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nga    nge    ngi    ngo    ngoa    ngu    

ngaingai   vi. to laugh heartily or hysterically.

ngau   vi. to squeal.

ngajir   vt. to pull off with teeth. vi ngajirεk.

ngajngaj   vi. to clear one's throat.

ngalngal   vi. low tide.
Rεhnnowwε inenin ngalngal. Today the tide is very low.

ngang   vi. to glow.

ngahng₁   excl. Foul! (of smell). *exclamation.

ngahng₂   n. genitals of an infant girl.

ngap₁   vi. to brandish a weapon; to threaten with a weapon.

ngap₂   n. fathom. vi. to measure with outstretched arms. vt ngapoa, ngapi, .

ngapεn jais   n. span.

ngapoa   vt. to measure with outstretched arms. vi ngap₁. also ngapi.  

ngarngar   vi. to measure the hull of canoe to make sure both sides are even. vt ngarngari.

ngεhd   int. when?

ngεn   n. spirit; soul. nc ngenin. n3sg ngenin.

ngεnngεn   vi. distant; almost out of sight.

ngεs   vi. to pant.

ngi   n. tooth. nc ngihn. n3sg ngihn.

ngihlap   n. molar.

ngihn jeri   n. baby teeth.

ngihn lioli   vi. to have strong teeth.

ngihn loaj   n. incisors.

ngioal   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish (? kind of sling-jaw).

ngid₁   vt. to chew to extract juice (as of sugar cane). vi ngidngid.

ngid₂   vi. crowded; jammed; stuffed.

ngidah   n. his chaw. *possessive classifier for chewable things. nc ngidεn.

ngidngid   vi. insistent.

ngij   vi. to chant in chorus; to laugh out loud.

ngil   n. voice, sound. nc ngilεn. n3sg ngiloa.

ngil mwεhu   vi. to have a good voice.

ngil nauna   vi. to have a bad voice.

ngilda   vi. to raise pitch of voice.

ngildi   vi. to lower pitch of voice.

nging   vi. to have oriental eyes.

ngihpwa   n. fish sp., kind of snapper.

ngihpwar   n. boar.

ngirngir   vi. to rumble.

ngihsol   n. clitoris. nc ngihsolin. n3sg ngihsolin.

ngolngol   n. turtle organ, spongy in texture.

ngorngor₁   vi. to snore.

ngorngor₂   n. cartilege.

ngorngor₃   vi. crunchy.

ngoah   pro. I. used as sentence subject only, otherwise %ngoahi| is used.

ngoahi   pro. me.

ngoangki   vt. serious about.

ngoar   n. accent (in speaking a foreign language). nc ngoaroan. n3sg ngoaroa.

ngoas   n. lip. nc ngoasoan. n3sg ngoasoa.

ngoasoanpwεl   vi. to have stiff wrists (usually from work in taro patch).

ngud   vi. to whisper; to moan; to hum.

nga    nge    ngi    ngo    ngoa    ngu    
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