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-sa   suf. our. dual inclusive.

-sai   suf. our. plural inclusive.

saikεmwpwoi   n. game, paper-scissors-stone. Jp. also sangkεmwpwoi.  

sain   vi. to sign. n. signature. vt saini. Eng.

sairing   n. siren. Jp. < Eng.

sais   n. size (as of clothes). Jp. < Eng.

saud₁   n. party. vi. to have a party.

saud₂   n. south. Eng.

sakai   n. stone or rock; coral.

sakai soal   n. lava rock.

sakain ε   n. ankle.

sakain joaijoai   n. grindstone.

sakain jupwkε   n. kidney.

sakain koaloa   n. testicles.

sakain woar   n. tonsils.

sakaida   vi. to get a rash from an unhealed skin infection.

sakaikai   vi. rocky.

sahkas   n. circus. Eng.

sakoal   n. bird sp., a kind of tern with a white crest.

sahlaplap   vi. wide.

salip   vt. to put oil on hair. vi soal₁.

saman   vt. to remember. n. time of remembrance, anniversary.

kasaman   vi. to remind.   n. time of remembrance, anniversary.
Ih kasamankioang ngoahi oai doadoahkko. He reminded me of my work.

samanda   vt. to remember.

sampakihda   n. kind of flower.

sampwong kua   n. pronged hoe. Jp.

samw   n. gable.

samwε   vt. to lick. vi samwsamw.

samwiji   n. rice paddle. Jp.

samwsamw   vi. to lick. vt samwε.

sandandopi   n. hop skip jump. Jp.

sang   vi. to fly.

sangaj   vi. bored.

kasangaj   vi. boring.

sangkai   n. third floor. Jp.

sangkεmwpwoi   n. game, paper-scissors-stone. also saikεmwpwoi.  

sangsang mwahl   vi. restive. see sang.

sap₁   vt. to begin.

sapin   nc. beginning of.

sapda   vi. to have begun.
Ih nε sapda doadoahk. He already started working.

sapla   vi. to get started.
Saplahr inla ah doadoahkwa. His work has got underway.

sap₂   n. part of the back, small of the back. nc sapin. n3sg sapin.

sapa   vi. to spread legs. vulgar.

sapiahda   vi. to start; to found; to set out. see sapda.

sapwor   vi. to roll.

sahr   vt. to core (breadfruit); to kill a tree (by removing crown or branches). vi sahrεk₁, sasa.

sas   vi. to be in death agony. vi. to crave (cigarettes). slang.

sasa   vi. to remove core (of breadfruit); to kill a tree (by removing crown or branches). vt sahr. also soasoa.  

sasimi   n. food, raw fish. Jp.

sei   n. mosquito net.

sεiap   n. owl.

seikahn   vi. to shake hands. vt seikahni. Eng.

seina   n. mat of coconut leaves. also deina.  

sεhk   n. bird sp.

sekderi   n. secretary. Eng.

sεksεk   vi. to click.

sεndohki   n. kind of airplane, fighter plane. Jp.

sεp   n. clump.

sεpεr   n. zipper. Eng.

sehpil   n. table. Eng.

sεprahno   n. soprano. Eng.

si₁   n. bone. n. needle. nc sihn. n3sg sihn.

sihn au   n. false teeth; jawbone.

sihn dokkoaj   n. needle for making thatch.

sihn pwoaroa   n. pubic bone.

sihnjoau   n. spine; backbone. nc sihnjoawoan₁, sihnjoawin, . n3sg sihnjoawoa₁, sihnjoawin, .

si₂   n. ear. nc siεn. n3sg sioa. see sioa, siasi₂.

siεn eni   n. mushroom.

sih   n. name of the letter s.

siak   vt. to step on. vi siakεk.

siahk   n. customs; habits.

siasi₁   vi. to breed (of animals).

siasi₂   n. earring. *possessive classifier for things worn in the *ear. vi. to wear in the ear. *possessive classifier for things worn in the *ear. vt sioa. nc siεn. n3sg siah.

sioa   vt. to wear in the ear. vi siasi₁. see si₂.

sioad   n. fish sp., kind of eel (? pike eel).

sioahpwong   n. phase of the moon, half moon.

sihoahs   n. sea-horse. Eng.

sidam   n. stamp. Eng.

sidanjin   n. posts holding up porch roof. Eng.

sidihma   n. steamer. Eng.

sidohp   n. stove. Eng.

sidowa   n. store. Eng.

sika   n. cigarette. Eng.

sikandilin   n. squared-off board like a two-by-four. Eng. scantling

sikarεhlio   n. cigar. Sp.

sihkεi   vi. strong; healthy.

kasihkεi   vt. to strengthen.

sihkεi nεhn kapehd   vi. to have a strong stomach.

