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ja    je    ji    jo    joa    ju    

ja-   pre. not. negative prefix.

jahi   vi. to joke; to kid.
Ngoah pwεn jahi. I'm just kidding.

jahi pwa so. used to indicate surprise.
Jahi pwa ioar koawoa mεn. So that's who you are!
Jahi pwa koah pεl minε mε! So you're here too!.

jaid   n. finger; toe. nc jandin. n3sg jandin.

jaidlap   n. thumb.

jaidsomw   n. index finger.

jandin ε   n. toe.

jandin poa   n. finger.

jandiski   n. little finger.

jaik   vt. to try to catch; to catch on.
Ngoah jaikdi ah lallal. I caught on to what he was saying.

jaim   vt. to sharpen. vi joaijoai, jaimεk, .

Jaini   n. China.

jaip   n. fish sp., unidentified.

jair   vt. to touch; to disturb, to get on someone's nerves.

jau   vi. thin; watery; diluted.

jaudi   neg. not. used to negate noun phrases.

jaun   vt. to stoke. vi jou₁.

jaunda   vt. to stoke up.

johnimw   vi. to fire an earth oven.

johnoai   vi. to make a fire.

jauwaj₁   vi. to help. n. retired president of the church council. vt jεuwεjε.

jauwaj₂   nr. noontime.

injauwaj   nr. in the afternoon.

jauwak   n. bird sp.

jadak   n. tree sp.

jadahr   vi. slow. see dahr.

jahdaru   vi. unlucky. see adaru.

jadεhr   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish.

jadiski   see jaid.

jahdu   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish (? red emperor).

jaj   vi. shocked.

jahja   vi. to go piggyback.

jahjahk   vi. bending or swaying easily.

jahk   vi. to bend (as trees in the wind).

jakεd   vi. unsuited to; unsuitable. see kεd.

jakon   vi. to fit poorly; unruly, moody, restless (of people). see kon.

jakka   n. generator.

jakpas   n. beam running the length of a building to which the roof is nailed.

jal₁   vi. brave.

jal₂   vt. to wind rope. vi joajjoal.

jalad   vt. to release; to untie (rope). vi jaldεk.

jalamlam   vi. to have poor judgement. see lamlam₁.

jahlεhl   flustered. Pon.

jalεlpoak   vi. undependable; unreliable. see lεlpoak.

jalεngwalεk   n. taro variety, big-ear taro.

jalo   vi. apprehensive; nervous.

jaldεk   vi. free, to be one's own boss. see jalad.

jaldok   n. axe for hewing. remote. vi. to hew. remote. vt jaldoki.

jalkoamwoar   n. fish sp., mottled goat fish.

jalla   vi. to expose one's private parts without realizing.

jallali   n. meat course. vi. to eat as the meat course. n3sg joalloa, ah jallali, . see joalloa.

jamah   n3s. his father. nc jεmεn.

jεmεn inah his grandfather, mother's father.

jεmεn jamah his grandfather, father's father.

jamas   excl. honest to God!. *oath formula.

jamoadoandoal   vi. rough (of objects). see moadoandoal.

jamjam   vi. to be in a father-son relationship.

jamminip   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

jampah   n. earth.

jamw   vi. to be on one's way.

jamwdo   vi. to be on one's way here.

jamwla   vi. to be on one's way away.

jamwεi   n. fish sp., kind of emperor fish.

jamwro   n. high priest.

jan   vi. to lasso. n. knot, overhand knot; trap; noose. vt janε.

jahn   vi. not used to; unfamiliar with. see ahn₁.

janε   vt. to lasso. vi jan.

janεk   vt. to start (a weaving job or a song).
Arai janεkda koaullo. They started the song.

januari   n. January. Eng.

jandin ε   see jaid.

jandin poa   see jaid.

jandiski   see jaid.

janjal   vi. clear (of speech); open, obvious.

janjing   vi. to miss, to make an error. Jp.

-jang   suf. from; than.

