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pa    pe    pi    po    poa    pu    pr    

pa₁   vt. to weave. vi poaipoai₁. vc poai.

pa₂   vi. talented.
Ih inenin pahng kapahrak nεhn pokon. He is very talented in public speaking.

pah   n. under it; on the bottom. nc pεhn₁.

pah-   pre. four.

pai   n. good fortune. vi. fortunate.

pai juεd   vi. unfortunate.

pai mwεhu   vi. fortunate.

paiai   vi. equal; even.

pahioa   n. his wife; her husband. nc pahioan.

paid   int. and who else?
Koah paid indoa? You and who else are coming?.

paiking   n. infection. vi. infected. Jp.

pailεr   n. lizard sp., striped and about four inches in length.

pahina   n. the part of the reef at which the lagoon is open to the ocean.

painki   vt. to marry. see pahioa.

painkihla   vt. to come to marry, to finally marry.

paip₁   n. pipe; conduit. Eng.

paip₂   n. cliff.

paipwon   vi. stuffed up, to have a stuffy nose.

pahiroa   n. bottle made from coconut shell.

paisoa   adv. luckily; fortunately.
Paisoa ngoah lεl mε. Fortunately I arrived here.

paiskεl   n. bicycle. Eng.

pahu   adv. down there. see pah.

pad₁   n. eyebrow. nc padin. n3sg padin.

pad₂   n. depression.

padin joamoas   n. depression on either side of mouth made by smiling and said to indicate selfishness.

padin pil   n. puddle.

padin pwuhsuhs   n. rounded rib forming rail of a boat.

padin sahlaplap   n. squared board onto which padin pwuhsuhs is set.

pahd₁   vi. to push with feet. vi pahdεk.

pahd₂   n. strand (of wire).

padahk   vi. to teach; to instruct; to learn. n. instruction; lesson. vt padahki.

padahkda   vt. to have learned; to have taught. vt padahkihda.

pahdak   n. district of Mokil, south side.

padar   vt. to be alongside or to be against.
Mwumwwo padarla wosso. The fish is alongside the reef.
Ih padarεkkoang in diddo. He is standing against the wall. vi padarεk.

padardi   vt. to lean on.
Ngoah padardi diddo. I leaned on the wall.

padarεk   vi. to be against; to lean. vt padar.

pahdεhd   vi. blurred.

padik   vt. to squeeze between fingers; to press (a button); to hold in one's hand. vi poadpoad₁.

padil   n. paddle.

padin   n. button. Eng.

paduhak   vi. to go plop (in water). onomatopoetic.

padda₁   n. baseball bat. Jp. < Eng.

padda₂   n. grasshopper. Jp.

padlikup   vi. to stand akimbo.

padpad   vi. rutted; full of depressions.

padpadan   vi. full of depressions.

pahdrε   n. Catholic priest. Sp.

padri   n. battery. Eng.

paj₁   vi. to arrive (of people).

pajkapw   vi. newly arrived.

paj₂   n. nest. vi. to nest. nc pajin₁, pajεn, . n3sg pajin.

pajεn kohsε   n. noise of two branches rubbing together, attributed to a kohsε nest.   vi. to nest.

pahj   n. outrigger platform.

pajahu   n. kind of oyster.

pajapoang   vi. to answer back. vt pajapoangε. see japoang.

pajapoangε   vt. to answer back. vi pajapoang.

pahjεk   num. forty.

pajingko   n. flat projectile. Jp.

pahjuhju   n. cork tree; cork float for a fishing line.

pahjlihn   n. vasoline. Eng.

pajpaj   n. platform for drying copra.

