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Place Names of the Marshall Islands

unified alphabetization


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  {way}.   [gram.]   cf: "stab".   Epoon tract

Wāātwerōk   {wayatwẹyrẹk}.   [gram. dist.]   cf: wāto, rōk "southern tract" or "go westward in the south".   Tōkā islet; Wōjjā islet

Wab-eṇ   {wab-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wab "pier".   Epoon tract

Wa-eṇ   {wah-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wa "the canoe".   Naṃo tract; Jālwōj tract

Waikiki   {wahyikiykiy}.   [From Haw. Waikiki.]   Jālwōj tract

Waito   {wahyitew}.   [gram.]   cf: wa, to "canoe in the pass".   two Mile islets

Wajelke   {wahjelkẹy}.   [gram.]   cf: wa, lōke "canoe we depend on".   Pikinni tract

Wajlukwatōlempel   {wajlikʷatelempẹl |(&wiwatelempẹl|)]}.   [part. rem. gram.]   cf: tōl im pel "nit and boxfish"; see also Aḷampel "Eniwetak islet".   Ānewetak tract

Wājutak   {wayjiwtak}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: , jutak "stab standing".   Mājro tract

Wa-kāmeej   {wah-kaymeyej}.   [gram.]   cf: wa, kāmeej "redwood canoe".   Ānewetak islet

Wālọk-eṇ   {waylakʷ-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wālọk "go away".   four Aelōñḷapḷap tracts; Jālwōj tract; Naṃdik tract; Epoon tract

Wālọklik-eṇ   {waylakʷlik-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wālọklik "the place of sacrifice".   Aur tract

Warwor   {warwẹr}.   [gram.]   cf: war, or "lobster haven".   Arṇo tract

Wāto   {waytẹw}.   [gram.]   cf: wāto "land tract".   Ujae tract

Wāto-aidik   {waytẹw-hayidik}.   [gram. dist.]   Kuwajleen tract

Wāto-aidikdik   {waytẹw-hayidikdik}.   [gram.]   cf: wāto, aidik "narrow tract".   Pikinni tract; Wōtto tract; three Kuwajleen tracts

Wāto-eṇ   {waytẹw-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wāto "the tract".   Ujae tract; Naṃo tract; Aelok tract

Wāto-jeb-ej   {waytẹw-jẹb-yẹj}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wāto, wāt, ej "tract reaches the east".   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wātoon-aḷ   {waytẹwẹn-haḷ}.   [gram.]   cf: aḷ "sun tract".   Kuwajleen tract

Wātoon-bōl   {waytẹwẹn-bẹl}.   [gram.]   cf: bōl "taro pit tract".   Kuwajleen tract

Wātoon-eṃṃaan   {waytẹwẹn-yeṃṃahan}.   [gram.]   cf: ṃōṃaan "tract of men".   Wōtto tract; Lae tract

Wātoon-pel   {waytẹwẹn-pẹl}.   [gram.]   cf: pel "boxfish tract".   Naṃo tract

Wātuon   {waytiwen}.   [gram.]   cf: wāto "his tract".   Aur tract; Arṇo tract

Wātuon-aidik   {waytiwen-hayidik}.   [gram.]   cf: wāto, aidik "tract of thinness".   two Mājro tracts; Arṇo tract

Wātuon-ke   {waytiwen-kẹy}.   [gram.]   cf: ke "porpoise tract".   Arṇo tract

Wātuon-ke-eañ   {waytiwen-kẹy-yag}.   [gram.]   Arṇo tract

Wātuon-ke-rak   {waytiwen-kẹy-rak}.   [gram.]   Arṇo tract

Wātuon-pel   {waytiwen-pẹl}.   [gram.]   cf: pel "boxfish tract".   Mājro tract

Wātuon-piñpiñ   {waytiwen-pigpig}.   [gram.]   cf: piñpiñ "tract of Hernandia trees".   Arṇo tract

Wātuwe-lōñ   {waytiwey-lẹg}.   [gram.]   cf: wāto, lōñ "high tract".   Arṇo tract

Watwaidikdik   {watwahyidikdik}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wāto, aidik "narrow tract"; see also Wāto-aidikdik "another Wotho tract name".   Wōtto tract

Welọk-eṇ   {wẹylakʷ-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: welọk "go away".   Arṇo tract

Welọk-eṇ   {weylakʷ-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   Pikinni tract; Jālwōj tract