-jangda   suf. more than anything. used to form absolute superlatives.
Mwumw dirjangda! There were more fish than anything!.

jangid   vt. to cry about. vi joang₁.

jap   vi. to cut with an upward stroke. vt japak₁.

japa   n. sickness, a fungus infection manifest by white spots on the skin.

japak₁   vt. to cut with an upward stroke. vi jap.

japak₂   vt. to lift by the seat of the pants; to pick up from the end (as in catching turtles). vi japakεk.

japal   n. step. vi. to take a step.

japahl   vi. to return.

kajapahl   vi. to give back; to take back; to return. vt kajapahli.

japalahk   n. voyage. vi. to take a trip.

japan   vi. generous.

Japahn   n. Japan. Eng.

japaranla   vi. weakened as a result of the violation of a taboo, said of a person or of fishing gear.

japas   vi. to stretch back shoulders; to stretch (the body); to be curled.

japasda   vi. to curl up.

japasla   vi. stretched.

japeik   vi. disrespectful. see peik.

japi   n. wooden bowl.

japid   quant. few, little. also jipid.  

japoang   vt. to answer; to talk back to. vi japoangεk.

japoangla   vt. to change by magic.

japjang   vt. to mimic; to imitate.

japjap   n. machete.

japw₁   num. one hundred million.

japw₂   n. land; island. nc joapwoan. n3sg japwah.

japw soahn   n. desert.

japwεn   vi. light (in color). see pwεn₁.

japwεnpoa   vi. to give away a valuable; to give a donation of food, the choice and amount of which is decided by a committee.
Ngoah japwεnpoahkihla mεhu. I gave that away.

japwol   n. shovel. Eng.

japwolpwol   n. fish sp., kind of skipjack.

japwung   vi. wrong. see pwung₁.

japwkoa   n. turtle sp.

jar₁   vi. to come out. vt jarεk₁.

jarda   vi. pulled out; to come off. vt jarεkda.
Kilin jarda. It's bark is coming off.

jar₂   vi. to fade.

jar₃   vi. to bend back head.

jahr   n. knife.

jahr kajirεkrεk   n. pocket-knife with other tools.

jara₁   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

jara₂   vi. to open mouth.

jarau   n. fish sp., kind of barracuda.

jarahpis   n. sickness, infection causing cuts in the toes.

jarεk₁   vt. to pull at. vi jar₁.

jarεkda   vt. to pull out. vi jarda.

jarεk₂   excl. defend yourself!; on guard!

jaripw   vt. to dig. vi joajjoar.

jaro   vi. embarrassed.

jarongrong   vi. inattentive; distracted; one of whom things go in one ear and out the other. see rong.

jarda   vi. unfortunate; to have bad luck.

jarkoasoau   vi. to have storm clouds in the sky.

jarmada   n. underwear. Jp.

jarmadahn poap   n. swimming trunks.

jarpwai   vi. unlucky.

jarpwal   vi. unlucky.

jasoangsoang   vi. loose. vi. to have diarrhea. see soang.

jawa₁   n. taro variety, sweet taro.

jawahn Jeipεn   n. taro variety, sweet taro variety.

jawahn Palau   n. taro variety, sweet taro variety.

jawahn Ruk   n. taro variety, sweet taro variety.

jawa₂   n. to mix. vi jawajo.

jawain   vi. unlucky. see wain₁.

jawajo   vi. to mix. vt jawa₁.

jawang   n. rice bowl. Jp.

jawi   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass (? speckled pug).

-je   suf. whose? suffix added to construct form of possessive classifiers.
εnje whose thing
woaroanje whose vehicle
kεnεnje whose food.

jε₁   n. fish sp., kind of goat fish.

jε₂   vi. to give a shrill scream or screech to attract attention or express joy.

jεi   vi. to paddle.

jεi in pohs   vi. to row.

jeia   n. chair. Eng.

jeioahl   vi. to wave.

jeioahli   vt. to wave at.

jeid   vt. to throw (with a shovel, fork, etc.). vi jeidεk.

jeiki   vt. to stir.

jeinkun   n. food, baked breadfruit rolled thin and dried, then preserved in pandanus leaves.

jeipw   vi. safe. *baseball term. Eng.

jεipwok   vi. to cook with coconut milk. vt jεipwoki.

jeir   n. tree sp., with a sweet smelling red flower.

jeir in wai   n. tree sp., variety of jeir.

jεu₁   vi. fishing method, to fish by setting a seine net on a path travelled by fish. vt jεwi.