-pak   suf. times (in multiplication).
Jilpak jiluw duoaw. Three times three is nine.

ehpak once.

ijpak seven times.

dohpak nine times.

jilpak three times.

limpak five times.

pahpak four times.

riapak twice, two times.
Riapak pahw waluw. Two times four is eight.

walpak eight times.

wonpak six times.

pak-   pre. to find who is the most---. competitive prefix.
Kisai pirin paksihkεi. Let's see who's the strongest.

pak₁   n. times (in repetition).
Ngoah nε minε mε pak jiluw. I've already been here three times.

pak₂   vi. sound of slap; to slap.
Ih pokioar joapoa pakla. He hit his cheek with a slap.

pak₃   n. sugar cane crown. nc pakin. n3sg pakin.

paka   n. stupid person; fool. Jp.

pakair   vi. to inform.

pakad   vt. to defecate on. vi poak.

pakadahn   vi. constantly defecating.

pakaj   n. fish sp., kind of surgeon fish.

pakεhro   n. stupid person; fool. Jp.

pakid   vt. to look for lice in hair. vi pakidεk.

pahkid   num. four thousand.

pahkij   num. four. partitive counting system.

pakin malahsohs   excl. slang. *exclamation of *disgust or *frustration. Eng.

pakir   vi. to box₁; to punch. vt pakiri.

pako   n. shark.

pako dohdo   n. shark sp., hammerhead.

pakohn madau   n. large black shark found in open ocean.

pakohko   vi. full of sharks. vi. stuffed (with food, particularly with fish).

pakdang   n. bomb. vi. to bomb. Jp.

pakka   vt. to trim; to weed. vi pakkahk.

pakkahla   vt. to trim off.
Pakkahla moangoai. Give my hair a trim.

pakking   n. fine. vi. to fine. vt pakkingi. Jp.

pakkoanoang   vi. to compete in growing taro or some other tuberous plant. see koanoang₁.

pakpak   vi. flat (of a surface).

pakpwuhr   vi. to compete to see who will sink the fastest. see pwuhr.

pakranahp   vi. stupid.

pakrikrik   vi. to calm; to placate; to coax. vt pakrikrik.

pahkroa   vt. to fill from a running water source. vi pahkroahk.

pakwaidak   vi. to compete in sailing. see waidak.

pakwajejjej   vi. to compete in stone skipping or body surfing. see wajejjej.

pal   vi. dumbfounded; struck dumb.

palang₁   n. porch.

palang₂   n. blank.

palang₃   see pangal.

palar   n. thunder, thunder and lightening. vi. to thunder.

palas   n. ballast. Eng.

palεk₁   n. coconut husk used for fertilizer.

palεk₂   vi. skilled in tree climbing.

palεhkpir   n. food, mar baked with coconut cream and molasses.

pali   n. day after tomorrow.

pahloa   n. midrib of a coconut frond.

pallau   n. fish sp., tarpon.

pallali   n. partner; opponent. vi. to compete. vt pallan. nc poalloan. n3sg poalloa.

kapallali   vt. to pair.

pallan   vt. to compete with. vi pallali.

palpal   n. fish sp., foxface.

palpwohl   n. volleyball. Eng.

palwar   vi. to shape a canoe.

palwahr   n. body. nc palwoaroan. n3sg palwoaroa.

pahmεn   num. four. animate counting system.

pamdεhl   n. taro variety.

pampei   n. guard. Jp.

pahn   n. pan. Eng.

pana   n. fish sp., kind of needle fish.

panadε   n. fish sp., kind of bull's eye.

pando   vi. to make a hard shot or a slapshot. Jp.

panjo   n. sidekick. Eng. (from the name #pancho)

pansai   excl. hooray! Jp.

pang₁   n. bunk. Eng.

pang₂   vi. fishing method, to fish with a pole. vt pangε.

pangal   vt. to dry, to spread out or hang to dry. vi poangoal. also palang₁.  

pangε   vt. fishing method, to fish with a pole. vi pang₁.

pangin   vt. to call; to arouse; to awaken. vi poangpoang.

panginki   vt. to call (a name).
Ih panginki nah mahnno Joey. He called his pet bird Joey.

panggo   vi. to call the roll. Jp.

pangk   n. bank₁ (financial institution). Eng.

pangku   vi. to have a flat tire. Jp.

pangpang   n. side; beside. vi. horizontal. nc pangpangεn. n3sg pangpangε.

pap   vi. to slap, to make a slapping sound.

pahpa   n. father; daddy. used as a form of address.

