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ra    re    ri    ro    roa    ru    

ra   n. branch. nc rahn. n3sg rah.

-ra   suf. their. dual.

-rai   suf. their. plural.

raid   vt. to twist rope around hand; to wrap (around).
Ngoah raidkihla poahioa joallε. I wrapped the rope around my hand. vi raidεk.

raidεkin ε   vi. to wrap leg around opponent to throw him (in wrestling). vt raidεkin εi.

rainnoar   vi. of the same height as.
Ngoah rainnoar ih. I am the same height as he is. see roairoai.

rais   n. rice. Eng.

rahu   vi. to shout.

raujij   n. pants; trousers. Eng.

raun₁   vi. dislocated.

raun₂   vi. circular. Eng.

raun₃   vi. to go around, to walk around.

raj   vi. equal; even.
Ih rajjoang ngoahi. He's even with me.

rajak   n. spar. nc rajakin. n3sg rajakin.

rajak mwein   n. gaff (of a sail).

rajak pein   n. boom.

rahk   vi. to bend (of tree branches).

rahkudai   vi. to flunk; to be demoted. Jp.

rakkasang   n. parachute. Jp.

rakkupi   n. rugby. Jp.

ramεn   n. kind of noodles. Jp.

ramwinε   n. marble. Jp.

randana   n. lantana.

rahnmwahu   n. regards. Pon.

rahnnεk   n. judgement day. Pon.

ranning   n. sleeveless undershirt. Jp. < Eng.

rap   n. fish sp., kind of eel (? painted reef eel).

rahp   n. raft. Eng.

rapa   n. rubber band. Eng.

rapahk   vi. to try to find out; to look (for something). vt rapahki. also roapoan.  

rapahkihda   vt. to find; to find out.

rahpas   num. two. long object counting system.

rapwij   vt. to grab with fingers. vi rapwijεk.

rapwijεk   n. two-pronged hook used for trawling.

rapwoal   vi. to shine (of reflected light).
Kilahsso rapwoaldo nεhn mijoaioa. The mirror is shining in my eyes.

rapwrapwoal   vi. shiny.

rar₁   vi.

karara₁   vt. to pry off; to split. vi kararahk.

rar₂   num. one million.

ras   n. rust. Jp.

rawan   vt. to chase away. vi rawaro.

rawaro   vi. to chase away. vt rawan.

  n. kind of grass.

rei   vi. faded.

reinkohd   n. raincoat. Eng.

reisa   n. razor. vi. to shave back of neck. vt reisai. Eng.

rεdi   vi. ready. Eng.

rehdio   n. radio. Eng.

rεjεp   vi. to fish for flying fish with a baited line during the day.

rεhk   n. rake. Eng.

rεhl   n. rail. Eng.

rεhn   n. day.

rεhn joarwi   n. Sunday.

rεhn koaunup   n. Saturday.

rεhn pahjεk   n. last day of the forty day mourning period.

rεhnjεd   n. balm prepared from coconut oil and the hair or nail clippings of a deceased person, to prevent haunting.

renju   vi. to practice (athletics). n. practice. Jp.

rεhnkε   n. grinder. Jp.

rεhnnoawε   n. today.

rεp   vi. broken; deflowered. vt reping.

rεpla   vi. broken through.

rεppijoang   vi. broken apart.

rεpεk   vi. to wiggle; to shake.
Ih rεpεk. He is shaking.

repin   n. ribbon. Eng.

reping   vt. to try to break; to deflower. vi rεp, repingεk, .

repingla   vt. to break.

repingpijoang   vt. to break apart.

rεpsoa   n. ripsaw. Eng.

rεhrε   vi. lots of .

rih   n. name of the letter r.

ria   vi. to sin.

ria-   pre. two.

riah   n. his brother; his sister; his cousin. nc riεn.

riaka   n. rickshaw. Jp.

riakid   num. two thousand.

riahkij   num. two. partitive counting system.

riahla   vi. to find retribution, to get one's just desserts.
Ih riahla ah moarjuεd. He paid for his mischief.

riapak   see -pak.

riari   vi. to be siblings; be first-$cousins. see riah.

riaw   num. two. general counting system.

rieijεk   num. twenty.

rieili   excl. On my sister's honor! *oath formula. also rieilpwa| when followed by a sentence.  

riepwki   num. two hundred.

riehwol   excl. On my brother's honor! *oath formula. also riehwolpwa| when followed by a sentence.  

rijihd   n. receipt. Eng.

rik   vt. to collect; to gather. vi rikrik. vc rik.

rik oaring   vi. to collect coconut (for copra).

