before it hits the water. P1322  

mejā   {mejay}.   Dial. W only; see kōlñe {kẹlgẹy}.   Long gashes in the outside reef.  

mejā   {mejay}.   n. al.; n. constr. mejāin.   Small man-made channel through coral.  

1. Jeañ rakij juon mejā.   Let's clear a channel.  

mejādik   {mejadik}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mejādikū; v. caus. kōmejādik; n. pers. ri-mejādik.   skill; dexterity; knack; resourceful; shrewd; tactful; creative.  

1. Emejādik ḷeeṇ.   He is skillful.  

mejāliraan   {mejaliyrahan}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mejāliraane; n. inal. mejāliraanū; n. pers. ri-mejāliraan; v. distrib. memejāliraanan (emmejāliraanan); n. constr. mejāliraanin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   A food, plain baked ripe breadfruit.  

1. Enaaj kar nenọ (ennọ) ñe kwaar jab mejāliraane ak kwaar pọḷjeje.   It would have tasted better if you had baked it in coconut oil instead of plain.  

mejān   See māj. eye.  

mejān jāje   {mejan jayjẹy}.   idiom.   blade of machete.  

1. Ebwilọk mejān jāje e.   The blade of this machete is chipped.  

mejān turọñ   {mejan tiwragʷ}.   goggles; diving mask.  

mejānkajjik   {mejankajjik}.   prize; goal; objective; destiny.  

mejānwōd   {mejanwed}.   Dial. W, E: jenọ {jenaw}, jeno {jenew}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejānwōd; n. constr. mejānwōdin.   A shell, a clam, Tridacnidae; Tridacna (chametrachea) crocea.  

mejāro   {mejayrew}.   interjection: "honestly, I swear it's so.".  

mejbak   {mẹjbak}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mejbakū; v. caus. kōmejbak; n. constr. mejbakin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   overripe, of breadfruit without seeds.  

mejeik   {mẹjẹyik}.   A fish.  

mejek   {mejek}.   Also mejek {mẹjẹk}.   v. intr., tr. mejek(e); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   watch; keep watching; notice.  

1. Ak jet ko men ijabōṃ kar kakkōt mejeki.   But there were a few things I didn’t even notice. P995  

2. Baj lukkuun mejek ṃōk, āinwōt urur eṇ ej kilepḷọk.   And can you please keep watching because it looks like the light is getting bigger. P1123  

3. Ijab mejeke an etal.   I didn't notice him leaving.  

4. Irre lọk im mejek Kapen eo.   I looked over and kept watching the Captain. P1079  

5. Kwōn mejek ṃōk ta eṇ ej kōṃṃane?   You watch to see what he does.  

mejel   {mẹjẹl}.   Variant form of mijel {mijẹl}.  

mejel kil   {mẹjẹl kil}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mejel kilū,.   bold; unconcerned about consequences; presumptuous; forward; thick-skinned; incapable of being hurt or embarrassed.  

1. Ejab eñjaake naan ko aṃ bwe emejel kilin.   He didn't feel your stinging remarks as he's quite thick-skinned.  

2. Emake mejel kiliṃ.   You're so bold.  

3. Koṃwin ḷōmṇak kōn armej em jab mejel kilimi.   Be considerate and don't be so presumptuous.  

mejeḷat   {mejeyḷat}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mejeḷate n. pers. ri-mejeḷat; n. constr. mejeḷatin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   fishing method, line fishing using the front half of a coconut shell, in lagoon area.  

1. Rej ilān mejeḷat iarin jittoeṇ.   They're going fishing using the mejeḷat method at the western end of the island.  

mejen allōñ   {mẹjẹn hallẹg}.   Also mejān allōñ {mẹjan hallẹg}.   From mej {mẹj} |"sickness", allōñ {hallẹg} |"moon".   n. al.; v. intr.; n. constr. mejen allōñin.   menstruation.  

mejenkwaad   {mẹjẹnkʷahad}.   v. intr.; n. pers. ri-mejenkwaad.   witch who eats people; vampire.  

mejenma   {mẹjẹnmah}.   v. adj., tr. mejenmaik; n. inal. mejenmaū; v. caus. kōmejenma; n. pers. ri-mejenma; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   kiss; osculate.  

Mejenwe   {mejenwey}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejenwe; n. constr. Mejenwein.   A plant, breadfruit variety.  

mejeto   {mejetew}.   Also mejate {mejatẹy}.   path from house to beach.  

Mejidduul   {mẹyjiddiwil}.   From {may} |"breadfruit", jidduul {jiddiwil} |"a clam".   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

mejin   {mẹjyin}.   Common cold; flu epidemic.  

1. Ibōk mejin.   I have a cold.  

mejin   {mẹyjin}.   From Engl.   n. al.; n. constr. mejinin.   sewing machine.  

mejinede   {mejyineydey}.   Also mijinede {mijineydey}.   From Engl.   n. al.; n. constr. mejinedein.   missionary.  

1. Kōn an kar mejinede ro ḷōmṇak bwe wūno in Ṃajeḷ ej jerbal kōn anijnij, raar jab kanooj ṃōṇōṇō in kōtḷọk an armej kōjerbale.   Because the missionaries thought that Marshallese medicine involved sorcery, they were not very happy to permit people to use it. S8  

mejjani   {mejjahniy}.   From Japn. me ja nai (目じゃない) "he is no match for me", "it is too easy".   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mejjaniū; v. caus. intr. kōmejjani, tr. kōmejjaniiki; n. constr. mejjaniin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   weakling; lethargic; pushover.  

1. Aolep jeḷa raṇe aṃ mejjani wōt.   Your crew members are a sorry bunch.  

mejje   {mẹjjẹy}.   Dial. W only; see mej {mẹj}.   Also mej {mẹj}.   The opening between islets.  

mejje   {mẹjjẹy}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mejjeik; n. constr. mejjein.   fishline, on a pole.  

1. Joñan an ḷap ek eo eetal eake mejje eo aō.   The fish I hooked must have been a big one since it broke my pole-line.  

mejjeeḷ   {mẹjjeyeḷ}.   slang.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mejjeeḷū; n. constr. mejjeeḷin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   inactive; slow; phlegmatic; lethargic; lazy; be beat.  

1. Āinwōt kobaj mejjeeḷ rainin.   You look beat today.  

mejjiia   {mẹjjiyyah}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mejjiiaū; v. caus. kōmejjiia; n. pers. ri-mejjiia.   Long in dying; slow to die (see mejjiie {mẹjjiyyẹy}).  

1. Emejjiia wōn eṇ.   That turtle is slow to die.  

mejjiie   {mẹjjiyyẹy}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mejjiieū; v. caus. kōmejjiie; n. pers. ri-mejjiie.   quick to die (see mejjiia {mẹjjiyyah}).  

1. Emejjiie bao eṇ.   That bird is quick to die.  

mejkaiie   {mẹjkahiyyẹy}.   Also mijkāiie {mijkayiyẹy}, mejkōnkōn {mẹjkẹnkẹn}.   n. al.; v. adj., tr. mejkaiieik; n. inal. mejkaiieū; v. caus. intr. kōmejkaiie, tr. kōmejkaiieik; n. pers. ri-mejkaiie; n. constr. mejkaiiein; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To lust in vain; lust for; lustful; lovesick.  

