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-la   suf. away. *direction|al suffix.

laian   n. lion. Eng.

laid   n. cigarette lighter. Eng.

laidrik   n. light bulb.

laim   n. lime ((fruit)). Eng.

lau   n. tongue. nc loawoan. n3sg loawoa.

lahd   n. fish sp., kind of skipjack.

ladu   n. male servant. nc laduhn. n3sg laduhn. see lidu.

laddo   n. last hand in a game of Casino.

ladpwe   vi. to have an erection.

lajkahn   n. fish sp., marlin.

lajpwil   n. fish sp., bonito.

lakau   n. hold of a canoe.

lakapw   nr. tomorrow.

lakdahn   n. banana sp.

lal   vi. to talk; to speak. n. language; word. nc lalin.

jεuwεjεpεn lal   n. auxiliary word.

loapin lal   n. sentence.

lahlahwe   vt. to talk back to. vi. heretical.

lam   n. lagoon.

lahm   n. lamp. Eng.

lahm in pohn sehpil   n. table lamp, Alladin lamp.

Lam Koalik   n. part of Mokil lagoon.

Lam Siksik   n. part of Mokil lagoon.

lamlam₁   n. kind of bush.

lamlam₂   vi. to think. n. thought; religion. vt lεmε. also lεmlεm.  

lamlam sihkεi   vi. to have a strong stomach.

lang   vi. to arrive (in a boat or canoe).

langaj   vt. to deflect (a blow or weapon). vi langajεk.

langε   n. fish sp., a large skipjack.

langin   nc. omen of, sign of, presage of, sudden rain shower taken to be a presage of.

lap   vi. old (of people).

lapakε   vi. flood. Pon.

lapalapa   n. lavalava. Eng. < Sam.

laplap   vi. high in rank.

lapw   vi. released; untied.

lapwa   see lapwad.

lapwad   vt. to untie; to release; to absolve. vi lapwadεk₁, lapwahk₁, lapw. also lapwa.  

lapwadda   vt. to release.

lapwεd   n. kind of eel.

lar   n. coral variety, branching coral.

lahrkin   vi. rowdy. n. hoodlum. Eng. larikin

larni   n. starfish sp., crown-of-thorns.

lawalo   vi. wild.

lawarla   vi. to become dislodged. familiar style.

lε₁   n. oil (for massaging or for hair).

lεhn wai   n. perfume.

lε₂   n. bog; small taro patch.

lε₃   n. plucked tail of a chicken. nc lεhn. n3sg lεhn.

lεjahji   n. fish sp., unidentified.

lejla   vi. to get one's just deserts.

lεhk   vi. to be without, to be poor in.
Ih lεhk in mwingε. He is poor in food.

nεhn lεhkko   n. famine.

lεkε   vt. to castrate. vi lεklεk.

lεkεula   vi. to become dislodged. familiar style.

lεhkod   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish.

lεklεk   vi. to castrate. n. castrated pig. vt lεkε.

lεklεkin   vi. huge (of animals).
Lεklεkin pijjo! What a huge pig!.

lεhkmwahn   n. pandanus variety.

lεl₁   vt. to reach; to arrive; to have been to. until.
Ngoah pirin doadoahk lel kiloak pahw. I'm going to work until four o'clock.

lεl₂   vi. beautiful (of people).

lεl₃   vi. to fit (as of clothes).

lεldi   vi. phase of the moon, last quarter.
Johnpwonggo lεldi akpas. The moon is in its last quarter now.

lεlpoak   vi. dependable or reliable (of people); to excell.

kalεlpoak   vi. to make sure; to ascertain; to inquire. vt kalεlpoak.

lεlpwoal   vi. stuffed (with food); satiated.

lεmε   vt. to think. vi lamlam₁, lεmlεm.

lεmεhda   vt. to remember.

lεmεhla   vt. think. (command). as a command.
Lεmεhla pwa da koan wia lakapw. Think about what you've got to do tomorrow.

lεmεi   vi. belligerent; always spoiling for a fight.

lεmεn₁   nc. stance for; posture for; to seem ready to.
Ih lεmεn pakir. He seems ready to fight. n3sg lεmε.

lεmεn₂   n. lemon. Eng.

lεmεn kijesik   n. kind of grass.

lεhmoang₁   n. crab sp.

lεhmoang₂   vi. spoiled, dried out (of pandanus).

lεmlεm   vi. to think. vt lεmε. also lamlam₁.  

lεhmwdal₁   n. coral variety, table coral.

lεhmwdal₂   vi. to be a show-off.

