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oai    oau    oad    oaj    oak    oal    oan    oap    oar    oas    oaw    

oai   n. fire.

oail   n. oil. Eng.

oaujoang   n. some kind; another; different kind; unfamiliar kind; unusual kind. see joang₁.

oaujoangoan   adv. very.

oahd₁   num. one. serial counting system.

oahd₂   vt. to take up or to dig into with finger; to scrape with finger. vi oahdεk.

oadol   n. fish sp., large mackerel.

oahdoa   vt. to place an order for. n. order. vi oahdoahk. Eng.

oadpoa   int. how much?; how many? see doapoa₁.

oaj₁   n. thatch; roof of thatch.

oaj₂   n. liver. nc oajoan. n3sg oajoa.

oak₁   excl. hey! *exclamation of surprise or admonition. also oakkoak.  

oak₂   vi. to hide; hidden. vt oaki.

oahk   excl. Oh!. *exclamation used to shame another.

oakε   excl. Now you've done it!. *exclamation of castigation. also oakεhkε.  

oahkεs   n. August. Eng.

oakoar   vt. to baby-sit. vi oakoaroak.

oakkoak   vi. secret. see oak₂.

oaksejin   n. oxygen. Eng.

oaksohpε   n. October. Eng.

oali₁   vt. to cut open with a wedge. vi oalloal₁.

oali₂   n. kind of bush, usually found in the taro patch.

oalin mwoas   n. yarn.

oalin sakai   n. kind of grass; hair line.

oaloa   vt. to take; to get; to collect. n. game, capture-the-flag. vi. to play capture-the-flag. vi oalloal₁.

aljapw   vi. to get land.   n. game, capture-the-flag.   vi. to play capture-the-flag.

oaloa mwεiwiwεi   vi. to get permission.

oaloahdi   vt. to have sexual intercourse with.

oaloap   n. a half; a side (of something). see loap.

oalloal₁   vi. to take; to get; to collect. vt oaloa.

oalloal₂   vi. to cut open with a wedge. vt oali₁.

oalwεn   vi. to cheat. vt oalwεni.

oalwoanpwong   vi. to sneak into a girl's house at night, 'night-crawling'.

oang   n. kind of bush, turmeric.

-oang   suf. to; towards.

oangonngon   vi. to cop-out, to make up excuses for not fulfilling a committment. vt oangonngon.

oapi   vt. to pull at. vi oppop, oappoap.

oapihda   vt. to pull up; to catch (fish).

oapil   n. fish sp., goat fish.

oapil illok   n. fish sp., kind of goat fish.

oahpis   n. office. Eng.

oapoang   num. four. serial counting system.

oappoap   vi. to pull. vt oapi. also oppop.  

oapwoarla   vi. sexually experienced. see pwoarla.

oapwjahi   vi. to joke, to kid. also jahi.  

-oar   suf. only; just; and; up to. delimiting suffix. see -oaroh.

oari   vt. to dismantle (an earth oven). vi oarroar.

oarihpijoang   vt. to push apart.

oarihla   vt. to be new to (of a food or sensation).

oarihla Oarjoan   n. kind of food. formed from a personal name, included here with no offense.

oaring   n. coconut stage, brown coconut.

oaring dakdak   n. copra.

-oaroh   suf. to keep on until.
Arai poalpoalloaroh kupla suhkoahu. They kept chopping until the tree fell.

oarong   n. fish sp., skipjack.

oarop   n. arrow; spear for a speargun.

oaroahr   n. shore.

oaroahr in ni   n. spike-like projection growing above the stem of a coconut bunch.

oarkalahp   n. turtle sp., a cross between kalahp and japwkoa.

oarkoan   n. organ ((musical instrument)). Eng.

oarlap   n. topic.

oarmo₁   n. tree sp.

oarmo₂   n. vein; tendon. nc oarmohn. n3sg oarmohn.

oarmoan   vi. to dream. n. dream. vt oarmoani.

oarmwoaroan   vi. muscular.

oarpoahdol   n. fish sp., kind of mweir (? fringe-eyed flathead).

oarroar   vi. to dismantle (an earth oven). vt oari.

oarwεhn   n. pandanus variety.

oarwεhnin pεhn pajjo   n. pandanus variety.

oahs   n. horse. Eng.

oasoanwoa   n. shark sp.

-oaw   suf. one. general counting system. also εw.  

oawoan dihpoahd   see au₁.

oawoan li   see au₁.

oawoan mwinge   see au₁.

oai    oau    oad    oaj    oak    oal    oan    oap    oar    oas    oaw    
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