1. Eaḷapḷọk im mejkaiie.   He's a dirty old man.  

2. Wūnin aṃ addimejmej ṇe kōn aṃ mejkaiie.   You've lost your coordination because you yearn after but can't get to first base with women.  

mejki   {mẹjkiy}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mejkiū; v. caus. kōmejki; v. distrib. memejkiki (emmejkiki); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   sleepy.  

1. Emejki likao eo in kōnono.   The boy is too sleepy to talk.  

2. Emmejkiki ḷeeṇ.   He's always sleepy.  

3. Imejki kōn pija eo.   The movie has made me sleepy.  

mejko   {mẹjkẹw}.   slang.   n. al.; v. intr.; v. caus. intr. kōmejko, tr. kōmejkoi; n. constr. mejkoin.   Be embarrassed for.  

1. Jọọn eñak ta eo en ba kōn an mejko kake Jemej ke ear buñ.   John didn't know what to say, being so embarrassed for James when he (James) fell down.  

mejko   {mẹjkew}.   Also mejko {mẹjkẹw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mejkoū; v. caus. kōmejko; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   blinded with smoke.  

1. Imejko kōn kijek ṇe aṃ.   Your fire is blinding me.  

mejkōnkōn   {mẹjkẹnkẹn}.   Extra mesh in a net; makes one row of mesh longer than the last.  

mejkōnkōn   {mẹjkẹnkẹn}.   Variant form of mejkaiie.  

mejkōr   {mejker}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mejkōrū; v. caus. kōmejkōr; n. pers. ri-mejkōr; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   slimy-eyed; excessive green or white discharge from eye.  

mejḷat   {mẹjḷat}.   bird trap.  

mejmej   {mẹjmẹj}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejmej; n. constr. mejmejin.   A fish, snapper, Gymnocranius microndon/griseus a fish, scavenger, Lethrinus microdon.  

mejmetak   {mẹjmetak}.   n. al.; v. adj.; v. caus. intr. kōmejmetak, tr. kōmejmetake; n. pers. ri-mejmetak; n. constr. mejmetakin.   Have sore eyes.  

1. Iaikuj mājmāj bwe imejmetak.   I've got to wear sunglasses because my eyes are sore.  

mejoub   {mẹjẹwib}.   v. caus. kōmejoub.   coconut, nearly ripe.  

mejọ   {mejaw}.   Dial. W, E: juwi {jiwiy}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejọ; n. constr. mejọin.   A bird, white tern, Gygis alba.  

mejọkut   {mejakʷit}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejọkut; n. constr. mejọkutin.   A fish, big-eye or burgy, Monotaxis grandoculis.  

mejpata   {mẹjpahtah}.   From mej {mẹj} |"die", pata {pahtah} |"in vain"   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mejpataū; n. pers. ri-mejpata; n. constr. mejpataan.   playboy; ladies' man (derogatory sense); romantic desires.  

1. Emejpata ḷeeṇ.   He thinks he's God's gift to women.  

2. Jab mejpata eake bwe eor pāleen.   Don't fall over her for she's married.  

Mejwa   {mẹjwah}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejwa; n. constr. Mejwain.   A plant, breadfruit variety (Takeuchi).  

Mejwaan   {mẹjwahan}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmejwaan; n. constr. Mejwaanin.   A plant, breadfruit variety; seeded; with five-lobed leaves.  

1. Jāānkun in ej kōṃṃan jān Mejwaan.   Breadfruit jāānkun is made from the Mejwaan variety of breadfruit. S12  

mekak   {mekak}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. mekakū; n. constr. mekakin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To clot; thick blood; blood clot.  

1. Joñan an ḷap kinej eo, eto mekak.   The wound was so severe that large blood clots came out.  

mekarta   {meykartah}.   Variant form of makarta.  

Mekijko   {mekijkew}.   clan name.  

melea   {meleyah}.   A fish.  

meliak   {mẹyliyhak}.   v. intr., tr. meliake; n. inal. meliakū; v. caus. kōmeliak; n. pers. ri-meliak; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To chew food and then throw it out of the mouth; take something from the mouth.  

melkwaarar   {melkʷaharhar}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. melkwaararū; v. caus. kōmelkwaarar; v. distrib. memelkwaarar (emmelkwaarar); n. constr. melkwaararin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   ashes; burn to ashes.  

1. Emmelkwaarar lowaan ṃweeṇ.   Ashes are scattered all over the place inside that house.  

melkwarkwar   {melkʷarkʷar}.   n. al.; v. adj.; v. caus. kōmelkwarkwar; v. distrib. memelkwarkwar (emmelkwarkwar); n. constr. melkwarkwarin.   phlegm; clear the throat.  

1. Bōlen wōjke eo kwaar ilimi ekamelkwarkware būruoṃ.   Maybe the whiskey you drank got your throat clogged up.  

2. Emmelkwarkwar būruon.   He keeps coughing up phlegm.  

3. Idaak wūno ṃokta jān an (m)melkwarkwa) būruoṃ.   Take medicine before you start getting phlegm in your throat.  

melmelea   {melmeleyah}.   A bird, crane, black kabaj.  

meḷa   {meḷah}.   v. caus. kōmeḷa; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   time between rain showers.  

1. Jen etal kiiō ke ejja meḷa.   Let's go now while it has stopped raining.  

meḷaaj   {meḷahaj}.   Open space; field; pasture; outdoors.  

meḷak   {meḷak}.   v. adj.; n. inal. meḷakū; v. caus. kōmeḷak; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Not crowded; in good order; uncluttered; tidy; neat.  

1. “Ebwe ṇe bwe emeḷak ije kiiō,” Jema eba im jino jaḷjaḷ baib.   That’ll do, because there’s enough space down here now,” Father said as he started to take apart the pipes. P713  

2. “Ejako emeḷak,” Jema eba.   It’s not that cluttered now,” Father said. P705  

3. “Kab ke en meḷak ñan ad waje meram eṇ.   That way there will be a clear view for us to focus on the light. P1122  

4. “Kab ke enaaj aikuj eṃṃakūt jet aḷaḷ jān turin injin e bwe en meḷak ñan kōṃadṃōd.”   And we are going to have to move some of the lumber next to the engine to make enough space for me to be able to fix it.” P656  

5. Eḷap an meḷak lowaan ṃwiin.   Everything is uncluttered in this house.  

meḷaḷ   {meḷaḷ}.   archaic.   playground for demons; not habitable by people.  

meḷan   {meḷan}.   v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   space; land surface; surroundings; environment; short interval of time.  