pahpak   see -pak.

pahpahnoair   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass (? hump-backed rock cod).

pahpas   num. four. long object counting system.

pahpwong   see -pwong.

pahpwki   num. four hundred.

par₁   vi. to swing (oneself). n. swing. see kahproa.

parda   vi. wafted; lifted by the wind.

pardi to hang down; to swing down.

parpijoang   vi. to be spread around.

par₂   n. coconut stage, shooting coconut.

pahr₁   n. bar (tool). Eng.

pahr₂   n. cocktail bar. Eng.

pahr₃   n. year. see johnpar.

pahr kapw   n. new year.

parai   vi. to fry. vt paraii. Eng.

parauj   n. see pwoaroahj.

parak   n. fish sp., kind of emperor fish.

paran   vi. brave. vi. hot and ready for frying (of oil or grease).

paranda   n. varanda. Eng.

paranj   n. france. Eng.

pahrang   n. metal.

pahrεk   vi. in a straight line; equal; even. vt pahrεki.

parεs   n. bird sp., tern.

pahro   n. pomade; hair cream.

parohl   n. parole. Eng.

pardaij   n. paradise. Eng.

pahrdi   n. party. vi. to have a party. Eng.

parkang   n. hair clippers. Jp.

parki   n. horsepower. Jp. also parik.  

parnij   n. varnish. Eng. also wanis.  

parpar   vi. waving.

parpare   vi. pretty. slang.

pas   vi. to fit tight; to cling.

-pas   suf. one. *numeral classifier for long objects.

pahs₁   vi. to pass. vt pahs₁. Eng.

pahs₂   n. game.

pasahu   n. shark sp.

pahsinje   n. passenger. Eng.

pasoa   vt. to pierce; to go through.

pahsdo   n. first base. Jp. < Eng.

paskul   n. shell variety, kind of miter.

paspas₁   n. game, tag.

paspas₂   vi. flat; level.

pahw   num. four. general counting system.

  adv. still.

pεha₁   n. bear ((animal)). Eng.

pεha₂   n. pair. Eng.

pei   vi. to fight.

kapeiεk jumwwa   vi. to have a cock fight.

pεi₁   vi. fishing method, to fish with a line. vt pεii.

pεi₂   n. cemetery.

pεi₃   vi. to float or to drift; to shift (of sand).

pεipijoang   vi. to melt.

peio   vi. ravenous.

peid   vt. to throw or chop underhand. vi peidεk.

peiddi   vt. to drop.

peidla   vt. to throw away.

peidla kid   vi. wasteful; squandering.

peidεk   vi. to ask a question. n. question.

peidεki   vt. to question. vi peidεk.

peidla kid   vt. to throw or chop underhand. see peid.

peij   n. bench mark; boundary stone.

peik   vi. obedient. n. obedience.

peil   n. tidal pool.

pein₁   adv. only; alone, by one's self.

pein₂   vi. female.

pein kapw   n. young woman.

peipa   n. paper. Eng.

peis₁   n. belt loop.

peis₂   vi. bass (sound). Eng.

pεhd   n. bed. Eng.

pεd   vi. to bet. Eng.

pεdnoko   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

pej   n. pandanus cud.

pεjεng   n. centre (in construction). nc pεjεngin. n3sg pεjεngin.

pejihnmalεk   n. game.

pejinmoahr   vi. starving, weak from hunger (usually of birds).

pεhk₁   n. bag; sack. Eng.

pεhk₂   vi. to back up. Eng.

pekendihdi   n. youngest child.

pεhl   n. bell. Eng.

pεl   adv. also; again.

pεlloaw   adv. once again.

pelngej   n. shark sp., black tip shark.

pεhn₁   n. times (in repetition).

pεhn dir   n. often.

pεhn₂   n. bait.

pεhn₃   n. pen. Eng.

pεhn₄   n. under. n3sg pah.

pεhn ngoasngoas   n. roof of the mouth.

pεhn poa   n. armpit.

pεhnang   n. leeward; with the wind₁; downwind. nc pεhnangin. n3sg pεhnangin.

pεn   n. coconut stage, drinking coconut.

pεn in Pingεlap   n. coconut stage, between pεn and mwangaj.

pεn mwangaj   n. coconut stage, between pεn and mwangaj.

pεn pwulopwul   n. coconut stage, between upw₁ and pεn.

pεnε   n. tree sp.