rik pwirej   vi. to haul compost for the taro patch.

rikda   vt. to gather up.

rikpεnε   vt. to gather together.

rikoal   n. food, a bread made from flour or mar and coconut.

rihlei   n. race, relay race. vi. to run a relay race. Eng.

rimaddi   vi. to fall on one's backside. slang.

rihng   n. ring. Eng.

rihng in nεhn jεd   n. sea anemone.

ringoaingoai   vi. skinny.

ripakpak   vi. flat.

riprip   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

ripwaripw   vi. coarse.

rir₁   n. shade; shadow. vi. shaded.

karir   vi. to shade. vt kariri.

rir₂   n. floating seaweed; flotsam; material trapped between opposing currents.

ririn maj   n. eyelash.

ris   vi. to be open. vt rising.

risda   vi. to be open; open period for new members to join the pwihn. vt risingda.

risdi   vi. to be closed. vt risingdi.

rising   vt. to move (a door). vi ris.

risingda   vt. to open. vi risda.

risingdi   vt. to close. vi risdi.

rodma   n. food, cake made from taro and bananas or pandanus, and baked overnight.

rodma dok   n. food, rodma cake, cooked quickly and keeping only one day.

roj   vi. empty, run out or used up. see koarjoa.

rokumw   n. crab.

rohlap   n. rear pew in church.

rong   vt. to hear; to understand (what is said). n. news.
Ih rong ekij in lalin Mwoakilloa. He understands Mokilese a little.

rong mwεhu   n. gospel.

rongda   vt. to find out by hearing.

rongdi   vt. to learn by hearing.

rop   vi. to try to jib (a sail). vt ropi.

ropla   vi. jibbed. vt ropihla.

rohp   n. mat.

rohro   vi. to exhort.

ros   n. darkness.

rosla   vi. lost, confused.

rohs   n. flower. Eng.

rosros   vi. pagan.

roa   vi. to peel cooked breadfruit with a knife. vt roai. also roar₁.  

roahla   vi. peeled.

roahla   vt. to peel off.

roairoai   vi. long; tall; high. see rainnoar.

roadin   vi. rotten. Eng.

roaj   n. whale; porpoise; dolphin; any sea mammal.

roajoa₁   n. stretcher.

roajoa₂   vt. to sharpen a knife by rubbing it against another knife. vi roajroaj.

roajroaj   vi. to sharpen a knife by rubbing it against another knife. vt roajoa₁.

roak₁   vi. to work at serving; to dish out (food); to scrape with hands. vt roaki.

roakihda   vt. to serve up.

roakihdi   vt. to serve.

roakihla   vt. to serve to exhaustion.

roak₂   n. breadfruit season. vi. to be in season.

roakloap   n. hernia.

roahla   vi. to peel cooked breadfruit with a knife.

roahloak   n. rowlock. Eng.

roam   vi. yellow (of a coconut).

roahmεn   num. two. animate counting system.

roamoak   n. tree sp. (scaveola).

roang   vi. burned to a crisp; charred.

roangεnpεlloak   n. window hinged at the top to enable it to be propped open at the bottom.

roangroang₁   vi. yellow.

roangroang₂   vi. to warm oneself. see koaroangroang.

roapis   n. rabbit. Eng.

roapoan   vi. to search. vt rapahki. also rapahk.  

roapwdi   vi. exhausted.

roar₁   vi. to shake.

roarda   vi. to start to shake.

roar₂   vi. to peel cooked breadfruit with a knife. vt roari. also roa.  

roaroailoa   n. fish sp., lionfish.

roaroangla   vi. to be asleep. slang. Ping.

roasoahdi   vi. lost, confused. see ros.

ru   vi. delicate.

ruoj   vt. to order, to give orders.

rujoruj   vi. to rub together (of paper, clothes, etc.). vt rujoa.

rujoa   vt. rub together (of paper, clothes, etc.). vi rujoruj.

Ruk   n. Truk.

ruk₁   n. sickness, early stage of yaws.

ruk₂   vi. to bow; to bend.

rukda   vi. to bend back.

rukdi   vi. to bend over.

rukla   vi. to bend to the side.

rukoruk   vi. to gnaw. vt rukoa.

rukoa   vt. to gnaw. vi rukoruk.

rukoal   n. food, mar baked with grated coconut and molasses.

rukla   vi. to be a stowaway.

rumε   n. bottle.

ruhmw   n. room. Eng.

ruppang   excl. move! strong command, suggesting anger.

ruppangla   excl. get out!

rupw   vi. hasty; rash; reckless.

rupwupw   vi. wriggle (as a fish out of water).

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