1. Ej baj meḷan ḷọk ak Kapen eo ekkōnono.   After a little, the Captain started speaking. P277  

2. Ej jepjep wūjooj ilo meḷan eṇ an.   He's mowing the grass on his lawn.  

3. Ej meḷan ḷọk jidik ak ewanlōñ tak Bojin eo im erro Kapen eo uwe tok ioon wab eo.   After a little bit the Boatswain came up, and he and the Captain came up onto the pier. P364  

4. Ej meḷan ḷọk wōt jidik ak ewaḷọk tok Kapen eo.   After a little while the Captain came up. P69  

5. Eṃṃan meḷan ānin.   This islet is a nice area.  

6. Kōjro bar kōmeḷan ḷọk jidik innem etal.   Let's you and I wait a bit more and then can go.  

7. Rūttariṇae ro an Amedeka raar kōmeḷan jidik innem bar jino ṃurṃur ñan maatin ri-Viet Cong ro.   The American troops waited a bit before they resumed the assault and wiped out all the Viet Cong.  

meḷañūr   {meḷagir}.   legendary food.  

meḷeḷe   {meḷeyḷey}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. meḷeḷeū; v. caus. intr. kōmeḷeḷe, tr. kōmeḷeḷeik; n. pers. ri-meḷeḷe; n. constr. meḷeḷein; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   understand; well-defined; well-ordered; information; comprehend; logic; meaning; plain; rational; unsnarled.  

1. “Bojin, kwe jān rualitōk ñan joñoul, meḷeḷein bwe kwōnaaj jino jān kiin.   Mr. Boatswain, you will steer from 8 o’clock until 10, which means you are going to start now. P538  

2. Eḷap an meḷeḷe lowaan bok eṇ.   The book is well written.  

3. Imeḷeḷe.   I understand.  

4. Meḷeḷe in ia ṇe aṃ?   Where did you get that information from?  

meḷeḷein   See meḷeḷe.  

meḷḷā   {meḷḷay}.   v. intr.; n. inal. meḷḷāū; v. caus. kōmeḷḷā; v. distrib. memeḷḷāḷā (emmeḷḷāḷā).   smell of blood.  

meḷoktak   {meḷekʷtak}.   period between setting of sun and rising or moon; second moon phase; moon phase after jetmar.  

meḷoktakōn   {meḷekʷtaken}.   Also tuujloñloñ {tiwijlegʷlegʷ}, tujiloñloñ {tiwjilegʷlegʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. constr. meḷoktakōnin.   period between setting of sun and rising of moon; third moon phase; moon phase after meḷoktak.  

1. Emeḷoktakōn ke buñūnin?   Is this the night of meḷoktakōn?  

meḷọ   {meḷaw}.   existence.  

1. Eṃṃan ad meḷọ ṇa inin.   We have a good existence on this islet.  

2. Meḷọọṃṃan.   A happy existence with plenty to eat.  

meḷọkḷọk   {meḷakʷḷakʷ}.   v. intr., tr. meḷọkḷọke; n. inal. meḷọkḷọkū.   forget; oblivious.  

1. “Ak kwōmeḷọkḷọk injin e ke?” Jema eba.   Have you forgotten about the engine?” Father said. P541  

meḷọkḷọk   {meḷakʷḷakʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. constr. meḷọkḷọkin.   period between setting of sun and rising of moon; fourth moon phase; moon phase after meḷoktakōn.  

memaan   {memahan}.   Dial. W: emmaan {yemmahan}, E: memaan {memahan}.   v. intr., tr. memaanik, memaanōk; v. caus. kōmmaan.   Be at anchor; tie up a vessel.  

1. Raar (kō)memaani) (emmaanik) wa eo.   They tied the canoe up.  

memadidi   {memahdiydiy}.   Dial. W: emmadidi {yemmahdiydiy}, E: memadidi {memahdiydiy}.   n. al.; v. intr.; v. caus. intr. kōmmadidi, tr. kōmmadidiik(i); n. constr. memadidiin (emmadidiin).   drowsy; sleepy; somnolent.  

1. Ainikien Jema ekọruj jān tan kar memadidiḷok.   Father’s voice roused me from my drowsiness. P116  

memakijkij   {memakijkij}.   Dial. W: emmakijkij {yemmakijkij}, E: memakijkij {memakijkij}.   often; frequent; common; constant.  

1. Emmakijkij an itok wa ñan ānin.   The ship comes to this islet often.  

memaḷ   {memaḷ}.   Dial. W: emmaḷ {yemmaḷ}, E: memaḷ {memaḷ}.   v. intr.; n. inal. memaḷū; v. caus. kōmmaḷ; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   heartburn caused by drinking fresh coconut sap on an empty stomach.  

1. Immaḷ in jibboñ.   I have the morning heartburn.  

memat   {memat}.   Dial. W: emmat {yemmat}, E: memat {memat}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mematū; v. caus. kōmmat; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Be on top of a plane surface, water or land; protrude out from a surface thereby showing; emerge from water; come into view after being hidden.  

1. Ej mematḷọk (emmatḷọk) jān mar eo.   He emerged from the boondocks.  

2. Lale wōn eṇ emmat i aejet.   Look at that turtle on top of the water.  

memāālāl   {memayalyal}.   Dial. W: emmāālāl {yemmayalyal}, E: memāālāl {memayalyal}.   From māāl {mayal} |"axe".   v. intr.; n. inal. memāālālū.   smell of iron.  

memāālel   {memayalyẹl}.   Dial. W: emmāālel {yemmayalyẹl}, E: memāālel {memayalyẹl}.   v. intr.; n. inal. memāālelū; v. caus. kōmmāālel; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Have a shiver sent up one's spine; the heebie-jeebies; unpleasant sensation; be given shivers.  

1. Emmālel ñiū kōn ṃōñā aij.   My teeth hurt from eating ice.  

2. Jab iper jea ṇe bwe jemmāālel.   Don't drag that chair because it gives us the shivers.  

memālele   {memalẹylẹy}.   Dial. W: emmalele {yemmalẹylẹy}, E: memalele {memalẹylẹy}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. memāleleū; v. caus. kōmmālele; n. pers. rimmālele; n. constr. memālelein (emmālelein); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   absent-minded; forgetful; oblivious.  

1. Erūttoḷọk em memālele (emmālele) ḷọk.   He grew older and became absent-minded.  

memālwewe   {memalweywey}.   Dial. W: emmālwewe {yemmalweywey}, E: memālwewe {memalweywey}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. memālweweū; v. caus. kōmmālwewe; v. distrib. memālwewe (emmālwewe); n. constr. memālwewein (emmālwewein); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   embarrassment caused by actions of another; to cringe.  

1. Ejjeḷọk wōt memālweweid (emmālweweid) kōn ṃanōt ko an.   We were very embarrassed by his behavior.  

2. Ekōmmālwewe mānōt ko an.   His actions are embarrassing.  

3. Emmālwewe naan ko an tok ñan eō.   His talk embarrassed me.  

4. Kwōj memālwewe (emmālwewe) ḷọk ñan ia?   Where are you taking your embarrassment? Why don't you stop being embarrassed?  

meme   {mẹymẹy}.   v. intr., tr. sg. obj. me, pl. obj. mei; n. inal. memeū; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   chew; nibble.  

1. Ak ibaj bōk juon kijō wūd im jino meme dikdik.   Then I took one for myself and started nibbling at it. P812  

2. Ej meme bwil.   He's chewing gum.  

meme   {mẹymẹy}.   eat, child speech.  

meme   {meymey}.   archaic.   foam.  

memed   {memed}.   Dial. W: emmed {yemmed}, E: memed {memed}.   Also mād.   v. adj.; n. inal. memedū; v. caus. intr. kōmmed, tr. kōmmede; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Very ripe, overripe, of breadfruit only; phlegm; catarrh; sputum.  