-pεnε   suf. together. reciprocal suffix.

pεnεinεi   n. family.

pεnεhda   n. plywood. Jp.

pεnjo   n. outhouse. Jp.

pεhnmaj   vi. in pain from a kick in the groin.

pεng   vi. to bend (oneself); bent in a curve, as a fishing pole with a hooked fish.

pεhngngohsi   n. defender (in court). Jp.

pεpεr   n. pepper. Eng.

pεpuεrε   n. February. Eng.

pεr   vi. afraid, worried.
Ngoah pεrki pwa ih nεn kakupihla jeriho. I'm afraid he might drop the child.

kapεr   vi. dangerous.

pεrε   n. room.

pεrεu   n. barrier reef.

pεrεn   vi. happy.

kapεrεn   vi. funny; fun.
Mεhi inenin kapεrεn. This is lots of fun.

pεrεngrεng   vi. strong-looking.

pεrεr   vi. rotten.

pεrεhs   n. biscuit. Eng. bread

pehri   n. bamboo.

pεhrok   n. frog. Eng.

pehru   n. food, boiled pandanus juice mixed with coconut milk.

pehruhru   n. hard-pan.

pi   n. vagina. nc piεn. n3sg pioa.

pih   n. name of the letter p.

pia₁   n. coconut cream.

pia₂   n. fish sp., large tapioca fish.

piha   n. beer. Eng.

piai   vt. to flavor with coconut oil. vi piahia.

piahia   vi. to flavor with coconut oil. vt piai.

piano   n. piano. Eng.

piapi   n. food, ripe breadfruit eaten raw.

pid₁   vt. to wind (rope). vi pidpid, piddεk, . vc pid₁.

pidda   vt. to turn up (a lamp).

piddi   vt. to turn down (a lamp).

pijjoal   vi. to wind pieces of string together to make rope.

pid₂   n. pitch (as for caulking). vi. to caulk with pitch. vt pidi. Eng.

pihd₁   n. foot ((measure)). Eng.

pihd₂   vi. to beat (of music). vt pihdi. Eng.

pidaddad   vi. soft.

pidεhdε   n. potato. Eng.

pidεk   vi. to move around; to surround. n. religious service held in another community. vt pidεki.

pidεk koalik   n. pidεk for adults.

pidεk siksik   n. pidεk for young people.

pidεkla   vi. to be around or to have moved around.

pidpid   vi. to spin around. n. coil. vt pid₁.

pidwin   vi. to decorate a hook to attract fish. vt pidwini.

pij   n. pig. Eng.

pihj   vt. to urinate. vi pijpij.

pijεk   vi. to be free (as after work); released (from duty or obligation); available.

pijengjeng   n. urine. vi. full of urine. nc pijengjengin. n3sg pijengjengin.

pijεp₁   n. taro variety. Eng.

pijεp₂   n. bishop. Eng.

pihji   n. banana sp., Fiji banana. Eng.

pijimmεrε   n. coconut meat, usually from pεn.

pijin   n. pidgin. Eng.

pijingkan   n. speargun. Eng.

-pijoang   suf. apart.

pijja   n. pitcher. *baseball term. Jp. < Eng.

pijjoal   see pid₁.

pijkohma   vi. stupid person. Eng. beachcomber

pijpij   vi. to urinate. vt pihj.

pijpij moadoak   n. bladder irritation caused by eating too much sugar.

pik   n. sand. nc pikεn. n3sg pikin. see pikoa.

pikεn sipwε   n. course sand.

pik-   vi. to reach.

pik mwahl   vi. to steal.

pikla   vi. to grab at.

pukdo   vi. to reach over here.

pukkoang   vt. to touch (with the hand).

pikahkis   n. pickaxe. Eng.

