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pwa    pwe    pwi    pwo    pwu    

pwa₁   conj. that; so that; in order to; because. introducing sentential complements.

pwa₂   vi. to say.

pwahda   vi. to confess; to tell or to reveal; to explain.
Ih pwahda doahr mwεimwεi in mεhu. He explained hw those spots got there.

pwa da   conj. that which; what. int. so what?, then what?

pwai   n. scallop.

pwai pwanid   vi. to be in debt.

pwaij₁   n. share; responsibility; concern. nc pwoaijoan. n3sg pwoaijoa₁, ah pwaij, .

pwaij₂   n. canoe part, upper part of the outrigger float to which supports are lashed.

pwaijanki   vt. responsible for.

pwailεd   n. pilot. Eng.

pwain   vt. to cover or to protect. n. cover. vi pwoaipwoai. nc pwoainen. n3sg pwoaine.

pwaipw   n. pipe (to smoke). Eng.

pwaisdεngdεng   vi. to be a heavy-smoker.

pwahd   vi. to send up spray (of a boat).

pwada   n. butter. Eng.

pwak₁   n. good-for-nothing.

pwak₂   click, to make a clicking sound. onomatapoetic.

pwakkε₁   n. sickness, ? yaws.

pwakkε₂   vi. to be 'skunked' in cards, to get below the number of points for qualification. slang.

pwal   vi. broken, split; operated on; stuffed (with food). vt pwalang.

pwalpijoang   vi. split apart.

pwalah   n. front of his/its torso; its/his breast; its/his chest. nc pwalahn₁, pwoaloan, .

pwoaloan jumwwa   n. breast of chicken.

pwalaik   n. flag. Eng.

pwalang   vt. to break, to split. vi pwal.

pwalangpijoang   vt. to break apart.

pwalik   n. foot. nc pwoalkoan. n3sg pwoalkoa.

pwalikno   n. volcano. Eng.

pwanah   adv. just, only.

pwapwahk   n. vagina.

pwar   vi. to be through; penetrated; to emerge or to come into view. vt pwoaroa₁.

pwarεr   n. well (of water).

pwas   n. tray made from coconut leaves.

pwahsεhs   vi. active; eager; aggressive; hard working.

pwεijang   vt. to release one's grip.

pweipwei   vi. stupid.

kapweipwei   vi. tricky.

kapweipwei   vt. to trick, to fool.

pwεipwεi   n. fish sp., tuna.

pwεipwεi in Japahn   n. fish sp., bluefin tuna.

pweipweinahdo   n. incident often recalled to make fun of or cast aspersions on someone, usually attributed to an ancestor. formed from a personal name, included here with no offense.

pweir   n. fish sp., ? sergeant fish.

pwεd₁   n. guy. Ping.

pwεd₂   n. labia minora.

pwεdla   vi. lucky.

pwεhj   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish.

pwεhk   n. bat₁, fruit bat.

pwεhl   n. sennit string.

pwεl₁   vi. to chop down a banana tree to prevent bruising the fruit. vt pwelik₁.

pwεl₂   n. taro patch; taro swamp.

pwelik₁   vt. to chop down a banana tree to prevent bruising the fruit. vi pwεl₁.

pwelik₂   vt. to sharpen a new knife roughly. vi pwelikεk.

pwεldi   vi. exhausted.

pwεlkεlkεl   n. boundary (of land).

pwεlpwεl   n. concave. vi. concave in shape.

pwεlpwεl in mijoa   n. hollow under the eyes.

pwεn₁   vi. dark (in colour).

pwεn₂   adv. just, only.

pwεniapoar   n. pineapple. Eng.

pwεnpwεl   n. pandanus variety.

pwεhng   vt. to say to; to tell.

pwεrik   vi. to lead (in cards).

pwεsin   vi. hot (of a person). see pwεspwεs₂.

pwεspwεs₁   vi. light green (of coconuts).

pwεspwεs₂   vi. warm.

pwi   n. shoulder-high shelf fastened to a wall, usually used to store food.

