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i   n. sail.

i rohp   n. sail made from mats used on small paddling canoe.

-i ₁   suf. this, used only after non-high vowels.

-i₂   suf. my.

ih₁   pro. he; she.

ih₂   n. name of the letter i.

ia   int. where?; which?

iahng   int. what (social) relationship?
Iahng koawoa woalmeno? What relationship is that man to you?.

iahia   n. rainbow.

iahu   excl. so; well; so there; so now what do you say. also iahn.  

iahk₁   vi. feebleminded; crazy.

iahk₂   vi. to strip the midrib of a leaf. vt iahkoa.

iakiu   n. baseball. vi. to play baseball. Jp.

iahkoa   vt. to strip the midrib of a leaf. vi iahk₁.

iakumεhda   n. race, hundred meter race. Jp.

ialadεhl   n. fish sp., ? kind of rainbow runner.

iamakudo   n. light pink. Jp. (said to have been named for a Japanese ribbon salesman)

iahs   n. yard ((measure)). Eng.

iahs in likkoau   n. yard goods.

iej   n. bunch (of bananas). nc iejin. n3sg iejin.

iejda   vi. risen from the dead.

iεmmo   n. fish sp., kind of goat fish.

iehskohra   n. tug-of-war. Jp. yoisho-korasho 'heave ho'

ioisah   excl. heave! Jp.

iohoaidoang   excl. ready! set! go! Jp.

iouiou   n. kind of bush, flowering.

iohl   n. vine sp.

iopwou   vi. barren, unable to bear young.

iopwoula   vi. to become barren.

-ioa   suf. my. used particularly with body parts.

ioar   pro. behold. focus marker. yes. in answer to a negative question. focus marker.
Ioar woaroai pohsso. There's my boat. .

iuhs   vt. to use.
Mεhu nε iuhsεk. That is already being used. vi iuhsεk. Eng.

id₁   n. fish sp., sea eel.

id in nεhn lisar   n. fish sp., kind of eel.

id₂   n. tree sp., with a white flower and bark and often used to make the kia₁ of a canoe.

id₃   n. board on which na is rubbed in making fire. vi. to start a fire using sticks.

idaid₁   vi. to press. vt idang.

idaid₂   vi. to take in a vehicle; to transport. vt idan.

idahk   vi. to have hand-to-hand combat.

idan   vt. to take in a vehicle; to transport. vi idaid₁.

idang   vt. to press. vi idaid₁.

iding   vi. to rub one's eyes.

idip   vt. to draw water. vi εddεd. vc id₁.

id pil   vi. to draw water (from well).

idoak   vi. to ask.

ijaij   vi. to pay tribute or wages; to reward. vt ijoa ijaiji.

ijanki   vi. to take advantage of; to impose on.

-ijεk   suf. ten.

iji-   pre. seven. also ij.  

ijihjεk   num. seventy.

ijip   vt. to splash. also ujup.  

ijipwki   num. seven hundred.

ijir   vt. to peel with teeth; to husk with teeth. vi ejjej.

ijirda   vt. to start husking.

ijirdi   vt. to husk off (in pieces).
Ih ijirdi dipεn adohllo pohn sehpillo. He took the husk off the adohl and put the pieces on the table.

ijirla   vt. to have husked.

ijohping   n. sauce bottle. Jp.

ijoa   n. his tribute; his reward; his wages. vt. to pay tribute or wages; to reward.
Arai ijoahlahng woallo ah doadoahk. They paid the man for his work. vi ijaij. nc ijεn. also ijaiji.  

ijoau   n. tree sp., zamanu.

ijoak   n. jug; container made from coconut shell with a small hole in the top, often carried on strings.

ijoan   nr. low; down.

ijuw   num. seven. general counting system.

ijkid   num. seven thousand.

ijkij   num. seven. partitive counting system.

ijmεn   num. seven. animate counting system.

ijmwaj   n. feast for the dedication of a new house. vi. to have an ijmwaj.

ijpak   see -pak.

ijpas   num. seven. long object counting system.

ijpwa   excl. Who said?. *exclamation of disbelief.

ijpwong   see -pwong.

ik   n. tail. nc ikin. n3sg ikin.

ikin soa   n. point of a leaf.

ikarε   n. fish sp., kind of mullet.

ikεl   n. eagle. Eng.

ikεm   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish (? mangrove jack).

ikεndε   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

ikinpwo   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

ikoik   vi. to turn over something heavy. vt ikoj.

ikoj   vt. to turn over something heavy. vi ikoik.

ikoa   n. fish eggs.

