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a    ai    au    ad    aj    ak    al    am    an    ap    ar    as    aw    

a-   pre. one. used with pre-nominal numerals. also e-₁, ε-, .  

a₁   conj. and; but. *interrogative marker.

a₂   n. fish sp., mullet.

a pako   n. fish sp., shark mullet.

a₃   n. edible soft part of a young coconut around the stem.

ah₁   n. his thing. general *possessive classifier. nc εn₁.

ah₂   n. name of the letter a₁.

aiε   n. centipede.

aio   nr. yesterday.

aida   n. pandanus variety.

aiduhn   vi. stubborn.

aij   n. tree sp.

aik   n. kind of driftwood, cedar.

aikεm   n. taro variety.

aiki   vt. to tow. vi aikiεk.

aikiu   n. dole; distribution. vi. to distribute (as a dole). vt aikiui. nc aikiuhn. Jp.

ain₁   n. handcuffs, shackles. Eng. irons

ain₂   n. iron. vi. to iron (clothes). vt aini. Eng.

ainoko   n. half caste. Jp.

ainkos   n. coconut sennit strand.

ainpεhk   n. handbag. Eng.

ainpwoahs   n. cooking pot. vi. to cook in a pot; to stew. vt ainpwoahsi. Eng. iron pot

ainpwoahs par   n. food, par₁ boiled with coconut cream and molasses.

ainpwoahs piahia   n. food, boiled taro recooked in coconut cream and molasses.

ainsoa   n. handsaw; cross-cut saw. Eng.

ainspwong   n. short pants. Jp.

aip   vi. disfigured; twisted; weathered.

air₁   vt. to pull something along a track, rope, or cord. vi airεk.

air₂   vi. worried; pre-occupied.

ahiroa   n. whirlwind; waterspout.

ais   n. ice. Eng.

aisara   n. ashtray. Jp.

aiskeiki   n. popsicle. Jp. < Eng. ice cake

aispwoaks   n. icebox. Eng.

au₁   n. mouth. nc oawoan. n3sg oawoa.

au likamw   vi. to be a compulsive liar.

au mas   vi. foul-mouthed.

oawoan dihpoahd   n. cervix. slang.

oawoan li   vi. loose-tongued.

oawoan mwinge   vi. greedy (for food).

au₂   n. tree sp., banyan.

ahu   excl. Wow!. *exclamation of *surprise.

aud   vi. out. *baseball term. Eng.

audi   neg. not. also jaudi.  

audo   vt. to load; to fill. vi audohd.

audohda   vt. to fill up.

audohkihdi   vt. to fill with.
Ih audohkihdi mwoakko pil. He filled the glass with water.

audohla   vt. to finish filling.

audopoa   n. its contents or subject matter. nc audopoan.

audohd   vi. to load; to fill. vt audo.

audokahp   n. outside curve. *baseball term. Jp. < Eng.

aujεk   vi. to make porridge. n. porridge. vt aujεki.

aulaid   n. celebration for a new net. vi. to have a celebration for a new net.

ausoa   vi. huge.

ad₁   n. name; reputation. nc oadoan. n3sg oadoa.

adanki   vi. named.

kahdanki   vt. to name.

ad₂   n. gall bladder;. nc adin. n3sg adin.

ahd₁   n. current (of water). vi. to drift with the current.

ahd₂   n. card game, hearts.

adaji   vi. bare-foot. Jp.

adal   excl. pass!, on foregoing one's opportunity to cut cards.

adam   n. fish sp., kind of skipjack.

adanki   see ad₁.

adaru   vi. lucky. Jp.

adardar   vi. to paint following a line. vt adardari.

ahding   n. crab sp.

adohl   n. coconut variety whose fruit has a sweet husk.

adu   num. nine. serial counting system.

adma   vi. to behead a fish. vt admai.

adpwal   vi. impatient, overanxious; to rush.

adroau   n. egg.

adwoak   vi. difficult (of a task); hard to get along with (of a person). Eng. hard work

ahj   n. hatch. Eng.

aji   n. chop sticks. Jp.

ajmεl   n. fish sp., kind of sea perch.

ajmohmo   n. coral variety, white and often used to fashion gravestones.

ajmwein   n. male turtle.

ajpein   n. female turtle.

ak   n. tree sp., mangrove.

ak-   pre. demonstration of.

aka   vi. to taste or smell of peppermint.

akan   vt. to ignite; to set fire to. vi akanεk.

akdar   vi. fishing method, to fish with a pole and hook and fly dragged along the surface. vt akdari.

akdei   vi. to strive to get ahead; to struggle to succeed. see dei.

akjuei   vi. to exaggerate one's importance or the importance of one's actions. see juei.

aklaplap   vi. cocky; haughty; inconsiderate;. see laplap.

akloaki   vi. to act in a purposeful manner while attributing the outcome to luck. see loaki.

akmai   vi. to argue.
Ngoah akmaikioang ih mεhu. I argued with him about that.

akmanman   vi. able to do magic tricks; to feign godliness. see manman.

akmwahli   vt. to disdain; to disregard; to look down on. see mwahl.

akpai   n. fish sp., ? spiny-back trumpet fish.

akpas   nr. now. also εkpas.  

akpwung   vi. to self-justify. see pwung₁.

aksei   vi. to embalm (an animal). vt akseii.

aksiksik   vi. polite; humble. see siksik.

aksuahu   vi. to deviate; to dissent; to disagree. see suahu.