-pwi   suf. some.

pwih   vi. to leak; leaky.

pwia   n. grey hair. nc pwiahn. n3sg pwiah.

pwiahia   vi. grey-headed.

pwiar   vi. to poke with a spear. vt pwiari.

pwidεng   vi. hot; burned.

pwiddihdi   n. wart. nc pwiddihdihn. n3sg pwiddihdihn.

pwidpwid   n. boundary in taro patch, marked by double planting in a single row. vi. to send up spray.

pwij₁   n. canoe part, the spring bow on the outrigger.

pwij₂   n. navel; umbilical cord. nc pwijjεn. n3sg pwijjoa.

pwijε   n. excrement; ear wax. nc pwijεhn. n3sg pwijεhn.

pwijε nεhn oawoamwεn   excl. 'You're lying!'.

pwijεhn ohnmwanloang   n. spider web.

pwijεhn kahu   n. tree sp.

pwijεhn mwoal   n. purple or violet.

pwijεhjε   vi. full of excrement.

pwijjoa   n. his navel; his umbilical cord. nc pwijjεn. see pwij₂.

pwijrεk   vi. to scowl; sour (of a person).

pwik   vi. to explode with a bang; to go off (of a gun).

kapwiki   vt. to explode or to set off an explosion.

pwiki   n. cape (on a reef); knee. nc pwukkεn. n3sg pwukkoa.

pwikihla   vi. to stick out, to extend.

pwil   n. gum; sap. vi. to catch (birds) with glue; to glue. vt pwilij. nc pwilin. n3sg pwilin.

pwilεn wai   vi. to attach oneself to a stranger; to be fascinated by strangers (as on boat day).

pwilda   vi. native.
Pwildakoan woalmεno, oaujoangjang woallo. That man is a native, not like that one.

pwilak   n. fish sp., unicorn fish.

pwilak moai   n. fish sp., brown unicorn fish.

pwilapwil   n. trail of light left by an object moving in the water at night. vi. to leave a trail of light in the water at night.
Mwumw dirroaroh ken pwilapwilda pehn warro. There were so many fish that they left a trail of light under the canoe.

pwilei   n. log. vi. to cut a log. vt pwileii.

pwileida   vt. to cut (grooves) into.

pwileidi   vt. to cut up.

pwileila   vt. to cut through.

pwilεl   n. marker buoy used by Japanese tuna boats, often used as a container.

pwili   vt. to go with; to accompany; to participate; to attend; to go (by vehicle).

pwilihla   vt. to join (a team); to take a side.

pwiliεs   n. bird sp.

pwilij   vt. to paste; to glue; to catch birds with glue. vi pwilijεk₁, pwil.

pwilpwil   vi. sticky.

pwihn   n. group or division; grade, level (in school); herd; school (of fish).

pwihn in koaul   n. choir.

pwihn mεhlεl   n. member of the Christian Endeavour.

pwinihk   n. young animal.

pwing   vi. to twang, to make a twanging sound.

pwirangrang   vi. unkempt (hair); wind₁-blown.

pwirej   n. ground; soil; dirt.

pwirejpar   vi. dusty. n. dust.

pwirejrej   vi. dirty.

pwiri   n. fish stomach; core (of breadfruit). nc pwurrεn₁, pwirihn, . n3sg pwurroa, pwirihn, . see pwurroa.

pwihro   n. food, mar mixed with pia₁.

pwo₁   n. fishing pole.

pwo₂   n. school (of fish).

pwo₃   vi. sterile; barren (of vegetation).

pwo₄   n. smell; odor. vi. smelly. vi. to have perspiration odor. nc pwohn. n3sg pwooa. see pwooa.

pwohnduεng   n. perspiration odor.   vi. to have perspiration odor.

pwohnmas   vi. stinking.

pwo₅   n. crown-shaped hat made from stem of pingping tree and used in the performance of the jipwki paranno.

pwooa   n. its smell. nc pwohn. see pwo₁.

pwohd   adv. somewhat. used only after negatives.

pwohdaka   vi. to pole vault. see pwo₁.

pwoj   vi. to have intercourse. vulgar.

pwojon   vi. faithful; to have faith in.

pwok   n. hole, penetration.

pwok-   vi. to appear; to materialize.

pwokda   vi. to begin to appear.

pwokla   vi. to have appeared.

pwokor   n. canoe part, a piece laid across the canoe stabilizing outrigger and poang.

pwohkung   n. air raid shelter. Jp.

pwohkla   vi. to go to heaven.

pwokpwok   vi. full of holes.

pwokpwokan   vi. full of holes.

pwol   vi. to have the wind₁ knocked out of one.

pwohl₁   n. bolt. Eng.

pwohl₂   n. bowl. Eng.

pwohla   n. ball. Sp.

pwohmaria   n. tree sp., plumeria.

pwomw   n. tactical skill in wrestling.

pwon   quant. whole.

pwonpwon   vi. confused.

pwong   n. night.

inpwong   nr. at night.

pwongihdi   vi. to do until nightfall.