jεu₂   vi. to stand.

jεuwεjε   vt. to help. vi jauwaj₁.

jεuwεjεpεn johnkouwa   n. assistant deacon.

jεuwεjεpεn lal

jed   excl. *exclamation of *disgust. Eng. shit

jεd   n. sea water; salt.

jej   vi. to have a drooping foreskin. vulgar.

jehjoa   vt. to not know; be ignorant of. negative of %kidal|.

jejpohrak   excl. exclamation of *disgust or *disbelief.

jεhk   n. jack ((playing card)). Eng.

jεk   n. check. Eng.

jεhkanpik   n. fish sp., tapioca fish. also dehkanpik.  

jehkahs   n. idiot; fool. Eng. jackass

jekeinwa   vi. careless with a boat or canoe.

jεkεd   vi. to play checkers. n. checkerboard. Eng.

jεkεnkεn   vi. unpopular; unliked. see kεnkεn.

jεkjεk   vi. to run with the line (said of a hooked fish).

jehla   n. sailor. Eng.

jeli   n. pepper. Eng. chili

jεn   n. grain.

jenju   n. athlete. vi. athletic. Jp.

jεhng   vt. to hold up from underneath.

jengeu   vi. oversexed.

jεngjεng   n. fish sp., kind of skipjack.

jεpεl   vi. to pull oneself onto a branch; to swing legs over onto a branch.

jehpirin   adv. will not. see pirin.

jepirir   vi. clumsy.

jepjep   n. kind of box, with a lid and hinges.

jepjep in duhl   n. kind of box, tool box.

jepjep in Jaini   n. crab sp.

jepjep in koau   n. kind of box, tackle box.

jεplεng   n. tree sp.

jεpsεmpε   n. September. Eng.

jεhpwoas   n. fish sp., used for bait.

jεrεhd   n. parrot.

jeri   n. child.

jerimwein   n. boy.

jeripein   n. girl.

jεria   n. taro variety.

jεhs   n. shirt. Eng.

jεs   n. chess. Eng.

jεhsεn   n. satan; devil. Eng.

jih   n. name of the letter j.

jiai   n. contest. vi. to have a contest.

jianoi   n. shark sp., large shark with rough skin, caught only at night.

jiapoarpoar   n. saber.

jiapw   n. heart of palm. nc jiapwεn₁, jiapwin, . n3sg jiapwoa₁, jiapwin, .

jienj   vi. to change; to exchange. vt jienji. Eng.

jihoa mahda   n. counting game, to locate a hidden object.

jidau   n. projection from the bow of a boat to which ropes can be secured.

jidaudau   n. fish sp., kind of small tuna.

jidahj   n. starch. Eng.

jidakin   n. sock; stocking. Eng.

jihdεk   see dihjεk.

jidis   n. scissors. Eng.

jihdoro   vi. embarrassed by having attention called to oneself.

jidohsa   n. car. Jp.

jik₁   n. bird sp., tropic bird.

jik₂   n. edge of a mat.

jikaddo   n. rifle. Jp.

jikak₁   n. fish sp., unidentified.

jikak₂   vi. to open fully (of a flower); to bloom; flared (of clothing).

jikaluε   n. fermented coconut sap; tuba; coconut toddy.

jikaroapwroapw   n. molasses sugar.

jikεng   n. test. Jp.

jikinieij   n. form used for weaving.

jikohjo   n. airport. Jp.

jikohki   n. taro variety.

jikongki   n. phonograph. Jp.

jikjik   vi. to make a wake (of a boat).

jihl₁   n. seal ((animal)). Eng.

jihl₂   n. plastic seal. Eng.

jilajil   vi. to guard; to watch. vt jiloa₁. vc jiloa₁.

jileimw   vi. to watch the house.

jilapsis   n. kind of wooden box. Eng. slab-sided ?

jileimw   see jilajil.

jilεu   n. fish sp., bluefin tuna.