Welọk-kaṇ   {weylakʷ-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   Wūjlañ tract

Welọkun-wōj   {wẹylakʷin-wẹj}.   [gram.]   cf: welọk, wōj "beautiful journey".   Likiep tract

Wetaan-bōl   {weytahan-bẹl}.   [gram.]   cf: wetaa-, bōl "on the east side of the taro pit".   Jālwōj tract

Wetaan-mar   {weytahan-mar}.   [gram.]   cf: mar "on the east side of the bushes".   Kuwajleen tract

Wetaan-ti   {weytahan-tiy}.   [part. rem. gram.]   cf: tiete "on the east side of the reef".   Wōjjā tract

Wetaan-to   {weytahan-tew}.   [gram.]   cf: wetaa-, to "on the east side of the pass".   Epoon district

Wetak-iōñ   {weytak-yiyẹg}.   [gram.]   cf: wetak "go eastward in the north".   Aur tract

Wōda   {wedah}.   [gram.]   cf: wōda "successful in fishing".   Jālwōj islet

Wōdaajji-kaṇ   {wedahajjiy-kaṇ}.   [part. rem. gram.]   cf: wōda, ajjikad "repeated success in fishing", or see wōd "those Ajji coral heads".   Kuwajleen coral head

Wōd-alo   {wed-halẹw}.   [part. rem. gram.]   cf: wōd "coral".   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wōdaṃōj   {wedahṃẹj}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wōda, ṃōj "success in fishing finished", or see wōd " Aṃōj coral head".   Arṇo coral head

Wōdeñ   {wedeg}.   [part. rem. gram.]   cf: wōd "coral".   Ānewetak district

Wōde-ṇa   {wedey-ṇah}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wōd, ṇa "shoal of much coral".   Arṇo islet

Wōden-el-kaṇ   {weden-yẹl-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wōd, el "those nest corals".   Arṇo tract

Wōden-iōñ   {weden-yiyẹg}.   [gram.]   cf: wōd, iōn "coral of the north".   Mājej tract

Wōden-katoḷọk   {weden-katẹwḷakʷ}.   [gram.]   cf: katoḷọk "catharsis coral". (People used to come here for cleansing from sickness.).   Aelok tract

Wōd-jebwā   {wed-jebay}.   [gram.]   cf: wōd, jebwā "coral of the jebwā variety".   Arṇo tract

Wōd-jepāp   {wed-jepap}.   [gram.]   cf: wōd, jepāp " Jepāp shark coral reef".   Naṃo islet

Wōd-ko-lik   {wed-kʷew-lik}.   [pers. name, Luodkolik, a navigational sign in the form of a giant female shark about 15 miles offshore]   Arṇo coral head

Wōd-meej   {wed-meyej}.   [gram.]   cf: wōd, meej "bright-colored coral.   Wōjjā islet

Wōd-wātuon   {wed-waytiwen}.   [recur. form.]   cf: wōd, wāto "coral in its tracts".   Aelōñḷapḷap islet

Wōja   {wejah}.   [recur. form.]   cf: wōja "abode".   Aelōñḷapḷap district; Aelōñḷapḷap islet; Mājro district

Wōjaan-bajbaj   {wejahan-bajbaj}.   [gram.]   cf: wōja, bajbaj "scene of busyness".   Naṃdik tract

Wōjaan-Etao   {wejahan-yetahwew}.   [pers. name]   cf: wōja, Etao "Etao's abode".   Mājro tract

Wōjaan-kōlōk   {wejahan-kelek}.   [gram.]   cf: kōlōk "scene of fullness".   Epoon tract

Wōjaan-kōtak   {wejahan-ketak}.   [gram.]   cf: kōtak "site of roof thatching".   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wōjaan-Mile   {wejahan-milẹy}.   [recur. form.]   cf: Mile "Mili atoll".   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wōja-armej   {wejah-harmẹj}.   [gram.]   cf: wōja, armej "abode of people".   Mājej tract

Wōja-jak   {wejah-jak}.   [gram.]   cf: wōja, jak "scene of killing in battle".   two Mājej tracts

Wōja-jekad   {wejah-jekad}.   [gram.]   cf: wōja, jekad "where the noddy lives".   Mājro tract

