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-mw   suf. your. singular.

-mwa   suf. your. dual.

mwah   n. brother-in-law; sister-in-law.

-mwai   suf. your. plural.

mwahiei   vi. to mourn. Pon.

mwaikoang   n. fish sp., kind of eel (? clouded reef eel).

mwail   n. mile. Eng.

mwadik   vi. to trick, to have the knack. n. trickery. vt mwoadkoa.

kidal mwadik   vi. to know all the tricks.

mwaj   n. worm.

mwaj in soahn suhkoa   n. kind of worm.

mwaj pwilpwil   n. kind of worm.

mwajahl   n. intestine. nc mwajahlin. n3sg mwajahlin. also mwajngal.  

mwajahn   vi. to peep. vi mwajahni.

mwajang   n. space between. nc mwoajoangoan₁, mwajangεn, . n3sg mwoajoangoa.

mwajangjang   vi. to be spread apart.

mwajεk   vi. to move hips in intercourse.

mwajmwaj   vi. supple.

mwajngal   n. intestine. nc mwajngalin. n3sg mwajngalin. also mwajal.  

mwak   n. pandanus key close to stem, usually inedible. nc mwakin. n3sg mwakin.

mwakεlkεl   vi. clean, clear, bright. see kamwkεlε.

mwakohko   vi. hungry.

mwahkohko   n. dance name, like a hula. vi. to do the hula.

mwal   vi. limp; weak (of a person).

mwahl   vi. pitiful; useless; disadvantaged; low (socially).

mwalaun   vi. evil; wicked.

mwalak   n. fish sp., kind of needle fish (? flat-sided garfish).

mwalang   n. athlete's foot. vi. to have athlete's foot.

mwalmwal   vi. to agitate the tail (of a fish).

mwahmwa   n. father; daddy. used as a form of address.

mwahmwain   vi. mottled; spotted. see mwεi₂.

mwamwahlki   vt. to insult.

mwahn   n. canoe line, halliard.

mwahn kapw   n. young man. see mwein₁.

mwani   n. money. Eng.

Mwandohn   n. island of Mokil atoll.

mwanmwan   vi. to drizzle.

mwangaingai   vi. rough (of a surface).

mwangaj   n. coconut stage, almost brown.

mwar   n. title. nc mwaroan. n3sg mwaroa.

mwarai   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

mwarak   vt. to collapse on; to crumble around; to rain heavily on. vi mwoarmwoar.

mwaroa   vt. to put on (a garland). vi mwarmwar₁. also mwoaroa.  

mwoaroahdi   vt. to wear (a garland).

mwarmwar₁   n. upper chest; breast (particularly in reference to edible breast of birds). nc mwarmwaroan. n3sg mwarmwaroa. see nεhn mwarmwar.

mwarmwar₂   n. lei; garland; neck or head decoration. vi. to put on a garland; to wear a garland. vt mwaroa.

mwasoa   vi. to nod (the head); to raise head above surface of water to breathe.

mwasmwasoa   vi. to pitch (of a ship).

mwei   n. period of time; era. nc mwein₁.

mwei mwahl   n. bad times.

mwei mwεhu   n. good times.

mwεi₁   vi. snapped; divorced. vt mwεid₁.

mwεipijoang   vi. snapped in two. vi mwεipijoang.

mwεi₂   n. mark (on the body); freckle; birthmark.

mwεid₁   vt. to snap. vi mwεidεk₁, mwεi₁.

mwεidpijoang   vt. to snap in two. vi mwεipijoang.

mwεid₂   vt. to lend; to allow; to permit. vi mwεimwεi₁.

mwεimwεi₁   vi. free, to be without charge; allowed; permitted. n. permission; consent. vt mwεid₁.

mwεimwεi₂   vi. spotted.

mwein₁   vi. male.

mwein₂   excl. maybe.

mwεinoarong   vi. overripe.

mweir   n. fish sp., unidentified.

mweir kasik   n. fish sp., kind of mweir.

mwεhu₁   vi. good; pretty; nice.

mwεhuki   vt. to love; to like; to want.

mwεhupεnε   vi. to get on well together.

mwεhu₂   n. fish sp., pearl perch.

mwεd₁   vi. frayed.

mwεd₂   vi. energetic; nimble; agile.

mwekidda   excl. hurry up!

mwεhlεhl   vi. dizzy.

mwεhlεhlla   vi. unconcious.

mweling   vi. spoiled (of food).

mwεlmwεl₁   n. forelock.

mwεlmwεl₂   n. fish sp., ? kind of rainbow runner.

mwεn   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

mwεhn pwa   at all. used after certain negative markers.
Jaudi mwεhn pwa woallo. It wasn't that man at all.

mwεhng   n. taro.

mwεhngin Ngoasik   n. taro variety, Ngatik taro.

mwεnginngin   vi. to whisper.

mwerikrik   n. anniversary (of someone's death).

mwerin   nc. behind; after. n3sg mwerin.

mwio   n. net made of leaves. vi. fishing method, to fish with a mwio by dragging the net in past the tide line and waiting for low tide.

mwioak   n. bird sp., Ponape mountain starling aplonis penzelni.

mwij   vi. spoiled (of mar).

kamwiji   vt. to cause mar to spoil.

mwijilo   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

mwindi   vi. to sit; seated.

mwinjeik   n. fish sp., rainbow runner.

mwinlahwin   vi. slimy; sticky. n. mucus or mucous covering on fish or in plants. nc mwinlauinin.

mwinlahwin in adroau   n. egg white.

