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da    de    di    do    doa    du    

-da   suf. up. *direction|al suffix.

da₁   int. what?

da₂   n. sickness, infection in the mouth affecting young children. vi. to have da₁.

da₃   n. strand (of rope); layer (of plywood).

dai   n. canoe part, hold of a canoe.

daid   vi. full of food; tight; to have reached the limit of one's capacity. Eng.

kadaidi   vt. to tighten.

daidεl   n. title; position. Eng.

daidowa   n. World War Two. Jp.

daiduhj   n. food, banana fritter.

daikε   n. tiger. Eng.

daiksang   n. carpenter. Jp.

daimεn   n. diamond. Eng.

dainj   n. dance. vi. to dance. Eng.

daipεr   n. diaper. Eng.

daipwuhn   n. typhoon. Eng.

dairuk   vi. to bow down, to fall on one's knees.

daiwang   n. banana sp. Jp.

dau   n. channel; passage.

daul   n. towel. Eng.

dauli   vt. to pass by; to surpass. vi dauluhl.

daulihla   vt. to go past; to surpass; to exceed.

daulimw   vi. to mop; to dry; to wipe. vt daulimwi. also dahlimw.  

dauluhl   vi. to pass; to be completely, really.
Minjinno ohla dauluhl. The machine is completely broken. vt dauli. also dohluhl.  

dauluhlla   vi. to pass away, to die.

daun   vt. to fill (a hole). vi doaudoau. vc doau₁.

daundi   vt. to fill in.

daunla   vt. to fill up.

daur₁   vt. to trace (the past).
Ih daur arai poadpoaddo. He traced their history.

kadaur   vt. to spread (an illness).
Ih kadaurroang ngoahi johmwεhuo. He spread that disease to me.

daur₂   vt. to climb; to climb for. vi doau₁.

daurdi   vt. to get by climbing.

daur₃   vt. to make a net.

doau nεhk   vt. to make a net.
Ih pirin doau nεhk rεhnnoawε. He is going to be making a net today.

dauwaj   nr. up.

dauwas   n. sugar cane variety.

daddar   n. space under eaves. n. tip of penis. slang.

dadmai   vi. to finish roofing a house. vt dadmaii.

dak₁   vi. to rise (of sun); to shine. vt dakar.

dak₂   vi. to ride (in a vehicle). vt dakoa.

dak no   vi. to surf.

dahk   vi. to bend to the side.

dahdahk   vi. to sway; to roll (of a boat).

daka   vi. to high jump. Jp.

daka dopi   vi. to pole vault.

dakaj   vt. to meat out a coconut. vi dakdak.

dakar   vt. to light up; to illuminate. vi dak₁.

dakasngai   n. shell variety, trochus. Jp.

dakoa   vt. to ride (in a vehicle). vi dak₁.

dakuang   n. pickled radish. Jp.

dakdak   vi. to meat out a coconut. vt dakaj.

dakji   n. taxi. Eng.

daklar   n. fish sp., swordfish.

dahkpwohd   n. tugboat. Eng.

daksis   n. tax. Eng.

dal₁   n. coconut shell. remote. n. container. remote. nc dalen. n3sg dale.

dalεn moai   n. food, pan-baked breadfruit.

dalεn moangi   vt. to shave the head.

dalεn parai   n. frying pan.

dalεn wain   n. chalice.

dal₂   vi. to peel (of skin); to moult. vt dalεk.

dalal   vi. to spread legs; be bow-legged.

dalala   n. dance name, recently introduced from Fiji and often called Mokilese dalala.

dalεk   vt. to pull up or off, to peel. vi dal₁.

dalεhla   vi. used up; to have run out; to be lacking.
Ngoah dalεhla. I'm without.
Mεhu dalεhla. It ran out.

dahlimw   see daulimw.

dalok   n. food made from meat of a shooting coconut.

dam   n. outrigger boom. n. wife. metaphorical, in the sense of 'steadying influence'. nc damεn. n3sg damε.

dama   n. light bulb; bullet. Jp.

damango   vi. to have nothing. Jp.

damaski   n. game, pool. vi. to play pool. Jp.

dampilo   nr. down below. Eng.

dahmwεl   n. ring finger.

damwir   vt. to squeeze by pulling hand along. vi damwirεk. see damwdi.

damwdi   vi. to slip down (as from a tree). vi. circumcised. slang. see damwir. also doamwdi.  

dan   vi. khaki. Eng. tan

dangahnga   vi. lazy.

dangin mohmohng   n. oxygen tank.

dangkaido   n. searchlight. Jp.