pikapik   vi. sandy. also pikpik.  

pikar   n. taro variety.

pikεhk   vi. spotted white and black (of certain kinds of koaroa that are not pure white or pure black).

pikir   vt. to pat; to drum. vi pikpik.

pikoa   vt. to spread sand. see pik.

pikpik   vi. to pat; to drum. vt pikir.

pil₁   vt. to choose; to select. vi pilpil, pillεk, .

pil₂   n. fresh water. nc pilεn. n3sg piloa.

pil lap   n. river.

pilεllε   n. clarified coconut oil.

pilεn au   n. saliva.

pilεn maj   n. tear₁ (from crying).

pildi   vi. to be melted.

pila   n. pillow. Eng.

pilaias   n. pliers. Eng.

pilakahi   vi. to give black eye to. vt pilakahii. Eng.

pilakin   n. shoe polish. Eng.

pilakpihj   n. sperm whale. Eng. black bitch

pilakpwohd   n. blackboard. Eng.

pilamwpwoia   n. tree sp., acasia.

pilan   vi. watery.

pilahn   n. plan. vi. to plan. vt pilahni.

pilangkis   n. blanket. Eng.

pilahwa   n. bread; flour. Eng.

pilei   n. playing card; deck of cards. vi. to play (a game). Eng.

pileii   vt. to play (for a prize).

pileikahs   vi. to play cards. n. playing card. Eng.

pilein   n. plane (for planing lumber). Eng.

pilεllε   see pil₂.

pilepil   vi. to pick fruit with a pole. vt piload.

pilihj   n. wallet.

pilihjmεhn   n. police. Eng.

pihlohlo   n. food, cake made from banana or taro.

pilohr   vi. to have something stuck in one's throat.

piload   vt. to pick fruit with pole. n. pole for picking fruit. vi pilepil.

piloaddi   vt. to pick off.

piloadla   vt. to pick clean.

pildi   see pil₁.

pilpil   vi. to choose; to select. n. election. vt pil₁.

pin₁   n. pin; tack₁, pin. Eng.

pin₂   n. cover; stopper. nc pinεn. n3sg pinε.

pihn₁   vi. to paint. n. paint. vt pihni. Eng.

pihn₂   n. safety pin. Eng.

pina   vt. to cover or to fill (a hole). vi pinapin.

pinahdi   vt. to cover up.
Ngoah pinahdi sioaioa. I covered my ears.

pinahla   vt. to block up; to stuff up.

pinapin   vi. to cover or to fill up (a hole). vt pina.

pinik   n. shell variety, small thin white shell.

pinikε   n. vinegar. Eng.

pinoar   vt. to twist. vi pinoarεk₁, pinepin, .

pihnj   n. beans. Eng.

pinjεl   n. pencil. Eng.

pinjis   n. pincers; tweezers. Eng.

ping   vi. tangled.

pingarngar   vi. to feel sick because of over-eating greasy food.

pingping   n. tree sp.

piplingei   n. poor or unfortunate person. slang. Yap.

pir₁   n. fish sp., unidentified.

pir₂   n. lymph nodes. nc pirin. n3sg pirin, ah pir, .

pirahj   n. brass. Eng.

pirap   vi. to steal. vt pirapoa.

pirapir   vi. to tie. vt piroa.

pirapoa   vt. to steal. vi pirap.

pireim   n. frame (for a window or door). Eng.

pireisis   n. suspenders; brace (for house frame). Eng.

piredil   vi. to make torches. see piroa.

piriεn   n. friend. Eng.

pirij   n. bridge. Eng.

pirin   adv. will. marker of future of intention.

pihrin   vi. to show veiled hostility.

pirihp   n. briefs; jockey shorts. Eng.

piroa   vt. to tie. vi pirapir.

piroak₁   vi. crooked.

piroak₂   vi. to work at spreading (a mat). vt piroaki.

piroakihdi   vt. to spread (a mat).

piroaki   vt. to work at braiding.

piroakihda   vt. to braid.

piroakroak   vi. braided; to braid. n. braid; braided flower lei or garland. vt piroaki.