lehmwsik   vi. to show off.

lεhn   in. archaic form of %nεhn|.

lεhn wai   see lε₁.

lεnwasahsi   n. game, London bridge.

lεhng   n. clam sp., one with spike-like protrusions on shell.

lehngin   vi. afraid of ghosts.

lεpa   n. leprosy. Eng.

lεhs   n. lead₁ (metal). Eng.

lεs   n. game, in which shells are flicked between adjacent squares drawn in the sand, the object being to occupy the most adjacent squares.

lεslεs   vi. to knock; to rap. vt loasoang.

li-   pre. given to.

li₁   n. woman.

li kadεk   n. nun.

li₂   n. canoe line, sheet.

lih   n. name of the letter l.

lia   n. species of flowering plant.

liaksohrohr   vi. independent, unwilling to give or accept assistance; unco-operative. see sohrohr.

liap   vi. to lie₁. Ping.

lieijalam   n. fish sp., ? kind of angel fish.

liεm   n. fish sp., ? black-finned triple-spine.

liεp   n. cord tied around one's ankles for climbing trees. vi. to use a liεp.

liok   n. pandanus roots.

lioli   n. fish sp., ? yellow-spotted trigger fish.

lioli lar   n. fish sp., unidentified.

liongmas   n. elephantiasis; filaraisis.

lioal   n. electricity; electric shock.

lioas₁   n. ferocious demon.

lioas₂   vi. angry.

lid   n. bruise (on fruit). vi. bruised (of fruit).

lidεr   vi. to interrupt; to disturb. vt lidεrε.

lidεrε   vt. to interrupt; to disturb. vi lidεr.

lidεrwaj   vi. disruptive; disturbing.

lidip   n. trap; snare. vi. to trap. vt lidipi.

lidokdokpwijε₁   n. fish sp., unidentified.

lidokdokpwijε₂   vi. to prattle.

lidop   n. sow.

lidu   n. female servant. nc liduhn. n3sg liduhn. see ladu.

lijaian   vi. pregnant.

lijohmwεhu   vi. sick at heart. see johmwεhu.

lijop   n. dried out breadfruit. vi. spoiled, dried out (of breadfruit).

lik₁   n. fish sp., kind of spinefoot.

lik₂   num. one billion.

lik₃   n. out; outside. nc likin.

lik₄   vi. to lay eggs. vt likid₁.

likahj   vi. to swing (as from a tree). n. swing.

likahji   vt. to swing (someone).

likakkak   vi. bouncy. see kakkak.

likammas   vi. to swell; swollen.

likammasda   vi. to become swollen.

likamw   vi. to lie₁; dishonest. n. lie₁.

likahringring   n. pinwheel, made from coconut leaves.

likεikεi   vi. always biting. see kεikεi.

likεdεpw   n. shrimp.

likεm   n. fish sp., unidentified.

likεpw   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

likεrkεr   n. fish sp., ? harlequin tusk fish.

liki   vt. to trust.

likid₁   vt. to lay eggs. vi lik₁.

likid₂   vt. to strain. vt. to throw hard. vi likidεk.

likidεk   vi. adamant in refusing to forgive a lover.

likim   vt. to knock; to punch; to hit hard. slang.

likin   see lik₁.

likin jarkin   n. his back. nc likin jarkin.

likoau   vi. chapped (of lips).

likoakil   n. legendary giant bird.
Likoakil kangla johnpwonggo. Likoakil ate the moon. (the traditional explanation for a lunar eclipse).

likoapjinjir   n. bird sp. also likoapjir.  

likoapjir   n. bird sp. also likoapjinjir.  

likoaskoasinpwur   n. fish sp., kind of eel (spotted).

likkoau   n. clothes; cloth. vi. clothed; to wear clothes.

likkoaula   vi. to dress.

likmohng   n. asthma. vi. asthmatic.

likmwei   vi. to throw (a spear). vt likmweii.

likpia   n. fish sp., flying fish with eggs.

likpwohlla   vi. to fall hard. slang.

likpwoanpwoan   n. piece of feces.

lihli   n. poi (from breadfruit, bananas, or taro).

lim-   pre. five. also limoa-₁, lime-, .  

lim₁   vt. to fold. vi limlim₁. also likim.  

lim₂   vi. to bail. n. bucket for bailing. vt limε.

limaio   n. fish sp., long-finned garfish.

limak   vi. to exhaust, to empty. slang. vt limaki.

limε   vt. to bail. vi lim₁.

limeijεk   num. fifty.

limεngmεng   n. tuberculosis.

limepwki   num. five hundred.

