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ma   conj. if; that. relative marker.

-ma   suf. our. dual inclusive.

mah₁   vi. ripe; middle aged.

mah₂   vi. to kiss (on nose or cheek, said of children).

-mai   suf. our. plural inclusive.

mai₁   n. fishway, rock walls that funnel fish into a waiting net.

mai₂   vi. skilled; skillful.
Jerimweinno inenin mai in ramwine. That boy is very skilled at marbles. Jp.

maiau   vi. to have had good luck in a draw or a hand of cards.
Ih oaujoangoan maiau nεhn poah. He has a good hand.

mahiahu   vi. rubbery; able to contort one's body.

maiou   vi. to dispel one's anxieties.

maiouda   vi. free of cares.

maid   vi. tame.

maikol   n. food, riped baked breadfruit.

maing   n. sir; ma'am. form of *respect|ful address. Pon.

maingkoa   n. ladies and gentlemen.

mahu   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

mad   n. portion of the reef exposed at low tide.

inmad   nr. towards the shore (from the open sea).

madda   vi. to dry up (of the reef).

mada   n. forked stick used for slingshot. Jp.

mahdailik   n. food, pandanus baked with taro.

madau   n. ocean.

inmadau   nr. towards the open ocean; seaward.

mahdalia   n. religious medal. Sp.

madoahr   conj. supposing.

madu   n. tree sp.

maj₁   n. eye; face. nc mijεn. n3sg mijoa.

maj kun   vi. blind.

maj mwahl   vi. disadvantaged.

maj mwεhu   vi. pretty; good looking.

maj poang   vi. cross-eyed.

maj pwunan   n. sickness, pink-eye.

maj₂   n. goggles; diving mask.

maj in kioar   n. diving goggles or mask.

majkilahs   n. eye glasses.

maj₃   n. spearhead.

majjilpas   n. three-pronged spear.

mahj   n. March₁. Eng.

majahu   n. fish sp., cardinal fish.

majahu in likin wos   n. fish sp., kind of cardinal fish found outside the reef.

majahu in likin woahp   n. fish sp., kind of cardinal fish found inside the reef.

mahjahj   vi. well-kept; cleared, not overgrown.

majal   vi. to blossom; to open (of flowers).

majalpijoang   vi. bloomed, open (of flowers).

mahjamni   n. half quart bottle.

majahs   n. crab sp.

majεs   n. box or book of matches. Eng.

majdokoa   n. closer to it.

majkod   n. fish sp., kind of snapper.

majku   n. catcher's mask. Jp. < Eng. mask

majlakoa   n. farther from it.

majmaj₁   n. spear for fishing. see maj₃.

majmaj₂   vi. popular with girls. see maj₁.

majpwεhk   vi. afraid.

majrak   n. fish sp., kind of bull's eye.

mahk₁   vi. to mark. n. channel marker. vt mahki. Eng.

mahk₂   vi. to forgive; to excuse.
Ngoah mahkkoang ih mεhk ih wiahda. I forgive him for those things he did.

mahk₃   n. money used in German times. Ger.

maka   n. mound in which taro is planted. vi. to work on taro patch.

makunai   vi. unskilled; clumsy (particularly in games). Jp.

mahkda   vi. to slacken (of rain).

mal   n. barren field.

malau   vi. happy, delighted.

malauda   vi. to rejoice.

malad   vt. to open to reveal the contents; to unfold. vi maldεk. also walad.  

mahlahl   n. morning star, Venus.

malangir   vi. to rumble (of thunder).

malahsohs   n. molasses. Eng.

malεd   n. mallet. Eng.

mahlεhl   n. brain. nc mahlεhlin. n3sg mahlεhlin.

mahlεn   n. picture; drawing; chart; design. vi. to draw (of pictures, designs, etc.). vt mahleni.

malεr   vi. to hiccough.

maldεk   vi. fortunate or lucky (in acquiring things).

malmal   vi. slow, to take a long time.

mahma   vi. to yawn.

mahn   n. animal.

mahn in lohjapw   n. kind of insect, gnat.