dangku   n. tank ((military vehicle)). Jp. < Eng.

dangpaur   vi. to be a slacker.

dapah   n. his ear adornment. *possessive classifier for things worn in the ear. nc doapoan. see doapoa₂.

dapang₁   vt. to rip off; to break open (as a lock); to break. vi doapdoap₁, dapangεk, .

dapang₂   n. chopping board. Jp.

dapang₃   vt. to follow in someone's tracks.

dapiohka   n. tapioca. Eng.

dahpohlεn   n. tarpaulin. Eng.

dapoar   vt. to catch (with hands or with some instrument). vi dapdap.

dapdap   vi. to catch; to play catch. vt dapoar.

dapwa   adv. perhaps; maybe.

dapwohk   n. bird sp., a kind of tern.

dapwjo   n. game, jacks.

dar   vt. to bump. vi darrεk₁, dar.

dar in pwong   vi. fishing method, to trawl in the early morning.

dar janwa   vi. to strike the bait while moving in the opposite direction to a trawling line, said of a tuna.

dar kunio   vi. fishing method, to trawl in the late evening.

darda   n. name of a dance.

dardi   vt. to cut off (a stick).

darla   vt. to bump into.

dahr   vi. fast.

dawa   n. taro variety.

dawaji   n. scrubbing brush. Jp.

dei   vi. to surpass; to be ahead. vi. expert in catching flying fish.

deiad   vi. to embroider. vt deiadi.

deidei₁   vi. to dig. vt deik₁.

dei warwar   vi. to dig a ditch.

deidei₂   n. taro patch, man-made.

deidei₃   n. frightening thing. baby talk.

deik₁   vt. to dig. vi deidei₁.

deik₂   vi. to have diarrhea from eating certain fish, especially jehkanpik.

deimεlmεl   n. fine sand.

deina   n. mat of coconut leaves. also seina.  

deip   n. tape; ribbon. remote. vi. to tape. remote. vt deipi. Eng.

deipin   vi. to patch₁. vt deipina.

deipina   vt. to patch₁. vi deipin.

deipw   n. pandanus variety.

deisumw   n. nose ring. Jp.

dεu   n. love nest. also doau₁.  

dεhdε   vi. clear; understandable.

dεhdεhki   vt. to understand.

dεhdεhn   nc. evidence of.

kadεhdε   vt. to look closely at; to examine; to testify.

dεhk₁   n. deck (of a ship). Eng.

dεhk₂   n. bank of taro patch.

dεhk₃   n. ceiling.

dεkεu   vi. to tip-toe.

dekking   n. metal rod. Jp.

dεhl   n. fish sp., ? kind of rainbow runner.

deliskohp   n. telescope. Eng.

dεlpwohn   n. telephone. Eng.

dεmwpwo   vi. to radio, send a message by radio. Jp.

dεmwpwura   n. tempura. Jp.

dεhn   vi. old or worn out.

dεn   n. actions; behavior; appearance. nc dinin. n3sg dinin.

dεna   n. shelf. Jp. tana

dεnεr   n. tenor. Eng.

dεndεnmwiji   n. snail. Jp.

dεnjo   n. ceiling. Jp.

Dεhnpal   n. reef in Mokil lagoon.

dεhng   vi. giving lots of sap (of a coconut tree). n. coconut leaf tied to moakoau along which the sap drains into a kos₁ bottle.

dεng₁   vi. tight; taut.

kadεng   vi. to stretch; to pull tight. vt kadεngε.

kadεngεhpijoang   vt. to smooth out.

kadεngpijoang   vi. smoothed out.

dεng₂   n. crotch. nc dεngεn. n3sg dεngε.

dεng₃   n. grade, marks (in school). Jp.

dεngwa   n. telephone. Jp.

dεhp   n. level; storey.

dεp   num. ten million.

dεpla   vi. increased; in excess.

kadεpihla   vt. to get extra.
Ngoah kadεpihla pukkok ma koah pwεhng ngoahi. I got those extra books you told me to get.

dεhparau   n. fish sp., kind of surgeon fish.

dεpdεp   n. kind of box, tackle box. also jepjep.  

dεppang   n. iron trough. Jp.

deppuhdad   vi. to hop on one leg.

depweila   vi. to succeed by chance, to chance to.
Ngoah depweila lεl mε. I chanced to reach here.

dεpwεhra   n. file ((tool)). Jp.

dehpwukro   n. gloves. Jp.

dεr   vi. to look longingly; to begin to eat before others; to bite (of fish).

dεrεp   n. trip. Eng.

deriuhdang   n. hand grenade. Jp.

dehrihdo   n. measles. vi. to have measles.

dεs   n. test. Eng.