Wōja-kaṇ   {wejah-kaṇ}.   [recur. form.]   cf: wōja "those abodes".   Arṇo tract

Wōjālaerōk   {wejalhayẹrẹk}.   [pers. name: "abode of Laerōk". |(Note that other islets in the atoll include Wōjaand Aerōk.)]   Aelōñḷapḷap islet

Wōja-ḷapḷap   {wejah-ḷapḷap}.   [recur. form.]   cf: wōja "large abode".   Arṇo tract

Wōjāle   {wejalẹy}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: le "albatross abode".   Mājro tract

Wōja-likōk-eañ   {wejah-likẹk-yag}.   [gram.]   cf: wōja, likōk "site of preparedness".   Mājro tract

Wōja-likōk-rak   {wejah-likẹk-rak}.   [gram.]   Mājro tract

Wōja-niñniñ   {wejah-nignig}.   [gram.]   cf: niñniñ "abode of babes".   Mājro tract

Wōje-jāiiōñ   {wẹjẹy-jayiyyẹg}.   Kuwajleen islet

Wōje-jāirōk   {wẹjẹy-jayiyrẹk}.   Kuwajleen islet

Wōjjā   {wejjay}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: jejāāk "land on which one can overeat".   Ratak atoll; Wōjjā islet; Mājro tract; Arṇo tract

Wōjjak   {wejjak}.   Ujae islet

Wōjḷā-eṇ   {wẹjḷay-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   Arṇo tract

Wōlōr   {wẹlẹr}.   Arṇo islet

Wōnaeo   {wenahyẹw}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wōn, eo "who?".   Arṇo tract

Wōnaerro   {wenahyerrew}.   [gram. dist.]   cf: wōn, iaa- "which of the two of them?".   Naṃdik tract

Wōndik   {wẹndik}.   [gram.]   cf: wōn "small turtle".   Epoon tract

Wōnejo-eṇ   {wẹnẹjew-yeṇ}.   [part. rem. gram.]   cf: wōn, jọ "turtle lays eggs".   Naṃdik tract

Wōnenwe   {wenenwey}.   Ellep household

Wōnmak   {wenmak}.   Kuwajleen islet; Ṃaḷoeḷap islet

Wōnmej   {wẹnmẹj}.   [gram.]   cf: wōn, mej "turtle molting site".   Wōjjā islet

Wōnoot   {wenewet}.   [pers. name, a vampire who ate the reef and made the passes on both sides of this islet, and who still demands provisions from passing canoes to ensure against their capsizing]   Kuwajleen islet

Wōp-eṇ   {wẹp-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wōp "the Barringtonia tree".   Arṇo tract

Wōple   {wẹplẹy}.   Kuwajleen islet

Wōtaan-kaṇ-jāiiōñ   {wetahan-kaṇ-jayiyyẹg}.   [gram.]   cf: wōtaan "those wild taro".   Ṃaḷoeḷap tract

Wōtaan-kaṇ-jāirōk   {wetahan-kaṇ-jayiyrẹk}.   [gram.]   Ṃaḷoeḷap tract

Wōtare   {wetarẹy}.   [gram. dist.]   cf: watre "partially cooked".   Mājej tract

Wōtbūkōr   {wetbikẹr}.   [part. recur. form.]   cf: būkōr "a plant".   Mājej tract; Mājro tract

Wōte-jabuk   {wetey-jabikʷ}.   [part. recur. form.]   cf: jabuk "fishing method".   Kuwajleen tract

Wōtle   {wẹtlẹy}.   Jālwōj islet; Jālwōj tract

Wōtṃwā   {wẹtṃay}.   [pers. name]   cf: Whitmer, a German sea captain for Jaluit Gesellschaft (1904-1913) on motorized schooners Aelous and Triton; once found the reef called Limjalele northeast of Arno and east of Aur.   Aur tract

Wōtojome   {wetewjewmey}.   [gram.]   cf: wōtojome "fish for goatfish".   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wōtōnnọ   {wẹtẹnnaw}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wōtōn, nenọ "tasty season".   Ṃaḷoeḷap tract

Wōtōnnọ-eṇ   {wẹtennaw-yeṇ}.   [rem. gram.]   Mājro tract

Wōtto   {wettew}.   Ralik atoll; Wōtto islet; Utrōk household; Arṇo tract; Mile tract

Wūdde   {widdẹy}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūd "pandanus bears".   Arṇo islet

Wūdde-kaṇ   {widdẹy-kaṇ}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūd "those bearing pandanus".   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wūjen   {wijen}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūje- "part of (it)".   Ellep tract