limoahmoair in pwo   n. kind of grass, sleeping grass.

limoaw   num. five. general counting system.

limdei   vi. good at throwing javelin.

limkid   num. five thousand.

limkij   num. five. partitive counting system.

limlim₁   n. fold; hem or cuff. vi. to fold. vt likim, lin, .

limlim₂   n. coral variety, white and round.

limmεn   num. five. animate counting system.

limpak   see -pak.

limpas   num. five. long object counting system.

limpoak₁   n. affection.

limpoak₂   n. ersatz coffee, made from breadfruit seeds and coconut milk.

limpwong   see -pwong.

limw₁   n. seaweed; sponge; moss.

limwin ni   n. ash-like accretion on the trunk of a coconut tree, probably the result of dripping water.

limw₂   vi. to dry oneself with a towel. vt limwi.

limwahdεk   vi. to crawl on one's stomach.

limwahkirij   vi. to slip down while climbing a tree.

limwij   vi. to slip; to slide.

limwoskaras   n. caterpiller; millipede.

limwlimw   n. fish sp., ? topsail-drummer.

limwlimwij   vi. slippery. see limwij.

linnapw   n. allergic rash.

ling   vi. beautiful (of things).

lingoi   n. barnacle.

lingda   vi. to appear on the horizon.

lip   vi. twisted (as of an ankle).

lipaipi   n. kind of marine worm, nereis.

lipahnεd   vi. to criticize. vt lipahnεdε.

lipahruhru   n. butterfly.

lipilpil   vi. choosy; particular. see pil₁.

liporro   n. seed. nc liporrohn. n3sg liporrohn.

lipoar   n. fish sp., flat fish.

lipw   n. hole (in the ground); crater; scar. nc lipwεn.

lipwe   excl. *exclamation of *solidarity.

lipwεi   n. kind of oyster.

lipwehrehr   excl. *exclamation of *solidarity.

lipwohpwo   n. baby girl; female infant. also pwohpwo.  

lipwlipw   vi. full of holes.

lirau   n. reed variety, not found on Mokil.

lis   vi. surprised; shocked.

lihs   n. kind of jellyfish.

lisamwkudu   n. fish sp., mud-hopper.

lisangsang mwahl   vi. to wander around aimlessly. see sang.

lisar   n. sea urchin variety, large.

lisok   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass (? lunar-tailed rock cod).

lisopw   vi. satisfied (sexually); weak (after eating certain foods).

lo   vi. caught.

loi₁   vi. to bump into (people).

loi₂   n. canvas or rubber tub used as a massage bath.

lou   vi. cold (of food); wet (of a match).

lod₁   n. appendage. vi. unwilling to be separated from parents (of a child). nc loadoan. n3sg loadoa.

lod₂   n. canoe part, masthead block.

Lodip   n. name of a Mokilese hero, said to have been a giant.

loj₁   vi. to wedge. n. wedge. vt loji.

loj₂   vi. to have a nosebleed.

lojda   vi. to get a nosebleed.

lohjak   vi. to hang (someone). vt lohjaki.

lok₁   vi. to turn; to change direction.

lok₂   vi. exhausted.

lok₃   vi. fishing method, to fish with a line at night outside the reef, usually following torch fishing, to catch fish aroused by light from torches.

lohk   vi. to spread.

koalohk   vt. to spread.

lohkla   vi. to spread out.

koalohkla   vt. to spread out.

lokop   see lopok.

loklok   vi. crooked. see lok₁.

kalokloki   vt. to bend.

lol₁   vi. wet.

lolda   vi. to get wet.

lol₂   n. fish sp., salmon herring.

lomw   vi. soaked.

lonla   vi. tense, excited (as before a game).

lop   n. high tide.

lop soang   n. deep high tide.

lohpa   vi. destitute.

lopok   n. trunk (of a tree); waist. nc lopokoan. n3sg lopokoa. also lokop.  

lopokoan pwong   nr. midnight.

lopuk   vt. to chop in half. vi lopukεk.

lopw₁   n. group or gathering (of people).

lopw₂   n. one hundred thousand.

lopwor   vt. to clap; to wash clothes. vi lopwlopw.

lohpwu   n. cross. n. constellation name, the Southern Cross.

lopwlopw   vi. to clap; to wash clothes. vt lopwor.

lopwlopwpεnε   vi. to wrap oneself into a ball.

loa₁   n. spine of a thatch section, made from pandanus root.

loa₂   n. seat of boat or canoe.

loaik   vi. to shudder. vi. to experience climax in intercourse. slang.