sikεl   n. sickle. Eng.

sikesik   vi. to chat; to talk. vt sikoa.

sikihda   n. form into which concrete is poured. Jp.

sikoa   vt. to talk about. vi sikesik.

sikleisi   vi. to feign sickness to get out of work. Eng. sick lazy

sikroap   vi. to scrub. vt sikroapi. Eng.

siksik   vi. little; small; young.

sil₁   n. coconut stage, youngest stage of shooting coconut.

sil₂   n. stye.

sihlanglang   n. rib. nc sihlanglangin. n3sg sihlanglangin. see si₁.

silεp   vi. to limp.

silehs₁   n. movement during intercourse (women).

silehs₂   n. slate. Eng.

silik₁   n. silk. Eng.

silik₂   n. hymen.

simεn   n. cement. vi. to fill teeth. vt simeni. Eng.

simpεl   n. thimble. Eng.

sinεk   n. snake. Eng.

sihnoawahr   n. fish sp., kind of goat fish.

sihnjoau   see si₁.

sihnmoang   n. fishing method, to fish with a line from the shore.

singil   vt. to cut off taro crown for planting. vi singilεk.

singkilid   n. undershirt with sleeves; T-shirt or singlet. Eng.

sip   n. base; stump. nc sipin. n3sg sipin.

sipin ju   n. shoelace.

sipin likkoau   n. knot in clothes, object used to tie clothes together.

sipin moang   n. knot in hair, object used to tie hair together.

sipin woar   n. throat.

sipaud   n. spout. Eng.

sipak   n. spark plug. Eng.

sipeid   n. spade ((playing card)). Eng.

sipelik   n. to kick to the side (in wrestling).

sipesip   vi. fishing method, to fish with a line from the shore. vt sipoa₁.

sipihdpwohd   n. boat type, speedboat. Eng.

sipihliεn   n. civilian. Eng.

sipis   vt. to try to tie. vi sipsip, sippεk, .

sipisdi   vt. to tie. vi sipdi.

sipoa₁   vt. fishing method, to fish with a line from the shore. vi sipesip.

sipoa₂   vt. to measure hand-over-hand.

sipoak   vt. to kick. vi sipoakεk.

siplais   n. splice. vi. to splice. vt siplaisi.

siprihng   n. spring. Eng.

sipsip   vi. to tie. vt sipis. also sippεk₁, sip.  

sipdi   vi. tied. vt sipisdi.

sipw₁   vi. broken (of a long object). vt sipwang.

sipwjang   vi. broken off.
Rahu sipwjang in suhkoahu. The branch broke off the tree.

sipwla   vi. broken off.

sipwpijoang   vi. broken in two.

sipw₂   n. bend; joint.
nεhn sipwεn allo the bend in that road. nc sipwεn.

sipwalpwal   vi. breakable.

sipwang   vt. to bend; to try to break. vi sipw₁.

sipwangla   vt. to break off.

sipwangpijoang   vt. to break apart.

sipwasipw   vi. breakable, flexible. vt sipwang.

siraik   vi. strike. *baseball term.

sis₁   n. strange or deviant manner of speech.
Ih kin sisin wai nεhn ah lallal. He talks like an American. nc sisin. n3sg sisin.

sis₂   n. fish sp., small flying fish.

sis₃   n. sickness, a fever followed by swelling in leg.

sihsi   vi. boney. see si₁.

sihsi₁   n. fishing line, made from the bark of the oarmo₁ tree.

sihsi₂   vi. to hiss, to make a hissing sound, usually to induce children to urinate.

sisin   n. tree sp., messerschidia.

sihsisihsi   vi. to call (a trained bird).

sisdεn   n. cistern. Eng.

sisrihna   n. mermaid.

siwihp   n. card game, casino.

siwihpεl   n. swivel (on a fishing line). Eng.

sihwo   vi. frustrated. see koasihwo.

so   vi. to move, to be in motion.

kaso₂   vt. to move.

soi   n. soy sauce. Eng.

soik   n. fish sp., black angel fish.

sooa   vt. to be involved with; to participate with. n. member of it. nc sohn₁.

sohda   n. soda or carbonated beverage. Eng.

sok   n. butt; stump. nc sokin₁, sokon, . n3sg sokin₁, sokon, .

sok moang   vi. to cut hair as of sign of mourning (of women).

sokin moang   vi. to give a lock of hair as a token of affection (for women).

sohk   vt. to scoop up with a net. vi sohso.

sohkla   vt. to fish out (a place).

soko   vi. good looking. Jp.

sohljε   n. person. found only in the riddle formula %mεhkos nin jampah, sohljεhmεn_|. Eng. soldier ?

somw₁   n. place for throwing the javelin.

somw₂   vi. to beg forgiveness; to apologize.

sohn₁   nc. belonging to; member of. see sooa.

sohn loang   n. angel.

sohn₂   vi. hard or firm; rigid; tough; older.

sohn₃   n. squared-off log.

sohnmesei   vi. to give freely.

songaipwiji   n. race, obstacle race. Jp.

sohrεk   vi. to slide (as along a bench), to 'move over'.

sohri   n. zoris, thongs. Jp.

sohrohr   vi. different; distinct; odd; independent.

kasohrohr   vt. to subtract. vt kasohrohri.

