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na    ne    ni    no    noa    nu    ngoa    

-n₁   suf. *construct suffix.

-n₂   suf. his; her.

-n₃   adv. unaccomplished activity marker. also εn₁.  

na   n. stick held in fire-making.

nah₁   n. his precious object. *possessive classifier for precious objects. nc nihn.

nah₂   adv. like %kanah₂|, but used in very restricted environments.
Ngoah nah kangla koawoa. I'm going to eat you up.

nainki   vt. to have or to own. for items possessed with the precious object classifier. see nah₁.

nauna   vi. bad.

naunahki   vt. to not want.

naj   n. boathouse.

nahk   n. cupboard (for food); food locker.

nam   vt. to taste.

namnam juεd   vi. bad-tasting.

namnam mwεhu   vi. good-tasting.

nam pil   vi. tasteless.

namaiki   vi. impudent. Jp.

nampa   n. number. Eng.

nahmwarki   n. high chief; king.

namwpwo   n. fish sp., moorish idol.

nahna   n. line of rocks inside the pεrεu and exposed at low tide.

nansi   vi. diligent; hard working.

nappa   n. Chinese cabbage. Jp.

  adv. already. perfect marker. also no₁.  

neipi   vi. to go without underwear. Eng. navy

nεu   n. fish sp., stone fish.

nεhk₁   vt. to work at dividing.

nεhkpijoang   vt. to divide. vi nεhnε.

nεhk₂   n. net.

nekid   vt. to save; to keep. vi nekidεk.

nekiddi   vt. to set aside.
Nekiddi ekij oang lakapw. Set some aside for tomorrow.

nekidla   vt. to store; to put away.

nεhkoang   n. dummy in the form of a woman, used as a 'booby-prize' at indεnkamw.

nεhn   nc. in; on; inside.

nεhn kahu   n. anus. nc nεhn kahwoan. n3sg nεhn kahwoa.

nεhn loanggε   n. heaven.

nεhn mwarmwar   n. upper chest (particularly in reference to human chest). nc nεhn mwarmwaroan. n3sg nεhn mwarmwaroa.

nεhn pwung interval; in the middle; among, between. nc nεhn pwungεn. n3sg nεhn pwungε.

nεn₁   num. ten thousand.

nεn₂   marker of *future of *prediction; *conditional marker.

nεhnau   n. king.

nεhnε   vi. to divide; to be divided. vt nεhk₁.

nεhnε dam   vi. to cause outrigger to lift.

nεnioak   n. pole with a cutting edge lashed to it. vi. to pick or cut with a nεnioak. vt nεnioaki.

nεhnkεhdak   n. pandanus variety.

nεhnkoadkoad   n. kind of bush.

nεnnεn   vi. taciturn; quiet (of a person).

nεhnparakko   n. canoe part.

nεhnwar   vi. to hollow out a canoe. vt nεhnwari.

nεngin   nc. print of; trace of.

nerik   see noaroak.

ni   n. coconut tree.

ni pwεspwεs   n. coconut variety with a white nut.

ni rei   n. coconut variety.

ni roam   n. coconut variety.

ni soal   n. coconut variety.

ni wahssa   n. coconut variety.

nihn pwinjo   n. coconut variety that is very short, up to ten feet in height.

ni-   pre. prefix to names of days of the week. Pon.

nialim   n. friday.

niari   n. tuesday.

niejil   n. wednesday.

nioahd   n. monday.

nioapoang   n. thursday.

nih   n. name of the letter n.

nialim   see ni-.

niejil   see ni-.

nioahd   see ni-.

nioapoang   see ni-.

nihd   vt. to drag. vi nihdεk.

nidoi₁   n. fish sp., half-toothed parrot fish.

nidoi₂   vi. slow or lethargic. slang.

nihdwa   n. fish sp, large barracuda.

nikdahi   n. necktie. Eng.

nikkai   n. second floor. Jp.

niknεhm   n. nickname. Eng.

nihl   n. nail. Eng.

nim   vi. to drink. vt nim.

nimε   n. its taste. nc nimεn. see nam.

nimεn lallal   vi. to have a big mouth.

nimεn pali   vi. to taste salty (of water).

nimεn   vi. to want to; to like to.

nimεnla   vi. to come to want, to want more than before.

nimwεnnoar   vi. almost. also nimεnnoar.  

nimwpwu   n. labourer. Jp.

nin   in. occurring only in the riddle formula %mεhkos nin jampah|. Pon. ? (possibly archaic Mokilese)

nihn   nc. small object of; child of; pet of. possessive classifier for precious objects. n3sg nah₁.

nihn εnri   n. taro variety.

nihn dijoan   n. taro variety.

nihn jaimon   n. taro variety.

nihn jεhm   n. taro variety.

nihn jipεnpεn   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish (? kind of sling-jaw).

nihn li   n. offspring of a female sibling.

nihn woal   n. offspring of a male sibling.

ningi   n. green onion. Jp.

nipohpo   n. fish sp., long-nosed box fish.

nirihk   vi. greedy; avaricious.

no₁   n. wave₁.

nohlik   n. tidal wave₁.

no₂   adv. already. perfect marker. also .  

nohd   n. note (in music). Eng.

nok   n. coconut leaf midrib.

noknok   vi. bisexual.

nohlik   see no₁.

nohn   adv. too; too much.

nohno₁   n. mother; mommy. used as a form of address.

nohno₂   vi. wavy, lots of waves.

nohpεmpε   n. November. Eng.

nohpwε   n. first fruit ceremony.

noai   n. my small object. see nah₁, mihn₁.

noainoai₁   vi. to have many children. vc. to have (children).

noainoai₂   n. bundle of pandanus leaves for making thatch.

noaisik   vi. to give birth. vt noaisiki.

kanoaisik   vi. to deliver (a child). vt kanoaisiki.

noaisikdi   vi. born. vt noasikihdi.

noad   n. penis. slang.

noahd   n. north. Eng.

noajnoaj   vi. clean.

noakim   vt. to punch. vi noakimεk. Eng. knock him

noaroak   vi. greedy. vt noaroakoa. also nerik.  

noaroakoa   vt. to lust after; greedy for. vi noaroak.

noas   vi. to sell; to engage in trade; to do business.

noaski   vt. to engage in trade in; to do business in.

nu   vi. to jump when startled; to have a pulse.

nuhd₁   n. squid.

nuhd₂   n. plastic lure shaped like a squid.

nuhnu   vi. easy to startle.

nur   vi. to draw back (in fear or pain).

nuhs   n. news. nc nuhsin. n3sg nuhsin. Eng.

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