-di   suf. down. *direction|al suffix.

di₁   n. tea. Eng.

di₂   n. same age. nc diεn. n3sg dioa.

dih   n. name of the letter d.

dih rohs   n. tea rose. Eng.

diha   n. deer. Eng.

dianki   vi. to be the same age as. see di₂.

diar   vt. to look for. vi diarεk.

diarda   vt. to find.

diarεkda   vi. to be found.

diε   vt. to steer with a paddle.

dioar   vt. to sidestep a blow. vi dioarεk.

did   n. wall. vi. to make a wall.

dihdi   n. breasts. vi. to suck at the nipple. nc dihdihn. n3sg dihdihn.

diddil   vi. to put under (in weaving); to stick through. vt dilim.

diddiljili   vi. to wander around.

didpwoapw   n. Jew's harp.

dihjεk   n. roof extension creating a storage area. also jihdεk.  

dihjεmpε   n. December. Eng.

dik   vi. to protrude.

dihkirεhl   n. tea kettle. Eng.

dikou   vi. to somersault.

dikol   n. lump.

dikolkol   vi. lumpy.

dikoankoan   vi. soft (of flesh); watery.

dikoaroan   n. fish sp., small moaroar.

dikdik   vi. to spatter (as rain).

dikjeneri   n. dictionary. Eng.

dil₁   n. dry coconut frond. n. torch made from coconut fronds.

dil₂   n. small lice.

dil₃   vi. to enter. see dilim.

dihl   vi. to shuffle (cards); to deal (cards). vt dihli.

diliej   n. canoe line used to shorten sail, ?halliard.

dilim   vt. to put under (in weaving); to stick through. vi diddil. see dil₃.

dilkauwε   vi. fishing method, to fish for flying fish with net and torch in a moving boat.

dillap   n. fish sp., ? kind of rainbow runner.

dihmjoahn   n. demijohn; large bottle. Eng.

dimpεr   n. rib of a boat. Eng. timber

dimw   vi. to have an erection.

dihmwεl   n. middle finger.

dihn   n. can. Eng.

dinak   n. space between rafters over which thatch is placed.

ding₁   vi. to squint.

dingpεnε   vi. to squint.

ding₂   n. raindrop.

dihng   vi. to giggle.

dingar   n. thread-fin silver belly fish.

dingεingεi   vi. to smile; to grin.

dingεingεida   vi. to put on a smile.
Ih dingεingεida pwa ih pirin kilεl. He put on a smile because he was going to get his picture taken.

dingihng   vi. to ring (of ears).

dingding   vi. to fall lightly (of rain).

dip   n. slice. nc dipεn. n3sg dipoa. see dipoa.

dipεn mwεhng   n. food, baked quartered taro slices.

dihp   vi. to sin. see dipah.

dip jiloa   see dipoal.

dipa   n. ladle. Eng. dipper

dipah   n. his sin. nc dipεn. see dihp.

dipan   vi. full of sin. see dihp.

dipedip   vi. to slice. vt dipoa.

dipεnoaj   vi. to congeal. n. congealed blood; clot.

dipij   vt. to trip on.

dipoa   vt. to slice. vi dipedip. see dip.

dihpoahd   n. teapot. Eng.

dipoal   vt. to move (with stick or foot); to flick away (with stick or foot); to pick out pits with a stick; to gather (of clams). vi dipoalεk. vc dip.

dip jiloa   vi. to gather clams.

dipoanid   n. coconut husk.

dipoar   n. fragment; sliver.

dipkεl   vi. to fall (from the path of righteousness), to suffer the pitfalls of life, to suffer a moral lapse.

dipkεlkεl   vi. to stumble.

dipw   n. clan.

dipwdipw   vi. overgrown with grass or weeds; littered (with objects). n. grass; weeds.

dipwjoau   n. thing; physical object.

dir   quant. many; much.

dirin   nc. many of; most of.

dirla   vi. too much/many; more.
Dirla pilεn rimεhi. There is too much water in this bottle.

kadiri   vt. to fill.

diroam   n. drum. Eng.

diroamkang   n. drum. Eng.

diroapw   vi. bothered.

dihspwuhn   n. teaspoon. Eng.

do   n. coconut sennit.

-do   suf. hither, here, towards the speaker. *direction|al suffix. see -doa.

doh   vi. far.

dohla   vi. too far.

doh-   pre. nine. also duoa-₁, duei-, .  