Sohsεhng   n. Korea. Jp.

sohso   vi. to scoop up with a net. vt sohk.

sowi   n. firewood.

sowihla   vt. to congratulate (on an accomplishment).

soa₁   vi. to saw. n. saw. vt soai. Eng.

soahn pwilei   n. cross-cut saw with a knife-like handle.

soahn soa pahrang   n. hacksaw.

soa₂   n. leaf. nc soahn. n3sg soah.

soahn ni   n. green coconut frond or leaf.

soahn pis   n. pandanus leaf.

soausoau   vi. heavy.

soausoau jεdin   vi. to have bad luck in fishing because of disrespect for fishing tabus.

soahdoan   n. evil person. Eng. satan

soak   n. hem. nc soakin. n3sg soakin.

soahk   vt. to be hospitable to; to treat well. vi soahkεk.

soahkoi   n. mist.

soaksoak   n. thorn. vi. thorny; covered with sharp points (as pineapple or pandanus leaves, saw).

soal₁   vi. black.

soal₂   vi. to put oil on hair; oiled (of hair). vt salip.

soahl   n. doll. Eng.

soamw   n. forehead. nc soamwoan. n3sg soamwε.

soamwoan sakoal   vi. white caps.

soahn   vi. empty.
Soahn rumεhi. This bottle is empty.

soahn ni   see soa₁.

soahn pis   see soa₂.

soahn pwilei   see soa₂.

soahn soa pahrang   see soa₁.

soanihr   n. waterfall. Pon.

soanoak   vi. to hang up. vt soangki.

soanoapapij   n. slang. *characterization used to show disdain. Eng. son of a bitch

soanoapoakoan   n. slang. *characterization used to show disdain. Eng. son of a gun

soankilahs   n. sun glasses. Eng.

soang   vi. tight.

soangki   vt. to work at hanging. vi soanoak.

soangkihda   vt. to hang up.

soap   n. fish sp., kind of skipjack.

soahpirεhs   n. sourbread. Eng.

soapoan   vi. so big, as big as.

soaplakoan   vi. so big, as big as.

soapw₁   vi. vine-covered (of trees).

soapw₂   n. padding, pile of grass or leaves placed under a tree so that falling fruit will not be damaged.

soapwoahd   n. nose. nc soapwoahdin. n3sg soapwoahdin.

soapwoahdin ε   n. shin.

soahr   vt. to tear. vi soasoa, soahroak.

soahroak   vi. torn.

soas   vi. cracked (of a covering).

soahsiksik   vi. narrow.

soasok   n. lizard sp., gecko. also joasoak.  

soasoa   vi. to tear. vt soahr.

soahsoa   vi. to glow.

soahwod   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

su   vi. met; reached.
Mεhi su. It reached.

suhoang   vt. to meet.

suhoang   see su.

suk   vi. to stop; to cease.

sukdi   vi. to stop (of an action); to set (of the sun).

suhkoa   n. tree; bush; stick; board or sheet of lumber of some width. vi. to feud.

suhkoa japahl   n. feud.   vi. to feud.

suhkoa karak   n. vine.

sukuεia   n. square ((tool)). vi. square.

sukuhl   n. school. vi. to teach.
In sukuhlihdioang ngoahi doahrroar wiapoan mehu. He taught me how to do that. vt sukuhli. Eng.

sukunjeli   n. name of female demon.

sukuraj   vi. to scratch (in pool game). Eng.

sukru   n. screw. Eng.

suhlεng   n. house part.

sumsoai   vi. nasal condition resulting in a constantly runny nose.

sumwo   n. wrestling ring. Jp.

supuksian   n. scorpion. Eng.

suhpw   n. soup. Eng.

supwo   n. pile of firewood that has been cut and stacked. Jp. tsubo, approx. three and one half square meters

supwuk   n. tree sp.

supwukseip   n. spokeshave. Eng.

supwuhn   n. spoon. Eng.

suhsu   vi. to shield, to protect (from the elements). n. shield (from the elements). vt suhsui.

suhsuhda   vi. to shield, to protect. vt suhsuhda.
Ngoah suhsuhda arai jang joauo. I shielded them from the sun.

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