-jili   suf. around; dispersed.

jili-   pre. three.

jilihjεk   num. thirty.

jilipwki   num. three hundred.

jiloiloi   vi. to talk in one's sleep.

jiloa₁   n. clam sp., one that fastens itself to coral.

jiloa₂   n. axe.

jiloa pangpang   n. side axe.

jiloahn doangdoang   n. axe with a rounded head used for hollowing out canoes.

jiloahn nεhn war   n. axe for hollowing out canoe.

jiloa₃   vt. to guard; to watch. vi jilajil.

jiloau   n. fish sp.

jiluw   num. three. general counting system.

jilkid   num. three thousand.

jilkij   num. three. partitive counting system.

jilmεn   num. three. animate counting system.

jilpak   see -pak.

jilpas   num. three. long object counting system.

jilpεr   n. silver. Eng.

jilpwong   see -pwong.

jimekuri   vt. to strangle. Jp.

jimi   n. slip. Eng. chemise

jihmida   n. kind of flowering bush, flowering.

jimihdin   n. taro variety.

jimw₁   vi. to grab for; to have a free-for-all over leftovers. vt jimwi.

jimw₂   n. canoe part, piece added to build up the bow₁ of a canoe.

jimwpwohji   n. midget. Jp.

jihn   n. chain. Eng.

jinakokε   n. chapel. Eng. synagogue

jinejin   vi. to push. vt jinoak.

jinoak   vt. to push. vi jinejin.

jinjεr   n. ginger. Eng.

jinjil   n. fish sp., young jalkoamwoar.

jing   vi. to break wind; to fart. vt jingid.

jingid   vt. to break wind in/on; to fart in/on. vi jing.

jip₁   vi. to catch in the act; to catch (birds). vt jipoar.

jip₂   n. ship. Eng.

jip in pεhn jεd   n. submarine.

jipehkilahs   n. spyglass. Eng.

jipεlε   vt. to pass (someone); after (in telling time).
minis pahw jipεlε kiloak waluw four minutes past eight.

jipεnpεn   n. sea cucumber.

jipid   quant. few, little. also japid.  

jipohla   vi. to elope.

jipoar   vt. to catch in the act; to catch (birds). vi jip₁.

jipkahko   n. supercargo. Eng.

jiplij   n. syphilis. Eng.

jipsang   n. airplane.

jihpw   n. sheep. Eng.

jipwe   vt. to feel deceived by; deluded by; to be let down by.

jipwehrik   n. pandanus variety.

jihpwong   vi. to miscarry. n. stillborn child.

jipwoal   vi. to look towards or take a look at. vt jipwoaloang.

jipwoal pangpang   vi. to look out of corner of eye.

jipwoaloang   vt. to look at. vi jipwoal.

jipwki paranno   n. dance name, an ancient war chant and accompanying dance.

jipwwu   n. foul or tip. *baseball term. vi. to foul, to tip. *baseball term. Jp. < Eng.

jihr₁   n. javelin, thrown by rebounding it off the ground. see somw₁, poai.

jihr₂   vi. to have straight hair.

jirahk   vi. to spread legs. vulgar.

jirang₁   n. chest, chest-of-drawers. Eng. trunk also jirong.  

jirang₂   n. rays (of the sun), sunburst.

jirangrang   vi. curly.

jireirei   vi. to open eyes wide.

jirεp   n. blaze. vi. to pile up and burn. vt jirepi.

jirou   vi. to sneeze.

jirong   see jirang₁.

jihs₁   n. cheese. Eng.

jihs₂   n. sheet; sheath. Eng.

jihsnaip   n. knife carried in a sheath.

jisil   n. chisel. Eng.

Jihsis   n. Jesus.

joh   neg. none; nothing; there is not.

joi₁   n. fish sp., porcupine fish.

joi₂   n. tree sp., soursop.

joia   n. uncastrated pig.

johiahia   n. heartburn. vi. to have heartburn.

jou₁   n. clan.

jou₂   vi. to start a fire. vt jaun.

joujou   vi. to wait. vi jowi₁.

jouruhr₁   n. starfish sp., blue in colour.

jouruhr₂   n. roll of thunder.

johdo   n. short stop. *baseball term. Jp. < Eng.

joj   vi. to sting.

jojo   vi. to weigh down, to put weight on something. vt john₁.

jojo dam   vi. to weigh on the outrigger (for balance).

jojo rohp   vi. to sleep in a house of mourning during the forty day mourning period, usually involving only immediate family but often including the children of the community.