mahnsang   n. bird.

manu   n. kind of insect.

mandolihn   n. mandolin. Eng.

manju   n. tree sp.

mankohlla nεhn maj   vi. to see stars.
Mahnkohlla nεhn mijoaioa. I saw stars.

manman   vi. spiritually powerful; able to do magic without artifice. n. magic, spiritual power.

mannoki   n. lever for moving logs. Jp.

manpir   n. dance name, stick dance. vi. to do a stick dance.

mansorihn   n. mandarin orange.

manging   vi. gone sour (as of spoiled liquid).

mahngoron   n. pandanus variety.

mangga   n. cartoon; clown. Jp.

mar   n. breadfruit preserve.

mahr   n. fish sp., kind of spinefoot.

marain   vi. enlightened spiritually.

marainla   vi. to become enlightened.

maraj   n. kind of vine.

maram   n. moon. vi. bright; light; smart. see johnpwong.

marahra₁   vi. light (in weight).

marahra₂   vi. to defecate. polite.

marεu   vi. thirsty.

marip   vi. to blink; to wink; to twinkle.

marjau   n. tree sp. (aglaia).

markoang   vi. unkempt, dry (of hair).

marmarip   n. sickness, an eye condition resulting in constant blinking, congenital on Pingelap.

marpas   n. fish sp., kind of surgeon fish.

mas₁   vi. to stink; to smell bad.

mas₂   vi. pimply. n. pimple.

masak   vi. hard.

masi   vi. glassy (of the ocean).

masihla   vi. to become glassy.

masnoki   n. tree sp., ironwood tree. Jp.

masrεk   vi. to do well in.

mahwihlik   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish (? venus tusk fish).

mahwin   n. war; battle. vi. to make war.

mε-   vi. to die.

mεhda   vi. to die or be dead (of plants).

mehdi   vi. to die or be dead (of animates).

mεhkihla   vt. to long for.

mε₁   n. here; this or this thing.

mε₂   n. thing. nc mihn₁.

mε₃   vi. tired.

mεhi   n. May. Eng.

mεiahu   vi. flexible.

meik   vi. phase of the moon, new moon.

meikdo   vi. to have become new moon.

meing   vi. left.

mεiroang   vi. to sacrifice by fire; to give a donation to the church.

mehusik   n. pandanus variety.

mεhda pwεhda   vi. to juggle.

mεdε   n. overripe breadfruit. vi. overripe (of breadfruit).

mehdi   see mε-.

mεdleij   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

mej   vi. exhausted. Mar.

mεhj   n. long time ago.

mεhj mεhj   n. once upon a time, long ago.

mejeik   n. fish sp., a kind of skipjack.

mehjeni   n. first-born child.

mehjenneji   excl. On my first-born child!. *oath formula.

mejinjak   n. kind of insect, small crawling insect.

mejinkahr   n. demon, said to be the ghost of a woman who dies in childbirth.

mejlehrahn   n. food.

mεjrar   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

mεjrar wahssa   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

mεhk   vi. ashamed or embarrassed; bashful; shy.

kamεhk   vi. embarrassing.

kamεhki   vt. to embarrass.

mehkij   n. something. see mε₂.

mεhkihla   see mε-.

mehkilkil   n. pandanus variety.

mεhkos   pro. something. occurring only in the riddle formula %mεhkos nin jampah|. Like I said! expressing conformation of a previous observation.
Mehkos woal joamwoas. Like I said, he's a selfish man. Pon. ? (possibly archaic Mokilese)

mεhl   vi. to feel soreness in eyes (from salt water).

mεl   n. boil (on the skin).

mεhlahn   adv. to concentrate on.
Ih mεhlahn insing akpas. He's concentrating on writing now.

meleisik   n. heart. nc meleisikin. n3sg meleisikin.

meleisik in wus   n. banana flower.

mεhlεl   vi. true; certain; honest.

mεlεnglεng   vi. shiny; clear (in view).

mεlik   n. milk. Eng.

mεlikkan   n. milk can. Eng.

mεlmεl   n. destructive weather; storm; typhoon.

mεhlpwa   really; for sure.
Mεhlpwa ih joah indoa rεhnnoawε. It's true he might not come today.

mεhmε   vi. to chew (food). vt mεhmε.

mεhn   vi. bitter.

mεn   n. there (near the hearer).