Dois   n. Germany. archaic. also Joahmεn.  

doudou   vi. to load; to fill. archaic. vt douk.

douk   vt. to load; to fill. archaic. vi doudou.

dod   vi. packed tight; crowded (of vegetation); to come one after another.

dohdai   n. lighthouse. Jp.

dohdo   n. one born with an oversized head.

doddol   vi. to pick. vt doli. vc dol.

doljang   vi. to fall off.

dolla   vi. to fall.
Moaio dolla. That breadfruit fell.

dolpijoang   vi. to come apart.

dok₁   vi. to stab; to poke; to inject; to shoot. vt doakoa₁.

dok moai   vi. to poke a hole in unripe breadfruit, into which salt water is poured to hasten ripening.

dok mwumw   vi. fishing method, spear fishing.

dokla   vi. to get an injection. vt doakoahla.

dok₂   n. pestle.

dokangε   n. lizard sp., introduced in Japanese times. Jp.

dohkid   num. nine thousand.

dohkij   num. nine. partitive counting system.

dokohmoang   vi. to jump head-first; to stand on one's head.

dokdok₁   n. hill; highland.

dokdok₂   vi. prickly. see dok₁.

dokkoaj   vi. to make shingles from leaves; to make thatch. see dok₁.

dokkura   n. fish sp., a large mejeik.

dokloal   n. brace.

dol   n. mountain; hill.

doli   vt. to pick at. vi doddol. vc dol.

dolihda   vt. to pick up.

dolihdi   vt. to pick.

dolihjang   vt. to pick off.
Ih dolihjang wεhn suhkoahu ohroj. He picked all the fruit off that tree.

dolihla   vt. to pick clean.

dolihpijoang   vt. to pick apart.

doldol   vi. hilly; mountainous. see dol.

dohmεn   num. nine. animate counting system.

dohmihng   n. native. Jp.

dompiki   n. small cart pulled by handles, travois. Jp.

domw   vi. bald.

domwpwiri   n. kind of bowl.

dohn   nc. place for.

dohnad   n. donut. Eng.

dohnkia   vi. unconcerned. Eng. don't care

dohnmahn   n. bird cage.

dohnmwani   n. inside pocket.

dohnpuk   n. bookcase.

dohng   n. tree sp., used for lumber. Jp.

dongdongki   vt. to dislike.

dohpak   see -pak.

dopas   vi. to shoot hard (a marble).

dohpas   num. nine. long object counting system.

dopdop   vi. to pay for; to repay. vt dupuk.

dohpw   n. pandanus variety with edible fruit.

dohpwong   see -pwong.

dopwurpwur   n. fish sp., parrot fish.

dohpwki   num. nine hundred.

dor₁   vi. to catch (people or animals). vt doaroa₁. also doar₁.  

dordi   vi. caught.

dor₂   n. cloth made from banana fibre.

dorro   vi. to flatten pandanus leaves for weaving. vt dorroi.

dohsmango   n. kind of mango tree.

-doa   suf. hither, here, towards the speaker. used only in %indoa| 'to come' and %kihdoa| 'to give'. *direction|al suffix. see -do.

doa₁   vt. to sew. vi doadoa.

doa₂   n. sugar cane.

doa alahl   n. sugar cane variety.

doa kalai   n. sugar cane variety.

doahn kuas   n. sugar cane variety.

doahn wai   n. sugar cane variety.

doau₁   vi. to climb. vt daur₁.

doauoang   vi. to climb to; to be promoted to.

doau₂   vi. to inspect (for defects). vt doaui.

doaulik   vi. to check around.

doau₃   see dεu.

doau nεhk   see daur ₃.

doaudol   n. vine sp.

doaudoau   vi. to fill (a hole); to cover taro mound with mud after adding fertilizer. vt daun.

doaulahk   vi. to knead. vt doaulahki.

doauloang   n. canoe rollers.

doaurεhn   n. fish sp., kind of bull's-eye.

doadi   vi. dirty or unclean (of people). Eng.

doadoa   vi. to sew. vt doa₁.

doadoahk₁   vi. to work. n. work; job.

doadoahk in japw   n. agriculture.

doadoahk₂   vi. to massage. vt doahkoa.

doak   n. fish sp., needle fish (? barred long Tom).

doakdohr   n. fish sp., needle fish (? keel jawed long Tom).

doahk   n. dog. Eng.

doaki   n. duck. Eng.

doakoa₁   vt. to poke at; to lunge at with a pointed instrument. vi dok₁.

doakoahda   vt. to stab or to poke repeatedly.

doakoahdi   vt. to stab.