johjo   n. inheritance; souvenir; keepsake; memory.

jok₁   vi. to swoop.

jokdi   vi. to land (of a bird or airplane).

jokla   vi. to take off (of a bird or airplane).

jok₂   vi. calm (of waves breaking on reef).

johkala   n. sugar cane variety.

johko   n. storehouse. Jp.

jokon   n. crutches; cane.

johkohp   n. prophet.

joklei   n. dwarf.

joklεd   n. chocolate. Eng.

jokpai   n. fish sp., ? flutemouth.

johla   neg. no longer. see joh.

johlong   vi. fishing method, to fish with a weighted long line. vt johlongi.

johmε   n. fish sp., a kind of goat fish.

jomw   n. sea grass, about three inches in height.

johmwεhu   vi. sick. n. sickness; disease.

johmwεhu in doahk   n. rabies.

johmwεhu in jumwwa   n. sickness affecting animals, ? anthrax.

johmwεhu in li   n. sickness marked by yellowing of palms, weakening of muscles and eventual paralysis (of a woman).

johmwεhu in meleisik   n. heart attack.

johmwεhu in woal   n. sickness, like johmwεhuin li but afflicting a man.

jomwo   n. funnel. Jp.

john₁   vt. to weigh down, to put weight on something. vi jojo.

john₂   nc. one who performs a given action.

johnimw   see jaun.

johninsing   n. secretary. see insing.

johnoai   see jaun.

johndoau   n. inspector. see doau₂.

johndoar   n. defender; trial lawyer. see doar₃.

johnkadεhdε   n. witness. see kadεhdε.

johnkooa   n. high-ranking church officer.

johnkouwa   n. deacon; person in charge. see kouwa.

johnkopwung   n. judge. see kopwung.

johnkoaul   n. choir master. see koaul.

johnmonoia   n. pandanus variety.

johnpadahk   n. teacher; preacher. see padahk.

johnpar   n. year; ... years old.
Ngoah johnpar rieijεk limoaw. I am twenty-five years old.

johnpei   n. soldier. see pei.

johnpwong   n. moon; month.

johnpwong in wijik kapehd   n. last month of pregnancy.

johnpwong wonow   n. taro variety, fast growing.

johnwεi ngi   n. dentist. see weij.

jong₁   vt. to measure. vi jongjong.

jong₂   vt. to try; to taste. vi jongjong.

jongjong   n. fish sp., kind of needle-fish (about 6" in length).

jop   vi. chopped off. vt jopi.

johpil   vi. to swallow. vt johpiloa.

johpiloa   vt. to swallow. vi johpil.

jopw   n. acre.

johpwa   neg. not at all; never; there are no... at all. see joh.

jopwou₁   n. stillborn fetus born in the first few months of pregnancy.

jopwou₂   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

jopwoupwou   n. orphan; neglected child.

jopwla   n. food, baked taro and breadfruit, mashed with coconut cream.

jor₁   n. handle. nc joaroan. n3sg joaroa.

jor₂   vi. chapped (of thighs) from friction of wet clothes.

jor₃   vi. to search with light. vt joaroa.

jor rokumw   vi. to look for crabs at night.

johr   vi. to get a solid footing; to dig oneself in.

johrεhn   n. dawn.

injohrεhn   nr. at dawn.

johrumw   n. banana sp. also inajio.  

jorkomwjaij   vi. to circumcise. vt jorkomwjaiji. Eng.

johsik   vi. economical.

kajohsik   vi. to economize; to be thrifty. vt kajohsiki.

jowi₁   n. conch shell.

jowi₂   vt. to wait for. vi joujou.

joah   neg. not; no.

joaijoai   vi. to sharpen. vt jaim.

joau₁   n. sun.

joau₂   n. afterbirth.

joaujoau   n. grave; cemetery.

joauloang   n. Christian.

joausik   nr. evening.

injoausik   nr. in the evening.

joajoa   vi. to cut pandanus leaves into strips for weaving. vt joahr.

joajjoal   vi. to wind rope. vt jal₁.

joajjoar   vi. to dig. vt jaripw.

joak   vi. hooked (of a nose); curved in a concave manner (of lips or boat bows).