piroahsdεn   n. Protestant. Eng.

pirwoak   vi. to cheat. vt pirwoaki.

pis₁   n. dried stripped leaf used in mat weaving. nc pisεn. n3sg pisoa. also soahnpis.  

pis koaroang   n. made from fire-dried pandanus leaves.

pisεn moang   n. hair.

pis₂   vi. to trick. vt pisi.

pisihdi   vt. to trick.

pisla   vi. to get free (from work or confinement).

pisa   n. abdomen of a fish, the portion from the anus to below the gills.

pisaksak   vi. squashed; spread around.

pisik   vi. to flick finger; to strum. vt pisik.

pisikεk   vi. to splash (of a fish swimming near the surface); to strum; to pluck (a string). n. chalk line. see pisik.

pisiniaw   vi. to be a liar. see pis₂.

pisoahla   vi. to cover; to fill; to pervade.
Puk pisoahla wijahi. This place is covered with books.

pisdor   n. pistol. Eng.

pispis   vi. to be quick.

pissoar   adv. suddenly.

po₁   n. bench used for sitting or sleeping; floor, generally removable, in the bottom of a boat.

po₂   vi. closed up (of a sail).

poehdi   vt. to conquer. see pooa.

pohioa   n. its position or its situation. nc pohioan.

pooa   nr. on it. nc pohn₁. see puoa.

pou   vi. to feel cold. see kopou.

pouda   n. powder. Eng.

pouj₁   vi. to link; to connect. vt poujε.

poujpεnε   vi. linked, connected.

pouj₂   vi. to sprout.

pouj₃   vt. to make a garland by wrapping flowers around a leaf. vi pohpo.

poujε   vt. to link; to connect. vi pouj₁.

poujεhla   vt. to link, to connect.
Arai poujεhla allε oang al koalikko. They linked this path with the main road.

pohdεk   vi. anchored. n. rock or similar object used as an anchor; anchor line. vt pohdεki.

podin   n. its planting. nc podin. see poadpoad₄.

pohjak   vi. strong; vigorous.

pojur₁   vt. to peck. vi pojpoj₁.

pojur₂   vt. to let blood; to bleed (someone). vi pojpoj₁.

pojpoj₁   vi. to peck. vt pojur₁.

pojpoj₂   vi. to let blood; to bleed someone. vt pojur₁.

pok₁   n. blood, descent. nc pokin.

pok₂   n. crown (of taro) cut off for planting. nc pokin. n3sg pokin.

pokihla mwεhng   vt. to trim leaves of taro plant before crown can be severed for planting.

pok₃   vi. to strike at. vi. to have caught a lot of fish; to have had a successful fishing trip. vt poki.

pokihdi   vt. to hit.

pokihla   vt. to beat.   vi. to have caught a lot of fish; to have had a successful fishing trip.

pohk   vt. to wipe; to sweep. vi popohk.

pohkdi   vt. to wipe by patting.

pohkla   vt. to wipe off, to sweep off.

pokon   n. crowd. quant. whole. vi. to gather.

pokonla   vi. to gather round.

pokonpεnε   vi. to gather together.

pokuhku   vi. numb (from cold).

pokkor   n. coral variety, porous.

pohkli   vi. always eager for the company of a woman.

pohklim   n. fish sp., unidentified.

poksa   vi. to be down-to-one's-last (literally: down to taro crowns), to rap without planting anew.
Ah pwεllo poksahla. His taro patch is only crowns.

pol   vi. weak from too much sex.

pohl   vi. delighted.

pohliklik   n. exposed reef. vi. to walk on exposed reef.

polo   n. group or gathering; school (of fish). nc polohn. n3sg polooa.

polouwar   n. floor. Eng.

pon   vi. blocked; virgin.

pohn₁   nc. on. n3sg pooa.

pohn pwoar   n. pubic area. nc pohn pwoaroan. n3sg pohn pwoaroa.

pohnang   n. into the wind₁; windward; upwind. nc pohnangεn. n3sg pohnangε.

pohn₂   nc. large number of.
Pohn armaj wijahkijε. There are a large number of people in this place.

pohnεrε   vi. to finish making the εrε. vt pohnεrεi.

pohnial   n. minor religious holiday, usually to commemorate some important event.

pohnjehjoa   vt. to ignore.

pohnkahkε   vi. lazy. Pon.

pohnkil   vi. shameless.