doakoahla   vt. to inject. vi dokla.

doakoahla rohs   vt. to make a flower from coconut fibre.

doakoa₂   n. atoll; small island, islet.

doakoahn mahn   n. deserted island.

doahkoa   vt. to massage. vi doadoahk₁.

doahksoa   n. doctor. Eng.

doal   vi. to mix. vt doaloa.

doahla   vi. capsized by being turned too far into the wind.

kadoahla   vt. to capsize by turning sail too far into the wind.

doaloa   vt. to mix. vi doal.

doahloa   n. dollar. Eng.

doalngoak   vi. to carry a heavy object slung over shoulder. vt doalngoaki.

doamwdi   see damwdi.

doan₁   n. ton. Eng.

doan₂   n. curved hook used in johloang fishing.

doang₁   n. water tank used for catching run-off from roof; gas tank for an outboard. Eng.

doang₂   vi. to exhaust, to use up.

doahng   vi. slow to develop.

doap   n. tub. Eng.

doapil   vi. double. Eng.

doapoa₁   int. how much?, how many? see oadpoa.

doapoa₂   vt. to wear behind the ear. vi doapdoap₁. see dapah.

doapdoap₁   vi. to squeeze by pulling. vt dapang₁.

doapdoap₂   vi. to wear a flower in ear or hair. vt doapoa₁.

doapw   vi. cloudless and calm.

doapwoa   vt. to pull; to yank. vi doapwdoapw.

doapwoahdin   n. pandanus variety with very small keys.

doapwdoapw   vi. to pull; to yank. vt doapwoa.

doar₁   conj. so; then.

doar₂   see dor₁.

doar₃   vi. to help, to come to one's aid or to take someone's part; to protect; to defend. vt doaroa₁.

doar₄   vi. serious (of an illness).

doahr₁   vt. the same as; like; about; concerning; how.
Ih doahr mwomwεn jamahu. He looks like his father.
Pwεhng ngoahi doahr oamw skuhl. Tell me about your school.
Padahkioang ngoahi doahr oai εn inla o. Show me how to get there.

doahrε   n. like this, in this way.
Mεhlpwa doahrεhla jampah! This is the way the world is.

doahro   n. like that, in that way.
A mwεhu doahro? Is it all right like that?.

doahrroar   vt. to look like.

doahr₂   vi. to go in a group.

doari   vi. finished; completed. conj. then; thereupon.

doarihdi   vi. to stop for a moment (as of work).

doarihla   vi. to have finished.

kadoarihla   vt. to finish; to complete.

doarinmwoarong   vi. to take advantage of others when they are absent or distracted. vt doarinmwoarongi.

doarop   n. fish sp., kind of surgeon fish.

doaroa₁   vt. to try to catch. vi dor₁, doar₁.

doaroahdi   vt. to catch.

doaroa₂   vt. to try to help, to come to one's aid or to take someone's part; to try to protect; to try to defend. vi doar₁.

doaroahla   vt. to aid, to protect, to defend.
Ngoah doaroahla ih jang nεhn ah apwal koalik. I helped him out of his great trouble.

du   vi. to dive; to pitch (of a ship).

du jε   vi. to dive for jε₁ with a nεhk₁.

duhki   vt. to dive for.

duhla   vi. to drown; to dive away.

kadu   vi. to submerge; to dip (as with ink). vt kadui.

duhkihda   vt. to bring up (from a dive).

duap   n. pulley.

dueijεk   num. ninety.

duoaw   num. nine. general counting system.

duhdεhp   n. storey. formerly 'two storey'. see dεhp. Eng. two and dεhp 'storey'

duhdu   vi. to bathe. vt duhp.

duhdu nεhk   vi. to use a new net for the first time.

duhki   see du.

duhkihda   vi. to dive; to pitch (of a ship).

duhkdukduk   chicken calling.

duhl   n. roof of corrogated metal.

dumwur   n. constellation name, unidentified.

dun₁   vi. to drip.

dun₂   n. bunch (of fruit); bouquet (of flowers).

dunε   vt. to tie together in a bunch.

duhp   vt. to bathe. vi duhdu.

duhpεk   vi. weak in the morning from not eating the night before; be very hungry.

dupuk   vt. to pay for; to repay. vi dopdop.

dupuk juεd   vi. to be ungrateful.

dupuk mwεhu   vi. to be grateful.

dupukda   vt. to buy.

dupukla   vt. to have paid for.

dupukoa   n3s. its cost; his wages. nc dupukoan. see dupuk.

duhrion   n. tree sp., durian.

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