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ei    ej    ek    el    en    ep    er    ew    

  suf. this. see -i₁.

ε₁   n. leg. nc εhn. n3sg εhn.

ε₂   excl. *exclamation on offering something.

εh   excl. yes.

ehi   excl. hey!

eij   num. seven. serial counting system.

eijεk   num. ten.

εhd   num. unit column in counting.

εd   n. fish sp., a large kehpwini.

εdεk   n. small party or gathering of friends. vi. to have a small party or gathering of friends.

εdiεd   vi. cloudy; smokey; fogged up (of glasses or goggles).

εddεd   vi. to draw water. vt idip. vc id₁.

εddoang   n. coral variety, fire coral.

Ehja   n. asia. Eng.

ejihjoa   who knows?
Ejihoa pwa ih pirin indoa? Who knows if he'll come?.

ejil   num. three. serial counting system.

ejjej   vi. to peel with teeth; to husk with teeth. vt ijir.

ek   excl. *exclamation of *surprise.

ekij   quant. little or a bit.

εkpas   see akpas.

εhl   n. hell. Eng.

elik   nr. on the ocean-side.

εldεr   n. church office, assistant to the johnkouwa. Eng.

εldo   vi. alto. Eng.

εlkadohr   n. alligator. Eng.

εlmoang   n. lobster variety.

εlpan   n. elephant. Eng.

εlwihn   n. fish sp., emperor angel fish.

εmεn   num. one; another. animate counting system.

εmpiloap   n. envelope. Eng.

-εn   suf. that (near the person addressed).

εn₁   nc. thing of. general *possesive classifier. n3sg ah₁.

εn₂   adv. unaccomplished activity marker.

εnεhn   n. onion. Eng.

eni   n. demon, ghost.

eni armaj   n. ghost that masquarades as a living person.

εhndoro   n. barbell; axle and wheel assembly of a railway handcar. Jp. doro and εhn 'leg of'

εnmεnlap   n. coconut fibre from midrib of a frond.

εng₁   vi. to reach by stretching. vi. to lean or to stand against.

εng₂   n. air; breeze; wind₁.

εngla   vi. very light (in weight).   vi. famished.

εngpup   n. gust of wind₁.

εngsik   n. breeze.   vi. breezy; open to the wind.

εngiεngin koail   vi. well-balanced (of a jihr₁); hard to steer (of a boat).

εngdεhn   vi. to make an effort to; to persevere.

εnggεng   vi. dry.

εp   n. ape. Eng.

ehpak   see -pak.

εpohn   n. metal spearhead. Eng. harpoon also ipohn.  

εprεl   n. April. Eng.

εpw   vi. always eager to; always wanting to.
Ih εpw in koaul. He's always eager to sing.

epwi   quant. some; several; a few.

εpwki   num. hundred.

εrε   n. portion of outrigger from hull to boom.

erua   vi. to slap hand against chest and arm.

εw   num. one; another. general counting system. see -oaw.

εhwa   n. game, the object of which is to knock your opponent over while hopping on one leg.

ewij   nr. inland.

ei    ej    ek    el    en    ep    er    ew    
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