Pohnpεi   n. Ponape.

pong   n. small man-made taro patch.

pongpong   vi. deaf.

pohpo   vi. to tie flowers together into a string. n. lei or garland made by wrapping flowers together with string. vt pouj₁.

popohk   vi. to wipe; to sweep. vt pohk.

pohpohlap   vi. bold; daring.

pohs   n. boat. Eng.

pohs in minjihn   n. bobbin.

pohsin   n. boatswain. Eng.

pohskiloak   n. kind of flower. Eng.

-poa   suf. suffix used to form result nominals from transitive verbs. see audopoa, kahrεpoa, wiapoa, .

poa₁   n. forelimbs; arm; hand; wing; pectoral fin; sleeve of a shirt. nc poahn. n3sg poah.

poahn oarong   n. sideburns.

poahn kirir   n. cloud formation, patchy stratus clouds.

poahn kirir woaloklok   n. cloud formation, thick stratus clouds.

poahn kirir woasiksik   n. cloud formation, thin stratus clouds.

poahn malεk   n. open shed attached to a building.

poa₂   n. ray fish.

poai   vi. to throw (the javelin).

poaidi   n. district of Mokil, north side.

poaik   vi. able to hold breath.

poaipoai₁   vi. to weave. vt pa₁.

poaipoai₂   n. sea urchin.

poais₁   n. vise. Eng.

poais₂   vi. punch. slang. vt poaisi.

poais₃   n. slang; neologism.
Ih armaj in wia poaismεn. He's a man who always makes up new words.

poaun   n. pound (of weight). vi. to weigh. vt poauni.

poaun oaring   vi. to weigh copra.

poauweij   n. kind of flower.

poad₁   n. coconut stage, sprouted coconut.

poadin maram   n. coconut with multiple shoots.

poad₂   vi. to rehearse. n. rehearsal.

poad₃   vi. hooked. see koapoaddoa.

poaddi   vi. to become hooked.

poahd   vi. to be awake.

poadihdi   n. fish sp., mackerel.

poadok   vt. to work at planting; to set in the ground. nc poad₁.

poadokdi   vt. to plant.

poadokla   vt. to plant over (an area).

poadoar   vi. to wrestle.

poadpoad₁   n. story; history.

poadpoad₂   vi. to squeeze. vt padik. vc poad₁.

mihn poadpoad   n. trigger.

poad pia   vi. to squeeze oil from coconut.

poad pirik   vi. to make brick.

poad simεn   vi. to make brick.

poadpoad₃   vi. shallow.

poadpoad₄   vi. to plant; to set in the ground. vt poadok. vc poad₁.

poahj₁   n. hearth, cooking area.

poahj₂   vt. to feel around for. vi poapoahj. vc poahjεk.

poahjda   vt. to reach by feeling.   vt. to make up (stories).
Ih pwanah poahjda ah lallal. He just made up what he was saying.

poahjoahj   vi. smooth.

poahjoan   n. hub; capital; political, economic, etc. heart.

poahjoanin li   n. ovary.

poajoankoahn   n. capital.

poak   vi. to defecate. vt pakad.

poahk   n. fork. Eng.

poakε   vt. to feel sorry for; to sympathize with. see limpoak₁.

poaki   vt. to ask for. vi poakpoak.

poakis   n. bucket; pail. Eng.

poakoaioa   vi. silly; stupid.

poaklong   vi. stupid or dull.

poakmahk   vi. to apologize.
Ara nε poakmahkpεnε. They already made up.

poal   vi. male-female relationship excluding marriage and demanding a high level of respect.

poahl   vi. to recook stale food to make it edible. vt poahli.

poahlda   vi. recooked. vt poahlihda.

poaloa   vt. to chop. vi poalpoal.