1. Eḷap an memed (emmed) e.   This breadfruit is very ripe.  

2. Emmed e.   This breadfruit is overripe.  

3. Ñe ej emmed, kwōj uṃwini im ewaḷọk liped ak jekaka.   When it is ripe, you bake it and it becomes liped (baked breadfruit) or jekaka (breadfruit chips). S12  

memeej   {memeyej}.   attractive.  

1. Kommeej kōn aṃ kōṃṃan rot ṇe.   The way you do that is attractive.  

memej   {mẹmẹj}.   Dial. W: emmej {yẹmmẹj}, E: memej {mẹmẹj}.   v. intr., tr. memejrake (emmejrake); n. inal. memejū; v. caus. kōmmej; n. pers. rimmej; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Keep awake; stay up.  

1. “Enaaj ewi wāween emmej ippān injin e im bar jebwebwe.   How am I supposed to watch the engine and also steer? P542  

2. Enañin to aṃ memej (emmej)?   Why are you staying up so late?  

3. Ta eo kwaar memejrake (emmejrake)?   What did you stay up for?  

memej   {mẹmẹj}.   Dial. W: emmej {yẹmmẹj}, E: memej {mẹmẹj}.   A bird, sooty tern, Sterna fuscata.  

memejaja   {memejahjah}.   Dial. W: emmejaja {yemmejahjah}, E: memjaja {memjahjah}.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. memejajaū; n. constr. memejajain.   attractive; pleasing; charming; alluring; appealing; enchanting; lovely.  

1. Iar ruj kōn ainikien ko rōmmejaja imejatoto.   I awoke to the sound of beautiful music about me.  

2. Lio emmejaja ippa eṇ.   That's the girl that caught my eye.  

memejo   {memejew}.   Dial. W: emmejo {yemmejew}, E: memjo {memjew}.   v. adj.; n. inal. memejoū; v. caus. kōmmejo; v. distrib. memejojo (emmejojo); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   far apart (see kkut {kʷkʷit}).  

1. Emmejo ṃōkaṇ.   Those houses are far apart.  

memejọkunkun   {mẹmẹjakʷinkʷin}.   Dial. W: emmejọkunkun {yẹmmẹjakʷinkʷin}, E: memejọkunkun {mẹmẹjakʷinkʷin}.   v. adj.; n. inal. memejọkunkunū; n. pers. rimmejọkunkun; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Not bold; modest.  

memejraalal   {mẹmẹjrahalhal}.   Dial. W: emmejraalal {yẹmmẹjrahalhal}, E: memejraalal {mẹmẹjrahalhal}.   v. intr.; n. inal. memejraalalū; v. caus. kōmmejraalal; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   sleepy; drowsy.  

1. Eḷap memejraalal (emmejraalal) kōn kar eọñōd boñ.   I'm awfully sleepy because I went fishing last night.  

memelkwarkwar   {memelkʷarkʷar}.   Dial. W: emmelkwarkwar {yemmelkʷarkʷar}, E: memelkwarkwar {memelkʷarkʷar}.   v. adj.; n. inal. memelkwarkwarū; v. caus. kōmmelkwarkwar; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   A raspy feeling in the throat, especially after a cold; to clear one's throat; distributive form of melkwarkwar {melkʷarkʷar}.  

1. Emetak būruō kōn memelkwarkwar (emmelkwarkwar).   My throat hurts from its raspiness.  

memeḷo   {memeḷew}.   Dial. W: emmeḷo {yemmeḷew}, E: memeḷo {memeḷew}.   v. adj.; n. inal. memeḷoū; v. caus. kōmmeḷo; v. distrib. memeḷoḷo (emmeḷoḷo); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   far apart (see kkut {kʷkʷit}).  

1. Eḷap an memeḷo (emmeḷo) kōtaan ni kā.   These coconut trees are widely spaced.  

2. Emmeḷo niin wāto in.   The coconut trees on this tract are far apart.  

3. Wōn e ear kammeḷouk kōtan ni kā?   Who made the spaces between these coconut trees so wide?  

memenonoun kijdik   {memenewnẹwin kijdik}.   Dial. W: emmenonoun kijdik {yemmenewnẹwin kijdik}, E: memenonoun kijdik {memenewnẹwin kijdik}.   idiom..   v. intr..   puff; breathe quick and hard.  

1. Ta ṇe kwaar wōjake bwe kwōn emmenonoun kijdik?   What did you do to be puffing like that?  

memewiwi   {mẹmẹywiywiy}.   n. al.; v. adj.; v. caus. intr. kōmmewiwi, tr. kōmmewiwiik; n. constr. memewiwiin (emmewiwiin); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   Rustling of leaves and branches.  

1. Emmewiwi raan keinikkan bwe elladikdik.   The branches rustle in the breeze (words from a Wotje love song).  

memourur   {mẹmẹwirwir}.   Dial. W: emmourur {yẹmmẹwirwir}, E: memourur {mẹmmẹwirwir}.   v. adj., tr. memoururi; n. inal. memoururū; v. caus. kōmmourur; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   lively; living; active; sprightly.  

1. Eḷap an memourur (emmourur) ḷadik en.   That boy is very active.  

2. Eḷap memourur (emmourur) in jibboñ.   I am very lively in the morning.  

men   {men}.   thing; matter; object.  

men   {men}.   A person, unnamed.  

1. “Kōmjel bar ruo ṃōṃaanin Likiep kōmjel ej jataik wa eṇ waan ḷōmen.   Two other men from Likiep and I are chartering a guy’s boat. P239 P239  

2. Jọọn im men.   John and his wife.  

3. Limen ṇe tok.   Here comes Ms. what's-her-name.  

menādik   {menadik}.   v. adj.; n. inal. menādikū; v. caus. kōmenādik; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   moth; mildew.  

1. Emenādik nuknuk ṇe aṃ.   There are moths in your clothes.  

menin   See men. thing.  

menin aje   {menin hajey}.   idiom.   offerings.  

1. Likūt menin aje ko ami ṇa ioon tapnakōḷ ṇe.   Put your offerings on the tabernacle.  

menin le-   {menin ley-}.   v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   gift (with directional postpositions).  

1. Elañe kwōj ruwamāejet ilo aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ armej ro rej koba im bōkwōj ṃōñā im men-in-leḷọk ko ñan eok.   If you are a newcomer to the Marshalls, the people gather and bring you food and gifts. S4  

2. Rej bōktok men in leḷọk ko.   They bring gifts. S14  

Men-kaṇ   {men-kaṇ}.   Also Min-kaṇ.   A constellation; stars in Leo Minor; beta, 29, 30, 34, 35, 38, 33, 37, 42.  

menḷọk   {menḷakʷ}.   slang.   hurry up; do it fast.  

1. Kwōn menḷọk.   Hurry up.  

menmenbwij   {menmenbij}.   n. al..   genealogy; family history; family pedigrees.  