Wūjenel   {wijenel}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūje-, el "part of the nest".   Aur tract

Wūji-tak   {wijiy-tak}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūj "pull it up".   Ānewetak tract

Wūjji-eṇ   {wijjiy-yeṇ}.   Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wūjjuon-eṇ   {wijjiwen-yeṇ}.   Aelōñin Ae islet

Wūj-kaṇ   {wij-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wūj "those balsa driftwood".   Mile tract

Wūjlañ   {wijlag}.   [recur. form.]   cf: wūj, lañ "rough, cloudy sky".   Ralik atoll; Aur large district; Wūjlañ islet; Jālwōj tract; Naṃdik tract; Arṇo tract

Wūjtak   {wijtak}.   [gram.]   cf: wūjtak "praise".   Mājej district; Arṇo tract

Wūleej   {wilẹyẹj}.   [gram.]   cf: wūliej "cemetery".   Kuwajleen tract

Wūleej-eṇ   {wilẹyẹj-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   Jālwōj islet; two Likiep tracts; Arṇo tract; Mile islet; Mile tract

Wūleej-kaṇ   {wilẹyẹj-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   Ṇadikdik islet

Wūleej-rak   {wilẹyẹj-rak}.   [gram.]   Jālwōj islet

Wūlej-eṇ   {wilẹj-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wūlej "a shrub".   Arṇo tract

Wūlej-kaṇ   {wilẹj-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   Kuwajleen tract

Wūleo   {wilẹyẹw}.   [gram. dist.]   cf: wūlio "handsome".   Mājro tract

Wūlka   {wilkah}.   Jālwōj tract; Aelok islet; Mājro district; Mājro islet

Wūlkā   {wilkay}.   Jālwōj tract

Wūlka-eañ   {wilkah-yag}.   Aelok tract

Wūlka-rak   {wilkah-rak}.   Aelok tract

Wūnbar   {winbar}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūn, bar "rock base".   Ānewetak islet; Lae tract; Naṃo tract; four Aelōñḷapḷap tracts; Wōjjā tract; two Mile tracts

Wūnbar-eṇ   {winbar-yeṇ}.   [rem. gram.]   two Jālwōj tracts; Naṃdik tract

Wūnejjo   {winejjew}.   Naṃo tract; Aelōñḷapḷap tract

Wūni   {winiy}.   [gram.]   cf: wūn "its base".   two Mājej tracts

Wūni-ej   {winiy-yẹj}.   [gram.]   Mājro tract

Wūni-ḷwe-kaṇ   {winiy-ḷʷẹy-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wūn, ḷwe "base of those ponds".   Arṇo tract

Wūni-ṇa   {winiy-ṇah}.   [gram.]   cf: wūn, ṇa "shoal base".   Naṃo tract; Ṃaḷoeḷap tract; Mājro tract

Wūni-ṇa-eṇ   {winiy-ṇah-yeṇ}.   [gram.]   Mile islet

Wūni-ṇa-eo   {winiy-ṇah-yew}.   [gram.]   Mājej tract

Wūnin-ekjab   {winin-yekjab}.   [gram.]   cf: wūn, ekjab "base of the idol".   Mājro tract

Wūni-tọọr-kaṇ   {winiy-tawar-kaṇ}.   [gram.]   cf: wūn, tọọr "base of those streams".   Arṇo tract

Wūnittūr   {winittir}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūnit, tūr "wrap up a bundle".   Aelōñḷapḷap islet

Wūnoon-kaṇ   {winẹwẹn-kaṇ}.   [rem. gram.]   cf: wūn, wōn "ripening pit bases".   Arṇo tract

Wūntō   {winteh}.   [From Engl. window.]   Mājej tract; Mājro tract

Wūntōn-Ajoḷ   {winten-hajeḷʷ}.   [gram.]   cf: wūntōn, Ajoḷ "clump of Ajoḷ pandanus".   Lae tract

Wūntōn-bar   {winten-bar}.   [gram.]   cf: wuntōn, bar "cluster of rocks".   Ujae tract

Wūntōn-kāmeej   {winten-kaymeyej}.   [gram.]   cf: kāmeej "cluster of redwood driftwood".   Lae tract

Wūntōnwa   {wintenwah}.   [gram.]   cf: wa "cluster of canoes".   Ujae tract

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