joahk   n. chalk. Eng.

joakoa   n. rock jutting out from a wharf for use as a toilet or any projection used for this purpose.

joakoahlok   vi. tireless. see koahlok.

joakoanmεn   n. ridgepole.

joakroau   vi. squandering; wasteful; careless.

joakroahn   excl. It doesn't matter; Never mindIt doesn't matter; Never mind.

joal   n. rope.

joalin pohn dam   n. canoe line, shroud.

joaldi   vi. incarcerated; tied up.

joaloang   vi. unobvious.

joaloangla   vi. lost; misplaced.

kajoaloangε   vt. to lose; to misplace.

kajoaloangεhla   vt. to have lost.

joalloa   n. his meat course. vi jallali. nc joalloan.

joahmεn   n. German. Eng.

joampoak   vi. unkind; malevolent. see limpoak₁.

joahmwinjoang   n. pandanus variety.

joamwoahmwoa   vi. poor.

joamwoas   vi. selfish; stingy.

joahmwur   n. canoe line, stay₁.

joamwpwul   n. food, grated banana boiled with sugar.

joan   n. skin condition, psoriasis.

joanε   n. fish sp., kind of mweir. also joanjoan.  

joanidnid   n. fish sp., marble parrot fish.

joandi   vi. to sit back and relax; to settle (as a solution).
Pwirejjo joandi nεhn koapin mwoakko. The dirt settled in the bottom of the glass.

joanjoan   n. fish sp., kind of mweir. also joanε.  

joang₁   n. species; kind; variety; style; ways (behavior). nc joangoan. n3sg joangε.

joang₂   vi. to cry. vt jangid.

joang in mehdi   vi. to wail.

kajoangε   vt. to make someone cry.

joangij   n. kind of jellyfish.

joangjoang   vi. squeaky.

joap   n. cheek. nc joapoan. n3sg joapoa.

joahp   n. job. Eng.

joahpijεk   vi. busy. see pijεk.

joappoaj   vi. to pass up roofing. vt joappoaji.

joapwoad   n. pinnacle of a tree, a new shoot and its base.

joapwoadoan ni   n. pinnacle of a coconut tree.

joapwroa   n. constellation name, pleiades.

joahr   vt. to cut pandanus leaves into strips for weaving. vi joajoa.

joarom   n. lightning.

joaroa   vt. to look at with light. vi jor₁.

joaroak   n. sail that is makeshift or temporary. vi. to sail.

joaroak li   n. guide for the li₁ on the side of a canoe.

joarwi   vi. holy; sacred. n. religious service; worship. vi. to have an evening service. vi. to worship; to have a religious service.

joarwi nukun   n. religious service held in the evening.   vi. to have an evening service.

ju   n. shoe. Eng.

ju koangkoang   n. high-heeled shoes.

juhla   vi. to put shoes on.

juain   n. lace.

juaipwεhpw   n. pandanus variety.

juahlεnglεng   vi. coquetish.

juangke   n. beverage, lime-aid. Jp.

juei   vi. to brag; to boast.
Ih jueikihla pwa ih inenin koapwoahpwoa. He bragged that he was very rich.

juhdak   excl. stand up! Mar.

juhdo   n. judo. Jp.

juk   vt. to pound; to hit; to ring (a bell). vt juki.

jukulunwus   n. stalk. nc jukulin. n3sg jukulin.

jukur   n. furrow between maka in a taro patch.

jukjukmai   vi. masturbate.

jukkεi jukmad   n. counting game, to determine if umw₁ is ready.

juknu   n. line of garbage washed up by tide.

jukpej   n. pandanus variety.

julahi   n. July. Eng.

juhmong   vi. to place an order; to commission a job.
Ngoah juhmongihdi oai irippo ipεn liho. I commissioned that woman to make my fan. vt juhmongi.

jumwwa   n. chicken.

juhn   n. June. Eng.

juhpwu   n. innertube. Jp. < Eng.

jupwur   vt. to hug. vi jupwurεk.

jupwranahi   n. paddle for a sailing canoe.

juhrε   n. fish sp., kind of barracuda.

jurong   vi. to menstruate. archaic.

jurpak   vi. dance name, jitterbug. Eng.

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