1. Bok in Luk ej kwaḷọk menmenbwij an Jisōs.   The Book of Luke presents the genealogy of Jesus.  

2. Ewōr ke eṇ ejeḷā kōn menmenbwijin ri-Jeina raṇe iānin?   Does anyone know about the genealogy of the Chinese on this island?  

3. Kwōj aikuj jeḷā menmenbwij bwe kwōn jeḷā wōn eo ej Irooj, Aḷap, im ri-Jerbal eo Iṃaan ilo juon wāto.   You must know the genealogy in order to know who is the Irooj, Aḷap, and senior ri-Jerbal for each parcel of land.  

4. Menmenbwij an David.   Genealogy of David.  

5. Menmenbwij eo an Bender ebwe an kapokpok.   Bender's genealogy is quite complex.  

menninmour   {menninmẹwir}.   From men {men} |"thing", in {yin} |"of", mour {mẹwir} |"life".   animal; living things.  

1. Jet rej ba armej bar menninmour.   Some people say that man is also an animal.  

menokadu   {menewkadiw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. menokaduū; v. caus. intr. kōmenokadu, tr. kōmenokaduik; n. pers. ri-menokadu; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   perspiration; perspire; sweat; vapor.  

1. Kwōn kamenokaduuk eok kōn tọọl ṇe.   Wipe the perspiration off yourself with that towel.  

menono   {menewnew}.   v. intr.; n. inal. menonoū; v. caus. kōmenono; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; n. constr. menonoin.   To breathe; heart; respiration.  

1. “Nejū e, kadikdik bwe ej naaj maat wōt,” Jema eba ke ej lo menonoin kijdik.   Son, slow down; the water is almost gone,” Father said when he saw how fast I was breathing. P675  

2. Iḷak kalimjek Kapen eo ej memenono wōt ak mejān ekar kabūrōrō wōt im jab rom.   I looked over at the Captain, who was still breathing fast and his face was all red and he wasn’t blinking. P1057  

menọknọk   {menakʷnakʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. menọknọkū; v. caus. kōmenọknọk; v. distrib. menọknọke; n. constr. menọknọkin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   debris; litter; clutter; rubbish; trash.  

1. Ejjeḷọk wōt menọknọkun nōbōjān ṃwiin.   There is an awful lot of debris outside this house.  

2. Emenọknọke nōbōjān ṃwiin.   There is trash strewn all around outside this house.  

menrotkaṇ   {menrʷetkaṇ}.   Variant form of mettorkaṇ {metterʷkaṇ}.  

mentorkaṇ   {menterʷkaṇ}.   Variant form of mettorkaṇ {metterʷkaṇ}.  

meñ   {mẹg}.   Also mōñ.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. meñū; v. caus. kōmeñ; v. distrib. memeñmeñ (emmeñmeñ); n. constr. meñin; stat. adj. meñmeñ.   smell or taste sour or bitter, as milk, vinegar, or rice soup, etc.; fermented.  

1. Emmeñmeñ jokkwōp in mā.   Breadfruit soup sours quickly.  

2. Jab ṃōñā jokkwōp ṇe bwe emeñ.   Don't eat that soup because it's sour.  

meñe   {meygey}.   complementizer.   although; even if; even though; though.  

1. Ebarāinwōt tipen kōiie i loṃaḷo meñe ej jañin kar tar meto kaṇ rōḷḷap.   It seemed seaworthy in the lagoon, but it had not yet traveled on the high sea. P15  

2. Ke erro ej kōnono, eitok wōt in kilōk tok meja, meñe iṃōk in kate bwe en jab.   As the two of them were talking, my eyes kept closing, because I was so tired of trying to keep them open. P255  

3. Meñe eobrak pein Jema, ekar bar letok pein im dāpij jān jorrāān.   Even though Father’s hands were full, he gave me his hand to keep me from getting hurt. P601  

meoeo   {meyewyew}.   v. adj.; n. inal. meoeoū; v. caus. kōmeoeo; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. meoeo.   soft to touch; smooth like fur; lenient; sleek; slick; velvety.  

meọ   {meyaw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. meọū; v. caus. intr. kōmeọ, tr. kōmeọik; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. meọeo.   sour; bitter.  

mera   {merah}.   Also bōḷaḷ {beḷaḷ}.   v. adj.; n. inal. meraū; v. caus. intr. kōmera, tr. kōmeraik; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. merara.   light in weight; bland; delicate; mild; subtle; subside.  

1. Ej jañin kar ḷōmṇak in meraḷọk kōto eo.   It seemed like the wind had no intention of subsiding. P607  

2. Ej kab kar jino meraḷọk ālikin jiljino awa ijoke ekar jañin ṃōṃan ñan lewūjḷā.   The storm started to subside after about 6 o’clock but not enough for us to be able to put up the sail. P786  

3. Imera ḷọk jān ṃokta.   I am lighter than before.  

4. Kwōn kameraik ḷọk kōbañ ṇe.   Make your suitcase lighter.  

meraḷọk   {merahḷakʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. meraḷọkū; n. constr. meraḷọkin..   abate; subside; decrease.  

1. Emeraḷọk kōto in.   The wind has changed to a light breeze.  

meram   {meram}.   v. adj.; n. inal. meramū; v. caus. kōmeram, kōmram; v. distrib. memramram (emmeramram); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. meramrōm.   bright; light; flash; glow; illuminate; luminous.  

1. “Āinwōt joñan in adeañ meto tak jān āne jen kar lo wōt meramin Kwajleen.   It seems like when we were sailing east we could still see the lights on Kwajalein. P548  

2. Ebwe an kōmrame ijo bwe en ṃōṃan aṃro kōmaati kein jerbal ko im āti i lowaan tuuḷ bọọk eo.   There was enough light for us to find all the tools and put them in the toolbox. P141  

3. Eṃṃan an meram lōñ ḷọk.   The light in the sky was beautiful. P941  

4. Enañin jino ke waḷọk memeramram i rear?”   Is it starting to get light in the east?” P699  

5. Ke kōṃro Jema ej diwōj jān ṃweo, iḷak bōk meja im erre tak ḷọk ilo an jino memeramram rear.   When we got outside, I looked over and noticed it was starting to get light in the east. P220  

6. Kwōn kabbōl ḷaaṃ ṇe bwe en meram.   Light the lamp there so that we can have some light.  

meramin   See meram.  

meramin allōñ   {meramin hallẹg}.   moonlight.  

1. Erreo meramin allōñ buñūnin.   It's a clear moonlight night tonight.  

meramin aḷ   {meramin haḷ}.   sunlight.  

merā   {meray}.   Dial. E only; see mao {mahwew}   n. al.; v. caus. kōmerā; n. constr. merāin.   A fish, parrotfish, Scarus jonesi/sordidus a fish, wrasse, Cheilinus sp.  

merā   {meray}.   n. al.; v. intr.; v. caus. kōmerā; v. distrib. memerārā (emmerārā); n. constr. merān.   capsize; let sail and mast fall while tacking.  