-mεn   suf. one. *numeral classifier for animates.

mεnlau   excl. thanks. vi. to thank.

mεnwahr   n. battleship. Eng. man-o'-war

mεng   vi. dried up; dead (of leaves); brown (of dried vegetation).

kamεngi   vt. to kill (a plant).

menginewij   n. mat (for sitting).

mεnginpoa   n. handwriting (print or script); signature; palm print.

mεngmεng   vi. dried up; second-hand.
Wahdoahng ngoahi mεngmεng in oamw likkoauo. Bring me your second-hand clothes.

mεhr   vi. stained from coconut husk or fruit.

mεrε   vi. real; true. adv. really; truly.

mering   vi. old or worn out.

Mεrka   n. America. archaic. see Amεrka.

mεhrmε   vi. exhausted.

mεhs   n. tree sp. n. leaves of the mεhs tree used as mulch for the taro patch.

mεsmεs   vi. to smack lips.

mih   n. name of the letter m.

miahu   vi. to meow.

midεl   n. medal (for military service). Eng.

mihding   n. meeting. Eng.

middo   n. catcher's glove. Jp. < Eng. mitt

mijεn   nc. in front of. n3sg mijoa. see maj₁.

mijεn adin   n. his solar plexus. nc mijεn adin.

mijεn εng   n. windward.

mijεn insing

mijεn loanggε

mijεn moair   vi. to look sleepy.

mijεn mwumw   vi. fish-eyed.

mijik   vi. afraid; scared. vt mijik.

kamijik₂   vi. frightening.

kamijiki   vt. to frighten.

mijoa   n. in front; ahead. nc mijεn. see maj₁.

mijoahla   vi. to pass, to get out in front.

mijoahr   nr. lagoon side direction.

mijkoalkoal   n. before; previously.

mijneri   n. missionary. Eng.

mihk   vt. to suck. vi mihkεk.

min₁   pro. one. *indefinite pronoun.

min₂   vi. clean (of people).

mihn₁   nc. part of; person from; thing used for; thing of. no matter, never mind. vi mε₁.

mihnda what for? no matter, never mind.

mihn₂   vi. to be mean. Eng.

mihn insing   n. marker.

mihn kasaman   n. souvenir.

mihn kawa   n. people in legends.

mihn likin   n. foreigner; outsider.

mihn mεhj   n. people in legends.

mihn pwuropwur   n. bit₁ (for drilling).

mihn wai   n. whiteman, person of European descent.

minε   vi. to exist; there is/are; to be (at a place); to live; to reside.

minεhda   vi. to move.

minεhla   vi. to have moved.

minipnip   vi. thin.

minis   n. minute. Eng.

mindoahr   int. how?; in what manner? also imdoahr.  

minjihn   n. machine. Eng.

minjoang   n. morning.

inminjoang   nr. in the morning.

minmin   vi. to co-operate or to be co-operative. n. co-operative.

minning   n. bird sp.

mingang   vi. to stand with leg's apart.

mihsa   n. mass. Sp.

misik   vt. to kiss (on the cheek or hand). vi misikεk.

mo₁   vi. to be healed.

mohdi   vi. to heal up.

mo₂   n. grass; mulch. n. to mulch. vt moi.

mo karak   n. kind of grass, crabgrass, often used as mulch for the taro patch.

mohn loang   n. kind of grass.

mou   vi. to snort (like a pig).

mour   n. life. vi. alive; fresh; raw; to run (of a machine).

mohj   n. grassy field; meadow.

moji moji ai ai   n. game, hide-and-seek. Jp.

mojul   vi. thick; heavy (of rain).

molukluk   vi. forgetful. vt moalkoahla.

molun   vi. calm or fine (of weather).