mwingε   vi. to eat. n. food.

kamwingε   vt. to feed. vc kamwingεhk.

mwingεhn jauwaj   n. lunch.

mwingεhn joausik   n. supper.

mwingεhn minjoang   n. breakfast.

mwingεhn pwong   n. midnight snack.

mwis   vi. soft (as dough); softened (through pounding).

mwiskεl   n. pandanus flower.

mwoi   vi. to ride very low in the water, to be about to sink.

mwoidi   vi. to sink (of a boat or canoe).

mwooa   n. in front of it. nc mwohn.

mwohd   vi. fishing method, to fish with a line for reef fish at night. vt mwohdi.

mwojou   n. fish sp., unidentified.

mwokohlahu   vi. to give a donation of food, the type and amount being left to the donator.

mwokmwok   vi. to swill out one's mouth; to rinse the mouth.

mwolou   vi. cold (of things).

mwoluj   n. coal; tar; charcoal.

mwomw   n. behavior; appearance. nc mwomwεn. n3sg mwomwε.

mwomwεhda   vi. to pretend.

mwomwεhng   vi. to estimate; to pretend.

mwomwjang   vi. to copy (a person's action); to act like.

mwomwεn   vi. to seem, to have the appearance of. see mwomw.

mwomwεn li   vi. effeminate.

mwohmwo   vi. to wash a woman's pubic area; to douche.

mwomwohd   vi. to stay; to remain.

mwomwohd mwahl   vi. to be idle.

mwomwodjo   n. congregation; religious organization.

mwohn   nc. in front of. see mwooa.

mwohpεl   n. bristle toothed surgeon fish.

mwopw   vi. to run out of air (in diving); to gasp for breath.

mwos   vi. filled (of the line on which caught fish are strung).
Ah irro nimwεnnoar mwos. His holding line is almost full.

mwosou   vi. to stick out, to hang down or hang out (because of size).

mwoskalai   vi. short. slang.

mwosmwos   vi. short.

mwosmwos pwurroa   vi. short-tempered.

mwosmwosdi   vi. to be too short.

mwosmwosla   vi. to become short.

mwoahdεl   n. tempory boat frame; design; style. Eng.

mwoadoal   n. fish sp., kind of goat fish.

mwoadoangdoang   vi. glowing in deep water at night.

mwoadkoa   vt. to trick. vi mwadik.

mwoajoau   n. hereditary wart, mole or other abnormality said to be the result of a spell put on an ancestor.

mwoajoauiεk   vi. to have a mwoajoaumwoajoau.

mwoajoahngis   n. rotten or decomposed.

mwoajnoa   vi. sickly or thin (of an infant), said to be caused by lack of attention from a wild mother.

mwoak   n. mug; cup. Eng.

mwoakid   vi. to move. n. movement; motivation.

mwoakidkid   vi. rough (of ocean).

Mwoakilloa   n. Mokil.

mwoakojkoj   vi. wavy (of hair).

mwoakmwoak   n. arrow plant.

mwoakmwoakid   vi. moveable.

mwoal₁   n. altar (in a church); dais.

mwoal₂   n. sea cucumber variety, purple in color.

mwoaloang   n. house part, a storage area in the roof.

mwoaloangloang   vi. seasick.

mwoar   vi. loose, to be falling apart.

mwoahr₁   n. colour. nc mwoahroan. n3sg mwoahroa.

mwoahroan pohn jip   n. mottled.

mwoahroan pwirej   n. brown.

mwoahroan soahn suhkoa   n. green.

mwoahr₂   n. the amount of time one takes.
Kosin mwoahroa! How long he took!. nc mwoahroan. n3sg mwoahroa.

mwoaroa   see mwaroa.

mwoaroakroak   vi. to fit loosely; wrinkled (from age); crumbly. see mwarik.

mwoaroapw   n. tree sp., Tahitian chestnut.

mwoarjuεd   vi. to do pranks.

mwoarki   n. Kusaien style poi made from ripe breadfruit.

mwoarmwoar   vi. to crumble. n. crumbs. vt mwarak.

mwoarmwoarin no   n. breaking of waves, white water.

mwoas   n. thread.

mwoasik   vi. to menstruate.

mwoasda   vi. to menstruate for the first time.

mwoasor   vi. parlayzed. n. paralysis.

mwoasoau   vi. bent over at the top, to slouch.

mwoasoal   n. muscle. vi. muscular. nc mwoasoalin. n3sg mwoasoalin. Eng.

mwoaswεl   n. vegetable garden.

mwujin   n. mutual fund. vi. to pool (of money). Jp.

mwul₁   n. food, ground banana rolled in leaves and boiled.

mwul₂   vi. soaked; greasy (from hair cream).

mwumw   n. fish.

mwumw jarawi   n. fish sp., any of a number of small reef fish (? angel-fish).

mwumw jεd   n. food, dried salt fish.

mwumw kadεk   n. fish sp. unidentified.

mwumw kasik   n. fish sp., poisonous.

mwumw kohl   n. fish sp., goldfish.

mwumw lioas   n. fish sp., damsel fish.

mwumw moai   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

mwumw pwok   n. run of fish.
Ih jεila loakjid pohn mwumw pwokko. He went fishing in the run.

mwumw siasi   n. fish sp., ? pig pipe fish.

mwumwlεp   vi. to make predictions about a fishing trip, supposedly bringing bad luck.

mwunoahnoa   vi. rippling.

mwuhr   n. afterwards; later. see mwerin.

mwurei   n. bird sp., pigeon.

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