al   n. road; street; line; path; way. vi. to line, to draw lines. vt ali. nc alεn. n3sg aloa.

al koalik   n. road.

al siksik   n. path.

aljang   vt. to copy from.

ahl   n. fish sp., wahoo.

alahl   vi. striped.

alεk   n. reed.

alεn wudrεk   n. milky way.

alij₁   n. beard; moustache. nc oaljoan. n3sg oaljoa.

alij₂   vi. to aim. vt aliji.

alim   num. five. serial counting system.

alohpw   n. game, kickball.

alu   vi. to walk. vi. to walk on stilts.

alu suhkoa   n. stilts.   vi. to walk on stilts.

aluhn doaki   vi. to waddle.

aljapw   see oaloa.

alkεnkεn   vi. fawning.

alpapεd   n. alphabet. Eng.

ama₁   int. if; although; though; what if.

ama₂   n. hammer. vi. to hammer. Eng.

Amεrka   n. America.

amεrkoair   n. banana sp., originating in S. America.

amij   vi. to bite one's lip.

ampangia   n. umpire. Jp. < Eng.

ampεl   n. anvil. Eng.

ampεr   n. umbrella. Eng. also ampεrεhla.  

amw   n. kind of insect.

amwumw   vi. to wipe; to wash. vt amwun.

amwun   vt. to wipe; to wash. vi amwumw.

amwda   int. why?

amwdahn   adv. used to express *threat|s.
Amwdahn koawoa! Why you!.

amwjε   n. mosquito.

-an   suf. full of.
pilan watery
winan hairy
udukan fleshy.

ahn₁   int. then what?; so what?

ahn₂   vt. familiar with; well acquainted with; used to.

anairε   n. game, variety of marbles.

anahnε   vt. to need; to want.

andana   n. antenna. Eng.

andip   vi. to spit. vt andipi.

andip mwahl   vi. to spit thoughtlessly or inconsiderately.

anjoau   n. time; season.

ekij anjoau   nr. sometimes.

epwi anjoau   nr. sometimes.

anki   vt. to have or to own. for items possessed with the general possessive classifier. see ah₁.

ansu   n. apricot tree. Jp.

angεn majεs   n. match (to start fire).

ang   n. claw of crab or lobster; tentacle; ray (of sun). nc angεn. n3sg angε.

angin₁   nc. heat of.

angin₂   vi. powerful (of a blow).

anggangin   vi. excited, anxious.

angkejep   n. handkerchief. Eng.

angkεhlail   vi. stubborn, pig-headed. vi. to rape. vt angkεhlaili. Pon.

angkes   excl. It serves you right! also angkeswei.  

angkoa   n. anchor. Eng.

ap   n. strand (of rope or wire).

ahp krehsi   vi. half-crazy. Eng.

apa   vi. to broad jump. Jp.

apa dopi   vi. to broad jump. Jp.

ahpa   n. small bay. Eng. harbor

apal   n. food, grated green banana put back in the skin and cooked in pia₁.

apal koikoi   n. food, like apal.

apar   n. fish sp., a large tuna.

apas   num. one; another. long object counting system.

apεl₁   conj. and; and also. see a₁.

apεl₂   n. apple. Eng.

apid₁   n. canoe part, curved pieces connecting outrigger to canoe hull.

apid₂   vt. to carry under arm. vi apidεk.

apij   vi. to pinch. vt apiji.

apkahs   vi. half caste. Eng.

appa   n. dynamite.

aproa   n. his shoulder. vt. to carry on the shoulder. vi aproapoar, aproahk, . nc aproan.

aproapoar   vi. to carry on the shoulder. vt aproa.

apsas   n. abcess. vi. to have an abcess. Eng.

apwa   excl. so. always used with an interrogative.
Apwa da? So what?.

apwal   vi. difficult; hard.

apwali   vt. to look after; to take care of; to treat.

apwεn   conj. but; on the contrary. see a₁.

apwinεk   vi. to wash one's face. Ponapean Mokilese.

ahpwuhpwu   vi. to put arm around shoulder or waist.

ahpwuhs   n. tree sp., fruit bearing.

apwkan   nr. short time ago; in a little while.

apwraiaji   n. tree sp., type of palm. Jp.

ar   vi. to drift with the tide. vi. unmarried (of a woman), said to be because of bad disposition. slang.

arda   vi. beached; washed up.   vi. unmarried (of a woman), said to be because of bad disposition.

arjili   vi. to drift around.

ara   pro. they two. also ira.  

ara koaroj they two; both of them.

arai   pro. they. plural.

aramaki   n. belly-band. Jp.

arahr   vi. drifting.

arεr   vi. to spray.

ari   num. two. serial counting system.

ariar   n. gaff. vi. to try to hook with a gaff. vt ariari.

ariardi   vi. hooked.

ariarihdi   vt. to hook with a gaff.

ardo ardak   vi. to set cross timbers at right angles by measuring the distance between the ends. vt ardo ardaki.

arlε   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

armaj   n. person; people; human.

armonikka   n. harmonica. Eng.

asahs   n. shark sp., gummy shark.

ahsik   n. phase of the moon, full moon. vi. a sparkling on the surface of the water at night.

awa   n. hour. Eng.

awal₁   num. eight. serial counting system.

awal₂   vt. to change or to replace (covering, pages, etc.). vi awalεk.

awan   vi. to show love through a gift.

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