ikoaik   vi. to eat only fish or meat. vt ikoaiki.

ikoak   n. fresh leaves used for lower layers of umw₁ covering.

ikoanid   n. fish sp., used for bait.

ikkai   n. first floor. Jp.

ikmwanaknak   n. smoked tuna.

ikwirej₁   n. fish sp., ? sandpaper fish.

ikwirej₂   n. bird sp., long-tailed New Zealand cuckoo.

il₁   n. young shoot growing from base of main plant stem.

il₂   vi. to lie prone.
Kapang suhkoahpasεn ildahwε wijahpwiai. Look at that tree stretched out this way.

ilail   vi. to make a nest. n. nest material.

ilau   n. tree sp.

ilahrεk   vi. to trawl. vt ilahrεki.

ilεs   n. bud.

ilihl   n. rudder; steering wheel. animate counting system. vi. to steer. animate counting system. vt ilihli.

ilihlinno   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

iloak   vi. to woo.
Ngoah iloakkoang jeripeinno. I'm wooing that girl.

iloaki   vt. to ask a favour.

illok   n. wake on the surface of the water made by a fish swimming. vi. to have one's hair bristle from anger.

illoa   nr. high.

imdoahr   int. how?; in what manner? also mindoahr.  

immas   vi. ripe, ready to be eaten.

immoal   vi. exhausted from rapid strenuous exercise; out of breath.

impal   n. coconut cloth.

imwεn   nc. house of. see umw₁.

imwi   n. coconut bunch.

imwin   nc. end of; edge of.

imwin japw   n. cape (of land).

imwinsihsi   n. enemy.

imwjεkla   vi. finished.

kaimwjεkla   vt. to finish; to bring to an end.

imwjoarwi   see umw₁.

imwla   n. end. vi. ended.

imwlakoa   n3s. its end; final. nc imwlakoan.
Imwlakoan inoanggo woallo mehdi. At the end of the story the man died.
Imwlahu inenin kainjinjuεd. The end was very sad.

imwpwilapwil   vi. pink.

in₁   at; in; on. location marker.

in₂   of. construct particle.

inah   n. his mother. nc inεn.

inεn inah   n. his grandmother, mother's mother.

inεn jamah   n. his grandmother, father's mother.

inain   vi. to be in a mother-daughter relationship. see inah.

inaur   vt. to tie or to fasten with rope. vi inoau₁.

inahjio   n. banana sp. also johrumw.  

inani   n. yoke or pole for carrying equally weighted bundles. vt. to carry with a yoke.

inapoa   vi. to cushion, to put a cushion under. vi inapnap.

inapnap   n. cushion. vi. to cushion, to put a cushion under. vt inapoa.

inahrεk   vi. to line up sprouted coconuts prior to planting. n. line of sprouted coconuts. vt inahrεki.

inεuwar   see inoau₁.

inεn   vi. straight; upright (of people).

kainεnε   vt. to straighten.

inenin   adv. very.

inεpw   vi. forbidden; restricted; illegal. vt inεpwi.

inεpwdi   vi. to become forbidden, restricted or illegal. vt inεpwihdi.

inihεp   n. mildew.

inihεpda   vi. mildewed.

inihεpla   vi. covered in mildew.

inim   vt. to cook. vi inihn.

inihn   vi. to cook. vt inim.

inihnlohj   n. loincloth.

inoau₁   vi. to tie or to fasten with rope. vt inaur.

inεuwar   vi. to fasten together the boards used to build up the sides of a canoe (with pegs or rope).

inoau suhkoa   vi. to fasten the boards used to build up the sides of a canoe together with pegs.

inoau₂   vi. to promise; to make an agreement.

inoang₁   n. tale; story. vi. to tell a tale or story.

inoang₂   vi. desirous.

indan   vi. popular. Pon. also indand.  

indεnkamw   n. fishing competition held in midsummer in which kehpwini are sought.

indi   vi. to go down.

indohkai   n. athletic meet. vi. to have an athletic meet. Jp.

indoa   vi. to come.

inj   n. inch. Eng.

injauwaj   see jauwaj₂.

injang   vi. to come from.

inje   int. who?

injεn   n. free will₁; choice; decision; it's up to... nc injεnεn. n3sg injεnε₁, injεnah, .

injεnmwahu   vi. reconciled; untroubled; in good health.

injεnmwahula   vi. to become reconciled.

injin   n. engine. Eng.

injinia   n. engineer. Eng.

injino   vi. concerned; to care about; diligent.

injinjuεd   vi. sad.

kainjinjuεd   vi. to sadden; saddening. vt kainjinjuεdi.

injis   n. hinges. Eng.

injoausik   see joausik.

inkuoa   nr. on top. see kohn.

inla   vi. to go; to go away. vi. last; past.
wihkko inla last week.

inmad   see mad.

inmadau   see madau.

inminjoang   see minjoang.

inmon   vi. able to jump high.

inmonin   n3s. his disposition.
Jeriho mwεhu inmonin. That child has a good disposition. nc inmonin.

innεk   n. coil of dried pandanus leaf to be used for weaving.