1. Kajiṃwe kiju ṇe bwe enaaj merā wa ṇe.   Straighten the mast or the canoe will capsize.  

meria   {mẹyriyah}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmeria; n. constr. meriain.   plumeria; a plant, Plumeria acuminata Ait. (Apocynaceae); Introd. Orn.  

merrōḷọk   {merreḷakʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. merrōḷọkū; v. caus. intr. kōmerrōḷọk, tr. kōmerrōḷọke; n. constr. merrōḷọkin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   tear; rip.  

1. Jab toto ilo jedọujij ṇe bwe kwōnaaj kōmerrōḷọke.   Don't hang on to my pants or you'll tear them.  

Metaat   {metahat}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmetaat; n. constr. Metaatin.   A plant, pandanus cultigen (Takeuchi).  

metak   {metak}.   v. adj.; n. inal. metakū; v. caus. kōmetak; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   pain; hurt; ache; sore.  

metal   {metal}.   v. adj.; n. inal. metalū; v. caus. kōmetal; v. distrib. memetaltōl (emmetaltōl); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. metaltōl.   smooth; sleek; slick.  

1. Eḷap an lur im memetaltōl (emmetaltōl) eoon lọjet.   The surface of the ocean is very calm and smooth.  

Metete   {mẹtẹytẹy}.   A plant, breadfruit variety.  

meto   {metew}.   n. al.; n. pers. ri-meto; n. constr. metoin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   sea; ocean; navigation; navigate; directional, enclitic, seaward.  

1. “Ipojak ñan meto ṇe i ṃaan.”   I am ready to face the seas that lie ahead.” P440  

2. Ejeḷā meto.   He knows navigation.  

3. Kwōn metotak.   Swim oceanward toward me.  

4. Metoon ia in?   These waters are close to what land?  

metoḷọk   {metewḷakʷ}.   seaward.  

metto   {mettew}.   archaic.   anchorage on ocean side of islet where one waits for more favorable winds.  

mettorkaṇ   {metterʷkaṇ}.   Also menrotkaṇ {menrʷetkaṇ}, mentorkaṇ {menterʷkaṇ}.   euphemistic reference to any of a variety of activities, mostly off-color; you-know-what.  

1. Kōmij ilān mettorkaṇ.   We are going to do you-know-what.  

Metwan Al   {metwan hal}.   The waters between Jaluit and Ailinglaplap atolls.  

mi   {miy}.   From Engl.   syllable "mi" of musical scale.  

miade   {miyahdẹy}.   Also miadi {miyahdiy}.   From Japn. mihari (見張り) "to guard".   watch-tower; lighthouse.  

miar   {miyar}.   Also miār.   Small sitting mat.  

1. Lewaj miār e im jijet raan.   Here's a mat for you to sit on.  

midij   {midij}.   n. al.; v. intr.; v. caus. intr. kamidij, tr. kamidije; n. constr. midijin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   slip; slide; skid.  

Mieko   {miyeykew}.   Also MIECO.   acronym for Marshall Islands Import-Export Company; MIECO.  

mien   {miyen}.   A place for fishing canoes on an island.  

mieñ   {miyẹg}.   Also miōñ.   v. intr.; n. inal. mieñū; v. caus. kamieñ; v. distrib. mimieñeñ (immieñeñ).   smell of urine.  

miin   {miyin}.   From Engl. mean.   n. al.; v. adj.; n. inal. miinū; n. pers. ri-miin; n. constr. miinin.   miserly; penny-pinching; stingy; uncharitable.  

1. Eban lewaj aṃ jāān bwe emiin.   He won't give you any money because he is a miser.  

mij   {mij}.   Variant form of mej {mẹj}.  

mija   {miyjah}.   From Engl.   mass service; Roman Catholic Missa.  

mijak   {mijak}.   v. intr., tr. mijake; n. inal. mijakū; v. caus. stat. intr. kaamijak, kaammijak, kaammijakjak, tr. kamijak; v. distrib. mimijakjak (immijakjak); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat.adj. kaammijakjak.   fear; afraid; horror; scared; threatened; timid; dread; horrible; scary.  

1. “Jab mijak,” eba tok.   Don’t be afraid,” he told me. P1094  

2. Ekaammijak an mej.   His was a horrible death.  

3. Ekaammijakjak an bwebwenato kōn tiṃoṇ eo.   His style in telling the ghost story is horror-gripping.  

4. Ekaammijakjak bwebwenatoin tiṃōṇ eo.   The story of the demon was quite scary.  

5. Ekamijak eō.   It scared me.  

6. Ekamijak er ke rej roñ kōn taibuun eo epaak tok.   It scared them to hear of the approaching typhoon.  

7. Emijak ri-jikuuḷ ro in kajjitōk.   The students are afraid to ask.  

8. Eṃōj ṇe aṃ mimijakjak (immijakjak).   Why don't you stop getting scared by everything?  

9. Imijak in etal ñan Amedka.   I am afraid to go to America.  

10. Ta ṇe kwōj mijake?   What are you afraid of?  

11. Tiṃōn kaammijakjak men eo.   That was the most horrifying demon.  

mijak dān   {mijak dan}.   idiom.   seldom bathe.  

1. Ebwiin būbḷapḷap (ibbūḷapḷap) kōn an mijak dān.   He smells because he rarely bathes.  

mije   {mijey}.   Also mije {mijẹy}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mijeū; n. pers. ri-mije; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   accompany either physically or spiritually while in great danger.  

1. Eḷōmṇak jidik innem ba, “Kōṃro wōt Bojin naaj mije jebwe e ak kwe wōt ilo injin ṇe.”   He thought for a minute and then said, The Boatswain and I will steer and you take care of the engine.” P545  

2. Kōmij pād wōt in mije eok.   We will stick with you come what will.  

mijel   {mijẹl}.   Also mejel {mẹjẹl}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mijelū; v. caus. kamijel; v. distrib. mimijeljel (immijeljel); stat. adj. sg. mijeljel, pl. mimijel (immijel).   thick; thickness.  

1. “Ḷōmare, joñan an mejel wōt kein im nana lañ, eñin āinwōt eboñ, meñe joñoul awa jibboñ kiiōJema ekar ba.   Guys, it’s raining so hard and the weather is so bad that it seems like it’s nighttime even though it’s 10 o’clock in the morning,” Father said. P778  

2. Iḷak emmō ilo kōjjoal jidik eo, ilo ke ewōt mejeljel im kōto eo elukkuun kajoor.   I stuck my head out the small passage way and saw it was raining cats and dogs and extremely windy. P566  

3. Kōdọ mijel.   Thick clouds.  

4. Wōt mijeljel.   Raining cats and dogs.  

mijeḷ   {miyjeḷ}.   From Engl.   n. al.; n. constr. mijeḷin.   missile.  

mijen   {mijen}.   Construct form of mej {mẹj}.  

mijen   {miyjen}.   From Engl. mission.   n. pers. ri-mijen.   Protestant; mission.  

mijenatabuñ   {mijenhatabigʷ}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. constr. mijenatabuñin.   premature death.  

1. Emijenatabuñ.   His was a premature death.  

mijinede   {mijineydey}.   Variant form of mejinede {mejyineydey}.  

mijjebwā   {mijjebay}.   See jebwā "a coral".   A fish; possibly a variant form of mejabbe.  

mijkāie   {mijkayiyẹy}.   Variant form of mejkaiie {mẹjkahiyyẹy}.  

mijmijelaḷ   {mijmijeylaḷ}.   v. intr.; n. pers. ri-mijmijelaḷ.   persevere.  