-pwong   days hence. used with numeral prefixes from three on.

ijpwong seven days hence.

dohpwong nine days hence.

jilpwong three days hence.

limpwong five days hence.

pahpwong four days hence.

walpwong eight days hence.

wonpwong six days hence.

pwohng   n. last night.

pwohngεk   n. distended (of stomach).

pwongi   vt. to worship.
Ih pwongi eni mwahl. He believes in evil spirits.

pwohpwo   n. baby girl; female infant. also lipwohpwo.  

pwohpwo nihjεd   vi. to prepare equipment for fishing.

pwor   vi. to shrink.

pwohr₁   vi. to get up, to rise.

pwohr₂   n. carton (of cigarettes).

pwohrang   n. fish sp., kind of large ray.

pwohsdo   n. post-office. Jp.

pwoa   n. fern.

pwoai   vi. to grow well; to sprout; to rise (of bread).

pwoaida   vi. to happen; to come to pass.
Pwoaida pwa ih pirin kijou rεhnnoawε. It happens that he's going to leave today.

pwoaijoahla   vt. to recompense; to pay (someone). see pwaij₁.

pwoaik   n. dew.

pwoail   vi. to boil. vt pwoaili. Eng.

pwoaila   n. tank used to boil timber to make it flexible. Eng. boiler

pwoaipwoai   vi. to cover or to protect. n. hat. vt pwain.

pwoais   n. canoe part, connecting piece for apid₁ and outrigger boom.

pwoaisin   n. poison; rubbing alcohol; lighter fluid. Eng.

pwoadoar   conj. because, lest.

pwoajoa   n. crop; craw (as of a chicken). nc pwoajoahn. n3sg pwoajoah.

pwoak   vt. to lift. vi pwoakpwoak.

pwoakda   vt. to lift up; to adopt.

pwoakil   n. buckle. Eng.

pwoakkoan loa   n. support for the seat of a boat.

pwoal   vi. complete (as of a set); enough (in quantity).

pwoalis   vi. to polish. vt pwoalisi. Eng.

pwoalo   n. attic or space under the roof. nc pwoalohn. n3sg pwoalohn.

pwoaloa₁   vt. to hug around the neck. vi pwoalpwoal.

pwoaloa₂   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

pwoaloauloau   vi. loose.

pwoaloal   vi. to blister.
Nεhn poahioa pwoaloalda. I got a blister in my hand.

pwoaluj   n. pocket.

pwoalkoan umw   n. turtle sp., small.

pwoalkoan Rεhnjilε   n. fish sp., large jahdu. slang, literally: %Renjile's foot|, formed from a personal name.

pwoalpwoal   vi. to hug. vt pwoaloa₁.

pwoamwpwoamw   n. boat type. onomatapoetic.

pwoan   n. part of the back, base of the back. nc pwoanoan. n3sg pwoanε.

pwoanεl   n. funnel. Eng.

pwoang   vi. to fumble, to be a fumbler.

pwoapw   vi. to have mumps.

pwoahpw   n. shark sp., white in color.

pwoapwoaud   n. married couple. vi. to be married.

pwoar   n. hole. nc pwoaroan. n3sg pwoaroa₁.

pwoaroan   n. anus.

pwoaroa₁   vt. to penetrate. vi pwar. see pwoar.

pwoaroa₂   vt. to put in the mouth. vc pwoarpwoar₁.

pwoaroahj   n. cover (for peak of roof). also parauj.  

pwoarjoak   vi. industrious.

pwoarla   vi. to have one's first sexual experience. slang. see oapwoarla.

pwoarpwoar₁   vi. full of holes. see pwoar.

pwoarpwoar₂   vi. to put in the mouth. vt pwoaroa₁.

pwoarpwoaran   vi. full of holes.

pwoas₁   n. finger or toe nail; turtle shell. nc pwoasoan. n3sg pwoasoa.

pwoas₂   n. scar.

pwoas₃   n. limestone.

pwoas₄   n. bus. Eng.

pwoahs   n. boss. vi. to boss. vt pwoahsi. Eng.

pwoasok   vi. undercooked.

pwoasoan   n. white ash from stones used repeatedly in an earth oven.

pwu   n. betel nut.

pwuad   n. sling (for throwing).

pwud   vi. dull (of a cutting edge).

pwuhdangnamwo   excl. vulgar. Tag.

pwuhdaraio   excl. vulgar. Tag.

pwudo   vi. to sweat. n. sweat; moisture. nc pwudohn. n3sg pwudohn.

pwudohdi   vi. to have sweated.