-innoar   suf.;.
Ngoah sihkεiinnoar ih. I'm as strong as he is.

inpwεhnεn   excl. It serves you right!It serves you right! *exclamation of criticism.

inpwong   see pwong.

insa   n. blood. nc insahn. n3sg insah.

insahn pahrang   n. rust.

insahpwilpwil   n. sickness, bleeding from the vagina.

insing   n. letter (of the alphabet); mark; tatoo. vi. to write longhand or script. vi. to print. vi. to write longhand or script. vt insinge.

insing in daip   n. printing.   vi. to print.

insing in rahnmwahu   n. longhand or script.   vi. to write longhand or script.

mijεn insing   n. letter (of a word). vi insing.

insingε   vt. to write; to mark; to tatoo.

insohl   n. pandanus variety.

ingid   see ungud.

ingihng₁   n. dorsal or anal fin; comb of a fowl.

ingihng₂   vi. to spread; to diffuse (of smells).

ingihng₃   vi. to turn to the side.

ingihngla   vi. to turn away.

ingk   n. ink. Eng.

ingkarak   n. large lice.

ingkεl   vi. wild, eager to fight; antisocial.

ingkinik   n. medium size lice.

ingkoad   vi. to roof. vt ingkoadi.

ingkoang   vi. sharp.

Inglεn   n. England. Eng.

inglij   n. English. Eng.

ipah   n3s. near him; with him; in his possession. nc ipεn. also ipoa.  

ipo₁   n. handle added to an object.

ipo₂   n. one half of a clam shell.

ipo₃   vi. to be too big. slang.
Ih ipohkihla ah raujijjo. His pants are too big.

ipong   vi. to force. vt ipongi.

ipoa   see ipah.

ipoaip   vi. to use a repellent or paralytic to force fish from hiding. vi. exhausted from heat. slang. vt ipoaipi.

ippai   vi. filled to overflowing. Jp.

ipwil   n. love.

ipwilki   vi. to love, to feel affection for; to sympathize with.

ipwihpw   n. ancestry; nationality.
Ih ipwihpwin wai. He has European blood.

ipwdi   vi. to be born.

ir   vt. to work at stringing. n. string for stringing things. vi irrεk.

irda   vt. to string.

irdi   vt. to push down on a string (of objects).

irrεkda   vi. to be scewered or strung.

ihr   pro. they. remote.

ira   pro. they two. also ara.  

irair   n. limited time or area; limitation. remote. vi. limited; restricted; divided, partitioned. remote.
Ih irairdihjang kang juke. He is forbidden from eating sugar. vt iroa₁.

irε   see iroa₁.

irij   vt. to erase. vi irijεk.

irijεk   vi. to erase. n. eraser. vt irij.

irip   n. fan. remote. vi. to fan. remote. vt iripi.

irihr   n. bundle of cooked food wrapped in a leaf and lasting several days.

irohjin mεhl   n. magnet.

irong   vt. to peer at.

iroa₁   n. division.

irε laud   n. chapter. Pon.

irε siksik   n. verse (in the Bible).

iroa₂   vt. to limit; to put a limit on; to divide, to partition. vi irair.

iroapoa   n. boundary; partition. nc iroapoan.

iroa₃   n3s. his health; his/its condition. nc irεn.

iroak   vi. lined up. n. row₁, line.

kairoak   vi. to line up; to put in a line. vt kairoaki.

iroar   vi. to prop up; to lend support to. n. support. vt iroaroa.

iroaroa   vt. to prop up; to lend support to. vi iroar.

is   vi. to fit exactly. vt isong.

ihs₁   n. east. Eng.

ihs₂   n. yeast. Eng.

isar   vi. enough; sufficient; suitable (in quantity or size).

isik   vt. to shake. vi isihs.

ispoa   vi. to shake hands.

isihs   vi. to shake. vt isik.

isong   vt. to force in; to force to fit. see is.

isdo warisdo   n. game, cowboys-and-indians. Jp.

ispoa   see isik.

iwi   vi. moist (of meat); fat (from fish).

iwihwi   n. fish sp., scaleless.

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