1. Kwōn mijmijelaḷ wōt im jab bōbweer (ebbeer).   Keep persevering and don't lose hope.  

Mile   {milẹy}.   From Mile {milẹy} |"place name, a Ratak atoll".   A plant, banana variety (Takeuchi).  

milien   {miliyen}.   From Engl.   million.  

milik   {milik}.   From Engl.   v. intr.; v. caus. kamilik; v. distrib. mimiliklik (immiliklik).   milk; cream.  

1. Emmiliklik turun lọñiiṃ.   There's milk around your mouth.  

miminene   {mimnẹynẹy}.   Dial. W: imminene {yimminẹynẹy}, E: mimnene {mimnẹynẹy}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mimineneū; v. caus. intr. kamminene, tr. kammineneik.   habit; practice; used to; accustomed to; have the habit of; experienced; practiced.  

1. Ear jino kamminene katak kūta.   He started to practice guitar.  

2. Eḷaññe juon ej imminene, epen an joḷọk.   Once you get used to it, it’s hard to stop. P169  

3. Eḷap an miminene (imminene) ilo jerbal in injin.   He's an experienced mechanic.  

4. Kwōn kammineneik eok ruj in jibboñ tata.   You ought to make it a practice to get up early.  

mimuul   {mimiwil}.   n. al.; v. caus. kamimuul; v. distrib. mimimuulul (immimuulul); n. constr. mimuulin.   A fish, sardine, Sardine sardinella (small).  

minit   {minit}.   From Engl.   v. intr., tr. miniti; n. inal. minitū; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   minute.  

minor   {minẹrʷ}.   Also naṃonaṃo {naṃẹwnaṃẹw}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. minore; n. inal. minorū; n. pers. ri-minor; v. distrib. miminornor (imminornor); n. constr. minorin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   unleavened pancake.  

1. Eijoḷḷap minor.   He likes to eat unleavened pancakes a lot.  

mir   {mir}.   n. al.; v. adj.; v. caus. intr. kamir, tr. kamiri; n. constr. mirin; stat. adj. mir.   red colored, of reddish coconuts or sky.  

miro   {mirew}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. miroū; v. caus. intr. kamiro, tr. kamirouk, kamiroik; v. distrib. mimiroro (immiroro); n. constr. miroun, mirokan.   trace; put in an appearance; move fast so as to avoid detection; glance.  

1. “Ḷōḷḷap eo ṇe meto tak,” Jema elo miroin im ba.   The Old Man is coming our way,” Father said as soon as he caught a glimpse him. P425  

2. Ear kamirouk ak ear jab lo eō.   She kept an eye out for me but couldn't find me.  

3. Enana an leddik mimiroro (immiroro).   Girls should not be seen all over the place.  

4. Kiiō rōlo mirokan wa in im rej iruj tok in aluje.   Now they have spotted the boat and are coming to take a look at it. P1008  

5. Kōm ar jab lo miroun.   We found no trace of him.  

mo   {mew}.   v. intr.; n. inal. moū; v. caus. stat. intr. r kammomo, tr. ; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To heal.  

1. Ekammomo wūno ṇe.   That medicine is very powerful.  

2. Emo bakke eo neō.   The sore on my leg is healed.  

mo   {mew}.   Certain places for chiefs only and forbidden to the commoner.  

1. Ānin ej ṃōttan mo ko an irooj raṇ ilo aelōñ in.   This islet is one of those restricted to the Irooj clan only.  

mokwaṇ   {mekʷaṇ}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmokwaṇ; v. distrib. memokwaṇkwaṇ (emmokwaṇkwaṇ); n. constr. mokwaṇin.   A food, pandanus juice cooked and preserved.  

1. Emmokwaṇkwaṇ nuknuk ṇe aṃ.   Your clothes have scraps of pandanus pudding on them.  

2. Jej kōjeek mokwaṇ eṇ, im ñe eṃōrā, limi na ilowaan maañ.   We put it under the sun, and when it is dry, wrap it in pandanus leaves. S12  

mokwaṇ dada   {mekʷaṇ dahdah}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmokwaṇ dada; n. constr. mokwaṇ dadain.   A food; pandanus juice mixed with grated coconut, uncooked.  

mokwaṇ duul   {mekʷaṇ diwil}.   n. al.; v. caus. kōmokwaṇ duul; n. constr. mokwaṇ duulin.   A food; pandanus juice mixed with grated coconut, cooked into custard.  

mooḷ   {meweḷ}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mooḷū; v. caus. kōmooḷ; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   smooth surf after a succession of rollers, period of waves between a series of larger waves.  

1. Ej kab mooḷ peiū.   I finally have a few free moments.  

2. Wa ko kaṇ rej kōmmooḷ in ṃwelik.   The canoes are waiting for the period of smooth surf for going out to sea.  

moot   {mẹwẹt}.   v. adj..   familiar; expert; wiz.  

1. Likao en emoot ilo bōnbōn.   He's a mathematical wiz.  

moot   {mewet}.   v. intr.; v. adj.; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   gone forth.  

1. “Ekwe imoot bwe in rọọl tok.”   Okay, I’m going so I can come back quickly.” P412  

2. “Emoot ḷọk in bōk tok nuknuk ko an,” Jema euwaake.   He went to get his clothes,” Father replied. P417  

3. “Imoot, jenaaj iioon doon iturin opiij eṇ.   I’m going; we’ll see each other by the office.” P292  

4. Emoot kijak eo.   That guy is gone.  

5. Emoot ḷọk Jọọn in tariṇae.   John left to fight in the war.  

mouj   {mẹwij}.   v. adj.; v. tr. mouji; n. inal. moujū; v. caus. intr. kamoujuj, tr. kamouj; n. pers. ri-mmouj; v. distrib. memoujuj (emmoujuj); n. constr. moujin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj; stat. adj. moujuj.   white.  

1. “Ekwe ein ḷōmān ioon lọjet wōt ñe ekar ṃōj uno mouji,” Bojin eo eukōt ḷọk.   It looks like someone spilled white paint all over the ocean,” the Boatswain answered. P751  

2. Ej kōṇak juon nuknuk memoujuj (emmoujuj) im būbrōrō (ibbūrōrō) mejān.   She is wearing a whitish and reddish dress.  

3. Elukkuun ṃōṃan im aiboojoj moujin tok bokin arin ān eo jān ioon wa eo.   The island’s white sand looked so beautiful from the boat. P1284  

4. Kwomaroñ ke mouji ioon ijeṇe ekilmeej bwe en penjak?   Could you white out the black spot so it's not visible?  

5. Moujin wōn in?   Who whited this out?  

mour   {mẹwir}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mourū; v. caus. kōmour; v. distrib. memourur (emmourur); n. constr. mourin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   live; life; existence; alive; recover; exist; cured.  