poaloahdi   vt. to chop down.

poaloangε   vt. to build (of boats). vc poaloang.

poaloang pohs   vi. to build boats.

poaljej   n. food, cored breadfruit stuffed with coconut cream and baked.

poalpoal   vi. to chop. n. gash. vt poaloa. vc poal.

poalpoahrok   n. fish sp., kind of ray.

poam   vi. to pump. n. pump. vt poami. Eng.

poahm   vi. to feel or have a feeling.

poahmda   vi. to begin to feel.

poahmla   vi. to feel or to wake up.

poahmsik   vi. to be a light sleeper.

poani   vt. to hammer at. vi poanpoan.

poanihda   vt. to post, to hammer up.
Ngoah poanihda kilεllo. I put up the picture.

poanihdi   vt. to hammer in.
Ngoah poanihdi nihllo. I hammered the nail in.

poanoau   vi. to advise. n. advice. vt poanoaui.

poanpoan   vi. to hammer. vt poani.

poang   n. canoe part, platform on the lee side.

poangin wai   vi. in wrestling, to throw an opponent over hip. vt poangin waii.

poangos   n. rough sea caused by the meeting of two opposing currents.

poangoal   vi. to dry, to spread out or hang to dry. vt pangal. also poaloang.  

poangoal joau   vi. to be sunburned.

poangoal mwumw   vi. to dry fish.

poangkin   n. pumpkin. Eng.

poangpoang   vi. to call; to shout; to arouse. vt pangin.

poap₁   n. thin board or sheet of lumber.

poap₂   vi. to swim.

poapin kijesik   vi. to tread water; to do the dog paddle.

poapoahj   vi. to feel around. vt poahj₁.

poapdaij   vi. to baptize. vt poapdaiji. Eng.

poar₁   n. lung. nc poaroan. n3sg poaroa.

poar₂   n. part (of the body of a person or animal).

poar mwein   n. upper torso, the part of a fish above the lateral line, the upper half of an animal.

poar pein   n. lower torso, the part of a fish below the lateral line, the lower half of an animal.

poaroan ε   n. thigh. nc poaroan εhn. n3sg poaroan εhn.

poaroj   n. fish sp., kind of parrot fish.

poarongrong   vi. attentive, obedient. vt koapoahrongε.

poaroahj   n. brush. Eng.

poaroan   vi. lucky in fishing.

poaroahpoa   adv. really; certainly; truly.
Ih pwanah poaroahpoa pweipwei. He's really crazy. Eng. proper

poaroahpoahla   vi. lined up neatly.
Suhkoahk poaroahpoahlahro lεl dilla pεhn loanggε. Those trees were lined up as far as the eye could see.

poaroapsoa   n. professor. Eng.

poarpoaroailik   n. fish sp., kind of surgeon fish.

poahsdεhi   n. birthday. Eng.

Poaski   n. Portugal.

puoa   nr. above; on top. nc pohn₁. n3sg pooa.

puk   n. book; magazine; any bound printed matter. Eng.

puk joarwi   n. bible.

pukod   vt. to mess up; to disarrange. vi pukopuk, pukodεk, . also pukoj₁.  

pukoj₁   n. wave (of hair or yarn).

pukoj₂   see pukod.

pukojkoj   vi. wavy.

pukopuk   vi. to mess up; to disarrange. vt pukod.

pukul   vi. rounded (as the bow of a boat or the point of a knife); blunt (of a point).

pukdo   see pik-.

pukkoang   see pik-.

puknu   vi. without underwear.

pul   vi. to boom or to make a low deep sound. onomatapoetic.

puluh   vi. blue. n. blue bleach.

puluhja   n. crab sp., ? sand crab.

pulumihna   n. kind of flower.

pumpum₁   vi. to kick feet (in swimming).

pumpum₂   vi. sound made when pressure is released through smokestack of a ship. onomatapoetic.

pup   vi. to flap or to make a flapping sound (like a sail in the wind).

puruhm   n. broom. Eng.

prεjil   n. banana sp., originated in Brazil.

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