loau   vi. cooked.

kaloaui   vt. to recook (undercooked food).

load   vt. to smell.

load maj   vi. to rub noses.

loadoanpako   n. fish sp., ? slender sucking fish.

loaj   n. person who tries to drive fish into a net by circling around behind them in shallow water. see loajloaj₁.

loajoa₁   vt. to head off. vi loajloaj₁.

loajoa₂   vt. to throw at. vi loajloaj₁.

loajloaj₁   vi. to head off. vt loajoa₁.

loajloaj₂   vi. to throw. vt loajoa₁.

loak   n. lock. vi. to lock. vt loaki. Eng.

loaki   vi. lucky. Eng.

loakjid   vi. to fish. vt loakjidi.

loakloakoa   vi. noisy. excl. shut up!

loal   vi. deep.

loaleid   vi. lonely; homesick.

loalod   n. fish sp., kind of skipjack.

loaloa   n. inside.

loahloa   n. beam used as a place to which floor, wall, or ceiling boards can be nailed, rather than providing structural support.

loalkoang   vi. smart; intelligent.

loahm   n. fish sp., unidentified.

loamw   vi. afraid; wary.

loamwuj   n. lizard sp., gecko-like and about six inches long.

loamwpwon   vi. stupid or dull.

loansεn   n. lantern. Eng.

loang₁   n. fly.

loang₂   n. beam running parallel to the ground giving support to the structure; a prop. nc loangoan. n3sg loangε. see loangε.

loang₃   n. sky.

mijεn loanggε   n. sky.

loangε   vt. to raise with a prop. vi loangloang₁. see loang₂.

loangon   n. sea cucumber variety, small and white.

loangoanmwein   vi. to sit cross-legged. see loang₂.

loangoanpein   vi. to sit with one's legs out to the side. see loang₂.

loahngjeia   n. kind of chair, chaise lounge. Eng.

loangloang₁   vi. full of flies.

loangloang₂   vi. to raise with a prop. vt loangε.

loap   n. half; side. nc loapin. see oaloap.

loapin lal

loapin maj   vi. one-eyed.

loapin pohs   n. boat with a squared-off stern onto which an outboard can be attached.

loapoangε   n. skeleton.

loaploap   vi. divided into teams. see loap.

loapwoa   vt. to throw. familiar style. vi loapwloapw.

loasoang   vt. to knock; to rap knuckles. vi lεslεs.

loahsoang   vi. mute.

loawoan   n. stone tool.

loawoan pako   n. crown (on pandanus or pineapple).

luajrεkrεk   n. threadfin butterfly fish.

luak   vi. jealous; envious.

luarmwε   n. pandanus variety.

luou   n. bracelet.

luoa   n. his or its remains or left-overs. nc luoan.

luoahdi   vi. to remain, to be left over.

luhda   n. banana sp., recently introduced.

luj   vi. to jump. vt lujuk.

lujin maikol   vi. to jump holding knees.

lujin mingang   vi. to play hopscotch.

lujin moang   vi. to jump with head tucked in.

lujin mwioak   vi. to hop.

lujin palwahr   vi. to high jump.

lujla   vi. outstanding.

lujpijoang   vi. split.

luhj   vi. to lose (in a game). vt luhji. Eng.

kaluhji   vt. to beat (in a game); to take advantage of.

lujuk   vt. to tackle; to jump on or into. vi luj.

lujupwlehle   n. whirlpool. also ujupwleilei.  

lujluj   vi. to have convulsions.

luk₁   n. knot of a permanent sort. vi. to knot. vt lukoa.

luk joaroak   n. knot, slip knot.

lukin mour   n. knot, made so as to be more or less permanent.

lukin moai   n. knot, made so as to become tighter when jiggled and used to tie bundles to inani or tie pigs to a post.

lukin moang   n. knot, made with a number of different strands of rope.

luk₂   vi. to invite. vt lukε.

lukε   vt. to invite. vi luk₁.

lukoa   vt. to knot. vi luk₁.

lukum   vt. to work at folding. vi limlim₁. also lim₁.  

lukumla   vt. to fold.

lukumpεnε   vt. to fold in half.

lul   vi. to flicker.

lumkoruk   n. crab sp.

lumwkarle₁   n. echo.

lumwkarle₂   n. kind of wood (from dead tree).

luhnkε   n. fish sp., kind of jellyfish, Portuguese-man-of-war.

luhpεs   n. louvers. Eng.

luhr   n. kind of shrimp.

luhs   n. food, mashed baked taro served with boiled coconut cream and molasses.

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