1. “Ṃa e, emour būrūṃrūṃ,” juon iaan rieọñōd ro eba innem aolep im tōtōñin kajjirere.   Hey guys, Vroom Vroom is alive,” one of the fishermen said, and everyone laughed mockingly. P317  

2. “Ñe jenaaj kajjitōk, renaaj jipañ kōj, āinwōt an jeje ilo bokin mour.”   If we ask, we shall receive, just like the good book says.” P1178  

3. Emmourur.   He's lively.  

4. Imour.   I'm cured.  

5. Ruuno eo ear kamour ledik eo.   The medicine-woman healed the girl.  

mour-tak   {mẹwir-tak}.   Be recovering.  

mowi   {mẹwiy}.   v. distrib. memowiwi (emmowiwi).   wind squall.  

1. Im ñe eḷọk mowi ṇe im eṃṃan kōto, jelewūjḷā.   And when the storm calms down a bit and the wind is right, we can raise the sail. P737  

mowiia   {mẹwiyyah}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mowiiaū; v. caus. kōmowiia.   wound that is hard to cure or heal (see mowiie {mẹwiyyẹy}).  

mowiie   {mẹwiyyẹy}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mowiieū; v. caus. kōmowiie.   wound that is easy to cure or heal (see mowiia {mẹwiyyah}).  

mọ   {maw}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mọū; v. caus. kōmọ; perf.mọmo).   taboo; forbidden; prohibited; ban; restricted; land reserved for chiefs.  

1. Emọ an jabdewōt armej deḷọñ.   It is forbidden for any person to enter.  

2. Emọ an jabdewōt armej etal ñan Kuwajleen.   No one is permitted to go to Kwajalein.  

mọk   {makʷ}.   v. intr.; v. caus. kōmọk; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   take possession of; enter into.  

1. Emọk tiṃoṇ ṇa ippān.   He is possessed by a demon.  

mọk   {makʷ}.   A fish; smaller than the kōpat surgeonfish.  

mọkun   {makʷin}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mọkunū; v. caus. kōmọkun; v. distrib. memọkunkun (emmọkunkun); v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   decreasing in size; to droop; wane.  

1. Emmọkunkun kain pilawā ṇe.   That kind of bread is always getting smaller.  

mọkwōj   {makʷej}.   n. al.; n. inal. mọkwōjū; v. distrib. mọkwōjkwōj; n. constr. mọkwōjan.   joint, body; knuckle; wrist.  

1. Emetak mọkwōjān peiū.   The joints of my arm hurt.  

mọle   {mawlẹy}.   Dialectal variant of ellōk {yẹllẹk}.  

mọṇ   {maṇʷ}.   n. al.; v. adj.; v. distrib. mọṇ; n. constr. mọṇin; v. dir. caus. kōmọṇtok/ḷọk/waj.   Hard, dry coconut meat still in shell.  

1. Kōmọṇtok iuṃwin ni eṇ.   Go get a mọṇ under that coconut tree.  

mọṇ   {maṇʷ}.   n. al.; v. distrib. mọṇmọṇ; n. constr. mọṇin.   Hard feces.  

mọṇmọṇ   {maṇʷmaṇʷ}.   v. adj.; n. inal. mọṇmọṇū; v. caus. kōmọṇmọṇ; n. pers. ri-mọṇmọṇ; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   haunted; having supernatural powers; taboo.  

1. Elōñ ruuno eḷap aer mọṇmọṇ.   Many medicine men have supernatural powers.  

2. Emọṇmọṇ lōb in irooj.   Kings' tombs are taboo.  

3. Emọṇmọṇ wūlej eṇ.   That graveyard is haunted.  

mọñ   {magʷ}.   n. inal. mọñū.   pate of head; soft spot on baby's head.  

Mọñ   {magʷ}.   Variant form of Elmọñ.  

mọọl   {mawal}.   Period between series of larger waves; see ibeb.  

mọọl   {mawal}.   the heat in an earth oven.  

1. Eban mat bwiro ṇe kōnke eko mọọlin uṃ ṇe.   The bwiro won't be cooked as the heat in the earth oven has abated and isn't hot enough.  

mọọn   {mawan}.   n. al.; v. intr., tr. mọọne; v. caus. kōmọọn; n. pers. ri-mọọn; v. distrib. memọọnọn (emmọọnọn); n. constr. mọọnin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   enter; sink into something; penetrate; go into.  

1. “Ekwe,” iba im bar mọọn ḷọk i lowa im jibadek ḷọk tiinin petkōj eo.   Okay,” I said and went back inside where the tin of biscuits was. P961  

2. Emọọn bao eo buḷōn mar.   The chicken went into the bushes.  

3. Emọọn ibuḷōn bok.   It has sunk into the sand.  

4. Erjel kar mọọn ḷọk ilo mar ko im ḷak bar jāde tok erjel ej kōjerrāiki meto tak juon kōrkōr.   They disappeared into the bushes and then reappeared carrying a small canoe. P1266  

5. Kwaar mọọn(e) ke iuṃwin ṃwe?   Did you crawl under the house?  

6. Kwōn mọọn buḷōn mar ṇe.   Get into that shrub there.  

mọọn   {mawan}.   Dried copra ready to be weighed.  

1. Bọuni mọọn kaṇ.   Weigh those copra pieces.  

mọọr   {mawar}.   n. inal. mọọrō; v. caus. kōmọọr; v. distrib. mọọre.   fish bait.  

1. Imọọre.   I have lots of bait.  

2. Mọọr rot ṇe mọọrōṃ?   What kind of bait do you have there?  

mọọrọr   {mawarwar}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mọọrọrū; v. caus. kōmọọrọr.   To use bait.  

mọun   {mawin}.   archaic.   magic to make soldiers brave; magical power; one of two kinds, see ḷọun.  

  {meh}.   v. intr.; v. caus. kōmō; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   elastic; stretchy; extended.  

1. Emō jiiñlij e aō.   My T-shirt is stretchy.  

  {meh}.   Dial. W only; see katōk {katek}.   A fish, wrasse, Epibulus insidiator.  

mōōbōb   {mehebheb}.   v. intr.; n. inal. mōōbōbū; v. caus. kōmōōbōb; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   stretch the neck; straighten one's self up.  

  {mih}.   Also memō {mẹmẹh} , {mẹh}.   n. al.; v. intr.; n. inal. mūū; v. caus. intr. kamū, tr. kamūūk; v. distrib. mimūmū (immūmū); n. constr. mūin; v. dir. ~ tok/ḷọk/waj.   To crane one's neck to see better; look over one's shoulder.  

1. Ālikin aer kammōūk ḷeo raar ṃane.   After they made him crane his neck they killed him.  

2. Ej itan wōt ak rōbuuki im lel.   As he was craning his neck to see better, he got shot at and hit.  

3. Enana memō (emmō) ilo wūntōōn ṃōn armej.   It's not good to look into people's windows.  

4. Jema emmō i lowaan wa eo jidik innem wanlōñ ḷọk ippān irooj eo ioon wab eo.   Father stuck his head out of the boat to look and then stepped up to the pier with the Chief. P457  

5. Kwōn ḷọk ñan lowaan ṃōṇe bwe kwōn maroñ lo men eo kwōj pukōte.   You should crane your neck to look inside the house to find what you're looking for.  

mweeṇ   See eṃ. house.  


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