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o    od    oj    ok    ol    om    on    op    or    ow    

-o   suf. that (at a distance). see -u.

o₁   n. bird sp., a light-colored bird that dives for fish.

o₂   n. pass through reef; crack in reef.

o₃   n. fishing line.

o₄   pro. there; that or that thing.

oh   conj. and. formal. Pon.

oh₁   n. name of the letter o₁.

oh₂   excl. oh!

oh ngεhd   n. long ago, a long time ago.

ohdai   n. bandage. Jp.

odopai   n. motorcycle. Jp.

ohj   n. hose. Eng.

ojja   n. kind of tea. Jp.

ok   vi. burning. see okoj.

-ok   suf. those (at a distance).

ohka   n. brace (for drilling). Jp.

okei   excl. okay. Eng.

okεs   n. substitute player. Jp.

ohkihla   see ohla.

okoj   vt. to set fire to; to burn; to strike (a match); to light (a fire). vi okojεk₁, ok.

okohmw   vi. to uncover the umw. vt okohmwi.

okdεkda   vi. to lie on one's back.

ohla   vi. broken. n. break; wound. see koauwε.

ohkihla   vt. broken up over (a person).

ohla japw_   idiom are there really so many!

olpwuj   n. kind of oyster that lives in hole in coral.

omiddo   vi. out of bounds; disqualified. Jp.

omrang   n. homerun. *baseball term. vi. to hit a homerun. *baseball term. Jp. < Eng.

ohn   num. six. serial counting system.

onohn   vi. to stay behind.

onop   vi. to work at preparing; to study. vt onopi.

onopda   vi. to be prepared; to be readied, prepared.

onopda   vt. to prepare.

ohnjakau   vi. to have a hang-over.

ohnmwahnloang   n. spider.

onpεk   n. peace and quiet.
Ih koauwε onpεk. He is disturbing the peace.

onggong   vi. to wring out. vt ungud.

ohpa₁   n. pronounced scar, from birth.

ohpa₂   n. edge of a net.

ohpεndo   n. box-lunch. Jp.

ohpin   vi. to open. vt ohpini. Eng.

opup   n. crab sp., coconut crab.

oppop   vi. to pull. vt oapi. also oappoap.  

ohr   n. ball. *baseball term.

ohroj   quant. all.

ohwal   n. fish sp., small silver fish travelling in large schools.

o    od    oj    ok    ol    om    on    op    or    ow    
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