molmol   vi. jet-black.

mon   vi. compressed.

mohnε   n. his impression or print; scar on him.
mohnεn pwoalkoa his footprint. nc mohnεn.

mohng   vi. to breathe.

mohngda   vi. to inhale.

mohngdi   vi. to exhale.

moai   n. breadfruit.

moai id   n. breadfruit sp.

moai in Uhrεk   n. breadfruit sp., seedless.

moai in pahdak   n. breadfruit sp., seedless.

moai upw   n. breadfruit sp., giving small fruit but bearing almost continuously.

moai joapwoahroak   n. breadfruit sp., seedless.

moai kalak   n. breadfruit sp.

moai ngεljoau   n. breadfruit sp., seedless.

moai pa   n. breadfruit sp., with seeds.

moai si   n. breadfruit sp., with seeds.

moai soahid   n. breadfruit sp.

moai soal   n. breadfruit sp., with seeds.

moair   vi. to sleep.

moair jahpahp   vi. to sleep with one eye open.

moair koalik   vi. to sleep heavily.

moair noaisik   vi. to sleep in a house that has just had a birth, usually involving only the immediate family.

moairla   vi. to get to sleep.
Inenin pwidεng ngoah joh kak moairla. It was so hot I couldn't get to sleep.

moaud   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

moaun   vi. right.

moad   vi. fat; full (after eating).

moadi   n. fish sp., kind of emperor fish.

moado₁   vi. old (of people).

moado₂   n. skilled navigator.

moadol   n. pass between two islands.

moahdong   n. kind of bush.

moadoau₁   n. adze for hollowing canoe.

moadoau₂   n. fish sp., blunt-nosed soldier fish.

moadoak   vi. hurt; painful.

kamoadoak   vi. to hurt; to be painful. vt kamoadoaki.

moadoak ngi   vi. to have a toothache.

moadoandoal   vi. smooth (of a surface).

moahdoahrkin   n. mouth organ. Eng.

moak   n. fish sp., kind of surgeon fish.

moahk   vi. crushed.

moakojkoj   vi. kinky (of hair).

moakoskos   n. pandanus variety.

moakoau   n. coconut bunch sheath.

moakoan   n. pandanus or coconut curd. n. smegma.

moal   vi. tired and out of breath. see immoal.

moaloailoai   vi. peaceful; still or serene; easy-going.

moalkoa   vt. to forget, to slip the mind.
Ngoah moalkoa pwa ngoah pirin inla ipah. I forgot that I had to get to his place.

moalkoahla   vt. to forget. vi molukluk.

moalkoahr   n. ashes, as from burnt wood.

moahmoahk   vi. spongy.

moan   n. coconut with nothing inside.

moanmoan   n. fish sp., scaleless.

moang₁   n. head. nc moangoan. n3sg moangε.

moang koikoi   vi. to have a shaved head.

moang pukoj   vi. wavy-haired.

moang sakai   vi. stupid.

moangdo   vi. to have hair bleached by sun and water.

moang₂   n. pandanus key. nc moangoan. n3sg moangε.

moang₃   vi. to cheat. vt moangε.

moangε   vt. to cheat.
Ih moangεhdi ngoahi in pileikahs. He cheated me at cards. vi moang₁.

moangoai   vi. easy.

moangoanpej   vi. to be in an early stage of pregnancy.

moangoar   n. fish sp., flying fish.

moangki   n. monkey. Eng.

moangki spahna   n. monkey wrench. Eng.

moap₁   n. mop. vi. to mop. vt moapi. Eng.

moap₂   n. map. Eng.

moar   n. inside or middle, heart or core. nc moaroan. n3sg moaroa.

moahr   n. lure made from bark or leaf.

moaroar   n. fish sp., kind of wrasse.

moarjij   n. vine sp.

moarmoar   n. sunken reef.

moasoa   vi. spoiled; rotten or putrid.
Wusso moasoahdi. That banana became spoiled. see mas₁.

moasoar   vi. oiled.

mum   vi. delicious; good-tasting.

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