pwuhdo   n. envelope. Jp.

pwudong   vi. itchy; sickness resulting in pimply, itchy skin; sexually stimulated.

pwudongin pwεsin   n. heat rash.

pwudongkadal   vi. covered with pwudong.

pwudongdonglap   n. kind of jellyfish.

pwuhj   vi. to push. vt pwuhj, pwuhji, . Eng.

pwuji   vt. to elbow. vi pwujiεk.

pwujorro   vi. to cry or make some sound that is taken as a bad omen.

pwuk₁   n. bladder. nc pwukin. n3sg pwukin.

pwuk₂   n. knot made to be temporary.

pwukεl   n. tip of penis. slang.

pwukεnwilia   n. bouganvillia.

pwukεhrεr   n. agitation of water by a school of tuna.

pwuko   n. small basket or handbag.

pwukoa   n. concern; responsibility. vi. responsible; involved; blamed.
Ngoah inenin pwukoahki mehu. I'm really involved in that.
Arai pwukoahkihdi oai koasihwo. They got the blame for the naughty thing I did.

pwukoar   n. stone or pebble.

pwukoarkoar   vi. stony.

pwukul   vt. to make a hole.

pwukulda   vt. to put holes in.

pwukulla   vt. to put a hole through.

pwukkoa   n. his knee. vi pwiki. nc pwukkεn.

pwukkεn maj   n. cheek.

pwul   vi. not ripe (of fruit).

pwuhl   vi. to go full speed. Eng.

pwuhl mwuhn   vi. phase of the moon, full moon. Eng.

pwulok   n. tree sp., mangrove variety.

pwulopwul   vi. young.

pwulkadεhrio   n. purgatory. Sp.

pwulkrehsi   vi. crazy. Eng.

pwun   n. shell; shellfish.

pwun joaroak   n. shell variety, sailing shell, nautilus.

pwunin koumar   n. shell variety.

pwunin nεhn pik   n. shell variety, kind of miter.

pwuhn   n. batfish.

pwuno   n. fern variety.

pwunod   vi. disgusted; irritated.

pwundahk   n. boondocks. Eng.

pwundoji   n. kind of loincloth. Jp.

pwung₁   vi. correct.

kapwung   vt. to set (a watch); to correct.

pwungki   vt. to agree with; to consent.

pwung₂   n. middle. nc pwungεn. n3sg pwungε. see nεhnpwung.

pwung₃   vi. to break, the sound of breaking waves.

pwungiari   vi. absent-minded. Jp.

pwupw   n. fish sp., trigger fish.

pwupw in ahilo   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish.

pwupw in pohliklik   n. fish sp., big spotted trigger fish.

pwupw in suhkoa   n. fish sp., flat-tailed trigger fish.

pwupw kadεk   n. fish sp., kind of trigger fish.

pwupw soal   n. fish sp., spotted trigger fish.

pwur₁   n. tree sp.

pwur₂   n. kind of small nut; bead; lei made of shells or nuts.

pwur₃   vi. to turn; to do again. vt pwuroa.

kapwuri-   vt. to turn.

pwurki   vt. to get back; to bring back (to the speaker).
Ih pwurkihjang ngoahi nah pukko. He got back his book from me.

kapwurihdo   vt. to turn towards the speaker.

kapwurihla   vt. to turn away.

pwuhr   vi. to sink (of animates).

pwuhrla   vi. to drown.

pwurak   vt. to spit out (chewed food). vi pwurakεk.

pwuriamwεi   vi. surprised.

kapwuriamwεi   vi. strange; surprising.

pwuroj   vt. to turn; to spin. vi pwurojεk₁, pwuropwur.

pwurok   vi. broke, out of money. Eng.

pwuropwur   vi. to spin; dizzy.

pwuroski   n. cloth wrapper. Jp.

pwuroa   vt. to return repeatedly to. vi pwur₁.

pwuroar   vi. bubbly. n. bubble.

pwuroar in doakoa   n. kind of grass.

pwurur   vi. to rush.

pwurki   see pwur₃.

pwurpwurεn joi   n. hair swirl, said to be mark of a naughty child.

pwurroa   n. its stomach; its core. also used in certain human characterizations.
sihkεi pwurroa He has a strong stomach. vi pwiri. nc pwurroan.

pwurrεn moad   vi. unwilling to share food.

pwurroar   adv. suddenly. see pwur₁.

pwuhsεng   n. weather balloon. Jp.

pwuhsuhs   vi. round (as a ball).

-pwki   suf. hundred.

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